dirty-milk · 1 day
You’ve got a voice like a volcano
and a maw like a moonbeam,
your hands hunger for a halcyon,
drape their digits in a day dream.
…and in your heart, tiny avalanches,
burying everything below it.
…and in your lungs, tiny branches,
shading everything below it.
I could build a home inside your bones;
carve little windows with little shutters,
little streets with little gutters,
little leaves in little clutters.
I could build a base in your blood;
ride your pulse like waves when it quickens,
waiting for the dopamine to kick in,
surfs up for the panic-stricken.
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scatteredthoughts2 · 2 days
The first green of evening,
The colours fading with the light,
Sitting in the silence,
Waiting for the night.
Feeling somethings missing,
Something that I've lost,
Waiting for the darkness,
Arriving with its ghosts.
The loneliness of waiting,
For what I do not know,
So many missing hours,
Wherever did they go.
The first green of evening,
Fading with the day,
My thoughts, my dreams, my memories,
All gone so far away.
@Ambrose Harte
@Scattered Thoughts
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dg-fragments · 1 day
Missing you comes in waves,
and tonight,
I am drowning.
- DG
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In fleeting dreams, she held the promise of tomorrow, Yet distant as the sun's elusive ray.
But still, I chased the echoes of her light, Yearning for a taste of love's sweet present day.
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what to do when it all fails to restart? heart wastes as the day loses its mark. spent a decade in a haze just to taste the beauty imbued. missed connection left me without a glimpse of the pine born peace whispered about by doe eyed strangers, who sought to reclaim the night for the disembodied I we secede to be in union with the ghosts of familiar pleasure. lovely as it is or was means as little now as it will when mud becomes our language of sanctuary. 
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illbeyouranchor · 1 day
And a freckle grew over the scar on my hip.
The scar that stood as a reminder of all of the things that he had taken from me,
As if to say, he’s gone now, it’s our turn.
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origami-houses · 1 day
The surgeon sliced me open
and took my ailing organs,
which amused me
because I didn't think
I could get any emptier.
- G.L. Angelone
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heartofmuse · 1 hour
To love like I love is infinite sorrow,
To love like I love is infinite pain,
To love like I love is to die a thousand times over, and  to be broken again and again.
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scribblersobia · 5 months
Not every sweet word I had received from the world tasted like honey.
Not every person I met in this world had an empathic heart.
With time, I learned that not all souls are the same.
And not all words taste the same.
Many hearts will hate you, and many will love you.
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a-cloak · 3 months
i’m not as mean as I would like to be. and I really wish people appreciated that more
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theplottery · 9 months
Tumblr media
You probably hear a lot of "DON'T EDIT AS YOU WRITE" advice, don't you? 😬
This is a dangerously vague piece of advice and one that's often taken too literally. Here's a quick breakdown of edits that are actually GOOD during writing.
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forlornalbatross · 16 days
I say your name in my head, in my heart, in my waking days & sleepless night even in my deathbed & before I truly expire / like a canticle & hymn of requiescat in pace
D C de Oliveira | fromTo Chloe, “Nomen-Tuum” | September 15th 2021, Wednesday 2:11:12 am · 2 years ago (Draft Collection) 
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soulfullintrovert · 2 months
I am nothing but a good time to you. You leave me guessing and wondering about what I did to deserve the emptiness that you drown me in.
- Fleeting infatuation
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2soulscollide · 11 months
How to get rid of this writer's block NOW!
oh, yes, you read it right! you're getting rid of your annoying writer's block like right now with these tips. ready? let's get started.
stop. being. a. perfectionist (please)
i knowww, i know. you love to do everything right and make sure it's the best you can do. trust me, i feel you. however, being a perfectionist can stop you from writing because you're always looking at everything you've wrote so far and rewriting it over and over again (oh gosh, this feels so so familiar to me...)
so, rach, how can i stop being a perfectionist? you ask me. well... let me do a quick research:
focus on maximizing the impact of your effort so you can concentrate on what’s important. similarly, learn to calibrate your standards. - from Harvard Business Review
now that we know how to stop trying to make everything perfect, it's time to:
get rid of distractions
imagine this: you open your laptop to write a chapter of your novel but, just before you do so, you open youtube to play your favorite song (but watch three recommended videos first), then open tumblr to check the notifications and, when you look at the clock, it's time to do something else. what did you write? exactly, noting! (i'm not judging you, this has happened to me countless times)
if you get distracted by your laptop, get a distraction blocker; if you get distracted by your tv, turn it off and put the controller away from you; if you get distracted by your surroundings, try to find a peaceful place where you can be free from distractions.
suddenly you feel like everything you write sucks. yeah, i've been there. the best you can do is to pick up a book you love and read it. touch its pages, smell it (i swear it is not as crazy as it might sound). imagine that your book will be someone's favorite book, and they will love the smell of it, too.
manage your time
you never, ever, have time to write, right? maybe it's because you don't plan your writing sessions ahead.
try doing this: when planning your week or month, include a few minutes every day on your schedule just to write (ten minutes will always be better than zero).
maybe you don't stick to your plan... try timeblocking! it's life changing, i swear. when you look at your calendar you see how organized your life / routine is, so hopefully you'll feel less anxious. you got everything under control, so there's still time to write.
to finish the post, i want to tell you this: PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF IF YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE WRITING! it's okay, you'll eventually feel inspired to get back on track. in the meantime, lay back and relax. practice meditation, listen to yoour thoughts, and breathe. you got this!
also, check my gumroad store if you want to! <3
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Silken tides, interwoven desires ignite
*five poetic words*
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rhymingtherapy · 3 months
Tumblr media
idle moments
dreaming of the perfect life
from a castle in the air
RhymingTherapy—March 2023 (my photo Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary)
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