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xtaibhse · 3 years
Is Collar x Malice unlimited as long/as good as the Prequel? Is unlimited even a real sequel or just a collection of fluffy after ending stories? And is saeki's route satisfying enough? (I was mainly thinking about getting CxM bc I liked saeki's design but was disappointed he didn't have a route at first.
Hello there!
Unlimited is not as long as its prequel, that’s for sure. It focuses more on the “after story” of the first game, so it’s kind of like a sequel of some sort (fandisks are kind of hard to classify because they can be sequels or just games to further ‘satiate’ fans).
As for whether it’s as good as the prequel—that goes with objective opinions. I enjoyed a lot of the routes, but there are some that annoyed me. In my opinion, I like the first game better because of the suspense and mystery.
This is just my own feelings but I didn’t find Saeki’s route too interesting. It felt quite lacking. I’m neutral when it comes to Saeki, to be honest. But that’s not to say, it wasn’t good. If you’re expecting a ‘happy’ kind of ending or route with Saeki, then Unlimited will… not appease you. 😅 It kind of just cemented my thought that, “Yeah, Otomate definitely didn’t want to give him a romance route.”
Romance for Saeki being out of the question, I still like how they remained ‘true’ to Ichika and his characters for this route.
I don’t think I answered your questions satisfactorily, but I hope this helps. 😅
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xtaibhse · 5 years
How would you rate the boys in CxM? Who's your other favs aside from Shiraishi?
Rating? Uhh… Lemme see…
1. Shiraishi Kageyuki. My ultimate favourite from this game~ Everything about him is so precious. ; u ; I only really purchased Unlimited just to see if he’ll get his happy ending with Ichika and he did, in a bit of a roundabout way. ;;;
2. Enomoto Mineo. THE CUTEST CINNAMON ROLL. BLESS. His route in Unlimited is probably my favourite. /////////////
3. Yanagi Aiji. I like him too but not as much as the first two. I’d probably like him more if I wasn’t so attached to Shiraishi lol.
4. Okazaki Kei. He’s alright as well. Just not my type lol. Sorry. ;;;;; He kinda pissed me off in the first game when he was sorta using Ichika as an excuse to have a “meaningful death”. Glad he changed and that Ichika gave him a piece of her mind. ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧ His change made me like him again.
5. Sasazuka Takeru. Sorry, I just… I just can’t stand this guy. I know he’s the overall favourite but he just gets on my nerves. His banters with Mineo are top-notch but past that, I just hate his guts. Sorry! ;;;;;
Those are for the main guys, but if we include the side characters that ended up getting their own “routes” in Unlimited as well, it would be:
Shiraishi → Enomoto → Yoshinari → Minegishi → Yanagi → Okazaki → Saeki → Sasazuka
At the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preferences. I’m sure everyone has their own biases and characters they don’t like! But if you don’t like a character, please don’t ruin the fun for the people who like them. ^^
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xtaibhse · 5 years
collar x malice unlimited isn’t out in english right? i saw your screenshots and got confused if it was just translations or not...
No, it hasn’t been localised yet!
I take it you’re talking about the screenshots from Sasazuka’s route? In that case, he and Ichika went to America and it was just that one instance where they spoke English in the game (or Ichika and the stranger, rather). 😊
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xtaibhse · 5 years
Are you playing BW Alice Twilight Line when it comes out? I saw you post about it a few months ago
Hi there!
Yes, I’ll be playing Shiro to Kuro no Alice -Twilight Line-! I already have my route order all planned out, haha. Rain → Nello → Kanon → Snow → Minette → Jack.
Gotta leave Jack until last since he’s my favourite lol.
I’m just waiting for the shop bonuses to be released so I can preorder lol. I hope Animate has Jack, haha. But it’s most likely gonna be Rain and Snow.
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xtaibhse · 5 years
Sorry to ask you this, but how does the delivery from animate Jp work? Do they have options to choose dhl as the carrier? or just ems- i want to order there but idk(★´−`)
Hi there!
Unfortunately, they only have EMS for shipping and deliveries.
Also, when ordering from Animate JP from outside Japan, you’ll need a proxy service, such as Benly Express because Animate JP only accepts JPN addresses, codes and phone numbers.
Hope that helps!
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xtaibhse · 4 years
Hi! First of all, thank you for hosting the CxM Secret Santa Exchange! I'm excited to participate and see all the new fanworks. :) Just a quick question, and apologies if you answered this and I missed it somewhere-- but are there specific requirements for individual gifts? Such as a minimum/maximum word limit for fics, for example? TIA!
Hi there!
Thank you so much for taking an interest in participating in the Secret Santa event!
The minimum requirement for fanfics would be 1300 words! ^^
As for fanarts, a clean, coloured lineart would be nice! Then again, it all depends on each individual’s art style. ^^; But a coloured piece is a must!
Thank you for the question! I hope I answered them satisfactory. ^^
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xtaibhse · 5 years
Ukyo/Ashe is the ultimate otp and u kno it :>
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xtaibhse · 5 years
How about Amnesia bois rating?? :^)
What’s with the ratings? 😂
Alright, here goes:
1. Ukyo: He’s my all-time favourite otoge boy. He’s actually the cause of my descent to Otoge Hell and the one who set the tone of which guys I’d like in these games lol. Ukyo is so cute, and beautifully tragic, I love him lol. I adore both sides of him—ura and omote—especially Ura!Ukyo in Amnesia Crowd!! He’s my complete bias. 💜
2. Kent: I’ve always had a thing for the socially awkward types/kuuderes, and Kent is one of them! His route, compared to the other guys, is not that eventful but experiencing the cute and pure romance he has with Heroine makes it all worth it.
3. Toma: The overprotective older brother-figure—!! While there are problems with him, if you think about the consequences of Ukyo’s actions (i.e. travelling to worlds he didn’t exist, thus triggering the “Cycle of Death”), Toma’s extreme behaviour was due to Ukyo and Nhil’s interventions. It still doesn’t excuse his behaviour, but while Ukyo is being given some slack by the fandom (and let’s be real, he’s committed murder countless times), Toma is getting slandered which I don’t think is right either.
tl;dr: I like both Ukyo and Toma, and both of them have faults of their own that should be taken into consideration.
4. Ikki: Not really into playboy types (I say, as if Mizuki in CharadeManiacs is not very flirty), so he ranks lower. His friendship with Kent is A+++ lol. That’s all I can really say.
5. Shin: I just don’t like him, sorry! Rude, bossy, pushy—just the kind of person I don’t like. 💦 He has his cute, tender times but overall he’s not the kind of person I’d associate with lol.
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xtaibhse · 5 years
Hi! So I saw you've been playing Collar x Malice unlimited (me too!), and I was wondering if you could help me out with the riddle in Shiraishi's route
Hi there!
Here are the following answers to Shiraishi’s puzzle:
1. ホラーハウス
2. コースター
3. カーニバル
4. ワールド
The answer to the overall puzzle, at the end, is: ハコニワ.
So, haunted house, coaster, carnival and world for the first four. And the last answer is a box garden.
Hope that helps!
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