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CW: Yandere content means yandere content y’all, stalking, dub-con/non-con, masturbation, disgusting themes, panty stealer, fingering, oral (receiving), overstimulation, breeding themes(slightly?), creampie, power bottom Idia, slight masochist Idia, kidnapping, shit ass writing, I think that’s all, etc… 
Fandom: Twisted Wonderland 
Character: Idia Shroud x GN! Reader
Word Count: 7.2K words 
A/N: This is a birthday fic for one of my IRL besties, an Idia simp. Another thing, this is a yandere blog so it’s not canon to their personalities at all but more my interpretation of them if THEY were yanderes. So take that as you will! This is with a GN reader so there is no anatomy assigned or pronouns other than they/them (I did proofread it but lmk if there are any errors!)
Tumblr media
‘ Click’ 
‘ Click’ 
Yellow eyes darted across from the screens as he was looking at the contents. Classes were over and his homework was completed quicker than he used to have it done. He was still a housewarden with duties and responsibilities after all, besides he needed the rest of the day free to partake in his favorite hobby. Stalking [Reader] of course. He could access several cameras from different angles as he attempted to track them down. 
‘ Where are they? Their class ends around this time and they usually stay a bit longer in the classroom to wait for the freshman and Grim. They’re taking too long. . .shit! Did I miss them? Did they already leave?’ 
Idia frantically typed away at his computer to try to locate them. After a couple of tries, he found [Reader] and Grim, with the freshman of course, walking out of their classroom. Sighing in relief, he continued to observe as normal. Unfortunately, these cameras were limited as they had no audio but it would do for now. 
‘ So they DID stay longer in the classroom. Phew, good thing nothing has changed so far.’ 
The screens were the only source of light in his room as his lights were turned off. He didn’t have any club activities today so he there was no need to leave his room. He sat on his desk chair while holding his knees to his chest. Raising his thumb to his mouth, he bit down on the tip of his nail. How did it come to this? 
“We’re going to be late! Crap, where is the housewarden?”
“Doesn’t he have his club? Do you think we can leave it with Ortho?” 
“Uh maybe. . .man why did Professor Trein dump this on us? If only Idia attended in-person classes, but oh well. Oh, wait-[Reader]!” 
[Reader] was walking through the hallways, but turned when they heard their name was called out. There were two students, from the Ignihyde dorm looking stressed. 
“Sorry for this, but could you do us a huge favor? Professor Trein asked if we could drop these papers with Houseward Idia, but we can’t find him! Not to mention, we’re already late for our club activities enough as it is! We’ll make it up to you, promise!” 
“Hm, sure I don’t see why not. Not like I have anything better to do, give them here.” 
Sighing in relief, the students wasted no time in handing the documents over to [Reader]. 
“Gosh, you’re a lifesaver! Thank you so much, both Grim and your meal are on us!” 
The students turned and ran off to their club. Leaving [Reader] alone. 
“Grim would appreciate that, it sure saves me money for one day knowing his appetite. Anyways, just where is Idia?”  
[Reader] debated going over to the hall of mirrors and just entering the Ignihyde dorm but they decided against it. It would be too much work if Idia were still on the main campus grounds and they were in their dorm. Was Idia even in a club? If he was, it would be worth it to check some classrooms in case he was. Thinking back on it, it wouldn’t seem likely but it didn’t hurt to check. [Reader] had been walking for about 20 minutes, popping inside classrooms just to survey the area. To no avail, Idia was not in the classroom. 
“Just where could he be? Maybe I should head over to his dorm. Oh, hey Azul!” 
Azul was walking on the opposite side and [Reader] ran up to meet him. 
“Ah, [Reader]. What a coincidence, I would have figured you had returned to your dorm by now.” 
“Normally I would have, but I’m helping some classmates drop off some documents. Hey, this may be a stretch but by any chance, do you know where Idia might be?” 
“ Idia? Oh why, yes I do. He’s still in the classroom. We just finished up our game board club meeting. He lost to me so he’s staying back to finish cleaning up. Why?” 
“He’s the one I’m dropping the documents off to. So, where is the club room?” 
“ Down the hall, turn right and it’s the second door on your left.” 
“ Thank you, Azul! I’ll see you around, kay?” 
“Of course. If you however require my services sooner, you know where to find me.” 
“Nice try, but at the moment I’m not interested in making a deal right now.  Maybe later if I forget to study for an exam.” 
“But of course, take care.” 
Azul left back to his dorm, leaving [Reader] to seek out his directions to the club room. When they arrived, they opened the door to see Idia sitting at the desk on his phone. 
“Oh hey, Idia-” 
Idia jumped in his desk, whipping his head around to stare at [Reader] in a frazzled state. 
“W-what a-are you doing h-here!?” 
“Calm down Idia, not here to hurt you. Anyways, someone asked me to drop off these papers to you. One of your housemates. Anyways, what are you doing?” 
“You c-can leave them on the t-table.” 
Idia’s eyes avoided [Reader’s] and he ignored their question. [Reader] walked closer, leaving the documents on the table as asked. They turned to look at his screen, looking at all the graphics displayed on the screen. 
“That looks interesting, what’s this about?” 
“It’s a game. . .” 
“Right, I can see that. What is it about?” 
Idia continued to advert his gaze, muttering under his breath under the assumption that [Reader] could not hear him. 
“Like you would care. . .” 
“I would actually.” 
A snarky and slightly offended response left [Readers] unamused face. Idia let out a squeak, he didn’t think [Reader] would hear that. [Reader] let out a huff, pulling a chair out and sitting across from Idia. 
“Idia, you know I’m not from here right? I don’t know much about media and franchises here in Twisted Wonderland, but I was interested in content like this back in my world. So humor me, what is this game about?” 
Though he was still unable to look them in the eye, not that [Reader] minded, he continued to explain the game franchise. 
“It’s an adventure-based role-playing game following an adventure party on a mission to take down the demon king. The party consists of characters that you get to pick, unlike most games where you’re given a party member. This game is different because it relies on your choices to advance as well as you making your combat type distinct. It has an online server where you can complete side quests while the main story updates.” 
He spoke fast, never sparing a glance at [Reader]. He was just waiting for them to become uninterested or to look at him in annoyance. He was waiting for the insults and the questionable glances of ‘you’re weird’ and ‘fucking loser’. 
“Hm, so it’s a fantasy-based combat game. Does this mean that all the party members are different fantasy races? I’d like to see the party members that you can pick, or do you get to customize them as well?” 
“ O-oh u-uh. . .” 
Idia has always seen the negative side of everything, but being realistic he didn’t give you enough credit. Sure, most people stop listening after that initial description but a few brave soldiers still stick around until he continues. He’d surely lose your interest with his extensive knowledge of the game's lore. 
“Well, not exactly. You can make your character, but the other party members are already designed and have a story to go with them. All you do is equip weapons and artifacts to strengthen them.” 
“Oh, I love customizable characters. Can I see yours?” 
Alright, so you’re one of those few brave soldiers who may be interested in a nerdy ramble. Idia began to click and swipe at his screen, eventually passing it to [Reader]. [Reader] began to inspect the character, looking at all the features that Idia placed on them. 
“Woah, they look badass. I like your character’s style, but it looks like they aren’t human-like. Are they fantasy-based characters? What kind?” 
Idia couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment it happened, but his face softened and went from stoic to a more relaxed one. His eyes began to shine with passion as he began to talk about his character, gaining [Reader’s] undivided attention. [Reader] nodded and paid attention when he spoke, asking questions about the game’s lore and characters. Idia answered all their questions with a more enthusiastic chirp, throwing some jokes here and there. The atmosphere changed from tense to a more comforting one as they continued to speak losing track of time. 
“. . .but you don’t meet this fantasy race until act III in the game, even then they’re an antagonistic species until you clear the next three acts, that’s when it clears up. Eventually, you can add this character to your party or can update the way your character looks after-” 
The sound of the classroom door opening snapped Idia from his daze, and he turned to look at the door. 
“Idia, here you are!” 
“Ortho. . what are you doing here?” 
“Idia, it’s been three hours since you were supposed to be back. I came to see where you were. Don’t you remember, the new update for the game was dropping later tonight?” 
“Three hours. . .?” 
[Reader] and Idia panicked, both scrambling up from their chairs, 
“ Oh my gosh, I had no idea time went by so fast. I need to get home and do my homework!” 
“I forgot about my game! S-sorry, I probably bugged you with my spiel-” 
“Not at all, Idia! Honestly, this game sounds cool I might check it out. Well, I wish I could considering I don’t have a platform to play it. Crowley is very stingy with what he gives out. I don’t even have a phone to use, or else I would have asked for your contact info. I’ll catch you later, hopefully maybe one of these days I can see you in class. Take care, Ortho!” 
[Reader] patted Ortho’s shoulder before leaving the classroom. Ortho nodded enthusiastically, wishing [Reader] the same. He turned around to where Idia was standing. Idia was quiet, his eyes wide, and on his face was a dopey grin. His cheeks were lightly flushed, adding color to his pale skin. 
“ Iida? What’s wrong?” 
“Ortho, I’m going to class tomorrow.” 
It had been roughly two months since that encounter. Idia never expected it to get this bad. They kept their promise, and [Reader] continued to talk to him even if it was after class and in private. He knows they didn’t mean anything bad by it, but he loved the idea of being their little secret. Held occasional yet school-related conversations in public, but the moment the class ended [Reader] and he would talk for hours. Sometimes, they would come over to the Ignihyde dorm to play games with him or indulge in certain content and media. Ortho was very excited, not only was he able to see his brother form a friendship with someone so close instead of online, but he could also see his brother having a slightly more positive outlook on life. However, he remained haunted by the grim reminder that he would be head of the S.T.Y.X organization and wouldn’t be able to enjoy the luxuries he was experiencing now. Despite all that, he was smiling a lot softer and looking forward to the next meeting. So in other words, everything was content and alright. There was no need for him to hijack the cameras to stalk [Reader], but he did it anyway. 
“Well, no matter. What’s done is done. Now I need to make sure they get home safely.” 
Idia softly smiled at the cameras, looking at [Reader] talking to Grim. They had a smile on their face as well, no doubt teasing the poor kitty. 
‘ They’re so pretty. . .hopefully they like my surprise.’ 
[Reader] was walking with the freshman to the Ramshackle dorm. They were going to drop off some stuff before heading out to the hall of mirrors. As they arrived at the entrance, they were greeted by a ghost. 
“Good afternoon, [Reader] and Grim! How were your classes?” 
“ Afternoon! Nothing too busy, but we just got assigned a major project.” 
“Man talk about annoying, Riddle kept reminding us how important this project was for the freshman.” 
Ace complained with Deuce sharing a similar face of dismay, clearly stressed about the project itself. 
“Vil was the same, he said that I could not afford to get a low score and tarnish Pomefiore’s reputation. This must be a pretty serious project.” 
Jack rubbed the back of his head, “Leona hasn’t mentioned anything yet. If all your housewardens are saying something no doubt when I get back to Savannaclaw he might mention it.” 
“If the project must be this serious, then I cannot score anything but the highest marks! The pride of Diasomnia, no. . .the pride of Malleus-Sama rests on my shoulders!” 
“Cool, anyways. . .” 
The rest of the group disregarded what Sebek was spouting about. The ghost chuckled, before leaving to the living room and returning with a package in hand. 
“Someone came by to drop this off. We don’t know what it is or from whom. There was no name on the package.” 
“Oh, for us?” 
“Seems like it.” 
Curiosity spread among them as they were all devising in their heads what it could be. 
“You don’t think it’s a. . .no it couldn’t be!” 
“But it might be. . .” 
“It might be a what?” 
Grim turned to Ace and Epel who shared mischievous smiles, “Oh you know. . .” 
“Pay them no mind, Grim. They’re just trying to scare you.” 
Deuce waved the two off and reassured Grim that it was all right. [Reader] examined the box, shaking it a little. It felt heavy, but there was no sound with the shake. It might either take up the whole box or it might be very secure. They walked inside their dorm with the others following suit. They sat on the couch and proceeded to open the package. Ripping open the box, they turned to see that it was a new phone. 
“A phone. . .?” 
Everyone exclaimed, eyes wide as saucers. 
“It is. . .?” 
“Hm, you don’t suppose Crowley got it for us do you?” 
Grim turned to look at [Reader] who scoffed at the idea, 
“Hell no, since when has that man cared for us?” 
“Fair enough, but who do you think it was from?” 
“ Not sure. .  .” 
“ Well whoever it was, they must be loaded!” 
Ace pointed out, [Reader] looking up at him. 
“Surely it can’t be that much...  could it?” 
“It’s over 200,000 Thaumarks!” 
Grim and [Reader] turned to each other in shock. There was no way Crowley would cough up that much money for them, surely this was a mistake. 
“ Do you think they maybe got the wrong address?” 
“Nope! The postman that delivered it said the package was addressed to a [Reader].” 
“So who could be this generous patronage?” 
“Who knows, but whoever it is. You better take care of that as your life depended on it!” 
“ Got it, maybe I can ask Idia how to set it up. Surely it can’t be too different than the models back in my world, but if it is that much I can’t risk it. Alright, let us go now.” 
“ Do you guys want to go to Monstro Lounge to eat and talk about the project?” 
Sharing nods, everyone set off to Monstro Lounge. Idia was observing through the cameras, looking to see everyone entering the Octavinelle dorm. The moment he saw [Reader] enter, he stood up and made plans to leave his dorm. He closed off all the cameras and locked his room to be safe. He turned to the door, preparing to enact his plan. He left the Ignihyde dorm, turning to the path to the Ramshackle dorm. He walked at a brisk pace. It was the perfect time, no one was near or around to see him. Upon arriving at the dorm, he turned to peek inside the windows. Luckily, the ghosts that were occupying the house didn’t seem to be near. He pulled out a key and swiftly unlocked the door. He remembered one time when he swiped their keys and made a copy of them. Casually returning them to [Reader]. He climbed up the stairs and entered their room. Looking around, he could see a very plain room. Nothing too out of the ordinary but he didn’t mind, he knew that [Reader] was hardly getting any funds from Crowley. That was why he gave them the phone, something to be able to reach them faster. Though the room was plain, there was something that did manage to catch his eye. [Reader’s] used clothing hamper. His breath hitched, slowly and carefully making his way to it. Fear that the slight movement could alert someone, even though he was alone(or was he?). Once he made it across, he peered inside. Just normal clothing, sleeping garments, and so forth. The one thing that did make him turn red, was the sight of [Reader’s] used undergarments. 
His throat was dry as he debated reaching in and taking. What would they think of him? Would [Reader] look at him in disgust? Here he was, a pervert thinking about taking the used underwear of the one he loved. Who knows what he was going to do with them? Idia shook his head, reaching in swiftly and swiping the used underwear. He shakily raised them to his face, placing the crotch area close to his nose. He inhaled deeply, [Reader’s] scent quickly invading his mind. His pants began to feel tight and his dick was hard. He was lost in a trance until he heard a voice come from the living room. 
“I wonder who could have gifted the phone to [Reader]. Do you think they have a secret admirer?” 
Idia’s eyes widened as his body temperature rose. He was horrified, beyond terrified. Tears began to well, he was going to be caught! Idia quietly scrambled to the hallway but skillfully remained undetected as he peered over the stair railway. All the ghosts were in the living room, but they weren’t near the front door. If he played his cards right, he could make it out of the dorm without bringing too much attention to himself. Idia began to walk down the stairs, luckily the ghosts were too into their conversation to hear the creaky stairs. Idia shoved the used garment into the pocket of his jacket. 
“ If they had a secret admirer, do you think it might be that fae boy who sometimes comes here at night?” 
‘The WHAT!?’ Idia internally screamed. Fae. . did he mean Sebek? Sebek knows better than to appear at night, so was it the devilish third-year Lilia Vanrogue? Sure he was an eccentric one, but even he would have morals. Idia was close to the front of the door.  Idia was so into his thoughts, that he failed to notice the ghost that was standing near the gate. The ghost turned around, with a surprised look asked, 
“Are you here for [Reader]?” 
Idia let out a squeak, holding both his arms in a defensive stance. The ghost noticed this and quickly assured him that he did not mean any harm or to spook him. 
“Didn’t mean to scare you, but [Reader] isn’t here right now. They’re at the Monstro Lounge working on a project with some peers.” 
“O-oh. . .I see. . .” 
Idia knew they weren’t here, but couldn’t raise any suspicion. The other ghosts soon came to the front door, staring at Idia. 
“Oh, what’s this? Are you a friend of [Reader]?” 
“I-I u-uh. . .d-did [Reader] get the package?” 
“ The package? Oh! Are you their secret admirer?” 
Way to go Iida, he was digging a deeper hole for himself. 
“A-a friend of mine a-asked me to make sure they got it. . .” 
His gaze was adverted to the side and his fingers were twiddling. 
“They did it! By any chance, can we know the name of your friend? Tell us, do they like [Reader]?” 
“ Y-yeah s-something like that. T-they’re a little shy so. . .well then, that’s good. U-uh, I’m going to leave n-now. . .” 
“ Take care, be safe walking back to your dorm!” 
The ghosts all wished him safe travels. Idia nodded and began to walk slowly, once he was away from the ghost’s sight of vision he scrambled back to his dorm. 
“You don’t think he was. . .?” 
“Maybe, but wait. . . isn’t he the one [Reader] likes?” 
Idia managed to make it to his dorm without being spotted. He entered his room and locked the door. Once he caught his breath, he made it to his bed and plopped down. He was tired, hopefully, the ghosts didn’t say anything. He closed his eyes and remained still for a brief moment before he turned, feeling the fabric of his pants rub against his hard-on. 
His cheeks reddened and his hair changed from a blue to a purple shade, close to pink. He reached into his pocket, taking out the used underwear. His other hand went to his pants, slowly freeing his hard cock. His breath hitched, he placed the used underwear up against his nose and inhaled deeply. His eyes rolled back at [Reader’s] scent and his free hand went to his dick, wrapping around it. Pre was already forming at the tip, he rubbed his cock up and down slowly, starting a soft pace. 
“Fuck. . .” 
His lidded and glossy eyes stared on, he slowly opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out. He gave a long striped lick, tasting whatever remained on the underwear. Whatever little control he had broke, he began to gradually fist his cock as he inhaled and exhaled. He was constantly giving licks as well, his body was moving on his own. He rolled over and entangled his legs with his bedsheets. He let the underwear fall on the pillow and dove nose-first into it. With his right hand, he began to grip the sheets. He rutted into his fist. His mind wandered to [Reader], how would they feel. If they saw him right now, what would they say? Would they call him a disgusting pervert? How dare he get off on your used underwear. How pathetic he is, rutting into his hand thrusting into his bed trying to find the right pace and friction to get off. Fucking pathetic, look at this loser jerking off to the idea of even being able to touch you. 
“Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck-oh fuck-!” 
He imagined if [Reader] was into it as well. Would they step on his disgusting dick? Would they tease him, call him all kinds of names? Would they make him fuck himself before he even had the chance to fuck them? Idia was thankful for his pillow, other than being able to rest the used underwear so that he could smell and taste as much as he wanted. He was also able to hide his pathetic moans and whines. He was drooling, eyes rolling back and tears welling up. 
“Fuckfuckfuck, I’m gonna-shit I’m gonna come-” 
How their warm insides would feel. How their hole would clamp and clench around his dirty and pathetic cock. Imagine how it would feel to relentlessly fuck them. 
“W-wanna touch them, w-wanna fuck y-you, [R-reader]!? W-wanna c-come i-inside you-ha fuck!?” 
Would they let them come inside? How it would feel, leaving his warm thick sticky cum inside them. When he’d pull out he’d see the thick glob that left their used and abused hole that was stretched out just for him. 
Idia’s eyes rolled back as his back arched, his right hand gripping the sheets and his knuckles turning white, blowing his load into his hands. His cum shoots out to stain his bedsheets. His cum was warmer than average, how would they feel? Would they feel warm and satisfied? Sweat was coating his skin and he struggled to catch his breath. His left hand released his now limp dick and his right let go of the bedsheets. He lifted his body, getting on his knees and he looked at the pillow and [Reader]’s now soiled underwear. 
“I l-love you so much. . .[Reader].” 
[Reader] kept true to their word and turned to Idia for help setting up their phone. 
“Oh, okay so I do this right?” 
“You’re no better than a noob finally learning how to use a handheld console.” 
[Reader] sent Idia an unamused look, but let out a laugh. Idia smiled, but changed his face the moment [Reader] turned to look up again at him. 
“It’s standard, it’s similar to most models back in my world though some features are completely new. Hey Idia, can I ask you a question? Is this really the latest model and  worth 200,000 thurmarks?” 
“It’s the latest model and now it’s super rare. Those who preordered one when the sale dropped months ago were 100% guaranteed one with a small percentage that they would be sold in stores. They only released a few in-store ones so if you didn’t get one then, it’ll be months before you get one.” 
“Woah, so it’s that special? Ace was telling me all the new stuff it was supposed to have but I just nodded and went with it.” 
Idia handed [Reader] their new phone back, stuck on the contact screen. The contact read his name, ‘Idia Shroud’, with his phone number saved on it. 
“So now you can reach me. M-maybe play the game now. . .”
“Thank you Idia, I was going to ask you about that too by the way. Do you mind if I lie on your bed?” 
“Hm, no I don’t-WAIT YES I DO!” 
Idia’s scream rang through his room. [Reader]’s eyes widened as they backed away from his bed. 
“S-sorry, my bed is. . .messy.” 
“Oh, I really don’t mind but if you do that’s fine. I can just sit here unless you don’t want me to?” 
“N-no no, there is fine.” 
Idia calmed down, scooting over to [Reader] to explain how to download the game and how to set it up. 
It was like that, consistently for another two months. Idia wasn’t sure what to do, he had planned on confessing but how. Every time he thought it was the right time, someone just had to take [Reader’s] attention or ruin it for him. They could never understand them the way he did. After months of observing [Reader], playing games with them, and sharing deep meaningful conversations, Idia was the only one who could understand them. That’s what he believed, so why was it so hard to be able to confess them? No one was able to understand them to the capacity that Idia could and certainly, no one was worthy of them. Granted Idia himself didn’t feel worthy, but if he was the worm crawling underneath their shoe the other’s were the smears on the concrete. Idia huffed in annoyance, he was typing along to his online friend, Muscle Red. 
Gloomurai: Can I vent to you about something happening IRL
Muscle Red: Of course, what’s wrong? 
Gloomurai: How do you confess to someone you like? 
Muscle Red: Oh, relationship issues? 
Lilia scratched his head, geez. This was an awkward situation, it’s been a while since Lilia courted someone. He wasn’t sure how to proceed with the conversation but he was young once so it couldn’t be too hard.
Gloomurai: Not really considering there is no relationship yet, it’s more like I like someone but can’t bring myself to confess to them. 
Gloomurai: When I want to, something always happens like the universe doesn’t want us to be together. 
Muscle Red: I don’t think that's the case. I think you may need to set up a scenario where you are completely alone to confess, so you don’t have any interruptions.
Lilia winced a little when he read that back, it didn’t sound okay at first. Hopefully, Gloomurai doesn’t look too into it. 
Gloomurai: It’s a little hard, they’re quite social. Almost everyone wants to talk to them. 
Muscle Red: I’m sure if you asked to speak to them about a personal matter, they might set time aside to hear you out. Maybe that is when you confess? 
Gloomurai: I’d probably stutter over my words to get it out, they’re just too cool. . .
Muscle Red: How did you meet them? Is this a close friend or? 
Gloomurai: You could say that. They like the same stuff I like, we became friends with mutual interests. 
Lilia let out a breath of relief. Unlike back then where you either knew the person from growing up together or being interested in them because of one interaction, common interests bonded people. So this should be easy. 
Muscle Red: Hm, so then they probably know you and will feel more comfortable being near a familiar face. When trying to court someone you may want to start with a small gesture of kindness and trying to find time alone to be able to confess to them. That was how most of the time it worked then, but since this is a close friend they might already be able to pick up signs. [MESSAGE UNABLE TO SEND. TRY AGAIN.] 
Muscle Red: You may have to be bold. Do something that they might never expect from you. Try to get them to see you in a different light than just a friend. If you’re able to do that then surely you can win them over, who knows maybe they’ll fall for you just as much. 
Muscle Red: Do something that still falls within their comfort level to show that you still care and know certain things about them. I think once you’re able to show them how you care for them but also make them see you, I think that helps a lot. They already like spending time with you and enjoy common interests, so really, it shouldn’t be too hard. [MESSAFE UNABLE TO SEND. TRY AGAIN.] 
Gloomurai: So try something bold, something that makes them notice my feelings for them? 
Muscle Red: Exactly. 
Gloomurai: Hm, thank you. I think I know what I should do. Thank you for this, really :)). Thank you for helping me defeat the boss too lol. C U!
Muscle Red: see you! 
Gloomurai left the chat. 
Muscle Red left the chat. 
Lilia looked to the bottom right screen on his PC, looking at the symbol representing the internet. 
“My, of all times it seems that the internet went out. Hopefully, they were able to read my messages and understand what I was trying to say. Oh well, they seemed to understand so hopefully it helps. Ah, young love certainly never fails to move my heart. Now, onto the internet.” 
And so, that is where we find ourselves now. Idia was pacing around his room, biting his nails and muttering to himself. 
‘Shitshitshitshitshitshit, what do I do? What do I do, what do I do, what do I do?’ 
[Reader] was sleeping soundly, snuggling into the bed. Clearly, this wasn’t their room and if they were to wake up, surely they would panic. The last thing [Reader] remembered was resting peacefully in their bed with Grim cuddling next to them. 
“I did use a pretty strong spell, hopefully, they wake up soon. . .” 
Idia peered over to see [Reader] they were still unmoving. He nervously made his way to them, getting on his bed and slowly crawling to them. The bed sank with his added weight, but nonetheless, they did not waver. He eyed their body, their features. Their chest was slowly rising with their steady breathing. Idia swallowed hard, his fearful expression didn’t leave his face either while he shakily extended his hand to touch [Reader]. His hand grazed their skin and his cold fingers met their warm skin. Tracing his finger from this shoulder to their forearm, touching their forehead and caressing their cheeks. He stopped breathing, afraid that it would ruin this soft moment for him. His eyes trailed down, to their chest. He removed his fingers from their cheeks and instead began to trail from their collarbone to their chest. With deep breaths and a flushed face, he started going lower. From their chest to their stomach, to their hips, and eventually, their crotch. 
“You’re so pretty. . .wanna see you more. . .” 
Idia lightly rubbed at their crotch, lazily stroking up and down. He didn’t intend to do anything and he certainly didn’t expect to hit any major pleasure zones. Idia continued to touch, not really doing much. He wondered if they were awake, what would they do if they saw him like this? Surely they would scream, be disgusted, and threaten to hurt him. 
‘Be bold’ 
Idia nervously looked over to [Reader]with their eyes still shut. He looked over at their legs, placing his hands in the middle and prying them open. His head peeked up again, no movement. He got on his knees at the foot of his bed, dragging [Reader’s] legs down too. Idia placed his hand on their bottoms, dragging them agonizingly slow. He managed to take them off without stirring them and he left them in just their undergarments. Idia began to drool at the sight but he knew the surprise was waiting underneath the undergarments. Reaching above, he pulled them down swiftly and looked. [Reader’s] sex was exposed and visibly aroused. His cold fingers went to touch their most sensitive bit, lightly tapping it. Trailing their finger up and down, they noticed their hole clenching around nothing. 
“What I would give for you to think of me touching you in your dreams.” 
Idia shakily moved his face to their sex, giving it an experimental lick. Trailing to their hole, licking around the area. He removed himself and began to such on his fingers, once they were coated with his saliva he moved them to their hole. Inserting his middle finger inside. Idia let out a soft squeal when he felt their hole clench around his finger. 
“F-Fuck. . .y-you’re so tight. . .” 
Inserting his finger in and out, creating a soft pace and causing enough lubrication to insert another finger. Idia let out a small chuckle, 
“It’s like you’re greedy hole is devouring me. . .I wonder what you’re dreaming about, [Reader].” 
As Idia continued fingering [Reader], they turned to their sensitive bits and began to lick up and down, pressing light kisses on them. He continued to do this for a bit, lightly teasing them and pumping his fingers inside them. He began to suck and that’s when he noticed it, their body twitched. Thinking it was from pleasure, he continued to tease and explore their body. Their sensitive bits were being toyed with, sucked, licked, pinched, and stroked while he fucked his fingers into them. He didn’t notice the noises they were making as they were stirring, but his heart dropped when he felt his hands wander into his hair. 
“D-don’t stop. . .p-please Idia. .m’feels good.” 
He had to be dreaming! There was no way this could be real, but he didn't care. If it was a dream, then what a lovely dream it was. He nodded and returned to abuse their sex. 
“F-fuck, right there-!” 
Idia was overheating, he was eating them out with such intensity. Drool covers their sex and mixes with their juices. His fingers continued their assault, stretching them out in a scissoring motion while also reaching even areas they couldn’t with their fingers. 
“M’ feels g-good, f-fuck g-gonna cum Idia-!” 
[Reader] was coming undone, the feeling of Idia’s long tongue playing with their sex, sucking and kissing along with his fingers was a pleasure overload. When Idia’s fingers reached that soft and spongey spot inside them, curling his fingers to hit, they came. Grabbing his hair and pushing his face against their sex and bucking their hips, riding out their orgasm as they came on his face. 
Once they came down from their high, they released his hair. [Reader] raised their forearm to cover their eyes as they worked to catch their breath. Idia got up from the floor and got on the bed, crawling to them. 
“[R-reader]. . .I-I-I-?!” 
[Reader] removed their forearm, looking at him with glossy eyes. Idia could only gaze upon them with such love. Their body was covered in sweat, their skin was warm to the touch and their post-orgasmic face was divine. [Reader] propped themselves on their elbows, struggling to sit up on the bed. When they managed to, they turned to look at him with a dazed-out expression. 
“Idia. . .wanna make you feel good too. . .can I?” 
[Reader] asked in a slightly whiny voice that made Idia’s rock-hard cock strain against his bottoms. His breath hitched, 
Idia shrieked when [Reader] pushed him down on his bed, straddling his hips and rubbing their exposed sex on his clothed crotch. [Reader] raised their arms to remove their shirt, turning to remove his bottoms. [Reader] was able to pull down his bottoms and remove his boxer, exposing his dick. Idia’s hair turned into a pinkish hue with the rest of his skin burning up. He was embarrassed that his crush who he went down on, got to see him in a similar position. [Reader’s] hands were warm to the touch and they began stroking and rubbing his cock, jerking him off. Idia threw his head back, moaning uncontrollably and gasping as he felt their fingers play with his tip, rubbing it back and forth. Their free hand began to fondle his balls, creating a feeling of immense pleasure. Tears began to form and Idia looked at [Reader] with a face that was begging for mercy but at the same time, more. 
“O-Of fuck! F-feels so fucking good! H-having my disgusting cock t-touched by you, [Reader]! F-fuck me, please I want it s-so badly!” 
Before Idia could come, [Reader] let go of their dick. They went to their sex, rubbing their hole and inserting their finger, making sure they were stretched well. They leveled themselves to Idia’s cock and began to lower themselves down. Idia closed his eyes at the feeling of their hole clenching down hard on his dick. [Reader] was struggling themselves too, Idia managed to stretch them out pretty well. After a while, [Reader] began to move, slowly creating a slow pace while riding Idia, Their hands went underneath his shirt and to his nipples, playing with them. Their fingers caught them and began to pinch them. 
“Fuck! H-ha…f-fuck, so tight!” 
“Y-you’re so big, Idia. Feels so f-fucking good!” 
Rolling their hips to meet Idia’s small thrusts to reach that deeper part within their insides. Idia’s hands went to grab and hold their hips, keeping them steady. Idia’s left hand went to touch their sex, rubbing and stroking to make them catch their high. Both their bodies were covered in sweat and their moans echoed throughout the room. [Reader’s] movements were getting sloppy, the feeling of their climax was right around the edge. Idia could feel it too, he wasn’t going to last long but he wanted to. He didn't;’t want this moment to end. 
“I-Idia, hm feel’s so good, feel so full! W-wanna c=come. .-ha!” 
“F-Fuck [Reader]! C-Come, please c-come!” 
Relief was granted when Idia thrust one last time, spilling his seed inside them. [Reader] threw their head back and ended up cumming all over Iida. The room smelled of sweat and sex. Idia and [Reader] were both trying to catch their breath, until Idia began to thrust again. 
“W-wait I-idia! I can’t, it’s t-too much! S-still sensitive-!!” 
[Reader] placed their hands on his stomach, steadying themselves and that’s when they saw it. Idia’s glossy eyes, tears staining his face but his face was red. He looked like he was ready to cry again from the overstimulation. 
“P-please, w-want more of you. W-want to feel you-!” 
Idia began to relentlessly thrust upwards, hitting their deepest spots and continuing to play with their sex. It continued for a while until Idia had his fill, pushing [Reader] until they were no longer able to form coherent words just mindless babbles of their pleasure spilling out. Idia finally finished and managed to release inside them. He let [Reader] lie on the bed to rest, but never pulled out of them. They stayed connected even when Idia was no longer hard. [Reader] looked over at Idia who was avoiding their gaze. [Reader] smiled, breathing out before speaking, 
“I love you, Idia.” 
“H-HUH!? N-no, surely you’re just pulling my leg-” 
“Idia, we just fucked. I’m not pulling anything, you think I don’t know that you were stalking me?” 
Idia let out a whine, diving headfirst into their chest to hide his embarrassment. Wrapping his arms around their waist, pulling him closer to them. 
“I know you’ve been stalking me around. I also know you were the one who got me the phone, the ghosts told me you stopped by my house.” 
Idia peeled himself away enough to look up at [Reader] who looked at him with adoring eyes. 
“ You probably hate me, you must think I’m disgusting aren’t I.” 
“I don’t hate you, but I do think you’re pretty disgusting. I don't mind, I like how disgusting you are about me.” 
Idia gazed into their eyes before shying away, continuing to shove his face in their chest. His pink hair was a dead giveaway that he was completely enamored and not okay with that response. 
“ Oh, and I also know you jerked off to my used underwear.” 
A sob left Idia’s lip. 
Muscle Red: Hello, it's been a while. So, how did it go with the one you wanted to confess to?” 
Gloomurai: Hello. It went well, I went bold as you said. I kidnapped them and I guess they were into that lol. Thank you for your advice. Now, do you want to do that quest? 
A/N: I have no words because I lowkey hate the writing because I split it up into several days of work so it’s not only consistent but I think I cannot write smut to save my life as well I used to and well yeah. Happy birthday IRL bestie. 
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plantanonie · 6 months
Tumblr media
Pairing ➛ librarian assistant! soobin x reader (reader uses she/her)
Genre ♡ university !au, “she falls first but he falls harder”, smut, fluff
Warnings ➩ minors dni, fingering, dry humping, semi-public (library), virgin Soobin, Soobin hates yn at first
wc ✎ 4.3k
Authors note ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥  I'M BACK BITCHES!!!! *confetti cannon* It’s literally been the best and worst few months of my life but my life finally started to get back on track and I'm writing again. I definitely want to make a part two of this because I really love this Soobin. The story is also a lot fluffier than I’m used to. But I really liked focusing more on the relationship aspect of this story, but I really want to make a part two to expand on it more.  I also want to start focusing more on writing part twos to some of the other fics on my page as well :) love you guys and I’m glad to be back. As always, requests are open xo <3
Soobin had always been a shy person, timid some would say. Never trying to anger anyone, gentle in nature. He liked fading into the shadows of any environment he was in. He loved the safe feeling that washed over him after finding a corner to hide in with his books until class was over. That’s why he had such an intense love for the campus library. After receiving a huge loan, the school remodeled one of the old classrooms into a high-tech computer lab which the student body immediately took over and turned into a lounge they’d use to skip class, which rendered the library completely obsolete in their eyes. Besides the chess club’s meetings and a few students cramming for tests they didn’t study for, Soobin was practically the only student there. The head librarian, Ms. Spencer, saw him every day. So much so, she started to enjoy his company, as silent as it may be. “Hey Soobin, honey?” Her voice rose at the end of the sentence as if she was about to ask a question.  She learned his name from the millions of times she’d checked a book out for him. Soobin’s head popped up from his book, the broken silence made him jump a bit. She smiled and waved him over, “Do you mind putting these books away for me?” And with that question, Soobin accidentally landed the unofficial title of the school’s student librarian from that day forward. He’d help organize and take care of books during his free class periods. He’d even been given a set of keys, just in case Ms. Spencer didn’t make it to school that day to open and close the library. Or if he wanted to sneak in after school to be alone for a little while longer.  It was bright enough to study, the back was dim enough to think, and it was always quiet enough to focus. He grew very fond of the smell of old book pages and reheated drip coffee. And best of all, he didn’t have to worry about her being there. 
She’d been in his class for about a year now, torturing him endlessly almost every day. He hated the way she’d treated him like he was only born for her own amusement. Like he was a toy she could play with as she pleased. He hated the pet names she called him, he didn’t even know if she knew his name entirely. The endless uses of “baby, babe, Soob, love, and Binnie” lead him to that conclusion. But there’s one thing he particularly hated more than anything. That his body betrayed him every time he saw her. His mind decided he hated her, while his body decided he needed her desperately in every single way imaginable. He needed her underneath him , clawing into his back as he thrust into her , as her sweet moans filled his ears. With every pet name, every teasing tug on his hair passing him in the school café, with every stupid childish gesture … the unwanted desire for her grew. He wanted to tease her back, to see tears well in her eyes with pleasure. But at the same time, he couldn’t stand being around her, but he knew he just wanted to put her in her place one time. 
He’d grown hard thinking about her many times but he never call it a “crush”.  You needed to like someone to have a crush on them. This wasn’t a “crush” at all… he wanted to fuck her. Fuck her untill she’s completely unable to form a coherent thought, begging to be used by him over and over again. He’d stroke himself thinking about her, back against the wall with the top of her shirt unbuttoned slightly exposing her chest to him. He imagined gathering her hair into a ball in his fist and guiding her head as she swallowed around him, a couple book’s falling off the shelf as he grabbed the bookcase for leverage. He imagined covering her chest as he came with a hummed moan, trying to not wake anyone in the house. In reality, he had covered the underside of his desk and the palm of his hand as he breathlessly sat in disgust with his own actions. He couldn’t stop asking himself  “Why, out of all people, did it have to be her?”. 
The next morning, as Soobin was collecting the returned books from the dropoff bin, a student came in holding a box of miscellaneous clothing pieces and other personal items (glasses, notebooks, keys ex). “Hey um- I was told to drop this off to the lost and found?” The student said confused, wondering if he was in the right place or not. “Oh okay, I can take it. Thanks.” Soobin grabbed the box and placed it in a side office of the library, where the school's tiny lost and found was located. He started organizing the box, putting the glasses with the glasses, the wallets with the wallets, and the jackets with the jack- …wait … He saw that jacket too many times before. A cream uniform overcoat with two brown buttons on the bodice with small silver brooches in the place of cufflinks. It still had traces of her mind infecting jasmine vanilla perfume he’d been trying to forget for weeks now. She’d sprayed it on him multiple times before, jokingly saying she was “marking her property”. It was as if her smell was now a core memory, if he smelled the jasmine in his tea or the vanilla in his coffee she’d teleport to the front of his mind. He never thought about anyone the way he thought about her. Why the fuck did it have to be her? Why does he need her so badly when he hates her this much? And now he’s going to be forced to talk to her to give her back her stupid fucking jacket. He balled it into his backpack, planning to just put it on her desk tomorrow morning before she got there. Hopefully cutting the interaction as short as possible. He continued organizing the lost and found items and putting the books away. He took his time as there were still about 4 hours left of school while Soobin’s schedule was flooded with free periods. 
He placed the last couple books on the far shelf and headed by to the front desk, planning to study up on some subjects before he went home. As he rounded the corner back to the front of the library, he saw the outline of a girl, leaning with her back against the front desk as if she was waiting to see someone. He felt a drop in the pit of his stomach as he had to approach her. He couldn’t make out who it was but the way her hair shined in the reflective ambient light of the library seemed vaguely familiar. The way she cocked her head slightly to the left as she tucked her hair behind her ear. He stood with the empty boxes for almost a solid minute , watching her. With a yawn, she tossed her hair back and turned her head very suddenly. Too sudden for Soobin to dirt around the corner out of her view. “ Whoa! I knew you liked me but you’re stalking me now, Binnie?” She said in a hush tone in respect of the library. He somehow felt his stomach drop again, as if it fell out of his body, and through the earths core itself when he realized who it was. He never wanted to see her as beautiful, but in this moment, it wasn’t about what he wanted. It wasn’t the first time his mind betrayed him, but it was, however, the first time his heart did. She was like looking at the sun, eye burningly beautiful, the type of beauty that left a stinging in your head and a black hole in your mind . “Please don’t call me that..” Soobin said, as he walked from behind the corner to place the empty box with the others, clearing his throat, as if he did not just stare at her for the past 48 seconds and complete awe. “and you don’t have to whisper… I’m the only person here.” He said as she put her messenger bag down on the nearest desk, and sat on top of it, completely ignoring the chair that was pushed underneath. “ What do you want?” Soobin said, completely, avoiding eye contact with her, pretending to look busier than he was. “ Don’t be rude, I lost my jacket. I was just coming to look for in the lost and found.” he basically ignored her as she spoke. “What are you doing here anyway, Soob? Skipping?” She kicked her feet as she asked , almost excited at the thought of Soobin doing anything to break the rules. “ No um- Im the student library assistant this year” she raised her eyebrows and gutted out her bottom lip , contouring her face into an impressed expression and nodding. “Cute” Soobin rolled his eyes as he normally did at her flirty comment. Her, being used to Soobins cold persona, took the hint and invited herself into the lost and found. Sliding off the top of the desk she swung open the door to the lost and found and pawed through the deep box of abandon jackets and windbreakers. His eyes couldn’t help but wander to the back of her legs as her skirt slowly rose up as she reached deeper into the box. but not long after his eyes suddenly grew with horrible realization. The jacket she’s been looking for for the past two minutes was still stuffed into the bottom of his bag. Why? Why did he feel the need to put her jacket in his bag? He does everything he can to avoid her, so why would he put her jacket in his bag? It’s not like she didn’t know where the lost and found was. It’s not like he didn’t get jackets in the lost and found all the time. So why did he feel the need to put her jacket in his bag… 
“ I think it might be lost for good…” she said, walking out of the lost and found with a scrunch nose. “ that sucks. I really liked that jacket.” She closed the door and went back to the desk to grab her bag and leave, sensing that Soobin wasn’t in the mood for any of her antics. She gave a smile to him, and slightly waved as she slung her bag over her shoulder and turned for the door. “Um …” He said as she turned back to him, readjusting her shoulder strap. “Here…” he reached in his bag and pulled out the jacket. He walked to the other side of the counter, and extended the jacket to her. “ Y-You’re probably not gonna believe me, but I was going to give it to you tomorrow. I um-.. I just didn’t want it to get mixed in with all those old jackets…I knew it was yours so…” she reached out for the jacket as she smiled downward, he could tell she wanted to tease him, but she bit back the taunting words, because of how sweet the gesture was. Deep down, Soobin knew how much she loved that jacket, he knew how much it would bother her for the jacket to just be mixed in with a bunch of old abandoned clothes that've been in the lost and found for god knows how long. but all Soobin cared about right now is that she took the jacket and left. He felt his ears get hot in his stomach turn as she just stood there, smiling. He hated the feeling that smile gave him. “ thank you…” she said softly as  shyly smiled again, bit back all of her taughts , and turn towards the door. “See you tomorrow, Soobin.” she pushed open the door and walked away, jacket press between her forearms and stomach. 
Soobin was left standing there in the library. He didn’t know why, but he thought he was going to start hyperventilating. He felt his face and chest get hot. His name coming out of her mouth made his ears ring with white noise. He wanted to hear it so many more times. He never wanted her to stop saying it. He didn’t hate her at all. He wanted to, but he didn’t. She may have annoyed him to no end, but the second she walked out of the door… He missed her. “What the fuck…” he whispered to his self moving his glasses to the top of his head as he pinched the skin between his eyes on the bridge of his nose trying to ease the migraine that slowly grew in that exact position.
Soobins walk home normally consisted of him popping in his ear buds as the sun began to set, but that night he decided to walk home in silence, trying to clear his mind. As logical as he wanted to be in the situation, he couldn’t give a logical reason to his feelings for her. It frustrated him because he viewed their relationship as so black and white. She annoyed him so he didn’t like her. It was simple. Easy. So why now after years of her teasing, flirting and trying to get him to blush, why now is it working? He looked up to the sky is if it could give him an answer. Dragging his feet behind him, he walked up to the front of his house and put the key in the front door. 
That night in bed, he stared up to the ceiling. He wished he could say his mind was blank, but that would be a lie. He laid awake for hours that night, trying to somehow burn her out of his mind. But every time he tried to, it just made him think about her more. If he tried to stop thinking about the way she smelled he’d start thinking about the way she tapped her fingers on the desk when she got bored. If he’d try to stop thinking about the way she switched her nail polish from white to pink , he’d think about the way she’d suck on her bottom lip as she was focusing intently on something. He bit his tongue as punishment. Every time he caught himself smiling at these small things that she did he sunk his canine teeth into his tongue. The taste of iron filling his mouth as he accidentally drew blood. He couldn’t allow himself to like her. She made him feel like a puppet on strings, and he hated that. He hated how much power she had over him. He laid in bed biting his tongue for hours. 
The sleep that Soobin somehow managed to get happened to be 30 minutes over his normal time making him late to school. Thankfully, he only needed to library tech that day, but he still grabbed his bag and headed out as quick as possible. Soobin open the door to the library, bag in hand.  “Sorry I’m lat-” he said as he was cut of by the single worst thing he could possibly imagine. Miss Spencer and yn. Together unloading books and smiling to each other. “Good morning, Soobin! I want to introduce you to somebody!” Soobin bit into his tongue as he walked toward the desk they were closest to. “This is yn! And Yn, dear, this is Soobin! He’s going to show you around while I go on vacation and you two are going to run the library together while I’m away!” Yn stood there, smiling as she saw her plan unfolding perfectly. As she left yesterday, she saw a very interesting note on the door. “Library closed! February 3-18 head librarian out of office. Any questions? Call here: (xxx)-xxx-xxxx” It was honestly almost too easy for her. She simply called the number and offered her services as a temporary assistant library aid to keep the library open, while Miss Spencer was gone. “Oh, don’t worry Ms. Spencer, me in Soobin know each other very well.” Yn smiled at Soobin as she spoke. Miss Spencer looked at her and back at Soobin. “ Oh! that’s even better! We can skip introductions.” Ms. Spencer said as she clapped her hands together and headed for her desk.  Now Soobin, I just swung by today, to pick up some files, but I’m leaving early and today is my last day before I leave. You’re in charge while I’m gone but yn is your responsibility. Teach her everything she needs to know.” Miss Spencer said, as she went to a low filing cabinet and placed some loose files in her teacher bag. “ You two be good and make sure to lock up every night! You’re welcome to stay as long as you want. Bye Kids!” And with that miss Spencer grab the sunglasses from the collar of her shirt and slap them on her eyes as she left, her teacher bag dragging behind her. 
As soon as the door close behind Miss Spencer, Soobin grabbed yns arm and pulled her to a back corner of the library. “Woah! I mean I’m down, but binnie!  it hasn’t even been five minutes.” She said, as he let her go against a bookcase. “ why the hell did you do that? why did you asked to be an assistant?” His voice was mono tone, trying to not show emotion. “ It broke my heart seeing the library not be open for a whole two weeks, just think of all the children not being able to explore their quest for knowledge!” She clutched her heart and squeeze her eyes together, as if she was in pain as she lied. “Stop.” He wanted a genuine answer. “Fine… I think it’s pretty obvious that I like you and after yesterday I don’t know…i thought you liked me too” she wasn’t shy when she said this, but she was definitely more vulnerable than she ever been with him. His eyes widened as she spoke, that was the first time she ever verbalized her feelings for him. He had heard his fair share of lude jokes that she made or the fake dates should ask him out on, but he never heard her clearly say “ I like you” before that moment. It made him feel like he was going to swallow his tongue. His eyes darted everywhere in the room but her eyes. His mind had betrayed him too many times. He  honestly didn’t know what body part was gonna betray him next. Maybe his eyes were going to tell her that he stared at the ceiling for hours, thinking about her, making him unable to sleep or that he intentionally wore the converse that she complemented months ago. Not a single body part of his could be trusted. “ Wait a minute…” she moved into his line of sight, and when his eyes darted away, she moved into it again for saying their eyes to meet. “ Do you like me?” She asked with a smirk on her face as she kept trying to meet his eyes. “no” he said in an almost whisper as he tried to catch his breath slightly. “ you sure?” She said as she looked him up and down as both of them stared at each other with their backs against the adjacent bookcases.  “Mhmm” he nodded with a hushed hum as he blinked about three times more than he should. “Okay. I have some books to put away, but…” she walked forward to him and softly touched the back of one of his forearms and slid it down to his hand. “ I’m staying late tonight …if you want to stay with me.” She whispered . She pulled back from his ear and rested back on her heels. she let her fingers naturally slip from his as she walked away not giving him time to answer or respond. Soobin wanted to crumble to pieces so long ago but this completely broke him. It felt like he had fireworks in his chest and static in his head. She was close enough for her scent to fill his nose and be there long after she left. The promise he made himself to not act on the stupid crush was going to be quickly broken.. 
3 o’clock came and went . Both of their last classes ended and they were still there, as they practically promised each other, they would be. She sat on the floor laptop sat atop her cross legs as she looked up at Soobin as he was re-organizing the books above her. “ I already organized those, Binnie.” she said, without looking up from her computer. “That explains why all of them are in the wrong place…” he grumbled under his breath as he pushed up his glasses. “ Can you just relax? Come sit down with me for a minute.” She scooted over and closed her laptop and patted the empty carpet next to her. “Come on..” she grabbed his hand and pulled it next to her. His body sat tense next to hers. “ I can’t tell if I make you nervous or if you genuinely just don’t like me.” she said this jokingly, but she was genuinely curious about his response. He inhaled and spoke before he could think , “Both…”. Her eyes widened in surprise as the soft tone floated to her ears. The silence between the two grew as blush flushed both of their cheeks. “ …which one more?” She looked to his face searching for his eyes to meet hers as the setting sun glowed like honey on his face. His eyes quickly met hers to answer her question “ you make me nervous…” her smile fell at the response as her face grew more serious. She graced one of her hands over soobins anxious twiddling thumbs and cupped the side of his face with the other. Soobins body slowly turned toward her as he felt her lean in closer. Their lips softly pillowed against each other. Soobin quickly pulled away after the kiss broke, “yn… yn please…please let me touch you…” His voice was breathless as he whispered to her. As smug as she was She never thought he’d say something so direct. Soobin’s pride was so broken. 
“Sh-show me how to make you feel good..please.” she pressed her lips against his in response. She grabbed his hand that hers was already resting on and guided it to her slowly opening thighs. She made sure to open her thighs extra slowly to tease him. He moaned in to her mouth as he kissed her, the warmth of her body sent shivers down his spine. She felt the tips of his fingers graze the inside of her thighs slowly making its way up her skirt to her clit. Her breath began to hitch as he rubbed her slowly in circles, shyly dipping his fingers into her. “Fuck yn..” He couldn’t help but curse at the feeling of her wetness between her legs. She broke the kiss and began to lick down his jaw to his neck, nipping love bites into his skin as she swung her leg over his and sat on his lap. She couldn’t help but grind her clothed pussy against him as she felt how hard he was for her. “ fuck me, soobin..please” her hands met at the button of his pants and zipped his pants down. “yn - I never did this before… but I want to.. I really want to” he whimpered, looking up at her through his glasses. “ I know” she continued to take him out of his pants as she kissed him again. After taking him fully out of his pants, she couldn’t help but stare at him, so vulnerable for her as he sat there exposed to her for the first time. His ears and cheeks glowing beet red. She licked him from his base as she stared up at his eyes, as he twitched at the first sensation of touch.  After rising back to her knees, she shadowed him again, moving her panties to the side, and lowering herself onto him. “Oh my god… fuck yn” she knew that he wouldn’t last long inside her but it honestly kind of turned her on that she had that power over him. She fucked her self onto him as they breathlessly kissed . She grabbed one of his hands and guided it under her shirt , and manually squeezed his hand onto her breast as she rode him. “Yn - yn. I’m about to cum -“ she replaced her pussy with her hand as his hips twitched against her fist. “Cum for me binnie” she purred in his ear. He completely covered her hand, the inside of her legs and her skirt in his cum. She kissed him as he was biting back moans. She broke the kiss, giggling at how hard he was breathing.”You okay, Binnie?” She asked still stroking him slightly overstimulating his senses. he didn’t even try to form a coherent sentence. He could only moan in response. “We still got two more weeks with each other, Soobin. You need to start getting used to this” She kissed his cheek as she continued stroking him and quietly laughing at his tiny moans that escaped his mouth. The overstimulation made his toes curl in his shoes. He grabbed her thighs so hard his fingertips turned white as she kissed his neck. He blankly came for a second time against her. His head rested against the bookcase as he tried to catch his breath.
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shotosjupiter · 22 days
featuring. albedo + xiao
𖤐 what these nerds would be like in college. [gn!reader. mentions of food.]
Tumblr media
𖤐 xiao would major in computer science. tell me he doesn’t act like a computer science major. you can’t. he spends hours in his dorm just trying to figure out what’s wrong with his code only to find out it was the small semicolon he added by accident. (you hear his screams of rage from across halls.
𖤐 don’t get him wrong - he’s one of those computer science majors that does actually shower (he actually has this lovely floral cologne he puts on and you swear it smells like heaven itself).
𖤐 he’s a big fan of study dates, he works on his assignments and you do yours. “being alone without being lonely,” he had said with a smile.
𖤐 that is to say - he does get distracted on these dates. after each assignment he’ll turn towards you, eyes pleading for a kiss as reward for his productivity. those kisses turn into two, then three, and then… the work gets forgotten as a whole.
𖤐 a side note but his hands are so so pretty - so when he’s doing work on a computer/laptop, his hands just look so pretty. they’re nimble and they’ll hold your face oh so gently right before he kisses you.
𖤐 during finals and midterms season, he’ll make sure to take care of you to make sure you’re not overloading yourself amidst your studying. he’ll bring you things like soup, sandwiches, your favorite snacks. not only food but small self-care things such as face masks, maybe a new jacket or cardigan, new cologne, or just a puzzle for you to do together during some down-time!
𖤐 he’ll mainly be found wearing hoodies and sweats - he can’t really be bothered putting in too much effort especially when he’s running on such little sleep. on days that he does try, he goes all out. eyeliner, button down shirts and vests that compliment the physique of his body perfectly.
𖤐 as a whole, a lovely boyfriend and would treat you so so good as you go through your uni years <3
Tumblr media
𖤐 albedo would be a chemistry major. no doubt about it, he would spend hours finishing his lab assignment to perfection (no -200% errors here!).
𖤐 he’s the type of guy to have an absolutely stacked schedule. he’s a T.A. for an intro to chem I class, he’s a tutor for the general science courses at the library, he’s taking 18 credits, he’s president of two clubs, and yet he still makes space in that hectic schedule for you.
𖤐 albedo is the type to drag you along with him to his classes when he can’t find the time to plan dates. he’ll take you with him to his 8 a.m lecture all the way to his 5 p.m discussion class. as long as he gets to spend time with you, no matter the setting, he’s a happy guy.
𖤐 often times he just stays in your apartment/dorm for days. he’ll come by after his classes and just take a nap in your very own bed. you’ll find him studying with his papers splayed all across the floor of your room.
𖤐 in the times where he’s staying in your dorm all the time he is so clingy. he’ll be fiddling with your fingers as he studies, have his body wrapped around yours while he writes out the new club activity. when he gets his moments of free time, he will shower you in so many kisses.
𖤐 the type to kiss you everywhere before kissing your lips. he kisses your cheek, your nose, your eyelids, eyebrows, and then finally, your lips.
𖤐 he dresses himself very academic like - button downs and slacks, sweater vests and loafers. he’ll carry around a leather satchel instead of a backpack. his fingers adorn a ring or two always (one of those being the promise rings you exchanged on your first year anniversary).
𖤐 if he ever sees that you are stressing yourself our for an exam or anything of the sort, he’ll go through a list of steps to calm you down. he’ll offer his supper always and try his best to help you study in the best manner while also ensuring you get breaks and allow yourself rest. he suggests walks together in times like these.
𖤐 albedo as your uni boyfriend would be one big nerd, but one big loveable nerd.
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freakshowtwopointoh · 21 days
Hi!! Can I request jealous Jordan li where reader is spending a lot of time with someone else, maybe for a school project or something and Jordan notices and is like, nope, not happening, this one's mine bc they're so in love with reader and want all of the attention
Whew, that was a lot, haha,
Thank you!!!!
*not sure if u want established partners or situationship w feelings or something else, but i think imma go with situationship bc thats always the vibe for jordan lol if u want more established relationship lmk*
Debate club was a sensible extracurricular, and you had been doing it since your school stopped having model UN in 9th grade. It wasn't your favorite thing in the world, but you liked to argue, so it worked out. This week, you were arguing the "for" case with your teammate for the semester, Blake Mathers. He's a grating sophomore with floppy hair, and telekinesis powers you've only seen him use to enable his own laziness. The head of the club was nice enough, but he was insistent on "teamwork" when you'd much rather write alone. It was exhausting, trying to filter your thoughts and opinions, and allowing others to shine was not your style.
You try to pay attention to what Blake was saying about the topic, but all you were thinking about was Jordan Li. Ever since you made out at one of Dusty's infamous parties, they had invaded your senses and your thoughts. They'd catch you staring during class, or you'd wear a tiny skirt to a party, and you'd end up in a closet, or a car, or a bedroom, all limbs and heavy breathing.
"Um, hello? Did you hear me?" You shake your head.
"Sorry. Say that again?"
"The argument we wrote yesterday. It's gone - my computer got fucked." Ah, crap. This is the second time Blake's stupidity has made you re-do work. You'd done some research at the start of the week, and he'd forgotten to mention the topic had been changed. You sigh.
"Well, fuck. Alright, let's go back to the library then." You turn around and start walking, trying not to show your disappointment. You'd been hoping to "run into" Jordan at the JitterBean - hence the tight-ass skinny jeans.
Waste of an outfit, you think bitterly, pushing open the glass doors and setting up at the table that you and Blake had been using to do your assignments. Thankfully you'd saved your notes from yesterday, so you began reconstructing your argument while Blake screwed off.
You weren't paying much attention to what he was doing until you saw him fucking with Justine. Now there's some bullying you can get behind. You giggle, and watch as he makes another paper airplane fly around her head. She glares over at him and storms out, which makes you laugh out loud. The librarian glares, and you exchange a guilty look with Blake before getting back into writing.
The afternoon goes by easily after that. You were vaguely aware of other students milling about or studying nearby, but you were in the zone. Finally, at almost 8, the argument was done, and you saved it in multiple places just in case.
You wave goodbye to Blake, happy that the session went reasonably ok and the work was done. Saturday's debate was going to be a blast.
"Have fun on your little date with Mathers?" Jordan was leaning against the outside wall of the library, expression unreadable.
"Is the infamous Jordan Li jealous?" Their eyes harden slightly.
"Not jealous, just lookin out for you. He's a moron." They begin walking beside you, not acknowledging how unhinged they were behaving. Just looking out for you? If they weren't so damn hot, you might slap them. But the fact that they were asking meant.... something, right? You ignored how that made your heart swoop and just kept walking.
"We have debate club together, and he keeps fucking shit up, that's all." You say, in spite of yourself. If you were smarter, you'd let them wonder what you were doing with him. But you couldn't keep from looking at them, and feeling disappointed you can't make out any relief in their eyes. But then, their arm is snaked around your waist and their lips are at your ear.
"You wear those skin fucking tight jeans to just study with him?" You grit your teeth, forcing your mouth to not say what you wanted so desperately to say: 'No, I wore them for you, and you're clearly the idiot if you can't tell that I am so wrapped around your finger that I will dress up just in case I see you.' and just roll your eyes instead. They let their hand slide from your waist to your back pocket, daring you to stop them. And of course you don't. With every inch their hand travels, your heart skips another beat. When they squeeze your ass ever so slightly, a whimper sneaks out before you can stop it.
And with that, you're being pressed against a tree and their lips are on your neck.
"Fuck, J." You curse as their teeth sink into your skin.
"You're mine, baby. Only mine." They murmur in your ear.
"Always have been." You say back, almost moaning as they continue their assault on your neck. They pull away at this.
"Yeah? That why you're spending all your time with Mathers and co instead of me, in such," They pause to run their hands on your hips, pulling you tight against them. "delicious clothes."
"I thought you weren't jealous." You murmur, sliding your hand up their back. "But I wore these, and what's underneath, for you and you alone. He's just a moron who's forced me to re-do my work twice this week alone."
"Oh, you poor baby. Let me take you up and make everyone hear who really owns you." You barely hold back a moan as they drag you up to your dorm to fulfill their promise.
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berryhobii · 2 months
Tumblr media
Welcome to PixieKiss
The Masterlist
Ⓒ— My works are copyrighted and belong to me! If anyone wants to translate them, please ask me first just I can keep track of them! Thanks🩵
Disclaimer: Everything I write are works of fiction. I only use the idol’s physical appearance and namesake. Please do not take anything I write as serious depictions.
All of my works will be black!Reader and black!coded. I mainly describe brown and dark skin types but I will definitely be incorporating all skin complexions since we do come in all colors. If you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to ask! I want this to be a safe space for black and melanated readers to feel represented in fanfiction. I will not tolerate any aggressions or bullying.
In Progress: ✏️
Smut/Suggestive: ❤️
Fluff: 🩷
Angst: 🖤
More to be added as I expand my works
Tumblr media
Kim Namjoon
One Shots:
My Person(boyfriend!Namjoon x reader) ❤️🩷
Summary: Namjoon was your person. And you were his. Here’s the story of how you fell in love.
None Yet!
First Time(My Person couple) ❤️🩷
Summary: #askberryhobii. Story of the My Person’s couple first time.
Pure(boyfriend!Namjoon x reader)❤️🩷
Summary: You were pure. He was not. He could change that.
Happy Weight(husband!Namjoon x reader)❤️🩷
Summary: #askberryhobii. When you put on happy weight.
Fire Burning(firefighter!husband!Namjoon x reader)❤️
Summary: #askberryhobii. Your firefighter husband comes home sweaty and you can’t help yourself.
Jealous(husband!Namjoon x thick!reader)🩷❤️
Summary: A stranger gets a little too close to your husband. He shows you exactly who he belongs to and why.
You’re Mine(boyfriend!Namjoon x reader)❤️
Summary: You’re his. No one else’s.
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin
One Shots:
Baby Girl(SugarDaddy!Seokjin x brat!reader)❤️🩷
Summary: Seokjin spoiled you rotten but how could he not when you were his baby girl?
Baby Girl: Show Out(SugarDaddy!Seokjin x brat!reader) ✏️❤️🩷
Summary: You parade through the hallways of your sugar daddy’s company like you own it. The employees think they can put you in your place but you show them exactly where your place his: on Seokjin’s lap.
Nice Guys Finish…(ft. Kim Namjoon)(Roommate!Seokjin x Neighbor!Namjoon x reader) ✏️❤️🩷
Summary: Seokjin’s been secretly harboring a crush on his roommate. The only problem? So does his coworker who also happens to live right across the hall.
Games(Boyfriend!Kim Seokjin x reader)❤️
Summary: Your boyfriend isn’t giving you attention, too focused on his stupid computer game so you take matters into your own hands.
None Yet!
None yet!
Tumblr media
Jung Hoseok
One shots:
Class In Session(DanceInstructor!Hoseok x Stripper!Reader) ✏️❤️🩷
Summary: Hoseok was excited to hear about a new teacher at the community center. He wondered what kind of person you’d be, what kind of class you’d teach. He also wondered what the hell you were doing on stage at a strip club.
Clouds(Strangers to lovers, soulmate au) ✏️🩷❤️
Summary: Cloudy days used to be your favorite until he came along and showed you the sun in his smile.
Dessert(boyfriend!Hoseok x reader)🩷❤️
Summary: You and Hoseok try something new.
Karma(Mafia!Hoseok x Assassin!Reader, Mafia/Assassin au) ✏️❤️🩷🖤
Summary: When a looming danger threatens the people you love, you have to come out of hiding and step back into your place as The Whisper; the deadliest assassin known to man. Taking people’s lives were easy, loving Hoseok was even easier, and having to face him once again after leaving would prove to be the toughest challenge of your life.
I’m Not Done(boyfriend!Hoseok x reader)❤️
Summary: Hoseok wasn’t done with you.
Far from it.
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi
One Shots:
Reconnect(husband!Yoongi x thick!reader)❤️🩷
Summary: Yoongi’s been so busy lately and you two haven’t been spending much time together. You bring him some dinner and reconnect on a deeper level. Verrryyyyyy deep.
Edible(Weedman!Yoongi x reader) ✏️❤️🩷
Summary: You were the picture perfect student; perfect grades, gleaming recommendations from your teachers, and the pride of your family. You didn’t get into trouble, didn’t go to parties, you’ve never even kissed anyone yet. After your friend forced you out of your dorm and to a frat party, you realized just what you were missing out on; in the form of a long haired dealer with delicious marshmallow treats.
Adrenaline(Rockstars!Yoongi and Lee Jihoon(Woozi) x reader)
Summary: The bass. The drums. The riff of the guitar. Their hands. Your lips. Leather. Belts. Adrenaline. Ecstasy.
None Yet!
The Dressing Room(SugarDaddy!Boyfriend!Yoongi x reader) ❤️🩷
Summary: #askberryhobii. Yoongi loves that dress on you. He shows you just how much.
MoonBeams(merman!Yoongi x mermaid!reader)🩷🖤
Summary: #askberryhobii. Every night you return to the water and every night you remember why you left. But you could never forget the sparkle of his eyes reflected in the beams of the moon.
Overwhelmed(fiancé!Yoongi x reader)🖤🩷❤️
Summary: Your day has been going horribly. Your fiancé helps you come down to earth
I Swear(fiancé!Producer!Yoongi x Artist!Reader)🩷❤️
Summary: Yoongi swore he’d finish before lunch time.
Silent Treatment(husband!Yoongi x reader)🩷❤️
Summary: You give Yoongi the silent treatment and he doesn’t like it.
Tumblr media
Park Jimin
One Shots:
Down Bad(FuckBoy!Jimin x reader)✏️❤️🩷
Rule 1: Never go over the woman’s house
Rule 2: Never sleep over
Rule 3: Never sleep with the same person twice
These 3 rules are what Jimin lived by but then you came along and he was ready to break all of them.
Part 1 Part 2
Hurry Home(fiancé!Jimin x plus size!reader) ❤️🩷
Summary: You send Jimin some naughty videos during his night with the boys.
Thread(Ares!Jimin x goddess!reader,Reincarnation au)✏️🩷❤️🖤
Summary: You were his oasis where the water never ran dry. He was the garden where blooms shone like diamonds. His lips were of the sweetest ambrosia that made you forget your sour past, your embrace a blanket that shielded him from the nightmare that was his life. Your souls were safe in the hands of one another. Nothing could ever separate you, the daisy chain you’ve woven entwining your fate and destinies until the end of time.
Prologue Chap.1. Chap.2 Chap.3
Pool Party(boyfriend!Jimin x chubby!reader)🩷❤️
Summary: #askberryhobii. After a pool party at your friend’s house, you and Jimin go home for some private time.
One Margarita(husband!Jimin x reader)🩷❤️
Summary: Brunch with the girls was great but hot drunk sex with your husband was even better.
Favorite Thing(boyfriend!Jimin x thick!reader)🩷❤️
Summary: #askberryhobii. Jimin has a few favorite things about you.
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung
One Shots:
Lilac(ex-fiancé!Taehyung x reader) ✏️🩷🖤❤️
Summary: Your hands trembled as you tried to pick of the pieces of your heart that he had shattered. The saltiness of your tears made the wound burn, agony seeping into the crevices and cracks of your very soul. He had left you; broken and alone with nothing to remember him by except the lilac tattoo on your wrist.
Break Pads(mechanic!Taehyung x tall!reader) 🩷🩷
Summary: There were a lot about cars you didn’t know. Like apparently you were supposed to get your break pads changed every 35,000 or so miles. They didn’t teach you that in driver’s ed.
Visage(art student!Taehyung x nude model!reader)✏️🩷❤️
Summary: Taehyung didn’t think anything of it when he signed up for a nude painting class. He was just exited to get more experience under his belt. Your body was a canvas, and he, the brush.
Distracted Driver❤️
Summary: Taehyung needs to keep his eyes on the road.
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook
One Shots:
Late For Work(husband!Jungkook x reader)🩷❤️
Summary: Jungkook wakes you up and sends you off to work all hot bothered. Just wait until you get home!
Late For Work: Clocked Out(husband!Jungkook x reader)🩷❤️
Summary: You’ve clocked out. It’s time to go home.
In Motion(strangers to lovers, plus size!reader)✏️🩷❤️
Summary: Jungkook didn’t know you. Not even your name. What he did know though? That you had the most perfect ass in history and he wanted to see how you moved it.
Candy Crush(Late For Work couple) 🩷
Summary: #askberryhobii. How the Late For Work couple met.
No Nut November(Late For Work couple) ❤️
Summary: The Late For Work couple attempts No Nut November.
Unaware(Late For Work couple)❤️
Summary: You hardly pay much attention whenever you’re with Jungkook. He does though.
Every Time(Late For Work Couple)🩷❤️🖤
Summary: #askberryhobii. Jungkook would be there whenever insecurity came to haunt you. Every time.
Mood Swings(husband!Jungkook x pregnant!reader)🩷
Summary: Jungkook’s grown used to your mood swings.
Tumblr media
One Shots:
7 Different Sheets(FuckBuddies!BTS x reader)❤️
Summary: You have 7 fuck buddies. How did you fit them all into your schedule?
Insatiable(BTS x Succubus!reader) ✏️🩷❤️
Summary: Poised and dangerous, you stalked your next meal. Like flies to a web, they all became ensnared in your delicately laid trap. You eat them up until there was nothing left and they’d give until you were satisfied. Anything to placate your insatiable appetite.
None Yet!
I don’t own any of the photos.
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leilakisakabiri · 5 months
request: Hi can you do where the reader is wearing Gavis hoodie and she accidentally stains it and starts freaking out. Thank uuu and i love ur writing
I Got You (Gavi)
Summary: You need Gavi to come help you after you get yourself into a bad situation.
Warning(s): None
A/N: Thank you so much for the request and for your support! Requests are open. Currently working on The Promises We Keep Pt 2. Also, guys if I haven't done your request yet, don't worry, it probably means it's gonna be a long one.
Word Count: 3.1k+
Tumblr media
It was a Saturday night in Barcelona, and you were holed up in your room, feet tucked under you, a knitted blanket over your shoulders as you read over the words in front of you for the hundredth time.
While the city was alight with people getting drinks, dancing, and laughing, you silenced your phone, closed your blinds, and put your headphones on to quiet any outside noises. 
You had decided to stay in this weekend, caught up in writing an essay for your criminal law class that was worth 50% of your grade. Safe to say you did not take it lightly. You had been hunched over your computer for the last nine hours, brain numb and fingers aching as you had tried to come up with a thesis and strong argument for your essay. You had blocked out this weekend to finish the essay, letting everyone know ahead of time not to contact you unless it was an emergency, including Gavi. 
Gavi had been gone for the last couple of days, traveling around Europe for the last leg of La Liga, and he had been adamant about spending as much time with you as he could once he got back - before his summer schedule kicked off. However, that hope was quickly cut short when you informed him you most likely wouldn’t be able to see him at all this weekend due to you being stuck finishing your essay. 
Although he had tried to convince you to change your mind, bribing you with the idea of endless cuddles and then promising to be as silent as possible while you wrote when his first idea didn’t work, you relented, knowing that having him around would be a major distraction, one that you couldn’t afford. 
“I’m sorry Pablo I don’t think I can this weekend. What about Monday?” You asked hopefully. 
He sighed over the phone, his face pulling into a frown, “I can’t. We’re leaving Monday morning for France.”
You bit on your lip, feeling bad, “I’m sorry I just really need to focus this weekend.” 
He nodded, “I get it. It just sucks. I wanted to see you at least once before I’m gone again. But it’s fine – I’ll survive.” He replied dramatically. 
You grinned, “Well I’ll miss you Pablito.” 
“I already miss you.” 
The smile on your face only grew as your heart warmed at his words, “I’ll text you if anything changes. Have a great game, I’ll be watching.” 
He gave you a wink, “Damn gotta show off now that my girls watching.” 
You giggled at him, “Bye Pablo.” 
He mocked your tone playfully, “Bye Y/n.” 
That was last week, and now you were nose deep in your essay, textbooks scattered around you as you looked for possible quotes to strengthen your thesis. You had been so busy scanning the words on the page that you hadn’t noticed your phone buzzing non-stop next to you. 
Once you saw the glow of your phone screen curiosity got the better of you and you flipped it around seeing you had eight missed calls from your best friend. 
Your eyebrows knitted in confusion, it was almost two in the morning, she would for sure be at a club right now, happily dancing the night away with your friends, so why was she consistently calling you? 
The phone buzzed once again and this time you were quick to answer. 
“Hello, Gia, what’s going on?” 
Her voice was slurred on the other end, but you could sense the panic regardless, “Y/n? I don’t know where I am, I was with the others but then I went to the bathroom, and I then couldn’t find anyone anymore. And this guy won’t leave me alone-”
“Gia, where are you? I’ll come get you.” You cut off her rambling, already rushing to put on your shoes, essay long forgotten. 
She hiccupped, “I’m at Macarena. I’m sorry no one else answered.” 
“No, no problem at all. I’m coming right now, Gia. Don’t move. I’m glad you called.” You comforted her. 
The club was only a twenty-minute walk from your house, and seeing as you didn’t have a car or the time to wait for public transport, it was your best option. 
You cursed yourself for not answering sooner as you rushed to get your keys, grabbing a random hoodie on the way out. 
Although summer was beginning to creep into Barcelona, the nights were still chilly with cold winds rushing through the area. 
You sped through the streets, walking with purpose as you finally reached the club. You were severely underdressed for the club wearing a random hoodie and yoga pants. You saw the line for the club was still extremely long, wrapping around the corner and you knew you had no time to waste. 
You took a deep breath, mentally preparing yourself, you were never one to break any rules or ask for any special favors, but now seemed like a good time to start. 
You walked up to the club bouncer, ignoring the nasty look the guy at the front of the queue was sending you, “Excuse me. I need to get in right away, my friend is inside alone, and I need to help her.” 
You heard the guy next to you scoff. 
The bouncer looked at you unimpressed. “Sorry sweetheart. You want to get to her, you have to wait in line.” 
You relented, “Sir please, just look at my outfit,” you said gesturing to yourself, “clearly, I’m not here to party, I just need to get my friend and leave. You can even come with me!” 
He gave you an apprehensive look, taking in your appearance, “I can’t leave my post.” 
You groaned, “Fine, then can someone else escort me? I can literally call her right now. She’s not in the right head space.” 
He squinted his eyes at you, “You look familiar.” 
It finally clicked. This is where you had gone with Gavi and his team, celebrating after they had won a final a few weeks ago. They had treated you like royalty, blocking off a whole section just for you, the club owner even making an appearance to congratulate the team.
You didn’t like to use the fact that you were dating a well-known athlete as a way to get special privileges but if it meant helping your friend then you would do it. 
“Yeah, I was in VIP a few weeks ago. I know the owner, so please let me in.”
“What’s his name?” 
You racked your brain trying to think of that night, “Santiago. It was Santiago!” You replied, finally remembering. 
The bouncer gave you a once over before he finally nodded begrudgingly, “Fine – but be quick.” 
You heard the other people in line begin to argue but you quickly thanked the bouncer, rushing inside, not wanting to wait long enough for him to change his mind. 
God bless Gavi.
The place was packed, bodies pressed together so closely that you had to squeeze in between heavily making out couples and groups of friends to make your way to the middle. The strobe lights were going crazy, changing every few seconds to the beat of the music. There was a DJ booth twenty feet above the crowd playing EDM Spanish music and the crowd was going insane, chanting along. 
You hit your head on your forehead as you realized you forgot to ask her where she was. 
You pulled out your phone, letting out a breath of relief when she answered, “I’m here Gia. Where are you?” 
“I’m at- I said no, stop, I’m at the bar.” She huffed. You felt your anxiety rise, who was she talking to? 
“Ok, I’m coming.” 
You pushed through the throngs of people, finally spotting the bar, seeing her leaning against the counter, hands flying as she argued with someone. 
You walked towards them hearing the tail end of their conversation, a bad feeling in your stomach.
“Gia!” You yelled, coming to stand next to her. 
She gave you a relieved look, falling into you, the effort of standing up being too much. 
You caught her, hugging her back. 
“Oh wow – two for one. I got a buddy that would love you.” 
You steadied Gia looking up to see the guy she was talking with giving you a smirk. 
You held his gaze, annoyed, “No thanks. We’re leaving now.” 
You went to turn but he caught your wrist pulling you back, the drink in his hand sloshing,
“Woah, don’t go yet, the fun’s just getting started. Look my buddies are in VIP we can hook you up.” 
You yanked your hand away, giving him a disgusted look, “First don’t touch me. Second, we’re leaving.” 
“You’re not leaving.” He persisted. 
You raised an eyebrow, “Fucking watch me.” 
He reached for you again, but you were prepared, grabbing his hand, and flinging it off you, as you weaved into the crowd, ignoring his shouts. 
You let out a breath as you stepped outside of the club, grateful for the cold air after sweating through your hoodie in the packed club. 
You adjusted your hold on Gia, holding her waist as you started the trek back to your apartment. 
She stumbled over her steps as you walked, giggling, “Oh my god Y/n your bleeding!” 
You gave her a confused look, dragging her, “What?” 
She giggled again, reaching for your hoodie, “It’s coming from your stomach, look it’s red!” She pointed at your shirt. 
You looked down and you stopped in your tracks, breath hitching as you began to panic, “Oh shit Gia I’m wearing Gavi’s hoodie!” 
She stopped as well, letting go of you as she plopped onto the ground, staring up at you,
“So? He’s going to be so mad at me. That dick spilled his drink on me. This is a white hoodie – who knows if it will come out?” You stressed.
“It’s-" she hiccupped, “fine.” 
You shook your head, “No It’s not it’s his favorite hoodie, I didn’t even realize I was wearing it. Fuck, I have to clean as soon as we get home.” 
You started walking before you realized she wasn’t following you. 
You turned around to see her slumped against the sidewalk, eyes closed. 
You rushed to her side, shaking her, “Gia? Gia, are you okay?” 
She hummed, “I don’t feel so good.” 
“Can you walk? We’re almost halfway there.” You asked, helping her sit up so she was leaning against you. 
She groaned, “I’m going to throw up.” 
You looked around anxiously, unsure of what to do. You had left the main strip of clubs and restaurants, and were now on a back road, walking in an area that was dimly lit and that you weren’t too familiar with. 
“I can call an Uber.” 
You reached into your pocket, cursing yourself as you realized you had forgotten your wallet in the rush to get to the club. 
“Shit, I don’t have my wallet. Do you have yours?” 
“Antonio.” She groaned, leaning her head against your shoulder. 
You let out a huff, contemplating what to do. You attempted to get her to stand up once again, desperate to get out of the area, but she couldn’t stand, and you weren’t strong enough to carry her the rest of the way. You chewed on your lip debating a solution, but you didn’t want to do it unless it was the absolute, last, last resort. 
You spent the next five minutes calling all your friends, but no one answered. You groaned, frustrated, knowing you had run out of options. 
You heard your friend beginning to doze off and you shook her, “Gia stay awake.” 
She moaned, “Y/n I really don’t feel good. I don’t know what’s wrong.” 
Your finger hovered over the contact, and you finally pressed it, feeling the guilt build inside. 
It rang seven times before going to voicemail. You called back. 
On the third ring, the line finally connected, 
“Y/n? Why are you calling me so late?” Gavi’s voice was thick with sleep, his words murmured. 
Hearing his voice sent a pang of relief through you, and suddenly you didn’t feel so alone,
“Gavi I’m sorry. I really need your help.” 
He was up in an instant, wide awake, “What’s wrong?” 
“I’m stuck in the middle of the road with Gia. She got drunk and I went to get her but now I’m worried there’s something wrong. She can’t get up and we’re all alone. I don’t have any money. I called our friends, but no one answered, I-I didn’t know what to do.” You rushed out. 
You heard his breath accelerate on the other end of the line, “Ok don’t worry baby I’m coming. Send me your address, everything’s going to be okay. Just stay on the phone with me.” He reassured you. 
You nodded before realizing he couldn’t see you, “Thank you so much Gavi.”
You heard his car door open, “Anytime. If anything happens like this again you call me first, okay?” 
You stayed on the phone with him, rubbing Gia’s shoulder to comfort her, readjusting her whenever she began to doze off. 
Finally, you saw a familiar car pull onto the street, and you waved your hands, trying to get him to see you. 
The car made a quick turn and then Gavi was rushing out, a worried look on his face, 
“Oh thank god you’re okay. I was so worried.” 
“I’m so sorry for waking you. Thank you for coming.” 
“Y/n stop apologizing.” He said, helping you carry Gia to the car. 
Upon feeling that she was being lifted, her eyes shot open, “Y/n what’s going on?”
She glanced over to her left seeing Gavi before she turned to look at you, it took two seconds for her eyes to widen and then she was whipping her head back, “Gavi? The hell y-you doing here?” 
You giggled at her abruptness, “I had to call for help.” 
She turned to you, snuggling into your shoulder affectionately, “You’re the best Y/n. She was a rockstar today.” She spoke, as you both pushed her into the car. 
Gavi raised his eyebrow at you as you both got in, “A rockstar eh?” 
You rolled your eyes, “She’s just spewing nonsense.” 
Gia groaned in the back, hands clumsily coming to slap your shoulder, “Ehh don’t lie Y/n. You should have seen the way she talked to those guys – even I was scared.” 
You saw Gavi’s grip on the steering wheel tighten, his posture stiffened as he looked over at you,
“Guys? What guys?” 
You opened your mouth to reply but Gia beat you to it. 
“This one guy, he kept trying to get me to come with him, but then Y/n was like no way we’re leaving, and then he started hitting on her, but then he tried to grab her, and she karate chopped his hand! He was so embarrassed!” 
You felt yourself blushing at her recollection of events, “I did not karate chop his hand!” 
“Yes, you did. It was like in midair when he was talking about his friend that liked you, and then I blinked, and it was gone!”
“Did he try anything?” Gavi’s voice was hard, as he looked at you.
You shook your head, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder, “No don’t worry. We were fine.” 
You felt his body relax under your touch, and one of his hands came to grip your own, “You should have called me sooner. I’m sorry you had to deal with that asshole.” 
You felt your heart flutter at his words, “Don’t worry I handled it. But thank you, next time I will.” 
Soon you were pulling up to your apartment and hauling Gia up your steps. 
“I really wish we had an elevator right now.” Gia groaned as she was being half pulled, half carried up the steps. 
You made eye contact with Gavi after hearing her statement, and you had to bite your cheek not to laugh out loud, 
“You and me both G.”
Finally, you reached your apartment, and all let out a sigh of relief as she fell onto your bed, passing out almost immediately. 
You cringed as you saw her head land centimeters away from the sharp edge of one of your textbooks. 
You reached over, clearing the space so she was able to sleep without the risk of a concussion. 
You looked up once the area was cleaned to see Gavi looking at you intently, a weird expression on his face almost like he was stuck in his thoughts. 
“What? Is everything okay?” You asked unsure, looking down at yourself. 
That’s when you realized. 
You were still wearing his hoodie, the one that had a massive red stain on it now thanks to the jackass at the club. 
You had completely forgotten about it. 
You quickly apologized, “Gavi I’m so sorry. Gia called and I was so worried so I grabbed the first thing I could find – and then the guy kept grabbing me and had this drink – anyways,” you let out a huff, “I’m really really sorry, I can buy you a new one.” 
Gavi stared at you in surprise, shocked by your outburst, “Y/n relax. It’s okay.”
“I’m sorry I know how much you love this sweatshirt.” 
Gavi shook his head slightly smiling, you were just so adorable, and he physically couldn’t hold back the words he’d been dying to say any longer, “I love you more though, so it’s fine.” 
“Wha-what?” You stumbled over your words, clearly not expecting such a big revelation.
“I said I love you.” He said it with so much confidence, almost like he was reciting a fact, something that couldn’t be changed, and you melted a little at how sure he sounded. 
You didn’t know what to say, your brain still playing those three words on a loop. He loved you. He had said it first. 
The silence stretched on and now it was his turn to get nervous, “Is that okay?”
Your mouth was still open in shock, but you quickly recovered, 
“Yo-you love me?” Your voice cracked. 
“Well, yeah… why would I not?” He asked, eyes locked on yours.
You shook your head, a smile gracing your features as you took a step closer to him, “I love you too, and I’m sorry-”
He cut you off with a sweet kiss, pulling you closer into him, as he slid his hands under the sweatshirt, fingers gently squeezing the soft flesh of your hips. 
Your lips moved in sync and your hands went to play with his hair, gently tugging. 
You heard him let out a groan and you bit his bottom lip instinctively. 
He pulled away out of breath, a dazed look in his eyes, “Joder, you can ruin all my hoodies if this is how you apologize.” He muttered breathlessly. 
You rolled your eyes, smiling as he brought you back into him for another kiss. 
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socstudies · 4 months
Hi, as someone who is going to be in their first year of college this fall, I'm curious about the note taking part
Is physical or digital note taking easier?
Is spending money on a laptop nessesary?
What is something you wish you would've done differently during your first year?
Do you have any advice?
If by any chance you see this, your blog and your aesthetic are amazing!
I'm wishing you a wonderful day/night.
If you do decide to reply, thank you in advance <3
helloo! sorry for the late reply & thank u for the ask! :)
ive tried both and i think i prefer handwritten notes, however they both have their pros and cons:
handwritten pros
proven to be better for retaining information
can't get distracted by other tabs
lighter to carry
costs less than a laptop
i've had some classes where we weren't allowed to use laptops so it's good to already be used to taking notes this way
much slower. sometimes i find im missing stuff and i have to go back to it at the end
have to print out diagrams etc if u want to include them
could possibly lose them, spill something etc
not enough space on desk for both laptop and notebook so u can't get slides up or google something
digital pros:
much quicker
easier to organise & pull up different notes at any time - u don't need to carry around or find older notebooks to be able to study or refer back to past classes
some people make notes directly onto the slides which u would have to print out if u wanted to do by hand
can also use for research and writing essays which u will need a computer for at some point so might as well do everything in one place
more stressful if u lose or break it
if u forget to charge it and u don't have paper .......
this upcoming year, im using a combination. most of the time i'll handwrite my notes, but for classes where they talk too quickly i'll type them (it's not worth the stress & extra time having to go back to recordings after). my notes for readings will be annotated straight onto the pdf. i'll be taking pictures of notes to put them all together.
unfortunately, i think it is because you'll need computer access to research and write ur essays, as well as to find course information etc. HOWEVER some universities (most?) have laptops that u can borrow and computers in the library, so if u know that you'll be motivated enough to get up and do all of ur work on campus, you could save this cost - bare in mind when u move off campus after first year it might be even harder. definitely look into this if cost is an issue for you! it doesn't need to be a fancy one if u do buy a laptop though, just remember u'll be carrying it around so don't get a super heavy one!
as for something i wish i'd done differently: as a sociology student, none of my classes have exams where i have to memorise things, instead it's all essay based. this led me to not 'study' i guess ??? like the stuff that i wrote my essays on, i knew like the back of my hand, but everything else i couldn't remember well. so if ur taking an essay based subject, remember that u still need to study a little & remember these things !! i was so overwhelmed tbh that i forgot about this oopsie!
extra advice:
when people say that after u skip one class, u'll skip the rest THEY. MEAN. IT. literally try so hard not to miss class bc you will never go again if u do. my classes would start off with not enough seats for everybody and end up with just a handful of us by the end of term.....
make time for urself !! it can become all consuming, especially if u live on campus, but pls make some dedicated time away from studying !!
u will find ur friends eventually. pls remember that it won't last or be that fun if u stick with friends who u don't have that much in common with just bc they were the first u met. tell me why i was going to bars and clubs with people in first term bc that;s what they wanted to do ????? it's ok to move onto different people bc u will eventually get tired of doing these things u don't like just to be able to hang out with people !! now i go to bookstores and cafes with my new friends and i love it!! don't settle !!
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chaewonplzbiteme · 8 months
Lazy Evaluation {Kim Minji | JiU x Male Reader}
Tags: two ounces of mommy kink, one bowl of age play, two cups of heavenly chocolate, pinch of humor, lots of fluffy fluff-fluff, a plate of hearty cream pie, a single grain of femdom
TW: Math and computer science jokes, mindless smut
4.9k – Read it on AO3.
A/N: The science may not be correct. Please excuse me. Or maybe it is. Most jokes will fly over your head if you are not into mathematics and computer science. This is not a failure on my part, and I will never take full responsibility.
If it helps: It's part of the joke that you do not understand everything about monads... I'm just continueing the meme...
Tumblr media
All ten fingers clawed at your own scalp, trying to soothe the tension between your temples. In a furious jumble they shuffled through the already disheveled hair, not only in a motion to squeeze more blood through the tiny pinch of grey matter that you were sure you had left somewhere, but also to shed with the frustration that had plagued you all week. It was your task to show what you had learned in computer science, explore new frontiers of knowledge, and write a dissertation, at the same time documenting your progress for the lecturer.
“So, a Monad does define two operations, but is not a type itself? How is that supposed to work?”
It was quite perplexing, learning about such abstract and high-level data structures in mathematics. All day you have been attempting your own explanation, and every single time you have produced a different answer. Frustratingly, none of them matched any of the myriad descriptions that could be found, be it from the study book both recommended and written by the professor himself, numerous instructional online sites which most likely copy from each other or even what the latest conversational artificial intelligence could synthesize up for you.
“You still didn’t finish with the abstract?” Your study partner asked in a bright and cheerful voice, as she returned with two hot mugs of mocha latte and set them on the table. Your mood changed instantly with the scent of chocolate that permeated through the room, with a strong note of her own essence. Before you could reach for a mug, she was already next to you and flicking through the study book looking for what she was about to explain. “It is actually quite simple, my dear. Think more abstract, a level of indirection above types. This is why we call them type classes.”
The ease of her words leaned cheerfully against a solid wall of the complicated concoctions that have been woven and tightened in your mind. You could only throw your head back, stretching yourself on the beanbag, hands returning to apply even more pressure on both sides. “Like an interface describing interfaces? Aarrgghh...”
“Interface to classes, if you go for programming terms,” she corrected your inaccuracy with a smirk, knowing your frustration was not going to subside so fast. She had seen the same troubles from fellow students. The wide frame of her glasses was not the only reason you had the impression that she was the more intelligent of the two of you. Her sharp mind complemented her neat appearance very well, neither ceasing to astonish you time after time. “A common error for beginners. My dear, nothing has been proven to be difficult in this field of math. You will be able to understand it once you internalize the basics.”
In practical terms, Minji basically lived here. The dormitories are small and cramped and not made for living, only sleeping. Those who wanted to keep their sanity would spend their time away from home, be it the library, a café or the clubs. She knew her way around your kitchen better than you knew your own desk. You woke up stumbling over her bag, her clothes interleaved in the forest of notes with the data structures and pens and your own all over the ground.
“And next you are going to tell me computer science is just applied mathematics… This is so much to learn,” you voiced out your exasperation. You caught yourself looking at her. Not like this was an issue, since Minji was used to you staring at her. In fact, she loved it when you admired her beautiful face, her fair and radiating skin and smooth cheeks. No spell had to be cast, yet you were possessed by her deep hazel eyes. She took a sip as if there was nothing troubling you, savoring the cocoa aroma and accidentally dipping her nose into the whipped cream. Your eyes were locked on nothing other than the spot dotting her nose as she put down her mug — she did notice you were following the white tip around. The smile she gave was a more effective balsam than your fingers had been. Your gaze remained fixed on her as she shuffled around behind your back, the smell of cocoa giving way to hers.
“Clear your head, my love,” said Minji with a very calm voice, turning your head forward. Her hands replaced yours as her fingers traced circles all around. The sense of clogged arteries started to dissipate at once. “Let Mommy-ji help you relax.”
Your mind followed her fingers around your scalp, feeling the pressure she applied and where it moved to. Your eyes lose the bind to any sense of perception, no track of focus, your brain only processing being grasped between her palms and her digits. The thoughts occupying your head dissolved just as the tension faded. Blood rushed from your head to other parts of your body, among others getting clogged in a certain appendage, building up pressure. You hope it will not be noticed by her, since you wanted to enjoy the moment with her undistracted.
The endearing name for her had been established for a long time already, a logical consequence given the dynamics of both your behavior. While your lazy bum was busy playing video games or otherwise slacking around, Minji was the one who took care of the house and your needs. She did the laundry and cooked for you just like your parents, even spoon-feeding you at times. Not every meal, of course, only some, but you appreciated those the most. One day you accidentally blurted it out and it stuck.
But the image of her captivating face lingered in your eyes, even though she was out of sight. Her sculpt combined an adorable and young face with the mature image of a grown woman. If you didn’t know better, the round shape of her face would have made you believe that she was younger than you. Long and well-groomed wavy black hair was just the icing on top of her enchanting face.
“Not the time to slack off, lazy boy,” she chuckled. Minji was right, this was a subject that needed to be learned and understood. No way around it. You needed to retort, to explain the break in your studies, albeit it happened at her instigation. Not that you would blame her, though.
“B-but mommy, I’m not procrastinating,” you managed to stammer out while you were under the spell of her fingers. “I’m just d-deferring the effort. You know, lazy evaluation.”
What a counter, Minji burst out in laughter. Holding off on work was a viable strategy in certain cases, being efficient by knowing what was needed, if at all, and in what quantity. But of course, not every part of you followed this idea.
“You may be a smart boy, but what you are clearly demonstrating is a stiff amount of premature optimization,” she whispered into your ear, her essence filling your nose completely and stunning you as she traced a hand down your body towards your crotch. “What a horny boy, forming a boner ahead-of-time.”
And she has not even teased you yet – the strong side-effect of her touch. You could not declare yourself to be pure in your function at all anymore. It was obvious every part of your body was thinking about her and her touch. “I-It’s warming up. For you.”
“For mommy? How nice~,” she said with a joyous voice while reaching out for the visible bulge in your pants. Her palm covered the manly mound in a cup, rubbing it, feeling it up. More blood flocked to her touch, its return to regular circulation clogged by its own formed tissue pouch. While it takes a mountain millions of years to rise, your tent was erected in mere minutes at full size.
“Please take a look, mommy,” you said, as she went down on you. “Watch how much your boy has grown.” You were happy with how your body reacted to her touch. The desire for Minji was burning strong, the steam driving your member boiling hot. The beacon of your passion is lit – your cock calls for its caretaker. She slowly removed your pants, watching your tent pole rise even higher as it was not being held back anymore.
Her hand traced the length up and down multiple times before wrapping her fingers around the shaft. “Always so excited to see me~.” It was like your cock throbbed in response, even though it was simply timing with her fingers. She moved up and down very slowly, for you to savor the feeling, moving blood and tissue around.
Minji barely sped up the pumping, instead opting for a regular rhythm at a steady pace. Like clockwork your mind settled into the flow, breathing in at the ebb and bracing yourself for the flow, when her hand reached the tip. Distant grumbling, thundering muttering from your mouth warned of the oncoming outbreak.
“My love, tell me what you are,” she asked, smirking in anticipation of your reply. Her hand went slower now. Thinking about what Minji wanted to hear, there could only be one answer. Not your name, nor that you are her fellow student and attended the same courses. Such returns would not yield an effect. And if your answer had no effect on her, the result might as well be useless. Slower and slower, slower towards the peak, even slower further away. Idle state. Tension.
 “Mommy’sh cude liddle cum fountain,” is the reply you give. That is all what you will ever need to be for her.
“Yes, you are, baby boy~,” Minji approved of you. She dragged her fingers upwards in a slow manner, the tight embrace shifting higher and higher. The alternating grooves and creases of her hand slid across your shaft before leaving your cock, before turning around to cup the shaft and press it against her soft cheeks. Time was nigh’, she demanded your produce. “Cum. I want you to scream.”
At her command, the floodgates of release opened. With intense pressure prostrate launched the stream of ejaculate up into the air. It erupted out in a way more akin to a volcano than a fountain, each spurt leaving with a wave that traveled together with a guttural groan along the entire length of your cock. Minji felt every throb of your member against her cheeks, the hardness thumping against her tender face with each explosion.
“So hard and strong,” Minji praised both your cock and the force of your discharge. “Beating so hard for me~,” she added. The ropes of cum coated her forehead, some getting caught by her eyebrows. Her disheveled hair also showed some wet streaks, collateral damage from the powerful blasts. “Too bad I couldn’t taste any of it,” she demanded more, alluding to the uncertainty principle. To observe how far cum could travel, one could not taste it at the same time.
“Mommy, I want to taste you, too,” you said. The worship of each other’s bodies was a mutual thing, neither of you had the intention to freeload the other’s goodwill. What she gave to you, you better return it many times back. Sensual stimulation is a commutative operation, and it would be a shame if it were performed one-sided only. In other words, love making is better when it is perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
You held her high, pulled her up into a kiss, connected your lips, tongues making out. Your fingers fumbled with the buttons on her delicate sheer blouse. You were quick to pull down her inner top and unclasp her bra, too, revealing her well-developed chest. One of you tripped over – or did someone push? – and again you laid on the ground. It was hard to escape gravity when your soul was weighed down by this radiating beauty and her delectable womanly mounds. All things come to those who wait, but there was no rest for the wicked. You took in everything she had to offer, her smell, her taste, the texture of her skin and how her flesh felt.
Like with any other part of her body, she loved her breasts to be worshipped. Her low hums guided your mouth between her mounds, but your tongue dictated the rhythm of her mellow purrs. The sensation of your devotion to her caused a wave of content pleasure to flood through her body, the current of tingles emanated from her brain surged across her chest, causing sparks to fly through her stomach, and swashed against her core to be forked into separate ripples coasting along her legs, before hitting her toes and causing them to curl.
Your hands did not remain idle. Just like your tongue they moved back and forth all over her body, feeling her up just like you are tasting her breasts. Minji reciprocated your attention by pulling in her lower wings and extending them again, her splendid thighs and heavenly shaped calves were roaming your body. You felt her everywhere, she made sure you got everything from her.
She shifted around, taking away your favorite baby-soother in the process, but instead putting a favorite meal of yours in its place – welcome to your dream world. The musk was strong, a mix of Minji’s own odor mixed with the pungent smell of the dripping wet juices it was coated in. The flavor was both sweet and sour, with a trace of the same taste you experienced on her chest and in her kiss. With every lick on her core, she nudged closer to her destined place on your face. With every fraction of an inch that she moved, she was closer to smothering you completely.
The darkness slowly engulfed you, not that you minded being trapped in the dream – between her voluminous thighs – if it was a good way to bring her pleasure. Plowing through the dampness and exploring the cave before you would be the only way out. A deep dive into her hole brought back a tongue covered in copious amounts of juices, which you deposited in your own mouth before swallowing. You rang her doorbell, asking for a free refill, announcing your return, before entering the cave again.
Minji meanwhile rested on low hills and even shallower grooves, but there was a noticeable pole in front of her. It was hard as steel, yet it was bouncy to her touch. She knew despite its shape it had volcanic properties, being capable of shooting jets of hot ejaculate through its main vent, its solid remains forming a fertile seed for future growth. In fact, she had observed it erupt violently before. A reasonable onlooker would have been cautious in their handling of the erect mast, but Minji was on cloud nine. Her hand was reaching for your shaft. It was as if her brain ran on someone else’s computer.
Minji played with your cock despite the assault on her core by your tongue. It wormed its way inside of her vagina, wriggling around before tracing her lower lips up and down, and drawing a ring around her nub before repeating the procedure. The counterattack to reclaim Wall Maria involved her own tongue tracing your cock up and down, before circling over the bulbous head. Not only did the mast of steel twitch slightly, but the attack stumbled.
Her thick lips now engulfed your shaft. She was out to tame the horny creature beneath her. One would be the tortoise in this hunt to the peak, and the other the hare. Together they would race around the vicious cycle of pleasure, getting each other closer, coming head-to-head on the edge and pulling away again, before entering the next cycle. One was going faster; one was going slower. Because the hornier one would choke on its ambitions, eventually even the tortoise would catch up to the hare. Minji devoured the hare’s tail all the way down, choking on it and feeling it throb and wriggle at the back of her throat. The hare did not relent, however, and instead intensified its attack, its head circling around her nub, unafraid of the secretions her cavern produced in defense, but now even more determined to continue. There would be only one way to break out of this recurring loop – they would have to both lose themselves to pleasure simultaneously.
No matter how hard she worked on it, the pole would not let itself be defused. But without air, there can be no fire. Minji would have to drown the volcano’s air vent, cutting it off from its oxygen supply. You pulled on her thighs, groping her butt, pushing her core further into your face as tight as possible. It was hard to tell who was struggling more, whether she was convulsing more under your assault, or your cock was throbbing harder in her mouth. Small gushes from her walls announced her own impending eruption, telling you to brace yourself for what is to come. But you lose control of yourself when the storm hits you, a downpour of juices bringing you the bliss you were looking for by flooding your mouth and nose. The spit covering the hot rod was not enough to extinguish it, so your cum could fill her throat unhindered.
Minji was gagging on your little volcano as it erupted once more, payback for setting off such a dangerous object. You meanwhile were groaning and choking on her juices while getting drenched by her geyser, locked helpless between her strong thighs. Hips were spasming with their orgasms. Sweaty bodies rubbing against each other, both squirting their fluids into one another.
It took a moment for you both to settle down, to catch your breath. Minji just kept laying on top of you, rubbing your still-hard shaft and thighs and butt. You did the same to her while under her, enjoying the feeling of her.
“I hope your balls are not exhausted yet,” she said with a smile, voice slightly hoarse.
Your answer was to dive back in for a second serving. More of her was never enough. A lot of evenings had gone like this already, and yet you both came to each other for more. This was not the first time you had explored each other. And it won’t be the last time. Breath hitting the wet organs kept the heat in check. She gave you a series of hard squeezes trailing from your thighs to your groin, before getting up.
“I’ll be right back.” Minji went to get something from her bag and threw something on the table, something shiny and square and slightly convex, then she picked up a mug. “Come to me now, baby boy,” she said as she took a sip, but she did not swallow. Now it was her turn to pull you into a kiss. Your mouths connected once more, her tongue pushed through your lips, and you both got to taste the chocolate. Both your tongues danced and wrestled each other in the sweet bath, coating one another and cleansing it off again.
Your hands and arms battled with each other too, groping and guiding each other, pulling on clothes and undergarments to finally get rid of them, getting stuck on every nook and curve. The final piece of wear was her glasses, which she elevated into the air without destination before being catapulted towards the table without aim, bumping against one of the mugs. Another opportunity to trip and fall over, although this time it was you who landed on top of her, noses nearly bumping into each other.
“Minji, how can you be so beautiful,” you conjured up a smile on her face. You loved her beyond her appearance of course. The source of your affection for her was simple: Humans truly are most beautiful when they are just smiling and having fun. Minji could turn your mood around in seconds, and today was no different. Those mesmerizing hazel eyes of her could dissolve any stress you had. “Some days I do wonder why you spend so much time with me,” you whispered your thoughts.
“Midnight, close to you,” she said as she went through her own thoughts. Minji did not have to think a lot. It was easy.
“BEcause I love you.”
Minji launched herself high into another kiss, sucking out of your stomach what hundreds of butterflies had swirled up. It was clear that she appreciated you being there for her just as much as you felt empty without her. “I feel good around you,” she added. She was right. Not only did she spend a lot of time with you, but you went out of the way to be with her, to make her happy, to make her time with you worthwhile.
“I love you, too, mommy.”
Hearing and saying the three words lifted a lot off your mind. She embraced you tighter, your lips seeking out each other. The desire for each other burned strong. Moaning reverbed through each other's mouths. “Mommy, I want you so much,” you managed to say. Your cock was still standing proud, rubbing itself on her doorbell, waiting to be allowed inside.
“Take me as yours then, my chemical hype boy.” Her cheek brushed against yours when smiling. “But first tell me: Would you rather treasure me like a cherished pet or milk me like cattle?” Your logic is screaming: Yes.
Noses hovering over each other, heavy breathing brushing on cheeks and lips, eyes staring into eyes, strong thighs pressing into stronger thighs, one pair spread and the other bent.
“The pole train runs on whole grain!” You screamed, like how bungee jumpers or parachutists exclaim when they plunge boots first into hell. Your cock was racing to be inside of her faster than your thoughts. Like with a perfect equation ready to be solved, you substituted the emptiness in her longing core with the feeling of you. A substitution with the force of a mountain, the heat of a volcano. Minji opened her mouth in shock but in silence, the feeling of your penis spearing itself inside overwhelming her. You were sure she wanted to say something, but no voice came out of her.
Her breathing was labored, sudden gasps with each thrust. Her walls were tight, the cavern had to give way to the intrusive pole forcing its way inside. A ripple, this time physical, traveled from her butt cheeks up her body each time your hip crashed into hers, a wave of pressure making its way to the outlet between her other cheeks before finally venting.
Her tits were squeezed between her body and your chest, but that did not stop them from shaking around with the ripple passing through. Every woman was built different, felt different, thought different. But Minji had made it clear to you that she loved to be overwhelmed.
She had her eyelids closed, letting the waves of bliss wash over her and throughout her body. Her little boy could reach far deeper than your tongue ever could. And it was way bigger, stretching her wider. But Minji enjoyed her time with both – after all, each had their merits. A tongue could not just worm itself into unexplored areas, but also move and rub and push unlike a penis. For now, she just enjoyed her walls being parted in rhythm.
But a question still lingered in your mind. Perhaps now you were more receptive to understanding the concept.
“Minji, tell me again, how do monads work?”
Not a very romantic question, and especially not suitable for intercourse, but she was used to your constant babbling, an indication that your head was free and unoccupied – better hope that we are not going down a rabbit hole. Not that you ever stopped making fun of everything. At the same time, you were not the only one capable of making jokes.
“A monad is just a monoid in the category of endofunctors, what’s the problem?” she answered with a straight face. Your steady rhythm barely interrupted her voice, a strong display of her composure. You understood the words, but the sentence did not make any sense. Well, ok, maybe not even the words. You should admit that you did not understand anything.
“I could tell you a monad joke, but first... I would need to tell you jokes about functors and... applicatives,” she told another, smiling. Is this retribution for your own silly jokes? She was starting to pant between words. “What do you call... a verb that likes to apply... for jobs?” She was giggling. This one did not make any sense.
“Please, no, stop mommy,” you pleaded. She knew how to get you. You tried to muffle her with a kiss, but she managed to break free. “An applicative,” Minji laughed when telling you the answer. It was a pun, a word play, rather than a scientific joke. “I know some more~,” she chuckled.
“Let me come up with something, too.” It took you a moment, but an idea popped into your head. The missing piece to an equation that no one had been able to solve yet. You could just barely hold your laughter in anticipation. Let us start with the abstract: “Hey, mommy, let me ask you, what’s one plus one?”
Minji realized where this was going. This was simple math, albeit with an imaginary component. “Are you serious!? Three?”
“Well, let’s suppose, inside of your pussy. Penis goes in, penis and baby come out. Math does not check out, what’s missing?” Setting up the introduction for this joke with a central question, you tried to nudge an answer out of her. And the hint you gave Minji was to give her the mating press.
Minji growled. “Fucking sex-ed. That’s how biology works… silly boy.” She was not about to give in to the riddle you had posed. But the thrusts would not stop until the punchline had been served.
“Indeed, the female anatomy is something wonderful, creating new life from nothing more than a deftly deep dicking.” If only you were as smart with your studies instead of cracking terrible jokes. While this was not an exact science, the conclusion that making babies was a product made of thin air and the energy induced by the pounding is alluringly plausible, however inherently flawed.
“OMG fucking hurry up,” she shouted, having had enough of your nonsense. Slowly losing her composure, Minji tightened her embrace around you, closed her eyes, bit on her lips, pulling you in closer. She was close, you could hear it in how she alternated between moaning and squealing. It was also difficult for you to uphold the asymptotic behavior as your hammering approached the edge. It was clear that the limit was about to be reached.
“The most important secret sauce to make mommy a real mommy,” you panted. You were not far behind Minji in the race to the finish line, and you wanted to beat her. It only took you a few more thrusts until your hips began to buckle, starting to spasm – but not just yours. One last push would bring you both over the edge. Finally, content with the procedure so far, you proclaim the solution: “My cum!”
Once is happenstance. Twice is sincere lovemaking. Thrice is proving that Minji is going to get knocked up today. None of her attempts today to stop the volcano have borne any fruit. For one more time Mt. Priapus erupted with boiling hot fervor, sending a stream of molten cream blazing its way through the caverns behind mommy’s lavatory, leading into the chamber of secrets. A tide of secretion was launched against the current, it tried in vain to quench the heat. From the ashes of the hot liquid flooding her womb, a young new phoenix shall rise.
“Cum goes into the whole. Equation is complete. The sum of the ingredients is now empty. Q.E.D. Geddit?” Your cheeky joke was rewarded solely with your own laughter, and a pinch on the nose by her. In closing, this was nothing more than a silly mood booster. You stayed on top of a sweaty Minji, still embracing her tightly while she kept panting, smiling, showing her cheeks.
“What an astoundingly terrible scientific conclusion...” Minji did not know whether to groan or to laugh. Droplets of sweat were running down her face, body sticking to the floor, but she was visibly satisfied with what you had laid on the table. This is a contradiction with her reaction to your elaborate joke. “I think we should invite Yoo over for a peer review,” she suggested suggestively.
You tried to be respectful of her offer, but you were not ready yet. “I-I have barely anything written yet—” Another pinch on your nose cut you off. “I was talking about something else, innocent little—”
A sudden realization hit her. Did she forget something on the stove? Was Minji hatching a devious plan for your future endeavors? Were you too hasty? Would she be open to multiple inheritance with Yoo? The chocolate was getting cold. Glittering on the table. No, something was different this time. She put on a vicious smile that made you feel uneasy.
“Horny boy, when did I give you permission to not use protection?”
Given her question, the answer may be obvious. But we both know that this is an exercise left for the reader.
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justalildumpling · 1 year
⇢ the waiting game
Tumblr media
synopsis: chenle had always described his life as a game with multiple chapters and characters, with you being a discontinued part of the franchise that he had always hoped would be renewed. but who knew that one drunken phone call would be the story arc that brought you back?
pairing: chenle x reader genre: ex best friends to ???, angst, fluff word count: 1.4k warnings: mentions of alcohol/drunkenness, the word “ass” was used once note: wrote this ages ago to fuel my angsty writing mood after listening taylor swift too much but wanted to finish writing it to upload it for chenle’s bday🥳🥳(also the way this was meant to be <200 words…)
Tumblr media
After sharing a dorm with six chaotic grown men, Chenle had thought to have experienced many weird situations in his life, ranging from witnessing Hyuck running out of the apartment building in nothing but his underwear at 2am due to a faulty fire alarm to Jisung dropping all 4 dozen eggs on the carpet right before the landlord came to inspect their housing situation.
But never did he expect to get a call from his ex best friend from middle school, 2am on a Saturday night.
He hesitated at first, his fingers hovering over the green button on his phone. His heart slowly picked up speed as he eventually decided to answer.
He didn't exactly know why his hands started to get clammy as he held his phone to his ear waiting for you to speak. Despite the title of "ex best friend", the two of you never ended your friendship on bad terms, nor did you exclusively end the friendship at all.
The two of you initially became friends in fifth grade when your teacher had sat you together at the back of the classroom for talking too much, though they soon realised their mistake as you passed each other very artistic doodles of each other and failed to contain your laughter.
Your friendship continued all throughout middle school however as you ended up in different classes, lunchtimes that were once spent together playing tag grew into him playing basketball and you settled down on the school's courtyard with the friends that you had made during class.
The occasional waves and hellos in the corridors during high school turned into awkward glances and eventually disinterest in one another.
Though it wouldn't exactly be a lie if Chenle said that he didn't miss your lively presence at times, maybe when he came across your doodles as he cleared his desk out for the first time since primary school or when he accidentally came across your contact page instead of someone else.
He could hear blaring music from the other end of the line, almost a little too loud for his liking as he held his phone further from his ear than usual. Though there was only the sound of the cheering crowd and a lack of your voice.
Maybe you had buttdialled him by accident? It was something that he did a bit more frequently than he should or maybe your voice was overwhelmed by whatever was happening at the club.
"Hello?" He had spoken up cautiously, turning off his computer game.
There was no response for a few seconds, almost proving his butt dialling theory. Almost.
"I want my best friend back." Your voice suddenly spoke, the silence lingering between the phone lines once again. The words which were stubbornly stuck at the tip of your tongue, graciously falling like a rapid stream.
"I miss talking to you everyday about the stupidest thing, I hate how this was how our friendship became. I hate how I used to tell you everything but I felt like I can't even say hello anymore. I miss everything about us."
Chenle sat silently on the edge of his bed, taking in your abrupt confession. There was a feeling of relief in his chest, as butterflies fluttered around his stomach.
You also felt the same way.
"Y/n, are you drunk?"
"No of course not!" You slurred before muttering, "Maybe…"
Chenle rolled his eyes, "Y/n where are you?"
"Not gonna lie to you, I have no clue." You replied, a laughter bubbling up in your throat, "I think we're at the new JYP club? Why? Are you going to pick me up?"
"How are you going to get home otherwise?"
An infectious laughter escaped his lips as your voice disappeared from the other end once again, he could imagine the pout you had always held with him. Your eyebrows slightly narrowed, your cute little nose scrunched up and your bottom lip partly jutted out.
It was a facial expression that he was used to seeing, most definitely due to his hobby of teasing you every other second. But how could he not? Not when everything you did seemed so loveable in his eyes.
Not that he ever admitted it or ever planned to admit that to your face.
The feelings he harboured for you oftentimes felt like a game, the one with the never ending story arcs, new characters appearing in every version and eventually discontinued, leaving all the players in desperation for any news for a renewal or an update at the least.
But who knew that the game he had been waiting for since middle school would be randomly updated on a Saturday night with the starting dialogue of:
"Chenle, I really want McDonald's. Can I please get a happy meal?"
Yeah. Not him, that's for sure.
l♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎l
Chenle didn't exactly know what he was doing, nor did his roommates when he told them he was heading out in the middle of the night without any explanations.
"I'll explain later," He sighed, grabbing the car keys and his bucket hat from the coffee table avoiding the suspicious glances from Jaemin.
He should've figured that the resident night owl would be up at this time of night, and definitely should've expected his motherly instincts to kick in, causing him to wake up the rest of his roommates to bombard his phone with concerned messages.
He drove down the empty streets of the city, the old Lauv songs playing on the aux with the occasional text notifications from his friends. He really considered putting his phone on silent or better yet, blocking their asses for interrupting his playlist every few seconds. But he resisted, taking a deep breath in.
Focus. The faster you get there, the faster you'll know she's safe.
Much to his relief, you stood outside of the club's entrance in one piece, tentatively glancing between your phone and the incoming cars pulling up in front.
You had gotten prettier since the last time he had met you, losing most of your baby fat on your cheeks and the long hair that was once tied back into a ponytail was let loose to sway against your back. Though, your smile remained the same from high school, the type of warmth which reached the eyes. It was always one of his favourite features about you.
It was pretty, as it always was.
But who was he kidding, you were always breathtaking in his eyes. Never failing to make his heart trip and tumble around the inside of his chest whenever you giggled at his stupid antics.
So when he met your twinkling eyes as he got out of his car, it felt like his middle school days all over again. You running up to greet him with that captivating smile of yours that he grew to love, with his damn heart threatening to spill out of his chest.
Pulling him into a tight hug, you buried your face into the nape of his neck, "You actually came."
"I did."
As the two of you stood in the middle of the road entangled in each other's arms, it felt as if time had paused for you. The booming music from inside the club was muffled, the street lights paving through the darkness and illuminating your figures.
It was like everything had fallen back into place, just like before. When it was only you and him, Y/N and Chenle. The main characters of this nameless series of this prolonged game. The game where the male protagonist was pathetically in love with his best friend with no hopes left of her ever reciprocating it back.
But perhaps it was the fact that he was running on four hours of sleep the night before or perhaps it was the nervousness of reuniting with you again that was kicking in but as your body clung onto his, he swore that he could feel a faint quickening heartbeat that rivalled his own.
And maybe, just maybe, the waiting game wasn't so bad after all.
Tumblr media
taglist: @xxxx-23nct @maeumiluv @produmads @polarisjisung @wooyoung-a @w3bqrl
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jkoo-njoo · 1 year
College crush - 2
Tumblr media
summary : college au | when the frontier between a crush and an obsession blurs, how can you draw the line ?
pairing : shy n clingy bf! jk x black fem! reader
genre : fluff, soft yandere | headcanons
word count : 2007, on going
warnings : stalking, fixation
author's note : it took me a while to overcome writer’s block for this story but I woke up motivated this morning and I literally just finished writing all of it in one sitting 🤭 there will be 2 or 3 more chapters left after this one ! hope u enjoy loves ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪
previous | next / masterlist
2/ forbearance, solitude & craving
- Enactment of the plan
it is time. his plan is finally in motion
he’s going to get you, at all cost.
he already had a good amount of photography in stock but he spent the week producing a fresh batch of pictures for the application
he took his camera and clicked everywhere towards everything
stills of landscapes, animals in action, objects and art pieces, people moving…
he had to make his application absolutely perfect to be sure he’d be with you
and he did ; his work was outstandingly pretty and always held some sort of longing/nostalgic feelings that could be felt by the observer
you could tell in them that the photographer took his time to wait for the correct angle, the perfect movement of the subjects and the right amount of reflection of light before he captured each images
this batch process was so amusing and sort of therapeutic to him because he got to get back to photography, which he didn’t have that much time to do since he started college
but the best part of it all :
he started taking pictures of you.
he didn’t even intend to do it at first
him taking a broad picture of the campus’ park wanting to capture the nature coupled with the students go on with their occupations
but when he looked back at it, there you were
on the 3rd plan, almost totally blending yourself with the paysage ; yet looking so outstandingly beautiful… almost angelic
then he decided to hit click more often whenever he would run into you
he always made sure he’d stay far enough so that you don’t notice him ; but close enough so that he could capture you in the upmost quality
each picture were of you doing insignificant things like walking around campus with your earphones on ; reading at a local café ; eating and laughing with some friends of yours ; studying and looking so cute with your frowning eyebrows
he held each one of these so close to his heart
he even created a whole folder on his computer compiling all of the photos he took of you
he was dreaming of the day you’d pose just for him, looking right in his objective with your bright eyes and piercing gaze
he was dreaming of the day you’ll be his and all he would do everyday is follow you around with his camera and snap pictures of you doing anything with him
he submitted his application for the club and of course got accepted
the first classes would start two weeks from now
he absolutely couldn’t wait to finally be near you
- battling loneliness
he was right : he definitely couldn’t wait.
the two weeks are up and the first photography class starts tomorrow
the wait was overbearing and painful
but he swallowed his suffering
because he knew that patience is the most important part of the plan.
for it to work out perfectly it was necessary to wait
to pass time, on top of taking more pictures of you, he started to write poems
his feelings for you were growing more and more everyday without a mean of escape ; he had to find something to externalize them before he turned absolutely crazy
at the beginning, it wasn’t exactly poems, but little journal entries destined to you, since he cannot contact you directly just yet
technically he could but he was far too much of a coward to ever try to make a move in real life
the messages started soft and short — like 2/3 phrases short — and were very descriptive with no definite style whatsoever
“seeing your beautiful face made me feel so happy today. You are the ruler of my heart.”
but.. he felt so… ashamed ? uncomfortable ? because he never wrote anything before and he thought it was so lame
the more he wrote, the more he got bold and tried new ways to express himself
so he started using more imagery and very sentimental turn of phrases and the little messages turned to poems, each longer and more complex than the previous ones
“if anyone asks me to prove my love for you, I’ll ask them to let you speak on my grave and watch how I come back to life right before their eyes, to bask in your angelic voice and presence.”
he wanted to write the best poems so that you could really see how much love he held for you
so that he could prove to you that he was perfect and deserving of your love and attention
he was getting more confident in his writing but he felt like it would never be enough to truly capture the entirety of your outstanding beauty the purity of your heart and aura
and each poem or picture from afar reminded him of how lonely he was, and how you weren’t his yet
but he had to stay strong, because soon he’ll be close to you
- eventually : the liberation
he had so much trouble to sleep
he was so excited because today was finally the day he’d been waiting for for so long
the day of the first photography class
he wanted to look good and make a great first impression so he spent half the night choosing an outfit
settling for a baggy grey t-shirt and black cargo pants because he didn’t feel ready to be noticed by you just yet
and he definitely needed to update his wardrobe… too much dark and baggy clothes
he noticed you were very stylish and he daydreamed about going shopping with you more than once
he wanted to be your doll to dress up as you please and have matching outfits with you
he also wanted to see you in the clothes that he chose himself just for you. he’s convinced that they’ll suit you so well
so much so that he had a ton of carts waiting on lots of different website, just ready to buy and send for you to wear
he was so so nervous
but, his excitement exceeded his nervousness and apprehension
he barely ate anymore these days but at some point he decided to eat properly, get back in the gym and do his skincare
because he knew that you wouldn’t want your boyfriend to not take care of himself
and if he cannot care for himself, how can he even pretend that he’ll be able to care for you ??
he was proud of himself and his love for you because you made him a better man without even meeting him yet
he knew that each and every day he was becoming more and more perfect for you
fast forward to the afternoon, and 2pm
the class started at 2:30 pm, be he came here early just so he could admire you enter the class, and also choose the best seating area for the both of you
he settled for the middle row on the very left side
because he knew you love to sit on the front row on the right side. so this place would allow him to look at your side profile and stare at you all that he wants without you noticing him.
it was perfect
time went by, and the classroom started filling up slowly
he knew you’d come in last, so he put a little book on one of the chairs in the front row so nobody would take your spot
and just like clockwork, you arrived right before the class started
the only chair available the one that he reserved for you
you looked around to see if the person who left the book was here, and your neighbor told you that he saw nobody claim back the seat so you just sat there
when you did, shivers travelled his whole body from head to toe.
he felt so proud of himself and also so thankful that you were accepting his first ever move towards you. His first proof of his love for you.
the class started but he did not listen one bit
he was so mesmerized by your beauty and your closeness
he was already following you around to your place of study like the library or cafes to look at you ; but he never got the courage to get any closer.
you being just 2 rows in front of him was the closest he’s ever been
he was savoring each and every second, before a miracle occurred.
the photograph professor called out your name and asked you to present yourself in front of the class
apparently everyone would have to
he quickly pulled out his phone and started the dictaphone
then you spoke up and started presenting yourself in front of the whole class
he felt himself melt on the spot
your voice so clear and full of assurance, as you spilled precious details about yourself that he’ll spend the rest of his life cherishing
you said that you love photography, you draw, you write and you read. And you talked about being really excited to start this class and do your best to express yourself through your photography
he could cry right here and there. this was so much more than he would even dare to ask for
but he was getting nervous again. because this means that he would have to present himself next
he started shaking his leg uncontrollably and his hands started sweating. he didn’t expect to have to speak up and be noticed by you so early in the plan
but he had to be strong for you and not let his timidness consume him
his time came. everyone turned around to look at him, including you
he couldn’t bear meeting your gaze and looking at you in the eyes so he looked straight in front of him, aiming towards the professor
however if he did hold your gaze, he would have seen how your eyes kind of lit up looking at him
it was so difficult for him to speak up and not stutter but he did his best
you only had to say what brought you here and your other hobbies. Some people told more, some less. He opted for the less.
« Hello all. I’ve been doing photography for years and decided to enroll as soon as I knew of the existence of this club. Other than photography, I enjoy gaming, working out and writing poems. That’s all »
the professor thanked him and moved on the the next person
he felt his nerves relax and released a breathe he didn’t know he was holding
he hoped he made a good impression on you mentioning working out and writing. Since you love writing, you have now a second shared interest and he also overheard you talk about how you like fit guys so he was sure he hit all the right spots
he spent the rest of the class not listening one bit, just looking at you being focused on the class
at the end of it, he pretended to take longer to pack up his things and when everyone left the classroom he went over to your seat
your sweet scent lingered on the spot and he was incredibly jealous of the person that sat next to you
you smelt a mix of vanilla and cinnamon with a hint of sweet citrus fruit
he wanted to bottle up the air and take it home with him if he could
he went back to his dorm with so much contentment and happiness within his heart
now that he got you close he wanted more. and he would have it
for the first time of his life, he grew confidence and decided to act on his impulse
and his impulse led him to accelerate the plan : he’ll contact you even from afar.
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camachine · 1 year
I had a wacky idea for a Kirby High School AU in a dream, but I'm too lazy to write or draw anything about it so this is public domain now, I guess.
(Also none of the kids are here because they're obviously not in the age group of their PARENTAL FIGURES you nerds.)
That one kid that's always in everyone else's bubble.
Always brags about being rich despite his family only having slightly above average income.
Donates the most stuff at the charity events.
Crazy about free food.
Meta's best friend since Kindergarten.
The smart kid, but fairly well-liked. He's always reading at lunchtime.
Secretly into geeky stuff.
Has a cool car.
Captain of the fencing team.
(Inserts a cut out of mercy for everyone seeing this.)
The other members of the fencing team. Meta's loyal squad.
The class clown/troublemaker.
Failing every class.
Magolor's BFF.
The super hardcore ex-coach of the fencing team. Led them to the championships several years in a row.
Was arrested and given a prison sentence after he and three of his college buddies beat up a local mob boss and accidentally blew up the local Wendy's in the process.
Head of the one school gang everyone knows.
Had Spinni hack Meta's computer for the sole purpose of copying his homework.
Is always flirting with everyone and has dumped more than ten people.
Probably did that "devious licks" thing back when it was trendy.
Taranza and Joronia:
That one mushy couple.
Started the gardening club.
Organize puppet shows for the kids at the community center.
The class clown/troublemaker 2: electric boogaloo.
Has straight-As, but the teachers hate him.
Plays games on his phone during class.
Has a cool car (but retro).
Annoys the class group chat by sending them memes.
The *actual* rich kid.
Her dad is the PTA president so she gets extra perks.
Leader of the tech club.
Has a rivalry with Meta over having the grade's highest GPA.
The one quirky history teacher.
Accidentally starts rambling about off-topic political subjects in the middle of class.
Has a butterfly as a class pet (it mysteriously disappeared after Galacta's arrest, and everyone was freaking out about it until they saw it in the local stray cat Nova's mouth).
Francisca, Flamberge, and Zan:
The siblings!
Are in weirdly different friend groups.
Have matching outfits.
Are in way too many clubs.
I think this starting to skew way too much toward sitcom territory but for the purposes of your entertainment I'm going to pretend that's a good thing.
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ultrone · 6 months
Just had a question, you don’t have to answer, if you don’t want to ofc. If the girls, Jackie, Lottie, Shauna, Nat, etc didn’t do Soccer, What do you think they’d be doing instead. Either other sports or clubs, whatever you think, I’m curious. Also have the loveliest day you deserve it!
Tumblr media
JACKIE's only concern and goal would be getting chosen as prom queen, she gives me humble/himbo regina george vibes lmaoooo i feel like she’d do a lot of community service hours and force shauna to come with her so that she’s not alone. she’d be the type of girl to have more self-care items in her backpack than actual school supplies; she’d be asking everyone for a paper and a pencil on a daily basis, but would casually pull out her blush and mascara to do some retouches in the middle of class ☠️🙌🏻
SHAUNA would prolly not play any sports at all and just focus on school and extracurriculars—considering that she mentioned how she hated soccer. i feel like she’s naturally good at maths but likes writing better, or biology 🤔 if she played any other sports, i can see her playing badminton idky LMAO or volley.
NAT would spend half of the day in detention i just know it, my girl just doesn’t give a single fuck 😭 i also feel like she’d be a good drummer or bassist (i don’t think she’d have the patience to play an electric guitar, but might know a few chords on acoustic tho). i feel like she's good at history too, probably her highest grade—whether she likes the class or not.
LOTTIE would probably be class president or vice president—she's not as authoritative as tai, but i feel like she'd get chosen because she's very caring, a good leader in general and has good grades. if she didn’t do soccer i feel like she'd play tennis idky, probably cuz that's like a rich people sport lmaoooo i can see her playing volleyball too.
TAI wouldn't be class president cuz even though she's a natural leader and ended up persuing politics as an adult, something tells me that she doesn’t care much about her grades 😭 i feel like her average is 85% but a 70% doesn’t keep her up at night. i also feel like she’s terrible at drawing but would love painting in art class, she’d find it therapeutic and would actually paint cool landscapes and stuff. big bob ross fan (ironically). she’d make silly drawings of everyone; like she’d draw a stick man with a big dick and say that it’s obviously van 🤣
VAN would just stay at home scratching her balls lets be real 😭 but if she played any other sports i can see her playing basketball 🤔 i also feel like she’d be interested in film, especially the cinematography aspect of it. idky i feel like her average was a 60% LMAOO but then she improved her grades.
MISTY would run an anonymous gossip girl newspaper or something 🤣 i also feel like she’d be really good at computing or programming, not because she’s good at technology per se, but because she’s so nosy that it would be enough motivation for her to spend most of the day practicing, just so that she can stalk ppl and shit 🕵🏻‍♀️ i also feel like she’d be better at chemistry than bio.
MARI gives me silly bully vibes LMAOO she'd spend 50% of the time making fun of ppl and the other 50% judging them, she’d be a real homie to her friendgroup tho 💪🏻💯💯 i can see her taking advanced spanish every year cuz it’s her native language, so it’s an easy A—rather than learning another language and getting a lower grade. i feel like her average would either be a solid 80%, or maybe she’d actually be very competitive and get really good grades.
CRYSTAL would def do choir 😭 her friend group would be only like 3 people but everyone at school would think that she doesn’t have any friends cuz she’s very quiet during class. she’s very sweet to everyone tho so no one would hate her—but people wouldn’t notice her that much anyway.
Tumblr media
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withahappyrefrain · 1 year
I wish you write a fic where Peter falls in love with the girl working the desk at his college library. He finds every excuse to make up reasons to need help finding books.
Stop this is adorable
Tumblr media
Working at your college library seemed like a much better option that working in one of the dining halls. Less noisy and you get the chance to do some schoolwork when there's downtime. Plus, coffee was always just a few steps away.
What you didn't expect was to be constantly bombarded by Peter Parker.
It all started with a book on relative theory. The guy could barely look you in the eye as he stammered out the title. You couldn't lie, it was cute. He was cute. Very cute. So you didn't mind helping him at first.
Then he came back, now needing assistance with finding several books for a Physics research paper. As you helped him find the books, you two got to talking, learning about each other.
You didn't expect to see him on a near regular basis. Somehow, he was always needing books for classes and clubs and could never seem to find them on his own.
"I've tried, but I guess I don't have your magic touch, y'know?" He said, the tips of his ears turning red.
At you felt bad, as this guy seemed inundated with papers and projects.
But then you got suspicious.
Sure, you could believe he needed a book on Plato for his required philosophy course. But you also knew that being a science major, he only needed to take one fine arts course.
So what was he doing asking for books on art history and Anton Chekhov?
It was super sweet that he started bringing you a cup of coffee when he came up to your desk. But that didn't make you any less suspicious.
"Why do you need a book on the history of Spain's government?" You asked as you typed in the book's ISBN.
"Oh, it's uh... for my Spanish 302 paper!" You looked up from the computer to shoot the utterly adorable young man a puzzled look.
"Last week you told me you were in Spanish 102. Did they let ya skip or something?"
Given his lack of ability to say a coherent sentence, you could tell he wasn't expecting you to question it. As he stuttered, the wheels in your head began to turn.
"You know Peter, you can just ask me out. It's probably easier than having to remember to turn books in on time," You grinned.
You didn't think it was possible for Peter's face to get any redder.
"I-I....I d-didn't w-want to assume-"
You smiled, "How does this Friday night sound? I get off work at 6. You can meet me here?"
Peter nodded his head eagerly, "T-That sounds....amazing. Absolutely amazing."
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my-my-my · 2 months
hello! How do you think Aizen would be if he ever went to high school? What subjects would be his favourites, how implicated he'd be? How would he be with his classmates and teachers?
Oh I love these kinds of asks!!
I'll break this down by the questions in your ask. As forewarning, I'm Canadian, worked as a tutor for high school students, and have a very limited understanding of the Japanese school system, so that's the context I'll be working off of.
Tumblr media
TW: None!
What subjects would be his favourites?
I think Aizen would be very drawn to History (not just of Japan, but even of other countries) as well as World Issues. But he's also fascinated by the basic sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics).
Depending on the literature that's being taught, I can also see him into Language studies (Japanese/English/French etc. whatever is being provided at his school). He's a big reader, but he also has Opinions. Whatever novel/play/poem is being studied, he's either going to dissect it, or pretend to care to get him that 90-95%.
If there's an introductory Computer Science class, Aizen will ace that class - if anything, he's learning how to code in multiple languages in his downtime.
That being said, he doesn't care for math. Like everything he does, he's excellent at it, but it doesn't stimulate him like other subjects (until he gets to university and takes Proofs).
Tumblr media
How implicated would he be?
I'm going to take this as if in this high school AU, how corrupt would Aizen be, and I don't think he'd be completely treasonous by this point. BUT his high school years will be formative (as it is with many people!). I think he will learn and begin to understand the larger injustices in the world, and how, as a student and as a teenager, he has very little power, if any, to change. I think it will be the start of his radicalization.
He begins to understand that he fundamentally needs to acquire power, and maybe that starts off small in the form of being a class rep in his student council, and maybe by the end of high school, student council president. He is the person who will plan his life out, and is very strategic about what he does. Everything is calculated.
How would he be with his classmates?
I would like to imagine he's quite polite with them, but he's distant. You know that "student prince" archetype that is shown in shojou works? I can see Aizen getting that on him, but he's quite humble and doesn't like the fawning and flattery that comes with it. It isolates him further.
I think Aizen would rank in the top 5 of having the highest grades in his classes. Personally, I think Aizen is ok with not being the smartest - it bugs him sometimes though if it is Urahara who's beating him (and he always beats him in the sciences).
Like I can see grades for the basic sciences going like: 1. Urahara
2. Aizen
3. Senjumaru
4. Mayuri (for those who don't know, Mayuri LOATHES Senjumaru - in one of the databooks he wants to kill and dissect her. His hatred for her is second to Urahara. And so it pisses Mayuri off that not only is Senjumaru getting a higher grade than him, but Urahara is getting the HIGHEST lmao).
That being said, he won't tutor any of his classmates UNLESS his teachers "force" him to do so. I also don't see him as the type to ask for extra credit assignments, nor snitch on the class that there was an assignment due that the teacher forgot to collect. I can see people asking him if they can copy his homework, but he politely refuses.
I don't see him joining many clubs, but he would participate in student council and possibly a book club? And if his school has a newspaper, I can see him writing small pieces for that. I can see one of his language teachers asking him to publish some of his poetry though (Aizen refuses).
As for sports? I can see him joining maybe one sports club, but he doesn't really "push" himself on the team. He's just a benchwarmer lol. If they had archery or kendo, I can see him excelling in that, but he purposely sabotages himself so he never reaches nationals in his early years, until his final year.
How would he be with his teachers?
His teachers would think he's incredibly studious, polite and well-mannered. Some of them might wish they had a class filled with students just like him, but others would want him to interact with the class more. He doesn't give them problems, and he does enough to get praised, but he's not out here getting 100% on every assignment/test/project he does. He wants to still remain under the radar after all.
But his teachers will definitely be more than happy to provide reference letters when he applies for university.
Thanks for the ask!! I love this kind of stuff lol.
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twistedcece · 1 month
My Yuu oc
In uniform, casual clothes, and pj's.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Full name: Cece A. Yuuna
School: At the moment Night Raven Collage
Age: 16
Birthday: 6/29
Present Home Land: Tokyo Japan
IQ: 210
Dominate hand: Right hand
Languages spoken: English, Japanese, Chinese, French (Don't tell Rook), and Arabic
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Spirit animal: Spider
Height: 187.96 cm or 6'2 ft
Species/Race: Human(????) Female, she/her.
Year and Class: 1st year 1A
Club: Gargoyle appreciation club, and wherever Grim is.
Best Subject(s)0: Potions and art class
Favorite color: Anything but pink
Favorite food: Steamed Gyoza
Favorite drink: Lavender tea with honey and a hint of rose water
Least favorite food/drink: Anything extremely sweet, and energy drinks
Hobbies: Writing, exercising, board games, reading, gymnastics, acrobatics, fencing, and star gazing.
Talents: Strategist, cooking/baking, sewing, singing/dancing, persuasion, manipulation, hacking/ computer tech, flexible, and photographic memory.
Magic: None (The great seven have their ways)
About Cece A. Yuuna: (Now if it's not obvious we share the same first name, no she is not me and I'm not her. Completely different people I always thought the name Cece was a cute name so I used it for my Oc long before I started my blog.)
Cece was diagnosed with being a psychopath by the age of 4 and with slight bipolar disorder at 10 or so other kids and their parents said.
She has an english accent which to other people was kinda random but she doesn't mind.
She loves exploring new places and is an amazing swimmer and athethlet but mostly does it alone because then she doesn't have people staring at her scars.
Her hair is naturally brown and dyed her tips black but at 15 she dyed her hair black and kept the tips brown and started to wear a blue eye contact and green from time to time to hide that she's heterochromic (Yal' are lucky she let me take these pics lol) On that note she hates taking pictures of any kind because of an incident with a paparazzi at a movie premer.
Cece has a wide taste in food she's not a huge fan of spicy foods but she could eat the hottest pepper in the world and be fine, she just doesn't like the aftertaste spicy food gives her.
She is a big fan of cooking and baking so she has to keep her options open (most of the time).
Cece LOVES sour candy if she's in the mood she'll buy at least 4 bags of different sour treats. Sure she likes other sweets but anything sour she won't pass it up.
Cece isn't a social person so she didn't have many friends growing up but when she saw people hanging out she felt-
Okay 1st she felt disgusted how people needed to depend on others to help them when Cece has done everything alone most of her life, then 2nd she felt jealous because no one praised her, no one stood up for her, other kids gaver her one look and ran the other way.
Cece is a very reserved person who can turn into ANYONE'S worst nightmare if provoked or if someone she cares about gets hurt like her 'sister' Lilac and her boyfriend James.
Both in question died....
Warning: BIG ANGST and can be triggering
Being an orphan you don't have much except for your undying questions of who you were and the hope of being adopted, but the Orphan's Director was a sick and cruel man who had strict and ridiculous rules and policies then had the gaul to call himself gracious.
If his demands weren't followed the punishments were severe ranging from no meals for a week to being chained and whipped. (Mostly the second)
Cece found most of his rules to be stupid but followed them for the most part putting her head down to avoid any drama.
But other children broke these rules sometimes by accident but most of the time they got punished out of spite.
But when a child named Lilac who was only 6 and was like a little sister to Cece was about to be whipped for no particular reason Cece stood up and offered to take the beating herself. (Cece was 8 at the time.)
This would continue as the years went on mostly because when the Orphan's Director got drunk he would take out his rage on her because Cece and the older children would make sure the others went to bed.
By the end of one year legs and back were covered in deep whip lashes and sometimes could barely stand but this didn't stop her from doing what she loved and sneaking out to do so.
She even decided to take singing, dancing, and acting lessons from a kind woman she had met in the garden behind the orphanage who offered it one night when Cece went to cry by herself.
In fact she met several people who taught her what she believed to be important life lessons although she never got their names but Cece didn't mind.
(She gave them nicknames like: rose queen, lion man, aunt octopus, uncle cobra, pretty teacher, Mr. fire-guy, and miss dragon.)
At the age of 9 Cece got into acting and got her first role in a voice acting movie and went big, with the money she earned she put it into a secret bank account that Aunt Octopus made for her.
(She invested about 25% of the check. Although she probably wouldn't have if it wasn't for Mr. Fire-guy but at least he made a few millions on it.)
Lion man trained Cece in physical combat, while Uncle cobra trained her mind's will and her wits so that way she was prepared for any tricks that people might pull.
Aunt octopus did help but only how to manipulate other people and to do Cece's bidding for her and how to scam people/tell when someone is trying to scam her.
By the time she was 12 she was a full fledged killing machine, actress, mastermind, powerful preteen who was capable of bringing people to their knees if they even looked at her in a way she didn't like.
At 13 Cece had gone through a bit of an rebellious phase and started a gang much to her 'guardians' either delight or dismay but two years later with all the money she had developed a small underground mafia and handled with situations the government couldn't.
"Being the helping hands that do the dirty work and stay out of sight." Cece would say.
Lilac died on a Saturday afternoon by a drunk driver as they were walking across the crosswalk.
Cece was injured in the car wreck brock her arm and got cut by a piece of glass from the windshield she had a cast and a few stitches underneath her right eye but when the doctors told her of Lilac's death she fell into a deep depression.
During that time James was her rock they had already been together only a few months but he was someone Cece could talk to and same vise-versa it had been that way before they started dating.
James was the complete opposite of Cece really a total sweetheart but sometimes was a bit of a trouble maker sometimes but in a charming way (Might do him later).
On their first date they got matching necklaces and earrings made out of lapis lazuli and for the necklaces on Cece's a titanium chain and for James rose gold.
James died a year later to stage 4 lung cancer. He started to develop a really bad cough and when they went to the doctor well it was too late.
Cece invested thousands of billions of dollars for his operation, medications, and hours of research.
But after a few months of chemotherapy and two surgeries James passed away during their stay at home movie night.
That had to be Cece's breaking point if it hadn't been for her 'guardians' she probably would have never gone out of her apartment aging and just work at home.
But she held her ground and through her blood, sweat, and tears carved her position at 16 as the richest teenager in history.
A year of working over time to drive her feelings of loneliness to the back of her mind. When Cece came to Twisted Wonderland she was PISSED!
She had a decent life going back home after years of clawing here place in life and now she had to start all over aging with the memories still fresh in her mind.
It was a challenge but nothing Cece can't handle. If she clawed her way up once she could do it aging.
"After all~" she thought "You have to be a villain to beat villains."
TC: Okay okay enough of the sad stuff I get it so let's head into Cece's time in Twisted Wonderland...
Well she was pissed and was desperate for a way home and it wasn't helpful that she now stood out like a sore thumb.
A woman in a boys high school with no magical capabilities tied to a fire breathing weasel? Raccoon?
Well whatever he was it was harder to blend in but hey Cece had never blended in so it didn't matter at least as a janitor she could explore the school that was until she met Ace and when he insulted her, well lets just say he was the first on her 'To murder if I can't go home.'
When chasing Ace for trying to skip detention and ran into Deuce to be honest she thought she saw James for a second (No ships here just an illusion) and asked for help thank the great seven he did.
And now she's a student great at least she could try to observe the dorms and their housewardens...
Yeah but at least she'll have blackmail.
RANKING TIME! (When they first met them/had to deal with their drama)
1= on Cece's to murder list 10= their nice and I can stand being around them for long periods of time. (AKA friends)
5/10: He's okay I understand why he does what he does *AHEM mother issues* but he reminds me of the Orphan Director and him basically insulting me and reminding me that my parents abandoned me on the front steps of an Orphanage in Japan so yeah not going to let that slide. But he's trying to change at the least.
7.5/10: Nice guy, gives me weird looks though and keeps giving me free food. I mean I get it I don't get a lot but I'm not a charity case. Also he needs to stop asking me if I've eaten.
(Older brother energy she's never had that.)
6/10: He's okay just way to what's the word bright? Smiley? Yeah something like that. ALSO *inhales* I WILL break his phone if he tries to take another picture of me.
10/10: He helped me without hesitation and he's a really sweet guy. We both went through a 'delinquent phase' (Mine was a bit worse but it turned out alright) We both like motorcycles, and are trying to get over violent behavior.
3/10: Insulted me when we first met, invited himself into my house, dragged me into his problems, and hmm oh yeah he's a complete idiot. But he did punch Riddle for me so yeah that's nice.
2.5/10: Lazy rich boy....and he's selfish and a complete push over. Don't even try to persevere if things don't go his way.
And come on! If I were a second born princess I would have come up with a plan to take the kingdom years ago!
WHERE IS HIS SENSE OF LEADERSHIP AND PLAN MAKING! Because I fell over laughing when we over ran his plan so yeah...
4/10: Okay he's sneaky but I have no room to talk but I did learn to pick pockets from him so that was fun.
9/10: Yeah hard exterior but he's nice and I stopped his dorm when he might have been able to. Plus he's to tsundere why though?
7.5: Okay I have to admit he gave me a challenge and I love these kinds of games but come on to focus on your past news flash you gave me black mail!
Also what's with the obsession with my dorm? That thing was about to fall apart you wouldn't have gotten anything out of it.
Plus thanks to your contracts I have hundreds of students who owe me favors now so thanks.
6: He reminds me of one of the ladies who works for my mafia but she's a bit nicer and NOT obsessed with possibly poison mushrooms!
4: Okay, why shripmy? And second you can't sneak up behind me and try to squeeze me! He also reminds me of another right hand of mine. Oh please tell me I'm not the Azul of that group.
8.5/10: Rich, oblivious, care free, and kind of dense to his surroundings. Yeah a bit too sunny but he's nice and honestly reminds me of a puppy. He doesn't make comments on my lack of magic and for that I'm grateful.
7.5/10: Yeah I understand but could you have not given me more PTSD because I have enough of that as it is. I'm noticing a pattern here Leona, Azul, and Jamil made evil plans and I stopped them. I mean their plans were all very basic did they even think through the details?
4.5/10: Diva on steroids. I get it being an idol is hard I mean I was doing movies and sometimes modeling in secret most of my preteen and teen years. But why do you have to inflict your insecurities on everyone in your dorm?
I might be an idol in my world but at least I don't act like I'm above everyone. If you're trying to be 'the fairest one of all' you're doing a terrible job at it. (Rook's not the only one who voted for Neige)
6/10: I understand that he's a hunter and I am too but do you have to be so creepy about it? I mean I've seen you outside my window after I was in the bathroom. Thank the great 7 I put my clothes into the bathroom. But at least I learned how to shoot a bow and arrow and be a better hunter in ways I wasn't before.
10/10: We get along he's a bit troubled but that's because of Vil and Eple is welcome over to vent because when I became an idol I wished I had someone to vent to. But hey I don't mind, plus I like his accent.
8/10: An introvert but I don't mind. He lets me come over to play games sometimes but ever since the underworld incident where the past 5 overblots, Grim, stolen, and my dorm being destroyed yeah I'm still not over that.
10/10: Cutest little robot boy EVER! Reminds me of Lilac I think they would have gotten along... I miss her.
I get his situation and he's still one of the only people who helped me and he's really sweet. But I have to ask, WHY TRAP US IN OUR OWN DREAMS! Seriously mine would be nothing but nightmares if I'd ended up in my own dreams.
He's nice but has a tragic backstory. (Does that count as blackmail, no I don't think so) I don't like it when he startled me. (Nearly broke his nose sorry about that)
9/10: Nice guy, tired almost always then aging I wouldn't mind getting 12 hours of sleep every day even if it was through naps. Also should I call animal control? Because I saw him the other day just surrounded by animals and I just walked away... Should I tell him about that?
6/10: Loud crocodile lightning bolt. Who has no filter and who I really want to bash in the head sometimes. His grandfather is calmer than he is. And Sebek your half human so stop harassing everyone else who is human.
Professor Crewel:
9.2/10: He's like the father figure I wish I had but he's not a big fan of my tactics and me being around these boys all the time.
Professor Trein:
8.2/10: The grandfather figure I imagined well retained, doesn't give into children's demands (not that I have any) and is kind and caring when needed.
Sam: 9/10: Gives me free stuff from time and lets me work for extra cash.
-100,000,000/10: I want to see that bird either in a cage or thrown off a cliff whichever comes first
5/10: I can tolerate him but if he takes my food or calls me useless I will kick him out of Ramshackle.
See you later Twisted Dreamers
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honeysunai · 1 month
Hostess| Kyoya Ootori x reader
Tumblr media
Part nine - Test of courage
Pairing : Kyoya Ootori x reader
Word Count : 4k
General rating : Fluff, enemies to love vibes
Summary: As only heir to your family you are bound to an arranged marriage with the third son of the powerful house Ootori. His cold behavior is only a mask for you to uncover when you stumble into music room number three.
You let out a long and bored sigh as you look at a blank paper in front of you. Tamaki assigned you to write ideas for the Halloween event the Host Club wants to host, but your mind was elsewhere. You couldn’t stop thinking about that kiss and how eager Kyoya was and then returned to pretending you were just classmates. You were angry and yet… You only wanted him to kiss you all over again. 
It was infuriating. No. He was. 
“What about a cult of vampires thirsty for the blood of their guests.” Tamaki explodes as if he found the best idea of all time. Ew. Blood, no thanks. 
“This sounds too erotic even for us.” You chuckle. 
“Well, you haven’t written anything on that paper so I’m giving you some ideas to make that brain of yours work.” He chuckles while patting the top of your hair. 
The door busted open with the twins and Haruhi glued to their side. Kaoru spoke up first. “For the entire week, count us out.”
The mortifying expression on Tamaki’s face made you hold back a laugh. “What do you mean “us”? Why is Haruhi going with you?”
“We have a tournament on Halloween night, a test of courage.” She mumbles as if she thought it was the dumbest idea, it might as well be.
“And she is on our team.” Hikaru snickers. “She is in our class, afterall.” They both dramatically turn around and leave.
“Does this mean we cancel our event?” You ask quite eagerly for Tamaki’s response.
“This means we are going to participate in their little tournament.” His gaze never leaves the trio of second years. You grunt loudly. 
Tamaki’s genius plan was in preparation while you sat on a bench drinking tea with Mori. Your leg was bouncing rapidly out of anxiety.
“You seem tense.” Kyoya said, his eyes still focused on his computer screen. “I can smell the tension steaming.”
“Ew.” You scoff. “I'm not tense," you retorted.
“What's bothering you then? Are you scared?" Tamaki chuckled.
“No, I just don't see the point in scaring people," you mumbled.
Honey took a seat beside you and flashed a bright smile. “It's not just about that. You have a lot of candies too!"
“That's a valid point," you conceded. "While you two brilliant minds work on your plan, I'll make my exit. I've got some personal matters to attend to."
“Why's that?" Kyoya asked abruptly, turning his gaze towards you.
“It's not something you need to worry about," you replied with a quick smile before making your way out of the music room. In truth, you weren't busy at all; all your studies and homework were already completed. You simply wished to avoid the Halloween preparations. As you strolled through the school, you sought out an empty music room where you could indulge in a bit of cello before the next class.
After leaving the music room, you headed down the corridor in search of an empty space to practice your cello. As you walked, you couldn't help but overhear snippets of excited chatter from various students discussing the Halloween preparations. It seemed that the Host Club's Halloween event was generating quite a buzz.
Finally, you found an empty and peaceful practice room. You entered and set up your cello, finding comfort in the familiar strains of the instrument. As you began to play, the hauntingly beautiful melody filled the room, creating a serene atmosphere that provided a stark contrast to the bustling excitement of Halloween preparations.
Unbeknownst to you, a familiar figure from the Host Club had been silently trailing you. Haruhi, who had been observing your interactions with the other members, had sensed your need for a break from the chaotic festivities. She had followed you discreetly, understanding that you preferred solitude.
Leaning against the doorframe, Haruhi listened to your enchanting music. The sound of the cello captivated her, and she was moved by the depth of emotion in your playing. She watched you with a soft smile, appreciating the chance to see a different side of you.
When you eventually finished your piece, you turned to find Haruhi standing there, a gentle and understanding look in her eyes. She didn't say anything, but her presence was enough to convey her support and empathy.
“Be ready, Tamaki is taking part in your Tournament.”
She smiles. “This means you will as well?”
“Obviously.” You snort. 
With that, the two of you spent a little more time chatting, and finding common ground amidst the chaos of the Host Club's Halloween preparations. It was a welcome and unexpected connection that brought a sense of calm to an otherwise hectic day.
On Halloween night
You entered the ball room and noticed the dark ambiance. In the middle you could see makeup and costumes ready to be worn. 
You sigh. “Did you really ask the occult club to help us?” 
“They are professionals afterall.” Tamaki says proudly. “Who else but the Occult Club to know what is scary or not?” He had a fair point. 
You were grabbed by two girls and forced to sit down on a chair. You couldn’t protest before their work started. They Had their makeup brushes ready with pink and white paint. “It’s too late to say no, right?” You ask anyone before the first stroke of white paint touches your skin. At the same time the other girl worked over your hair. Two pigtails wrapped in red ribbons. It felt like forever until you could see yourself in the mirror. You were going to be a creepy little creepy lolitta doll.
“Good god.” You scoff as you look at yourself with your regular uniform, you look silly. 
“Do you not like it?” Nekozawa asked in a grim tone. To be fair, you were a bit freaked out by him and so you lied.
“I love it. I’m just not used to it.” You smile as best as you can, but you look creepy nonetheless. 
“Good!” He smiles. Even if he was happy, his smile was creepy. “We got the perfect costume to fit with your marvelous character. “The cursed doll!” It was like thunder cracked at the same time he spoke those very words. 
You looked in the mirror and couldn't help but feel that you appeared terrifying – and not in a good way. The worn-out pink and white puffy dress you wore was splattered with fake blood in a chaotic pattern. You imagined your mother would have a heart attack if she saw you in this outfit.
Emerging from the dressing room, you joined your Host Club friends in the ballroom. Tamaki, in his dashing vampire costume, looked unfairly handsome. Mori and Honey, dressed as a pair of werewolves straight out of a telenovela, exuded a certain charm. Kyoya, on the other hand, had chosen not to dress up.
With a stoic expression, you couldn't help but voice your frustration. "I hate you guys."
"Don't you look terrifying?" Kyoya quipped with a barely suppressed laugh.
You glared at him. "And don't you guys look cute?"
"Do you think so?" Honey's smile was radiant.
"Why am I the only one overdressed?" You grumbled.
Tamaki, wrapping an arm over your shoulders, smiled as he explained, "You are the dessert to our coup."
"I don't think that's a saying," you retorted. He led you out of the ballroom and into a classroom tucked away in the far corner of the school.
"Stay here until Honey gives you the signal. Here's your script," Tamaki said, handing you a crumpled piece of paper before closing the door, leaving you alone in the dark room.
"Ugh, I hate them," you muttered to yourself, closing your eyes and reading the poorly written script. It lacked any real scare factor. Your best bet was to simply scream at anyone who entered the room or adopt a lifeless stare to unnerve them.
Tumblr media
As you sat in the dark room, dressed in your creepy Lolita costume, time seemed to crawl by at an agonizingly slow pace. The initial excitement of transforming into a terrifying character had given way to boredom and restlessness. Your once-eager anticipation for your role had faded into a growing sense of impatience.
You began to fidget in your chair, the minutes stretching into what felt like hours. The silence in the room was deafening, broken only by the occasional distant laughter and muffled voices from the Halloween event outside. The worn-out pink and white dress seemed to constrict your movements, making you acutely aware of how uncomfortable and itchy it had become.
You sighed deeply, shifting your weight from side to side, trying to ease the discomfort of your costume. Your thoughts wandered, and you began to wonder if you were somehow forgotten or if the Host Club's plan had encountered an unexpected delay. The desire for some action or interaction had grown stronger with each passing minute.
Impulsively, you reached into your pocket and pulled out your phone, checking the time. It had been far longer than you'd expected, and you couldn't help but feel a sense of exasperation. To alleviate your boredom, you began scrolling through your phone, reading messages, and checking social media, all while anxiously waiting for Honey's signal to finally break the monotony of your solitary confinement.
The door creaked open and you looked at who it was not bothering to hide back your phone. 
“This is really not your shade.” Kyoya snickers as he enters the room.
“Laugh all you want.” You sigh. He looked at you as if to say “Oh, I am.”, “What are you doing here?”
“Keeping you from dying of boredom.” He took a seat next to you on the floor. 
“My phone was already doing your job.” You chuckle lightly. 
“You really don’t like Halloween, don’t you?”
"Not really, no," you began, reflecting on your past. "When I was a kid, my parents were so busy with their own lives and jobs that they never had time for Halloween, or even Christmas some years. By the time they started to be more present, I just didn't care that much anymore about the holidays."
Kyoya sighed deeply, and you could see his thoughtful expression as he absorbed the glimpse of your personal history.
As the seconds ticked by, you found yourself pondering why you had shared such a personal memory with Kyoya. It wasn't something you typically opened up about, especially not in the midst of a festive occasion like Halloween. Perhaps it was the quiet and the stillness of the room that had encouraged the spontaneous revelation. Or maybe it was Kyoya's ability to make you feel strangely comfortable discussing your past. Regardless of the reason, you couldn't help but wonder why you had chosen to reveal a part of yourself at that moment.
“Then let’s go.” He said as he grabbed your hand to help you out of your creepy chair.
“I’m going to show you what’s so fun about it.”
Kyoya led you out of the dimly lit room and into the corridor, your hand still in his firm grip. You followed him through the maze-like hallways of the school, unsure of what to expect.
As you moved stealthily through the school, you couldn't help but have reservations about this endeavor. The idea of scaring people had never really appealed to you, and you had doubts about whether it would be as fun as the others made it out to be. But you trusted Kyoya's judgment, and his air of confidence piqued your curiosity.
The two of you took positions in a dimly lit hallway, concealed behind a corner, waiting for your next victim. Your heart raced as you watched a student approaching, completely unaware of your presence.
In perfect coordination, you and Kyoya executed your plan. As the student drew nearer, you let out a spine-chilling, ghostly wail while Kyoya produced an eerie, spectral light using a concealed flashlight. The student, taken aback and startled, screamed in terror before realizing it was all a prank.
At first, you watched with mixed emotions, uncertain of how the student would react. But as the initial shock and fear gave way to laughter and amusement, you couldn't help but feel a sense of relief and satisfaction. Giggling uncontrollably, you and Kyoya shared in the joy of the moment.
You and Kyoya ventured further into the school, your Lolita doll costume taking on a new persona with each scare. The initial uncertainty you had felt had given way to a sense of exhilaration and a growing enthusiasm for the Halloween shenanigans.
As you reached a more crowded area of the school, you couldn't resist the temptation to continue your mischief. You spotted a group of students engrossed in conversation and laughter, unaware of your presence. Kyoya nodded at you, signaling that this was your next target.
You approached the group with a silent grace, the ruffled layers of your dress swaying as you moved. As you got closer, you unleashed a spine-tingling, ghostly whisper that seemed to echo through the corridor. Simultaneously, Kyoya, hidden in the shadows, conjured a ghostly blue glow that danced eerily around you.
The students, caught off guard by the sudden otherworldly presence, let out a collective gasp and huddled together in fear. A few of them even dropped their belongings in their fright.
You couldn't help but stifle a giggle as you watched their terrified reactions. Some clutched their hearts, while others playfully scolded each other for overreacting. The initial shock gave way to laughter, and you realized that this was the essence of Halloween – a blend of fear and fun.
One of the students, a young girl, turned to you with a mixture of relief and amusement. "That was a good one! You really got us."
You gave a mischievous curtsy, your creepy Lolita persona adding to the theatrics of the moment. "I'm glad you enjoyed it."
As you and Kyoya roamed the dimly lit corridors, you noticed a locked door at the end of a long hallway, illuminated only by the faint light of a flickering overhead bulb. It seemed like the perfect setting for a dramatic and hair-raising Halloween scare.
With a shared nod, you and Kyoya decided to orchestrate a chilling performance. You took your position near the door, hidden in the shadows, your Lolita doll costume transformed into a ghostly and eerie presence.
Kyoya, meanwhile, prepared to unleash his talents. With a quick flourish of his hand, he projected a series of ghostly images on the door, each one more terrifying than the last. The ghostly apparitions danced and flickered, accompanied by spine-tingling whispers that filled the air.
Unsuspecting students rounded the corner and came into view, their footsteps echoing in the eerie silence. As they approached the locked door, they spotted the ghostly figures and heard the haunting whispers. Panic washed over them, and they let out a chorus of terrified screams.
In their panic, the students stumbled over each other, desperately searching for an escape route. Some of them turned and ran back the way they came, while others frantically pounded on the locked door, pleading for it to open. The once-crowded hallway turned into a scene of chaotic terror.
You and Kyoya couldn't help but feel a rush of adrenaline as the students fled in sheer panic, their fear evident in their eyes. It was the ultimate Halloween scare, and you had succeeded beyond your wildest expectations.
As the commotion gradually subsided and the corridor returned to a state of calm, you exchanged an exhilarated glance with Kyoya. The dramatic scare had left a lasting impression, and you both couldn't help but chuckle at the absurdity of it all.
You finally got what made this activity so enjoyable, and you couldn't help but share a knowing smile with Kyoya as you continued to haunt the hallways together.
As your Halloween night of spooking students continued, Kyoya approached you with an excited glint in his eyes. "How about a grand finale?" he suggested, a mischievous smile on his face. Curious and eager to embrace the festive spirit, you nodded in agreement. "What do you have in mind?" Kyoya explained his plan, which involved a grand scare that would target none other than the notorious twins with Haruhi. It was an enticing proposition, and you both set off to make it happen.
You ran around the school to find the trio and once you did they were walking to their next trap, you.
You began to move in a slow, puppet-like manner, as if controlled by unseen strings, your joints bending unnaturally, your movements otherworldly. You swayed with an eerie grace, creating an atmosphere of surreal horror.
At the same time, Kyoya cast an illusion of ghostly whispers and phantom shadows that danced around you. The effect was haunting and mesmerizing, and the corridor seemed to take on a life of its own.
The twins and Haruhi watched, transfixed by the chilling performance. Hikaru and Kaoru exchanged uneasy glances, and Haruhi clutched her heart in mock fear.
As the performance reached its climax, you let out another spine-chilling wail, your voice echoing through the corridor. The twins were quite uneasy with you as for Haruhi, she held back a laugh to not mess up your performance. They weren’t moving until you stopped abruptly before sprinting for them, making them run away from you leaving Haruhi alone with you. 
“Too bad I wasn’t convincing enough to scare you.” You laugh with Haruhi.
“I do not scare easily.” She says drying her tears of laughter. Kyoya came out of hiding and applauded you. 
“I didn’t think you’d enjoy yourself that much.” He smiles brightly. A first.
“All thanks to the brains behind the operation.” You applauded him as well.
Later that night as you were taking out your makeup with Renge and Haruhi’s help, the winners were announced by Nekozawa. You were declared the champion of the Tournament!
Gasps of astonishment filled the room as the Host Club members realized the outcome. Hikaru and Kaoru exchanged surprised glances.
"You weren't even participating!" Kaoru exclaimed.
You smirked, "You guys are just sore losers."
Hikaru chimed in, "You're not even a second-year!"
Kyoya, however, simply leaned against a wall with a wry smile. "All I hear is whining from two losers."
You couldn't help but giggle at the banter among your friends, sharing a victorious moment.
After finally shedding the uncomfortable Lolita costume and wiping away the last remnants of makeup, you found yourself alone in the cozy embrace of the music room. The echoes of the Halloween festivities still resonate in your mind, but the overwhelming discomfort of the costume had been left far behind.
Sitting in the dimly lit room, you reflected on the night, your thoughts filled with gratitude for Kyoya. His unexpected and thrilling proposal to embrace the Halloween spirit had transformed a dull evening into a genuinely enjoyable one. You couldn't help but smile as you remembered how he had dragged you into the world of scares and pranks, and in doing so, had shared a unique and memorable experience with you.
The Halloween night had been a perfect blend of fright and fun, of camaraderie and laughter, and it was all thanks to Kyoya's initiative. As you sat in the peaceful music room, you realized that sometimes, the most unexpected and unconventional plans could lead to the best and most cherished memories.
"All hail the champion," a voice echoed in the empty room, and there stood Kyoya, the unexpected partner in your Halloween scare victory.
You couldn't resist a teasing grin. "Only a bow and some praise will do for your champion."
He walked over, the atmosphere filled with a mix of playful competition and genuine camaraderie. His smile was cocky as he leaned against the side of the column.
"So, do I get a prize for helping you win?" he inquired, his voice tinged with a playful challenge.
You responded with a smug grin, "It's my name they announced, not yours, so I'm afraid you don't get anything."
Kyoya leaned in closer, his smile seeming somewhat wistful. "I did help you win, though. I should get something."
With a soft laugh, you placed a hand on his arm and said, "You get the honor of witnessing your fiancé's majestic victory."
The two of you shared a moment of contentment and affection, the playful banter masking the fondness you felt for each other. It was a celebration of your Halloween success and the unique bond you shared.
“I want something else as my prize.” He smirks.
He acted on his impulses, seizing you by the waist and pressing you firmly against the column. His lips met yours with a passionate intensity, a bruising kiss that left you breathless, and you gasped in surprise at the sudden, fervent connection.
His tongue tantalizing teased your bottom lip, seeking entry, and you willingly granted it. Your heads tilted in unison, and one of his hands found its way to the back of your neck, gently bending it to deepen the kiss. A throaty moan escaped your lips as his other hand on your hip squeezed you possessively.
For a brief moment, he pulled back, his breath hot against your skin, and he whispered with a mixture of desire and frustration, "You always manage to pick the worst timing to drive me so, so eager for you."
His lips trailed a scorching path down your cheek, following the delicate curve of your jawline. Each touch was an electric shock of sensation, sending shivers down your spine as the world around you seemed to blur, consumed by the fervent desire shared in this stolen moment.
“Don’t I?” You chuckled briefly. “It just means I’m winning.”
“How so?” He asks not to bother to stop his lips from connecting to your skin. 
“You want to hear my master plan?”
“Do enlighten me.” His soft laugh lights a fire inside your stomach. 
“The more you resist me, the more you want me… Have you noticed how close we’ve become in the last few days?” He stops himself in his tracks to look at you in the eyes with intrigue. “I am winning.”
“Must everything be a competition between the two of us?”
“To get what we both deeply want, it is not an option.”
“And what is it I want?” He smirks as if he could read you all too well. 
“You don’t want to marry me for love and some other reason you refuse to talk about and I don’t want to get married at all, but duty is duty. But you do want me, which makes things complicated for us.” You breathe heavily when his teeth graze the skin of your neck. “So let’s meet in the middle. We can either keep denying each other’s needs and go our separate ways to college hoping to find better matches for us so we both marry for love, duty and what not, or we can give in and have our fun until college and then we find better matches. So you don’t have to marry me and you’ll be out of my hair. Two simple choices, one clearly more fun than the other, but riskier.”
He chuckles when he faces you again. “How so?”
“You’ll fall in love.” No, you would.
“With you?” He chuckles. “You’re pretty to look at, sure, but you get on my nerves too much for me to fall in love.” 
“I gave you our options, it’s your choice. In a way I am not replacing you like you asked.” He crashed his lips to yours, his very own way to seal their deal.
“I won’t lose to you, y/n.” He whispered before his lips met yours once more. 
“Neither will I.” You moan against his lips before you were picked up and carried on one of the pink velvet couches. He pried your pants off gently as his lips were still glued to yours. It was happening… You’d finally have Kyoya the way you wanted him ever since last time he kissed you. 
He moved between your thighs and took his sweet time to kiss and nimble on both of them. 
“You always assume I have better self control than I actually do.” He whispers before taking your underwear off. “I’m no better than any other man when it comes to you.” He smirks before dipping his head between your thighs. You huffed out a loud moan when he licked a stripe up your folds, before plunging his tongue right into your dripping heat. You snatched at his head, pulling his hair as your hips shifted against him— his nose nudging your clit.
He moaned against your cunt— the vibrations making that coil in your stomach tighten. He squeezed your thighs, running his tongue up your folds and swirling it around your clit, repeating this action a few times. You felt like you were in a dream, Kyoya pleasing you as a reward for your victory... or for his own pleasure. It didn't matter, he had accepted your deal and you were more than happy to give in to the tension between the two of you.
You felt yourself drawing tight, a thin sheen of sweat gathering across your bare skin. “Kyoya—” You came with a moan of his name, your hips stuttering against his face. You felt him groan beneath you, tongue working you through your orgasm.
After a long moment, Kyoya hovered over you. You smiled hazily at him. He hummed, pressing his mouth to yours. You couldn't believe what had just happened.
You could taste yourself on his lips, his tongue. You hummed a response, too busy stroking his cheek, feeling your own arousal sticky on your fingers. He pulled back briefly. “I won’t lose to you.” He repeated like it was an oath and you believed him for a split second.
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