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😭😭 need a fic of him just in interrupting reader while baking ( reader could be a baker and trying new recipes to add to their menu )
Cherries On Top
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Cody Rhodes x Baker Fem!Reader
Desc: Y/N is trying to focus on adding new sweet treats to her bakery’s menu but her husband tends to be a distraction.
Contents: Fluff, Cody being a little annoying but in a tolerable way, SMALL indications of smut, Y/N being a lil cutie Patootie!
🏷️ list: @alyyaanna @ginswife @coolpastelartshoe @greatkoalawizard @cokolin044 @kotoriarlert @alicerosejensen @bunnybot55 @agent-dessis-posts @adollonyourshelf @mini-rhodes @southerngirl41 @harmshake @femdisa @kabloswrld @claymoresofinfamy23 @jeysbvck
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Before Y/N & Cody established a relationship between them Y/N had a small little bakery filled with alll sorts of sweets & treats! Once a month she would spend an entire day whipping up pies & cakes and many other scones & sweets to add on the menu at her little bakery & do cooking youtube videos & Today was that day.
Y/N was in the middle of recording in the kitchen, Cody would walk by every now and then or stand behind her and watch over her shoulder to see what she was doing. But then he became more vocal.
She was currently working on a bourbon pound cake. “Don’t you need measuring cups for this part?” He questioned while his hand ran up and down her back while his wife shrugged “I’m just gonna add like a few shot glasses worth of bourbon.” He shot open his eyes and looked over at her camera set up and shook his head dramatically “She’s gonna get me drunk with a cake.” Since he was video bombing Y/N she decided that she would put him to a little work and start stirring the cake mix while she poured bourbon into the mix very carefully & poured him a small shot as a reward which he pridefully took
Y/N was instructing her future viewers how to carefully put the mixture into the pan & how long to leave it in the oven but Cody randomly popped back into the kitchen “Check out my gun.” She looked up as he interrupted her speech & smiled “It’s a salt shooter my dad got it for him.” “Maybe next time I make steak I can season salt onto it with my cool gun yeah?” She shook her head “No because you’re gonna break something. Just use your hands.” He glared for a second and sassily shook his head “I won’t break anything.”
6 minutes later Y/N worked on another small pastry while the cake was in the oven & suddenly the lights started flickering & she laughed a little before he walked back into camera frame “What are you whipping up now?” “Blueberry crois-“ “Hold on wait I have a quick question what did 50 cent do when he was hungry? 58.” “Your not funny.” He shrugged with a smug smile “I’m actually very funny.” She hummed nodding slowly “whatever helps you sleep at night my love.” He raised an eyebrow and looked at a bowl full of flour.
What if he just….
“CODY GARRET RUNNELS GODDAMNIT I’M GOING TO KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP!” Y/N stood there frozen as he actively poured flour over her head while letting out a mischievous laugh “uh ohh she said the full na-“ she splashed him in the face with water “well deserved.” She glared up at him & picked up her bowl filled with yet to be stirred eggs while grinning to herself as her husband backed up and raised his hands in defense “No…Y/N….” She squinted and nodded “your right that would be to messy.” She sighed while he let out a chuckle of relief but she caved & poured the eggs all over him making him gasp and look at her while she giggled & grabbed the flour bag before shaking what remained inside all over him before he turned starring at a glass of milk that sat on the counter next to one of the bowls it was supposed to be inside of.
Eventually she gave up on the video she tried making & giggled while playfully kissing her lover while he grinned biting her lip a little & grip at her waist “You sure you don’t wanna take it any furth-“ she nodded immediately and pulled away before prancing up the stairs to get clean “C’mon Codes your filthy.”
This was just the Cherry On Top for Cody, he immediately tossed away the kitchen towel & followed behind her before giving Y/N a light smack on the butt chuckling
“The shower is your best idea yet sweetheart.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Night Two (18+)
Pairings: Cody Rhodes x OC(Ola Kaminski)
Night two of Wrestlemania went fair better than night one did. And a celebration is deserved
Warmings: None, well improper use of a title belt (take for that what you will heh)
Tumblr media
Tags: @jeysbvck, @daddywrasslin, @alyyaanna
Let me know if you wanna be tagged
Ola’s ears were still ringing from all the buzz and cheering and just celebration. She honestly was probably still in shock. Cody was THE Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. She stood in their shared bus by herself now. Cody had the press conference and photos and all those things. So she slipped away after making sure he didn’t need her around anymore. Which she was grateful for. Not only to recover from all the craziness but also since she had a surprise for him. She grinned to herself before disappearing to the bedroom.
Cody had to admit, even he was exhausted, he had kept it up until he got to the door of the bus. He took a deep breath of the night air before letting it out and looking down. Holy shit he had actually done it. He smiled to himself before opening the door, 
“Hey Ola…?” He stepped up as he shut the door, raising a brow as silence met him. He noted that her bag was on the table, before his eyes moved to the bedroom door as it slid open and a smirk spread across his lips. Ola opened the door and leaned against the frame, a smile teasing her lips. He slid his gaze down and back up her body,”You look better in the shirt than I do.” She giggled slightly as she walked over to him, wearing only his championship shirt and, deceivingly, what appeared to be nothing else. She brushed her fingers over the belt before looking up at him and cupping his cheeks, kissing him softly. Cody breathed in through his nose as they kissed and smiled wide as they broke apart. He put his arms around her and pulled her close, 
“I still can’t believe it.” He mumbled as he pressed his forehead to hers and she smiled, kissing his nose. “Well, let me help you believe it.” He raised a brow before she kissed him hard, grabbing the back of his head and pressing closer to him. He gasped before he groaned as she slid her tongue into his mouth, claiming dominance that he was happy to give over. Ola pulled away, breathing heavy and smirked, 
“On the couch, shirt off babe.” She kissed him again and he blinked at her, his brain still catching up. “I won’t tell you again.” He snapped out of it as he tossed his shirt off and sat on the couch, his eyes following her as she moved to stand in front of him. Ola smiled, leaning slightly as she ran one of her hands up his stomach, chest and then to tilt his chin up at her. She smirked as she noted his quickened breath and how his pupils were already blown wide. As she slid her thumb over his lips, his eyes fluttered a bit, 
“My champ…” She smirked as his eyes opened again as her fingers danced back down to the belt, tracing the design, “You look so good in gold.” He chuckled softly but it stopped in his throat as she tossed her shirt off, to reveal what she was hiding. Ola, of course, had a custom set of lingerie made for the occasion. The gold lace and straps that crossed over her skin accentuated all her curves in just the right way. And if you asked her, her boobs looked phenomenal.
Cody stared at her, tracing the curves of the straps as she stepped closer, his hands naturally going to her hips as she moved to straddle his hips,
“I think gold looks better on you, sweetheart…” He used his fingers to snap a strap on her thigh that made her giggle before she pushed him back against the couch. 
“I’m glad you like it, I got it specially made for the occasion. I thought my champion deserved his own private celebration.” She smirked again as she watched as Cody couldn’t help but stare at her. He swallowed as he moved his gaze to her eyes, noting the way they twinkled with mischief. Ola slid closer to him and kissed him, her fingers burying in the hair in the back of his head. She tugged his head back as she made her way down his jaw and neck. She slid her tongue slow, painstakingly slow, over his tattoo as he groaned in response. She smirked against his skin as she nipped at his collar, 
“I can actually leave marks tonight, since your suit will hide everything.” She giggled as his eyes rolled shut at her statement before she sucked the skin of his neck between her teeth and continued across his chest, leaving bruises and bite marks in her wake. Cody gripped her hips as he grunted and groaned with every mark she left on his flesh. She grinned and pulled back, looking at her handy work as he breathed heavily, head still tilted back where she had him by the hair. He met her gaze, eyes glassy with lust as he licked his lips slowly which made Ola groan ever so slightly. He was so fucking beautful like this. 
She licked her lip slowly in response, noting the way his eyes flickered down to her tongue and back up, “What would people think if they saw their new champion like this, hm, Cody?” 
Cody’s eyes shut and he shifted his hips, pissed at how annoyingly tight his pants were feeling. He gasped as she tugged his hair harshly, pulling him close to her face, “I asked you a question…” He swallowed as he stared into her eyes but his brain was so foggy from everything today and the lust was only making it worse. Ola stared at him a minute but kissed his nose gently, 
“Suppose I can give you a pass….it has been a long day for you.” She chuckled before crashing their lips into a feverish kiss on both ends. The kiss was all tongue, grunting and teeth. She nipped his lower lip as she pulled away slowly, before grinning in victory as crimson stained his lips. He used his thumb to brush over his lip, noted the blood with a wild look growing in his vision. She met his eyes and slowly, oh so slowly, slid her tongue over his thumb and took the digit between her lips. She slowly swirled her tongue and sucked, before pressing her tongue to the pad and popping off with a wet pop. Cody stared at her completely dumbfounded and deeply aroused as he dug his hand into her hip, trying to hold onto a semblance of control. She always had this ability with him, to completely make him let go and lose himself. 
Ola held his gaze as she ran her free hand down his chest, nails digging in and leaving red trails across his chest. She slid over the belt before cupping him through his pants. His breath hitched in his throat as she took her time, squeezing him gently, he whimpered softly in response. That just made Ola smirk slightly as she leaned closer to his face, as she squeezed him again and felt him twitch in her hand,
“What do you want, babe?” Cody whimpered as he pressed his face against her neck, kissing up to her ear, “You, I need you.” Ola moaned softly before she pulled him into a kiss and she tugged at his pants. Cody groaned into the kiss as he raised his hips enough to help her tug his pants and boxers down and enough that he could kick off. Still kissing, she wrapped her fingers around his cock and stroked it a few times, pre cum already coating her fingers while he moaned into her mouth. She pulled away and looked down, biting her lip, 
“Fuck, you’re so hard for me already.” One of Cody’s hands slid up from her hip and massaged one of breasts, making her whimper softly as she stroked his cock a few times. Ola positioned herself over his cock, incredibly happy she opted to just get the lingerie crotchless. She looked up at him and held his gaze as she lowered herself down onto his cock while she used her other hand to steady herself on his chest. They moaned in unison as she sunk down all the way on is cock slowly. He slid both his hands down her body, stroking the skin where it was exposed before resting on her ass and gripping when she shifted her weight slightly. He breathed through his nose and his eyes fluttered slightly when she clenched around his cock, 
“Sweetheart…..shit….,” he pressed his head against her collarbone, kissing her skin, “you’re so warm and tight…” He mumbled as he kissed her neck. 
Ola shuttered, goosebumps spreading over her skin while she slid her arms around his neck and slowly slid herself up his cock and down, moaning before setting a steady pace. She rolled her head back as he started to nip and suck along the skin on her chest that was exposed. He growled softly and smirked as he listened to the sounds she made. She rolled her head back, pressing their foreheads together and held his gaze as they both panted and moaned while she quickened the pace. Cody planted his feet on the ground and met her pace, digging his fingers into her ass. Ola slid a hand down his chest, pausing and tracing the ‘Dream’ tattoo on his peck, smiling slightly before looking down and running her hand over the title still on his hips and her smile turned into an evil smirk. He followed her hand as it traveled south and couldn’t help the whimpering sound in his throat when it landed on the belt. He had honestly forgotten he had kept it on, he had been too lost in lust. But being reminded of made his cock twitch, which made Ola’s eyes flicker up to his for a second.
A slow, probably evil smirk grazed her lips as she clenched down tight on his cock as he bucked up harder into her in response. She slid her fingers down to her where they were connected and groaned at the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her before moving to her clit. She rubbed circles around her clit in time with their thrusts before Cody grabbed her wrist, making her stop. She gave him a confused look before he brought her finger to his mouth and slowly licked them clean. Ola clenched down on his cock again and moaned as she watched him. He released her wrist and slid his fingers between them, finding her clit himself. She buried a hand in the hair at the nape of his neck and the other dug into his back as she pressed close to him. Her eyes shut as more moans started to tumble from her lips. Cody held her close as he used his fingers to circle her clit in time with their thrusts, making her clamp down and flutter around his cock. She whined loudly in his ear, before nipping his earlobe, “I’m so close…so close Cody…” She nudged him with her nose and kissed his jaw before pressing his lips in a needy kiss as she felt her core grow hot and the coil in her snap, her orgasm sneaking up on her. He groaned as she broke the kiss with a loud moan, sitting fully down on his cock as her eyes rolled back. She rolled her hips slowly as she rode her orgasm out as he slowed his thrusts and she slumped against him. She breathed heavily as he rubbed her lower back, a smile on his lips as she slowly peeled herself to sit up again,
“I…holy shit…I'm sorry. It snuck up on me…” She knew her face was red, as if she hadn’t just had one of the best orgasms of her life. Cody shook his and cupped her cheek, giving her a soft kiss. “Ola, really? It’s more than okay, watching you fall apart and feel good is more than enough.” But that made her scrunch her nose before a smirk slowly graced her lips once more.
“Do you trust me Cody?” He raised a suspicious eyebrow but nodded. She slowly slid herself off his cock, which made them both whimper but she sank to her knees in front of Cody. She smirked as he opened his mouth to protest, but it died on his lips when she wrapped her fingers on his cock again. She leaned forward, licking a strip from bottom to tip slowly and held his gaze. 
“I can’t leave my champion unsatisfied can I? What kind of queen would I be?” Cody stared at Ola as he slid a hand through his hair when she slowly took the head of his cock into her mouth, “Holy shit sweetheart…” As he groaned, his other hand shot to her head and he tangled his fingers in her hair. She held onto his thigh with one hand as she bobbed her head and used the other to stroke the part of his cock that she couldn’t fit into her mouth. Cody’s head lolled back against the couch as his eyes closed and he focused on the feeling of her mouth around him. His fingers tightened in her hair and she mummed against his cock, making him buck up slightly. She didn’t miss a beat and swallowed around his cock as various moans and whines tumbled from his lips again, which only spurred her on. She watched his face carefully as she slid up to the head and swirled her tongue around it, before taking him deep again and set a solid pace. Cody was fighting every muscle in his body not to hold Ola’s head and fuck that pretty face of hers until he came. 
“Fuck….i’m close….god..” He managed out between his heavy breathing and moans. She met his gaze when he flicked his eyes open and she popped off a moment, lapping at the tip, “Then cum for me, I need to taste you.” And she took him in deep, setting a quick pace. He moaned loudly as he curled towards her suddenly when she did that and his hips arched, it was too much. His senses felt like they were being assaulted all at once. He felt the way her nails dragged across his skin on his thigh, the way her eyes glittered when she stared at him and that fucking mouth of hers. She was too good with it. Cody tapped her head but Ola already knew by the way he was throbbing against her tongue. He let out a broken, loud moan as his hips arched and she quickly popped her mouth off, still stroking his cock with her hand. As his orgasm crashed into him, his eyes flew open when she removed her mouth from him and his jaw went slack. Ola smirked, an evil, evil smirk, as she watched his cum paint the front of the universal championship belt which he still had on. Cody was stunned. He felt a weird shame but also a heat built in his gut at the picture in front of him. 
Ola made sure he held her gaze, his blue eyes completely bewildered already, yet they managed to widen more as she leaned forward and pressed her tongue against the metal of the belt and lapped up his cum from it. Cody only managed a low whine as he watched her clean it off the belt. She chuckled as she crawled into the stunned man’s lap once more and pulled him into a kiss. He groaned and pulled her tight to him, “You’re filthy, you know that..?” She only giggled and, with an evil glint in her eye, rolled her own hips against the belt,
"What are you going to do about it, Mr. Universal Champ? You needed to claim your kingdom didn't you?” A switch seemed to flip in his head as he picked her up and her legs instinctively wrapped around his waist.
“I think the queen needs a reminder who the king is..” He mumbled against her neck as he made his way to the bedroom as she giggled loudly in response before he kicked the door closed.
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LA Knight with a shy wife
Tumblr media
Knight can be very boisterous. He is confident and loud in the ring, but when he is with his wife he tones it down.
Her being quiet reminds him that he can enjoy life without yelling at the top of his lungs through a microphone.
He’s super protective of her. If she doesn’t like something, he doesn’t either.
Knight always wants her to come to his shows, though. Normally, he gets her backstage so she can just chill and not have to worry about a ton of people.
If he was allowed to, he’d buy out the entire section just for her. He did try once! But was quickly told no by WWE officials and his bank freaked out.
Whenever he’s in public with her, he tries his best to hide himself from people. If someone sees him in public while he’s with his wife, he does his best to get the interaction over with quickly without being rude about it.
He enjoys the quiet times he gets to share with his wife at home. He loves just sitting near her. Her presence just calms him.
He keeps his relationship with her mostly off of the internet. At least, he tries. Some people get pictures of them and it circulates online faster than he can snap his fingers.
If anyone were to give his wife shit, about literally anything, he will start a war—so long as she says it’s ok first.
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Its all coming back to me now
Roman reigns x Emeline(OC)
Tumblr media
"There were moments of gold
And there were flashes of light
There were things we'd never do again
But then they'd always seemed right
There were nights of endless pleasure
It was more than all your laws allow"
Warnings: smut, its sad but has a happy ending, I guess it's my way of working out how I feel about WM40, errors I may have missed.
Word count: 2,374
Tag list: @reignsangel444 @acknowledge-reigns @mzv11 @marchm-langdon @mandeelemons @pittieprincess22 @romanreignshairdresser @weirdgirl16355 @wrestlingprincess80
A heaviness came over her seeing him laying on the mat. Her heart dropped into her stomach, tears welling in her eyes. She dropped to the floor, her legs unable to hold her up anymore "Emeline!" She knew the voice but it wasn't his! With all her strength she forced herself to stand and as fast as her legs would carry her she ran. She didn't know where she was running to but she just wanted away from here.
The sound of the pouring rain filled her ears when she opened the door to the arena, numbing her senses. She ran out and slammed the door behind her. Running into the street, she hadn't payed attention to the cars that were driving by. A loud horn signaled the unthinkable. She'd been hit!
Laying on the ground, her legs broken and pain shooting through her all she cared about, still, was him. The person yelling at her was hazey. Their voice was muffled. Then she heard the sirens and everything went black.
Romans POV
I walked up the wrap to the wiseman and just broke. We shared a long hug "your wife is waiting for you my tribal chief!" He Said. I walked back stage and Dakota came running to me "Roman we can't find Emeline!" She said.
"what?" I asked "Paul just said she was waiting for me!"
"she ran out of the arena after the match! Hunter tried to stop her but she was in her own world! Her eyes were glossed over! And we heard a car honk!"
My blood ran cold "you didnt think to go fucking look?!" I yelled before running outside. When I saw the red and blue lights I knew in my gut she was hurt! I ran as fast as I could to the ambulance. The cop stopped me before I could cross "sir you can't go past here!"
"that's my wife!" I yelled, before he moved aside and let me pass "Emeline! Baby girl!" Her eyes were shut and her face was scraped up and bruised. I looked down and saw her legs were broken. This is all my fault! "Emeline, I'm so sorry!" I kissed her forehead.
"sir she's alive but we have to get her to the hospital! She's probably gonna need emergency surgery!" The EMT said.
"what happened?" I asked.
"someone who saw the whole thing said she ran out into the street and looked like she was distraught. She hadn't payed attention to the cars and..." He stopped, seeing my reaction. I grabbed her hand and held it to my face, all I could do was cry. This was all my fault. I let her down!
"Emeline please come back to me!" I sobbed, holding her hand in mine. My world stopped. I couldn't lose her! "Sir we have to put her in the ambulance. You can ride with her." The EMT said.
I let go of her hand so they could get her in the ambulance and hopped in beside her, grabbing her hand again, tears welling in my eyes. If it kills me I was gonna beat Cody's ass!!
When we got to the hospital, I called Seth, dwayne, Paul, jimmy, and hunter and let them know what happened. Hunter gave me some half assed apology about it and I nearly tore him a new one but Emeline wouldn't want me to do that so I just said "thanks!" And hung up.
Just as they wheeled her back into surgery Paul walked up to me hugged me "how is she?" He asked.
"they just wheeled her back into surgery!" I said "her legs are broken!"
"I'm so sorry!" Paul said "Dwayne's on his way along with the twins and solo!"
The realization of what happened finally hit me and I broke down "I can't lose her Paul!"
"it's gonna be ok! She's gonna be ok!" He said.
4 hours later
When the doctor finally came out I was trying to read his expression but he was blank and my heart sank.
"how is she?" I asked.
"She's stable but both her femurs were broken. She's gonna need physical therapy and that's just the emergency part of it. We don't know if she had any head trauma and we won't know until she wakes up." He said "your wife is a fighter!"
"Can I go see her?" I asked.
"Of course!"
"Thank you! Where is she?"
"Room 406"
I ran down the hall and when I found her room, I walked in and my heart broke. She was connected to so many tubes and machines. I hadn't even noticed the nurse checking on her "you must be her husband?" She asked.
"Yes!" I said "a few others are going to be coming as well."
"We can only have 2 visitors at a time in the room. Its to keep the room clear for staff!" She said.
"I understand!" I said, forcing a half smile "I wasn't there to protect her! This is all my fault!" I broke down in tears. I felt a hand on my shoulder "it's not your fault. Accidents happen." She smiled "your wife is a very lucky woman to have a man like you and she's a fighter!"
"No, I'm the one who's lucky! She's stood beside me when no one else did! She believed in me when no one else would! Without her I wouldn't be who I am today!" I smiled.
"it's late why don't you get some sleep? The chair is a pullout." She said "I can get you a pillow and a blanket if you'd like?"
"i'll probably lay down later. My mind isn't going to shut off anytime soon! Especially not seeing her like this!" I said, grabbing Emeline's hand.
"well if you need anything just let me know!" She smiled.
"thank you!" I smiled back.
The next morning
I woke up with my head on my arm, I don't know when I fell asleep but I still had Emeline's hand and in mine. She had started to stir when I woke up and when she opened her eyes I was so happy "Emeline! Baby girl! Thank the gods your ok!" I reached to give her a kiss but she pulled away from me "who are you?" She asked.
The sting I felt in my chest was like nothing I'd felt before. I remembered the doctor said we wouldn't know if she had any head trauma until she woke up but I wasn't expecting this! I pressed the call button for the nurse.
"Hello, is everything alright?" She asked.
"Emeline's awake!" I said, my voice starting to crack "but she doesn't remember me!"
"we'll be right there!" The nurse said.
"you still haven't answered my question!" Emeline said "who are you?"
I reached for my wallet and pulled out a picture of us at our wedding "Emeline, I'm your husband!" I said, trying to keep myself from crying.
The nurse came running in the room "hey I know you want her to remembe but that's not the way to do it! It has to be gradual and she has to do it herself. I cant imagine what you feel right now but it's gonna be ok. 90% of the time the amnesia is temporary!" The nurse said trying to comfort me but it didn't work.
"I need to get some air!" I said, walking out of the room. My wife didn't remember me! The love of my life, my best friend didn't know who I was. I leaned against the wall and slumped to the ground, putting my head.in my hands. Tears fell down my face. I couldnt be without her! She was my world!
"joe?" I heard a familiar voice say.
"dwayne!" I said standing up and hugging him "she's awake but she doesn't remember me!"
I heard him sigh "it's not her fault or yours. Don't blame yourself! She'll remember you. I know it hurts but you can't rush it!"
"people keep telling me that but no one is telling me how to help her!" I yelled "my wife doesn't fucking remember me!"
Emeline's POV
I heard him shouting out in the hallway his couldnt remember him and I didn't understand why he was so angry. I felt sorry for him but I wasn't his wife. The nurse came in and gave me some pain medicine and I felt better. My brain was so scrambled I didn't even know how to start trying to figure out who he was.
"where's the tv remote?" I asked.
The nurse picked up the call light and showed me how to use it. I started flipping through the channels and couldn't find anything. Nothing interested me. I still had my phone so I decided to listen to some music. I hit the shuffle button and the sound of a piano filled My ears. It was a familiar sound but I wasn't sure why I knew it.
"I finished crying in the instant that you left!" I started to remember last night. "I can barely recall but it's all coming back to me!"
My friends started flashing in my head Naomi, iyo, Bayley!
"and if you kiss me like this!" Joe? "Joe!!" I yelled.
My body wouldn't move! I could hear his voice but I couldn't move!! Was I dead? No I can't be dead! I can hear him yelling! What's going on then? I tried to push a button, make a noise, anything but nothing! And then darkness. Empty, cold darkness!
3 days later
Emeline had started to slowly show signs of improvement. The doctors had hope that the coma was her brains way of healing itself and when she woke up she'd remember. All they could do was hope. Joe never left her side! Beside himself with grief all he could do was wait.
Holding her hand he fell asleep next to her again, hoping it was all a nightmare and he would wake up and she would be fine. A soft groan woke him "joe?" Her voice was faint but he clearly heard her say his name "baby girl?" He said rubbing her hair.
"what happened?" She asked "why am I in the hospital?"
"you were in an accident" he said, trying to figure out how to tell her "you had to have surgery because you were hit by a car! Are you in pain?" He asked.
"a little!" She said, as he reached for the call button. The nurse came in "your awake!" She smiled.
"how long was I out for?" Emeline asked.
"4 days!" The nurse said "do your remember anything?"
"I remember joe freaking out that I didn't know who he was and-"
"Emeline you've been out this whole time!" The nurse said "it's not uncommon for coma patients to dream"
"it was so real though!" She said "no matter how hard I tried to wake up I couldn't!"
"it's ok baby girl! You're ok!" He smiled at her.
"I'm gonna go get the Dr!" The nurse said, leaving them alone. He smiled widely at her "I'm so glad you're awake! I was so worried!"
"I don't remember what happened!" She said.
"it's probably best you don't right now." He said "it could make things worse!"
The Dr came in a few moments later "Emeline! Its good to see you awake!" She smiled "your gonna need therapy for your legs, I'm gonna give you some very strong pain killers. You'll be in the hospital for. Few more days as long as things go well. You need to rest as much as possible!"
"can he stay with me?" She asked.
"of course he can!" The Dr smiled, noticing their hands intertwined.
A few months later
Emeline's legs were 70% better! They hadn't been able to be intimate since she got hurt and Both of them we're going crazy with want! When she woke up in their canopy bed, he was still next to her. It was still dark but the moonlight shinning in the room made his skin glow.
His gaze at her made that heat between her legs pool. His eyes darkened with lust when he pulled the blanket back, seeing her naked body. Her curves, her perky, beautiful breasts and her eyes lusting just as much as his "I need you baby girl!" He said leaning towards her, pulling her body as close to his as possible. Kissing down her shoulder he felt goosebumps form on her skin, his thick beard tickling her as he moved to her breasts, taking each nipple in his mouth.
She laid on her back, letting him crawl over her. Reaching his hand down, running it through her folds before bringing his fingers to his lips and licking them clean "delicious!" He groaned, running the tip of his thick cock through her essence "joe please!" She groaned. Her pleas were music to his ears. He lined himself up with her entrance and slowly slid in, both of them letting out deep groans of pleasure. It'd been so long since they:d felt each other, both of them nearly busting at the sensation.
"Uhn! Fuck baby girl! I've missed how this pussy suckles my cock! Fuck!" He groaned.
He gently wrapped her legs around him, before lifting them over his shoulders "uhn! So fucking tight!"
A deep growls escaped him as he felt her pussy squeeze him even more "that's it baby! Give it to me! Let me feel you cum!" He growled. His words sending her over the edge, her walls spasming around him "oh fuck! That's my good girl! Milk my cock!" He growled throwing his head back, his own orgasm rocking his body, her walls milking him dry.
When he stilled inside her, they were both still spasming, neither one wanting to leave the other "I could stay like this all night!" She smiled.
He smiled back "I could to! I could make love to you all night long!"
"What's stopping you?" She smirked.
He smirked back "I love you baby girl!"
"I love you to!" She smiled. The rest of the night he showed her how much he's missed her, making her scream his name.
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Enjoy chapter 69 😏 of my Rhea Ripley x lady!reader fic, Absolute Smokeshow.
Warnings for this section: Group sex, spanking, dirty talk, praise, small penis humiliation, humiliation/degradation, collaring
Absolute Smokeshow (Part 69 of ?): R+D+Me
“On your feet, slut, and bend over the bed,” Rhea ordered, sliding out of her pants and underwear. You felt two pairs of eyes watching your naked form as you stood and bent at the waist, touching your hands to the sheets. Rhea slid onto the bed in front of you, scooting closer just as Dom grabbed your ass and whispered “fuck.”
“You can service both of us at once, can’t you, slut?” Rhea asked, spreading her legs apart as Dominik grabbed the lube, “Now be a doll and give Mami your mouth.”
Wordlessly, you opened up and stuck out your tongue, beaming when you were praised for it.
“Ah!” you moaned in surprise at the firm slap Dom gave your ass before Rhea’s wet, pink folds ran into your mouth. Another moan buzzed on your lips just from tasting her - how refreshing it was to indulge in what you so frequently craved.
“Fuck yes,” Rhea breathed as you set your tongue to work, a cool, slick feeling greeting you from the other end.
“Let me know if it’s too much, perrita,” Dom told you, teasing you with his tip.
“That pathetic little thing?” Rhea scoffed at the instruction as you kept going, “I would be surprised if she could even feel it.”
An involuntary whimper fell from Dominik’s mouth.
“You’re right, Mami,” he agreed, clutching your hip with one hand as he gauged the best angle to enter you.
Keeping the rhythm you had going with your mouth started taking more and more of your concentration as Dom gradually slid inside you.
Stifling the sounds of your pleasure was the last thing on your mind as Dominik began thrusting, but Rhea certainly didn’t seem to mind the moans peppering your lip service.
“Mmm, you can go faster than that, Dom-Dom” she said between soft moans, gripping your hair, “Really give it to her - Mami wants to feel more vibrations from her easy little fucktoy.”
“Yes, Mami,” he grunted, obediently thrusting faster and a bit harder.
Rhea’s moans were soon accompanying your muffled ones as you gripped the sheets, trying to keep your writhing and twitching to a minimum as you neared your orgasm.
“Turn her over,” your domme ordered, holding your head in place as she pulled away and smiling at your disappointed face when your tongue reached forward longingly, “Mami wants to enjoy both her collared bitches at once.”
Dominik somehow managed to stay inside you, turning you onto your back quickly and resting your legs on his shoulders. Something caught you off guard about the sweet, caring way Dom was looking down at you. His face was flushed, a slight sheen of sweat on his brow from all that the three of you had done so far, and you were cockwarming him at the moment - but the way he smiled and held your gaze was so… gentle.
Unsure how to react, you were thankful when one smooth, swift leg swung over you, blocking Dominik from view for a moment as Rhea straddled your face before lowering herself onto your mouth.
“You don’t have to pause on my account,” she said, and you heard the soft sound of metal against metal as Rhea presumably held Dom by his collar, “Keep fucking her, pretty boy.”
You were enjoying the way your girlfriend tasted and having her ass in your face far too much to be paying attention to what she said; the sudden pleasure you felt as Dom thrust in and out of you once more made you grip Rhea’s thighs to keep her close to your mouth. It took a moment for you to realize that the tempo between your legs felt so good, you were matching the rhythm with your mouth.
Whimpering moans punctuated the air.
“That’s it, just focus on how good she feels,” Rhea cooed as your muffled sounds increased with Dom’s rhythm, “Wouldn’t you just love to come inside of her?”
“Please, Mami!” he moaned urgently, grabbing your tits as he whimpered, “I’m getting close!”
Even though it hadn’t happened yet, being reminded that he could come inside you at any moment - that Rhea could make a mess on your face as well - made you finally give into a wave of pleasure that rapidly swept through you. Every sensation was made sweeter with your release as Dom and Rhea continued their conversation above you.
“You can wait a bit for Mami, can’t you?” she replied, her voice making you come just a bit harder before Dominik slowed down a bit and you went into aftershocks, “So we can come at the same time?”
“I’ll try,” he huffed, keeping a restrained pace.
“What a good little boytoy,” Rhea praised between moans of her own, “That’s right, keep your eyes on Mami.”
“Fuck,” he breathed, dripping sweat onto your stomach with every other movement, “Getting close again.”
“Just… a little bit… longer,” she moaned, and you felt Dominik’s thrusts become more erratic, “Fuck… come for Mami, bitch.”
The loud moan that began in Dom’s throat was cut off by what you could only assume was the two of them kissing as you did your best to swallow the cum that gushed into your mouth, a growing warmth inside you making you raise your hips to savor it.
When both of them had finished, Rhea lifted herself off you and the first thing you saw was her enormous grin.
“How was that for you, babes?” she asked you both, giggling at your surprised moan when Dom pulled out.
“Wow,” was all you could say after licking your lips clean, still coming down from being cumdrunk.
“Such a good girl,” Rhea praised, making you bite your lip, “Dom-Dom?”
“Maravilloso,” he replied, eyes flitting back to you for a second before continuing, “Can we do this more often?”
Taking note of your pleading eyes, Rhea laughed, “Both of my darlings at once, more than once? I could never turn down an offer like that.”
Grabbing her panties off the floor, she shimmied into them before getting comfortable on the bed and opening her arms invitingly.
“Now c’mere!”
[end part sixty-nine of ?]
Tag list (thank you!)
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cosmicflw3rr · 17 hours
HEY!! can i get a dom x reader fic where they hang out at his place and cuddle while it storms? and a first kiss too, THANK YOUU
dominik mysterio x gn! reader
summary: there’s a big thunder storm rolling in, instead of staying in your hotel room alone you decide to spend the time with your best friend.
A/N: tysm for the request! 🫶 I absolutely love this request, and I also added a bit more than what you asked but I hope you still like it!
Tumblr media
you were snuggled beneath the cozy hotel blankets, finding comfort in the warm glow of your favorite TV show, a distraction from the rain hitting the window.
the loud booming had kept you awake for the past hour, leaving you tossing and turning. as the storm's continued, your restlessness grew.
turning over, with a sigh you reached for the nightstand, your hand finding your phone. you opened your phone going to your messages.
you: are you up?
you had just swiped out of the chat when your phone vibrated. it was a notification showing you he had replied.
you tapped it, and it brought you back into the conversation.
dom💜: yea
dom💜: are you okay?
you: yea everything’s alright
you: can i go to your room?
dom💜: ofc you can
dom💜: i was actually gonna see if you were up😭
you: 😭
you: alright ill be over there in a bit.
dom💜: okay 👍
laying your phone aside, you sat up and clicked the TV off. putting on a black hoodie and slipping on your sandals, you grabbed your phone and wallet with the key card tucked inside.
you walked out of your room making your way to dominik’s room.
fortunately, you were both on the same floor, his was only a little bit further down the hall. you walked up to the door knocking on it.
you pulled out your phone scrolling through Instagram as you waited for him to open the door.
not long after you heard the lock clicked softly, and dom’s door swung open, revealing him in his typical sleepwear: an hoodie and sweatpants, with a smile.
"hey." he welcomed you warmly.
glancing up from your phone, a gentle smile graced your lips, "hey," you echoed, putting your phone into your pocket.
he stepped aside, "come in," he said motioning for you to come into his room. as you entered, brushing past him, he shut the door and turned to you, "couldn't sleep, huh?"
"what gave it away?" you responded with a playful tone.
"just taking a random guess." he laughed. “do you wanna watch a movie or something?" he proposed.
you wrapped your arms around yourself, "uhm, obviously. did you really think I'd come over and not expect a movie?" you teased with a playful eye roll.
he flashed a smirk, "right, should've guessed," he joked, giving your arm a light, playful tap.
he headed over to his bed and motioned for you to take a seat. you made your way to the bed, settling on the far side. kicking off your shoes, you and going under the blankets
"comfy?" he asked, going under the covers up next to you while grabbing the remote to turn on the TV.
"definitely," you replied with a gentle smile.
"good," he responded, draping an arm around you. flicking through netflix, he chose a show at random to play.
he began to gently run his fingers through your hair after a while.
the sensation of him playing with your hair brought a smile to your face; it was calming. despite what liv and several other friends had said, cuddling like this was pretty normal for the two of you.
suddenly, you looked up at him, your face lighting up with excitement, "wait, dom. didn’t we pick up the stuff to make brownies yesterday?"
his smirk grew, "yeah, we did. why?" he knew exactly where you were getting at.
sitting upright, you clasped your hands together, "can we make them, pretty please?"
he chuckled, "alright, alright," he drawled out playfully.
"yea we can make them, real quick." he said, hopping off the bed and heading to the kitchen. you let out a soft squeal, sliding off the bed to join him in the hotel kitchen.
you reached for a large bowl and gathered the brownie mix ingredients. you poured the mix into the bowl, followed by three eggs, a splash of water, and a drizzle of vegetable oil.
he flashed a mischievous smirk, "do you need help, or can you handle it?" he teased, hands on his hips.
"I got it," you assured him, finishing up the mixing. but as you turned around, he snuck up behind you and dipped his finger into the batter, then playfully smeared it on your nose. you looked at him, mouth agape, and exclaimed, "dominik!"
"what?" he innocently asked, his voice sounding higher than usual before bursting into laughter at the surprise on your face.
he used his finger to wipe off the batter from your nose, then playfully licked it off his finger. he gave you a mischievous look before both of you burst into laughter.
you rolled your eyes as your laughs quieted and wiped your nose to ensure you got it all off. dom had already prepared the pan, so you handed him the bowl, and he poured the batter into it. then, he placed it in the oven.
you set the timer while he closed the oven door, and you moved away, pulling yourself up to sit on the counter.
he stepped closer, glancing at the oven before turning his gaze back to you, a chuckle escaping him.
"you've still got brownie batter on your nose," he said with a soft laugh, reaching for a napkin to wet it slightly.
"dude no way," you giggled, pulling out your phone to check, seeing that there was still brownie batter. as you put your phone down, he moved in closer, positioning himself between your legs and gently tilting your head so he could clean it.
he chuckled, gently wiping your nose with the napkin, close enough that the air between you felt charged with unspoken possibilities.
"there, no more brownie batter," he teased, smirking. you smiled back, quietly aware of the closeness and the tension hanging between you.
you eyes flickered to his lips briefly, heightening the already high tension. you noticed him doing the same, his gaze shifting between your eyes and lips.
he leaned in, closing the distance until you were mere inches apart.
his hands found your hips, pulling you a bit closer, a playful smile on his face. "you have something on your lips," he said, smirking.
"oh, do I now?" your tone was light, teasing.
"yeah, can I?" his voice was a a soft murmur. his hands lifted to cup your face, gently angling your head.
you gave a small nod in agreement.
a smirk played on his lips as he leaned in, his gaze locked on you, his lips inching closer to yours. suddenly, his lips met yours.
as his lips pressed against yours, a rush of warmth flooded through you, a tingling sensation that seemed to start at your lips and spread outward.
your heart raced, pounding against your chest. his kiss was gentle yet insistent, a question you were only too happy to answer.
when he pulled away, the cool air hit your tingling lips, leaving you yearning for more. breathless, you found yourself lost in his gaze, a silent understanding passing between you.
"did you get it??" you asked, your gaze affectionate as you admired his eyes.
his smile mirrored yours, hands lingering on your neck. his thumb traced small circles while he replied, "i don’t think i did, i think i need another try."
he drew you into another kiss, tender and lingering. afterward, he dotted your lips with quick, soft pecks, coaxing a smile onto your face. It was a sweet and tender kiss, filled with warmth and affection.
a he slowly pulled away this time, a satisfied smirk played on his lips. “i think that one got it.” his hands moved down to wrap around your waist, and you couldn't help but notice a slight pink tint on his lips.
the feeling of his hands on you made you feel like melting into his arms. his touch was incredibly soothing, especially since you had grown accustomed to it by now. "you know I love you, right?" he whispered, shattering the comfortable silence.
gazing into his eyes, a gentle smile began to form on your face. "say it again."
his smile broadened, and he tilted his head just a bit. "I love you," he declared, this time without a hint of hesitation, a soft smile gracing his features too.
with a light chuckle, he leaned in for another kiss, lingering for just a moment before pulling back with a playful smirk. "okay, you're distracting me from the brownies," he teased as he got up and stepped away to check on them.
he walked to the oven, switching off the timer; the brownies were perfectly baked. carefully, he lifted the pan onto the counter, then went and got l two plates. "they're done!" he announced, calling you over.
you hopped down from the counter and made your way to him, his hand naturally finding its place at your waist as you closed the distance.
grabbing a knife, you plunged it into the middle of the brownies. when you pulled it out it was clean meaning you didn’t have to cook them more. "yes, they are."
you handed him the knife. his smile widened as he sliced through the brownies, setting a piece on each plate and passing one to you. then, he grabbed a pair of forks for the both of you.
his eyes locked on you warmly. "how about we head back to bed and watch one more movie before sleep?"
"of course!" with your plate in hand, you made your way to the bed.
he joined you, settling in the bed with his own plate in his hand, beginning to enjoy his brownie. a smile played on his lips, before he let out a gentle yawn.
he finished his brownie, setting his plate aside. his arms wrapped around your waist once more, snuggling into your neck.
"can you put this over there please?" you offered, handing him your plate to place on the nightstand beside his.
he put your plate on top of his before, his grip on your waist returning as he leaned in. "you’re tired, aren't you?" he asked.
you gave a nod, your gaze drifting to the TV. he carefully shifted you onto his chest for better comfort. "It's okay, hermosa," he whispered, fingers tenderly combing through your hair once more. "you should sleep."
"I know," you murmured, fighting the your sleep. "I just don't want this night to end."
he tenderly rubbed your back in soothing circles. "me neither, but listen. I know there’s a lot we still need to talk about, and we'll get to that tomorrow. just know, i plan to have many more nights like this with you. so for now, sleep. I'm right here," he assured.
your heart felt full with his promise, and you glanced up to meet his affectionate gaze. he smiled warmly, planting a gentle kiss on your forehead. you nestled closer into his embrace, the comfort of his presence easing you into sleep.
since that night, you've always had someone to take your mind off the thunderstorms.
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delilahcalicocat · 20 hours
★-Back Off!-★
{Rating: Fluff, Angst.}
{Warnings: Swearing, Fem!Reader, Fem!Reader has a daughter named Emma from a past relationship, Roman and Jimmy being Cracked in the face, Hugging, Kissing}
{Pairing: Cody Rhodes x Fem!Reader}
{summary: Roman gets Personal with Cody and Y/N when he taunts Y/N's Daughter Emma by saying her adoptive father won't win}
It was RAW After Wrestlemania, Cody came out after Triple H announced him, Cody was speaking as normal until Roman & The Rock came out with Jimmy.
Y/N's Daughter who was ringside with her mom was scared for her adoptive dad.
"Haha! Cody, You don't stand a chance with that title. Rock will beat you in 5 seconds in the main event of smackdown" Roman Spat
Cody was clearly pissed off, he knew he stood a chance. He could beat the rock.
"And To little Emma over there, Your Daddy is gonna lose~" Roman Hummed
Cody got even more pissed, that Roman went so far as to bring Cody's Adopted Child into this.
Y/N took the mic from Cody after she got in the ring with Emma, and sighed
"Fuck Off Roman!" Y/N Seethed.
"Baby, Calm Down- you still have Em-" Cody was going to speak until Jimmy Slapped him
"Babe, Take Em." Y/N spoke handing Emma over to Cody
"Why?-" Cody's Jaw dropped when Y/N cracked Jimmy's Face Back in return
"Fuck your stupid Bloodline you assholes! I hate your guts Roman Reigns!" Y/N Spat
"Wow... Y/N- you didn't have to go that-" Cody looked in shock when Y/N Smacked Roman aswell
"You don't bring my child into this! You fucker!" Y/N Shouted
"Mommy?" Emma spoke
"Momma's Busy Emmy-" Cody Calmly spoke
"Ok.." Emma Said, Before Hugging Cody
Y/N continued to beat down Roman and the rest of The Bloodline, she was an angry mother.. it was a derailed train that ain't going back on track anytime soon.
Meanwhile, Cody had backed off and out of the ring with Emma. So Emma wouldn't see something to traumatize her.
Y/n eventually stopped, and then walked over Cody and gave him a kiss. And took Emma Back. Y/N hugged Cody and smiled
"Back off Roman, you don't wanna mess with her now.." Cody spoke
Roman Flared him only to be flared right back by Y/N..
"Fuck you Roman!" Y/N Giggled as Cody's Theme played as they walked off
A/N: Reader's Child is the age of 6, and was from her past relationship with JD McDonaugh (Sorry if I misspelt it), JD didn't want a kid yet. So Emma is technically a Rhodes now, cause Y/N is engaged to Cody in this story ❤️
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sydsaint · 21 hours
A little taste of what's to come with our fav GM Reader and her boys. <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: GM reader flexes her hard-earned experience and the benefits that come with it to Ava at a draft meeting. But offering Ava some wisdom isn't the only thing that she's got on the agenda.
"Your boys lost the match fair and square, Pearce." You smile across the table at your fellow general manager. "Which means that Smackdown gets first dibs at the NXT roster, courtesy of Ava, of course." You turn in your chair to face Ava sitting a few seats away from you.
Ava flashes a friendly smile at you. This is her first WWE draft meeting, so she's still in the feeling-out process of everything. "I'm just happy to be here." She admits.
"And we're happy to have you here." Pearce nods. "But back to business. YN, do you have a pick from the NXT roster to kick the night off?" He turns back to you.
"I do, yes." You grin and twirl your pen in your hand before pulling open the vanilla folder in front of you. "Smackdown will be taking Carmelo Hayes as our first pick from NXT." You inform the room.
A knowing scoff escapes Pearce's lips. He taps his pen against his palm and nods at you. "Excellent choice, YN." He compliments you. "Your eye for talent never ceases to amaze me." He adds knowingly.
"What can I say, Adam? I can't help but have good taste." You laugh and wink at him playfully.
The meeting drags on for a few more hours while you and Pearce go back and forth on draft picks. Ava chimes in when one of you has a question about the NXT roster, but otherwise stays silent and soaks in all the information she can get. Ava especially keeps a keen eye on you. She aspires to be like you one day. A strong woman that commands authority and understands the inner-workings of the company like the back of your hand.
After the meeting finally comes to an end, both you and Pearce are feeling satisfied with your respective picks. The two of you shake hands and part ways until the next executive meeting or PLE show. You are just about shoot the boys a text that you're finished up with your meeting when Ava approaches.
"YN! Hey, again." Ava cracks a friendly and eager smile as she walks over to you.
"Hmm?" You glance up from your phone. "Oh, Ava! What's up, girl?" You greet her.
Ava bounces on her heels nervously and smiles at you. "Sorry to bother you." She bites the inside of her cheek. "But I was hoping that we could talk for a minute?"
"Yeah, sure." You nod and pocket your phone. "I've got some time before my date gets here."
Ava nods and the two of you move to a more comfortable spot to chat for a bit. You both take a seat out in the outdoor lounge and take advantage of the warm sun still hanging in the sky.
"You were great earlier." Ava starts the conversation. "I mean. It's so cool how you manage to control the narative when you're negotiating with Pearce." She gushes. "That's what I want."
"Thanks, Ava." You giggle at her awe of you. "You did good for your first draft meeting too." You offer her an encouraging smile. "I know you haven't been in charge of the NXT roster for long. But you seem to have a good handle on it. Your knoledge of everyone really helped Pearce and I out with our picks." You assure her.
The smile on Ava's face grows wider at your encouraging words. "Thanks, YN. That really means a lot." She blushes.
"Of course!" You nod. "You've got a bright future kid." You knock into her shoulder playfully.
You and Ava chat for a while about work. You offer her some tips about things that you had to learn the hard way in order to move up in the business. Ava soaks up the information and doesn't hesitate to ask questions, which you like.
"Hey, I actually have another question for you." Ava prepares to drop another ask on you. Not that you mind. "If you don't mind, that is." She adds.
"Ask away." You smile at her.
Ava picks at her nails for a second before nervously meeting your gaze. "Are the rumors true about you, LA Knight, Grayson Waller, and Austin Theory?" She asks you sheepishly.
A laugh falls from your lips upon hearing Ava's question. "Well it's no secret that Knight and I have a special relationship." You half-answer her. "But when it comes to Theory and Waller? Well, some things are better left to the imagination, don't you think, Ava?" You tease her and your phone buzzes in your pocket.
You take out your phone and quickly read the new message. Ava watches you curiously as you rise to your feet and pocket your phone before pulling down your sunglasses.
"You're doing great as the GM of NXT." You praise Ava one last time. "But don't ever forget that being the GM comes with it's own special perks." You grin at her as a fast-sounding car whips into the parking lot.
Ava watches you gesture for her to follow you as the luxury car sounds closer and closer. She follows you out to the front of the building where she spots the luxury car she heard now sitting still. LA Knight leans against the drivers-side door and nods to Ava when he sees her.
"You out here picking up strays now, darlin?" Knight peers at you over the rim of his aviators.
"Just giving a newbie some tips from a pro." You grin back at him. "You ready to go? The boys are starting the party without us from the text I just got from the pretty boy." You add.
Knight chuckles and walks around the car to get the door for you. "The party don't really start until you get there, sweetheart. You know that."
"Take care Ava!" You offer Ava one last wave. "Shoot me a message if you ever need anything, alright, girl?" You add.
"Yeah! Okay!" Ava nods, her eyes sparkling with awe as you dissapear into the car.
Knight walks back around the car and pulls his glasses down to get a good look at Ava. "You have a nice rest of your day, sweetheart." He shoots a wink at her before pushing his glasses back up and disapearing into the car as well.
Ava watches the car speed out of the parking lot and shakes her head. Oh yeah. She's definetly got a new role model to look up to.
In the car you laugh with Knight regarding your little display. "Oh her face was so cute." You giggle.
"She did looked pretty shocked, yeah." Knight agrees. "How'd the meeting go with Pearce?" He asks you.
You smile to yourself and look at Knight knowingly. "It went great. Smackdown is about to become the A-show again. Trust me on that, babe." You laugh to yourself. "Because I've got Carmelo Hayes in my office on Friday night. And he's all mine to work with."
"Hayes, huh?" Knight glances over at you for a brief second. "You ain't looking to add another boytoy to the roster, are you?" He asks you.
"We'll see." You shrug, plans for new rivalries and storylines already forming in your head.
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madhatterbri · 2 days
Beauty and the Demon | F.B. (Demon King)
Tumblr media
Summary: The Demon King is left alone with his thoughts.
Author's Note: I am mixing my two favorite things: Disney and wrestling. Let's see how it goes.
The Demon King solemnly walked to the table that held the black rose in the glass dome. His hand placed gingerly as if the table would break with his touch. Memories of his lonely life before you trickled into his mind as he stared at the fallen dark petals. Now he knew he needed someone, you, more than ever.
He closed his eyes and walked away from the table. He opened his blue eyes to a portrait of his former self. The way he looked before the sorceress cursed him and his kingdom to their current demon forms. Slashes caused by his claws marked up the painting and the wooden board that held it.
No longer afraid to hide himself, he looked in the mirror. His demon appearance reflected back to him. His skin is black and red with white to resemble big, sharp, pointy teeth. He looked down and ran his fingers through his hair. A feeling of someone pushing his chin up caused him to do so. He could have swore he saw you standing next to him, but when he looked towards you, you were gone.
He knew the exact moments when you stole his heart. The way you had a caring and kindness to you even when you were a prisoner in his own home. When he was really hurt, you nurtured him back to health. Besides being beautiful, you had a love for books and knowledge. You were the light in his dark world.
Finn stammered over to the window and saw as you rode on horse to help your father. Your hair swayed in the wind as the horse galloped you further away from his broken heart. His heart ached and pained him like an open wound that would never heal. He knew as his inner demon claimed more of him that he would never forget you. You would always be a peace of this castle with him.
Broken-hearted, the king walked up the cobblestone stairs to your room. He continued to watch you leave. Each stomp of the horse's hoof felt like it stomped his heart. The foolish thought of leaving his castle doors open for you crossed his mind. As if you would want to live with him for evermore.
Despite the fact that he could no longer see you, your presence lingered. As he looked around the room, he saw the ghost of you. One moment, you were sitting in front of the mirror laughing at his jokes and brushing your hair. The next, you were sitting at the desk. He sat across from you and never took his eyes off of you. Lastly, the two of you were lying in your bed. Fingers barely touched as dreams were spilled for the other to enjoy. Oh, how he missed you.
Now you would be with him in everything he did. Whether it would be walking down the hallways, reading in the library, or any of the other mundane things that he would do to occupy his time.
He knew his nights would be spent alone in his tower. His bedroom door left open so he could fool himself that you would walk right in. His dreams of the future now consist of what might have been.
"Sir," one of the lesser demons asked. Finn stopped staring out the window long enough to acknowledge the other's presence. "Why did you let her go?"
"I had to let her go," Finn paused and looked out the floor. He shuddered at his last words. "Because I love her,"
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mamirhodessxox · 2 days
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Tumblr media
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I Hate You more (Series) Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
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𝐀𝐝𝐝𝐢𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮 🖤
Dominik Mysterio x Fem!Bloodline!Reader
“Let me take care of you, sweetheart.” + “Take out your anger on me. I can handle it."
Summary: Your family is pissing you off, and Dominik is more than happy to let you take your anger out on him.
A/N: Dominik brain rot is real and this is the result of it (this took so long 😭) and was inspired by the gif below. This is my first smut and probably my last, so please be nice! Hope you enjoy!
Word Count: 6,016
Warnings: SMUT!! Cursing, family drama.
Tumblr media
You sighed as you rubbed your temples, closing your eyes for a moment and feeling the incoming headache about to come as the room got louder and louder with anger. You opened your eyes to see Roman and Jimmy still arguing, yelling and getting closer and closer to each other. Jey was sitting in the corner, jaw clenched as he let them get into it. Solo was standing next to you, keeping a watchful eye on them in case things got out of hand. Your eyes met, and you can tell by the look in his eye he was done with all this shit too.
Why couldn't they talk this out like men instead of acting like children? You thought, rolling your eyes. You snapped out of your thoughts when Jimmy pushed Roman into the corner, all of you quickly getting up to separate them.
"You guys need to stop this!" You shouted angrily as you and Jey held Jimmy back, Solo trying to calm Roman down but to no avail.
"No, he needs to stop being a manipulative asshole! Apologize for losing? Acting like you wouldn't have lost without our help. My help. I ain't apologizing for shit, ‘Tribal Chief'!"
"Jimmy, chill out!" Jey tried, but Roman's laugh echoed throughout the room, and Jimmy tried to get out of our grips.
"Nah, let him run his mouth. You don't see your brothers acting like this, huh? Or your sister? You know why they aren't acting like this? Because they know that I am right, they know that you disgraced everybody. You disgraced this family, your ancestors, your legacy, and me, your Tribal Chief. You need to apologize for them, but most importantly, you will apologize to me."
"I ain't apologizing for anything! You wouldn't have even been Tribal Chief if it weren't for us, uce! You were a disgrace until we helped you get to the top! So if I am gonna apologize to anyone, I'ma apologize to myself for helping you get there in the first place!" Jimmy spat out, nostrils flaring as he clenched his fists, continuing to try and break out of our grip. You felt all the patience slip out of you in that very moment and you snapped, grabbing Jimmy’s shirt and pushing against the wall.
"You all need to shut the fuck up!" You screamed, Jimmy becoming lax in your grip with a look of shock on his face, the others quiet in shock as well. Finally, they shut up.
“You need to put your ego’s in check and start acting like men instead of acting like children!” You yelled furiously, scowling at them.
"He needs to-" Jimmy began, but you gave him a glare that could kill and he shut his mouth.
"You both need to stop trying to be right and start talking to each other like grown ass people. You need to stop holding grudges and let shit go. " You hissed, letting him go and turning towards Roman.
"And you need to keep your 'Tribal Chief' ego in check and stop crapping on people just because things don't go to plan." You snapped at him.
"Uce, calm down." Jey made his way towards you, trying to quell your anger before you said something Roman would make you regret, but you gave him a look and he backed away. You couldn't care less about Roman right now, he needed to hear the truth.
"Calm down? Are you kidding me?" You scoffed in disbelief.
"Don't you see what's happening? You're giving everybody what they want. They want to see us crumble, want to see our dominance fall so they could rise and take our top spot here."
You looked at Jimmy, seeing his face turn from anger to a mixture of embarrasment and relization."You're feeding into Sami and Kevin, letting them get in your heads. Why do you think they keep digging and digging? Because they want to keep those titles, and your basically ensuring they win by engaging with their stupid bullshit!"
You turned to Roman, who was stunned silent for the first time in a while. He had rarely seen you angry, even when you were kids. You were always the moral compass for the group, keeping their moral up with your caring energy. But you thought that now they needed the hard truth instead of caring words.
"And you need to stop letting your ego cloud your morals. Just because we're family doesn't mean you get a pass to be an asshole." Roman met your challenged gaze, still silent but didn't look as angry as before. Solo stood next to him, a stunned look on his usually stone-cold face as he watched you rip everybody to shreds with a tone you usually reserved for your rivals.
"You all are out of your mind if you think I'm letting everything I worked hard for go to waste because you don't want to get along. Get it together the next time I see you, I'm getting some air." You casted everyone a look before grabbing your jacket, slipping it on and leaving the room.
You franticly sped out of the arena, needing to just breathe and feel the cool night air on your skin. The fans were long gone by this time, so you didn't need to worry about being spotted. You sat on a bench, putting your head in your hands and trying to breathe through the haze of anger you felt suffocating you and coursing through your veins.
"Trouble in paradise?" You snapped out of your daze, already knowing who it was and not bothering to pick your head back up.
"Shut up, Dominik. I'm not in the mood." You mumbled loudly enough for him to hear. You heard him laugh, not taking you seriously. "Ooh, the full name this time. What happened to Dom? Am I in trouble?"
You picked your head up, glaring at him. "I said I'm not in the mood. Leave me alone and find someone else to bother."
He stopped laughing, realizing you weren't joking. "What happened?"
"None of your concern. Are you deaf? Leave. me. alone." You made a move to stand up, but he pushed you back down gently, sitting down next to you.
"Can you not be annoying for once and actually listen to me?" You spat at him, trying to stand up again but he grabbed your waist, restraining you.
"What happened?" He repeated, seeing your eyes glazed with anger. He had never seen you this mad outside of the ring before, and it made him unnerved for it to be directed at him. You were usually playful with him, sometimes having mean banter with your character work but you both didn't mean any of it. But you were never like this.
"Family business." You finally answered him, short and clipped. You tried looking away from him but he gently grabbed your cheek.
"Look at me, mi corazon." You tried to ignore the way the pet name made your stomach tighten with butterflies and listened to him, looking deep into his eyes, distracting yourself with his brown orbs that almost made you forget about your anger. Almost.
"What did your family do?" You felt the anger rush back and you mockingly chuckled. “Jimmy and Roman keep starting arguments on literally anything instead of focusing on winning. Now everybody thinks were weak and vulnerable, even though I've done nothing but pull my weight!" You huffed out, breaking out of his grip and standing up, clenching your fists. You muttered to yourself angrily, wanting to scream, hit something, do anything to let out the frustration gnawing at you.
But Dominik stood up with you, grabbing your wrists, and yanking you back into his arms. You scowled at him, trying to pull away from him. “Let go of me!”
“Not until you breathe, mi vida.” He held your wrists in one hand and grabbed your face with the other, softly caressing your face, his heartbeat and husky smell of his cologne invading your scenes.
“Look at me, mi amor.” Dominik instructed, his brown eyes gazing into yours as you ignored the way your stomach churned everytime he spoke Spanish to you and kept trying to pull your wrists away from him. But he opted for letting go of your face, bringing your head into his chest, and you felt his hot breath near your ear as he nuzzled his head into your neck. "Cálmate, carino."
Screw him and his stupidly hot Spanish. You felt yourself melt into him, some calmness washing over you the longer you were in his arms. He let go of your wrists, and you wrapped your arms around his waist, shivering when he laid feather-light kisses onto your neck.
Dominik continued kissing your neck, loving the feeling of you in his arms and shivering under his touch. He waited for your breathing to slow down to let you go, but he wrapped an arm around your waist, not wanting you out of arms reach.
"You better now, sweetheart?" You nodded, you still felt that haze of anger but it wasn't at strong as before. "I need words, baby.”
"I'm better now, Dom." You grabbed his free hand and held it, relishing in the smile he gave you.
"I can tell now that you called me Dom." You rolled your eyes playfully at his smirk and grabbed the hand that was around your shoulder and held it, relishing in the smile he gave you.
“Do you have a ride back? Dominik asked, to which you shook your head. “I was too mad at the boys to drive with them, so I’ma just get an uber-”
“You’re riding with me.” You gave him an amused smile at his demanding tone, it was usually the other way around.
“You sure you don't need mami's permission for that?" You giggled when he yanked you closer to him, wrapping your arms around his neck, his forhead leaning against yours and his lips so, so close to yours.
"You know more than anyone I don't need her permission." Dom pushed his lips onto yours, kissing away your smirk and losing himself in the taste of you. God, you were addicting.
You kissed him slowly at first-as if you wanted to torture him-and he hated and loved you for it. He groaned into your mouth when you snuck a hand up to his hair, pulling it just the way you knew he liked it and kissing him even harder, your tongue slipping into his mouth. His fingers dug into your waist almost painfully as you clung to him, his touch burning your skin in the best way and you pulled his hair harder in response.
You pulled away first, the both of you panting and out of breath. You ran your fingers through his hair, smiling brightly at him when he leaned into your touch. You felt the heat creep back up looking at him, his hair slightly touseled and his muscles showing through his dark black tee. You felt the urge to kiss him again, so you did. He laughed into your lips, letting you steal another kiss before pulling away. “I meant what I said before. I'm not letting you go into a random car by yourself in the middle of the night just because you're mad at your idiot brothers."
"They are not idiots."
"They are if they decided to make you angry." You laughed, playfully nudging him, and he grinned before brushing your hair out of your face. You looked up at him through your lashes, seeing him gaze at you with a sparkle in his eyes.
"Let me take care of you, sweetheart." You bit your lip, struggling to choose between your stubbornness or giving in to what you want. As if sensing your internal conflict, Dominik caressed your face, running his thumb over your lips, making you break out of your stupor. He smirked when you instinctively parted your lips, it’d been too long yet your bodies still remembered each other.
"Please?" You couldn't refuse him, not when he was looking at you like you were the only thing he ever wanted to think of.
"Fine, but I get to have the aux." Music was the last thing on your mind, but he didn't need to know that. At least not right now.
"Deal, but only cause you have great taste."
"You're right. I do have great taste." You eyed him up and down, winking at him and giving him a smirk that made him utterly weak for you. "Lead the way. You're driving."
The drive was quiet, music playing softly in the background as you put a hand on Dom's thigh, inching higher and higher the closer you got to the hotel. His hands gripped the steering wheel tighter as he tried to get himself under control. You grinned seeing him like this, letting you be in charge. You needed to release your anger and have a stress reliever, and he was more than willing to let you use him as one. It wouldn't be the first time.
Before you knew it, you were at the hotel. You kept your hands to yourself until you went into the elevator, and as soon as its doors closed, you were all over Dominik, gripping his shirt and pushing him against the wall, giving him a searing kiss.
He welcomed it, kissing you back just as hard, moaning into your mouth when you bit his lip. He grabbed your legs and hoisted you onto his waist as if you weighed nothing. You wrapped your arms around his neck, letting yourself get dizzy in his arms, letting out a whine when he slid his tongue against your lip to draw it between his teeth. Your mind switched off, and all you could do was feel feel feel. Feel his bruising grip on your legs, his lips nibbling and biting any part of your mouth he can find, the heat growing in between your legs, his muscles flexing underneath your arms as you both turned each other into a writhing mess.
Your back hit something cold, and you pushed Dom away instinctively and opened your eyes, realizing you were in front of the hotel room. He whined at the loss of contact, his mouth moving to your neck, and you groaned and arched into him when he sucked a sensitive spot behind your ear.
"Fuck, do that again." You demanded, trying to keep your voice steady as you leaned your head on the wall, giving him more access to your neck. Dom let out an airy chuckle. You were hot when you got bossy. "Whatever you want, Mamacita." He murmured into your skin, obeying and kissing that same spot, trying to distract himself from the way your whines and whimpers were going straight to his dick long enough to get his keycard and open the room.
He brought you both into the room, setting you on the bed, hovering over you, and capturing your lips with his. Any coherent thoughts he had melted away as you deepened the kiss, distracting him with your tongue hot and probing in his mouth.
You took this opportunity to roll the both of you over and switch your positions, not breaking the kiss. You laid on top of him, gripping his shoulders for balance, and grinded your hips against his, internally smirking when Dominik threw his head back, hissing. You did that again, and again and again until he gripped your hips to stop you.
“Too much?” You asked, leaning down to kiss his neck, enjoying him writhing against you. He shook his head, but he could still see the hesitation in your eyes as you stopped kissing his neck. He snuck his hands underneath your jacket and shirt, rubbing circles onto your soft skin, feeling you relax into him.
"Don't be afraid to take your anger out on me. I can handle it." You picked your head up at those words, moving off from him and giving him a questioning look, wanting to be sure he wasn't uncomfortable. He gave you a sexy smirk that had you internally melting in response, shrugging off his shirt. You took off your own, muscled chest heaving as he eyed your bloodline jacket you threw across the room.
"You'd look better in my jacket." You rose a challenging brow, taking off your bra, smirking when Dom's head snapped down to your chest. You leaned down to his ear, sneaking your hand down to his jeans. Your boobs were pressed against his chest and hot breath against his skin making him shiver. You knew just how to drive him crazy.
"Treat me right tonight and maybe I will wear it." You nipped his skin harshly and palmed his dick at the same time. A moan ripped out of him as he arched into your hand, the last strand of composure he had slipping away from him as you continued to palm him.
"Ahh, please, please...don't stop." He pleaded, the rough material of his jeans rubbing into him deliciously and your hands already felt so good. You were making him feel like he was in heaven and you'd barely even begun.
He whined when you moved your hand away, trying to buck his hips up but you pushed his hips down, giving him a glare. "Did I tell you to move?"
"I'm sorry, mi amor-" Dom tried to mutter out as an apology, but you shook your head, cutting him off.
"I'll let it slide this time, but don't do it again. Did you forget that I'm in charge tonight, mi cielo?" He shook his head, his skin heating up and dick getting harder at your words. If speaking Spanish drove you absolutely crazy, imagine how it made him feel.
"Good. Now take off your pants." He obeyed, and you moved off him so he could sit up and pull them off. Once they were off, you moved on top of him, sitting on his chest. He gave you a pleading look, hands itching to touch you. You nodded, and his lips went to suck one of your boobs, his hands massaging your other one.
"Ahh...fuck Dom." You moaned out, the heat between your thighs only intensifying at the feeling of his warm mouth and soft lips sucking on your nipple. You tangled your fingers through his soft hair, biting your lip to contain your moans so the entirety of the hotel filled with wrestlers and your friends didn't hear you. He licked and nibbled at it making you arch your back and stifle your moans. He smirked into your skin, flicked your other nipple until it hardened, before biting and sucking his way down your chest and belly, your skin on fire from his touch.
Before his hands could travel lower, you pressed your hand against his chest. He quickly pulled away once he felt you pushing him, concerned eyes scanning your body for any injury or discomfort.
"Are you okay, Hermosa? Did I hurt you?" He asked, giving you another once over before you cupped his face to stop making him worriedly look into your eyes.
“No baby, you’d never hurt me.” You gave him a comforting look, reassuring him. He looked into your eyes for anything that said otherwise, and once he found none he let out an internal sigh of relief, letting himself lean into your touch. As much of an asshole he made himself to be on TV, he never wanted to make you uncomfortable.
You smiled when he leaned into your touch, stroking his cheek. You loved seeing this side of him he only reserved for you.
“I just thought you’d like it better like this.” You pushed him until his back hit the bed, straddling him. He groaned when you hovered over his face, his lips inches away from tasting your glistening wet pussy.
“Fuck, are you trying to kill me, mami?” Dom whined out, his voice husky with need as he gripped your thighs, trying to pull you down. You held onto the headboard before he could, stopping his attempts. “Please, let me taste you, mami.” He pleaded, giving you puppy dog eyes that you would fall for in any other circumstance. But you'll give him what he wants soon enough.
“Listen to me and I will.” You smirked at how quickly he quieted down at that, nodding at you. “This night is about me. I'm in control. Don't forget that, and maybe, I'll give you a reward. You understand, baby?”
"I understand, mi amor," Dom answered, his voice almost turning into a whine as he tried to control himself from yanking you and tasting you, he didn't want to risk a punishment from you.
"Good boy.” You cooed, the nickname and your sickly sweet tone making his cock harden even more. But he didn't have time to think about it because you were lowering yourself down, sitting on his face.
Your knees buckled and you immediately let out a moan as Dom sucked your clit harshly, hungrily eating you out and groaning into your pussy, making you moan even more.
It was like an out of body experience; you didn't register the moans coming out of you as he licked and toyed with your clit, egged on by the pretty sounds coming out of you. You grinded your face against him when he licked up and down your cunt, his tongue lapping at your folds. He gripped your thighs even tighter, and let you grip his hair and use him as you pleased.
Your moans got more high pitched and shakier as he used his mouth and strong jaw to work every inch of you, holding you tighter as you squirmed against him. He could tell you were getting closer to he flicked his tongue over your clit again and again, causing you to moan loudly and thread your fingers into the sheets. "F- fuck, oh my god, don't stop, Dom." You cried out.
"I don't plan on it, baby. " He mumbled, his words muffled under your pussy. You moaned at the vibrations of his voice that felt so good against your pussy and sent shivers straight up your spine, threatening to send you over the edge. He noticed your reaction and continued to mumble incoherently as his tongue played with your clit, making you get closer and closer to your high.
You shut your eyes when the pleasure became too much, clenching the sheets even tighter as you came with loud moans that sounded like music to Dom's ears. He helped you ride out your orgasm, licking and slurping your juices up until you were gripping his hair gently and trying to push him away.
Dominik tasted your pussy one last time before coming up to kiss you, smiling against your lips. He looked so pretty, hair matted and messy, his face red and lips soaked with your cum that you could taste as he kissed you like his life depended on it.
"Do I get my reward baby?" He asked, pulling away from the heated kiss, pupils blown out with lust. You wrapped your arms around his neck, his skin breaking out in goosebumps as your lips kissed his sensitive skin, meeting his lips again.
"Of course sweetie, as long as you promise to fuck me so hard I forget everything but you."
He gave you a devilish smile that made your lower body heat up again, and in one swift move scooped you up effortlessly and turned your positions around, smirking down at your naked form.
"I promise. And you know I don't break my promises, mi corazon." His voice dropped into a low sexy whisper, eyes never leaving you like he couldn't wait- needed- to have you right then and there. He gave you one last smirk before lowering down and kissing you with intensity, with passion, like he was trying to tell you all the ways you made him high on you, how you were like a drug that he couldn't let go even if he wanted to.
And as his hands lowered down again, and found that one spot that made your eyes roll back and his cock ache when your body arched into him as if you couldn't get enough of his fingers, he knew he definitely did not want to let you go.
You stirred awake gently, shifting under the sheets and feeling warmth surrounding you. Your tired limbs ached as you groggily turned, snuggling and trying to get closer to the heat, feeling a cool breath over your skin. It wasn't until you felt a soft, familiar breath against your neck that your eyes fluttered open, seeing Dominik 's face leaned in the crook of your neck, his arms wrapped around your waist tightly.
You smiled at his sleeping form that was cutely attached to you like a koala bear, like he couldn't get enough of you even while he was sleeping. You managed to move away from him just enough to get your phone from the nightstand, laughing quietly when Dom quickly pulled you back into his arms.
You snuggled back into his arms, turning on your phone and seeing the multiple missed calls and new messages you had come through from the twins, Paul and Solo, and surprisingly Rhea while your phone was silent while you and Dom were definitely the opposite. You didn't even bother opening Paul, Jimmy or Romans messages, you didn't have the energy for it.
You opened Rhea’s message first, the two of you were close but she only texted you for emergencies, so you were a bit worried.
DOM’S DOM So, did you and Dom Dom have fun last night?
You weren’t surprised. It was like she had a sixth sense for when you and Dom hooked up.
Yes, we did. I’m not even gonna ask how you know. Mami always knows sweetheart. Bit disappointed you didn’t come to my room though. I haven’t seen you in forever! I can see you later if you let me use you as a cover.. please? Can't exactly tell my brothers about Dominik, can I? You know I can’t say no to you and I can't resist seeing your cute little ass. Catch you later, princess. 🖤 Thank you! See you later babe💗
Yo sis, I know you still mad but I ain't asking you to talk to them, but at least let me know if you're safe or not.
You smiled at his concern, texting him back. He was one of the few in your family who didn't annoy you, aside from Solo.
Yeah, I'm good, just resting up. Just know I'm not mad at you though, just those two bozo heads. See you later <3
You then opened, and frowned, at Solo’s message.
So you with a guy?
There was no way he knew. You weren’t even at the same hotel?! Why and how the hell did he suspect it?
No, I was rooming with Rhea last night. Why are you asking? Just making sure you good. Roman’s kinda pissed at you. He wants to see you later. I’m good, and Roman can stay pissed for as long as he wants. I said nothing but the truth.
You shut your phone off, not wanting to think about your family acting like man children any longer.
You smiled and let out a sigh when you felt Dom trail kisses down on your neck, it was like he could read your mind. It was one the many things you loved about him; he knew what you needed before you yourself even knew. You leaned back, giving him more access to your neck, enjoying the feeling of his lips on your skin. He continued kissing your skin for a few more moments before propping himself up and meeting your eyes, a soft smile on his face as he took you in.
“You sleep well, hermosa?” He asked with that husky morning voice you always wanted to wake up to as his eyes raked over your form, his fingers gently tracing patterns on your skin.
“That was the best sleep I’ve had in a while.” You admitted, giggling at the satisfied smirk that played on his lips.
"I'm glad I could tire you out." Dom teased you, smirk widening when you leaned closer to him to kiss him. Your fingers tracing a path down his chest as you slowly kissed him, savoring the taste of morning on his lips. His arms pulled you in closer, deepening the kiss as if trying to convey all the desire that had built up during the night.
Breaking the kiss, you traced your fingers lightly along the contours of his jawline, savoring the feel of his stubble beneath your touch. He relaxed into your touch, his hazel eyes gazing at you with a knowing look.
"Your idiot family still bothering you?" Dominik treaded lightly, not wanting to ruin the mood.
You rolled your eyes at the mention of them. "They aren't idiots." You gave him a pointed look when he lifted up a brow and he raised his hands up in defense. "But yes, Roman wanted to meet up with me."
"To apologize to you, right?" Dom moved away from you and sat up when he was met with silence and a guilty look. "Don't tell me your thinking of apologizing to him, mi corazon."
"I don't know, Dom," you sighed, also sitting up and running a hand across your face. "I know Jimmy will apologize to me, he loves me too much to stay mad at me. But Roman would rather drop dead than apologize. And it'll just cause tension if we act like we are in a cold war with each other."
Your heart hurt at the look Dominik was giving you, but you didn't know what else to do except reassure him. "Trust me, it's just easier this way."
"It would be easier if you just joined Judgment Day!"
You sighed and shook your head at Dominiks words. It wasn't the first time he brought it up, and it wouldn't be the last time you refused his offer either. After all those late nights hanging out after shows at Waffle House or other rendezvous activities you'd have, with the two of you cuddled up next to each other, away from the pressure of famous families and overzealous egos, when nothing else but the moon could shine a light on your innermost thoughts, was when he would gain the courage to ask you.
You always looked like you were close to considering it, but it would turn morning and all signs of even maybe accepting it would wash away and be replaced with fear and with you bringing up Roman. And he'd drop it, but he never understood why you did. He could protect you, give you the power you wanted with the Judgment Day! Why didn't you trust him? Why were you so scared of Roman?
"You know more than anyone I can't do that, Dom."
"But you can! You want to stay at the top, we can keep you there!" Dominik insisted, running a hand through his hair frustratingly. "The guys will like you, and Rhea already loves you! We won't treat you like Roman. He treats you like—"
"Like family." you finished his sentence, a hint of bitterness in your voice and a look Dominik couldn't place on your face. "And that's why I can't leave him. At least, not right now." 
Dominik perked up at your last sentence, his eyes searching yours for a hint of understanding. "Not right now?" he questioned, hope flickering in his gaze.
You gave him a small smile, the look in your eyes telling more than words could. "Not right now."
And that was all the confirmation he needed. He didn't need to know anything else- he knew you'd handle it and come to him when the time was right.
His smile mirrored yours as you moved closer to him, your tone shifted from serious to teasing, wanting to change the tense mood. "But until then, don't get in trouble with my family. Solo already suspects us, I don't need him trying to beat your ass."
Dominik laughed, wrapping an arm around you, the tension between you two dissipating as he responded, "Baby don't worry, you know I can take him."
You gave him an amused smile and leaned into him. "Oh, is that why you were hiding behind Rhea last night?"
Dominik chuckled sheepishly, scratching the back of his head. "I wasn't hiding behind her! I was just... checking out the best angle to hit him, y'know?"
"Mhm, whatever you say baby." You mocked him, giggling at the pout he gave you and deciding to kiss it off of him. Dominik couldn't help but smile against your lips as he deepened the kiss, his lips moving in sync with yours.
Breaking the kiss, you grinned up at him before looking up at the clock and seeing the time.
"Speaking of Rhea, I promise I would hang out with her later. So I better get out of bed before she beats me up." You barely made a move to get out of bed before Dominik whined and pulled you on top of him.
"Can't you stay here longer? She can wait." Dominik pleaded with puppy dog eyes, begging you to stay with him.
You couldn't help but smile at his puppy dog eyes and how he pulled you back onto the bed. "You're too cute, you know that?"
Dominik grinned, his arms wrapped around you as he nuzzled your neck. "So, does that mean you're staying?"
Your hands gently played with the ends of his hair, "How about this? We hop in the shower, make up for lost time, and once we're all clean and pretty, we can go grab some breakfast, and then I'll meet up with Rhea. Deal?"
Dominiks face lit up with a mischievous grin at the thought of you in the shower with him.
"Deal!" he replied enthusiastically, leaning in to steal a quick kiss. He then reluctantly let you go and climbed out of bed, extending a hand to help you up.
You accepted his hand, allowing him to pull you out of bed and lead you to the bathroom. As soon as all of your clothes were shed and the water was on, Dominik picked you up and smashed his lips onto yours, lifting you and bringing the both of you in the shower.
"Dominik... Not now." You managed to protest between kisses as the warm water cascaded over both of you. He ignored your protests in favor of the moans sputtering out of you as he trailed his lips down your neck, sucking harshly into your supple skin.
"Hermosa, I want to taste my breakfast right now." He mumbled into your skin, addicted to the blissed out expression on your face as continued kissing you, lowering himself onto his knees. He was just enamored and completely addicted to you and the hold you had on him.
And you couldn't get enough of him either, just as addicted to him as he was to you. He was just purely addictive- his personality, his charm, his aura,  just him. And as you grabbed a fistful of his hair on the back of his head and guided him right where you wanted him, you knew two things.
Rhea would kill you both after this.
And 2, that you were officially a goner for Dominik. The man who many on the roster called a snake, a manipulative, a liar, a sell out. A man who burned everything he hurt to the ground.
But you wanna know what the scary part was? That you didn't even care.
Not one bit.
And if you got burned?
You would gladly get engulfed in flames if somewhere in that fire you'd get the warmth of his love.
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houseofripley · 2 months
Hopeless Romantic Rhea Headcanons
Tumblr media
just some things while i slowly write my next oneshot
○ rhea loved loving. loved the breeze that swayed through trees, loved the smell of rain, loved the view of couples strolling down the street, loved the way the sunlight would peak through blinds. her heart was full of love.
○ hugging herself at night trying to fall asleep as she thought about you.
○ blushing when talking to or about you.
○ she's always sneaking glances at you in the locker room as you get ready.
○ everything about you rhea viewed as art. your dimples, your scars, your ability shift into a completely different person whenever you stepped into the ring. you were perfect to her.
○ it was obvious to literally everyone that rhea had an admiration for you. except you.
○ rhea felt like she knew the 'real' you. she saw right through the face you put up for everyone. she studied your behavior changes when you thought you were alone, the way your nerves took over your body when you got in your head, just for you to force it all down when someone was near in order to please them. rhea fantasized about how she'd comfort you if she wasn’t so damn shy.
○ she often gets caught staring into nothingness just daydreaming about spending time with you.
○ one time she accidentally liked an instagram post of yours from five years ago. she didn't open instagram for weeks after.
○ members of the judgment day spent months helping her build up the courage to ask you on a date. when you agreed rhea was in awe that you'd actually give her the time of your day.
○ said first date lasted an entire day. rhea took you all over the place, a park for a picnic, the lake, a museum, the zoo, a fancy dinner, and of course you made a trip to target together.
○ although she looks big and scary she's the biggest cuddle bug.
○ once the two of you began a relationship she couldn't keep herself away from you.
○ she would wake up early just so she could watch you sleep. she love the peacefulness on your face. she loved your messy hair. she loved the occasional drool slipping from your mouth. she loved knowing that she was there to protect you from the outside world.
○ rhea loved loving you.
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retro-rezz-the-est · 9 months
Don't Leave - Roman Reigns/Female!Reader
Summary: Immediately after his devastating loss to his cousins Jimmy and Jey at Money In The Bank, Roman finds you in the back as he looks for an outlet for all of this newfound pent-up energy…but this may lead to something else as well.
Word Count: 14,197 (jfc that's more than I expected)
Warnings: degradation, choking/throat squeezing, biting/marking, hair pulling, spanking, oral (male receiving), fingering (female receiving), edging (for both parties involved), unprotected P in V action (please be safe and wrap it before you tap it irl tho), Roman being his Tribal Chief self (because that’s a warning all on its own), a bit of manhandling here and there as well….y’know, the works :3
A/N: All of this comes from three connecting factors: 1) Roman being the sexy ass WHORE that he is, 2) my own brain finally starting to work in tandem with my damn writing fingers, and 3) an all-caps DM from @stargazerofgoldenwords demanding that I write this so full partial blame goes to her. So here y’all go…for the bitches and the bros and for all the non-binary hoes ^3^ (I also haven’t written a full-fledged smut in I believe over three years so….I hope I did good lol)
Tumblr media
Oh, no.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
This…This can not be happening.
How is this even possible? What’s going to happen now?
These thoughts and more rush through your mind as you stand board stiff in the back, your eyes seeming to be permanently glued to the large monitor in front of you while gasps and cheers from the remainder of the locker room fill your ears alongside the blaring bass of The Usos’ theme.
Roman told you to stay in the back for a reason, to only come out after he’d won and embarrassed the hell out of his cousins for ever turning their backs on him, so he could make examples out of them as a reason to never and not turn your back on the Tribal Chief.
He wanted them to remember this night, to remember the ache in their bones, the wear and tear of their joints as he slammed them against the mat over and over again, the blood and sweat staining their skin as he and Solo dug into the twins with everything they had left within them.
They would learn their lesson tonight, and they would learn it well: you do not mess with the Tribal Chief because if you do, you will feel a pain that you have never known before.
He was going to show everyone why he and he alone was the head of the table, why he was unstoppable, and why only those who followed him and his lead would prosper in the end.
But, none of that actually mattered in the end, not as you stand staring at the monitor, hands covering your mouth in shock.
They…They did it.
They actually managed to do it.
Jey pinned Roman, pinned him for the first time in over three fucking years.
Blow after blow to the foundation of The Bloodline, week after week from the cracks being exposed to Sami’s turn at the Royal Rumble that set everything in motion to the goddamn explosion that occurred during Roman and Solo’s Night of Champions match.
After all this time, The Usos finally got one over on the Tribal Chief, they won the Bloodline civil war.
They beat the Tribal Chief, destroyed his so-called “Island of Relevancy”, showed the world that he is still just a man and can be beaten just like the rest of them. Roman Reigns is not as invincible as he claims to be!...
….but Roman?
Roman is pissed.
You can see it all processing in his eyes in real time, all of the noise around you fading into the background along with the roaring cheers from the London crowd: his loss, being pinned, the fact that despite being a champion he has lost his stance, his placement at the head of the table.
Because what use is there of an Island of Relevancy if you’re the only one standing on it?
Your hands drop from your mouth and fall to your sides; how the hell…? What the hell is happening? Your heart beats rapidly in your chest as those around you celebrate his demise, hands clapping shoulders and drinks beginning to be passed around as the show draws to a close.
You can practically see the floor falling out beneath Roman’s feet as he slides out of the ring, dejected and defeated with a raging inferno blazing bright and hot behind those fierce eyes of his; his entire world, perfectly constructed with seemingly no flaws whatsoever, has shattered in front of his very eyes.
Rage twisted and contorted Roman’s facial features into something unrecognizable as he sat on the floor ringside, kicking his feet and screaming his anger out into the universe like a temperamental child. Baring his teeth, hissing and gnashing his jaw like an uncaged animal…
Frankly, it scared the shit out of you to see live.
He’s shaking, actually shaking with all of the hate and virtiol that courses through his very veins. The bright lights of the arena, hot and beaming down on his skin? The way his hair sticks to the sides of his face and the heavy furrow in his brow? The way his entire body aches from the brutal punishment of the match?
None of that matters now. None of it will ever matter now.
His anger, his regret, his disappointment with himself as he comes to terms with the true loss of yet another faction of his, people who he loved and cared for turning their backs on him again…his mind was a maelstrom as he gripped his face and pulled at his temple, and not even the pain from that could distract him from the truth in front of his very eyes.
His own family, his own blood, has betrayed him, the image of Jimmy and Jey standing above him displaying on every and all of the large screens inside the arena. His heart pounds in his chest and hs blood boils; they can’t just get away with this. They will pay for their crimes against him, against their family, against their Bloodline!
The blood, the sweat, the tears and the pain he had poured into their family, all the work that he had put in to make sure that they all ate, that they all got opportunity after opportunity after opportunity….all for nothing.
You watch as Solo picks himself up from the floor and stumbles his way over to Roman, Paul’s face a complete mess and whirlwind of emotions as he rushes over with Roman’s smorgasbord of titles cradled like infants within his arms. You can barely hear what the latter is saying to the Tribal Chief over the cheers of The Usos’ celebrating and their theme blaring through the speakers, but it’s most likely some sort of consolation and a promise of revenge due to the bright red of the shorter man’s face.
Even after all of this, after everything that these men have just gone through, Jimmy still attempts to reach out to comfort Roman as he sits ringside on the floor, you watching as Jey pulls him back to his own side; Roman is a lost cause to them now. In their eyes, they’ve destroyed his corrupted faction, they’ve cut off the hydra’s heads, and now?
Now, they’re done with him, with all things Bloodline-related as the descend back into being “the ones”.
They are the new Tribal Chiefs around these parts, not Roman.
Not anymore.
After what feels like an eternity of the fallen party sitting in stasis outside of the ring, they all stand, Roman wrapping an arm around his midsection and another hand around his shoulder as they all walk backwards back up the long runway.
His eyes stay locked onto his cousins as the camera pans from him to them and back again, Solo’s eyes filled with an incoming storm and Paul’s lips seeming to move at a mile a minute with how quickly he seems to throw insults the way of The Usos.
But the two in the ring just smile.
They smile and embrace each other after a hard won victory as the entire WWE Universe embraces them as well, and all that does is piss Roman off even more.
Your body somehow finds the will to move, your feet ungluing themselves from the floor beheath them before you begin to move your way through the small crowd of those watching from the back.
You tear your eyes away from the monitor you were watching and beeline it straight to the guerilla position where they’re set to return, and you can still hear the thunderous cheers coming from the fans as Jimmy and Jey continue to celebrate the fall of the Tribal Chief. Maneuvering your way through throngs of people, past production, past *everything*...you have to find him.
You have to find him, and fast.
It’s like your feet barely even graze the ground with how fast you walk, the light tapping of your heels echoing off the walls around you as you make your way closer and closer to Roman and…oh.
You can just barely see him over the heads and past the shoulders of the cameramen, the interviewers waving their mics in their faces, over the glinting bald heads of Pearce and Hunter that’re shining with sweat as they attempt to get a word in with Roman before they try to rush him in the direction of where the press conference is being held…but it’s as though he doesn’t see any of them, his eyes dark and filled to the brim with something nasty.
You’re not even the prime target of his glare, steel-cut and piercing all that come across it, and even you feel the brunt of it, shivering where you stand behind the cloud of people vying for his attention as he moves his way through them. For the reporters and the interviewers, their mics in shaking hands as cameras flash in his face, all of their questions die on their tongues the second his eyes sweep over them.
“Roman. Roman!” you hear Pearce call out to him, Hunter, Solo, and Heyman in tow close to his heels. “Damn it, Roman, listen to me!”
“We need to get you out there, Reigns. Just give a quick statement about the match, about The Usos, and then-”
Pearce and Hunter’s requests fall on deaf ears as you move to the side, the crowd of people following Roman’s path as he walks down one of the arena’s large halls.
“Excuse you, Hunter? Did you not just see the utter and complete farce that was the match our Tribal Chief just had?! There will be no statement to be made, and no appearance at any press conference shall be had unless it involves the absolute dismissal of what was clearly a farce of a loss!”
Paul’s demands make his face grow a bright red as he follows Roman, clutching his titles as his head seems to grow three sizes from the fury written across his face. “Jimmy and Jey, they’re cheaters! Conmen who have embarrassed your Tribal Chief in front of millions of people time and time again! We demand retribution! A rematch to set things right again! Do you know how much Roman Reigns has brought to this company? How much prestige he’s brought to these titles, to these championships?”
Paul jostles the titles in question in his arms, brows furrowed and steam practically pouring out of his ears. “This is an outrage! This is a scam! You two should be ashamed of yourselves for even allowing this to happen to a force like Roman Reigns-”
His incessant, constant stream of words and potential curses are paused by Solo’s hand slamming into his chest, Heyman’s eyes going wide as his mouth falls open before quickly closing it and stepping back to Roman’s side.
Roman pauses his stride, eyeing Hunter and Pearce so viciously that you yourself are shrinking into your own skin; he very clearly doesn’t want to be bothered right now, so why even try to ask him of anything at all?
The look he gives both men, the silent communications that occur between them seems to be more than enough for them to back off in their pursuits, stepping out of his way as their phones begin to ring constantly.
“We have to get some sort of response out of him, right? I mean, he’s the champion right now, we can’t just let him leave-”
“Let him cool off for a second, Pearce,” Hunter tells him, running a hand over his own stressed face. “He’s in no mood for any of that right about now.”
Roman continues to shove past and maneuver around those in his way, his steps as loud and threatening as his demeanor. Through and through, seconds by seconds that seem to stretch on forever until his eyes finally, finally gloss over your figure leaning on a nearby wall, your bottom lip caught between your teeth as your mind begins to turn.
And the very second that his gaze locks onto yours, time slows to a screeching halt.
There’s something in there that you rarely saw in him before, but that you’ve been seeing a lot more of recently.
That anger, that frustration, all of that adrenaline mixed all that hate and vitriol coursing through his veins…he needed to get all of it out, every last drop before he makes another misstep.
He needs you.
Shouldering his way past various sports reporters and camera people, he quickly makes his way across the hallway to you, his large figure towering over you as you begin to shrink further and further against the wall. He’s panting, partly from the resulting emotions following his match and partly from how rough the match in question ran his body.
His hand finds your wrist, gripping it tightly and without a single word from him, he pulls you from the wall and begins to walk away again, Solo and Heyman striding behind him while the media frenzy behind you all follows along.
“Roman, wait-”
He turns his head to the side and makes eye contact with you again, the look in his eyes telling you everything you need to know.
Not now.
All the words you were going to say fall right back down your throat and you gulp, the intensity in his eyes making your knees weak as you try your best to keep up with his pace. It doesn’t take long for your group to head back to his larger-than-anyone-else’s locker room, Solo being the last one inside as he shuts everyone else out besides himself, Heyman, you and Roman.
Paul quickly sets the championship belts aside on a nearby table while Roman runs a hand through his hair, running a hand over his face before taking a seat on one of the benches.
It’s quiet in here, all too quiet albeit for the clamoring noise outside…and this silence does not make you feel hopeful at all.
You all just…sit in that silence for a few minutes, stewing in it as the reality of what had just occurred mere moments ago finally sinks in for all parties involved.
“Wise man…”
All eyes fall to Roman as he stands to his full height, the sound of his voice booming like a lightning strike. This is the first time he’s spoken anything since initially leaving that ring. “Yes, my Tribal Chief?” Paul asks, somewhat shaken still.
“Leave us.”
That seems to garner a reaction from Heyman, the shorter man wringing his hands in front of him before clasping them together. “But…But, my Tribal Chief, we need to deliberate, come up with a plan for this Friday night on Smackdown! We need to strategize, to concoct a plan for how we’re going to deal with those nuisances that are The Usos…we cannot just-”
“I said, leave us. Or do I have to ask you again, Paul?”
His words send a stream of ice down Heyman’s spine, causing the man to stand upright as Roman turns to face him. His aura, what he radiates from within…you do not want to find yourself on the other end of that; it feels like a wall slamming into you at mach 10, wrapping its edges around you until you’re damn near suffocating in it.
“I…I understand, my Tribal Chief. I will leave you two to yourselves.” Paul bows out when he says this, his eyes flickering to the ground and away from Roman’s face before standing and quickly waddling back towards the locker room door, opening it to a barrage of sports media and cameras all vying for the chance to ask Roman even one question.
“The Tribal Chief will not be taking anymore of your unimportant questions at this time as he begins to take his rest after his extraordinary showing in tonight’s match. All questions, comments, and concerns shall only go through the Tribal Chief’s wise man - that being myself - and I shall relay them back to the Tribal Chief in due time. Thank you, and good evening to you all.”
Heyman’s words just spark another wave of noise from the now growing crowd of individuals at Roman’s door while Roman looks on at Solo who stands in the corner by the door, looking on at the onslaught with a scowl permanently tattooed onto his face and his arms crossed over his chest.
Roman nods at Solo, jutting his chin towards the door in a silent request for him to leave and luckily, the other man follows his order without another word, though you doubt he would have spoken otherwise. He throws a look in your direction, but not one of malice; this one has more…hurt lingering within it, a nature of distraught that you’ve never seen within him before he takes his leave after Heyman and slams the locker room door behind him…
…which leaves you alone, finally alone, with the unhinged beast that is Roman Reigns.
Being in a space with Roman Reigns, you can feel how much of himself fills it: his aura, his stance, his voice, his demeanor…no matter how big or small a room, you can damn well tell that Roman’s in there. You could practically sense it in the air when he arrives, hairs rising on your firearms as all around you grow silent. However, as long as you are not his prime target, you will most likely walk out of that room unscathed - emphasis on most likely.
But being alone in a space with Roman Reigns?
All of those feelings? All of those senses get hiked up to an eleven, the very room that the person is in feeling as though it’s shrinking around them as it seemingly pushes them closer and closer together.
And you, right now, are that poor soul in question.
Your hands grip the hem of the shirt you’re wearing - his shirt, the one that he gave to you and told you to wear once you were supposed to come out after the match was over…after he was supposed to win - nervously, your eyes falling to the floor and sticking to the shoes that you wear.
You see Roman’s feet walking towards you before they pause, then moving in the opposite direction as they head towards the locker room door as well…only this time, your heart rate rockets straight to the moon once you hear the sharp clicking of the door’s lock turning, that noise bouncing off the walls of your mind like an echoing cavern.
The silence in the room is unbearable with a tension so thick, you can cut right through it with Roman’s steely gaze. It’s all too warm, too stuffy, too suffocating while you stand there, your teeth making a home in your bottom lip as you shift from foot to foot.
What do you say to him? What do you say at all? Do you commend him on a match well performed? Do you take Heyman’s route and curse Jimmy and Jey’s names until the breath runs clean from your lungs and you’re all hot in the face as well? Do you take Solo’s approach to things and just say…nothing? Nothing at all?
What can you possibly do to even try to rectify things for him? Make things any better than they are at this moment in time?
All of these questions and more surround your brain and hold it hostage, unable to think of anything else. Is there anything that you can do to make him feel better? You’re supposed to be his, his girl…but with something as monumentally damaging to him as tonight was, so is there anything that you can do?
You don’t even notice him making his way towards you until he’s almost directly in front of you, watching your every movement like an unbound predator stalking its oblivious prey. The room around you grows way too hot way too fast as he continues to move your way, his footsteps soft yet booming as loudly in your ears as your own heartbeat.
As he takes one step forward towards you, you take an equal one back. One step forward, one step back.
One forward, one back, and this little game of yours goes on and on and on until you’re cornered up against the furthest wall, Roman’s hands pressing against the wall at the sides of your face. His chest nearly touches yours in the process and its rise and fall nearly matches the way your own does but you hold your breath and pray to the gods.
For what, you wonder?
For solace? For comfort? For a way out from his grasp, or a way to sink further beneath it? Space to breathe or to suffocate in all that is Roman Reigns? Entirely everything from him and absolutely nothing of him all at once? You don’t even know for sure but unfortunately, those prayers are left unheard and unanswered.
You hear him call your name, the syllables he speaks wrapped in a depth that twists and turns your very core. He doesn’t have to say much to grab your attention, after all.
“Look at me.”
But, can you? Can you really?
You can’t even bring yourself to do that, lest you wish to crumble beneath his unwavering gaze.
However, Roman is not one to take no for an answer; he never really has, especially nowadays. So when he speaks to you again, the very atmosphere of the locker room seems to shift and change under his words, underneath the dominance that is just solely and utterly him.
“I said, look at me.”
His fingers are suddenly underneath your chin, thumb and forefinger gripping it with just enough force to pull a strained noise from the back of your throat as he forcefully tilts your chin up so that you have to look up at him.
The soft gasp that you let out when you finally look up at him, into those dangerous eyes of his…you can see what it does to him by the roll of his shoulders as he stands to his full height, towering above you so much so that the too-bright lights that illuminate the locker room get blocked out.
You didn’t really get the chance to truly look at him through the monitor you were watching the match from and not even as he stampeded his way through the throngs of people all vying for his attention…but now?
Right here, in this moment, any and all words you could have possibly said to him evaporate on your tongue as your feet remain glued to the floor, your pulse thrumming through your entire body.
The wide panes of his chest stretch with each and every deep breath that he takes, his heart beating so damn loud that it fills the room and suffocates all other noise besides it. You feel the leather of his glove brushing against your chin where it wraps around his fingers, the force behind his grip being just strong enough to let you know not to mess with him.
Roman’s entire form from the waist up glistens with sweat and you can already see the soon-to-be bruises on his shoulders, his arms, his chest, his abdomen already begin to show.
His eyes are dark, darker than they have ever been before as he towers above you, slightly panting while his aura threatens to swallow you whole. There’s an obvious anger lingering within them, the deep-set betrayal and agony over losing his family and his undefeated streak finally sinking in along with the newfound uncertainty of the future to come…but there’s something else there in those eyes of him, something that makes sweat bead out along your brow and has your thighs clenching together as you dig your teeth into your lip so hair that it nearly bleeds.
Something more.
Roman sees this, what he does to you, and has to resist the urge to crack a smirk; you’re so easy to toy with. He can barely say a word to you, can just look at you only to have you a trembling, whimpering mess before him.
It’s reasons like these that drives his need for you so through the roof, and tonight means no different to him at all.
Just as he thought, you let out a whimper when you meet his eyes, your body threatening to go limp in his hold. His presence is just so much and it does so much more to you than you’re ever willing to say, but you absolutely love it either way.
You don’t notice him beginning to lean in closer to your own face, too stunned to even think of moving before he’s all that you can possibly see, his hair almost framing your own face as he tilts his head slightly to the side.
You can feel the warmth of his breath as it fans out over your face, spicy and hot and smelling of the cinnamon gum you saw him chewing earlier in the day. He tilts your face in the opposite direction, sighing as his eyes leave yours before he leans forward to press his face against the crook of your neck, burying his nose against the skin while the hand that remains on the wall curls into a fist.
Another gasp leaves your throat when he steps forward again, your hands unchelching themselves from where they rest at the hem of your - his - shirt as his chest presses against yours, warm and built and smothering in all the right places. When you raise your arms up from your sides to run your fingertips up his chest, over his shoulders, over his forearms, you can feel him just barely shiver beneath your touch.
His body calls out for you just as yours does him, and you can feel the buzz of all the energy still coursing through him, driving him up the wall as he leans further into your touch. And when you flatten your hands against his skin, the groan that he lets out rolls through our entire body, his chest vibrating against yours.
You feel him moving against your neck and you stretch further to the side to give him room, his lips forming into words that he wouldn’t dare say aloud with others nearby as his gloved hand moves from your chin to grip the base of your neck.
You know what this is, you know what this means; you’ve been here in this position before with him, especially much more recently with all of this newfound familial drama that’s dropped itself at the other end of his table.
With the seemingly endless amounts of adrenaline crawling beneath his skin, the cinching, tight feeling of his skin and the burning sensation that bubbles deep within his core, it’s no wonder why he’s cornered you like this, why he’s closing in on you, why he’s so bent on draping you in him.
I need you, baby, please.
Those spoken yet unspoken words he uttered into your skin make your eyes widen as a similar heat begins to spark within your own core, Roman trapping your leg between his own and pressing his cock against your thigh. It makes your skin crawl in the best ways possible, what he does to you, the anticipation mixed with everything that he just is making your mind hazy.
Your hands rise from his shoulders up the base of his neck, curving further up towards his hair before wrapping your fingers through it and gently pulling his head back up to face you, your eyes meeting his once more (how the hell did they manage to get even darker?).
Despite the fear that runs through your veins, despite your hands being in his hair and on his skin as you lead him towards you, he’s still the boss around here.
Roman still calls all the shots, no matter who or what stands before him - including you.
And even despite that as well, your body still wants him just as much as he wants yours.
It’s not even a want anymore; your body needs him, it desires him.
As for Roman, your body, your comfort calls out to him like a siren’s song, wanting him to pull you deeper and deeper into whatever’s going on within his own head until your entire body knows nothing but him, nothing but your Tribal Chief.
The fatigue that you know he feels is beginning to set into his bones, into his soul, but he doesn’t care.
He doesn’t care because he needs you, more so than he ever has in the past.
The sparks are beginning to show between the two of you; there’s nothing in this world like spending a night with someone like Roman Reigns, and you’re about to experience that firsthand once again.
You see the slight raise of his brow as he scans your face, that miniscule action asking you for permission, for your go-ahead, for you to allow him to lose himself within you and to use you as he sees fit for the time being…
…and the nod that you give him right back is all that he needs to see.
It’s the only thing that he needs to see before surging forward to plant a searing kiss to your lips, the fist that’s curled against the wall, moving down to grip your waist as tightly as the hold he has on your neck, digging his fingers into the soft material of his shirt that adorns your figure.
You only get about half a second of realization before you notice that he’s on you, completely covering you with his body as he presses you up against the wall even more. Your hands move from his hair down his neck, grazing his jaw lightly before your nails begin to dig into the exposed meat of his shoulders.
He’s actively stoking the fire that’s now beginning to blaze within you, and you absolutely love it.
The leg that’s not actively trapped between his now finds itself wrapped around his waist right as Roman’s tongue slides between your lips, curling with and against your own before quickly taking over the kiss. And you let him, of course; he needs this, he needs you, and you’re willing to give him whatever’s necessary to satiate his incessant energy.
The way he knows how to pluck your body like a finely tuned instrument with the way he pulls moans and gasps from you, the drag of fabric on skin, the way his body seems to move perfectly in-sync with your own, pushing and pulling until the two of you radiate more hear than the core of the sun…there’s just something about kissing Roman that makes your toes curl and your cheeks ripe with heat just by thinking about it, let alone actually doing the deed.
It’s all fiery passion and full of the aggression he shows in the ring, the possessive nature he has over you to keep you close and a part of him always, the need to show you exactly who you belong to as he pulls you in so damn close that all you can even think to experience is just him and him alone…it’s a conglomerate mixture of beauty and pain and pleasure and you're drinking in every single drop of it.
You feel his teeth begin to sink into your bottom lip, the contact against the already red and raw flesh making you jump in his arms as he tugs on it harshly before letting go. Your eyes, hooded and blown out, meet his again, and you can practically read the words in his mind as his thumb reaches up to lightly brush over it.
You don’t get to do that, anymore. Only I can do that to you.
You watch as he thumbs over your lip again before coming back in for another kiss, your teeth nearly clashing against each other from how harsh the two of you collide. It’s messy, a battle of tongue and teeth that turns in his favor so damn fast, and you can’t resist the urge to just crumble beneath it.
Your arms loop around his neck and hold him as close to you as possible, not wanting to part from him for even a second until your lungs burn from a lack of oxygen so you’re practically forced to. But even that isn’t enough to stop the contact between the two of you, your nails digging into any piece of his exposed skin that you can possibly reach.
The smell of him fills your brain and flows through your very veins, hands holding onto you for dear life while his kiss steals all sense from your mind. Roman has always been able to do this but tonight, you lower your guards and have him take the reins (no pun intended), have him lead the way, follow his motions.
And his motions lead him to start moving backwards, pulling you away from the wall as your leg falls from his waist. Lips still furiously locked with yours, he effortlessly maneuvers the two of you away from the corner and towards a nearby bench, wrapping his arms around your waist before pulling you down harshly onto his lap.
You thought you could feel him before while he captured you in his stare against the wall, helpless to anything but exactly what he wanted to do with you?
Well, think again.
Your pelvis presses right up against his and the two of you let out a combined moan, your breaths mixing together before he shifts you over his thighs to press you against him even more. You start rocking yourself back and forth on his cock through the dark cargo pants that he wears, feeling it throb and jump with every pass. And your desire for his grows as well, the space between your thighs growing more damp by the second with your juices beginning to now stain your inner thighs.
The small shorts that you wear underneath Roman’s large shirt soon grow more uncomfortable than you’re willing to bear and Roman seemingly notices this as well, running his thumbs over the skin above your ass before not so gently pulling them down your legs. The second you feel the hit your ankles you kick them to the floor below, not giving a damn where they land as your lips remain slotted with his own.
Your hands run down the planes of his chest and circle your fingertip over the space above Roman’s heart, feeling the thrum of energy coursing through his being. His own hands run over your thighs, over the curve of your ass and up your spine as you shift even closer to him, the feeling of your soaked panties as they rub against the bulge in his pants making you pant against his mouth.
You feel his hands drift under the hem of your shirt, the mix of his skin and the leather of the glove he still wears making sparks fly. His lips move from your own down your jaw, the force behind the action making you gasp. Across your skin and over the curve of your ear, down the expanse of your neck and over your collarbone; there’s nowhere that’s left untouched by his eager mouth while his hands roam the heated skin beneath your top.
His teeth graze your skin lightly, causing your entire body to tremble with anticipation right before you feel the sharp stinging of his teeth digging into your flesh, a moan much louder than you should have let out escaping you. Roman’s tongue joins the fray as well, soothing the sting of his bite with each one that he gives you.
One by one, one after another he lays claim to your skin, a reminder to the entire world that despite everything, that despite everyone in his life…he still has you.
He still has you and you’ve let him have you.
The need to feel him, to feel his body even more so consumes your entire mind, your soul, your being, so you take the initiative and grip the hem of your shirt and raise it up your body, pulling it over your head and tossing that to the floor alongside your discarded shorts.
The bra that covers your chest is a lacy one, the same shade of bright red that adorns the glove on his right hand that matches right along with the panties that just barely cover your ass. ‘Figured that you might need a distraction in hindsight. I hope you like it…”
Your voice is small in volume but loud in its tone as you speak, quickly glancing down at his chest where your nails dig into the meat of his pectorals as he raises his head from the crook of your neck, your skin alight and buzzing from him marking it.
Oh, he likes it, alright. He fucking loves it.
Roman’s hands reach up to trace the details in the fabric, his thumb brushing over your nipple and making you arch into his touch. His brows slightly raise with intrigue; this was probably a surprise for him later, for when he won his match…well, not anymore.
Now, the sight of you in this number, one that you had put on just for him, mixed with the need lacing your voice and the lust swimming within your vision…it’s all so much, damn near too much for him to bear, his cock now actively throbbing and throbbing in the confines of his pants.
He needs you now.
“On your knees.”
His low tone shakes you right out of your lust-fueled haze, your eyes snapping open as you pant on his lap.The darkness swirling around within his eyes shows he means business and what Roman wants, Roman gets in spades.
You try your best to move from him, to escape the warmth and desire he’s so graciously provided for you in his own time of need but your methods of moving prove too slow for his tastes, Roman’s non-gloved hand reaching up to yank your head back by your roots, you yelping at the sudden pain.
“What is with you all not fucking listening to me today? I said, I want you on your goddamn knees, now.”
You try your best to nod with his hand in your hair, swallowing down the pathetic noise that threatens to break free before scrambling off his lap and sinking to your knees on the locker room floor, never once breaking eye contact with him as you begin to watch him tear his glove off. The sharp ripping of the velcro cuts through the thick fog that’s filled the air , leather being pulled between his teeth until finally, the damned thing is off and is tossed aside as well, his hand returning to the back of your neck.
Spreading his legs for you as slowly as he possibly can, he keeps your head solely directed at the intimidating bulge that lies within his pants, watching as your eyes flicker back and forth between his own eyes and what lies ahead for your future.
Roman’s nothing if not a beast, both in and out of the ring, and you can’t help but shudder when you gently plant your palms on the outsides of his thighs, looking up at him with the widest eyes you can possibly muster up.
You lick your lips nervously, your heart beating even faster in your chest as he literally talks down to you, your hands beginning to nervously run up his covered thighs as they make their way to his zipper.
And with each notch of its teeth that come undone, with every second that passes that turns into a minute and then to an hour, you manage to push past the nerves that run wild through your veins and undo his pants, slipping your fingers beneath the dark boxer briefs he has on and tugging them down along with his pants to reveal the true monster that lies before you.
Roman’s cock falls from its confines with a dull thud as the head connects with his stomach, leaving a clear splotch of pre-cum where it lands. 
The shape of his cock, thick as a tree trunk and just as heavy and absolutely perfect as it is…the space between your thighs aches with the countless memories you have of him fucking you senseless with it,pounding into you and making you see stars over and over again-
“I’m not gonna tell you what to do here, princess. Or, are you too much of a dumb whore to even think for yourself now?”
You blink once, twice, three times as heat rises to your face, wiping the spit that threatens to fall from the corner of your mouth before you move forward, dragging your nails along the smooth skin of his upper thigh.
And as much as he loves to mark you and lay his claim to you, you love doing the exact same thing to him as well.
You live for the hiss he lets out from the pain of your nails, your teeth on his skin and grazing his pelvis as you move closer to his cock.
Such a man, such a being before your very eyes, and he’s all yours tonight, just as you are all his.
You let your nails and the tips of your fingers drag up the sides of his shaft, the length almost as long as your entire forearm. It’s a beautiful thing to see first hand as you admire him, your touches light and fleeting as your wide eyes continue to pierce his. You watch his abdomen clench and ripple when you catch his more sensitive spots, his hips bucking when you run your hand over the large vein that runs up the side.
A smile begins to grow along your lips as you watch him, his other hand running over his face and jaw. You can’t help but to admire him like this, slowly but surely as though you have all the time in the world to do so.
But, based on the absolute storm lingering within Roman’s eyes, you can tell that he’s in no teasing mood, the hand at the back of your neck squeezing threateningly before you finally get the hint to keep fucking going.
So, you do, tightening your grip around the base of his cock and stretching your lips around the head, letting the warmth of your breath wash over it before slowly beginning to sink your mouth down on him.
And, oh, what a sight he becomes before you.
“Fuck, that’s it…” he moans, watching through hooded eyes as you manage to slide the first few inches down your throat. With your smaller hands, you can barely wrap one of them around him fully - let alone two - but you try your best anyway, making sure to jerk the parts you can’t quite reach yet.
The ache between your legs becomes too much to bear as you begin to bob your head up and down, lustily taking him in while your eyes begin to close. With skin sensitive and hot to the touch, you take one hand off of him and begin to run it down your body. Over the curves of your breasts and as they threaten to spill from your bra, down the line of your abdomen, over your pubic bone and thumbing the lining of your panties, you let out another moan when you start to grind your clit against your fingers.
You don’t think that Roman notices it, the shift in your demeanor and the way your shoulders tighten up when you slip your fingers beneath your panties, the way your breath catches and your hips jump as you tease yourself…but he does.
He always does.
“Aww, are you that desperate, baby? You couldn’t help but touch that needy little pussy of yours? I can hear it all the way up here, you’re so wet for me.”
You can practically hear his smirk while he talks, but it still makes you hot all over. Spreading your wetness over your lower lips, you spread them and rub the pad of your finger over your bare clit, your body jolting at the pleasure it spikes through you.
“You want to touch yourself, fuck yourself with those tiny fingers of yours?” he asks, seething at the feeling of your teeth grazing the vein along his shaft. “Then, go ahead. Get yourself nice and ready for me…”
“..and don’t forget about me either, sweetheart,” Roman chides, briefly pulling you from the head with a soft pop before thumbing your lower lip. “Don’t make your Tribal Chief play second best to your needy fucking cunt.”
Your thighs clench and close in around your hand, a soft “yes” falling from your open lips before he presses your face right back against his cock as you begin to take more than you did before. You try to make your mouth as slick with your own saliva as possible, stroking his shaft in tandem with the swirling of your tongue around the head.
His hand lightly connects with your cheek. “Yes, what?”
“Yes, my-”
“And don’t speak with your mouth full, baby. You’re better than that.”
He glares at you as you rise from his cock again, panting softly. “Yes, my Tribal Chief.”
“There she is, that’s my good girl,” he tells you, patting your cheek condescendingly. “Now, get back to work.”
The copious amounts of spit from your mouth mix with his pre-cum as your hand glides along the warm skin, the sound just as loud and slick as the ones coming from between your legs. It doesn’t take long for him to take back control, roughly guiding your lips back to his cock before letting you do what you do best.
As your throat grows accustomed to his girth, you shift yourself on your knees and slip a finger between your folds, circling your hole with it and gingerly slide it in, choking around Roman’s length in the process.
A bright flush begins to run wild under his skin as he tilts his head back, the soft sounds of his huffs and groans making the space between your thighs almost uncomfortably wet as you continue to touch yourself. His other hand runs through his hair, pulling at the roots while his face scrunches up in pleasure when you twist your fist around the head just right.
It fills you with a feeling that you can’t describe, seeing what you do to him in moments like these.
“Shit, princess, keep going…” Roman’s near breathless now, his chest rising and falling more rapidly as his hips buck into your eager mouth. Eyes hooded, his attention stays on you while your own remain closed, focusing all of your energy on making sure your Tribal Chief is as primed and ready to go as you are.
You ease another finger in between your folds along with the first one and curl them as they drag along your inner walls; it’s not enough, it’s never enough when it’s just you because your fingers aren't his, your touch isn’t the same as his. Roman’s fingers fill you twice as much as your own do, the phantom feeling of them stretching you to the brim as they graze along that one spot wracking your body with shivers.
The room is brimming with the wet sounds of your motions, your juices dripping down the hand that remains at your core while your eager lips and tongue schlick up and down his throbbing cock, the noises coming from the both of you getting swamped in the mess of it.
The sight and sound of you struggling to take his length seems to light a fire under his ass and his grip at the back of your neck grows tighter, Roman starting to force the visible stretch of him taking over your mouth and throat even more so, bucking his hips against your face and making sure that you take what you’re given.
“Oh, you wanna please your Tribal Chief, baby? Well, then, take all of it.”
With that, you feel him wrench your head further down his shaft, your throat closing in around him and squeezing as you choke on him. The hand in your hair tightens the further down his shaft you go, your throat tightening with each and every inch you take, your gag reflex fighting for dear life as you struggle to take him fully.
The few inches you have left to go get wrapped in your fist, your fingers shiny with your spit and noisily stroking him until he presses down on the back of your head just that much more for you to 
He needs this, he needs you, and you’re going to take everything he has to give you, just like he asked.
So you brave through it, tears in your eyes with your lungs burning and begging for air, you bare through it for Roman, and the loud moan that you get from him in response makes the fire licking within your core burn all the more brighter.
You try to speak with his cock in your mouth, your garbled attempts at calling his name making him shove you further down. “Do that again, princess. Moan for me again while you get that pussy nice and ready for me.”
And moan for him you do, hearing your blood rushing through your ears as the sensing the heavy press of his hand on your neck squeeze tighter and tighter, Roman intently watching and feeling the length of his cock stretch against the walls of your throat.
It’s not long at all before you feel the telltale signs of your own orgasm approaching: the tightness coiling within your core, the curling of your toes and the pulsing in your abdomen, the sweat beginning to bead on your brow, the way that the pace of your hand around his cock and the hand between your legs seems to uptick bit by bit as the seconds go by…
You’re not at all shocked that Roman catches whiff of this too, hearing the now sped-up sounds of your fingers thrusting in and out, in and out, over and over again as you soak your panties clean through. “Don’t you dare cum, don’t you dare fucking cum. Only I can make you do that, you got that? Me, not those pathetic fucking fingers of yours.”
“I won’t, I promise.” Your voice is muffled and your throat strains while you attempt to speak as you try your best to breathe through your nose, feeling lightheaded the more you try.
But his words make you feel not and sensitive all over, the hairs on your arms raising as your heart beats rapidly in your chest, gasping when he lifts your head from the base to tightly wrap his fist around it.
“Fuck!” you hear Roman yell before his hand tightens around your hair again, yanking your mouth clean off his cock, drops of spit and his pre-cum dripping down his shaft and catching the too-bright lights of the locker room. You sit before him panting and wheezing, taking in precious breaths of air as you cough and open your now tear-filled and blurry eyes for him.
Your throat and your chest burn from the abuse they’ve taken, the back of your head and neck sore from all of his manhandling while your knees ache from the carpet on the floor of the locker room digging into your skin…but you know that he still needs you, because he’s not done with you yet.
You try to wipe your mouth clean of the mess, your makeup now completely smudged and running down your face as the mix of your saliva and his cum drips from your chin and stains the bra you wear but he doesn’t allow it, taking your chin in his hands and leaning forward off the bench to steal your precious breath away once more with a kiss so fiery that it ignites a fire within you from the inside out.
“Get on your back,” he growls, hand creeping up the sides of your neck and giving it a tight squeeze. “I need to see how ready for me you are.”
Slowly, you pull your hand from your ruined panties and tug them off your legs, kicking the damp scrap of fabric to the side where the remainder of your clothes lie just as he stands from the bench, towering over you and staring down at you menacingly. You reach around your back to unclasp your bra and shimmy it down over your arms, the nearly ruined item soon following all of the other clothes you’ve discarded until you’re finally exposed to his wandering, hungry eyes.
That’s the push that he needs to trail after you as you spread your legs for him, the sounds of him languidly stroking his cock to the sight of you teasing yourself with the wetness that stains your hand.
And what lies in front of you is just as godly, the sight of him shuffling his pants down his thighs and exposing the beautiful tanned skin that you just had your palms running over, stroking himself to the sight and sound of you pleasing yourself with flushed cheeks and the marks from your nails covering his chest and shoulders…the whine you let out cuts through the air and you can’t resist the urge to reach out to him, to call to him and bring him to you-
“You get what I give you, baby, when I want to give it to you and how I want to give it to you. Not when and how you want.”
Roman kneels to your height, his knees hitting the locker room floor with a dull thud and begins to stalk towards you, sirens wailing off inside your mind right as he crawls over your body looking every inch the beast that he claims to be.
“Roman,” you mewl, feeling him run his palms up the flushed skin of your legs. His hand latches onto your wrist and pulls it from between your thighs, holding it up to the light and watching your juices drip from your fingers before slipping them into his own mouth.
You watch as his lips close in over them, his tongue swirling around them to catch every last drop of your essence before slipping them from his mouth with a dark grin. Your aroma, now more potent than ever, fills his lungs with every single breath he takes, even more now with the taste of your arousal staining his tongue.
Every nerve and thought in his body roars at him, screams and demands for him to bend you over and fill you with his cum, to take you over and over again until everyone in this entire goddamn arena knows exactly who the hell you’re with, you’re spending your time with and who’s dealing with you.
Paul, Solo, Jimmy, Jey…they’ll all know exactly who the fuck runs things in this little circle of theirs, this fight for true and utter control.
And it will happen, you just have to wait a tad bit longer for it.
You’re so warm as you lie beneath him, your nails digging into the meat of your thighs as you wait in ample anticipation for his next move. Brushing his hair back with one hand, he slowly runs them up your body, over your plush thighs and past your dripping core that beckons him in closer.
Over your waist and up your chest until he takes your breasts in his hands and rolls your nipples between his thumb and forefinger, pulling on them and twisting them until you cry out his name.  The pain makes sparks ignite in your core and Roman refuses to let up on his hold despite the noise, taking one of your nipples into his mouth and biting down on it as he plays with the other one.
Those hands of his, the same ones that bring you pleasure are the  same ones that have brought his own family pain, and that thought is not lost on Roman as he continues to play with you, reveling in the litany of pitiful noises leaking from your trembling lips.
He will not show you the same pain that his cousins brought onto him, nor that he had brought to them.
For you, things are…different.
You’ll never leave his side at the head of the table, never abandon him for some other, higher purpose; you’ve said so yourself before tonight many a time.
Your legs wrap around his waist and lock him in as you dig your nails into the carpet you lay on, it already starting to dig into your skin. But you need more from him; more of him on you, around you, more of his touch and his mouth and his cock, just more.
With your feet, you try your best to shove his pants down further over his ass and down his legs, only managing to get so far before he stops you with a firm yet quick slap to your ass.
He doesn’t even have to remove his mouth from your breast to tell you anything, glaring up at you while his tongue laves away at your nipple before moving away from it and suctioning his mouth onto the other.
Your entire body trembles; what does he have planned next for you? What more could he possibly pull from you as he manhandles your body, squeezing and grasping at you like you’re going to somehow sink into the floor if he removes himself from you?
And then all of your questions are answered when you see him rise from your chest, his lips plush and a shade of bright red as a thin line of his saliva connects them to your breast before it snaps. You feel him press down on your waist, making you relax further against the floor until he wraps his hands around your ankles and begins to fold your legs into your chest, your knees grazing your face just so.
“Hold them,” you hear Roman say damn near under his breath, the depth in his voice making you whine as you wrap your hands under your knees to keep your legs raised. The trembling of your body increases as your anticipation grows and everything in your body tells you to close your eyes and look away from him, but you just can’t.
He’s beautiful in the way he gazes down at you, zeroing in on the way the walls of your cunt clench around nothing and shine with your arousal under the light, licking his lips like a caged animal. He might as well be one anyway with the possessive nature that consumes him when he has you, when he’s with you.
A hitch in your breath comes and goes when he moves even closer, gripping his cock firmly with one hand before using the other to spread your lower lips, the sound of him spitting on them reaching your ears before you feel it. It’s slick, it’s obscenely nasty as he swipes his cock head through the glistening mess, spreading the wetness around even more so as to get you as well as possible before you feel the hefty warmth of the head slapping against your folds.
The weights of it, and the thought of what’s to come have you arching your back into the sensation, desperate to reach your hands up to grip him and pull him into you, to have them just get it over with already and to make you see stars. And you do flex your fingers in his direction, squeezing the space beneath your knees and spreading your legs further for him to tease and prod at you while he just stares on with a smirk slowly beginning to grow along his face.
“Patience, baby, patience,“ Roman murmurs, sliding the head of his cock through your folds and nudging your button with it. The action sends a bolt of lightning jolting up your spine, causing you to dig your fingers into the flush of your lower thighs, and toss your head to the side with a small whine.
“Please, Roman, I need it. I need you, just fuck me, please –“
He shushes you, placing a finger to your lips before slipping his thumb between them. You instinctively wrap them around the digit and pull it in deeper with your tongue, swirling the muscle around it before he slowly but surely post it out. “I said to have patience, baby girl, so don’t be greedy. Just lay back, be a good girl, and take what your Tribal Chief gives you.“
He ends his sentence by dragging that wet thumb over your lips, down your chin, and rests harshly against your clit, grinding his shaft against your folds as he plays with you. You feel like your heart is about to fly out of your chest with how fast it’s beating, watching as he moves even closer to you and presses himself even harder against you.
“Nice and wet for me, princess…you did good for me back there.” You revel in the small bit of praise, a ghost of a smile floating over your lips until you feel the blunt head of his cock brushing up against your entrance. “You still ready for me?”
You can’t nod your head fast enough. “Yes, please. Roman, I’m ready for you, I’m ready-”
At the feeling of him finally stuffing you full of his cock, his chest keeping pressure on the backs of your legs and folding further into yourself, tears begin to prick the corner of your eyes at the newfound pressure.
The familiar burn of Roman pushing into you but by bit, inch by gloriously thick inch, has you itching to latch onto him in any way that you possibly can - and you eventually do, removing your hands from holding your legs to placing them on Roman’s shoulders as soon as he gets close enough.
That fire he had stoked inside of you now grows to an inferno the more of himself he bullies into you, stretching you out to fit his cock just right is making your mind hazy. The quick and constant fluttering of your walls around him makes him groan, dropping his head to your knee.
Your nerves fry and your eyes cross as he continues to move, every single wall within you absolutely crumbling because of it. And It feels like forever and a day has passed before he eventually bottoms out inside you for the first time tonight as you nearly lose your mind on his cock, your toes starting to curl and your thighs flexing.
The guttural moan that leaves Roman’s chest rocks you to your very core, the sound of the wetness between your legs and the pressing of him against your ass turning your insides to mush. One of his hands rests at your waist and keeps you close, his body leaning on your own so much that his nose just barely brushes against yours.
You whine his name, the shrill noise and the desperate look in your eyes turning all dials up to eleven. The huffs and small moans leaving your throat, your body already run ragged before he’s really gotten the chance to fuck you senseless yet…it all just makes him want to ruin you even more.
He can’t figure out where to keep his eyes; he wants to look at all of you, from the way your chest heaves and your breasts move from your breaths to the way your pulse jumps at the vein in your neck to the apex of your thighs where your arousal stains and sticks to the skin of his pelvis, there’s almost too many options for him.
But when you squeeze down his shoulders and bring his attention back to the feeble look in your eyes, he can’t help but toss his head back and sigh because look at you, with your lip quivering just as much as your cunt is and the way you gently thump your head against the carpeted floor as his hand runs over your abdomen and presses against the outline his cock made inside you.
His ears fill with the sounds of your sex, your legs seemingly permanently glued to his chest while he wraps an arm around them, keeping you right where he wants you as his hips begin to move.
And the slide of him moving back and forth along your walls, his hips pulling back from your ass and dragging the head of his cock back towards your clit before moving back in just as slowly causes your entire lower body to twitch.
“Roman…Roman, please,” you beg him. You don’t even know what you’re even begging him for anymore: for more? For him to pick up his achingly slow pace? For him to close the distance between his mouth and yours so you can taste him all over again?
But he doesn’t appeal to your cries nor does he break when you seem to grow even wetter for him as he begins to thrust in and out, back and forth, dragging your hips higher into the air and folding you even further into yourself.
He still, however, refuses to look anywhere else other than at your face, in your eyes as he rolls his hips into you, dead set on ever single noise and jerking movement your body gives him.
His brow furrows; how could he not look at you when you’re like this, mouth wide open with your tongue lolling out of your mouth, pointed in the air as it tries to lick at his lips while you fan the flames of the fire you’re sparked inside of him?
You try your best to rock your hips in tandem with his own, bucking them as best you can whenever his pelvis meets your own and he bottoms out inside you. You can feel the head of his cock grazing that sweet spot along your walls, almost kissing your cervix every single time he bears down on you. His weight strains the muscles at the back of your legs when he pulls forward every time but you don’t care, you don’t care because all that matters is him and how well he fills you.
Roman doesn’t speak a word to you, only letting out groans and grunts with the occasional low-toned moan for your ears only, but everything that you hear makes your entire body vibrate with a deeper need. 
Eventually, his pace does begin to increase, the erotic melody of his hips tap, tap, tapping against yours growing into him beginning to use his true power to make you cry out. And cry out you do, your brain now clouded with innsense waves of pleasure as your screams for more grow in volume.
You don’t even attempt to lower your volume and neither does he, not caring about whoever may be listening in from outside the no-that-far-away locker room door - and in the back of your mind, your last shred of sentience thanks Roman for preemptively locking it when everyone else had left.
The force behind his thrusts leaves you absolutely breathless as you stare helplessly into his eyes, moans and huffs flowing from your lips like a waterfall while the pleasure in your core ticks up bit by bit.
The faster he pounds into you and the longer he goes on, the more your walls close in around him like a warm, silken vice, your cunt tightening in around him and not letting him go at all. Your pleasure spikes when he moves his hand down slightly to pinch your clit, making you jolt as you arch your back as best you can.
The rug beneath you scratches against your skin as he runs you ragged on top of it, your shoulder blades and the top of your back taking the brunt of the burn. Tears leak from the corners of your eyes when you squeeze them closed, but the sharp sting of Roman’s hand coming down on your clit snaps them right back open again.
You hiss at the pain but it all just melts right back into pleasure all over again and it doesn’t escape his keen eyes, his flat of his hand coming down on the button over and over again. And you can’t resist the urge to rake your nails down his arms as your nerves flare all through your body.
The telltale signs of your impending orgasm are clear to you both: the dilation in your eyes, the way your thighs stretch and quake as he presses down on them and how quickly you begin to pant.
“Fu-uck, Roman, I need…I need-”
The feeling of Roman’s hand sliding up your chest and around your neck cuts you off, your breath hitching and your eyes widening. “You need what, baby? Don’t go all shy on me now? Or have I fucked all the sense out of you already?”
He sneers and squeezes the sides of your throat, making you gasp. “You get to cum when I say that you can, when I give you the go ahead…you understand me? Hmm? Nod your head for me, baby girl.”
You follow his orders to a tee, staving off your looming orgasm by trying to focus on something, anything that’s not the pulsating feeling between your legs or the way he drives his cock into you, the build-up in his pace doing absolutely nothing to stop it.
“R-Roman…” Your voice is weak behind the grip of his hand, his thumb brushing along the front of your throat and pressing down.
“Not yet, baby girl. I didn’t say you could cum yet.” Each word he speaks is enunciated by a powerful thrust of his hips, the head of his cock kissing your cervix with each one. “Don’t you want to be good for me? Don’t you want to please your Tribal Chief?”
Your voice is soft when you attempt to answer him, crying out “yes, yes I do” as he plows into you harder than before, your back now actively rubbing against the coarse carpet every time Roman’s pelvis connects with yours.
He groans when he looks into your watery eyes, your cheeks stained with your tears and spit leaking from the corners of your mouth. Your face is a mess, your entire body is flushed right with heat, you look a mess, and it’s all because of him.
Your blubbering and the tears that flow from your eyes do something fierce to him as his own orgasm begins to crest, the way your walls grip his shaft driving him absolutely mad with desire. He has to bite down on his tongue to keep from letting go, the sharp pain making him curse as his hips begin to stutter.
“Shit!” he yells, abruptly tearing his cock from you with a wet squelch, your arousal dripping from the head and staining the carpet. Wrapping his hand around the base of his cock, he grips the base of his cock in his fist again before leaning in to plant a furious kiss to his lips, stealing what little breath you have left away once more.
It’s all teeth and tongue and fiery passion that stokes the already blazing inferno within your soul and when he sinks his teeth into your bottom lip and tugs on it, it hurts so good that you whine against his lips and arch into his touch when he pulls away.
Your voice is weak and slightly hoarse when you ask, “Roman?”
“Over the bench, baby. I want you on your hands and knees when I cum inside you.”
That steely gaze from before makes its return and you visibly cower beneath it, standing on shaky legs as you make your way over to one of the nearby benches before draping your weary and sensitive body over it. You feel exposed in this position - even more so due to the fact that you can’t even see him when he pulls the globes of your ass apart to gaze at how slick and messy you’ve become due to his actions.
His hand comes down on the skin and you jolt, scrambling to grab the cold wood of the bench before he does it again…and again.
And again and again as the sharp, stinging pain rings proud and true all over the meat of your ass, heat blooming beneath the skin and radiating off of it. Roman’s hand comes down on one, then the other, and then spreads them with one hand to deliver another blow right to your sensitive folds, causing you to let out a high-pitched scream that has you nearly bolting off the bench.
“Stay still,” he tells you, his chest rumbling as he lays a more firm slap on your ass, another whimper slipping from you. “You only move when I tell you to move, baby girl.”
Roman continues to lay blow after blow to your ass and now to your achingly wet folds, rutting his cock against you as you grind back against him, More tears leak from your eyes as the stinging pain begins to melt into aching pleasure, a litany of broken moans and sobs passing through your lips right before he slides his cock right back inside you.
He meets no resistance and his hips meet yours damn near instantly, picking up his brutal pace right where he left off while you gasp for air. It’s like you can feel his cock all the way in your lungs with how deep he’s pounding into you, the sound of skin hitting sticky skin bouncing off the walls of the locker room.
Your chest presses firmly against the bench, your breasts aching from how firmly he holds your hips against it while his pace goes into overtime. Everyone outside be damned, the noises leaving your mouth couldn’t be silenced even if the damn door was broken down.
The sounds of his name and cries for more fill his ears and he drifts a hand up your back, trailing his fingers up your spine before wrapping his hand in your hair and yanking your head back against his chest.
“That’s it, scream for me,” you hear him say in your ear, the drop in his voice sending a shiver down your spine. You feel his lips trace the shell of your ear, biting down on it and then moving down to your jaw. His other hand grasps your chin and pulls your head to the side, his teeth grazing the side of your neck before he sinks his teeth into it.
And the yell that you let out because of it almost rattles the very walls that surround you as you weakly reach your arms back behind your head and wrap them around his own neck, keeping his head there as he plows into you. Your hips ache, your ass fucking burns from his pelvis colliding against it, everything on your body stings and aches and hurts but you love it, you love it all.
You can feel the marks and bruises that his hands,his lips, his teeth leave on your body already begin to bruise, and you can already tell that the ones staining your ass are going to make it hard to sit down or even walk for days to come…
But you’ll wear those marks, those bruises, you’ll wear everything with your head held high and with pride in your eyes because despite all that Roman’s faced these past few months, he still has you willingly and wholly and wholeheartedly.
The sweet kiss of your orgasm comes to fruition again and you can feel that wave begin to crest over; you won’t be able to last much longer if he keeps going at the pace he’s at right now, your toes curling as you dig your own nails into his scalp to pull his head from your neck. You instinctively squeeze around his cock, feeling his balls slap against your clit over and over again and making you jump and jolt around.
“R-Roman, please, ’m gonna…, I need to, please-”
He can’t help but groan as he roughly kisses the side of your head, holding your beginning-to-go-limp upper body close to his chest. “Fuck me, baby, you’re gonna cum? You’re gonna soak my cock and stain the floor?”
You feel him smile against your cheek when you nod. “I feel you clenching around me, princess, so why don’t you be a good girl for your Tribal Chief and cum for me? I want this pussy sloppy fucking wet by the time I’m done with you.”
The weight of him against your back side, the way he slips a hand between your legs and begins to play with your clit again, furiously rubbing the bud between his fingers as he pumps his hips even faster…it has your tongue lolling out of your mouth as you pant like a bitch in heat, Roman playing you like a finely tuned instrument and pushing all of the right buttons.
It all comes to a head when he starts to murmur in your ear,words and wishes of how he’s going to fill you up just like how you want and leave you dripping full of his cum all over the floor by the time the night ends, firmly grasping your breast with his other hand and twisting your nipple fiercely.
Blood rushes to your ears so damn fast that you can just barely hear the words that leave his lips but once you do…oh, the reaction that he gets has him cheesing something fierce, those sharp teeth of his bared for the whole world to see.
Your entire body shakes, completely vibrates with the need to cum as you fly closer and closer to that edge, clinging to Roman for dear life - but not before he tilts your head to the side and kisses you so passionately that you fall limp in his hold, his tongue meshing together with yours.
“Don’t hold yourself back anymore, baby girl. Cum for me, cum for me now-”
He speaks against your lips and your inner walls give way to your orgasm, that wave cresting and your body bending along with it as you soak his cock with a cry so loud that it rings louder in your ears than your bloodrush does. Your heart feels as though it’s about to leap through your chest and out of your mouth, your hands drifting from his hair and your arms wrapping around his neck behind you.
You can feel his heartbeat racing in his chest as it presses against your back and it’s just as fast as yours, and a final high pitched moan escapes your mouth as you soak his cock completely, his hips stuttering against yours while his thrusts begin to slow.
You audibly moan at the warmth that fills your core when you feel him jut his hips against yours and stays there, fully inserted within you as his own climax takes the reins.
It feels like a punch square to his gut when his cock throbs against that sweet spot that lines your walls, his resolve crumbling and his mind going blank for a few seconds. “Fuck,” Roman groans, the sound rumbling through your whole body as you feel him paint your walls with his cum, the head of his cock pressing snugly against your cervix while he grips your flesh and digs his fingers in wherever he can put them.
Your thighs, your chest, your waist, your neck, it doesn’t matter; at the end of the night, your entire body is going to be covered in his marks, whether you like it or not.
Your brain is scrambled and he rests his head on top of yours, massaging your clit to get the final jitters of your orgasm out of you before he finally lets you breathe. Your vision remains blurry from a mix of how tightly you squeezed your eyes shut and from the tears that still linger within it, your face remains a stained mess from your destroyed makeup, and you don’t even want to talk about the state that your hair resides in…but in this moment, you’ve never looked more beautiful to him.
But, he’ll tell you that soon enough.
For now, he simply cradles your trembling body to his chest, his cock still snug along your inner walls as he rocks his body against yours; over and over again, calming the rocky waves of your climaxes - both yours and him - as he begins to take his own breath and takes the first seconds of the night to finally think about the events that have occurred.
His blood, his closest family has betrayed him, left him in the dirt and dust and tossed him aside…and now all that he has left is you.
You and the strength, the stability, the everything that’s left of his Bloodline reside within you, and he can’t let you go.
He just can’t.
He won’t let you go, not now and not ever…not after everything tonight.
As time passes and when he doesn’t speak, you take the first steps. “...Roman? Are you okay?” you ask, your voice hoarse and your throat dry from all of your screaming.
“Please…” you hear him whisper against your back, pressing his lips to the back of your neck as he pants, still coming down from the force of his orgasm. “Please…don’t leave.”
Please don’t leave me.
And hearing that, hearing his voice crack slightly as his lips move from the nape of your neck upwards, curving up towards your jawline and around the shell of your ear…it breaks you, it utterly breaks something within your soul.
As you think back to the previous weeks, you could already see the threads of dissension within the eyes of Solo, the traps being laid by The Usos to bring the young man closer to their side and away from Roman’s.
The true and final nail in the coffin of the Bloodline, the removal of the Samoan Enforcer, the last shred of foundation that holds this entire empire of Roman’s together…you can feel it in his every motion, every single press of his fingers against your skin, every pull of his arms as he brings you in further and further to his own body: he’s terrified of losing everything, everything that he has left, everything that he is.
“I won’t, Roman,” you tell him, curling your body against his, allowing him to surround you with everything that he has and everything that he’s willing to give you. “I won’t leave. I’ll never leave, I promise.”
A few moments pass, and what precious moments they are. No words are spoken, barely any movements are made aside from the slight rocking of his hips against your own and the heaving of your chests as you both breathe, just…nothing.
A good nothing.
A good nothing that allows you both to just be in touch with yourselves and with each other.
After those few moments pass, you speak to him again, gently running your fingertips over his forearms. “Look, we’ll forge a new Bloodline, okay? Together. You and me and Paul and Solo-”
Roman buries his face in your hair at the mention of Solo’s name, taking a deep breath in of a scent that’s just entirely you mixed with tinges of him…a perfect combination, the perfect combination.
“If we can’t rely on your family to maintain this faction, this dynasty…then we’ll make a new one of our own. Bigger and better and more powerful than Jimmy and Jey could ever comprehend.”
A tense silence follows your words before Roman finds his own to respond.
You feel his lips curl into a smile against your head, another kiss being pressed to your hair as he thinks. You’re right, after all.
If his own family won’t stand at his side, if he can’t rely on his own bloodline…then you two will create your own dynasty…together.
And together, the two of you will take down and dismantle whatever is left of Jimmy and Jey, for all of the new hell that they’ve now brought upon themselves.
And that’s not a threat, Roman thinks to himself as he curls his body around yours against the cool floor of the locker room, not wanting to get up nor remove himself from the comfort and relief that you provide him.
That’s a fucking promise.
“So..can I get my clothes now? And, are we gonna get up and unlock the door, or…?”
You feel his chest rumble as he chuckles, his smile against your skin growing just that bit wider. “Nah, they can all wait a few more minutes. Besides…”
“...I’m not finished with you just yet.”
Oh, fuck…
Tumblr media
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delilahcalicocat · 3 days
{Rating: Smut}
{Warnings: Unprotected Sex, Rough Sex, Choking Kink, Oral Sex, mentions of crying, Use of Handcuffs and a Gag, Swearing, Hair pulling, Master/Princess Dynamic, Mentions of Blood/Injury}
{Pairing: Cody Rhodes x Fem!Reader}
♥︎《Summary: Y/N is in for it after Cody gets attacked by the Rock on Smackdown, She knows she'll have to be carried out of the house tomorrow..》♥︎
It was 8:17pm, Cody had just finished his segment. The rock had come out and cracked his face, his nose was bloody. Y/N sat backstage in Cody's Locker room.
Awaiting her beloved boyfriend.
He whipped open the door with Force, the title falling off his shoulder
"Let's go you little slut. Master needs to release some anger." He said, Dragging you towards the exit by the wrist.
You had a hold of his title in your left hand while he dragged you by your right wrist.
He for a lack of a better word, hurried you into the car.
As you sat in the passenger seat, you looked around the front of the car. You noticed Cody's Knuckles turning a bone white color from how hard he'd been gripping the wheel. You decided to of course, let your hand wander to his thigh, squeezing it a little
"Not now Sweetheart, I want to stay focused on the road." He spoke
You decided to keep going, letting your hand travel to his boxers this time. At the red light, he decided to look at you.
You'd never acted like this before, but here you were. Literally sucking his cock at a red light in a car.
You tried to keep yourself hidden from other drivers, but you also didn't want to make Cody loose focus on the road. Since this was a risky game you were playing..
He would occasionally at every other red light, place his hand on your head. Grabbing handfuls of your (H/C) Hair.
"Fuck.. just like that princess.." He said, watching you Bob your head up and down
Right at the red light to turn, he came. You sat back up, and fixed your hair and he adjusted himself.
You sat with your head out the window for a few minutes since you needed a little breather after the stunt you just pulled..
"Sorry for how The rock acted.. Sir..." You spoke quietly
"You don't need to apologize princess, it's not your fault.. it's his fault." He said
You sighed and went back to looking out the window of the car
You didn't wish to act out anymore. You couldn't risk it with the ticking time bomb next to you, who was driving.
You both arrived home finally, Cody wasted no time Dragging you into the house. He took you up the stairs and sat you on the bed.
"Princess, what toys do want me to use tonight?" He asked
"I mean, in my opinion. It's hot when you handcuff me and pin me to the bed" you spoke quietly
"Alright, I guess you want the Handcuffs and the gag tonight." He said, pulling out a light blue heart gag with a matching Fluffy handcuff set
You felt your gulp catch in your throat when he pulled the items out.
Next thing you know, your pinned down to bed as you mentioned before. Handcuffed and gagged as he fucked you into the mattress.
You put your face down so the mattress would muffle your screaming, until Cody grabbed your hair and pulled your face out of the mattress.
"Pl-Please... M-Master.. I'm g-gonna.." You weakly spoke through the gag.
"Hold it princess, I know you can. Be a good little girl." He commanded
You focused on something besides your impending orgasm, your legs began to feel fuzzy from how hard Cody had been fucking up into you.
"M-Master... Please... I'm gonna-" You tried to speak, but the gag cut you off
"A few more minutes princess, then you can cum" He said firmly
You felt the need to cry, but you couldn't. You would be in trouble with Cody.
He finally came, and you came after him..
Your legs were sore.. it was the 8th round of the night at that point. You couldn't do anything, Cody had you pinned down still.
You felt like he'd gone feral or something after that attack..
After multiple hours of sweat and tears, Cody and you snuggled after you cleaned up.
"I didn't hurt you, right princess?" He asked
You nodded and snuggled closer to his chest
You both then fell asleep
It was to your dismay, the next morning you found Cody's handprint around your throat, from when he was almost choking you, not really hurting you.
"Fuck.." You sighed, touching the print.
"Sweetheart? Oh.. shit.." He said noticing the print
"Hand me my concealer and foundation. I just gotta hope I don't sweat." You spoke
He handed you both items and you got to work covering the mark, you set it with some powder and then stood up.
You both walked out the door and to the car, now you just have to hope your special doesn't fall off your wrist since it's dirty..
"Daddy's Princess" and the inside... "Daddy's little cum slut" ..
Maybe you should've left it home..
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allmyn1ghts · 4 months
Shield's First Lady ˚₊‧꒰ა ☆ ໒꒱ ‧₊˚
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Shield x Fem!Reader (platonically)
Synopsis: just a little hc about being the first and only lady of shield!!
Warnings: fluff and some angst
a/n: missing my boys and 2013-15 real bad yall!!
Tumblr media
you absolutely loved your boys
at first, you were really iffy about the idea Triple H presented
"I want you to be Shield's First Lady! I think you being with the guys would be a perfect fit."
you didn't really want to be in a group or associated with one. But you decided to go ahead with the idea
You barely talked to Roman before but Seth and Dean were foreign to you.
"It's so nice to meet you all, I'm sure this is gonna be super fun for all of us!" 
The three men were nothing but sweetheart to you. always polite, making sure you were good
from that moment, you knew you had made the right choice
your role was pretty simple, the fearless badass of the group 
you would stand ringside for almost every match whether it be singles, tag, or all three of them. sometimes distract the ref so they can pull an illegal move ;)
every backstage segment had all four of you in it chilling in your custom locker room, getting ready for a match, etc...
promos always had you on the mic
"Shield is taking over the WWE. We have the Tag Team titles, the United States Championship, the Divas championship, My boys and I are unstoppable"
the fans absolutely loved Shield (you were the fan favorite)
yall had become a little family!
the four of you always went out after shows, having a blast
when the boys would get into stupid little arguments, you were the mediator
"C'mon guys enough! We're family. act like it!" 
when you got loud, oh they listened for sure. They knew not to piss you off
don't be fooled though, they loved you more
What you did for them ringside, they did for you.
Every time you won, they would slide into the ring and hold you up on their shoulders.
they always made you laugh at their silly side convos 
Everything was good
until it wasn't
The day Seth betrayed you all, was the day your heart broke
"Seth what are you doing?! How could you do this to us?! We're family!"
You looked him in his eyes, slapping him across the face. He had nothing to say but a smirk on his face. 
Seth not only betrayed you but his brothers too, his family.
Shield was never the same for any of you after that day. 
Tumblr media
hope yall enjoyed this lil hc! comment and reblog pls and thank u <33
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