dxdfish · 3 days
helo cubfan fans
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somerandomdudelmao · 2 days
Oh my God. When he lost his Uncles, Casey was the Sole Holder of the Hamato Braincell, now that they're back it has returned to ping-ponging back and forth between the turtle brothers!
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mndvx · 3 days
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soapyakships · 13 hours
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ena can take not being the tallest in niigo but her ass can NOT accept being the shortest...
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coffee-lynx · 2 days
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Man's shaking for real after those decked out runs
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kandavers · 2 days
Hey bro! your Jordans are fake
*pointing to his Jordans*
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blaithnne · 3 days
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Thought long and hard about what kind of noises this thing would make
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copingchaos · 1 day
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alfairy · 2 days
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spockgirl · 1 day
hi everyone i posted the first chapter of my two-part super long good omens post-s2 fic. it has: the heavenly choir performing sondheim, demons from rural indiana, religious conflict, & discussing your millennia-long relationship problems at a waffle house. check it out
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egot1stical · 16 hours
making the worst tumblr post ever and talking about winterkov. ONCE.
in canon i think they should never date (because simon is too sadsack) but instead have the worst one night stand ever.
listen; winter king is clearly down to fuck himself (definitely “i’d make a bunch of clones, i am pro clone-fucking”) but simon (“what if my clone is evil”/“i would not want to fuck my clone because my self loathing is THAT strong”) would need to be at the lowest point in his life or they’d both need to be absolutely shitfaced.
halfway through the episode they have extremely mediocre sex offscreen that winter king keeps insisting was really good and then simon feels really weird about his thousand year dry spell being broken by himself from another reality. he does not bring this up to fionna or cake at all. cake can sense it. in the b plot marshall and gary discuss if theyd fuck another universe’s version of themself.
the show then continues as normal except when he talks to (gol)betty she’s like omnipotent or something so halfway through the most dramatic conversation of their lives she’s like. “unrelated but im kind of jealous. i always wanted to fuck a clone of myself. how was it” and then simon unlocks shrimp emotions and after a minute of silence just says “it was okay” and then moves on
if you disagree. i don’t know what to tell you
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teanshan · 3 days
me thinking about the ear piercing: 😍✨🔥
me thinking about how the ear piercing was the last point in the timeline old xian had to hit before he tian could leave. so now old xian can have he tian go away at any moment: 😫💔💀
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bg3 · 2 days
actually an extra thing
some people already know i am unable to romance astarion due to how personally triggering his story is for me due to unfortunate similarities i have with experiences he has had
so yes i do take 'discourse' about him seriously because i can see myself in that too and its almost terrifying to me to have people argue their rights to think such ways about him because it reminds me of people who thought such ways about me in real life
do they not realise that there are people out there who have traumas similar to him? that one of astarions greatest appeals is the catharsis he provides in his story for people who have suffered the same as him? that we can live vicariously through him?
it would be wonderful if i could heal with astarion instead of seeing the fandom be deplorable
my message has always been thus: think about the real life people playing this game and participating in the fandom. show care for them, understanding, sympathy. we as people will always be more important. always
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turrondeluxe · 2 days
ermmmmmmmmmmm gay people yes or no
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goldensunset · 2 days
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loupsbane · 2 days
Underrated dynamic I’m only going to do a compilation for once: the Host and Sun Wukong
I want to see them be friends
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