#yeah anyways onto the actual subject.
birdmenmanga · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
some kind of moodboard
@birdmenanime @kitsoa
#just thinking thoughts...#sorry. the phrase 'bird mom loves you both' was so fucking evocative#and then once I started drawing it turned out I had a lot of feelings about this#if either of you want me to take this down let me know#yeah so I've been sitting on that edit of the conversation between takayama and karasuma for ages. like 4 months.#but at that time ghost was still on hiatus I think and also we weren't that close. so it didn't feel right to show it. but it existed.#my mental image of ghostpun is actually largely just that chibi takayama actually#but like that would cause confusion. so i used your discord pfp. your goat person is really nice to draw actually#as for kitsoa. it's supposed to be your fox from tumblr. but I also really associate you with sora(?)'s silhouette so.#it's that. and then hair that COULD be fox ears if you so desired. the ponytail is the tail... the shape is more or less the same.#fistfighting on top of a ferris wheel is a reference to detective conan movie 20: darkest nightmare#it's just so stupid and ridiculous it's my go-to for ludicrous conflicts#yeah anyways onto the actual subject.#to ghost: sorry about this. generally when it comes to fandoms I read most text posts and nod my head thoughtfully and sip my drink#but I guess because I have more cohesive and coherent thoughts about this series in particular I'm less good at just nodding my head#I don't think there's been a single time where we've said something that made the other person go 'YEAH'#like it's always '......well...............'#some nights I wonder whether we read the same series or not. and I feel like you probably feel this way sometimes too#sorry for being so pedantic. I am really not trying to pick a fight with you I promise.#yeah I have no clue what I want to say actually#we go to the same church for worship and like what are we gonna do??? stop going??? fuck no#I don't hate you. I respect you. still trying my damnest to like you. we're still working on that last one#like look I want to be besties so bad but I feel like we just have a boatload of ideological differences to work through#so I guess. what I'm trying to say is. here's to being insane together for the next few years. cheers!#(additional apology for the brutal honesty. I'm not good at white lies.)#to kitsoa: uh. sorry about. This. I don't even know if you were aware we had a rivalry (???) going on#Uh I wish I didn't stir up trouble in your house (bm fandom) but I'm stubborn. for better or for worse. sorry...#I am going to be careful to keep discussions respectful etc. etc. so as not to cultivate a toxic workplace or whatever. prommy.#(but you have to admit. this is kind of funny) <- guy addicted to doing things for the bit#yeah that's all. I can't do anything in a normal way but I hope you guys can understand somewhat.
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4lph4kidz · 1 year
Tumblr media
@hermitcyclop yeah, pretty much
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robynnnhooddd · 8 months
Summary: Eddie suspects that you're hiding something in your locker, but what he's thinking is not as serious as it actually is.
Pairing: Eddie Munson × fem!reader
Warnings: minor swearing
Tumblr media
A few months into your relationship with Dungeon Master Eddie Munson had fled by, and you must say you couldn't have been happier. You enjoyed being in his company as much as he enjoyed being in yours, spending your free time either listening to him jam with his band or strolling around Starcourt Mall.
But the dates you liked the most were those days when you just sit together lazily on the couch at his trailer, watching crappy movies you rented from Family Video and munching on some chips you bought from some nearby convenience store.
Most of the time that you were together, you had your little polaroid camera with you, capturing every cute little moment in a single photograph. Eddie was unaware, but he was your favorite muse - stolen pictures of him pinned on the mini corkboard in your room, scattered across one of the drawers in your dresser, and taped on the walls of your locker.
With the number of times you hung out, you didn't realize you had a whole gallery of pictures with him as the primary subject. You never told him about these photos because you didn't want him to be weirded out and think that you were borderline obsessed with him, especially since you haven't dated for quite that long yet.
It was his fault for always looking damn pretty like that anyways.
A few minutes to spare before the bell rung, you paid your locker a visit - returning some of the books you didn't need for your next class and taking those that were necessary. Before you shut the locker door, you glanced at one of the handful of pictures of your boyfriend currently stuck on your locker door, smiled and gave it a small kiss. It had become an unconscious habit to do this every morning because you usually saw Eddie at school only around noon when you were both at the cafeteria.
That's why it was a major scare for you to see his face giving you a curious look the moment you shut your locker door.
"Jeez, Eddie. Don't do that!" you groaned, clutching your chest at his sudden appearance. Your boyfriend simply raised an eyebrow at you, an amused smile on his face.
"Did I just see you kiss your locker door?" he asked mischievously, leaning against the locker next to yours. You laughed awkwardly before shaking your head. "Umm, no?" you responded, though it sounded more like a question than a statement.
Eddie hummed. "Yeah, I think you did. Why, hmm? Whose picture do you have in there?" he teased as he smirked at you with his arms crossed.
Heat rose to your cheeks and you had to turn your head away from him. You scoffed in an attempt to drive him away from the topic. "Don't you have class, Eds? Come on, let's go."
"Changing the topic's not gonna work on me, princess. Is it that celebrity crush of yours that you won't shut up about? Gosh, Y/N, he's not even that appealing-"
"I do not have his picture there!" you retorted, twisting the knob on your locker and ensuring it was closed tight. You took his arm in yours as you walked towards your next class.
He narrowed his eyes at you. "Then who was it? Was it me?" he added, wiggling his eyebrows at you.
Shit, he's onto me.
You chuckle to mask your nervousness.  "You flatter yourself too much."
"Ah, so it's someone else then, huh?" Eddie pressed, his pace slowing down as his never left yours. You picked up the slight change in his tone, almost like he was disappointed. You pecked his cheek to try and get him to stop. "I don't have anyone's picture in there, babe. Relax."
The bell rung, much to your relief. You shot him a smile and muttered a "see you later" before walking briskly to your next class, leaving Eddie standing all alone while the crowd bristled among him.
Eddie didn't like this feeling. You were obviously hiding something from him and he felt sick about it. A million thoughts rushed through his mind regarding the countless possibilities, yet the notion of another admirer that you were keeping secret from him replayed again and again in his head.
It was not like he didn't trust you or anything. You had never given him the impression that your feelings for him weren't genuine over the course of your relationship. He blamed it on his low self-esteem brought about by being made the constant butt of jokes and mockery amongst the students of Hawkins High.
He really hoped he was wrong because he hated these thoughts and couldn't even bring himself to finish his lunch. Jeff, Gareth, and Dustin noticed his detachment from reality, but didn't dare speak up.
"Hey, babe." you greeted out of the blue, kissing his cheek and making him snap out his trance. You look at your boyfriend, concern all over your face as you took in his expression. "You okay?"
Eddie waved it off and gave you a small smile, patting the seat next to him. Your eyes scanned the rest of the group, who merely gave you shrugs in response. You set your tray down on the table and placed a hand on his forearm. "Something wrong, Eds?"
"Nothing, babe. Just... thinking. Don't mind me." he replied. Not like you were convinced, though.
You attempted to cheer him up by diverting the topic. "Do you guys have Hellfire Club shenanigans tonight?"
"Yeah, tonight's gonna be Eddie's last campaign. It's gonna be epic!" Dustin gushed, bringing a smile to the Dungeon Master's lips.
"It's gonna be more epic when I watch you all cry home to your mommies tonight. You're never beating my campaign." Eddie snorted, an eyebrow raised and a smirk on his face. The gang chuckled and suddenly,  the atmosphere felt lighter again.
Eddie was more determined than ever to find out whatever it was that you had in your locker the next day. Hiding behind the corner of the hallway, he waited patiently for you to arrive, occasionally glancing at his watch to check the time.
"Come on, princess. Where are you- ah! There she is."
You were oblivious to your boyfriend spying on you at the end of the corridor, twisting and turning the knob of your locker door. You looked even more suspicious to Eddie when your turned your head from side to side, as if to checking if anyone was nearby.
Eddie narrowed his eyes in your direction once you had opened your locker. You were blocking whatever was on the inside, but he could vaguely make out a piece of paper stuck on the side. He tried leaning forward to get a good look at it, but you had swiftly shut it closed and scurried away, presumably to walk to your next class.
He sighed in frustration, stepping out into view once you had disappeared into another hallway. However, something caught his eye. Something flat.
It appeared that you had dropped something.
He jogged towards the item and picked it up. It took him a few seconds to realize what it was, and the moment he did, his eyes grew wide and his mouth fell open, gradually shifting into a huge grin. Eddie could feel his cheeks turning red at the little polaroid picture in his hand.
"Oh, hi Eddie!" you piped up after feeling his arms wrap around your frame. He placed a kiss on the top of your head, and you couldn't help but sigh in content. You were sitting by an abandoned picnic table a few meters away from school - a spot that you and Eddie have claimed to yourselves in order to simply get away from everything and bask in each other's company.
"What are you doing?" he inquired, though it came out a bit muffled because his lips were still pressed on your head. "Just playing some music. Math really drained by brain juices."
He hummed in acknowledgement and chuckled - you both shared the same disdain for the subject. Eddie pulled away and sat next to you, playing with a strand of your hair as he continued to gaze at you in silence.
Though you enjoyed the physical contact, you were a bit confused at his display of affection. Given the way he was smiling at you right now, your intuiton was telling you that he must have something to say.
"You're awfully quiet, Eds. You okay?" Your boyfriend nodded, but his smile got wider. "Then why are you so smiley?"
Eddie licked his lips before scooting closer to you, a hand in his jacket pocket. He snickered as he saw you look more and more puzzled by the second. "I didn't know you liked me that much, sweetheart." he whispers in your ear with a deep voice, making a shiver run down your spine.
Blinking several times, a small "huh?" escaped your lips.
"I mean, I know we're dating and all, but still..." he added bashfully as he tucks a strand of hair behind your ear.
Seeing that you didn't seem to get the hint, he took out his hand from his pocket, revealing the same picture you had accidentally let slip from your locker earlier that day. Your eyes widened in realization, and you gulped.
"I think this belongs to you." he stated, handing you the photo.
Oh, shit.
"Wh- where did you get that?" you breathed out, your cheeks feeling warmer and your breathing getting more rapid. Eddie's smile never faltered. "It fell from your locker this morning. It's a good thing I was around."
Your mouth opened and closed, but no sound came out. You didn't know what to say. He must think you were obsessed with him or something.
Shit, does he think I'm a creep now?
Noticing your discomfort, his gaze softens as he tilts your head up to meet his gaze. "Is this the photo I saw you kissing yesterday?"
You quickly shook your head, shoving the photo in your bag, much to the metalhead's amusement. "No! No, it wasn't this one-" you froze as you realized what you had just said.
Eddie was full-on smirking right now, his hand supporting his head as he rested against the wooden table. "Oh, so there's more?"
Damn it.
You bit your lip, not wanting to embarrass yourself anymore. You hid your face in your hands as if you would magically fade away. "Aww, does my girlfriend have a little crush on me?" he teases, poking your cheek as you swat his hand away and roll your eyes.
Your gaze drifted to your lap and you tugged on the loose thread of your shirt. "I hope you don't think I'm weird or anything. I just..." you groan, struggling to find the right words to say. "... it's your fault for being so photogenic."
Eddie laughed. "Sorry, can't help it, sweetheart." he shrugs before sending a wink in your direction, earning a chuckle from you.
He takes your hand in his as he plays with your fingers. "Relax, princess. I don't find it weird at all. I actually think it's really cute." You look up at him, a smile gracing your features. "You think so?"
He nods his head in reassurance. "You know, I honestly thought it was someone else. Seeing that picture really put my worries to rest."
You purse your lips. "Is that why you were kinda distant yesterday?" You frown when he nods. "I'm sorry, babe. I didn't mean to make you feel- "
His lips connected with yours, abruptly interrupting your statement. You were initially surprised, but it didn't take too long for you to melt in his kiss and embrace, your fingers running through his hair. You could feel the quick pacing of his heart over his prized Hellfire Club shirt. One of his hands was firmly gripped on your waist while the other roamed your back.
Running out of breath, you both pulled away. You two looked absolutely flustered, and you averted your gaze from him because you couldn't take how intense his stare was.
"I think I'm in love with you, Y/N." he sighs dreamily, gazing at you with lovesick eyes. Your heart felt like bursting out of its cavity. "I think I am, too, Munson."
He chuckled, leaving butterflies in your stomach. "Oh, yes. You're definitely in love with me. No doubt in that."
You lightly smack him on his shoulders as you giggled. Your eyes wandered off to the chain around his neck, and you could've sworn you've seen it before. It took you a few seconds before putting two and two together.
"Wait..." you began, and his eyebrows furrowed together.
"Is that my necklace?" you gasp, gently tugging at the chain to reveal the guitar pick necklace you made yourself back in the eight grade. Your boyfriend laughs it off, but you could see his cheeks and ears turning a shade of red.
"I've been looking for that since forever! You should've told me you took it, you kleptomaniac." you pout as you crossed your arms over your chest.
"Oh, like you should've told me about those candid polaroids you have of me, hmm?" he retorts, sticking a tongue out at you like a child.
It was your turn to laugh. "Here you are teasing me about my pictures when you're just as much of a sap as I am."
The young man shrugs. "Well, at least I'm not denying it, though. Unlike you." He proceeds to mimic your voice. "I don't have anyone's picture there, babe. Relax."
You laughed at his pathetic attempt of imitating your tone. "Whatever. It looks good on you, though." you admit, tucking the necklace back under his shirt. Little did you know, your fingers brushing his chest sent him into a frenzy.
"Why don't you take a picture of it, princess?" he mocked, the same smirk returning to his face. Your hands wrap around his neck as you rolled your eyes before muttering "shut up", kissing him afterwards. You could feel him smile against your lips as he held you tighter against his body.
You both were total goners for each other, that was for sure.
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gasterofficial · 4 months
@kanrix too many pictures to put in a reply or anything so i'm just gonna make a post FHLDSKJFHDLSKf this also goes out to anyone else who could benefit from my little gaster cosplay tutorial fhjkghkfg
aight this is the earliest picture i have but basically I cut an oval out of 4mm foam, and used scrap pieces of the same size foam that i just had laying around to do another layer on top for added support and thickness. after that i did my best to roughly mark where my eyes, nose and mouse were and cut the eyes out so that they would line up with my own, and used the markings for the mouth and nose to cut a hole into the inside of the mask for my nose to fit into. the mask has a higher layer of foam only on the very tip of the nose because i had to keep my nose from sticking out or pushing the mask too far off my face lol.
anyway after all of that i used a heat gun to heat the foam (WITHOUT melting it and preferably in a well-ventilated area) on both sides and then held it to my face in position to help it mold better to the shape of my head. it looked like this when i was done (i also cut into the upper layer of foam to make the eye scars)
Tumblr media
after that I covered the entire thing with this amazing thing called foam-mo, it's basically like foam in a water-based binder that behaves like craft clay. it's easy to work with and SUPER lightweight when it dries and it's absolutely perfect for making organic textures
Tumblr media Tumblr media
it lost a bit of the dimensionality in the drips after it dried, but I just went over it with another layer where I wanted more texture, and used a dremel tool with a sanding bit to sand down parts that I wanted more depressed.
Tumblr media
then after that were the first and second paint jobs. this included using an ultra dark carbon nanotube ink in the scars to get them as black as possible (and matte). after the second paint job I used a type of fabric called "speaker cloth" to cover up the eye and mouth holes. I hot glued the speaker cloth down from the inside and then painted over the fabric on both sides with fabric stiffener on the mouth hole ONLY (it can make it harder to see through the eye holes) since the mouth hole is so wide and is most subject to the shape distortion from how the mask was heat-shaped.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
then finally the last paint job which included final shading touchups AND some extra work with white puffy paint, which I used to give the effect of the face dripping down.
Tumblr media
the very last step was adding the pupils as a dot of intense blue glow in the dark paint. it took a few coats to get it thick enough, and then on top of the bead of glow in the dark paint i added a tiny dot of plain white paint to make them pop even more. add a 1/2 inch elastic strap around the back of the mask glued down on the inside and you're done!
also, here's some pictures of the first glove I painted, if the reference would be helpful. The gloves were sewn using a self-made "hand turkey" pattern from tracing the shape of my hand onto paper. it's not a perfect pattern, but it's serviceable enough for stretchy fabrics. and I did use a stretchy fabric: white moisture-wicking athletic wear fabric, because I was worried my hands would sweat a lot. and I was right! but this choice of fabric makes that much less of a problem. and also makes you feel like your hands are freezing off (being in the void simulator ig)
the painting job was done with just plain black and white acrylics mixed with a fabric paint medium. i traced the finger joints where my fingers actually creased, and just kind of... did my best to make the palm holes match up lmfao
Tumblr media Tumblr media
As for the cloak and robe, I did sew those both myself, so I can't point you to a seller. BUT what I CAN do is tell you what patterns and fabrics I used and whether or not it was worth the intense labor of love! (short answer, for the cloak? yes! for the robe? NO.) I'd have to go dig up the patterns though, so let me know if that's of interest to anybody
but yeah, hope this post is informative and potentially helpful!
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Halloween prompts no 29
This one might hurt you btw
Project Bird was an attempt to create a weapon by generically engineering a child with the DNA of all three Robins in hopes he would have the best qualities of each of them.
Unfortunately the only subject they were able to produce was physically unstable due to the over-abundance of DNA and repeated tampering of his genetic code. The project was deemed a failure and all information and proof of it was to be terminated, including the child.
One guard offered to put the kid down himself but actually helped the kid fake his death. However once they were alone and outside for the first time in the childs life the kid bolted.
He lived on the streets for a few weeks, acting as the bane of candy stores and burger shops until someone nearly caught him and he fled the city. He snuck onto a greyhound bus by holding on the the end of a woman's coat while she was boarding, making the bus driver think he was hers.
Next thing he knew he was in a new city and he started all over again. This process repeated for a few months until he became interested in some weirdos in colorful outfits yelling about ghosts. He would have ignored them if not for the shiny weapons they were carrying about. Plus they seamed powerful...so of course he needed to steal them! That way he'd be able to protect himself better!
Long story short there was a portal and he left that place with the weapons, the disassembled parts to aforementioned portal, and with cool new superpowers. Yeah, he lost part of his life(?) but in his mind it was so worth it. He sets the portal up in Gotham because that place is strange enough that if something ghostly happened no one would bat an eye right? Plus his dads were here and he really wanted to meet them, even if they didn't know he was thier son.
Christmas eventually came but he wasn't cold. Not since he got used to his ice powers. He thought for a while there that he was going to go full Elsa but no, he just needed to let it out, not let it go. His own little batcave became nice and cozy. Just him. No crazy scientists, no cruel guards to mock and flick cigarette butts at him, no tubes or wires. Just the cold darkness he had always associated with safety.
Thats why the lights bothered him so much. In the labs, red and orange lights meant they were prepping the experiment rooms and that meant he was going to be in a lot of pain soon. It was no wonder he hated "Christmas lights". He also couldn't stand the smell of the pine trees people were dragging in, it reminded him of the cleaning agent they used on his cage and how it burned his skin if he touched it when it before it dried.
As much as he loved the safely of his newly dubbed "birdcage" he needed to go out and hunt for food. He Skulked through alleyways and picked pockets like a pro, the powers were so useful, even at the cost of him having to eat more. He made sure to memorize the patrol patterns of the bats and birds, which was why he was so surprised when Red Hood jumped down to him in the rich side of town while he was looking through the small army of wallets.
"I'm assuming those aren't yours."
The former experiment hissed at him, like actually hissed as he covered the goods with his body like an animal, "They are now! Go away!"
There was an embarrassingly short scuffle in which the kid lost. He didn't have the greatest control of his powers not that he would let Hood see him use them anyway, but he made sure to put dents in the mans leather jacket with his little teeth so he didn't win completely unscathed. Red Hood just seemed amused by this though and carried the kid curled up under his arm like a sack of potatoes.
Phantom (the name he chose for himself) really hoped they weren't heading for the police station. He kinda guessed those guys who made him never looked for him, but he couldn't help but to be paranoid. To avoid being taken to jail, and possibly killed, he asked the question that had been burning a hole in his head the past few weeks, "Were you a Robin?"
The way the man stiffened but didn't answer, but fortunately it became his means to escape.
Once he was back at the birdcage he began to review all his facts, he was 75% sure Nightwing was a one of his dads, 100% sure Red Robin was one and about 60% sure with Red Hood. He liked to analyze things, it calmed him down and helped him think he was more in control than he actually was. They never told him anything when he was in the labs. He loved learning new things and making friends and memories. His thought always circled back to his dads. Were they like him? Did they like learning and analyzing and talking to people? Would they want him if they knew about him?
Would they take him to a museum or teach him how to use a cell phone? Would he have to be a Robin? He didn't want to. It sounded scary and they had to fight a lot. He never admitted it out loud but he felt ashamed to be so afraid of combat seeing as that was his main purpose in life. Plus there was a new Robin who was very good at his job. Would he have to fight the new guy like a gang initiation? He hoped not, that sword reminded him too much of the scalpels. Never again.
His opinion changed a few months later. His body, the human half, was beginning to "degrade" whatever that meant. The clock ghost who gave him cookies didn't tell him what that really meant. Only that Phantom was dying. Phantom didn't want to die, he had only just begun to live! It hurt everywhere and it just wouldn't stop.
He made the decision to go to his dads. All he could tell them was that it hurt. It hurt so much he was crying. He never cried. Everything after that was spotty, like he was falling asleep and waking up over and over again but without ever leaving his dreams.
When he woke up again it was Spring and it didn't hurt anymore, but new challenges came soon after. His dads knew about him now and somehow knew about Project Bird too. None of them seemed happy, only sad and angry.
Were they angry he existed? Sad they had to deal with him? That must be it. Everytime he talks about the labs they look angry and he bolts off to hide under or behind something. Usually furniture.
Everytime he flinches from raised voices or sharp objects they look sad. Many times the Robin, Damian, would raise his katana almost as if suggesting something but Nightwing, Dick, would tell him no. Red Hood would argue about how they should "avenge thier son" or something. But Phantom was still alive? What was there to avenge?
One night his Grandpa was reading the newspaper while his Great Grandpa did something in the kitchen. Phantom sat there on the sofa staring at his reflection in the TV screen. He knew how to turn it on and stuff but he didn't understand how he was supposed to use it. Was he just supposed to...watch? And listen? Without interacting at all?
He only vaguely listened to two of his dads from where they were sitting in the nearby chairs bickering about what his name should be. He thought Phantom was a perfectly fine name for both his ghost and human halfs but apparently he was wrong.
His final dad, Tim came up behind him with a glass of water and asked, "What are you doing?"
Danny looked up from his own reflection towards his last dads and something clicked, "Oh, I have your eyes."
An wierd look his didn't understand crossed his fathers face and the sound of shattering glass sent him bolting up the stairs to safety. He hid under a guest rooms bed clutching some of the star shaped knives he had stolen from his uncle, because if Damian used them then they must be good.
Phantom never blamed Tim for his accidents. He was taking it way better than Dick, who was trying to be a brother instead of a father and tried to shove the father role onto Grandpa.
Jayson was the best of the three and was always willing to spend time with him. He was even teaching him how to read! He got him these cool light up shoes! He had never had shoes before! Dad even taught him how to color and was showing him how to aim a nerf gun and throw footballs and all sorts of stuff.
Tim was close behind showing him how to organize his thoughts and giving him life advise and answering all his questions. He even gave Phantom an old Wayne tech tablet of his to play on so long as he didn't mess with any of the settings.
Dick never liked being called Dad, or more specifically "one of" his dads. He overheard him talking on the phone with someone and appearently it wasn't that Phantom was his clone son that bothered him, it was the fact that he was a baby made between him and his brothers and it freaked him out. He knew he wasn't being fair and mentioned someone named Connor and how disappointed he would be if he knew.
Phantom just wishes he knew what to do to make everything better. But what can a six year old reasonably do in this situation?
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britcision · 8 days
Alright, not a lot for you this WIP Wednesday, I have been doing a lot of spring cleaning! But here you go, just a lil Jason getting out there to keep an eye on his family
Featuring Harper Row for the first actual time, cuz she’s great and she deserves to be here!
First part of chapter 13, the rest is, as always, in the tags. Title is subject to change
Hello Crime Lord My Old Friend
About twenty minutes after dropping Danny off at his dorm, Jason was suited up and ready to go.
Well, he’d stayed outside until he’d seen Danny shut the door behind him first. Jason had some fucking manners, though if pressed he couldn’t name who’d taught him them.
Danny’s dorm was about fifteen minutes from one of Jason’s better safe houses, as it happened. Jason had never been to a dorm, but from Danny’s stories?
A step below Teen Titans’ bunks, and those had sucked. Less privacy, smaller rooms, and more people? Who weren’t even part of the same team?
Maybe next semester Jason could offer to let Danny move in. He didn’t need need the safe house.
Red Hood could always buy the building. There were other apartments and while they weren’t luxurious, they beat half his other spots. The neighbourhood wasn’t bad either.
It’d be nice to pay Danny back a bit. Not have him closer. Just. Repay some of the debt by giving him a place to stay, rent free.
And maybe, just a little bit, the part of Jason that enjoyed the romanticism of his period novels kinda liked the idea. An estate for the king on your lands was a big deal back then.
A slightly more modern part of him thought being a landlord for his ruler would also be pretty funny. He figured Danny would enjoy that side too.
And it wasn’t like the guy could complain, since he’d literally given Jason back himself. Yeah, Jason was gonna pull that one out if Danny tried any familiar “oh I can’t accept this” on him.
Fixing his core was pretty damn god level on the favours spectrum. Jason could do whatever the hell he liked and Danny would just have to deal with it.
It cheered him up a little more, kept him in a good mood on the ride back to his safe house. It was more time where he couldn’t help Cass, but seriously?
Danny could change in a matter of seconds and be at her side not much slower. Walls, cars, goons, Jason had this feeling that none of it would slow Danny down.
And yeah, knowing that helped, but there was still a piece of him that only unknotted as he slid his helmet on and headed to the window.
“Hey, Black Bat. Busy?” He asked as the comms switched from earpiece to helmet display.
Of course he wore both. People kept trying to steal his damn helmet. That was also what the internal explosives were for.
The others all piped up when they heard him, Harper and Steph calling cheerful greetings around an ongoing conversation.
“Shit, Hood’s in, this mean I can go back to bed?” Bluebird teased. Spoiler cut her off immediately.
“Hell no, it can’t be a school night, Robin’s here! Great timing though Hood, we’re planning Red Robin’s eulogy and you have some experience there,” Spoiler chirped brightly, and Jason hesitated.
Sucked in a breath. He wasn’t gonna judge anyone else’s coping mechanisms until they got past “heads in a bag” levels.
Best to ignore it, since she wasn’t actually trying to set him off.
What the hell had Tim done since they’d left the manor?
Shaking his head, Jason settled into Red Hood and hopped onto the fire escape, scaling easily to the roof.
“Black Bat?” He repeated instead of answering, and half smiled when Spoiler groaned dramatically.
Black Bat answered in the considerate group pause.
“Not busy. Why?” She sounded amused, not even particularly tired, and Jason relaxed enough to slip all the way in.
“Thinking of going a little out of my way tonight. Wondered if you’d mind a tagalong?” Red Hood asked, hoping he sounded casual.
It wasn’t like he’d been planning to patrol the Alley anyway; his guys had already been told to handle it. He’d have to run around tomorrow night to keep the creepers scared, but he could have a couple off.
The tiny pause before her answer didn’t quite feel like judgement, but Jason muted before blowing out the sigh as she did. It wasn’t like the others needed to know he’d been stressing.
“Sure. Meet at the library?” She’d had his tracker up. Hood nodded, turning and running for the edge of the roof.
“Sounds good.” And they’d probably wound Spoiler up enough, she’d start plotting vengeance for being ignored soon. “So what the hell did Little Red do?”
“Brought Too Fine to the Bat Cave,” Spoiler told him with relish, not noticeably put out by the delay.
Not necessarily a good sign, since she was also this enthusiastic while actively plotting against him.
Too Fine was Tucker’s hacker name.
“But he doesn’t know about us,” Red Hood said with a frown, catching an outcropping and swinging on.
“Oh, now you tell me,” Tim groused while the others snickered, “what a shame you didn’t think to when it’d have actually been helpful!”
News to Hood that he was on, probably still in the cave.
“He knows now,” Nightwing chimed in brightly, probably also travelling from the slight strain in his voice.
Hood paused for a moment, letting that sink in before attempting the next jump.
“Is he on comm?” He asked warily, because if Tim brought Tucker to the bat cave, it was entirely possible that they were all outed.
And that Tucker might tell Danny.
Shit, he still had to text Harley. Resolving to do it once he hit the library, he set back to running, throwing himself across another street.
Cass would probably take a little longer to get there.
“He’ll be back, he’s in the bathroom,” Tim explained with a heavy sigh, shaking his head. “It’s not all bad, he’s given me the full story on what happened in Amity Park. Witness account and all.”
“From a witness you let down to the bat cave~” Spoiler sang sweetly across the air.
Red Hood could hear Oracle rolling her eyes as she cut in.
“Tone it down, Batgirl. Bluebird, if you’re still thinking of heading in, could you swing past one last site on your way?” She said firmly, then lightening her tone for their current guest.
“Batgirl who? I’m Spoiler,” Spoiler grumbled, but didn’t push beyond that. None of them did when Oracle invoked the name she’d had second.
Bluebird snickered at her before answering the question, a hint of exertion suggesting she was on the move too.
“I’m not actually in a rush to go home, O, I got all dressed up so I might as well enjoy one last hurrah.”
Right, because she’d be going back to school probably when Danny did.
Harper had always been a damn good hero in Jason’s books, but she valued her retirement and none of them really wanted to ruin it. Unless, apparently, seven bats just had to stalk Jason’s new friends.
Hood would have apologized, but frankly if she’d said no, some of the others couldn’t have come to the gala to be a pain in his ass.
And then he couldn’t have had so much fun fucking with them.
Fine. One cool fruit basket for the Row household, and some rainbow cupcakes for Cullen. He needed practice on frosting roses anyway.
Although that also reminded him.
“Hey Bluebird, have the others filled you in on Phantom?” He asked, cutting off some more background chatter from Spoiler and Tim.
Nightwing and the girls had had hours by now.
“What, your new boyfriend?” Bluebird asked sweetly, and Hood rolled his eyes.
Probably hit the important shit then.
“Sent you a picture?” He asked instead, decidedly not entertaining that question.
Nightwing and Spoiler snickered. Hood flipped off their general directions, settling himself comfortably on the roof of the library to wait for Black Bat.
There was a short pause, the others now wondering what he was getting at. Good.
“In and out of suit,” Bluebird agreed, curiosity tinging with mild suspicion. Being out of retirement clearly wasn’t good for her.
Hood nodded, pulling out his phone and shooting Harley a quick text. It might be moot now, asking her not to mention Red Hood shit in front of Danny, but he might as well.
He still had to ask if Waylon knew. No reason not to do both, just in case. And see if Tucker knew when he got back.
“I know you’re outta the game, but keep the light show to a minimum if you see him around, okay?” He asked, scanning quickly over the list Danny’d cleared for public discussion.
He didn’t know if Tucker would have mentioned it, but he might as well. Cause of death was good, but Jason personally would veto “and the effects it may have now”.
Because fuck Bruce and his need for everyone to show him their weaknesses.
Bluebird definitely sounded curious now, and possibly like she was punching someone.
“Oh? He not big on the electricity?” She wondered aloud, and Hood grimaced.
Because if they were both at Gotham U in engineering… there was actually a chance Harper and Danny would run into each other.
Danny was older, but Harper skipped a couple years and he had no idea what year Danny was in. Fuck, they might be in the same classes. He couldn’t believe he’d never thought of that.
“Not exactly. You mighta seen him around actually, he’s a techie boy too. But he’s not a fan of the electricity flying around,” he explained, Nightwing making background noises that told Hood he hadn’t put the pieces together either.
Good. At least he wasn’t alone.
Bluebird made an interested hum, and probably a finishing blow considering the satisfaction when she spoke next.
“I thought he looked familiar. But then, he’s total Wayne-bait. Yeah, I can keep the good stuff under wraps if I see him around. Gonna guess he’s had some bad shocks in the line of work?”
Hood hesitated and in exactly the same instant Black Bat landed on the roof. Sam had given them all the warning about talking about a ghost’s death, so he could leave it at that.
The way Danny had looked when he explained about Vlad. Yeah, he’d rather they took this seriously. He didn’t want any of his family to hurt Danny, even by accident.
“It’s how he died. He won’t spontaneously combust or anything, but it’s a bad memory.”
Silence reigned while the others absorbed that particular detail, Black Bat crossing to crouch on the roof beside him. Hood leaned over enough to bump their shoulders together.
He could almost feel concern radiating off her, which was an extra weird experience after literally feeling all of Danny’s emotions half the day.
Guess that was where Cass’s liminality was going. It made sense, kind of; despite her occasional trouble speaking, she was pretty much the clearest communicator in the family.
Having another back up way to make herself heard would only fit.
On a whim, he tried projecting comfort back to her.
Tag list: @welcometosasakiworld @kyrianclawraith @someonebored0100 @stealingyourbones @starkcravingmad @frostedthroughghost @akikkobara @rainbowbunny0159 @littlefeather345 @violet-catsarelife @serasvictoria02 @wolfjackle @blacksea21090 @secretdestinywerewolf @anime-hipster-the-amazing @undead-essence @skitscratched @blackroserelina @snoodly-boop @trickerdi @mayoota-blog @xysidhe @idkmrpianoman @little-apricot-the-writer @chaoticmistake @the-legal-shipper @bun-fish @aroranorth-west @demon-cat-goes-woof @perfectwastelandcreation @onyxlightdragon @larks-and-katydids @peachesandcreamfemboy @jesus-camp-the-sequel @may-rbi @mothman-the-mothman87 @viyatrix @stargirl1331 @idfk-man10 @thedepressedrobin @skulld3mort-1fan @rootsmudge @ravenshadow17 @cankoking @phantom-dc @mentalcarebear @magic-pincushion @redamancyardor @lyra689 @itsparadoxlacuna
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queentheweeb · 5 months
Katsuki Bakugo X Shy Autistic Male Reader
A/N: I am dedicating this month to autistic readers and women-identifying readers as well courtesy of women's history month and autism awareness month as well. Most will be drabbles so between 1k and 1.3k words
You had a habit of fixating on things. Whenever something caught your interest you needed to know every single thing about it. A lot of people found this annoying about you but, you didn't care. Who wouldn't want to know everything about a subject if it interests them, right? There is nothing wrong with spending hours sometimes well into the night googling and reading articles, journal entries, excerpts, and other things as well about it. You would go to the first person who would listen to you and, that was normally your mama. Sometimes though she was too busy or too tired to listen to you even though you would keep going until she yelled at you to stop. It didn't hurt your feelings too bad because she promised to listen to you another time and promises were everything, they were someone's word. Right now though? Your fixation was Katsuki Bakugo. You would observe him and everything that he did. The color of his hair when it shined in the light, when it was the 100-watt bulbs in the common room, sunlight, bathroom light. The way his skin glistened the angrier he got and the more he moved and used his quirk. The shade of red his eyes turned depending on his mood or the outside weather, even who he was talking to. He was a whole puzzle, more like a 5,000-piece puzzle and you loved to do puzzles. The only problem is that you cannot find it in you to interact with the 5,000-piece puzzle.
"Hey Y/N?" You turned jumping a little not hearing or even seeing Izuku walk up to you. You liked Izuku a lot. He was the first one you told that you were autistic and he still treated you the same but with more understanding. He had patience explaining things to you that you didn't understand as well. Also, he would let you hold onto his 100% cotton burgundy t-shirt that smelled like citrus. "I didn't mean to scare you but, I got some more stuff you can write down in your notebook if you want?" Oh yeah, you told him about your infatuation with Katsuki and he was more than willing to help. The whole 'Dekusquad' actually agreed to help at your pace though because they didn't want to rush you or overwhelm you.
"Thank you Izuku, let me just get my blue notebook with my pen." You pulled out a blue composition notebook that you kept for strictly Katsuki. You would think you would have a red or orange or even a green since those were his colors but, you wanted something simplistic and in your favorite color. He was your favorite person besides Izuku anyway. 
"I know you have a lot about him but, there is no such thing as too much right?" You nodded your head in agreement looking down at his hero analysis book. He had a lot of them chock full of details, especially of his classmates and you thought he was pretty cool. It was nice to have someone who didn't mind listening to your rambling on and on about a topic and never getting bored. He even showed the same interest and you listened to him as well. 
"Do you think he hates me?" You didn't think he did, it was no harm in asking. You had a habit of not 'reading the room' whatever that meant and jumping to conclusions, assuming really the worst. Izuku gave you a look as if you said something wrong.
"What makes you think he hates you? Trust me on this Y/N, Kacchan does not hate you. It's the opposite actually but, that's something you're going to have to find out for yourself. You will find it soon enough. You can even ask him." You did not want to directly ask him. Every time you had a conversation with him you felt that you were not getting anywhere talking to him. However, you managed to catch his interest in cooking and gave him different spicy recipes and regular recipes he can cook. He even cooked some of them already and would come to you for suggestions as well as tips for your quirk. Since you had a magnesium quirk he suggested the best non-flammable items and where to get them at. That was the basis of your friendship but, you did not want a friendship. You wanted to hold his hand and smell his hoodies and t-shirts. Give him cheek kisses too if he wants but holding hands and spending time with him is good enough for you too. 
"Do you think I am overthinking it? Should I just ask him? How would I ask him?" He was always with Ejirou, Hanta, Mina, and Denki. He never really got time to himself except for when he was going to bed. He hated being disturbed because he got up at 4:45 AM. You knew this because you were up at that time going to bed at 9 PM unless you were researching a specific topic or doing homework that you couldn't finish during the day.
"I think you can ask him at night right before 8:30. He would not mind if it is you knocking on his door." You weren't sure what he meant but, that must be a good thing. That means he would not mind you interrupting his sleep. He has to like you in some shape or form. 
"Thank you Izuku." You grabbed his notebook to write down anything new while listening to the buzz of the deku-squad talking around you. You looked up one time to look around spotting Katsuki looking at you already so you attempted a smile. He seemed to freeze before giving you a small one back. Just as quickly as it appeared it was gone. You filed that away of things you liked about Katsuki for later. The rest of the day went by fast with you mostly in your head and Aizawa as well as your friends coaxing you out of your head. It was very nice and sweet of them to do that for you. It was finally night time and everyone was in the common room watching TV when at 8:05 Katsuki announced he was going to bed. You waited another 5 minutes before waving goodnight to your friends and heading upstairs to the dorm. You weren't going to yours, you were going to Katsuki's. You made it to his dorm and before losing your nerve like you always did you knocked three times lightly. You danced on your feet a bit nervously until the door swung open.
"Didn't I fucking say-" He stopped mid-sentence when he saw it was you and you completely froze up. Everything you were going to say just went out the window and now your mind was blank. You couldn't even get out what you wanted to say. 
"I-uh, umm, I just-I don't-Uh." You were stuttering and beginning to panic too. This was not how it was supposed to be. You looked up at the feel of a hand on your head and playing with your hair. You looked at Katsuki who was smiling softly at you. 
"Take your time I'm in no rush." He was being very nice to you and his voice and hand were helping to calm you down. Finally, you were able to formulate words. 
"You're very pretty, um, you're very nice to me too, uh, I was wondering if, I can hold hands? No, uh, yeah I want to hold hands with you, kiss your cheeks, and cuddle. That's what people who want to be more than friends do right?" It was silent and you thought you said the wrong thing until Katsuki pulled you in for a light hug. You were confused but, tried to hug him back even though it felt weird, right? 
"We can do all of that at your pace, yeah?" He meant it! He wanted to do those things with you! He really did! You looked at him giving him a crooked smile. 
"Yeah! Thank you Katsuki." You closed your eyes leaning against him a bit as he guided you inside to talk. Izuku was right.
What do you guys think?
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thevampywolf · 1 month
Little Bird
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Genre: dad!Chan, angst, fluff
Warnings: none
Request: no
Word Count: 1.7k
Characters: Chan, Sky, Noah
Sky opens the door to her brother's car and immediately slumps into the passenger's seat. She slides down the plush seats as Noah watches her with amusement painting his handsome face.
"Hey Ky," Noah starts, flashing a grin at the fourteen year old who glares at him. "Good day?"
Sky scowls. "It was shit."
"Shit, huh?" Noah chuckles. He flicks his gaze up to the rear view mirror and waits for Sky to do her belt before starting his car, carefully backing out of his parking spot. "That's a strong word. Why was it shit?"
"Because," Sky sighs. "I. Failed. My. Test."
Steering the car away from the school, Noah frowns. He briefly looks over at Sky who is still slumped like a sack of potatoes against the seat.
He smiles.
"What subject?"
"Maths," Sky replies. Then she covers her face with her hands, groaning. "Daddy is gonna be so disappointed. He loves maths."
"Hmm … " Noah leans back as he reaches a traffic light. "I don't think he will. I mean … have you met our dad? He's so understanding … maybe too understanding."
At that, Sky can't help but giggle. She sniffs, curling her knees up onto the seat. "I know. But … I wanna make him proud. And it's just … not happening."
"I think you'll always make him proud, even if you haven't done anything," Noah says. "You don't really have to do anything spectacular … he's gonna be proud either way."
"Why are you doing this?" Sky groans, rubbing her eyes. "I'm trying to wallow in my misery like a normal kid who's failed her test and you're actually helping. Stop helping."
Noah laughs. "My bad. Dad is gonna be so disappointed .. you better hide. Pack your things. Run away."
"I should, shouldn't I?" Sky tugs at her hair in a frenzied kerfuffle. "Should I just dig my grave already?"
The siblings burst into giggles together, the atmosphere in the car considerably lightening. But then Sky slumps into her seat again, jabbing at her eyeballs with the palms of her hands.
"What am I going to do?" She mumbles. "I'm bad at everything … I'm not even good at the things I like."
Wishing there was something more he could say, Noah looks at Sky sadly. Then his face lights up with an idea.
"Fancy a milkshake?"
Sky's gaze shifts to her brother from behind her hands. "What kind?"
"Your favourite," Noah says, switching lanes as he heads to their favourite coffee shop. "The strawberry one."
"Yeah," Sky says slowly as she drops her hands into her lap, momentarily distracted. "Extra cream?"
"Extra cream."
When the two siblings reach their home twenty minutes later, Sky stabs at the last of her milkshake with her straw as she traipses into the house.
She plans to avoid her parents; at least for a little while. But when her father appears in front of her as soon as she sets foot into the house, she sighs and makes a beeline for the sofa.
"Sky?" Chan asks, immediately concerned when his daughter's half hearted smile doesn't reach her eyes. "Are you okay, my angel?"
Sky reaches for the nearest cushion and begins to pluck at its seams with her fingernails as she hugs it to herself. "I'm a disappointment."
Surprised, Chan shuffles towards her and sits down on the sofa beside her. He reaches out and places a gentle hand on her arm, offering her a kind smile. "What do you mean, baby?"
"I failed my maths test," Sky explains, looking up at Chan with wide eyes. "And maybe a few others too … you're disappointed, right?"
Chan's eyes soften at that. "I'm not disappointed."
He stands up all of a sudden and reaches his hand out to his daughter.
"Come on," Chan says with a dimpled smile as a confused Sky slips her hand into his. "Let's go for a walk."
Despite her confusion, Sky shrugs and follows him anyway. She's not surprised when his idea of going for a walk turns out to be a visit to the park behind their house, and she can't help but smile at her father's love for this place.
"You're not too old to hold my hand, are you?" Chan squeezes her fingers lightly as they walk amongst the trees. A cool breeze washes over them both, the warm sun splashing them with its late afternoon golden rays.
"No," Sky giggles, squeezing his hand back. "I don't know … maybe I am. I don't care though."
Chan chuckles at that. "That's my girl."
When they reach one of the benches scattered around the park, Chan pulls Sky down to sit beside him. The man stretches his legs out with a laboured sigh, the exaggerated sound making Sky laugh.
"Your dad is getting old," Chan says with a sheepish grin as he shuts his eyes, enjoying the soft feeling of the sun kissing his cheeks. "Can you hear my joints creaking?"
"I think they've always been like that," Sky teases him, and Chan tuts, amused at her comment. She grins at him before leaning closer to him, dropping her head against his upper arm.
Chan wordlessly slides his arm around her shoulders. They sit quietly for a while, the father and daughter duo enjoying the peaceful air of the park, the rustle of emerald tinged leaves soothing in the wind. When a sudden cluster of birds waddle over the gravel, Chan gasps and points to them excitedly, nudging Sky.
"Look at the little babies!" Chan squeals, watching as the mother bird leads the way. "They're so cute."
They both watch as one by one, the little chicks take flight. But the last one stays firmly on the ground, its tiny wings flapping feebly at its sides.
From a low tree branch, it feels as though the mother bird sighs.
Before Sky can say anything, Chan gets up and lightly jogs over to the little bird. He slows down and crouches down on the pavement before carefully scooping the baby into his hands.
Sky watches in admiration as Chan gently strokes the bird's head with the backs of his delicate fingers before he moves towards the tree. He reaches up and places the bird with its family on the tree branch, and he smiles softly when the mother bird seems to loudly chirp at him in what Chan interprets as a thankful tone.
Sky giggles when Chan comes back to sit with her. She curls her arms around his arm and leans her face against his shoulder again, suddenly overcome with affection for the gentle man.
"You're like a princess," Sky laughs as Chan kisses the top of her head. "Princess Dad."
"Princess Dad," Chan repeats under his breath with a huff of a laugh. "I don't think so."
He reaches out his hand and lays it atop of Sky's. "That bird might not be able to fly right now … but I bet when it learns to fly, it'll be better than all the others."
Knowing what he's getting at, Sky sniffs. She cuddles closer to him, and he squeezes her shoulder with a comforting hand.
"I feel like I don't know what I want to do," Sky whispers, shutting her eyes against his t-shirt. "I'm not good at anything."
"That's not true," Chan hums as he cards his fingers through her hair. "You're very talented … just because you're not as good at school, it doesn't mean you're any less talented."
"But dad … " Sky groans as she smushes her face into his side. "Why can't I just be like everyone else?"
Furrowing his brows, Chan lets his gaze swivel around the park. It lands on a congregation of tall trees and he points to them, tapping Sky's hand.
"You see those trees?" Chan asks her.
Sky follows his finger with her eyes. She nods.
"They're all pointing to the left, right?" Chan says. "They're all going in the same direction … except that one."
"So?" Sky asks, raising an eyebrow as she stares at the other tree that has begun to grow in the other direction.
"So," Chan says narrowing his eyes as he surveys the trees. "That tree doesn't care about what its tree friends are doing … it's going on its own path. And because of that, it's providing shade for the bench that's under it."
Realisation kicks in as Sky listens to her father's words. She's quiet, waiting for him to go on.
"If that tree didn't do it's own thing, there'd be no shade," Chan explains. "And the sun would burn anyone who sat there."
He turns slightly and takes Sky's face in his hands, gently caressing her cheeks with his fingers. "What I'm saying is, who cares if you're not like the others? Do your own thing, baby girl … it might seem confusing now, but one day you're going to do something amazing … I know it."
"Dad," Sky groans, her eyes welling up with tears. She blinks rapidly, trying to get rid of them, and she's glad when Chan pulls her into his chest. He holds her tightly, his cheek resting atop her head.
"You're not a disappointment because you failed your tests," Chan continues, patting her back. "Tests aren't earthing. I know it might seem like they're the be all and end all … but they're really not. There's always, always another way to get what you want. There's always different routes. I know you tried your best … and that's all that matters, okay?"
Sniffing loudly, Sky nods against his chest. She doesn't know how she could have possibly thought this man would be disappointed in her; she clutches him tighter, squeezing her eyes shut.
"I love you dad," Sky sniffles.
Chan smiles. He kisses the top of her head. "I love you too, baby. I'm very proud of you, okay? No matter what … I'm always going to be proud of you. And hey … you're only fourteen. You're a kid. You don't need to have everything figured out right now … just take a breath and enioy this time, hmm? Don't spend so much time worrying about the future or you'll miss the beauty of what's going on around you."
They pull away a short while later, and Chan grins as he wipes Sky's tears away.
"Look at you," Chan laughs, kissing her nose. "What a mess."
Sky pulls a silly face and sticks her tongue out at him.
Tag list ~ @koos-euphoria @raethethey @hugs4chan @hotmesshapa @manonblackbeak-trash @hendsernoodle @stanskzseungmin @ateez-babygirl @dalamjisung @dinosdawn @cookiemonstermusic258 @strwbrryfroyo @gazelle-des-pres @qtieskz @stigmvta @necromancersupreme @super-btstrash-posts @changlix-mp4 @exonations @changboobies @jeyelleohe @rae-blogging @planetdemon @dani41 @jumbocircus @octalalica @velvetand-roses @foivetimesacharm @anaaam @waverzzzzzzzz @peachy-flxwr @justamessofablog @elizabeth11moreno @lenfilms @xhazmania @starshine-moon @justoutfromdead @snow-pegasus @lixiesbabyhands @bbychannie97 @laylasbunbunny @laceheartz @americanokisses @bluechans @bellamuerte1987 @meowmeowisdaname @killer-quokka (let me know if you wanna be added or removed)
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munsonsreputation · 2 months
Request 5: Blurb
Eddie and maybe the subject of moving in with his partner ?
hey anela!!! thank you for participating in my celebration...your kind words and this request always mean so much to me!!! 🎉💌✨ i hope you like what i came up with 💘💫
“Right here?” Eddie sought, holding the frame against the wall as you stood some feet away, tilting your head to ensure it was dead centered where you wanted it. 
“Yeah? Yeah. That looks good, actually.” You nodded, pressing your finger against your chin as Eddie hooked it onto the nail, securing it in place as he stepped back, hands bracing on each side to catch the painting if it fell. 
When he stood back to get his own glimpse of it, he smiled, reaching out to wrap his arm across your shoulder to pull you into him. 
“It looks sick.” Eddie expressed, and you hummed in agreement, making sure to thank Will Byers with some homemade cookies for commissioning the piece you and Eddie wanted to hang in the living room. 
The space wasn’t too big, but it definitely was an upgrade from the trailer. It was finally a space that you and Eddie owned, giving the two of your free rein to decorate however you wanted while including each others input. Thankfully, the two of you were pretty much in agreement with everything you wanted for the space. 
He had put out his record player in the living room, displaying it in the TV console along with your combined collections of vinyls that you both loved. You wanted the space to feel earthy, picking up some fresh plants from the farmers’ market to decorate empty window sills and negative space where no furniture sat on the floor. Eddie had picked out some of his favorite posters that were yet to be destroyed, and hung them up on the walls, perfectly completing the space. 
The same was done in your shared bedroom. 
His guitar was sitting nicely on a stand this time, as opposed to being hung on a mirror, though it was a pretty sick option for his teenage years. You had your very own bookshelf with your growing collection of literature, even going ahead and placing all of Eddie’s book in their own compartment as well.
he two of you had collectively worked together to pick the bedding—a simple, subtle floral that Eddie could tolerate. And of course with extra blankets and pillows because you were notorious for hogging them in the middle of the night…not that he minded, anyway. 
“I can’t believe this place is ours.” You sighed, grazing his arm with your lips and taking a slow look around the newly furnished place. 
He hummed, returning the kiss to the top of your head, “We worked hard for it, baby.” 
“We sure did—I’ll miss Wayne though.” 
Eddie chuckled faintly, nodding his head in agreement because uncle Wayne was the closet thing he had to a father. Always looking out for him and being the sole provider before Eddie was old enough to get a job to help pay the bills and give some spare cash for groceries. Wayne also loved you the second Eddie had introduced you to him. It took a lot of Eddie to open up because of the trauma he faced in his childhood, but you got him to crack open that shell and be a little more vulnerable. 
It not only caused a beautiful relationship for you and Eddie, but Eddie was able to get closer with Wayne. Asking for more advice about the real world, which is exactly how you two ended up in your own apartment. Wayne knew you two were growing up and wanting a space of your own, even the two of you getting better at saving money to afford a place, and so Wayne knew when he saw the ad in the newspaper it was the perfect place for the two of you. 
“I’m sure he’ll come to visit, maybe stay over for a night once we get the guest bedroom finished.” Eddie suggested as you smiled to yourself, thinking about Wayne and all your friends crashing at your place for once. 
“There’s still so much to do.” You continued, realizing that there was barely any furniture in the guest bedroom and the kitchen was severely lacking more than two of each type of dish and utensil. 
Your boyfriend laughed, poking your side, causing you to turn around and meet his bemused face, “Don’t panic…this place is already home because you’re here.” 
You snorted, rolling your eyes playfully, “When did you get so corny?” 
He scrunched his nose, placing his hands under your arms and hoisting you up with ease while you squealed, “Put me down, Eds!” 
“Admit I’m not corny!” He exclaimed, spinning you around as you continued your train of giggles and happy screams as he did the same. 
“Fine!” you yelped, pinching his back as you felt him spin faster by some weird way, “You’re not corny!” 
He grunted in satisfaction, slowing down his feet as he put you down gently, keeping his hands on your shoulder until your vision stopped spinning. Once he saw you come back, he kissed your cheek with a smirk glued on his face while you proceeded to pout. 
“Thanks, sugar.” 
You lightly slapped his chest with no force or malice, “You could’ve made me throw up on our floors…first cleanup since moving in!” 
“It’d be an honor to clean up your vomit in our home.” He argued, pleased with his response as you laughed, throwing your head back at his comical words of what is supposed to be endearment. 
Instead of pretending to gag at the thought of him mopping up your hurl, you threw your arms over his neck, tiptoeing to be face to face with him. 
“You’re my home too, Eddie Munson.” 
His teeth flashed at you with his full smile, resting his hands on your hips as he squeezed, “What d’you say we go make love in our bedroom?” 
You blushed ferociously like he hadn’t asked you a million times before, but this time, it was special. In your place that you two owned, where there were no restrictions, no worries of waking someone, and a sanctuary for you and Eddie. 
“Sounds like a plan…this time we can be as loud as we want.” 
Eddie smirked, lightly patting your bum, signaling you to jump up and wrap your legs around his waist as he started his way towards the bedroom. 
“Let’s hope our neighbors aren’t home.” He countered before kissing your lips lovingly. 
His feet kicked the door shut, and he laid you in the center of the bed, licking his lips and you bit your lip before speaking once more, 
“Oh, they’re definitely gonna hate us.” 
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katsu28 · 1 year
pairing: Isaac Lahey x reader
summary: basically just a reader insert into 3x05 where Y/N is the one to calm Isaac down instead of Scott
warnings: mentions of blood, some fighting
a/n: I still wholeheartedly believe that the writers not bringing back Isaac for at least a few more episodes is a goddamn crime 😤 I miss my broken white boy
add yourself to my taglist! (i'll shut up about it soon i promise) no i won't lmao :D
Tumblr media
“Remind me what we’re following the track team to their meet?” You sighed, slumping against the headrest in the backseat of Allison's car. You’d been unwillingly looped into an impromptu road trip with Allison and Lydia, currently in the middle of nowhere and following the ugly yellow school bus down the dusty highway.
“After what happened last night, I’m not letting Scott out of my sight.” Allison huffed, her grip tightening on the steering wheel. She caught your skeptical eyebrow raise in the rear-view mirror and shot you a pointed look. “I’m not being overprotective, Y/N. I’m just…a concerned friend.”
“Right, because concerned friends lie to their dad and follow their ex-boyfriends to another city to make sure they’re okay. Not overprotective at all, got it.”
“Hey, don’t complain, Y/N,” Lydia twisted around in the front seat, a playfully smile gracing her lips. “Now you get to see Isaac.” She sing-songed, winking at you. You flipped her off, eliciting a snicker from your two best friends.
“Yeah, what’s the deal with you two anyways?” Allison chimed in.
“What deal? There’s no deal.” You crossed your arms over your chest, looking out the window.
“Oh please, everyone knows you two are into each other.”
“The bus is pulling over.” You grumbled.
“Don’t try to change the subject—”
“No, Al, the bus is actually pulling over!” You exclaimed, leaning forward between the two front seats and pointing at the school bus, which was indeed pulling off the highway into a rest area. Allison swore, jerking the wheel to veer off the road and into the parking lot.
The three of you climbed out of the car as the track team unloaded off the bus, and you immediately saw Scott and Stiles stumbling towards you. Stiles was more or less supporting all of his best friend’s body weight, Scott’s head beginning to droop like he’d run out of the energy to hold himself upright.
“His Alpha claw marks aren’t healing like they should be.” Stiles panted, letting out a sigh of relief when Lydia looped Scott’s other arm around her shoulders to help.
“We need to stitch them up.” You blurted, drawing nods from everyone.
Allison tossed her keys at you, jerking her head towards her car. “I can do it. Get him to the bathroom. Y/N, go grab my bag from the car, I’ve got a small first-aid kit in there.”
You all went your separate ways, and by the time you got the bag to them, people were already starting to get back on the bus.
“Guys, Coach is loading people back onto the bus, we need to work fast.” You informed them, eyes widening at the sight of Scott nodding off on the floor. “Stiles, can you go stall?”
“You say that like I talk too much,” Stiles huffed, but sobered up immediately when you glared at him. “Yeah, okay, fine. I’ll figure something out. C’mon, Lydia.” The two of them disappeared outside while you and Allison crouched over a nearly unconscious Scott. You watched as her hands shook so badly that she couldn’t thread the needle.
“I—I can’t—” She spluttered, shaking her head.
“Hey, look at me.” You said firmly. She turned to you with wide eyes. “You can do this, okay? You know what to do, I know you do, because I’ve seen you do it before. This? This is light work. You got this.” Allison nodded, taking a deep breath and steadying her hands. The needle threaded on the first try, and she set to work sewing up Scott’s wound.
Footsteps echoed through the bathroom, and a panicked looking Stiles stumbled around the corner. “Y/N, we have a slight situation.” He blurted. You scrambled to your feet, assuring Allison that you’d get the situation under control before hurrying outside alongside Stiles.
Over by the school bus, there were students crowded around in a circle, yelling and jeering at something you couldn’t see until you pushed through to the center.
Isaac was knelt over Ethan Steiner, delivering blow after blow to his face with no remorse, just punch after punch, after punch, until Ethan’s face was bloody and he couldn’t fight back anymore.
“Isaac!” You exclaimed, grabbing Isaac’s raised fist and tugging on it. Probably a really bad idea, seeing as when he looked up at you, his face was set into a fanged snarl, eyes blazing yellow. “You need to calm down. Right now.”
You didn't know if it was something in your voice, but whatever it was had Isaac’s eyes fading back to their normal clear blue, and he let you pull him off Ethan. Danny rushed to the other boy’s side, propping him up with an appalled look at Isaac.
“What the hell were you thinking, Lahey?” Coach Finstock yelled, throwing his arms up in exasperation. Isaac ignored him, wrenching his arm out of your grip and stalking away with his hands lodged into his hair. “Where’s he going?”
“I got him, Coach.” You muttered, not waiting for a response before jogging after the blond boy.
Had you been listening, you would’ve heard the older man wonder aloud where the hell you’d come from.
Isaac stopped at a bench a little ways away, slumping onto it with his head buried in his hands. You approached him tentatively, taking a seat at the other end of the wooden bench, giving him his space but still being close enough to have a conversation.
“Are you okay?” You asked gently.
There was a terse silence before Isaac answered. “No,” He mumbled, not looking up from his dust streaked boots. “I’m not okay.” You put a hand on his shoulder, and although his muscles tensed up for a second, he didn’t pull away.
“Do you wanna talk about it?” Isaac let out a long breath through his nose, finally meeting with your eyes with what had to be one of the most guilt filled looks you’d ever seen, and it made your heart lurch.
“If I hadn’t called Derek and told him that Scott was meeting with Deucalion, he wouldn’t have been there last night. And he’d still be alive.”
“That wasn’t your fault, Isaac.” You said softly, sliding across the bench and lacing your fingers with his comfortingly. “If Derek hadn’t been there, you and Scott could’ve died. And if you’re gonna blame anyone, blame Deucalion and his pack, not yourself.”
“Ethan and his brother are part of Deucalion’s pack.”
“Oh. Why doesn’t anyone ever tell me these things?” You huffed, squinting at him. Isaac let out a shaky chuckle, the beginnings of a smile blooming on his face. “Then I’m sorry for pulling you off him.”
“No, no, you were right to,” He sighed, looking down at your entwined hands. “I probably would’ve killed him if you hadn’t stepped in, so…thank you. I just—I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that Derek’s really gone, and I saw Ethan being all happy with Danny, and I guess I just…I snapped. Why does he get to be happy after what he and his pack did yesterday? How can he just pretend like nothing happened?”
“I don’t know, Isaac. Life just has a funny way of working like that.” You bumped his shoulder with yours lightly, to which he finally let himself smile fully at you. It made your heartbeat quicken in your chest, and his ears picked up on it, using your reaction to him to gain the courage to do what he did next. “But don’t worry. They’ll get what’s coming—”
You were cut off by Isaac’s lips pressing against yours suddenly, taking you by complete surprise. Your eyes went wide, but fluttered shut immediately as you kissed him back, subconsciously looping your arms around his neck to pull him closer.
When you pulled away from each other after a while, Isaac couldn’t help the dopey grin that spread across his face when his eyes opened and he saw you in front of him with a light blush dusting your cheeks.
“If I’d known that all I had to do was beat a guy up to get you to kiss me, I would’ve done it a lot sooner.” He breathed, reaching out and tucking a wayward strand of hair behind your ear.
“Yeah, let’s try not to do that anymore,” You chuckled, to which he merely shrugged, leaning forward to kiss you again.
“Ahem.” You heard Stiles clear his throat from in front of the two of you, and you glanced at him to see him standing a few feet away, waving awkwardly. “Hi, yeah—look, I’m all for you guys finally getting together, because honestly it was about time, and I hate to break this up—but Coach says we have to go now. So…I’ll see you on the bus?”
“We’ll be there soon,” Isaac grumbled, glaring daggers at the other boy, who held his hands up in defense. “Go away.”
“Yeah, okay, I’m going!” He huffed, turning on his heel and hurrying away, but not before throwing a “Everyone’s watching you two, y’know! Be safe!” over his shoulder.
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greyhavenisback · 20 days
Hello, lovely! And congrats on the milestone!!! <3 The prompt: The Sheriff and Melissa are getting married, and Stiles needs to get some Wedding 101 under his belt. Like, pronto. But when he clicks on the website called "The Knot" he discovers it's (k)not exactly filled with wedding tips. (of course, that's when Derek catches him).
Ahh thanks so much! This was such a fun prompt to fill 😊 (I managed to keep it clean but only just 😂 It has some sexual undertones so please scroll past if that's not your thing)
With hindsight, Stiles thinks to himself, he really should have googled wedding ceremonies or wedding etiquette or what to expect at a wedding or, well, anything except what he actually googled which is how to tie the knot. And, in his determination to learn as much about supernatural culture as possible, he should definitely not have added werewolf to the end of that search term.
With even more hindsight, he also should not have clicked on a website called The Knot while he was in Derek's loft, but it's where he spends most of his time now, since they started doing this...thing that they're doing. He isn't too sure what they're doing, it seems to involve spending a lot of time together and he spends most nights sleeping beside Derek but they haven't - well, they haven't had sex. Or been on a date. They've kissed a few times but nothing heated and they cuddle a lot which is nice. He just isn't sure what that makes them. Are they a couple? Are they dating without dating? Friends with non sexual benefits? Whatever they are, he isn't complaining, he's just a little... perplexed. He's probably going to have to use his grown up words and start a conversation about it soon but Derek is like a feral cat at the best of times and Stiles doesn't want to scare him off.
Anyway, all of that is rather beside the point.
The point is that he's now discovered something new about werewolves. Something very - he cranes his neck to get a better look at the very, very graphic images on this website - unexpected.
Derek, unbeknownst to Stiles, is standing behind him, craning his neck at the exact same angle. Then his head snaps back up and his eyebrows wander off to his hairline. "Why -" he starts but his voice sounds strangled so he clears his throat and starts again.
Or he would, if Stiles doesn't flail so hard that his laptop falls off his lap, closely followed by Stiles who falls off the sofa.
"Dude!" Stiles says, rubbing his elbow. "Don't creep up on me like that!"
"Don't call me dude," Derek mutters, then follows it, more clearly, with, "I didn't creep up on you, you were just too engrossed in your werewolf porn to notice me."
Stiles splutters. His cheeks are burning. He wonders if it's possible to die of embarrassment. "Yeah? Well you'd only know it was werewolf porn if you'd been looking at it too, so..." It's a weak deflection and he knows it.
"Hard to miss," Derek says, straight faced.
Stiles glowers up at him and picks himself up off the floor. "No. No, this is not the time for innuendo and puns." He picks up his laptop and closes it, then throws himself onto the couch and crosses his arms.
"Oh, so now you don't like innuendoes and puns," Derek says, sitting beside him. "Good to know."
Stiles flails again and almost accidentally hits Derek straight across the nose but Derek's werewolf senses get him out of reach quickly enough to avoid Stiles' arm.
"No!" Stiles says. "No, because I have questions, Derek. A lot of questions."
Derek sighs dramatically. "Like what?"
"Like, is that a thing?"
"Is what a thing?"
"The knot! Is it a thing?"
Derek sighs dramatically again. "Are we really talking about this?"
"YES! Enquiring minds need to know."
"It's a thing."
Stiles' eyes glaze over and he sits there with his mouth hanging open for more than a minute before he shakes himself off. "Why didn't you tell me?"
Derek's eyebrows go for a wander again. "How was I supposed to broach that subject? Oh, by the way, my dick knots, please don't turn it into another dog joke?"
"No, I would- ok, fair, but still. You could have said."
"I assumed you'd done your research and you'd have brought it up if you wanted to, y'know..."
"If I wanted to what?"
"Have sex?" Derek says tentatively. "I figured you'd googled, found out about the knot and been, I dunno, traumatised or disgusted or something."
Stiles stares at him like he's grown another head. "There isn't that much info on werewolf sexual habits, you're all so fucking secretive. I even asked the others but Allison giggled, Lydia winked, Jackson and Ethan pretended I didn't exist and Peter smirked and said nine inches, baby and then walked off so I have no idea what I was supposed to glean from any of that."
Now it's Derek's turn to stare at Stiles like he's grown another head. "You really didn't know?"
"No!" Stiles groans. "Is this - wait, is this why we aren't having sex? You thought I knew and I was put off by it?"
Derek shrugs awkwardly.
"Oh my god you're an idiot. So this whole time, we could have been fucking? I mean, we cuddle, we've kissed a few times, we're close, but you've never - do you even want to?"
Derek swallows audibly. "I want to."
"Good." Stiles opens his laptop again. "Now shush. I need to research."
Stiles spends two days researching now he knows the correct search term to use.
Derek helps him with more practical research.
It takes place in their bed.
(It's officially theirs now. Stiles has decided.)
Sterek tags -
@ohhalefire @teencopandthesourwolf @blue-eyedbeta @halinski @fairytales-and-folklore @kikiroo @youreastargirl @princecharmingwinks @raisesomehale @rosieposiepuddingnpie @savileho @fanfics-fix @nerdherderette @jmeelee @blues-tunes
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gay-dorito-dust · 10 months
Between a Munson and a Buckley
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: unrequited love is a tough pill to swallow but that pain is made more bearable when unlikely company comes.
It hurt, having an crush on someone who’s totally oblivious to it because they’re in love with someone else who wasn’t you and is just as if not even more oblivious to their attempts. ‘Yeah that’s probably why it’s called a crush.’ You thought to yourself as you reminisced in watching the way Robin looked at Vickie the same exact way you looked at her; longing, admiration, loving, like a lovesick puppy.
It brought upon a tightness within your throat and a stinging to your eyes as the unfortunate realisation that no matter how hard you hoped, pleased, begged, wished on fallen eyelashes or wishbones you’d never be the reason of Robin’s long winded tangents nor be subjected to her subtle staring as she tries to take in every feature of your face and the insecurities within them as though they were like stars embedded within the skin of your cheeks. It just wasn’t mean to be between you and Robin and you were reminded of that whenever she spoke of Vickie’s laughter over the muppet joke and how genuine it was and how she wanted to ask her out but couldn’t bring herself to do so while your heart broke but each time into smaller and smaller pieces that sooner or later it would be proven too difficult to fix.
You put distance between the two of you recently to save yourself but just like the old saying about how the heart growing fonder with distance. It also didn’t help that Robin took notice of this and began trying to Weasel her way back into your life by any means necessary, you even avoided going to Family Video all together because even if she wasn’t there Steve would be there anyways to tell her of your visitation which would only make it more evident to her that she was the one you were avoiding. Whenever you were at school you’d have earphones in so you wouldn’t be bothered or pretend that you had after school clubs to attend when everyone who knew you knew that was bullshit; You never put in the effort to join any club that suited your hobbies. Yet there was always one place you couldn’t avoid her without making a scene; the cafeteria.
“Hey y/n/n.” Robin greeted as she slid into the seat next to yours, smiling briefly at you before beginning to eat her lunch while you only took small bites of yours. “Hey Robin.” You replied halfheartedly as you tried to look anywhere else other then her and decided to hone in on the window across from you that showed the field where several students were chasing in their chance to soak up the sunlight whilst it still lasted. Robin knew something was off and her smile faded to that of a concerned frown. Usually you would’ve called her Robin-hood or birdie, general knock-offs of her name but something felt different to Robin it didn’t feel right in the slightest. Placing her hand on your shoulder and leaning in she whispered, “Hey are you alright? You don’t look like your usual self.” You hated how you practically melted under her touch and how your chest warmed at her concerns of your well-being but your mind forced you to remember that she was only doing so because you were her friend, nothing more and that you shouldn’t read so deeply into it when it’s nothing more then what it appears on the surface.
“Actually I’m not feeling so good,” you rushed out as you removed her hand from your shoulder and began to stand up from your chair, shrugging your bag onto your shoulder as Robin only looked at you with worry in her eyes, “I’m just gonna go get some fresh air, catch ya later.” Without letting her get a word in you practically sprinted towards the doors of the cafeteria with no real destination and down the halls until you found yourself outside, beneath the shade of the school building before bringing yourself to sitting down just near the entrance with your back against the wall, knees pressed against your chest, feeling utterly lost. “When is it my time to be loved, to be selfish with someone instead of relinquishing my happiness for others to be happy?” You whimpered, allowing the tears to finally fall onto the fabric of your jeans; wanting nothing more then to just will your feelings for Robin away but you knew better then anyone that it wouldn’t be that easy. That your feelings would just only fester and linger painfully until they found a new somebody to latch themselves onto.
It was painful but there wasn’t exactly anything you could physically do. You were too caught up in your failed attempt of gaining a love life to notice that Eddie Munson was standing by the doorway after having followed you out of the cafeteria when he noted the distraught and disheveled look you had when walking past his table that he felt that it was his duty to at least check on you and potentially stop you from doing something stupid and harmful; He just didn’t expect to come across you weeping to yourself. Eddie wouldn’t consider himself the best at comforting people but he would at least try. For you. To bring back that smile he’d catch glimmers of now and then whenever he had the golden opportunity.
“Hey, are you alright?” You quickly wiped your tears away with your hands before looking over at the voice to see Eddie’s brown eyes peer into your own with the same concern as Robin’s. “Yeah, I’m-“ “that was a rhetorical question, I could tell you weren’t because if you were you wouldn’t have rushed out of the cafeteria looking like someone had just ripped your heart out from your chest.” Eddie cut you off as he made himself comfortable next to you, shoulder brushing against shoulder, thigh brushing against thigh. “Eddie I assure you I’m fine.” Eddie scoffed indignantly, “bullshit.” He says softly and you knew that your excuses weren’t going to cut it for Eddie. You didn’t know him that well but you knew him enough to know that he wasn’t as much of a freak as everyone claimed him to be and that in fact he’s quite sweet and caring and a bit of a doofus.
“Fine I’m not okay, I’m just dealing with the fact that my unrequited crush on my friend will now and forever will be unrequited. Happy.” You snapped before bringing your attention to your hands and tear stained jeans. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap I just-“ you sighed, bringing your hands to your face as you tried to relieve yourself of the built up stress and tension. “Hey, it’s alright don’t apologise for how you feel, besides whoever your feelings are unrequited towards aren’t worth your affection. Oh and stupid because even though we don’t know each other that well enough to be considered friends I think your pretty cool.” Eddie rubbed the back of his neck as he tried to offer you some comfort and firmly believed that he was probably failing at even attempting to do that too. You on the other hand began to find some comfort in Eddie and the fact that he found you cool was enough to bring a small smile to your face as the two of you sat there for a while longer in silence before you brought your head against his shoulder, causing Eddie to flinch at the contact but relax soon after seeing that it was you that was touching his shoulder and let a small smile grace his lips.
“You know I ah…I meant it when I said that you’re cool.” Eddie admitted after awhile sheepishly.“I’d hope so, i wouldn’t want you to spout sentimental crap and not mean it just to spare my feelings and all that shit.” you chuckled finding him quite humorous even in the most shittiest of moments. It made you truly appreciate Eddie and everything he is that it just made you wish that during this time you could’ve been carelessly living it up with him doing god knows what instead of metaphorically pulling out your hair over something that was never going to become reality. Looking back at it now you really could’ve saved yourself the trouble. Eddie looked at you with an offended look, “you really think I would just say that shit to just anyone as if it’s gospel? Shit y/n I thought you would’ve viewed me differently then group me together with those fake fucks.” You laughed a little harder as you found yourself resting against Eddie even more as tears of happiness escaped the corners of your eyes.
“Holy shit Eddie I hadn’t laughed that hard in fuck knows how long.” You wiped the tears from your eyes as you started at him and his deep brown eyes, the pain in your chest was no longer there and in its place was akin to a wake fluffy blanket of comfort. “You didn’t have to come cheer me up you know.” You added, just about ready to send him back to the cafeteria to his friends when he just kept looking at you as though he could see you instead of through you like Robin. “Don’t know what your talking about,” Eddie shrugged, “I came here of my own fruition. No one asked me to come after you I did that because I genuinely cared for your well-being and wanted to do anything I could to make it that little bit better.” He admitted as he brought a hand to yours, squeezing it gingerly as he smiled softly at you. Seeing you for who you were and not who you could possibly be for his benefit. “Well you defiantly did just that Ed,” you squeezed his hand reassuring him of his valiant efforts, “you defiantly did. You really took my mind off of things that I needed to separate myself from and I don’t know how I could repay you.”
Eddie’s eyes softened at your words and not before long a though appeared in his head and he was quick to stand to his feet, pulling you up along with him as he began to walk you through the front of school, completely ignoring the fact that the school day was far from over; you didn’t question it though as you’d rather be away from your problems with Eddie then confront them. Eddie was the escapism you greatly needed. He was your escapism from the unforgiving reality.
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fieldofsecretss · 8 days
Theme: all of the above, you might’ve to sit down for this loves, it’ll be very very veeery long, grab a drink and a snack or something ; )
Pairings: Draco Malfoy x Female!Reader
Warnings: This will contain SMUT, [18+] themes, FLUFF, dark DARK subjects and stuff, maybe a bit ANGST
[this little celebration fic will have multiple fics in it]
A/n: feel free to skip this speech and just jump straight into the fic below the cut, but I’m happy if you’d like to read it anyway <3
I remember when I was jumping and squealing in happiness when I reached 100 followers. A year ago I posted with zero expectations and yet here I am with 1000 beautiful people following MY blog and reading MY work🙄 first of, why? But let’s be positive here!
I know I haven’t been as active as I’ve promised y’all to be, but I’m trying my best, believe it or not but I have a life outside tumblr too😂 I’m trying my best loves <3 anyway if you’ve read this, thank you for being patient with meeee!
His head cocked to the side as his eyes marveled over all of the...things laid out before him. He couldn't seem to understand the numerous brushes varying in designs and sizes. He was confused by the small black container with a circle containing some sort of pink powder. Draco had absolutely seen makeup before, but he never knew how extensive it was, he had only ever seen some lipstick and eyeshadow tops!
"What are you looking at, Love?" Your voice called out when you entered the bathroom smiling, to see him staring at your makeup laying on the countertop.
"Is ALL OF THIS your makeup?" Draco asked shocked, not believing that there could possibly be more.
You smiled quite sweetly.
"Some of it, yeah. Haven't you seen makeup before?" You giggled, feeling entertained by his surprise.
"Of course I have. I've never seen my mother without it on, but this is so...fascinating." He drawled, sitting down in the chair in front of your makeup mirror.
You watched with content as he studied the things that stood out to him, answering most of his questions when he had them.
"What's this for, y/n?" He wondered, picking up a metallic-pink tube of mascara.
“See how long my lashes are?" You pointed out, batting your thick black lashes so he could see the effect.
He raised a brow at that, setting down the tube and continuing to rifle through your stuff, you couldn’t help but compare him to a little raccoon. You went on to explain how blush went on your cheeks for a rosy glow, and how the bottle of setting spray kept everything in place the whole day. He was perfectly amused and amazed at how much time went into your makeup routine everyday.
A radiant grin spread on his features when he suddenly spotted something familiar.
"Now I know what this is." He announced, holding up your favorite lipgloss.
It was a light, pinkish-peachy shade with small sparkles that he knew you wore almost everyday. It was also his personal favorite on you...it was cherry flavored too, so that’s a plus.
"Oh, I know you do," You smiled, "Actually, would you mind handing it to me? I need to touch up a bit."
Draco, though, didn't hand it over.
"Can I...put it on for you?" He requested, playing with the wand of the tube, listening as it make sticky sounds.
You beamed as you sat on the counter, prompting him to stand up to be level with your face.
"Go for it." You granted.
The young Malfoy couldn't hold back the small smile as he dragged the lipgloss across your lip, his eyes narrowing a little in concentration.
Draco was surprisingly good at it, his steady hand creating an even layer of lipgloss on both lips. Not too much and thick not too little. You rubbed them together when he was done, popping them dramatically when he stepped back to look.
"Pretty?" You asked when you saw the satisfaction on his expression.
He cupped your face with his slender ring clad hand, looking into your y/e/c eyes that he loved endlessly.
You pressed your lips onto his in a sticky lipglossy kiss, leaving his lips with some sparkly lipgloss on them.
“now you’re pretty too!” You said happily as you wiped his lips with your delicate fingers
Draco was sat down on the couch in the Slytherin common room with a lit cigarette in between his ring clad fingers, inhaling a deep and slow drag of smoke every once in a while. With him was Blaise, Theo, Crabbe and Goyle. Just talking shit about Gryffendoor’s, a normal Saturday...basically.
While they rambled on and off about boring shit the door opened and in came a walking y/n, makeup natural but still refreshing and wakening. A white crop top with a blush pink unzipped jacket and jeans. A sight for sore eyes as Draco would say every time he saw you, his loving girlfriend.
“Well hello there, love” Draco greeted you as you plopped down onto his lap. You looked up at him and pouted, he raised one eyebrow.
“Kissie, please” you said closing your eyes, and soon his lips crashed on yours and his large hand cupped your jaw per usual. Gods you’d die for him without a second thought. He tasted like smoke and mint, him you thought. Suddenly his tongue swiped over your lower lip, smudging your cherry lipgloss earning a irritated groan from you while you pulled away. You patted his cheek making him chuckle a little.
You pulled up a little pocket mirror so that you could apply a new coat of lipgloss when you heard a high pitched giggle. You put down your mirror and looked up in front you, raven black hair, yup. Of course it had to be Pansy fucking Parkinson.
“Well, well, dracie. Still together with that bitch I see, I’m genuinely shocked that you two are together still. I mean you can do so much better than...that” Pansy mocked while giving you a disgusted look.
Before Draco could open his mouth to even talk back you interrupted him with a rather calm voice and a mocking smile.
“You hate on me but are still watching? Honey you’re a fan” you snapped leaning back on Draco’s chest while laughing sarcastically. Draco knew he never had to defend you but he’d never sit down and watch his girlfriend take shit from a attention seeking prick like Pansy, but he knew you hated it when he interrupted your and Pansy’s famous fights.
“You’re just jealous that i fell for y/n instead of you, move on!” Draco sighed loudly.
“Oh please, jealous of that skank? No thank you, I mean look at her! She’s a bitch that has too much confidence! What do you even see in her? She’s not even pretty, she’s not even skinny enough and not to forget that she’s a fucking brat” everyone could see Pansy’s blood boiled.
“She’s fucking perfect, not common trash like you Parkinson, her body is perfect, the prettiest fucking woman I’ve ever seen. She doesn’t seek for attention like you” Draco said kissing your cheek.
“I mean yeah. I love my curves, my imperfections, my jiggling thighs, no one said you have to. If you low-key don’t like me, I highly don’t care. Queens don’t compete with hoes, sweetie” you said in a singsong voice. Then everybody in the room started laughing except Pansy who speed walked out in anger.
You turned around to face Draco with an expression of victory.
“Y’okay, love?” He asked rubbing your cheek with his thumb and eyebrows furrowed in concern.
“Some people are like clouds you know, when they disappear, it’s a brighter day” you giggled in response and nuzzled your face in the crook of his neck.
“You are a genius, love” he said while tickling your waist making you squirm and laugh until you heard a cough.
“We’re still here y’know?” Blaise said at the couple.
Draco’s POV
I’m hanging out with my friends when I hear shouting. I look up and see y/n, my enemy, arguing with a gryffindor girl.
It looks like the gryffindork is loosing this battle. Suddenly her, what looks like her boyfriend, stands up and pushing the gryffindor girl behind him.
He’s now shouting at y/n. I clench my fists and stand up.
“Where are you going?” Blaise asks. “I have priorities” I reply simply.
I make my way over to y/n and snake an arm around her waist and pulling her towards my chest.
“If you don’t stop yelling at my girl, I’ll make sure you’ll never talk again” I say coldly.
The guy goes to say something back but the gryffindor girl pulls him away from the scene they created.
Y/n turns around and gives me a grateful nod making me chuckle.
“I know some other ways to thank me, love” I whisper in her ear getting flashbacks from last night, all I could hear was her beautiful moans and pleads of pleasure
Draco’s hips slammed in and out of your tight cunt with an inhuman pace; his chest is draped across your front, arms up and around your back and holding you flush to him, skin to skin, sweat against sweat. You’re absolutely gone as he pounds into your wet and sensitive pussy. You’re too cockdrunk to even react to his harsh thrusts, although every snap of his hips pushes you closer and closer to the release you so desperately need, you’d do anything to just have an amazing and breathtaking orgasm.
Draco’s pace gets slower, deepening until the head of his cock is nestled almost painfully against your cervix. His cock felt so much bigger than usual, you think absentmindedly — the way he’s pushed himself so deep into you, so far into you has you squirming. This was sex in a whole new level.
“shh, shh, bunny. Gonna stuff you so full of my cum, alright? gonna make you feel so good. Gonna give my pretty princess a baby. Would you like that? you want daddy’s baby?”
“yes, yes daddy, please. I want it, I-I need it,” you whimper, you could practically not think, just blabbering and clawing at his chest. Draco pushes your knees against your tummy making your knees touch your tits, revelling in the way your puffy and abused pussy swallows him whole, folds hugging him tight, sticky wetness oozing out around his cock. Your expression is dazed, fuzzy, jaw slack and hooded eyes, shedding tears of pleasure.
“Okay, bunny” he groans, “gonna fill you right up, and you’re gonna take it all like a good girl.”
He collapses, resting all his weight on top of your pathetic body, pressing your back into the bed. You can feel his cock twitch inside of you and then a pleasurable warmth floods your insides. Draco lets out an almost pornographic moan, forcing himself back up, regaining the strength, to angle your hips upwards. when he pulls out, your hole gapes and shrinks. you feel empty - too empty - after being stretched by his fat cock. you inhale sharply, gripping Draco’s forearm tightly.
he uses two fingers for scooping the steady stream of cum leaking from you and push it inside your sensitive hole again.
“daddy, too much. Please, please too much,” you whimper, your cunt is far too sensitive and the added pleasure is bordering to pain. Draco groans, pinching your nipple making you squirm and whine.
“stay still. gotta keep it in, princess. make sure it takes, hm? you’re all messy.” he tilts your hips at a steeper angle. “Such a messy girl…my messy girl, isn’t that right, princess?” He said in a husky voice.
“Mm, yes daddy. M’only yours…”
“Wanna hear you say it. So so.” He prodded and you gave in of course.
“Only your messy girl, daddy”
“I’m gonna fill this little cunt of yours with my cum, okay? And you’re gonna take it, no whining and most importantly, no moving.” Draco ruts into you from behind, arm slung around your waist as he empties his load into you, making you writhe around from the fact you were still on edge, having not hit your high yet.
“All in due time, m’love. I’ll make you feel good, just wait a little bit longer.” He presses wet kisses to the back of your neck, whispering sweet nothings into your ear as he drags time on, wanting to make sure he’d done enough to get you pregnant with his child.
Draco slowly begins thrusting into you again, low squelches emitted as you start back on the path to tipping off the edge, needing your own pleasure to hit you already.
“See baby, that wasn’t so bad. Now just breathe, and let me take good care of you..after all, this may be one of last times we can do it before that baby in you starts growing.”
“So…how was your date?” Draco asked you, his jaw was clenched and he couldn’t find himself to keep eye contact for longer than a second you noticed.
“Oh, yeah. Fine I guess” you answered while fidgeting with your bracelet on your left wrist. Yesterday you went on a date with a guy named Johnny, you knew him from some of your classes. He was a Gryffindor, quite popular actually. Known for being good looking and a girl magnet, but recently he’s been thirsting over you for some reason.
For weeks he’s been trying to get your attention, flirting and holding books and doors open for you. You didn’t like him, you just couldn’t see the hype about him, he was an asshole after all. A snobby kid with social issues who thinks he’s the best of the best, of the halfbloods.
Draco could say the same within a heartbeat.
But when he asked you out on a date, you just said yes for him to leave you alone afterwards. The start of the date was going okay-boring but not horrible. You had some dinner and talked, but he didn’t even give you a chance to speak, he was selfishly rambling about his fortune and girls that wished that they had your place in that moment. Let’s say you couldn’t wait to tell Draco and laugh about all of this shit. But the night took a weird turn when he found out you were a virgin…he insisted to change that for you.
“You sure? You’re acting the opposite” Draco pondered, he knew you and all of your behaviors.
“Uhm, can I ask you something? It’s like very very personal so please don’t be weird about it, dray” you said while you took a deep breath. He looked at you with disbelief.
“Y/n, you know you can ask me anything. We can tell each other anything and everything without feeling judged” he huffed out. You just nodded.
“So? Go on!” He said impatiently. He wouldn’t dare to say it out loud, but he loved that you only told him
about your problems, he loved the trust.
“Is…is sex supposed to…hurt?” You almost whispered. Draco’s eyes widened at the question, he was prepared for you to ask him about something…less sexual. You didn’t dare to look at him. Did he hear you right?
“Sorry, come again?” He asked as he put all of his focus on your words. You sighed, now it just got weird
“I said, is sex supposed to be that…painful?” Your cheeks were burning hot and your palms were balmed.
“No…! absolutely not, did that halfblood do something he shouldn’t have done?! I swear by Merlin’s beard tha-“ Draco was visibly upset.
“No-no! I agreed to do it. It’s just that it didn’t...- everything happened so fast and it was nothing like I pictured it, and I regret it so much! I wish I could’ve saved my first time for someone special, not with some snobby bloke against a wall in a restroom” you frowned when you saw Draco’s shocked face.
“First time? I’m sorry it was that bad y/n.” He said giving you a sympathetic look. Suddenly a light bulb appeared above Draco.
“I can show you how it’s supposed to feel like, if you want of course” Draco prayed you’d say yes, he’d take such good care of you...but he’d absolutely never force you. Never ever.
You laughed humorlessly, but you stopped when you saw his neutral facial expression. You thought for a second...was he serious?! Is he joking?
“You mean that?...”
“Of course I do.”
“....O-okay.....” you flusterly agree
“No none of that, you’ve gotta tell me y/n...do you want me to show you, really? I want to hear you say it..I need to hear you say it and mean it” he stood close to you, you could feel the warmth radiate from his body.
You look up at him to look him in his beautiful eyes...you nod.
“I want you to show me Draco”
(This one sucked though)
Hot silent tears danced their way down your cheeks, leaving a black-ish trail of mascara under your eyes. You were tense.. your shoulders trembled and rattled through every deep breath you took, you were almost dizzy while you briskly walked. You were headed to the only place you felt safe. The only place you felt the most accepted and cared for, Draco’s dorm.
The walk there was long and risky, filch could catch you at any moment, it was a 50/50 chance. You were bound to get there though, because this couldn’t wait. You could’ve waited until the next morning, but you hoped the icy air in the hallways could calm you down a bit, which it did to a certain degree. Finally nearing his door your breath mellows out a little bit while you sniffled through the fast tears. You know the moment you see him everything is going to come rushing back to you again, but for now you find an eye in the storm. When you lift your gaze from your shoes you were right in front of the dark wooden door you were oh so familiar with.
Taking a big breath, you lifted you fist and knocked four times-for good measure. No matter how many times you’ve been there doing the exact same thing, this time it felt extra loud as your knocks echoed in the airy building. You heard shuffling from the other side, you lifted your hand and focused on your knuckles, feeling yourself starting to drift into your own mind. Before you venture too far into your own mind, the hinge of the door opened, bringing you back as you gaze upon those beautiful metallic eyes of his.
He immediately absorbs your appearance. Each emotion of concern, worry and shock spread across his features.
“Love, what’s wrong? Are you alright? What are you doing here this late, you could’ve gotten spotted”
Each question of his whirls past you, overwhelming you and simultaneously easing the ache in your bones just by hearing his deep voice.
You immediately tackle him into a hug, nuzzling your face into his casually clad chest. A white t-shirt he opted to wear for the night.
His body reacts faster than his brain as he expands his large over your back, protecting you from what seems to be bothering you. The deep rumble in his chest indicates he’s starting up his interrogation again.
“Sweetheart, you’re scaring me. What’s going on?” His voice firm yet gentle.
“I-I’m fine, I just-well..” your voice slightly muffled by his shirt but his attentive ear catches them.
“Come on, let’s get you inside, yeah?”
“Yeah ok..”
He slightly breaks the embrace to gently lead you into the familiar second ‘home’ and leads you to sit down onto his tightly made bed.
Still holding onto your shoulders he sits you down onto the dark green covers of his bed, he leans his body closer to yours, meeting your eyes as he ducks his head a little to be in eye level. He scans your face, the worry evident and unmoving. Yet he waits for your words..
“I have no idea where to start, dray”
“And that’s okay, take a deep breath and relax. Can you tell me what’s going on in that pretty head of yours?” He asks softly, almost uncharacteristically softly.
At the moment you just think of how gentle he is with you, how he is the rock in your life.
“I’m thinking of you…a-and how gentle and loving you are towards me” the tears now again making their appearance known by rolling down your cheeks. But this time his ring clad hand catches the tears before they fall.
“I-I came over because I need you Draco...I needed my Draco because I don’t-.” your breath catches in your throat as you fight the lump resting there “because I don’t have anyone else I can tell this to”
His hands found yours. He nods along with your words. Really absorbing every word that leaves your plump lips.
“Okay baby. You know I’m always here for you and I’m glad you can trust me this much, whatever it is you can tell me”
“I know” you say giving him a watery smile. He waits patiently for you to begin to talk again, anticipating every word. You take a deep breath and sigh.
“I just couldn’t hold the weight of this anymore, dray. It’s too heavy for me”
“What weight, love?” He asks as he feel his heart starting to sink
“Me being...” you pause, the word catching on your tongue. This was it. The moment that had driven you mad. Made you feel like a freak. The real reason you felt like an outcast, and outsider. The truth you’ve been harboring for years. You had suppressed it, not realizing until you got older and your brain got more developed, you’ve run from it but now your legs were tired. The fear that held its grip on you was about to unclench now, with him..your Draco.
“I’m bi-bisexual, Draco”
The words hang in the air, the world felt as it zoomed in on the two of you.
“Oh sweetheart…I’m so proud of you. I love you, thank you for telling me”
“Oh Dray, I love you too and I don’t want you to think that I’m not committed to you or-“ he cuts you off mid ramble.
“No Sh sh sh, love I wasn’t thinking that”
“Okay” you replied.
There’s a beat while you two process what had been said, so you continued to explain what lead you to come out to him.
“So I’ve been dealing with this for a long time...I-it’s just..it’s been heavy on my mind lately and was getting too much to hold in”
He nods, acknowledging how vulnerable you are this very moment.
“Tonight it just bubbled up and eventually spilled over I guess..” he hangs onto every word you say.
“I received a letter tonight and I snuck out to see you because my parents...they-“ you feel yourself begin to choke up as you think of their harsh words.
“Breathe y/n, it’s okay you got this” he comforts.
“They said some really nasty things about gay people and I had to pretend it didn’t affect me at all, but when I was alone and read the letter and those things they said I just broke down, I just lost it” tears run down your face in a fast pace, your hand begin to shake in pent up anger, sadness and pain
His grip on your hands became firmer, he grounded you, encouraging you. He leaned his forehead against yours, brushing his beautiful nose against yours in a loving gesture.
“My beautiful girl, so strong..I’m so incredibly proud of you. And I’m so sorry your parents are pricks”
“But that’s the thing Draco, you’ve met them and they aren’t necessarily bad people but-“
“They are idiots”
“Yeah…you’re right..they are.”
Draco now feeling more protective of you than ever says,
“How dare they make my sweet girl feel this way, huh? Wait until my father hear about this shit” he looks into your sad eyes.
“You’re perfect to me, if being bi is who you are, then it’s who you are, love”
You give him a little smile which he reciprocates happily. You were convinced he was an angel sent down to you. How divine it was having someone loving you for you.
“Thank you Draco, I love you”
“Of course, I love you too y/n”
You give each other a shy eyes, he starts to lean in before stopping close enough for you to feel his minty breath on your lips.
“This okay..?” He ask for your permission
“Always, dray” you breathe out and your lips connects in a bruising, loving and emotional kiss..
And then it was sealed...
“Baaaabe.” You heard Draco moan from the bedroom. You sighed slightly and turned the heat down on the soup you were heating on the stove before making your way into the room. You leaned against the doorframe as you looked at your boyfriend from his spot in the bed. He was laying with all the pillows and blankets he could find and was completely bundled up. He was sick with a really bad cold and you had offered to come over and help take care of him. You just weren’t expecting him to be so demanding about it. Or no, you actually did. It’s Draco we’re talking about.
“What do you need, dray?” You sighed, he had been calling you back here every few minutes since you got here an hour ago.
“I’m lonely.” He pouted, jutting his bottom lip out for emphasis, his voice strained from being congested. Gray eyes a little red and watery.
“Lonely? How could you possibly be lonely? I’ve been in here every 5 minutes.” You said slightly exasperated.
“But you don’t staaay.” He whined. You smirked at that, who knew the scary and mean Draco malfoy, one of the sacred 28 was such a baby when he was sick? Not you, that’s for sure.
“How can I stay if you keep sending me to get you stuff?” You shot back, not able to keep away the amused tone from your voice.
Draco thought about that for a moment, obviously the sickness was not making him think as clearly as he wanted. “I don’t know, but you need to do both.” He said with a grin, obviously playing around
“Well how about I finish making you the soup you asked me for and we can snuggle a little while you eat? I can even play with your hair like you like. Okay, you big baby?” You offered, rolling your eyes. You saw his tired expression brighten slightly at the suggestion
“Okay! Thank you.” He responded, coughing slightly from the excitement. You turned to walk away before Draco stopped you. “And baby? I love you.”
You smiled at him, the sweetest smile you could put on, before, “I know.” You laughed as you walked out of the room and down the hall.
“Bunny?!” Draco exclaimed loudly, coughing again. “You have to say it back!” He yelled as loud as he could at you, voice raspy. Only your amused laughter (bordering on a cackle) was your response.
You walked back in a few minutes later to a very pouty boyfriend, you walked over to him and passed him the soup before getting in the bed next to him. “Eat up, baby. It’ll help you get better.”
“Not until you say it.” He said petulantly. You laughed lightly and ran your hand through his hair, lightly scratching his scalp at you did. You didn’t miss the small content flutter of his eyelids at your motions, smiling softly to yourself.
“I love you too, pretty boy.” You said adoringly. “Even when you are a pain in my ass.”
Draco beamed at you, “Good, ’cause I plan on being a pain in your ass until one of us dies. So get used to it.” You laughed loudly at that, not missing the butterflies you felt. You couldn’t wait for forever with this wonderfully ridiculous man. “Honestly, I could have died and the last thing you said to me was ‘I know’ when I told you I loved you? Who do you think you are?”
“Okay okay, calm down big boy. I’m sorry, I love so so very very much!” You said and gave him a big smooch on his lips, not caring if you’d get sick too.
With a smirk donning on his face he said “So, you love me huh?”
“I think it is pretty evident by now”
“Nah I’m not convinced,” he said staring deep into my eyes. I knew what he wanted
I nudged my nose on his neck, licking his earlobe slowly as his breath hitches
“Tell me daddy…how can I convince you?” I almost purred, voice breathy and hot.
“Wanna be daddies good girl?”
I whined, his words going straight to my core, making me feel the hot wetness pooling. I loved how quickly and smoothly the dynamic shifts between us.
“Mhm, please daddy…wanna be your good girl-
Pain, sadness, anger
That’s all you felt right now. You were seated on the edge of your best friends bed, Draco. Sniffles and sobs was all you could muster.
“H-how could I be so fucking stupid!” You said, voice broken and laced with anger...
“It’s not your fault he’s a fucking player, y/n” Draco said while rubbing your back soothingly, in a attempt to calm you down just a bit.
“But I fell for his game, Draco! I didn’t realize how badly he treated me all along, I wish I could’ve just turn back time and fucking kick him right in the-“
“Okay! Okay, I get it darling. No need to get aggressive. I warned you about him everyday, but you would be so stubborn and not listen to a single word I had to say about him.” Draco said and you just looked at him with an apologetic look.
“I’m sorry...” you said full of shame
“For what exactly, darling?” He asked confused as if he had missed something
“For not listening” you answered. And he knew this was so wrong in so many levels, but the way you looked at him with tears decorating your cheeks, a few buttons on your school shirt undone showing cleavage and the way you apologized made his cock harden…
“You have always treated me right and making me realize my worth, I don’t know why I didn’t listen to you this time-“
You were cut off by Draco smashing his lips on yours, you were taken aback by his sudden action at first but soon you returned the kiss. It was hungry, rushed and it were full of…something you couldn’t describe...
He pulled back to catch his breath and look at you for consent. You gave him a encouraging nod. Lips were connected again, he laid you down on the bed and let his hand roam your body. You took the freedom to feel his abs through his shirt and you couldn’t resist to lightly whimper.
“You have been a very bad girl now baby…not listening to what daddy tells you, what happened to the obedient girl who always listened to her daddy hm?” He asked, y/n’s submissive side came to surface immediately.
“M’sorry daddy..” Your thighs rubbed against each other, an uncomfortable feeling in your panties caused by your arousal smearing on your thighs.
“Didn’t ask for apologies, angel” he said and flipped you around so you were laying on your stomach and Draco behind you.
“Ass up baby girl” he said, voice determined and husky.
And you obeyed, arching your back and pushing your ass up. You felt him move and switch behind you, spreading your cheeks apart and pressing his thumb at your entrance.
“So wet f’me already?” He mocked with a cocky smile. He hiked your skirt up to reveal your perfectly built ass...
He gave your ass a rough squeeze making you let out a airy moan. He stopped and pulled you to the edge of the bed. He bent down to give your lower back a kiss before standing up again running his hands along your body.
“I hate to see you cry, angel...” he said. But that’s not true, he took quite pleasure in seeing you cry. Having you tremble and sob was the most goddamn beautiful thing he'd ever seen.
“Sorry I was a bad girl and didn’t listen daddy…” you said tears threatening to fall again.
“Yeah angel, you should be” He wanted to show you what you were missing out while you were busy simping over Zabini who played you around like a show off trophy.
-he wanted to you to be his. No he needed you to be his. He had to prove to you that he owned you, you were his property.
He slipped off your baby blue panties painfully slow.
“Now angel…gonna let daddy put his cock inside that tiny cunt of yours? Gonna fill you up with m’babies til you’re round, sounds good hm?”
The only word that left your mouth was a weak and pathetic ‘please’
You lifted your hips a little and moved your feet a little wider to show how bad you needed him right now. Draco cracked a proud smile. He unbuckled his belt and let it fall to the ground with a sharp thud, making you jolt up a little in surprise.
Soon enough he’s aligned at your entrance, torturing you with his slow actions.
“You’re mine now” you heard him whisper before he forcefully pushed inside of you, he was so big, the sting making you feel like you were on fire. You made grabby hands to show him that you needed comfort
“H-hold...” you said, voice cracking
“What’s that, angel? Wanna hold hands?” Draco mocked in a loving way. You only nodded while a tear slowly danced down your flushed cheeks. He leaned forward and intertwined his fingers with your small ones. Now the stretch was bearable.
He moved in further, ripping a sob out of you while doing so. Now he pushed even more so that he was buried deep inside of you, he was fully inside of you. He gave you some time to get used to the feeling.
Your legs shook, struggling to take all of him. But apparently nothing is impossible.
He groaned and squeezed your hand a firm squeeze to distract you a little.
“So small, so innocent all for me to ruin”
“You sure you can take this, angel?” He asked.
“Y-yes m’sure but you’re so b-big” you answered stubborn as always.
He started to move and at last he started to thrust deep inside of you. He watched as his cock disappeared in and out of your tight cunt. The pain from the stretch was compensated with the erotic and intimate feeling.
Your walls soft like velvet and the wetness he created making him loose his mind on you.
“Bloody hell, angel” he moaned while he threw his head back in pleasure and you answered with moan after moan...
He was so hard and heavy inside of you
“D-daddy-oh” you said in between moans and pants. Your whole body was sore and tired. His hand soon landed where you were sinfully connected and started to rub rough circles on it making electricity shoot through you. Moans increased in volume and your bodies had a thin glistening layer of sweat.
Draco grunted in pleasure, he felt himself slowly loosing control while fucking you in a animalistic pace.
“Your mine, only mine. I’m not sharing...No one can fuck you like I can, fucking Zabini don’t know what he lost!” Draco said while postponing himself in you in a brutal pace.
The double stimulation making the coil in your tummy tighten and bliss flowing in your veins.
Draco feels how close you were, squeezing him like a vice
“That’s it, c’mon cream all over my cock, cum for me angel” he hissed.
You screamed his name while you fell apart-euphoria. Coating his cock with your release, the mere sight of it and with a bias his thick white ropes of cum filled you up to the brim. The feeling making you shiver. He stayed inside of you to make sure to all of his white sin stays inside of you. When he had catched his breath again he pulled out carefully.
He observed how your small figure shook under him, he smiled lightly and kissed your sweaty forehead . He cleaned you up and you two laid together in his bed.
“Your mine now y/n, if you’ll have me. Zabini don’t know what he lost at all, he lost the world right before his eyes, y/n.”
At that a tear fell, not of hurt, not of pleasure but of love. You were so in love with Draco and have always been, but because of your strong bond you thought he just saw you as a good friend. But now he’s proven to you that you are his and no one else’s.
“Hold me closer Draco” you said and he swore his heart just melted.
WARNINGS:!personally idk but: crying, dark thoughts, mentions of bad relationship with food and body, ED, sh.
Very personalized but I hope it’s okay anyway <3
You were woken up by the golden light caused by the morning sun, the birds chirped their everyday morning song per usual. You turned to your side just to find the love of your life, the one and only Draco Lucius Malfoy. The boy you couldn’t live without, and he could say the same about you. His light snores and relaxed facial expression made you smile a little, knowing that you were his and he was yours.
You decided to let him sleep a little longer and walked out of bed to go to the bathroom to get ready for the day, one of the benefits of dating a Malfoy, private dorm plus a private bathroom!
You brushed your teeth and tamed your hair after a too good night of sleep and some…other nightly activities with your boyfriend… but when it was time to put on your clothes you walked in front of a big mirror, you knew better than to be a brat and complain about your body and yada yada…but how could you not?
You stood only in your underwear, a pair of blush pink panties and a matching brah, you looked at your legs, then your thighs, the old scares on your inner thighs had started to pale a little, giving away a faint glimmer in the light. Then you looked at your forearms, the scares were fresher there probably around a couple months old. You stood there tracing the scares with a blank expression, not noticing Draco in the doorway you just stood in your own dark thoughts. He cleared his throat which startled you making you jump in place.
“Oh, good morning Dray!” You greeted Draco with a warm smile on your lips as usual. He looked at you with a knowing look before he walked in and hugged you from behind.
“Good mornin’ princess, slept good?” He asked and turned your bodies so that you were facing the large mirror.
“Yup! I’m sorry if I woke you up” you said, but the truth was that you had barely got a chance to fall asleep last night, and it was your dark thoughts to blame. But you knew you’d just make Draco more worried about you than he already was, so you sneaked in a white lie together with your warmest most convincing smile you had.
But Draco wasn’t dumb, he could sense your bad lies but decided to let it be and talk about it later.
“Don’t worry baby, just noticed you’re missing s’ all” he said letting go of you and started to get dressed.
Later that day
Lunchtime came fast today, you sat next to Draco at your table as usual. You had a very bad relationship with food and nobody except Draco knew about your eating disorder that you developed two years ago, in your fourth year in Hogwarts. He has helped you through the struggle at dinner time and you were beyond grateful for him.
“I know we have been taking baby steps, but today I’ll challenge you to eat a whole piece of chicken and vegetables” he said while handing you the plate with a little piece of chicken and greens. It wasn’t much for a ‘normal’ person, but for you it was very stressful and challenging…
“N-no Draco, it’s to much” you faced him with a worried expression. But you got calmer once he gave you a reassuring smile and a pat on your back.
“Don’t worry, princess. I’ll always be with you, let’s do it together hm?” He asked.
You nodded your head, you just wanted to make him proud of you for making progress in this subject. But just when you picked up your fork you heard Pansy Parkinson giggle with her friends a few seats away from you and Draco.
“Look! I think it’s the first time I ever seen y/l/n eat something” she said loud enough for you to hear
“About fucking time, look how her clothes are falling of her body” her friends said, joining her in a fit of cocky giggles.
You dropped your fork as fast as you picked it up and stood up from your seat.
“Y/n, don’t listen to pug face over there! Please sta-“ he grabbed your arm in a attempt to make you stay and finish your well needed dinner, but you yanked your arm away from his grip
“Please Draco, just leave me alone!” You said with a weak tone, your smile was long gone and your y/e/c eyes welled with tears. Draco let go of your arm and watched you hurry out in a horrible state.
He stood up aggressively and looked towards Pansy and her minions with a face red of anger. She just looked at him with a raised eyebrow and arms crossed.
“Thank fucking you for ruining her life! I’ve been trying to get her to eat for the longest time, and just when she was about to take a big step in her recovery you and your brain dead fucking minions tore her confidence and progress down!” He screamed at the raven haired girl, ignoring all the nasty looks he was given by the whole great hall.
“Woah, calm down Malfoy . I am sure she can stand up for herself, the truth lasts the longest. Like have she ever looked in the mirror? Like we wasn’t lying about it”
Pansy said with a gross amount of confidence.
“Honestly, what the hell is wrong with you?...” Draco said while he left the great hall to go looking for you.
Just when Draco opened his dorm room, knowing you never felt at peace in your own. He heard sniffles from the bathroom, he felt panic rise as he thought you’d hurt yourself. He took long and fast strides towards the dark wooden door and knocked.
“Y/n, love? Can you please unlock the door?” He only heard sobs which only scared him more.
“Alohomora” he walked in and immediately found you in a corner with your legs pressed to your chest and head down.
He walked over to you and pulled you in for a warm hug, you buried you face in his chest and let all your tears spill. He grabbed your wrists and examined them, he did the same with your legs. The gesture broke your heart.
Draco saw that his move hurt your feelings, but he had to make sure you were not hurt in any way.
“I’m sorry...” he heard you whisper.
“No stop that, you don’t have anything to be sorry about” he said while his eyes watered knowing how bad you felt now.
“ I-I was going to try to eat but I lost my appetite…” you sniffled. Draco rubbed your back and kissed your forehead with a sympathetic look.
“I don’t blame you princess, I’d loose my appetite too if I saw Parkinson’s pug face” Draco said and was relieved when you let out a little laugh between your tears.
“I just wanted to make you proud. I do want to eat Draco, but it is so hard for some reasons, I don’t want to be this thin believe it or not!” You said and he listened attentive to every word that came out of you.
“I just can’t find myself to eat, and every time you check my legs and wrists a piece of me always dies, because I know its my fault that you don’t trust me anymore. M’sorry” you sobbed out
He picked you up in his arms and put you down on his bed and tucked you in, he gave you a kiss on your cheek, he walked towards the door
“Wait where are you going?” You asked, you thought he was going back to his classes
“Don’t worry, love. I’ll hurry!” He said before he closed the door
Almost 20 minutes later he returned with a tray of different fruits, berries of all different varieties, steaming fresh pasta and a lot of snacks and soft drinks
“What are you up to now, Draco?” You asked as you watched him struggle to close the door with his hands full of things.
He walked up to you in the bed and placed the tray in your lap, he then changed into pajamas pants and a white t-shirt and sat in front of you in the bed with a grin on his face
“ okay princess, this is our plan. You and me are going to eat this pasta together, a also brought fruits and berries because I know you love berries. Then we are going to eat all of these snack while I read to you aloud. Is that okay?”
You just looked at him with so much love so that you wouldn’t be surprised you had hearts in your eyes when you looked at him. You nodded your head.
“Good! You don’t have to eat all of it, don’t feel any pressure because I’ll always be here with you.” He said.
You two ate the pasta together and he was very happy that you ate all of it! And you ate some berries while Draco ate a green apple, of course! Now you laid on his chest while he read aloud, like the cherry on the top he picked your favorite book! He traced small hearts on the exposed skin on your arm and paused his reading to look down at you
“What’s on that mind of yours, love?” He asked, you looked so deep in thought so that he just had to ask.
“You have been amazing to me Draco and I appreciate you so much. But someday you’ll probably grow tired and irritated of my problems, and I want you to know that I don’t blame you if if you do, I get tired of myself” you chuckled at the last part.
“But I don’t know how to live without you, it sounds stupid and dramatic, but it’s the truth.” You looked up at him, he had put his book down and sat himself up against the bed frame.
He grabbed your hands and kissed both of them.
“Y/n, I don’t even want to hear such bullshit, excuse my choice of word but that’s just rubbish! I’ll never in my entire life grow tired of helping you! I could never live with myself if I just left you all alone to deal with those dark thoughts on your own. I need you as much as you need me. I can’t live without you y/n, and I’ll never leave you.” He said while keeping eye contact.
Tears of happiness rolled down from your cheeks.
“Don’t cry princess” Draco said with tears rolling down too
“Now you’re crying!” You laughed as more tears looked like a waterfall in a rainforest
Draco leaned in and gave you a assuring kiss, a kiss that showed so much love it almost overwhelmed you. Yeh pulled away and picked you up and held you in his arms like a baby.
“I’m never leaving you, never princess”
“wait! Come back! I thought you loved me“ Draco said dramatically to y/n who only needed to go to the bathroom.
“I’m literally just going to the bathroom, Draco, you’re so clingy today” y/n said the last part before she opened the bathroom door, but Draco ran inside the bathroom before she even could register what happened. She walked in too and closed the door after them anyway.
“I can’t even go to the bathroom alone anymore, huh? “ she asked when she sat down on the toilet. He sat down in front of her and just looked at her with heart eyes, even if she was peeing he didn’t care!
“No…y’done now? Let’s go and cuddle…!” He said to y/n when she walked out of the bathroom, to her desk to study for charms. She shook her head to her desperate boyfriend.
“Sorry Draco, but I really need to study right noow...!” She said as she pulled out a pencil and parchment to start her work, but Draco had other her plans. He whined and sighed for literally 10 minutes before he said something
“Y/n? If I can sit on your chair, you could sit in my lap?” He asked while he looked bored at himself in the mirror.
“yeah sure, but you have to behave yourself because I really need to get this done” she said. Draco sat down and pulled y/n in his lap, everything went well until Draco started nipping and sucking on her neck.
“Dray, as much as I love you...you have to stop” he looked at her and hugged her so tight he even got scared to break her perfectly tiny body.
“Sorry love, I just want to be close to you that’s all... had a rough day.” Y/n looked back at her boyfriend and felt quite bad for being so focused on her homework instead of him. But she got an idea!
“I can cockwarm you if you’d like to?” She asked him and his silvery stormy eyes lit up
“Yes, I’d like that thank you” he tried to sound calm but his voice betrayed him.
Y/n chuckled a little when she felt him get hard immediately underneath her. She stood up and took of her underwear so that she only wore a skirt and a black polo shirt. She undid Draco’s pants and lined his now erected cock up by her entrance. She sunk down in his cock and she let out a small groan at the size. Draco did the same, he loved how her velvety walls felt around him…
“Okay, now. Don’t disturb me to much okay love?” She said when they both settled and sat comfortably. Draco felt calm…but he wanted-no, needed more......
Let me know if any of you actually read all of them! I rewrote a couple of my old fics into this one too!
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yoon2k · 1 year
okay this is extremely unedited but u know this man came for my neck so this is completely… just… sob sob
Tumblr media
˚ ༘♡ DRABBLE: #𝟏𝟎
˚ ༘♡ GENRE: GRAMMYS YOONGI, canon-compliant
˚ ༘♡ RATE: NSFW (18+ MINORS DNI — heavy petting, spanking, groping, marking, hickies)
➷ ˢᴱᴿᴵᴱˢ ᴹᴸᴵˢᵀ | ᵀᴬᴳᴸᴵˢᵀ
The boys were quick to be ushered backstage after the Butter performance, where they’d change into identical black suits for the actual ceremony—minus the sweaty exertion they’d drenched from the performance.
“I can’t believe I tripped,” Hoseok cursed, clicking his tongue and shaking his head as he patted himself down with the new towel.
“It wasn’t even noticeable.” Namjoon voiced immediately. “Plus you looked good doing it.”
“Yeah! Hyung, you looked sexy.” Taehyung called out, much to Hoseok’s reddening face’s dismay at their compliments. He brushed it off with a giggle and a wave in their direction.
“Besides, I think I saw Yoongi hyung stumble too. Think the step was too tall for his height.” Jimin teased, looking up cheekily to find the hyung in question. Though, as his eyes darted around the room, he found the subject of his jokes nowhere to be found, but refused to accept the L. “Hey, where’s hyung?”
The quiet man had apparently slipped out without notice because soon, six heads all turned in every direction, counting bodies and realizing one was missing.
“We’re supposed to go back out there soon.” Namjoon bit his inner cheek, looking for a manager.
“I can go look for him.” Jungkook piped up, “I think he said he’d forgotten something in the car.”
“We don’t need another member missing, just stay here.” Seokjin reminded. “We’ll have someone else go.”
“I wanted to look around anyway.” Jungkook shrugged. When he saw the skeptical looks from his hyungs, he had no choice but to, “Come on,” he whined, “Taehyung got to go earlier.”
Namjoon shook his head, “Go and come back quickly, okay?”
Jungkook jumped up immediately, “Will do, Hyung.” He flashed them a bunny smile before he was out the door, rushing to explore the venue, leaving the elders’ shaking heads behind him.
“Fuck.” Yoongi’s hand was gripping the car’s handlebar above him as your mouths moved in vulgar passion. His big hand fell, kneading your ass. “This dress—“
“You’re one to talk.” You interrupt breathlessly, pulling away for a second to contest his insinuation. “Wearing this all black fit, styling your hair like this—“ your hand was already at the base of his neck, and you took the opportunity to tangle your black nails into his matching hair and tug. You talked over the groan he let out, mouth set in a pout, “Do you have any idea what I’ve been going through all night?”
“What about me?” He growled, pulling you flush against his chest. He was handling you to his liking, your body putty in his hands as he propelled you down to grind in his lap. You yelped as he pushed your head towards his mouth, your ear lined up with his lips to hear the low, raspy, “I’ve been fucking hard since I sat down.”
“You didn’t even let me suck you off before your performance,” you whined with a frown, softly hitting his chest. You pushed your hips down harder, making him groan out and throw his head back, both of his hands landing on your ass to control your movements, moving his own hips in tandem with yours.
You took the opportunity to latch onto his exposed neck, the skin looking far too unmarked for your liking. Though, you as you begrudgingly admitted, you did happen to be at a nationally televised awards ceremony, with cameras clicking and panning to your handsome boyfriend far too often to not notice the blossoming red you so wanted to taint him with.
So you adjusted, unbuttoned a few of those pesky buttons down for a new target: his protruding and extremely problematic pecs.
Yoongi’s hand didn’t hesitate in pulling your dress up over your ass, pushing it onto your waist unceremoniously. Looking over your shoulder, he noticed the thin string of black cloth as the only barrier (could it even be called that??) between you and his hand.
Smack! The sound resounded in the car, making you jump slightly. He smoothed the skin over with a caress—but the other, nonchalant cheek caught his eye. Now he couldn’t be unfair, could he?
“Yoongi—“ You whimpered against his chest. He couldn’t help but smirk down at you, tilting your head up with a finger under your chin and bringing you in for another bruising kiss.
Your hands were all over him, and vice versa. You couldn’t tell where one of you ended and the other began for being pressed so closely together. All tongue and teeth, you were holding on to him for dear life as you moved vivaciously.
So lost in each other, you hadn’t heard the footsteps echoing through the garage you were in. Nor the calls of Yoongi’s name from a certain dongsaeng of his…
The car door suddenly opened wide, making you both turn and freeze like a deer in headlights. You were met with an equally shocked expression, one adorned with a lip ring.
“Uh…” The poor boy was stammering. “I was looking for hyung. Uh, they were looking for hyung.” He gestured behind him. “We need you soon.” You noticed the jittering stance, the fiddling hands. He was playing with his rings, taking them on and off. His eyes weren’t necessarily downcast, just missing both of your gazes. His line of sight had trailed down to land on…
Yoongi squeezed your ass without looking away from his dongsaeng, “Is that all?”
Jungkook nodded immediately, eyes running back up to meet Yoongi’s gaze. Yoongi jutted his chin out, meant to be a nod of his head with the least amount of effort. “Let them know I’ll be right there.”
Jungkook nodded again, scurrying to slam the door shut in relief, and scramble away from whatever he’d just walked into.
“Poor baby.” You were still staring at the closed door when he left, heavy breaths filling the space. “I feel kinda bad. It’s Jungkookie.”
Yoongi, on the contrary, wasn’t fazed in the slightest, his hand on the back of your head to pull you back in. “He’ll get over it,” he rumbled before crashing his lips back into yours, resuming the rough desperation from before that drove you both here in the first place.
let me know what you think! — Copyright © 2022, yoon2k | tumblr | no reposts, translations, copies, etc. allowed
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tierneysodegaard · 11 months
Dog Days - Max Verstappen x Reader - Part Two
Read Part One here
Tumblr media
Max Verstappen x female!reader
Warnings: Christian Horner, Max being a lil mad, swearing
Wordcount: 3.5K
Summary: Every moment Max spent with you was hell and he thought the same, so when a dog is rescued from the track and both of you want to keep it, the pair of you would have to stomach one another. Whoever the dog runs to at the end of the season gets to keep him and maybe a stray dog won’t be the only thing coming home with you when the season is over. 
“What the bloody hell do you want with a dog?” You turned to look at Max who was still behind you. “You literally have two cats?”
Even Christian looked curious at Max’s answer. Jimmy and Sassy occupied his lock screen and background on his phone. Not to mention how he wouldn’t stop showing staff members and other drivers the countless photos he took of them when he was home. He even showed you a few videos of them before, videos of him trying to get the pair of them to play with a mouse on the end of a string. Despite your actions towards one another that memory made you smile, it’s just a shame he wasn’t as nice as his cats. 
“Just because I have cats doesn’t mean I don’t like dogs.” 
“Do your cats get along with dogs?”
“They’ve met the neighbour's dog a few times.”
You scoffed at his reply. “A few times?”
“Congratulations y/n you can pay attention!” Max gave you a sarcastic smile before Christian began speaking. 
“Well, why don’t you both take the dog to the vets, make sure it’s actually a stray, get whatever dog things you need to get and then maybe the pair of you can talk it through then.” For once Christian was being reasonable and he was right, not even Max could argue with that.
“Fine.” Max took the dog from the steward and handed the lead to you. “I’m driving.” He began to walk off. Christian gave you a ‘hurry up or he’ll get pissed off’ look sending you after Max with the dog close at hand.
You and Max walked in silence well… he more or less ran in silence, even with the dog tugging you forward it was hard to catch up with him. His car was already at the track so the pair of you didn’t need to walk for long until you reached the highly guarded car park with him. He unlocked the car door and motioned for you to put the dog on the back seat. 
“So much for a celebration after that win.” You spoke as the dog jumped onto the seats, laying down on them like he owned the place. 
“It doesn’t matter,” Max replied. “There will be more.”
“That confident Verstappen?” You shut the door before opening another. “You might have engine troubles.” You climbed in and sat beside him, your eyes darting over to his messy helmet hair and race suit which was still clinging to his body. 
“Not this year.” He turned to look at you before starting the car up. “This year I’m going to be champion, I can promise you that y/n.”
“Oh yeah? And if you don’t?”
“I’ll let you have the dog.”
“Oh you know I’m gonna get that anyway, animals love me.”
“Explains why Lando hangs around with you -”
“What happened to my apology?” You arched your brows, clearly pissed off with him but he only smiled. 
“I’m joking, he’s a nice guy.”
“Nicer than you.” You muttered but he didn’t hear. “He is, he’s lovely.”
“You two get on well.” He commented, sparing a glance towards you. 
“Well spotted Max.” You took a breath before changing the subject, not wanting an argument to spill from the conversation. “You know Lewis is going for that eighth win.”
“I’m aware.”
“You think you can beat him?”
“I know I can.”
“The Mercedes boys are doing well this year, even Bottas is up there, hell even he could win it -”
“He won’t ever win it at Mercedes.” Max sneered. “They favour Lewis too much.”
“And Red Bull doesn’t favour you?” You let out a small laugh. “Oh come on Max you can’t seriously talk shit about Toto Wolff when Horner does exactly the same for you.”
“No, he doesn’t.”
“Yes, he does!” You almost screamed at him. “Look at what happened to you and Daniel, that crash that you caused was dangerous and who’s side did Christain take? Yours! He should have stayed with Daniel, you were in the wrong and you know it.”
“And what would you know about it?” His tone turned sour. “You work on social media, you aren’t in the cars -”
“I don’t need to be in the cars to see what you did.” You looked out the window. “Anyone would side with me.” 
Max’s knuckles turned white as he gripped the steering wheel. He shook his head as a cocky grin swiped across his face. Clearly his throat he spat words your way. “And why would I listen to you? Hmm? Why would I listen to a woman who follows me around all day like a little lost puppy?”
“That’s my job you idiot!” You whipped your head around to look at him. “Maybe I should take Lando up on his offer.”
“What is that? Sleeping with him?”
“You know you seem to have an obsession with me and Lando sleeping together, if I didn’t know any better I would say you’re jealous.”
He let out a scoff. “Why would I be jealous of Lando Norris?”
“You act like it -”
“I just don’t want you getting hurt.”
“Sorry? Max me and Lando are not like that in the slightest and how can you say that when you go out of your way to make my life hell.”
“I don’t.”
“Yes you do.”
“I never go out with intent.” He paused for a moment. “Maybe I do at times but -”
“You’ve just admitted it.”
“Fine!” His voice grew louder with every word he spoke. “Yes sometimes I go out to piss you off but you do the same for me!”
“You just welcome it.”
“You sound like my Mum.”
“She’s evidently a smart woman.”
“That’s one thing we can agree on.” 
The rest of the journey was silent. Max focused on the road and you looked out the window, ignoring the heavy breathing coming from the man beside you. It didn’t take long for the pair of you to find the closest vets. Max got out of the car as quick as he could, unzipping his race suit and letting it fall on his waist. He got the dog out the car before you could even step out into the dying sunshine. 
You sent him a look but never uttered a word as you walked through the door, meeting the eyes of the receptionist. The light-haired woman smiled at you, taken back slightly by the sight of Max in his race suit. 
“Salve, come posso aiutarla?” Hello, how can I help you today?
“Uhh…” Max looked on edge, clearly on the spot with the language barrier. “Hi -”
“Ehi, abbiamo un cane qui, crediamo sia un randagio ma abbiamo bisogno di conferme. Vogliamo anche assicurarci che non sia ferito o malato.” Hey, we have a dog here, we believe he's a stray but we need confirmation. We also want to make sure he's not injured or ill.
“Sì, possiamo farlo per voi, porterete entrambi il cane se i controlli si svolgeranno senza intoppi o verrà portato al rifugio locale?” Yes we can do that for you, will you both be taking the dog if checks run smoothly or will it be taken to the local shelter?
“Sì, ci stiamo pianificando.” Yes, we plan on it. You smiled at the woman whilst Max stood there bewildered. 
“Ottimo, posso avere i tuoi nomi?” Great can I get your names?
“Si, y/n y/l/n e Max Verstappen.” Yes, y/n y/l/n and Max Verstappen.
“Perfetto, puoi sederti e il veterinario sarà presto con te.” Perfect, you can take a seat and the vet will be with you soon.
“Grazie.” Thank you.
You linked your arm with Max’s just like the outburst in the car hadn’t taken place and directed him to seats in the waiting room. The pair of you sat down, the dog by your feet, anyone would have thought the pair of you were a couple. 
“Since when did you speak Italian?” He asked as you smiled at him. 
“There’s a lot you don’t know about me Verstappen.” Winking you turned to the dog, smiling down at the animal before petting its fur. “I can speak multiple.”
“English, French, Italian, German, and a little polish and Spanish.”
“Fucking hell.” He muttered but you heard. His reaction made you smile. “You can’t speak Dutch, no?”
“Not yet.”
“Would you like to?”
“One day, yes.”
“Would you like me to teach you?”
“We’d kill each other and you know it.” 
“I think we can make it work.” He looked down at you. “So would you let me teach you Dutch?”
“I’ll think about it.”
He shifted in his seat as the vet came out, asking to see you both. The man ended up confirming to you and Max that the dog was definitely a stray, he was a boy. Thankfully the only thing that was wrong with him was how underweight he was and had some roughed up paws due to running around the track all afternoon. 
The next thing on your and Max’s minds was coming up with a name for that animal. 
“Travel with me to the next race,” Max spoke out of the blue as you drive back. 
“Travel with me, on my plane. You’ll be with me the entire time and it’ll be fairer on the dog, especially as we both want him. And he needs a name.”
“I like the name, Daniel.”
“We are not naming him Daniel.”
“But you love Daniel.”
“Yes I do but I don’t want to have to shout his name every morning on a walk.” A small grin walked onto your face as Max spoke. “We’ll have to think about it.”
“That we will.”
“So will you travel with me? I’m sure you’d rather be on a private jet than a cramped flight with screaming children.”
“You have a point although we are given the option to travel in business class.”
“Yeah but you get more leg-room with me, and there’s a bed in there, seats that extend as far as the plane goes and you even get silence.”
“Silence with you around is hard to come by.” You turned to face him. “Who else would be there?”
“My PA, my Dad if he decides to come if not my Mum will more than likely come.”
“They won’t travel together?” You knew the rumours that surrounded Jos Verstappen but you never dared to ask Max anything about him. You knew he might be an arse but there was no way in hell that he was anywhere near like his father.
“He’s not the best man y/n, if he does join us promise me something?” He glanced at you as he pulled up to a red light. 
“Don’t mention my mother to him and if I ask you to come with me to another room or just to sit somewhere, you follow me without a question.”
“What? I’m not an animal -”
“y/n,” His tone was surprisingly calm but strong. “Please, promise me. My Dad gave up a lot for me but I would rather not leave you with him and he says or does something. I know he wouldn’t, I hope he wouldn’t but your safety on that plane comes first, yes?”
His words caught you off guard. Max Verstappen was being nice to you? Maybe you should have asked that vet to examine him as well as the dog. 
“If it’s too much trouble I’ll just travel with everyone else. I’ve always done it. You can take the dog for the flight.”
“No I want you with him, please?”
“Or is this a ploy to get me away from Lando?”
“For fucks sake y/n, I’m trying to be nice.” You let out a giggle, your actions making his temper grow. 
“I know I know, I’m only joking with you. Fine, I will travel with you Verstappen. Just don’t snore too loud on the plane.”
“I bet you snore loud.”
“I don’t snore at all.”
“How do you know? You don’t have a boyfriend do you?”
“Other than Lando.” He rolled his eyes as you mentioned the boy's name. “But no Verstappen, I live with my housemates which don’t happen to be any men.”
“All girls?”
“Maybe I should stay around yours one night.”
“Two are gay and one has a partner, I think you might be outnumbered,” You shared a smile with one another. Max turned his head to the window, whispering under his breath low so you couldn’t hear. 
“Wouldn’t worry me when I’ve got you there.” 
Portugal was the next race destination. Max did well yet again, getting himself on the podium with a close second, just behind Lewis. He was doing well but he still wanted to be higher and he at least wanted Perez to get on the podium with him. The trip there on the plane couldn’t have gone smoother, Max and you both slept through the entire flight so thankfully there were no small arguments or awkward conversations and that’s all you could ask for, especially when his Dad was around.
You were currently taking a photo of Red Bull’s new mascot, the stray dog you and Max had basically adopted. You had gotten him a Red Bull bandana, well, Max had. He’d also bought a personalised Red Bull collar and lead, making him recognisable to anyone in the paddocks and garages.
The white dog wasn’t phased by the engines or the loud noises and even the large crowds of people. More people even flocked to your social media pages to see photos of him and even gave you name ideas, many gave the names of F1 legends and some even said you should name him Max but you were yet to find a fitting name. 
“He looks so sweet.” You smiled as you sat opposite Max in the plane, heading to Spain. 
“A handsome boy.” Max gave him a scratch before turning to look at you. “You doing okay?”
“Hmm yeah, I’m fine, just dreading going home for two weeks.”
The frequent breaks were coming up which meant you would travel home, and have meetings online all week and with loud housemates, it wasn’t the most enjoyable activity. 
“Why?” Max asked. 
“Because I have already been told that my housemates plan on having parties throughout the weeks and with meetings in the early hours of the morning well, I guess you can gather how excited I am.” You gave him a weak smile. “You can take the dog for the two weeks, your place would be quieter for him.”
“You can stay with me.”
“Max I can’t do that.”
“You can.” He said as if it was nothing and also as if the pair of you didn’t argue like children at times. “Why would it be a problem? I have a big enough place, you can stay in the spare room, it's next to my room so I'm sure it will just feel like another hotel.”
“Maybe this time I won’t hear you moving around at night.”
“Can’t promise anything.” He winked. “Is that a yes then?”
“I’ll think about it.”
“It’s not a long flight liefde.”
“What does that mean?” You sat up at the word he had used, perhaps telling Max you didn't know how to speak Dutch wasn’t the smartest idea. He could practically say anything about you without you knowing what he said, then again you could easily do the same for him.
“It means bitch.” He lied. 
“I think you’re lying Verstappen.” You leaned back in the chair, giving him a look. 
“Do you now?” He followed your actions. “Then why don’t we start now.”
“Start what now?”
“And I thought you were the smart one.” His expression turned cocky. “Teaching you Dutch.”
“As long as you don’t lie to me.”
Max leaned forward, if you’d followed his actions your faces would have been inches apart from one another. “I would never lie to you.” Part of him knew that was true but he couldn’t let you know that, not yet. 
“We both know that’s a lie.” You mirrored his actions but you didn’t lean as close to him, still keeping distance between one another. 
“We’ll start with basics, you’ll pick up hello rather fast.”
“How so?”
“Hello in Dutch is hallo.” He smiled. “Say it.”
“Good but we need to work on your accent.”
“Have some patience Max.” 
“Hoe is het met je?”
“What does that mean?”
“How are you.” He waited a second before he repeated it again. “Hoe is het met je? Say it.”
“Hoe is het met je?”
“Good, now put Hallo and Hoe is het met je? Together.”
“Hallo, hoe is het met je?”
“Soon you’ll be as fluent as me.” He winked before settling back into the chair. 
Even though Max seemed as if he was talking down to you with his commands and praise the pair of you had managed to maintain eye contact and a conversation without trying to rip each other's throat out, maybe even just the presence of the dog helped your case. 
“Let’s see if you can guess what I’m saying.” His legs moved apart slowly as he ran a hand through his hair, and laid his arms on the rests. “Hallo, mijn naam is Max en ik race voor de kost.”
“You said hello and I believe you mentioned your name.”
“Good…” He eyed you. “And the rest?”
“I heard the word race.”
“Think about it.” His tone was dark yet light at the same time. 
“Did you say ‘Hello my name is Max’ and something about you racing.”
“You were right, I said I race for a living.”
“Lucky you.”
“You ever thought about it?”
“What racing for a living? Yes, who hasn’t? Unfortunately, my family are not rich and my Dad isn’t a racing driver.”
“But if you had all that, would you?”
“Who knows, I’d rather not die.” Max smiled. 
“It’s much safer now than it used to be.”
“Still holds dangers.”
“Everything does.”
“That we can agree on Verstappen.” 
He took his time for a second, looking at you with wonder. His expression was how you imagined a child to look at the fishes in an aquarium, full of excitement and thoughts. “What about your family?” He suddenly asked. “You’ve never mentioned them.”
“What would you like to know?”
“Anything you’ll tell me.”
“They’re two hard-working people, I’m surprised they aren't divorced yet if I’m honest but they’re good people. I hardly ever see them anymore because of this job but I wouldn’t change it for the world. We tend to argue more when I’m home with them. Our bond gets stronger when we’re apart but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss them.”
“They sound nice.”
“They are.”
“Do they watch the races?”
“They do now I work for Red Bull, Mum always hopes she’ll see me sitting by Christian. She likes Charles.”
“Don’t blame her, he’s very charming.”
“Exactly!” You laughed. “And my Dad met Daniel, a very long time ago, I was still at school when he did.”
“And you told me you didn’t have a parent to help you.” Max winked, teasing you with his actions and words. 
“He didn’t even know who he was when he met him, if it wasn’t for his friends he’d have just walked past his gorgeous smile.”
“Poor bloke, who would want to miss that?”
“Exactly!” The pair of you laughed, smiling as the noise died down. It was one of the first times the pair of you were able to stomach one another, you knew it wouldn’t last long. Especially if Lewis won the next race and he came second again. 
“So what’s it going to be, are you going to stay with me and our new mascot her? Or are you going back to your house with parties every night?”
“Max it’s a lot to ask, it’s two weeks -”
“Technically it’s a week and a half. And I’ll be out your way training and you’ll have meetings so I’m sure we can make this work.” He looked down at the dog. “Do it for him?”
“You can’t guilt trip me with the dog.”
“Oh I can and I can teach you Dutch.”
“Hmm. Who do you live with?”
“Me and the cats. It’s just us, my Mum might turn up occasionally and so will my Dad. My trainer will be with us most mornings but most of the time it’ll be me, you, the cats and the dog.”
“Sounds better than housemates.”
“Oh, I know.”
“Only if you let me at least give you money for it -”
“I can afford feeding us and housing you just fine.” He smirked. “As you said my pay check is bigger than yours.”
“You have a point but I still feel guilty.”
“Then you can buy the food shopping if that’ll make you feel better.”
“I’ll cook too.”
“Deal.” He smiled. “Is that a yes then?”
You couldn’t believe you were going to agree to this. “Yes, I’ll stay with you.”
You were going to live with Max Verstappen for two weeks, what could possibly go wrong?
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alexnikki18 · 1 year
Friends to Lovers
Fred Weasley x FemReader
Summary: Y/N admits to Fred that she wants to sleep with someone and he steps up to the plate.
Warning: Smut! 18+ only
Tumblr media
“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” Y/N said aloud, standing in an empty closet and touching her wand to a piece of parchment she had borrowed from her two best mates, Fred and George Weasley just a couple hours ago. Disappointed with the way her morning was going she searched for Fred’s name on the Mauraders map, hoping he was done with his detention with Professor McGonogall. Almost all of the rest of her friends were surely in Hogsmead by now and wouldn’t be back for awhile and the girl really needed to vent to someone. She finally spotted Fred’s name. He was alone in his dormitory. The girl took off to meet him.
“Ugh!” Y/N groaned as she bursted into Fred’s dormitory and flopping dramatically onto her back on his bed in front of him and covering her eyes with her arms.
He was sitting on his bed, cross legged with a textbook, parchment, and quill in his hand. Startled by his friend’s sudden entrance he sat his stuff on his bed side table and said, “Well hello to you too.”
Y/N rolled on her side to face him and propped her head up on her hand and asked, “are you studying?”
“McGonogall thinks I’m no longer phased by detentions and gave me a paper to write.” He rolled his eyes leaning back on his headboard.
This made Y/N laugh. “She’s probably right.”
“Yeah, but this won’t do it either.” He shrugged. “What have you been up to this morning anyways? Why aren’t you in Hogsmead with everyone else?”
“Oh that reminds me, here’s your map back. Thanks for letting me borrow it.”
Fred took the map back and furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, “what have you been up to?”
Y/N’s cheeks turned pink, signally to Fred that she was embarrassed and making him even more confused. The girl laid on her back and covered her eyes with her arms again. “Don’t judge me, but I was trying to get laid and wanted to make sure I picked a spot none of the teachers were near. I haven’t had sex in like 6 months and I think I may die if I have to wait another day!”
It wasn’t the first time the two had talked about their sex lives with each other, they were best friends after all. But all the times the two did talk to each other about it, they were both in relationships and would give each other pointers. Both of the pair had been single now for at least six months.
“Another day? So what, didn’t work out?”
“No. I think I may be broken.” She sat up now ready to vent to Fred now that the subject was out in the open.
He laughed, “what do you mean? What happened?”
“We we’re making out in the closet, pretty heavily, but I just wasn’t into it. When he tried taking my shirt off I just couldn’t do it. I made up an excuse and told him I thought I heard someone coming and we had to stop. It’s so annoying! I’ve been thinking about sex nonstop, but then when I’m actually about to do it I couldn’t.”
“Well you obviously just weren’t into him. Who was it anyways.”
“Merlin, Y/N, no wonder you couldn’t go through with it! He’s a total git.”
“I know! But he showed interest in me, and I thought he was attractive enough it wouldn’t be a big deal.”
“You can’t sleep with some random bloke, Y/N. Besides you’re smart, funny, beautiful, and totally sexy. There’s loads of other guys that would be interested in you.”
“Oh yeah? What makes you so sure? You know of anyone? Cause if so you can send them my way.” She answered jokingly.
“Did you not just hear me? Just because we are best friends doesn’t mean I’m immune to your charms.”
“So what, have you ever fantasized about sleeping with me?”
“Of course I have!” This made Y/N blush again and Fred backpedalled, afraid he’d said too much, “Sorry if thats creepy, but you’re the one who brought it up, and I’m with you all the time and you are sexy and-“
“What happens in your fantasies about me?”
“I could show you.. if you’re comfortable with that?”
Y/N nodded.
“You have to tell me you want this as much as I do, Y/N.”
“Fuck me, Freddie.”
That was all he needed to hear. He grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap, lips meeting hers. He lightly grazed his tongue over her bottom lip, to which she opened slightly to let his tongue inside her mouth.
He moved his kisses to her neck, and nibbled at her sensitive skin there causing a moan to escape from her lips.
“Are you into this, love? Want me to take your clothes off?” He asked in between open mouthed kissed on her neck.
“Mmm yes, Freddie, I want it all.”
He took his time taking her shirt and bra off and taking in the sight of her beautiful body. “Better then I could have imagined, baby.” He moved his lips to suck on her nipple and used his hand to play with her other.
“Yes that feels so good.” She said grinding herself into him.
Fred flipped them over so that she was laying underneath him and started to remove his clothes. “Take your pants off.”
She hurriedly obeyed and once she was completely naked laid out in-front of him he brought his mouth down to her center in between her legs, kissing and sucking. Y/N tangled her hands into his red hair, “oh, Fred, yes!”
After a few minutes Y/N said, “I’m close, Freddie, want to feel you inside of me.”
He pulled away from in between her legs and kissed her passionately. This time Y/N pushed him onto his back and straddled him, sitting herself slowly down onto his length and let herself adjust to him inside of her before grinding.
“You feel so good, baby. Love to watch your boobs bouncing.” He said taking one into his mouth again earning another moan from Y/N.
“I’m gonna come, Freddie.”
“Me too. Come for me, love.” And she did, closely followed by Fred as they continued to nurse each other through their orgasms.
Afterwards they laid naked in each others arms coming down from their high.
“That was amazing.” Fred said kissing the top of Y/N’s head.
“For the record, I’ve been fantasizing about you too. Maybe that’s why I didn’t want to do it with anyone else.”
“Does that mean we get to do this again?”
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