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aroaceofthesea 1 year
So ive been scrolling through the uk politics tag and i have no idea of a) why is it trending or b) why is it grouped with all our jokes
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helladventurers 7 days
...i keep finding people in my dashboard I never remember following and I'm very confused 馃
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Wtf is going on on my tl that I鈥檓 seeing Jack Harlow fanfiction?
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unfortunatelyevent 1 year
why does my tumblr looks like i have asks but when i open the asks to see it it doesn鈥檛 show anything???
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beebundt 8 months
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saw humanized ena in a tux? and now im obsessed. she is so gender
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smileandasong 1 year
鈥渋 desperately wish i was in newark, new jersey right now鈥 things only fans of american rock band my chemical romance would ever say
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chynandri 11 days
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Redraw of an old drawing 馃挏
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taaalia 6 months
rip to he who was once the meanest teenager ever
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gayboy-vampyre 11 months
Okay I've had zero experience with Welcome to Night Vale until today, where I've seen about a hundred drawings of this guy, looking one of two ways:
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(Artists rendition)
And I need to know which one of you mother fuckers is lying to me
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anotherpjofan 17 days
why the fuck are the porn bots in the pjo tag get them out of here
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slinkyarts 1 year
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so my friends got me to play undertale finally and uh
them cute
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urlwasfound 8 months
being in a fan space like this one where, especially on twitter, there鈥檚 lots of teenagers, it鈥檚 kinda incredible to see how mindsets change as you get older. when i was a teenager i also thought about everything in black and white, right or wrong and felt like i always knew better. and it would piss me off when people said 鈥測ou鈥檒l feel differently when you鈥檙e older鈥 but it鈥檚 literally true! you will! and people like to say that you get more conservative as you get older and, while true in some cases, it鈥檚 also probably because as you grow you learn to see the in-between shades of a situation and become more aware of nuance. at least that鈥檚 how it is for me now. and sometimes i catch myself thinking about past discourse that i felt strongly about and go 鈥渨ell that makes no sense鈥
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dramatic-dolphin 13 days
I heard you have pdfs?
oh DO I have pdfs.
i nabbed this link from someone else here on tumblr a longgg time ago; every single one of the eighth doctor spin-off books. all 73 of them. so many.
"wait, 73? that's a lot, are they any good?" some of them aren't <3 but some of them are the best things you will ever read. @johannesviii has a small rec list of some of the best books here, and also a pretty cool book-by-book liveblog that i like to sneak a look at before starting a book to check if it's worth it.
genuinely these books are full of so many incredibly cool concepts. they can be hit or miss just like the show, but when it's good it's SO good. everyone, go read vampire science now. or listen to it. you won't regret it, i promise.
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r4cs0 1 year
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This is just surreal
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kinnbig 10 months
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Job Yosatorn as Time and Perth Nakhun as Tay | KinnPorsche the Series World Tour: WTF
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silver-horse 5 months
fascinating that the biphobes, who say that BG3 companions are not accurate as bisexuals/pansexuals, literally haven鈥檛 played the game!! they don鈥檛 know the characters or who they flirt with and choose to sleep with.
a textpost said that everyone is allowed to play the game as they want and romance characters with a character of any gender and one person commented that OP is a homophobe and Astarion 鈥渨ould be the biggest gay if not for making everyone playersexual.鈥 I clicked on the username and they have a post stating 鈥渨ill buy that game just to play as the furry albino elf and have homophobes watch him get fucked by every dude鈥 ok. sounds fun, I will do the same, I鈥檒l simply also fuck every women. but no.when not everyone is playersexual, 80% of them just end up straight. the remainder mostly still bi and they would deny the bisexuality of those few as well. why do they feel so comfortable attacking bisexuality that they will even comment on bi characters when they are unfamiliar with a given piece of fiction
#if I never watched a tv show/read a book/played a game I sure don鈥檛 go on people鈥檚 posts#and make accusing statements towards fans how they are wrong to interpret characters AS THEY ARE IN CANON#also this is typical rhetoric that bi men are actually just gay (and bi women are just straight because everyone only wants men)#biphobia#anyway they don鈥檛 care what it鈥檚 like for bi people to hear this#that a person got called a homophobe for pointing out that bi/pan character IS bi/pan and bi people do sleep with women#they literally say they haven't bought the game yet#wtf#why have an opinion?#when I want to engage in conversation about characters/story first I watch/read/play that story#my post#my posts#tumblr bullshit#bisexual#characters#text post#Baldur's Gate 3#BG3#textposts#also there is definitely an element of misogyny in this...#after all I haven't seen anyone demanding that the bi female companions should only be paired with women#no it's the typical fandom thing where only male/male pairings are allowed and female charactes are treated like shit and pushed to the side#female characters not allowed in male/female pairings not even when both are bi/pan and potentially poly#and female/female pairings are just so rare they almost never show up...#and like I always say bi people get shit from both sides#the conservative side of this DOES exist... people who are annoyed that larian showed him making out with a man#it's just that they are an extreme minority on this website#but just because those conservatives and homophobes exist doesn't mean it makes it ok to deny a bi character's attraction to women#both are wrong and both are biphobic#both are a form of erasure
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