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Writer Issues
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Writers Corner for more writing memes.
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From loose idea to solid plot in 5 steps
Here’s how you can go from a loose concept or idea for a novel to a solid book outline that actually incorporates plot — meaning you won’t be left with a saggy middle and just ✨vibes✨
Step 1: Concept, inciting incident, first want
Start with working out that very first thing that happens in your story. Usually it’s the inciting incident that sparks the concept of your story, so identify the event that breaks up your protagonist’s status quo.
Then figure out what external goal comes out of the inciting incident. What do they want?
Step 2: Protagonist, internal conflict, transformation
Time to flesh out your protagonist. Figure out what they’re struggling with when we meet them (a flaw, misbelief, or struggle), and think about how they’re going to overcome this by the end.
Don’t forget to figure out WHY they’re struggling with that when we meet them, and WHY this story is the moment they overcome that.
Step 3: Plot-twist, second want, higher stakes
This is where you put down your midpoint. What’s the biggest reveal that changes the course of the story and your protagonist’s journey?
Make sure this increases the stakes and gives your characters a brand new or more intense version of the first external goal.
Step 4: Moment of transformation, story question
Time to figure out how you’re going to bring your character to their moment of enlightenment, when they finally overcome that struggle you gave them in the beginning. How does this answer the story question you’ve posed with their initial struggle? What is the lesson they learn?
Step 5: Side-characters, subplots, extra conflict
Now you’ve got the main journey down, lay out all your side-characters, possible relationships, subplots, and complications. Then look at them all again and see if you can’t turn most of them into sources of conflict for your protagonist.
Need help going from a concept to a good book? Pick up my 3 extensive workbooks for writers, with dozens of customisable templates.
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Being a writer is a very peculiar sort of job: It’s always you versus a blank sheet of paper (or a blank screen) and quite often the blank piece of paper wins.
Neil Gaiman
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Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to reach out not knowing whether the hand you want to hold will open to receive yours.
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Available on Gumroad for $1 each or PWYW - my complete set of "Writing Fundamentals" guides. Each 20-page guide walks you through the theory and practical exercises to level up your writing game.
A lot of writing advice is vague or spends time moralizing about quality or telling you a single "right" way to do things. I hate that, so I've set out to write advice built around explaining specific tools and their mechanics, teaching you how to implement techniques so that you can do with them as you will.
Buy now at tlbodine.gumroad.com or support me on patreon.com/tlbodine to receive immediate access to all of the above + all of my other writing guides and content.
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not writing, not not writing, but a secret third thing
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I hope every writer who sees this writes LOADS the next few months. Like freetime opens up, no writers block, the ability to focus, etc etc you're able to write loads & make lots of progress <3
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Tú... que eres parte activa del sol, materia proscrita y lejana... de las estrellas que nos miran. Que eres... hermanastro de la luz, amante varón encendido de la oscuridad "que repica". Que eres... semilla en mil gramos de fe y conexión imaginaria... de una fiera "primitiva". Tú... que formas parte de mí sin que te toquen mis manos en el abismo hondo de la carne. … ( Que formas parte de un dios silencioso, en su ausencia de siglos ). Que eres... tierra removida sabiamente por el arado de lo imposible; que eres risa, llanto y dudas, ¡ intrínseco miedo y ceniza ! Que eres... agua inmaculada y clara, sol, tormenta, luz y semilla; que eres... lo que nadie ¡ se explica ! Ousía Poética © Leandro Lojek.
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Easy reading is damn hard writing.
Nathaniel Hawthorne
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Pro Tip for Writers
If you want a great spelling check website, all you have to do is hit the "post/publish" button and all your mistakes will become abundantly obvious to you through the magic of absolute mortification
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