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frishbi · 2 days
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POSTING DAY!! I participated in this years @bumblebybigbang and partnered up with @mercenaryg and @lebastian5 for Merc's fanfic!
You can check it out here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/52061515/chapters/131664610
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lovingdabeessss · 2 days
The most consistent thing about RWBY is that in order to be in a romantic relationship the relationship MUST be doomed explicitly
Jaune and Pyrrha only kiss after she knows she’s ABOUT TO DIE
Ren and Nora only get to kiss during an argument where ren slightly expresses his paranoia and reasons he refuses to be with her, then he immediately gets proven right and then Nora gets almost electrocuted to death
The only reason clover and qrow get to flirt for essentially EVERY scene they have together is that they’re EXPLICITLY doomed (it’s about how their individual relationships with luck have led them to be intensely loyal to authority. Qrow in a sense of gratitude, clover in a sense of privilege. they’re both the best huntsman of where they were and most trusted warriors of their leaders. however qrows life has had his team fall apart and has gotten the appropriate amount of disillusionment from ozpins lies. This is what saves him. But clover has been left to be doomed to death because he cannot believe a system he was built for could be anything but inherently correct. Qrows misfortune had saved him clovers luck killed him. And despite how hard anyone could’ve tried their was never anything that could have saved him from being gods most perfect soldier. Or idk something like that I don’t think about them enough)
Tai summer and raven. Raven was always going to leave to go back to her tribe. Summer was always going to be murdered by Salem. Tai was always going to be left. They all knew they all probably tried to deny it. They all walked backwards into their own narrative. Their ship name is apparently str crossed lovers. Which is genius.
Ruby and penny got their whole thing because penny died TWICE and now she’s permanently haunting ruby’s lil narrative so good for her
and that’s why chronic runaway and abandonment issues personified are CANNON SOULMATES (I could go on several rants I adore them)
So yeah if you want them to be cannon they just have to be more doomed but it’s kinda hard for that cause they had a little reversed doomed situation where they’re relationship was always going to get better because they were kinda enemies at first
Anyway good luck to whiterose shippers I wish you all a very happy only team partners that haven’t kissed yet
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manscaped · 7 days
Gifts That Sleigh 🎁
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littlelewdmable · 2 days
Yang: You ready to go out and have a good time, lover boy?
Jaune: *Sighs* I'm sorry Yang, but I'm just not feeling it tonight.
Yang: Oh yeah? Well I know one thing that can get you out of your funk. *Tears open her top* My rockin' tits~!
Jaune: ...
Yang: ...
Jaune: ...I'm just going to stay home. But I do appreciate you trying with your, um, "rocking tits". *Gets up and leaves*
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rwbyauafterone · 3 days
2019 WR/BB Doodle
Hand kiss.
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notmaplemable · 3 days
Yang: come on Jaune, you just need to do five more situps.
Jaune: I *pants* can't.
Yang: I'll flash you if you do.
Jaune: One!
Jaune: Two!
Jaune: 2 and a half! *gives up*
Jaune: Can you show me one for trying?
Yang: ...
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jindianjun000 · 3 days
喜怒哀樂Team RWBY
🔴😊⚪️😡⚫️😔🟡😆 Happiness, anger, grief and joy profile pictures series one.
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iamafanofcartoons · 3 days
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Another RWBY Version of that Hogwarts "Why is it when something happens" meme, for 4 instead of 3
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howlingday · 21 hours
Blake: How long were you in the Ever After for?
Jaune: I... I don't know. It felt like years, maybe even decades.
Weiss: Did you see anything connected to your past traumas?
Jaune: Actually, yeah. My whole childhood of neglect, my youth of wartime indoctrination, all leading me back to the source of my unfettered rage. After enough time, I was able to channel is and then replace it with something new.
Ruby: What did you replace it with? Peace? Tranquility?
Jaune: Nope! Righteous indignation! Now, let's break this fucking tree and whoever is keeping us here!
Yang: Fuck yeah! Amen to that, brother!
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ash-like-art · 3 days
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Just a bad day.
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rubyfunkey · 3 days
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bee de-stressor
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goldenamaranthe-blog · 19 hours
Blake: (yawning as she enters the bathroom) Good morning.
Weiss: (fixing her makeup) Good morning.
Ruby: (finger combing her hair) Morning, Blake!
Yang: (brushing her teeth) Morming, babe...
Toothbrush: Brrrrrrrrrrr!
RWBY: (continue their morning routine)
Yang: (finishes brushing her teeth and places her toothbrush back in the holder)
Weiss: (glances at the toothbrush holder and her eyes widen) Yang?
Yang: Yeah, Weiss?
Weiss: Your toothbrush isn't electric?
Yang: Hm? (Glances at her totally normal, yellow toothbrush) Oh! No. Just a regular one.
Weiss: Then how?
Yang: (holds up robotic hand and turns on vibrations) *Brrrrrrrrrr!* Vibration function helps me get my teeth squeaky clean. Does wonders to combat the sand that gets stuck in my teeth. I'm gonna go get dressed now. (Leaves the bathroom)
Weiss & Blake: (jaws drop and blushes)
Ruby: (while brushing her own teeth) Wucky! I bish I had dat!
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manscaped · 7 days
Gifts That Sleigh 🎁
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thegabi182 · 18 hours
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The Vytal Festival - Remnant’s biggest competition of magic - is Yang Xiao Long’s one chance to make a better life for her sister and herself. To protect her sister. Her chance to have a fresh start.
The Vytal Festival is Blake Belladonna’s best chance at freedom. At leaving her past behind and proving to herself (and the world) that she can stand on her own. Her chance at a fresh start.
Neither of them expect to be fighting for much more than the fame and prize money.
From the beutiful mind of @starberrywaves the fic is On Your Wings for this year's @bumblebybigbang
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nerdlydelicious · 14 hours
In an AU where Cinder joins the team post Volume 4, but Jaune hasn’t quite forgiven her for everything she’s done…
Yang: “Look, Cinder fell asleep!”
Ruby: “Prank her Jaune!”
Jaune: “Ha ha, you already know!”
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Yang: “Oh shit!”
Ruby: “No no no no no!”
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littlelewdmable · 22 hours
Yang: How are you feelin, today Lover Boy~?
Jaune: A lot better actually. Talking last night really did some good for me.
Yang: That's good to hear.
Jaune: Yeah.
Yang: But you know what's better to see than to hear about?
Jaune: What?
Yang: *Rips open her top* My rockin' tits~!
Jaune: ...Aren't you running out of shirts?
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Not my favorite but I still like'em
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manscaped · 7 days
Gifts That Sleigh 🎁
⏰ Limited time only! ⏰ Get 20% off + free shipping on all the best men's grooming products. 
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sevi-fuk · 2 days
bumbleby basically
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Yang is such an amazing girlfriend! She helps Blake with yoga practice everyday! True gentleman
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