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one bed? - featuring the aot boys
Tumblr media
today, we have: jean, bertholdt, and reiner
in which: there's only one bed? lmao have fun! note that in reiner's part, you are a warrior that escaped back to marley with reiner after the shiganshina arc.
warnings: none. i have extreme paranoia when it comes to me writing smut, so you will not see some from me until i get better (i am literally touch-starved, so i feel like anything i write will be cringe)!
author's note: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know what to write next. i'm literally out of ideas. either in the comments, or in my messages. i will appreciate ANYTHING.
"alright everyone," hange says, "go to your respective rooms. we'll meet back up in the morning and explore some more!" she turns to leave with onyankopon and levi who were staying in a nearby hotel as to not draw too much attention.
you look around for jean, sasha, and connie who were also staying in this hotel with you. as soon as you went to grab sasha to room with, connie swooped in, and the two were so excited that they were going to have a "sleepover". you heave a small sigh.
"don't sound too disappointed." jean says, giving you a small smile. "sad you're stuck with me tonight?"
"never." you say, bumping your shoulder with his. "it will just be much harder to keep an eye on those two." jean's smile slowly slides off his face.
"oh yeah." not much you can do about it now. you grab jean's hand and pull him to go find your room.
"this is actually so interesting, being in marley. i can't believe they have actual cars!" you say excitedly, smiling while looking out the window. you couldn't believe how advanced this place is.
"you sound like hange now! keep it down before your dumbass gets us caught." you give jean a little smack.
"oh shut up." the two of you finally reach the room, and as jean opens the door, he stops halfway into the room.
"hey! get out of my way, horse-face!" jean turns to look at you, his face a little red.
"i think they gave us the wrong room." confused, you look around jean to see there is only one bed in the entire room.
"oh." the thought of spending the night with your best friend in the same bed also made you a little pink. much to your relief, jean didn't see because he was too busy hurrying to use the bathroom. in reality, he was trying to calm himself down, but you didn't know that.
your stomach was swirling as jean finally came out of the bathroom, his face wet, like he had washed it. you had to look away. of course you were nervous. you've had a crush on the man for quite a while now. but you'd rather die than admit that.
an awkward, uncomfortable silence blanketed the room. until jean spoke up. "I honestly think we should just share it. it's pretty big. and we've grown up together. it won't be awkward."
that's a relief. "yeah. as long as your big horse feet won't kick me in the middle of the night."
"hey! my feet are normally shaped!" you giggle, the previous tension gone. "yeah yeah."
the two of you chat a little bit before calling it a night. you tuck yourself under the covers, turning your back to jean. "i hope you don't snore."
"guess you'll find out tonight." the two of you try sleeping, and for a few hours, it was successful. until the room got incredibly cold. you shuffle closer to jean, but it wasn't helping all that much. you turn around, facing jean, who looked fast asleep.
"hey." silence. "hey!" nothing. so you start poking his face, and he flinches. "what?" now you're embarrassed.
"oh no. you didn’t wake me up for nothing." he pokes your face. "what do you want?"
"can you hold me?"
"i'm cold!"
"oh. alright then, come here."
"yes, y/n. now hurry up." so you weasel your way into his arms, sinking into his chest. he is so warm.
and in the morning, when he wakes up before you, he'll let you sleep, with your leg around his waist and his arms around you. maybe he will finally work up the courage to ask you out.
you were shaken. of course you were, you were kidnapped. the last thing you remember is walking away with armin on the wall, and you could faintly hear hange talking to moblit about titans that could dig. but you wake up on a tree, in the forest which was surrounded by titans. you see ymir awake, scowling at two men up on higher trees. you have to blink because it's so bright, but when it finally comes into focus, you realize it's reiner and bertholdt. oh yeah. the traitors. you start breathing heavily, thinking about how it's your lover up there. ymir tries to calm you down, her eyes wide, but it doesn't work. how could he do this to you. was everything fake? were your friends still alive. why were you here? you start feeling faint, and feel hot tears pooling at your eyes. you faintly hear the screeching of odm gear coming closer, and you hear bertholdt talking to ymir, but it's too late, and you pass out once again.
when you awaken a second time, it's night. you have to adjust your eyes to try to figure out where you are. but all you see are stars. you feel a hand on your shoulder.
"y/n?" you turn your head without moving your body and see him. bertholdt, who's eyes are red and swollen. you reach your hand up to hold his face but then think better of it. you let your hand fall.
"i'm so sorry. y/n, i'm so sor-"
"bertholdt!" you recognize reiner's voice and lift your body up, with his hand on your back. you shove his hand away, ignoring the hurt look on his face. you see reiner and ymir coming your way. while bertholdt and reiner whisper to each other, ymir comes to check on you.
"are you alright?" you shrug. which earns a sad smirk from ymir. shortly after, bertholdt returns to kneeling next to you, but not saying anything. after a while, you find your voice.
you turn your head to bertholdt and ask, "how did i get here?" he flinches at your strained tone, but softly explains what happened while reiner and ymir set up sleeping bags they found in the district below. you also find out the truth about bertholdt's background. about him being from marley, his mission, why he decided to become a warrior. he explained about his sick father and the oppression he received just because he was eldian.
and suddenly, your heart was conflicted. there was life outside of the walls. but they weren't free. they had the same blood you did, and they were being tortured for it. but they killed so many innocent people from inside the walls. those people didn't know what they were dying for. they didn't deserve to die. you wanted to yell and scream at him, but you also wanted to comfort him. so you cried. you cried and cried and fell into him because you were weak, and despite hating him for all he had done, you loved him. and he held you as you cried, and eventually he started crying with you. so the two of you cried until there were no tears left. in the silence left behind, you whispered to him, "take me with you. take me home with you." too weak to argue, he agreed. he placed a soft kiss on your forehead and wiped away your tears.
what felt like hours later, reiner came to drop off the sleeping bag.
"i'm sorry, but we could only find three." while bertholdt starting insisting you take it, you just stand up and take the sleeping back from reiner, giving the man a hug, which surprised him.
"thank you. one is enough. we can share." and so you did.
you held onto his long ass body and just held each other, oozing comfort the both of you needed.
while porco and pieck were mocking him from behind, you were at his side, giggling at his little pout. you intertwined your arm with his and put your head on his shoulder, causing the two goons to laugh and mock even more. but the two of you didn't care. you guys were considered pretty close before, but after returning from paradise, the two of you were inseparable. the two of you walked along the festival, reiner occasionally having to stop to pay for gabi and the others, but never separating from you.
"oh, reiner!" pieck says, "don't forget about the meeting we have tomorrow." the both of you sigh.
"we haven't forgotten pieck," he replies. you detach yourself from reiner when you see porco beckoning to you. while reiner and pieck chatted, you were able to talk a bit with porco. the two of you wandered for a bit before reiner came to pull you away, looking a bit jealous, which porco wouldn't let him live down.
the two of you follow the children around until they get too tired and full from all the festival food. while reiner is dragging gabi around, the two of you talk about the trek you will have to make for the meeting.
"we should rent a hotel room. that way we won't have to get up too early tomorrow to travel."
"good idea!" so after dropping off the children at their respective homes, the two of you hitch a ride to the hotel nearest to HQ where the meeting was taking place. when the two of you check in, you only ask for one room, but two separate beds.
however, when the two of you went to go to sleep, there was only one bed. although, it didn't bother you two that much, as the two of you often slept over together.
so when it was time for bed, the two of you crawled in together, immediately cuddling together. you lay your head on his chest and he holds you. this was how you often found comfort when the two of you first got back from the island, often crying about bertholdt, annie, and the comrades you considered friends. and the two of you haven't stopped this little routine, even years later.
but this time felt a little different. reiner was holding you more tightly than usual. but you couldn't bring yourself to ask why because you were too tired. as you were falling asleep, you hear him whisper, "I love you." not that you would know this, but he had been telling you this for a long time when you were sleeping. so it quite surprise to him when you opened your eyes and smiled.
"I love you too." you slowly press a kiss to his lips and he graciously returns it.
author's note (again): will there be a part two? idk yet. let me know if y'all want one in the comments section. (and i know you saw my author's note up top. *suspicious side eye* you better tell me what to write next)
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/\Right Here/\
Pairing: Heimdall X female reader
Request: Reader gets wounded in battle and Heimdall looks after them while they're heavily injured.
Warnings: Some mentions of violence and injuries
Tumblr media
AN: Wrote this at 5 in the morning cause I randomly got motivated to write lmao. Also sorry if Heimdall seems a bit OOC in this- I hope you enjoy either way <3
"Stop squirming like a child. You're making this harder than it needs to be."
If looks could kill... Gná would be flying in Valhalla for eternity right now.
"You try experiencing what it's like to have an arrow lodged into you then ripped back out..." You sucked in a breath as the Valkyrie continued working on your wounds, "...then we'll talk."
You and Heimdall were sent on a mission to Vanaheim by the Allfather. It went smoothly at first, you both were navigating the rather vast and humid realm well—but then the Vanir resistance decided they wanted to ruin your day.
And as much as you hated to admit it, they really did. First that damned dark elf flew down on you, catching you off guard. Then while you were busy with her, that little pig (literally) Hildisvíni managed to sneak up behind and shoot an arrow, hitting you. Right. In. The. Torso.
You don't remember much about what happened, since you blacked out shortly after from both exhaustion and pain—though you managed to fight until the world went black, it costed you a lot, but at least it put some pride in your chest.
"There." As soon as Gná finished, you jerked away from her, ignoring the pain for a moment. There was a mutual hate that you both had for each other. Though "mutual hate" ran wild in Asgard, so it wasn't really much of a big deal. She just scoffed before turning and leaving.
"Sif does it better..." A shame the goddess was busy with her own mission. You were just lucky to be important enough to Odin and a certain Watchman that Gná didn't try anything with you.
Speaking of said Watchman, he just walked in.
Paying little mind to Gná as she left, his eyes landed on your form right away, laying wounded in bed. They swirled restlessly.
Turning away from him, there was an awkward silence. After a moment you asked, "How did the rest of the mission go?" He was silent, but you could see him stare at you from your peripheral vision.
"It went well, you could say." He made his way to you, pulling out a chair to sit right next to the bed. "But it would've been better if..." He gestured to your wounds, " some things didn't occur."
Oh, you recognised that tone. He was mad. Annoyed. Downright furious. Whether it was at you or what happened to you was still something to find out.
With a gentle touch, his fingers ran the length of the bandage wrapped around you, making your body tense. Of course he noticed, brows furrowing. "You're still in pain." That confirmed it.
"Yeah..." Gently you grabbed his hand that was on your torso while trying to sit up right. Immediately Heimdall reached with his other hand to make you lay back down, but you just shook your head with a gentle smile, despite the pain.
"What do you need? If you're hungry I can-" "Right now I just really want you, Heimdall. Nothing else."
You saw something in his gaze soften. Like all his anger and annoyance from when he walked in disappeared. His normal demeanour broken down to his truthful one—admiration but also concern.
"Stop worrying, I don't like seeing you like this." He scoffs playfully, that usual smirk sneaking upon his face, "I can't not worry about you, darling. You just ignite that part of me."
"What? The part that's suppose to be normal?"
He narrows his eyes at you and you have to stop yourself from bursting out in laughter. And you don't see it, but it makes him smile lightly. "No... Just the part that adores you."
You roll your eyes, slowly shuffling toward him. He gets what you're trying to do and grips your waist (being mindful of your wounds) to pull you in for a gentle hug. Even now, somewhat far into your relationship, it felt odd seeing Heimdall like this.
"It's sticking around for a while now, so get used to it."
"And if I don't?"
"Well... I'll just have to do it more often so you will."
You smile to yourself, pulling back to stare into his glowing gaze, "I guess you will."
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so could u make a danny (scream6) x shy male reader who lives in the apartment with sam and everyone and he meets danny for the first time and it's all fluff but a lil angsty and sad cuz reader's insecure and he selfharms?
Welcome to New York
Danny Brackett x Male Reader.
I forgot you asked for a shy reader so a lot of it might not include that😭 I did go back and change it up to meet your request but idk if its enough. Hope you enjoy it either way!
(Bold text means its text messages!!)
TW: self-harm
(I also don't know if Danny is Spanish or anything in the movie. I know his actor is Puerto Rican so i just went with that so there is a few Spanish words in here, i have the English beside them in brackets. The words in brackets are not apart of the story, just there for people to understand!!)
Tumblr media
You sat at the table that lay beside the living room of the apartment. Tara had gone to attend her college classes with her new roommate Quinn. This left you and Sam the only one's in the apartment. 
You three had moved to New York along with Chad and Mindy after the ghostface attack you all experienced in Woodsboro. The attack had left not only a mental scar, but many physical scars on you. Some by the two killers, Richie and Amber, but also yourself. You found pain was the only way to get the thoughts of what happened out of your head. It wasn't ideal, as now you only wear long sleeved shirts and jumpers, but it helps and you don't really enjoy alcohol to go down that route. 
Sam entered the kitchen, taking your phone out of your hand. "You need to get out more." she sits in front of you. 
"I do go out" You said, folding your arms over your chest. 
"Yeah for your job. I mean going out to meet new people." Sam leaned over the table. She was worried about you. You could tell. She always was. Especially after what happened in Woodsboro.
"I know I do, but it's not that easy for me. I can't interact with people how you and Tara do. I can't just talk to people normally." You explained to her. You removed your arms from their previous position and began playing with the bracket that sat on your arm. 
"I understand, you've always been like that, but you gotta break out of that shell." Sam reached over grabbing your hand. 
"I'll try." you looked up at her, smiling. "I promise" 
She smiled back, getting up and going towards the kitchen. "Actually, do you think you could go down to the store, we're out of milk." She said looking in the fridge. 
You rolled your eyes, laughing to yourself "Sure." 
You grabbed your coat and wallet and said bye to Sam as you began to walk down to the lobby. You went to the local bodega, grabbing the milk and some snacks for later. You walked back into the apartment complex, eyes glued to your phone. You were so distracted you didn't notice the man who stood in front of you. 
He had turned around to go walk somewhere when he bumped into you, knocking the snacks out of your hand. 
"Oh Mierda(shit) , I'm so sorry, let me help you with that." The man crouched down, picking up the items you had dropped. 
"It's fine, no need to apologise. It's my fault I was on my phone, I should've paid more attention" You said, awkwardly putting your phone into your pocket. 
The man stood back up handing you your items. "I don't remember seeing you here?". He looked at you with a confused expression. "Did you just move here?" 
You looked at the man. He was gorgeous. You froze for a moment, not knowing what to say. "Oh, yeah. I just moved here with my friends actually." You laughed after the sentence. 
"Oh you're the people who moved in opposite me. I was hoping to run into you guys, if you all need help getting to know the place, you could always come ask me."  
You smiled. "Thanks. It means a lot. I'll be sure to let the others know." 
"Well once you do, tell them Danny sent ya" He put his hand out, clearly going in for a handshake. 
You panicked, putting out the wrong hand to shake his with. "Y/N" 
"Y/N… that's a nice name, definitely one I can remember, especially with it going with such a cute face." He said, smirking at you. He took a pen from his pocket. He grabs your arm and writes his number on your hand. "Call me if you guys need any help or for anything else." He says his goodbyes and walks out the lobby door. 
You muttered a thanks, staring at your hand. Did he just flirt with you? He was probably being friendly, but you slightly hoped he wasn't. You began to walk back up to the apartment, thinking about the interaction you just had. 
You announced your entrance to Sam as you walked in. "What took so long?" Sam turned around from the sink, watching as you put the products onto the kitchen counter. 
"I bumped into some guy on the way up." You said, placing all the items away. 
"Oh? You finally interacted with someone? And it's a guy? Was he cute?." Sam turned back to the dishes, laughing at her small joke. 
"Oh my god Sam can you not." You said, a blush growing over your face. "And yes he was, he actually said I was cute." you added. 
"WHAT?" Sam stopped cleaning the dishes, drying her hands and dragging you to the couch, sitting you down. "Please tell me you got his number or even his name." 
"I got both actually. He told me that he lived across from us, and can help us if we need it." 
"That's amazing, oh my god. Are you going to call him?" 
You sat there for a moment. "No way. He gave me his number for help." you shook your head. 
"Oh come on" Sam's expression changed to a slightly annoyed one. "No way a guy calls someone cute and gives them his number just for help." She raised her hands on the last word, mimicking quotation marks with her fingers. 
"I don't know. I don't wanna come off weird." 
"Trust me,you probably won't. How about we make plans tonight. Tara and Quinn aren't home. We should have a movie night and invite your cute guy." She got up and went to the kitchen, heading for the cupboard that held the popcorn packets. "We can call it a greating party or something." She looked over at you. 
You couldn't say no, Sam has always been there for you and she looked too happy to say no. "Fine." Sam jumped in joy at your response. You took out your phone, typing Danny's number into it. You began to type a message. 
"Hey me and Sam are having a movie night, and she thought it would be a cool idea if you would want to join us. As a greeting party. :)" 
You threw your phone on the couch anxious to wait for a response. It took only five minutes for him to respond. You sat there for a second scared to open the phone. You pick up your phone and check the notification
"Hello. I'm guessing this is the cute guy who just moved here?" 
You sat there, realising how dumb you were to not state who was messaging. 
"Fuck, yeah sorry forgot to say that." 
You wanted to die, you were so embarrassed. 
"It's all good, no need to worry. Tell your friend I'd love to come over." 
You smiled at the message, shouting out to Sam about Danny's attendance. 
"Perfect, you can come over at around half past, that's when we're starting the movie!" 
"Asombroso(amazing). I can't wait" 
He spoke Spanish? You noticed yourself smiling at the message. You should have been able to tell from his accent. You thought to yourself about how hot he probably sounded speaking it. 
Sam handed you bowls and the snacks you had bought. "Here. Fill these up with these and put them on the table." You groaned, grabbing the bowls and began filling them up. 
"What movie are we going to watch?" You walked towards the bin, placing the empty packaging into them. 
"I'm not sure, I remember you saying you liked the Halloween series. Maybe one of those?" She looked over at you. "It is almost Halloween anyways so it'd fit the mood." You nodded in agreement,going back to the couch to sit down. 
Twenty minutes had passed before you two heard the doorbell ring. Sam turned to face you "Ohhh cute guy has arrived." She got up heading towards the door. She opened it to see Danny standing in front of it, holding a pack of beers. 
"You must be Sam?" He held out his hand. "I'm Danny. It's great to meet you." Sam shook his hand,providing him with a smile. 
"It's nice to meet you too, I have heard a few things about you so far." She began to walk in, giving Y/N a sarcastic look. 
"Oh really?" He gave you a look. You felt your heart skip a beat. He placed the drinks onto the table "I hope they were all nice things." He said sitting down in the free space beside you. 
You laughed at his comment. His leg brushed against yours and you felt your face heat up. His arm rested on the back of the couch. Sam sat down beside you elbowing your shoulder before grabbing the remote and turning on the movie. 
You all sat there in silence, enjoying the movie. Sam's jumps in fear at any slight jumpscare being the only interruption throughout the movie. "I've never seen that one before." Danny said when the movie ended. "I liked it" he added
"It's one of Y/N's favourites, he wouldn't shut up about it when we lived in Woodsboro." Sam said, picking up the empty bowls and bringing them to the kitchen. 
"Oh really? Well I know who to go to if i need movie recommendations." he turned to you. 
"Ask me for movie recommendations and we'll be here all night" You said laughing. 
He laughed back. His laugh was cute. "I'm not complaining."
Before you could respond you heard Sam shout out to you. "By the way Y/N, it's your turn to clean the dishes. I cleaned them earlier." You excused yourself from Danny. Rolling your eyes. 
"I'll help" Danny said walking over. He joined you at the sink, grabbing a towel. "I'll dry and you wash" he suggested. 
"Ok cool" You said as you went to begin to clean them. 
Danny grabbed your arm. "Are you seriously about to wash the dishes without rolling up your sleeves?" Danny looked at you with a friendly smile. 
"Oh um yeah, I don't really mind if they get wet." You looked over at Sam. She gave you a worried look. She knew you self harmed, and helped you through it when things got really bad. You gave her a reassuring look back. She nodded and headed towards the bathroom. 
"Oh come on, you don't wanna ruin your hoodie." Danny grabbed your arm, pulling the sleeve up. He looked at it, seeing the scars you had left. Some looked fresh, others looked older. He stood there for a moment. "Lo lamento(I'm sorry) , I didn't mean to." He looked worried. He was scared he made you uncomfortable. 
"No, it's um, it's fine, don't worry." You pulled your sleeve back down. "You didn't know" You smiled at him. 
"Do you want to talk about it?'' He put his hand on your back. "I'm all ears." You turned to face him. He looked worried. 
"It's nothing, don't worry, I just do it sometimes to take my mind off of things" You said, shrugging. 
"What things?" He became more curious. 
"Just past events. The main reason we all moved here is because of something that happened back in Woodsboro and I guess the events just affected me too much. I always think about what happened too much and it affects me, so I do this to get it out of my head." 
"Oh, what happened?"
"There was an attack. A lot of Sam's sister's friends died, I had been stabbed and shot in the shoulder by one of the attackers. I don't know why but after that I've always been worried, and anxious." You felt Danny place his hand on your shoulder. 
"I'm so sorry that happened to you guys." He pulled you into a hug. 
"It's fine" You replied, resting your chin on his shoulder. He was slightly taller than you so you had to lean up a bit.
He pulled away. "How about if you ever get thoughts like that you call or text me right away." You nodded. "Don't want a cutie like you worrying over something that can be helped with talking." he added 
You laughed at his comment. "Thanks. That's like the third time you called me cute." You pointed out. 
"It's because you are. You're espléndido(gorgeous)." He did sound hot when speaking Spanish. Although you didn't understand what he said and Danny must've picked up on that. He laughed at your confused look. "I meant your gorgeous." 
"If I'm gorgeous then what does that make you?" You cringed at what you just said. Flirting definitely wasn't your best attribute. 
"Hopefully it makes me yours." Fuck. He was good at this. You stood there not sure what to say. You didn't want to sound like an idiot. You noticed him looking at your lips. 
You smirked,before leaning in. You prayed that he doesn't pull away and make a fool out of you. Thankfully he doesn't, he places a hand on your cheek,pulling you in closer. Your lips meet and it feels like pure heaven. He placed his other hand on your other cheek and you placed yours onto his chest. 
Your kiss was cut short when Sam walked back into the room. "Oh shit I'm Sorry" She covered her face with her hand. You both turned to see her standing there. 
"You're all good, I was just about to leave anyway." He turns back to you. "We'll talk later. Adiós hermoso" Giving a smile before walking out the door. 
Sam gave you a supportive look. Shaking your hair as you walk by her, you head towards your bedroom. You were smiling like crazy. You couldn't believe what just happened. You looked down at your phone seeing a message from Danny. 
"Goodnight ;)" 
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depresseddepot · 9 months
so like. after i realized i had adhd it felt like my adhd got worse bc i was seeing symptoms everywhere, but it was really just bc i was paying full attention to it for the first time. now that i know i have autism too, it's doing the same thing, where i feel like its getting worse and harder to manage so i'm going to have to get really good at acting really quickly or i'm going to have to figure out how to not have a mental breakdown when my masking isn't working like it's supposed to
#i know nobody asked but. ive been out of sorts for the last month now#im also trying to keep this relatively light hearted but uh. uh! i don't know anymore if my personality is something i made up or not!#my sense of self is completely tied to my ability to mask and adapt to social situations i don't understand and it isn't working right now!#who am i outside of this construct!! bc right now i feel like im 10 years old again wearing the costume of a 21 year old!!!!#have i really not progressed past that!!!!!!! has all of my efforts just been to improve this fucking shell and not who i actually am!!!!#anyway. light hearted.#i hoping this is just exacerbated by current events and not like. the way my life will be from now on#i repressed that shit so desperately and hated myself so much i didn't even stop to think that maybe it was something i couldn't change#ive always been too slow at changing behaviors or too hard to understand etc etc#so i just repressed everything that was making me that way and somehow came to believe they were personal faults and not. u know. symptoms.#cant look anyone in the eye and am so tense in public settings i get exhausted right away from sheer exertion?#yeah that must be normal. im just a piece of shit who can't grow up and am so stupid my peers are passing me by ♡ /s#can't do anything new socially like making a phone call unless i see someone else do it first so i can copy their words and make a script?#yeah its definietly normal to have a social ability completely made up of patchwork quotes /s#and get paralyzed when someone asks something The Script can't answer bc you don't know how to use your own words#hmm. hmm! i hate myself (and i hate living here ♡)
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pandaspwnz · 2 years
I basically had years of hope snatched out of my hands and run through the shredder yesterday and I don't know how to cope. I don't want to cope, because there's no reason to, but I also have to? Idk it's fucked and I'm being vague because it's not something I can talk about, but I don't know what to do. I feel simultaneously such an immense devastation and yet also kind of numb? I really don't know what to do. I don't know what to do long term, I don't know what to do short term, I don't know what to do in general. I wish I was somebody else or no one at all.
#hey if you know me irl and you see this please ignore it. Idk if I can hide a post from specific people so please pretend you didn't see it#I just need to vent somewhere and I don't have anywhere else but I can't talk about it with people irl#Anyway this post is not unusual I guess? I post about being bummed out all the time. This is different. This is just so heavy#I'm not seeing a way out of this one and I don't know what to do about that. I wish I could just skip to the end of all of this cause what's#the point really? Not in the grand scheme of things I don't care about that but just me as an individual. I'm clearly not meant to be here#and even if I was it's just so miserable that I don't want to be. I can't do anything about it right now but I want off this ride#and by that I mean I don't strictly speaking want to? I want to be happy and to be loved and fulfilled but I don't see a future of that ever#happening for me and that it's being weighed in the other direction is just maddening? I don't think I'm a bad person or that I deserve this#but then again nobody deserves it? But I just wish I'd get some of the energy or w.e back that I send out so I wouldn't spend the majority#of my life being practically incapacitated by how my head does or doesn't work. I want to be normal and happy and I'm neither of those#things and I'm just so hopeless and alone and I keep coming back to this in different intervals and different intensities but I wish it just#at least wasn't getting consistently worse#and so I don't really see it ever getting better anymore and pretty much my last hope of that fizzed out yesterday so yeah that's where I'm#at now. just not really knowing what to do or how to cope and unable to deal with it the way I want for now. I'm just devastated I guess.#anyway sorry for this post if you read it and it bummed you out or anything. Please don't feel obligated to interact with it or with me#like I said I just need somewhere to get this out and I don't really have any other options#Rant#Suicide tw#My post#Mini rant#Sorry
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Hey! Hope you're having a fab day <3 I came across your lil Daemon/Matt 'crackfic' and it gave me such a giggle...plus also got me thinking about a similar scene with Aemond/Ewan..! Obviously no pressure to write this, but what about a sorta Aemond x reader scene where they're maybe filming a sparring scene? Fight training/flirting vibes? Doesn't have to be anything spicy, maybe just fluffy flirty good times but also realistically aemond x reader sparring = *sexual tension* so lol, take from it what you will. As I say, no pressure at all to write this. I love your blog so much and am such a fan of your work! Wishing you a wonderful weekend xoxo
Choke 'Em
Ewan Mitchell x Actress!Reader (low key Aemond x Reader)
Summary: You and Tom were very much convinced that Ewan is good at everything, so you had a bet that even if you took Ewan surprise in one of your sparring takes, he could 100% overpower you. Things don't necessarily go as planned.
Word Count: 1k+
Warnings: fem!reader, drama instigator!tom glynn-carney, puppy!ewan, idk how to choreograph action 😞, fluff, typos, etc.
A/N: YES IN A MILLLION LANGUAGEs, i watched like this one of 3 actors from the last kingdom saying they think ewan is good at everything or something along the lines, and then theres this gif set of tom glynn-carney saying that he was going to bite ewan and ewan was basically "aw yeah!" and ASFHLASHFHASFHFHA PUPPY im love him, anyway, i had those stuff in mind when i wrote this i hope you like it my love floofdeloop. i did an express pass on your req cos i have been writing rpfs lol also this gif T_T HES SO ??????????? HOT ????? HELP ME WHY DO I THINK THIS OF HIM ???? HWELP? Tagging: @pinksirensong @deniixlovezelda
Tumblr media
"No!" I exclaim, shoving Tom from the floor we were sat on. He nearly chokes on his salad as he falls to his side and laughs. His hand darts out to keep him upright, his laughter dies down when he turns to me.
I continue, "I can't attack him outside of the choreography we practiced!"
"I'm not telling you to do that!" Tom says, raising his voice in amusement, "I'm saying maybe just-" he breathes out through his nose, "go a bit harder than normal? Or-or add a few licks to-"
"Tom," I deadpan.
"Oh, please," he blows a raspberry, "against him? You're dead meat."
"He's not immune to accidents, lame brain," I take the final bites of my sandwich.
"All I'm saying is, Ewan is probably, like, secretly a swordsman."
"Dude," I point, "there's nothing secret about that."
I look out to the set, watching as Ewan, who quickly finished his lunch to rebuff on our choreography, twist the prop sword in his hands with much ease and mastery.
I chew slowly, "maybe I could tell him I'm doing extra attacks beforehand."
Tom, who stuffed some salad into his face as he too watched Ewan from afar, turns to me, perking up in intrigue. He speaks with a mouthful quite excitedly, "yes, yes, yeth, weth!"
I give him a look then purse my lips as I shove a tissue to his mouth
When we got to filming the dialogue part of our scene, we already set a pretty high bar for our consequential fight sequence, and so when I offered the idea of adding an extra few jabs in my sword fighting, not just to Ewan, but to our fight choreographer and director, they were all on board with it.
"I was thinking I could," I start, raising my imaginary weapon up, pointing at Ewan, "try to jab at you by your throat, then," I slowly step forward, twirling the way we did in practice, "once you evade me, I could elbow you," I bring my arm by his chest and slowly push him back, "and shove you against the wall."
Ewan, following my train of thought and movements, steps back and leans back on the wall. He nods, looking down at me with a soft smile, "I like it," he turns to the choreographer, "I think it adds to their tension."
I turn to our choreographer and director, nodding, "then we could add the dialogue we scraped off cause there was no room for it."
The director claps his hands, "I love it," he motions to us, "then you can grab her, and try to make her confess."
I turn to Ewan, leaning back into him a bit so that he could bring his arms around me. I turn front then look down at his arms that were coming around me. I pull him tightly around me like a jacket.
Ewan has no choice but to lean into me; my back was against his chest and I could hear his breathing. He was a welcome presence in all honesty. Quickly, I relax against him and he seemingly does the same against me.
"Well obviously not like that," the director calls, "you look like a married couple if you do that."
We break into a laugh. I lean against him, "it's not too late to change the script. She and Aemond could away together."
Ewan hums, as though he was in character, "I think he would like that."
I snort, turning to Ewan and his eyepatch, "I would like that."
Ewan's eye darts down to me quickly. He purses his lips, holding back a chuckle. I pull away from him when I see the pink in his skin, laughing a bit louder.
"Shall we give it a go?" the director asks.
One nod later, and were back in our marks, ready to tryout our added choreo.
"You lied to me," I heave, "you told me you would release my father if I gave you the information you needed.
Aemond walks over to me, hands behind his back, "I said I would think about releasing your father."
My expression drops, my nostrils flare, "liar."
He hums.
He chuckles.
"MONSTER!" I lunge towards him and the next second, Aemond has his sword unsheathed. We go against each other, weapon against weapon, then he overpowers me, sending me reeling back. I push against the crates behind me, as the prince calls out, "let me offer you another deal you surely cannot refuse."
I fume, groaning, "I think we're past deals, oh prince."
"Oh, but I-"
Aemond's eye widens as I press forward a few lines too early. Like clockwork, I attack him just like we practiced earlier, except, he was clearly taken off guard and reacts a bit too late.
Once I have him pressed against he wall, he looks down at me, shocked, heaving.
He's forgotten his line.
I make up for his silence, "perhaps you are prettier up close."
I pull away from Ewan, turning to him, dropping my prop. I reach out to his cheeks, giving him a worried look, "are you okay? I didn't injure you, did I?"
"I-" his hands come up to my wrists, "no, no," he chuckles under his breath, "I was just a bit floored by how fearsome my lady is."
My face contorts into a smile, "my lady, am I?"
"I-" he opens his mouth, "well, I mean... yes."
We both break into a chuckle. It seems we both had blood rising up our necks now.
"That was amazing!" the director calls, walking up to us, making us pull away, "I like these turn of events more than what we had planned."
"What if they have more contact?" Ewan pipes up, coming in front of me, "in this part, instead of being turned back," he looks at me intently, "you can lift your sword to my neck then choke me."
I gasp when he takes my hand and places it by the base of his throat. It was quite softly spoken, but it seems it was not soft enough, "damn, that's kinky."
Ewan's jaw slacks.
I break into a chuckle, playing it off, just as the director laughs, proceeding to say, "I like it! The more sexual tension the better." He turns to me, "choke him real good."
Ewan begins to stutter. My own jaw slacks as I feel my face heat up. I awkwardly nod and salute, "will do."
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rosemaremembrance · 3 months
Hii ..could i request this prompt for Steve harrington
❛ if you called just to get off on my voice, i’m hanging up. ❜
i am very normal about him
Stone Cold Sober
cw: 18+ MINORS DNI, smut, mild dubcon bc steve's drunk, switch!steve ig, phone sex, mutual masturbation, intoxication, mutual pining
words: 2.2k
Tumblr media
It’s not the first time Steve has called you on one of his off-nights; but it is the first time he’s called you while drunk.
You can practically smell the alcohol through the phone, his open-mouthed breathing audible through the speaker. “I’m not drunk,” he says emphatically when you ask him. “Jus’ a lil bit tipsy.”
“Uh-huh,” you mutter while you continue folding your laundry on the living room floor, your house phone perched between your shoulder and ear. “And where have you been all night, handsome?”
“A paaaaarty.” He draws out the word with a sing-songy tone, and you’re glad that he can’t see you roll your eyes.
“A big one?”
“Huge. Humongous. Robin danced on a table.”
“Did she, now?” you tease. You and Steve aren’t necessarily close, but you’re friendly. You both work at Family Video, but your shifts tend to put you with Robin more often than Steve. Steve just seems to enjoy calling you on his off hours, more. “Too bad I wasn’t there.”
“Yeah. Toooo bad,” Steve hums. There’s some shuffling on the end of the line. You don’t know where he is, but you’d place your money on him being at home. At least, you hope he is when he says, “I would have loved seeing you dance on a table, you know.”
His voice is breathy. Too breathy, and too quiet. You stop folding your laundry. “What are you doing?”
“Nothing.” Well, he suddenly doesn’t sound so breathy- he says it too fast and way too loud, in fact. 
“Steve, if you called just to get off on my voice, I’m hanging up.”
“Nononono don’t hang up, please,” Steve begs, sounding whiny and a little bit desperate. “I won’t do anything, I swear. You have a pretty voice. I like your voice. But I’m not- I won’t- I’m not touching myself. To it. Y’know.”
Nonplussed, you sit back on your heels. “We don’t know each other that well. I don’t know if I can trust you not to stroke your cock when you’re drunk.”
Steve makes a noise in the back of his throat, hollow and needy. “M’not drunk. I’m stone cold sober.”
“I thought you were tipsy.”
“Same thing.”
You hum, your hand lifting to grab onto the receiver against your shoulder. “You’ll regret this in the morning, baby. You and I both know you’ll wake up and realize you didn’t really want to know what it’s like to have me talk you through an orgasm. You won’t even be able to look at me afterwards.”
“S’not true,” Steve insists, his voice a little strange. “It’s not. I always think about you when I come, I can't help it.”
You and he both stop breathing in unison. This is what you were afraid of; he’ll say things he can’t take back, you’ll make an idiot of yourself, and then in the morning when you have to clock into work, you won’t be able to talk to each other again. “Steve-”
“Don’t hang up. Please, god, just-” Steve sighs, and you hear a loud thump on the other end of the line. You imagine his forehead thwacking against the wall, where he’s maybe standing next to a wall phone. “Please don’t hang up on me, honey, I can’t take it if you do.”
The pet name makes you pause. You decide to stay on the line for him, for now. “Where are you?” 
“At home. In my bed.” 
“Good,” you tell him genuinely. “I was gonna come and pick you up from wherever, if you needed a ride.”
“You still could, you know,” he says, and then pauses. “Sorry. You don’t want me to flirt with you.”
“I never said that,” you tell him, but you feel like you’re treading on thin ice. “I said you’d probably regret it in the morning.”
“Not a chance.” 
Your laundry completely forgotten about, you cross your legs and lean an elbow on your knee. “I’m sure it would be cute to roll up and see you in your jammies, though.” 
Steve snorts. “I don’t wear pajamas.”
“So, what do you wear to bed?”
That makes you freeze, feeling blood rush to your cheeks. You imagine him sprawled on his back, his head propped against his headboard, his hand wrapped around his cock under the covers. “Are you touching yourself?”
“Wha-? No, you told me not to.”
You pout affectionately, shaking your head. “Oh my god- you are so fucking cute.”
“Well, I wasn’t just gonna go for it if you didn’t want me to,” Steve says petulantly. “Do you want me to? Because I can.”
You bite your lip, smirking to yourself. “You’re such a good boy, Steve. Go ahead, touch that pretty cock of yours. Is it hard?”
“Yeah,” Steve says quietly. “Really, really- Like, as soon as you answered the phone I got hard.”
“Aw, I’m flattered,” you coo. Your fist clenches, your gut churning. He sounds so sweet and whiny over the phone, it’s making you lose all sensibility.
“It’s always like that, when you’re around,” he admits, letting out a little grunt towards the end. “You’re so hot, I can’t- can’t fucking think half the time.”
“Yeah,” Steve sighs, choking off a moan. You feel yourself get wet, listening to his shuddering, “God, I just wish I could touch you. Even just once.”
Your eyelashes flutter. Your fingers pop open the button of your jeans- what’s the point in torturing yourself? If you’re gonna let him do it, why not enjoy it, too? “I’d let you touch me, Steve. Whenever you want.”
“Whenever…?” He whimpers a little bit, and you realize you’ve hit on something that he really likes.
“Mhm. Whenever you want,” you reiterate. You start to push your fingers against the front of your panties, your hand tucked inside your jeans. It’s not as satisfying, but it feels cleaner, less dirty this way. Less like a mistake. “I bet you’ve thought about it, too. Grabbing my ass in the break room or shoving your hand down my pants under the counter-”
“Fucking you on the counter,” he spits out, and it sounds like he’s clenching his teeth. You’re quiet for a moment, and he adds, “Fuck, that time Andy Hanson came in? And he was getting all flirty with you about the- about whatever fucking porno he picked up that day, and you told him to fuck off? I wanted to- wanted to bend you over the counter and fuck you where he could see me do it. God.” 
Okay, well. You weren’t expecting that. You bite your lip hard, your hips squirming against your own touch as if begging yourself to just bypass the fucking fabric and stop pretending. “You wanna hear something crazy?”
Steve’s breath hitches. “I like crazy.”
“I would have let you.” 
He moans, a loud and unrestrained sound that makes you have to bite back one of your own. A pained whimper leaves you instead, your fingers pressing down harder to try to alleviate the ache in your cunt. 
“Fuck- are you- r’you touching yourself, too?” Steve asks shakily, and your head rocks back on your shoulders. You didn’t mean for him to know, and you don’t know why. It’s not like you can take back anything that you’ve said, and it’s not like he can take back what he’s doing on the other end. 
“Yeah,” you sigh, and just as soon as you do, you lift your hand and plunge your fingers under the elastic of your panties. No sense in trying to maintain that barrier of modesty anymore. 
“Shit, that’s so- oh my god, you’re so hot,” Steve grunts, sounding increasingly whimpery and wrecked. “How does it feel?”
“How does my pussy feel?” You reword with a chuckle, hearing his breath stutter. “Hm. Wet. And really warm, but I’m sure you figured. I wish it was your hand instead.” Your fingers are slippery, all the arousal he managed to coax out of you coating your fingers so that when you dip them into your cunt, they slide with ease. “M’really tight too, Steve… what about you?”
“Your dick, Steve.” You fight back a laugh. He’s obviously not great at phone sex, but that’s okay. You’ll do the work for the both of you. “How big are you?” 
“Oh. Uhhh… I mean, it’s longer than my hand, I guess.”
You blink. “Your hands are fucking huge.”
“Maybe to you.”
You shake your head slightly. “So you’re telling me you’ve been packing a monster this whole time?”
“I’m… not not saying that. You can let me know later.” He just throws it out there, like it never even occurred to him, like it’s just a matter of fact that you’ll be continuing this- whatever this is- at a later date. “And anyways, I bet you could take it. I could go really slow, if you’re scared.”
“Scared? Who’s scared?” You scoff, but the teasing tone of his voice takes you off guard, making your cunt clench around your fingers. “You don’t have to go slow with me. Maybe I want you to wreck me.” Steve hisses through his teeth, gritting out something you can’t quite make out. A smile stretches across your face. “Are you close?”
“So fucking close, baby- I can’t-”
And he does. He fucking does, moaning into the receiver louder and deeper than you expected, like it half destroys him in the process. He sounds so pretty; it makes your entire body flush with heat, your fingers stall between your thighs and your eyes flutter shut.
After a couple moments of his labored breathing being the only thing you can hear, you mutter, “Steve?”
He grunts, and then, “That was- I made such a mess, shit.”
You giggle. “Sounded like it. You should go clean that up.”
“Were you- you didn’t finish,” he says sadly. 
“It’s okay, Steve.” You’re already extracting your hand from your pants, shuffling a little on your hips as you do. It’s not the most enjoyable thing in the world, but it takes a lot more to get you to come than just a few seconds of dirty talk over the phone. You’ll survive. “Make it up to me later, yeah?”
“Oh. Okay,” Steve replies, a little bit feeble. Another long silence. “I’ll see you tomorrow?”
“Get some sleep, sweetheart.” And you hang up before he can find a way to make you regret everything you’ve said and done. You sit motionless, staring at the pile of laundry you’d been pulled away from by Steve’s libido.
You’ll finish folding it, eventually. Just after you finish what you started on the phone.
Tumblr media
Thirteen hours later, you’re staring at the door to Family Video and getting more anxious by the moment. You’d come earlier than usual so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting there at the same time as Steve- but now it means you’re just waiting for him to waltz in through the door like he does and have to deal with the heavy conversation you’re inevitably going to have. 
But the minutes tick by, and you start to imagine the worst. You’ve scared him off. He’s not coming to work today, he probably called Keith to make sure he could pick up Robin’s schedule this week so he doesn’t have to see you. Just like you said he would, he probably can’t even look you in the eye now-
The bell over the door jingles, and you nearly fall out of your chair as you sit up to look at him. Steve doesn’t even bother to clock in, just strides directly over to you with this absolutely determined look on his face, his hazel eyes set on yours. Mildly terrified, you sort of shuffle backward, the wheels of your chair squeaking before the backrest slams into the overstock bin behind you. 
Steve’s hands catch the arms of your chair, caging you in before you can bolt. This is not the Steve who whimpered and whined at you over the phone last night- it must be something to do with the lack of alcohol, you think. You press back into the worn cushion, wide eyed and staring up at him not unlike a trapped mouse. “Steve-?”
“Can I just ask you something?”
You blink. That’s not the first thing you expected him to say when he’s got you cornered like this, but you’ll bite. “Anything you want.”
“Was it real? All that-” he pauses. His eyes flicker down to your lips for half a second, betraying him. “You didn’t just say all that so I could get off on it, right?”
You bite your lip. The line between friends and more-than has already been well and truly crossed, so it’s not like you have any business saving face now. “I meant every word.”
“Okay,” Steve says. And then he kisses you, sweetly, cupping your jaw with his hand like he didn’t just scare the piss out of you. If you weren’t so shocked by it, you probably would grab him by the collar and keep him there, but he pulls back too quickly, leaving you spellbound. 
Steve sees the starry-eyed look you’re giving him, and smirks. “What- did you think I wasn’t gonna see you through? I still have to make it up to you.”
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prismartist · 3 months
It's not uncommon for worlds to collide. Lines get crossed, voids meld, portals malfunction. And when gods and magic are far from few, it's easy to see why.
Still, when the Syndicate comes across five astronauts, tied together and floating rather calmly in the void, they're not any less surprised.
"Uh," Phil calls out, "hello?"
The astronauts––at least, they look like astronauts, though their yellow suits look too battered to actually work––turn to look. They blink, baffled.
"How are you standing like that?" one of them asks, ink-black eyes squinting. He clutches a dark purple egg to his chest.
"Like what?" Niki asks.
"You're just... standing," another astronaut says, this one mustachioed. "How are you just standing in the middle of the void?"
"We're walking somewhere," Connor says.
"Why, can't you guys walk?" Phil asks.
"Not to our knowledge," says a female astronaut. She's floating completely upside down, almost lying down mid-air, her head tilted back to look at the Syndicate. Her eyes are a solid color, like the one with black eyes, but hers are a bright silver. Between the two of them, they're extremely creepy. "And we rather like floating, to be honest."
Suddenly a look of recognition comes over Kristin, and She gasps. "Oh, you guys are the Boatem Hermits! You made it out!" She says.
"Yeah, we are. We did." An astronaut with a smooth American voice says slowly. "Wait, do we know you?"
"Not really. But I've seen you guys around. It's nice to see you're okay. I had complete faith in you guys."
"Thank you, lady we've never met!" another American astronaut pipes up cheerfully.
Phil leans towards Kristin. "Sorry, who are they?"
"Their world was crushed recently by the moon," Kristin explains. "I haven't had time to check up on them, but I wasn't too worried." She looks back at the astronauts––Boatem, apparently. "Are the others okay?"
At that the astronauts lapse into a somber silence. "We're not sure," the mustachioed one mutters. "We were all in a bit of a rush."
The rest hum in agreement, and then are silent again.
"Our world was destroyed too," Niki says. "I mean, not by the moon, but by a nuke."
"Ah, classic," the first American murmurs.
"I... guess? But we get it, not knowing if... if there's anything, or anyone left. It's kind of scary."
"Yeah. But I'm sure the rest of your friends got out fine," Phil pipes up. "I mean if we all did, then surely they did as well."
"This sheep also survived." Connor gestures to Rosie. "If a sheep can survive, so can the rest of your friends."
"That's... strangely very comforting," the black-eyed one says.
"Well, I hope you all get to the next world soon. I'm afraid we have to keep moving, but I will see you guys around." Kristin turns to the Syndicate. "We should keep going."
"Will they be okay staying here?" Niki asks.
"Oh yeah, they'll be fine. They've been around for longer than you guys have."
"Oh yeah, we've been doing just swell here, all things considered!" the second American assures. Upon closer inspection there appears to be a sleeping cat in his helmet. That's... normal. "You can just toddle on your way, don't mind us. But thank you for your words of wisdom, random void passersby!"
"Sure thing dude," Connor says, giving a thumbs up. Rosie baas.
"Alright, well. Nice to meet you guys," Phil waves and chuckles as Kristin leads them away.
"Bye!" Niki does the same. The astronauts all wave and say their farewells, and soon they're merely another speck of dust in the endless black.
Distantly, the shrill shriek of the black-eyed astronaut rings out, "Wait, we don't even need suits!"
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sharkinthetoilet · 5 days
The main 4 (without or with Cartman) + Butters and Creek (poly with those two,) x GN Reader,
Like how would they try to get their lovers attention? And reader pretends to not understand they want attention
The main trio + butters and creek, trying to get their s/o's attention
yayay, not being put thru the horrors of trying to write cartman as an appealing boyfriend
Gender: neutral
Warnings: tiny amount of paranoia
Stan is that kind of person that makes weird noises to get your attention
You'd be sitting next to him, scrolling through social media and all of the sudden he meows at you
Now if you give him the attention, he wants, he'll do whatever he needed your attention for and then give you a sweet kiss on the cheek
If you don't, though, he'll keeping making the noise he's annoying you with
Louder. and. Louder. Each and every time
If you still don't give him his attention, he'll text you
"Hey babe, look @ me, thx"
if you still won't give him attention, he will ignore you for the next 20 minutes too
he acts like you betrayed him
in his eyes you did
if you want him to go back to normal, just give him a kiss or something
kyle is a very busy, so he does respect you for not always giving him attention
but if he notices, that you're purposefully ignoring you, that's a different tale
kyle is naturally hot-headed, so expect him to just blow up if you ignore him
goes to the 5 stages of grief in under 3 minutes
then he'll try everything to get your attention
would probably also do weird noises like stan, cuz stan always does it towards him
if you still won't soften up, he'll dramatically leave the room
will seriously be hurt, if you don't follow him
no, but seriously, kyle is pretty insecure, you ignoring him scares the ever living shit out of him
just give him your undivided attention for the rest of the day, please
my man needs attention all the time
definitely touches you a lot to get your attention
a biter
seriously, he'll bite you
if you ignore him, he'll slide his hands all over your body, acting all seductive
not necessarily in a sexual way, that's just how he is, touchy
he's super duper annoying, neither stan nor kyle can compare
"babe, babe, baby, bubu bunny, honey, sugar buns, babe, babyyy, love, darling, my oh so beautiful lover, dear, BABEE"
if you won't give him his 'deserved' attention, he'll sulk in the corner
the second you give him attention, he'll be at your side again, acting like nothing happened before
honestly doesn't mind you messing with him
butters is such a cutie 😭
if you ignore him, he'll always be to 100% sure you're just busy
sits there patiently, waiting for you
if he feels like you ignored him have been busy to long, he'll get you some water and snacks, must be important what you are working on
will ask you, if you may want to take a break
hope you feel bad for ignoring him
please just 'take a break' and spend some time with him
he deserves it
tweek and craig are polar opposites
craig actually has no problem with you ignoring him for a bit, he's quite fond of silence
sure, if he actually wants your attention, he would be a bit upset, if you ignore him
not that you could see it
but he won't be mad or anything
tweek on the other hand
he can't handle being ignored
can and will freak out
yeah no, don't ignore him
craig will be mad too
and with that you lost stripe privileges for the next 2 weeks
god they are so chaotic
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Do you have any recs where Derek is absolutely in love with stiles but, stiles is completely oblivious? If you know any other fics like that but a different ship I'll take those too!
Tumblr media
Hindsight (Ok yeah, it all makes sense now) by Eternalsterek24
(1/1 I 3,269 I Teen)
In hindsight, Stiles should have recognized that the pack was keeping something from him. The problem, though, was that when you have weird friends, you don’t think anything of it when they act weird. 
Game On by stilinskisparkles
(1/1 I 6,391 I Teen)
Derek first sees him from across the quad four days into fall semester. He’s sitting on one of the long benches, a marker pen in his mouth, grinning at something the kid lounging on the bench beside him is saying. When he laughs properly he pulls the pen out and throws his head back, his neck a long, lean line Derek is entranced by. He flicks the page in his book and highlights something, tossing the cap up in the air and catching it with his teeth.
Show Me The Way Back Home Baby by stilinskisparkles 
(1/1 I 14,968 I Teen)
In which Lydia and Jackson produce the world's cutest baby, and the pack goes crazy-- the good kind of crazy. Except for Derek, who is afraid of tiny cute babies and Stiles who plans to be the best Uncle ever. Even if Danny called dibs on Godfather.
Mating Habits of the Domesticated North American Werewolf by lielabell
(5/5 I 35,458 I Mature)
Derek doesn’t do pining. He doesn’t. So when it becomes clear that Stiles is much more interested in having Derek as a new best friend than a boyfriend, he puts on his big boy pants and makes it fucking work. He becomes the best goddamn friend a spastic teenager could ever hope to have.
To Build a Pack by Arieanna
(9/? I 53,294 I Mature)
Derek feels a pull in his chest, and it's a pack bond to Stiles. He thought the young man had betrayed him along with Scott, but finding out the truth, he makes Stiles a part of his pack. Now, with the pack coming together in a healthy way, they help Stiles discover that he's not just a sidekick, but a major player, and more important than Scott had ever given him credit for.
The more Derek pulls Stiles into the pack as his second, though, the harder it is to ignore the feelings that he's been having for the boy since they met. Stiles, on the other hand, has fallen out of love with Lydia, and can't figure out just why that happen
All the Weird Kids (Know How to Take it Slow) by Ionaonie
(26/26 I 112,477 I General)
Stiles never thought being part of a werewolf Pack would end up being so normal. Even being around Derek had a degree of normality about it. Even if he was still an overbearing jerk most of the time.
run and hide by whiry
(36/36 I 174,966 I Teen)
"Unlike Derek, Stiles still remembers the first time they met. He remembers the confusion at the pull in his chest, tugging him to the boy with big ears and light eyes. He’d been in the grocery store with his mother and Derek with his, and they had all been minding their business, but Stiles had a niggling in the back of his head directing him toward Derek. And when their eyes met for the first time? Stiles’ heart about exploded. He remembers grabbing his chest and gasping and his mother running over and Derek’s mother running over. The boys didn’t even say anything, and poor Derek looked so confused, and Talia and Claudia simply looked at their boys, looked at each other, and immediately set up a time to meet. And that was how it started."
or, stiles and derek suck at being mates, a new threat comes to town, and stiles has to desperately try to save everything he's ever loved from total destruction all while trying to get through his sophomore year unscathed.
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spicyclover · 17 days
Hey! Would you like to write one for Charles where he can't drive his normal car (for whatever reason), so he asks the reader for help, but she's kind of nervous and thinks there will be some judging? 😅
Bad Tooth
Summary: A dentist appointment and a ride home.
Hope you’ll enjoy this part. Let me know in the comments section! And to support me by tipping me!
Little information, I will, for now, only post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Thank you, and Enjoy! :)
Lots of love, xxx Spicy Clover
Tumblr media
If there's one thing Charles doesn't like, it is the dentist. He hates it. Even as a child, he would do anything to not go. But after spending a week with an abominable toothache, he is unfortunately forced to.
To be honest, you forced him. You couldn’t take off his complaints anymore, all day, and after treating him like a baby so he’d understand, he finally made an appointment.
So that’s why you find yourself in the dentist’s parking lot arguing for Charles to get out of the car.
"Charles, please can we get out?"
"No, I feel way better now."
"That's a lie. You know it. I know it. Everybody knows it. Do I have to take you by the hand like the child you are?" He evaluates your proposition before saying anything else.
"That's not fair," he wines before getting out of the car, acting like the child he is.
You chuckle a bit before following his step to the dentist's office. You waited for a few minutes before the dentist was ready to see Charles. Before going, he looks at you with puppy eyes, imploring you to say something. But you just rolled your eyes and pushed him to the man.
The appointment took longer than expected, and you start to worry. You go up to the receptionist and ask for an update.
"Hi, sorry to bother you, but do you know what going on with M.Leclerc?"
"Give me a minute," You wait by the desk while she goes behind. You’re wondering if what he’s got is worse than you thought. "Thank you for waiting, so Mr. Leclerc is currently under anesthesia, and the dentist is removing two wisdom teeth. The surgery should end in five minutes, and then you can go home."
"Wisdom teeth?"
"Yes, apparently it was quite bad. The doctor will get to you soon."
You thank her and get back to your seat. "So he wasn't pretending... Oops." You might have thought he was lying when he started complaining about it, and you guessed it was one of his many schemes to get your attention. "Well, we can all be wrong sometimes."
The dentist comes to get you several minutes later, and you're now allowed to see Charles. You walk into the room, and you see him totally buzzed out. He's so high right now, and his mouth is like ten times his normal size, and you can't help but laugh a bit.
You take your phone out and capture this unique moment of Charles looking like a squirrel being high on drugs.
"No... no pic... pict... pictures," he mumbles while drooling.
"Sorry, baby, but the others won't believe me if I don't."
"Ha... hate... hate you."
"No, you don't, you love me, and now your teeth won't hurt anymore." You laugh, trying to be positive.
"I lo... I loov live a squerrel.
"Yeah, you do. But I love my squerrel." You chuckle, kissing the top of his head.
"Hate... hate hich."
"Let's go home, baby."
The dentist gives you the last information for the few weeks to come, and you can't help but laugh at Charles's face when he tells him you couldn't eat solid food or make any physical effort for at least the first week. His look was priceless.
You tried to be compassionate, but Charles makes such a big deal when you get yours removed that you can't help but do the same. You texted the entire grid and his family, his face, for at least a few weeks. Was it a low move? Probably. Was it worth it? Totally.
You get back to the car, and Charles hands you his keys. You look at him for ten seconds before realizing he can't drive like this. Your eyes open wide, and you want to protest, but he shushes you. Well, not really, it’s more drool than anything, but you understand what he wants.
Your sight and get behind the wheel after setting Charles down. It's his time to laugh. You watch him set his seatbelt and hang on to the door while you start the Ferrari.
"It's not funny."
"Oh, ish funny," he gibberish, half joking, half whining by the pain. "Chart ye engine, bae."
You press the button, but nothing happens. You press it again, and nothing. You frustrated yourself, wishing you had taken your normal car.
"hress the hedal."
You start the car and press the pedal but nothing.
"Hress the hedal!"
"That's what am doing!" You say annoying.
"Hress the rite hepal."
You do as he says, and the engine finally goes on. You smile, looking at Charles, thinking it's now only a matter of going home, but no. You try to change the gear, and the car stalls. Charles giggles, completely high by his meds, while you start again and try to get to first gear.
It's gonna be a long ride, you start thinking. You're not even out of the parking, and it's already a nightmare. You complain about the car and look at Charles, who's entirely soon out.
You arrive at the parking doors and start going in the street. You're way lower than the permit limitation, and Charles encourages you to go faster. You're so nervous that you don't even realize you’re holding the wheel with all your might. How Charles trusts you enough with his car in this city?
"Ou doing reat, bae!" Says Charles putting his hand and yours.
It's only then, that you realize the grip you have on the wheel.
"reath." He inspires and exhales at the same time as you.
"I hate this!" You declare when another motorist cuts the road, making you almost have an accident.
You have to brake hard, which makes Charles tighten his teeth, and you know he’s in pain. You apologize to Charles and rant after all the cars you pass.
"God, you must hate me right now. I'm so sorry Cha."
"ish okay. Ou doing reat. Ust ocus on the road." He says, holding on for his life when you almost pass at a red.
"You must thing I drive terribly, but it's your car. Pretty sure something wrong with it." You say, finally pulling in the entry of the complex.
You park the car and finally exhale when the engine stop.
"I'm never doing this again. Next time, we're taking the bus."
Charles chuckles and takes your hand. He leans on you, and you walk to the elevator. Once home, Charles went to rest, and you spent the rest of the afternoon worrying that he might not trust you again with his car.
You prepared his dinner, and his drug wore off after his nap. He still looks like a squirrel, but at least he's not high anymore. You gave him his soup, and he frowns when he says your right hand completely eating up to the flesh.
"Baby. What happen?"
"Your nails."
"It's nothing. I had an anxiety episode after we came home."
"Well, I almost killed us."
"What are you talking about?"
"Your car, Charles."
"Oh," he laughs. "You did truly amazing, amour. "I mean you need practice, but you did Wonderfull and we are here, and safe. You should have to wake me."
You smile and hug him tight. Even in your darkest days, he sees your potential and always encourages you to go beyond your limits. You don’t know what you did to deserve him, but you love him. You want to kiss him so badly, but that will wait until he recovers.
"I'm never going back to the dentist," complains Charles taking the pain killers. "It's the worst day of my life."
You laugh and give him the ice for his swollen cheek.
"Did you post the photos?"
"I did." You says, taking your phone out to show him.
It's only then you realize that you didn't send the photos to the group chat but to your Instagram story...
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superhero--imagines · 3 months
Tumblr media
A/N: I kind of love this one. Added a tag list for people who commented about a part 2, and I’m thinking maybe one more part? Maybe 2 :)
Part One Here! / <This is Part 2!> / Part 3 Here! / Part 4 Here!
You’re not sure how you ended up here.
“So all of a sudden you’re into some literature nerd—” you flinch at the sound of Bianca’s voice on the other side of the bookcase. “—that you’re noticing now after two whole years.”
Just that you’d rather be anywhere else in the world then one row away from Xavier and Bianca in the library.
You stiffen as you watch them between the cracks in the books.
You've been 'dating' Xavier for a few months now, and everyone feels fairly convinced that what you have is genuine.
Everyone except Bianca.
You can’t deny that she has a point. It’s not like you and Xavier were friends or something—and truthfully between the two of you, Bianca probably knows him better.
You catch sight of Xavier tugging on the end of his hair and his fingers, the way he always does when he’s nervous, and instead of backing away Bianca draws closer. You know it’s the wrong thing to do before her hand settles on his shoulder, before Xavier draws back and out of reach.
“It just happened, okay? I can’t help who I fall in love with—" Again the ticklish feeling of hope swells in your chest, and again you swallow it away like a bad aftertaste. “—why are we even having this conversation?”
“You know why.” Bianca’s words feel like a dagger through the heart. He does know why. And so do you. But when he makes no move to say anything more, she huffs. “Find me when you figure out who your real friends are.”
When she’s gone Xavier tangles a hand in his hair, a heavy sigh whistling past his lips.
“That could have gone better.” You say to him, on his right side.
“Yeah, I know.” The words pass his lips before he can flinch in realization, a hand clutching his chest. “Jesus, when did you show up?”
“I’ve been here the whole time.” He raises an eyebrow. “I was behind the other shelf.” You point to the gap between the books and he sighs again.
“You should add eavesdropping to your list of skills.” The words have no bite, you find yourself reaching for his hand, and this time he doesn’t flinch away.
“If you still like her, you could date her.” You regret the words as soon as they come out of your mouth, a shallow, lonely ache in your chest.
You're ashamed at the relief that floods through you when Xavier shakes his head.
"I liked Bianca a lot," he admits. You remember the way they used to look at each other, the arms laced around waists, the secretive smiles shared. "but I could never really trust if these were my feelings or hers." He admits.
He looks at you now, a fiercely passionate gaze.
"The one thing I learned from watching my parents is that if you don't have unconditional trust, you don't have anything."
Your back presses against the bookshelf, a sliver of space sandwiched between the both of you in between the library aisle.
"That's very mature of you."
He gives you his signature smile, a lopsided quirk on his lips, before cracking into a full grin--like he can't play coy any longer.
You're not sure when you started being able to tell when Xavier was really smiling, like now, and when he just pretended to smile--to charm a teacher or exchange a pleasantry with his classmate.
You're not sure when you got this close to him either when him tugging your joint hands to his chest felt normal. When he led you out of the stacks and to the cozy alcove you usually sat at on the third floor---when that spot went from being just 'yours' to 'ours'.
Xavier meets your eyes after flicking a book open to the homework assignment.
"Don't tell me this is the moment you've fallen in love with me?"
No, but it is the moment you realize your feelings for him might run deeper than camaraderie.
"I just wanted to know if you had the answer to question five."
You'd rather cut off your own hand then admit it out loud though.
You’re not sure how to process the progression of your fake relationship.
Even now, when you’re sitting in his lap, his arms wrapped around your waist, and his chin on your shoulder, your not sure when this casual intimacy was built between you two.
Just that you enjoy it more than you like to admit.
They’re playing some game, never have I ever, but your attention is solely on the boy who’s literally wrapped around you.
“Never have I ever skipped class.” Enid giggles as half the circle takes a deep sip of their respective drinks.
“Never have I ever stone-d myself.” Xavier’s mouth quirks up on one side, you know it like you know the ocean is vast, even without looking.
Ajax grumbles as the rest of the group laughs. “I told you that in confidence!”
His laugh brushes against you, breathe ghosting over your neck.
You bite your cheek to keep from shivering.
“Never have I ever kissed (Y/N).”
Whatever warmth you had leaves your body, even Xavier’s arm tightening around you doesn’t provide any comfort this time.
If Xavier were a different kind of boy, he would have noticed the barb, noticed everyone’s eyes on him, laughter dying down when he didn’t bring the cup to his lips.
If Xavier was a different kind of boy he’d know better, he would know to lie.
Instead all he noticed was that you had gone stiff.
“You guys haven’t kissed?” Bianca asks with a raised eyebrow, the insinuation is obvious—they’d done more in less time.
“We’ve been taking it slow.” Xavier shrugs.
You want to hide.
“Yeah, but you guys have been dating for two months—” Ajax stops when he catches Xavier’s eyes.
You feel like the grounds pulled out from under you, like you missed a step on the stairs and now you’re tumbling down.
Think. How do you get out of this. Not even Xavier’s banter is enough right now.
Think. Think. Think. Think. Thi—
You have an idea. You saw it in a movie and it’ll work, but it’s a little bold. Bolder than you’re used to.
It’ll get them to shut up though.
“These things don’t have a time —” Xavier cuts himself off when you tug away the solo cup from his hand, you keep a finger of the dark liquor in your mouth, tipping Xavier’s head back.
He closes his eyes instinctively, parting his lips as soon as your mouth meets his. Both of your hands cradle his face, and you feel him gulp the alcohol down in one smooth motion.
He’s grinning when you pull away.
“Two birds, one stone.” The entire room riots around you. But your eyes stay fixed on his smile—
You’ve never seen someone look so happy.
Every emotion you’ve hidden, that you’ve beaten down, rushes straight to your face.
The wobbly smile, the heated cheeks, the watery eyes.
You’re sure you look embarrassed.
And you can’t deny the truth any longer—you like Xavier Thorpe
When did this happen?
Was it when he instinctively held your hand in his he get you tense around strangers, a protective arm holding you close.
Was it when he anticipated your needs, handing you a book you needed before you even knew you wanted it?
Or were you doomed from the start, that day when he sat beside you at the lake—sunlight glinting around him like glitter, blue eyes have never seemed clearer.
Xavier watches you like every thought you’re having is completely transparent to him.
He doesn’t let you feel embarrassed for too long, tugging your face to his chest.
“Alright, you all got your free show—keep it moving.” There’s another round of laughter, and you’re sure he can feel the heat from you face through his thin cotton shirt.
“You know,” you feel his breath tickle your ear when the game is underway again. “You didn’t ask for consent.”
You pull away, looking at him with threaded eyebrows.
You did that to save the both of you! It was a matter of your social reputations!
He gives a soft chuckle at your shocked face, his index finger curling under your chin.
“It was cute so I’m not mad.” His eyes twinkle with mischief as his gaze falls to your lips. “Expect a penalty soon though.”
Tag list: @dyhlanobrien @magical-dreamland @lilsunshine1092 @4rt3m1ss
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fallinforerling · 21 days
Tumblr media
A/N: I enjoyed SO much writing this, you have no idea. I hope all you love it was much as I did. See you next update! Also, I strongly recommed to listen to the song right when I marked it :) Makes it all better. AND, this is the last part without Jude in it, so prepare!
ೃ⁀➷ part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 7 | part 8 | part 9 | part 10 | part 11
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*ੈ✩‧₊˚ ˛ * 。° 。 •˚.・。.・゜✭・.⋆·˚ ༘ .・。.・゜✭・..・。.・
“You can't keep going like this, honey” Mia said after you calmed down and allowed yourself to tell the whole phone call at your pace. “You need to get out of this city for a couple of days, clear your mind, go no phone and then come back to your normal life.”
 “Mia's right. I haven't seen you this stressed and emotionally drained... ever. This isn't you. I won't allow one of my best friends to lose herself to a breakup.” Nikki said, giving you your second cup of tea of the morning.
“I know...” You didn't have the energy to think about anything else other than how much your life had changed in so little time. “But where can I go? What you guys have in mind sounds like a spiritual retirement.”
“Well... I know someone who owns a very nice cabin in Scotland...” Nikki shrugged when both you and Mia raised your eyebrows, questioning once again what was that about. “I make a lot of friends, okay?”
“We know” Mia shortly laughed, directing her full attention back to you. “So, what do you say? Does a week in Scotland sound like a bad or a good idea?”
“At this point?” You said, pointing at yourself: you had a cover over your shoulders, a cup of tea in your hands, and a puffy face thanks to all the crying. “Anything is better than this”
“You drink that, I'll make some calls” At this point, Nikki's phone seemed to have all the wonders of the world inside of it.
“One day, I'll be able to figure out how she does all of this,” Mia whispered, grabbing your cup. “Do you want something to eat?”
“Soup?” Besides the anger and sadness that came back with force, the three of you were still hungover. You felt like your head was about to explode from all the pressure.
“You got it”
While she was in the kitchen and Nikki was out on the balcony doing who knows what, you allowed yourself to go back to your room. Your phone was now charging on the night stand. Better to keep ignoring it.
The room was still messy, and even though you really wanted to go back to bed, cleaning seemed like a better option to keep your mind occupied.
The clothes were all dirty so you instantly dropped them inside your basket, reminding yourself to wash them later. Then you made sure all of the other things were at their place before making the bed. The bathroom was the nastiest part (lots of makeup wipes, cotton pads full of micellar water and a wet sink) but you cleaned it all faster than expected.
When you came back to the bedroom, you noticed your phone was buzzing again. It sure wasn't IG, since you silenced it. You came closer, relieved and concerned when you saw Jobe's name on the screen.
“Please God, some peace...” You said before picking up. “Hey?”
“Hey! Uh, I don't want to be, like, intrusive or anything but... Do you know what's going on with Jude?"
“Uhm... Be more specific.” Because you could think of a hundred+ things going on with that man right now.
“He's throwing a tantrum… I mean, not like a toddler type of tantrum, but he's fuming! He asked me for my phone and didn't want to say what for. I said no, of course, and then he got even worse. He's saying something about needing some way to communicate…” His voice became a whisper. “Would I be wrong assuming that is definitely something about you?”
You let out a sigh, feeling drained. Again.
“Yeah, it's about me” You sat on your vanity, rubbing your eyes. “Look, I went out yesterday with some friends and I happened to run into Gio… We took a photo and then some stupid people filmed us dancing. It went a bit viral, I think. I don't really know. Jude saw it and called me all morning until I picked up after waking up. He was asking me why I was with Gio and why I didn't tell him”
“That's insane, mate. What the fuck, he has no right to do that”
“I know! Well, he was calling to question me. It seems like some people are assuming that I'm Gio's girlfriend. I don't know if it's about his man ego getting hurt by me being mistaken for his teammate's girl or what, but I don't want to know anything else about it. So I blocked him.”
“Well, fuck me! His audacity has me speechless…”
“I don't want this to turn into a big thing. Just... Let him throw his little tantrum, he's going back to Dortmund in a few days anyways. He has to forget about it”
“You sound like the one that broke up with him, that's so funny” He laughed quietly, probably not wanting to call the attention of his brother. “Okay, I'll try to keep him on track”
“Thanks... And, Jobe?” You said, feeling more than grateful for having him.
“I won't have my phone this week, so don't get worried if you don't hear from me, okay?”
“Okay… Uh, I know this is stupid to ask, but are you still coming to my match? I'll understand if you don't. It's completely understandable with all that's happening”
A part of you wanted to say no, but it was Jobe. It wasn't fair to do that to him. Maybe Jude wasn't going to attend. You were praying for that.
“Of course I'll go. I promised you, and you know how much I want to see you play”
“Thank you” You could tell he was happy about you saying yes. “Talk to you in a week, then?”
“One hundred percent”
After the call ended, you just sat there. Jobe was like your little brother, and maybe his actual brother was the biggest asshole you'd ever known, but that didn't mean you were about to run away from everything that had to do with him.
You weren't a coward. Hopefully.
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song recommendation: cardigan - taylor swift
Leaving your phone at the bottom of your bag and not paying any attention to it was easier than expected. Nikki managed to book flights to Glasgow that same night, and while they were gone to make their bags, you stayed to clean up a little bit more the whole apartment. You were leaving for a week. You noticed that it was the first time that you did your bags in months where your destiny wasn’t Dortmund. 
You grabbed comfy clothes, your laptop and tablet (you still worked from home), and some shower products. Most of your skincare was in the bathroom, but some were in the vanity. While looking for some travel-sized ones, you stumbled across a particular box in the bottom drawer. 
It was blue, medium-sized and simple. Your hand flew directly to your neck, where a necklace rested comfortably. The jade stone was cold, as cold as you felt. You didn’t even realized you were still wearing it, but of course, you never took it off since the day it was gifted to you.
Since Jude gifted it to you. 
You thought about taking it off, but you stopped mid-way. You didn’t feel ready to do something like that just yet. That necklace alone meant so much to you. 
The way he gave it to you wasn’t absurdly romantic, but rather sweet. It was familiar. You were laying in bed, just looking at each other; then he got up and grabbed the little box from his closet. He said he saw it and immediately thought of you; of how well it went with your skin tone and than he was sorry for not giving it to you in a more romantic way. You loved it from the moment you saw it. You used to feel so happy when you remembered it was hanging from your neck.
Now all you feel is a deeply nostalgic feeling that makes the skin around the pendant burn.
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚*ੈ✩‧₊˚⋆·˚ ༘ *
Nikki's friend was kind enough to lend you a beautiful cabin in the woods for the week. He (or she, you weren't even sure of their gender) even sent a butler to pick you up from the airport and drive you around town so you could buy groceries. The drive to the cabin, he said, was almost two hours, but the whole scenario- the woods, the lake, the little animals running around- made it easier for all of you to not care about that. It was perfect.
The cabin was even better. It wasn’t exaggeratedly large, so you wouldn’t be bumping into each other the entire time but neither separated if didn't want to, which was good. You needed the space to think and heal alone, even if you loved the company of your friends. 
The first two days were just you hanging around the house, making food, taking walks around the woods- Mia even discovered a tiny lake near the cabin, and lots of bonfires. It felt therapeutic to not know what was going on in the real world outside that cabin surrounded by kilometers of trees. 
You don’t remember the last time you enjoyed nature and being (partially) alone this much. You also spent a lot of time alone in the woods or by the lake; you allowed yourself to cry, to mourn Jude, to blame him and then forgiving him. You didn’t forgave him for how much you were suffering the breakup, not just yet, that was still fresh. But you forgave him for breaking up with you, he had all the right to that. 
You remembered all the good times you had together, the bad ones, the regular ones. It was a normal relationship even if you didn’t get to post his face on your social media, or if your dates had to be more private than normal people were used to. You loved him. You still did, even if you hated the idea of being weak because of your love. 
And then, after all those days that you used to go through all the stages of a breakup, something you didn’t allow yourself to do the past three weeks, you were ready to let him go. To accept that your boyfriend, the one that loved you and appeared to be your soulmate, died the night he broked your heart. And that was okay. 
So on the last afternoon before the butler came back for the three of you, you took a final walk through the woods and into the lake, and like physically detaching Jude from your heart, you took off the necklace and throwed it into the water.
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yandereorg · 3 months
Characters included are the Batboys + Roy Harper and this is just snapshots of angst
Warnings: self mutation in Tim's part,
Dick Grayson
Your key, it sat there haunting him, it was the only thing left of you, you had cleared out, he had been gone for a week and you were acting completely normal, until Friday. You had blocked him. Your last text saying "im sorry, i do have a lot of love for you, but you're just too much and I knew that you'd blow up if I told you I wanted to end it, and it's really scary when you get like that." You tried to break up with him over text. Taken all your things, apart from that stupid key. Dick sat there, empty, rejected, his heart felt barbed wires wrap around it, your face would appear in his mind and the wires would tighten. Dick knew where you were, he hoped that you would come home and you would, he just wanted you to be willing. He had resources and time, he'd be kind, this is your first offence after all, as long as you batted you're pretty eyelashes at him. Dick just wanted to please you.
"Pick up the phone y/n, I can play these games all day but it's gonna be you crying when I win." A few photos attached two of them being of you, sat at an unrecognisable desk, the third a screenshot of your bank account, completely drained. You'd have to run back to him, nothing in Gotham was free.
Jason Todd
"Jason, you're making everything so hard, I can't watch you knock on death's door every night." Jason was getting more reckless. He was so indifferent about his own safety, it was like he wanted to die, he was throwing his life away and it made you feel sick. Every time he walked out your home, you feared that it would be the last time. Jason knew this, your affections given out more freely, your hugs tighter, desperate for him to stay, your kisses were so full of need, worry and worth. Jason adored desperation and fear suited you so well.
"What do I make hard?" Still he was completely calm, like the crimson stains the surrounded him that they didn't exist. he didn't care that his life style made you sick with anxiety. Jason wasn't dumb, he knew how scared you were, he liked that you cared, you stayed up all night and when he was late you'd spam his phone and when he came back achey and hurting you were there, you made a pretty cute nurse. And yeah sometimes he'd wait a little longer so he could get that welcome, but all your worry made him feel loved, like a real hero.
"To love you." as soon as those words left your lips you knew it was a mistake, spoken out of frustration and a growing anger, you had wished these feelings away so often yet, the fear to replace it was so much worse. Jason's empty glare haunted you.
This was going to be a rough and very long night.
Tim Drake
Crimson stained the sink and iron filled the air, the pictures that had flashed up on your phone broke you away from studying, your ex boyfriend was acting a lovesick fool. You broke up with Tim because he was intense, even insane but they wouldn't believe you. You had ended it, but he needed help.
“You’re scaring me.” you had no need to be scared, Tim would protect you from anything, he has already. He'd often hang out with you as red robin, he was more confident that way, he was able to flirt and see your cute reactions, see you squirm like prey under the gaze of a predator.
"why? I'm your boyfriend? Am I not allowed to show off my love? I did this for us, angel." Tim was deranged, he had lost his mind, for him he was just proving his love, proving himself worthy of your love. Who else carved your name into their skin?He was so desperate for your validation, so he showed you, it still bleeding when he took the photo. The smile stapled on his face was unnatural, different from the man you loved, eventually your body gave you an ultimatum, fight or flight, soon enough you went running out the room, screaming for Alfred trying to explain Tim's actions but before you could notice the emptiness of the manor Tim had caught up with you.
Damian Wayne
“No feelings involved though.” Your voice repeated this, it echoed in his head,  Damian had thought that this was a better starting than nothing, until he realised that his plan wasn't happening, bodies were beginning to pile up, every time he deleted your dating apps they were soon reinstalled, he was right here, waiting for you to call, but instead you choose some random man off of the internet, Damian knew Gotham, and you inviting these men in, wasn't good for you and it was even worse for Damian who watched it, closely trying to mimic their words, trying to improve for you. he wasn't even your first choice anymore. just a body.
You were being reckless, you weren't but Damian's mind was set in stone, and he wasn't just gonna give up on you.
The man had been a quick visit, Damian couldn't believe the piece of filth was so casually, a god laid besides him and he was all too eager to leave. But that was a problem for later, right now he just needed to get you home.
This was the only way, Damian should have seen past his lust, it was unbecoming, he should have convinced you, proven himself more, but it didn't matter because now you were safe. You would awake in his arms, far away from Gotham, safe and sound.
Roy Harper
"we aren't anything, we've never been anything.” Roy was clingy, needy and full of yearning, these traits made for a good situationship, he was so eager to please, desperate for your validation and it was Roy who had no shame and it was infectious, he had no time to hide all his kinks. His face changed, soured at your rather blunt reminder of the agreement.
He didn't say anything, just took away his arms, and turned away. He had hoped that you would spoon him, say sorry. He was in the middle of talking about wanting to see you swell with his seed, picturing you as a perfect house spouse, but you didn't. Opting to get some sleep.
It hurt. You reignited all his insecurities, he had hoped this situation would help you realise that you wanted him, he always took such great care of you. the pain he felt was similar to the one that shot through his body when Oliver abandoned him, when he needed him the most, the rejection still stung, and you had re-opened this wounds.
He just wanted love, both to be loved and to love you and he'd make a great boyfriend. He'd do anything to prove that.
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dearhargrove · 10 months
beat up love
Prompt from @novelbear
◦ All of A's concerns of hiding instantly go away when B gets hurt.
𝔰𝔲𝔪𝔪𝔞𝔯𝔶: You and Billy had been secretly dating for 2 months when he comes to school to find you in the middle of Carol and her friends.
𝔱𝔴'𝔰: Angst and fluff, wounds, insults
𝔞/𝔫: this is my first time writing for him (& on Tumblr, so I'm hoping this won't be total catastrophe.. enjoy!)
Tumblr media
You inhaled sharply when took a fistful of your hair and forced your head in her direction. “Did you hear me? Stay away from him!" she scoffed when you couldn't answer, too out of it by now.
Her and her friends had always had fun in making you feel bad about anything you said or did. So when they saw you and Billy talk this morning they went after you as quick as possible.
After you had left class, they dragged you behind the school building, where normally no teacher or anyone else would be. While they had always been insulting you, they hadn't been violent until now.
You knew, that if you would try fighting back they would overpower you. After all, they were three while you were alone.
You groaned as she let go of your hair and pushed your head back against the brick wall behind you. "Don't tell anyone about this. Or, do. No one will believe you anyway." she grinned evilly, turning to her friends who were laughing.
She smiled at you in a sickly sweet way while waving, her smile falling off her face as soon as she turned around to leave.
You let out a breath of relief, your ribs hurting with every breath you took. They had gotten you pretty badly this time around.
A sarcastic laugh left your lips as you thought about the reason they harassed you today. Well, you thought, I guess it's a bit too late to stay away from him.
You looked at your watch, seeing it was already well past 4 and you were supposed to have long been home.
"Fuck," you mumbled, hoisting yourself up.
Panting, you righted yourself, one hand holding onto the wall for balance. You didn't hear the fastened footsteps coming closer, nor did you notice your boyfriend turning around the corner.
His eyebrows furrowed as he saw you holding onto the wall and he stepped closer.
"Babe?" you flinched, surprised as you hadn't realized he was there. "Billy?" you coughed, putting on a brave smile. You didn't want him to know what had happened, he would just worry even more about you and blame himself for not protecting you.
You watched his eyes flick over your body and where you were holding your side. "What the fuck happened to you?" he may have sounded angry and harsh to anyone else, but you knew he was either shocked or upset about this situation.
"Uh... nothing..?" while you were a pretty good liar you couldn't lie to him - for he would somehow always know when you were lying.
He raised one eyebrow, huffing before coming closer to you. "I call bullshit, princess," he mumbled, leaning against the wall. You knew he was going to find out one way or the other but you were stubborn.
"No, I just fell in gym class you don't have to worry," he scoffed, licking his lips and leaning closer into your space. Fuck, he knew very well how to get you worked up. "And now the truth?"
You pouted, ribs pulsing in pain. "Why would I lie?" He grinned, mocking your pout in a cute way, "I don't know, why would you?"
He chuckled and you cursed yourself for caving so quick.
"Carol and her minions saw us talking this morning and weren't too happy with that," was your simply explanation as you kicked a pebble away.
His gaze darkened in anger as he huffed. "Why the fuck does she still think she owns me or something?"
You shrugged, straightening up and lifting a hand to his cheek. "Baby I've dealt with worse, yeah? Don't worry I'm fine just a bit worn out." he sighed, relishing in the warmth that you were.
"Not gonna beat 'em up for this because I can't, but I'm definitely gonna speak with them, baby." he decided. You knew that when he had something in mind nothing could stop him from doing it, so you didn't even try talking him out of it.
"But they don't know we're together-" he interrupted you by leaning his forehead against yours and carefully pulling you in by laying on hand on your hip. "We should make it public." that's... a surprise? He was the one who had wanted your relationship to be private, as the situation with his dad was still really bad and he didn't want anyone to talk bad about you.
It didnt bother you, in fact it worked kind of in your favor - you never liked being in the spotlight and always kept in the back and being Billy's girl definitely meant being in the center of attention, well, all the time.
You grin, placing a kiss on his lips. "don't mind that." He chuckles, burying his face in your neck and just hugging you close for a second.
"Alright. Tomorrow you're gonna ride with me." he decided, not like you were against it.
"I still want to know what happened to you, eh?" he said seriously, before effortlessly picking you up. "Oh my God!" you shrieked, startled. "Don't just scare me like that!" you complained, frowning at him.
He just laughed, the wind slightly messing up his blonde locks. "Hm, no. You're cute when you get startled." you ignored the obvious blush high on your cheeks and huffed.
"Alright, I'm gonna stay here tonight. Neil's not home." he mumbled the last part, licking his lips and carefully taking of your shoes, jacket etc.
You watched him with a fond smile as he helped you get dressed for bed. He reached out and took the hem of your shirt, waiting for you to raise your arms. "Billy," you whined, flushing red, "you don't need to undress me..."
He smirked, "Hm, but I do it often enough, don't I?" you give him a scandalized look, lightly slapping his hand away and pulling your shirt over your head yourself.
You throw it at the end of the bed, reaching to unclasp your bra. Turning and moving around with your arms hurt and you turned your back to him, waiting for him to help you.
You didn't expect the blank face and sharp inhale at the sight of your back. Confused, you turn to him as best as possible. "They got you pretty bad, beautiful," he explained, sighing.
"You know, you could've very well just called for me-" he starts. You get up and stand in between his legs, looking down at were he sat on your bed. "Don't you start putting the blame on you. You know I hate when you do that."
He frowned, wanting to retort something cocky. "Nope, listen to me," you put a hand under his chin, raising his head so he looked into your eyes. "You really gotta stop thinking everything is your fault, love."
he looks away, having had this conversation with you more than once.
"I can handle shit by myself," you start, a quick nod coming from him, "but that doesn't mean I should always do something. If Carol and her friends feel better telling me to stay away from someone, or whatever, let them. I don't care. I do care about you though, and you shouldn't ruin your reputation through being mean," you make air quotation marks, "to the most popular girls in school. That's going to create unnecessary problems, yeah?"
He leans his head on your stomach, humming. "I know, but I hate seeing you get hurt and not being able to do anything." you just pat his back before stepping back. "Well you better help me with this," you turn your back to him waiting for him to open your bra, "or you're the one getting hurt."
"Bossy." he mumbles, taking the piece of clothing off you.
"Love you too, baby." you grin.
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softlyspector · 9 months
omg intertwining fingers when making love and literally sharing a sweater with marc spector? i just want him to be soft <3
a/n: anything to give marc spector the soft love he deserves. smut under the cut.
Tumblr media
It's cold.
The first thing you notice when you wake is the bone shaking chill of the flat.
You reach out across the sheets for a body that isn't there, the bed next to you empty and cold.
"Steven?" You call out, the white spill of light from the windows makes you think maybe its morning - and mornings usually mean Steven.
"It's me," Marc answers, rounding a bookshelf across the room as you sit up, shivering in the sea of sheets, the ocean of the duvet.
"Marc," you greet, surprised but happy. "Morning."
Marc slips into bed beside you, tugging the blankets gently up around you, pulling you into his arms without hesitation. He's already clocked the way you shiver, the tremble in your shoulders. "Why's it so cold?"
"Heating went out last night. Coldest temperatures in London in a decade."
"Shit," you say, into his collarbone when he tugs you closer, your body shaking against his as you warm.
"Yeah, fuckin' sucks," he confirms.
Marc's hands run over you shoulders, down the length of your spine, attempting to rub some warmth back into your bones. "You're like ice," he grumbles, almost irritated.
"I feel like ice," you huff into the soft skin of his throat, nose dipping into the hollow of his collarbone. "Cold."
Silence settles for a moment, the usual pop of the radiator gone, the traffic on the street below a muted hum. The only sound you register is Marc's heartbeat, the solid steady beat of it against your ear when you press your head to his chest.
You wriggle close to him, slipping your hands inside the oversized oatmeal colored sweater he wears. It's a sweater you're so sure belongs to Steven. Marc normally stuck to t-shirts of any kind and so you know he must be feeling chilled too. You press into him, bearing your body against his until the heat of him begins to seep into you.
Marc, to his infinite credit, doesn't complain about your frozen fingers against his skin. He let's you take, let's you bleed the very warmth out of his body - just so you won't be cold. You hope that he feels the heat of you too, that the chill doesn't make a home inside him.
He just wraps his arms around you and brushes a kiss to the crown of your head. "Better?"
"Sure," you mumble, feeling warm and sleepy and safe. "Have an idea though. To stay warm."
"Oh yeah?"
You hum in response and before he can stop you, you're fitting yourself inside that sweater with him, curling your arms around his back when you push your head through the collar of the sweater.
Marc huffs, sounding a bit choked at the fit. "Yeah, great," he snarks. "Can't fuckin' breathe."
"You love it," you say and you know it's true because Marc just hitches you closer, buries his nose in your throat. He brings one hand up to rest against the back of your neck, the pressure light, a reassurance that you would not move.
"Yeah, maybe I do," he admits, his voice quiet.
Marc wraps his free hand behind your knee, hiking it up over his hip. "Close enough? Warm?" He questions, sounding not at all as annoyed as he'd probably like to appear.
"Yes," you say.
And you are.
This close, it's impossible not to be. You like being this close, like the feeling of his skin against your cheek, the taut press of muscle against you.
Marc's fingers kneed the flesh of your hips, slide over the curve of your ass.
You feel your breath stutter and halt when he hooks his fingers into the band of your underwear. "There're other ways to get warm," he murmurs, his mouth by the shell of your ear.
"Oh?" You wriggle against him as he drags your panties down your legs, thick fingers seeking out the heat between your thighs, circling your clit briefly. "We might have to get rid of this sweater then," you say, the fabric suddenly too warm, the heat of Marc's skin like hot coal against you.
"Maybe," he says, lazily spreading your folds, his eyes on yours. His other arm curls around your back, dark eyes flicking over your face, watching you closely when he slowly presses one finger inside you.
You shudder, clenching around him. "I can't really touch you," you complain breathlessly, arms trapped inside the sweater, your reach limited. His thumb circles your clit, a second finger joining the first - so slow it makes you uneasy, like you're splitting open at the seams. "Please Marc?" You beg, because you know how much he likes that, how he likes to feel like you need him.
And you do.
You always need him.
But Marc isn't always convinced of that.
"Ask me nicely."
"I'm being so nice," you gasp, drawing your hands up his spine, along the column of the back of his neck.
"Nicer than that, baby," he commands, voice soft in your ear. "Want to feel your hands on me too."
You nip at his throat, the thick stretch of his fingers inside you not really enough.
But you're warm now. Hot. Burning. And you need the sweater off.
"Marc," you coo, because he likes to hear his name. "Marc, baby, I wanna touch you so bad. Can we take the sweater off, please?"
Too easily, he gives into you and you know he never meant for you to really beg, that he wants to give into you so badly. His fingers slip out of you. "Wasn't so hard was it?"
You don't answer as both of you struggle out of the sweater, Marc's hands pulling at your shirt too when the sweater hits the floor. He hovers over you, his hands brushing up over your ribs, the bottom curve of your breasts, thumbs tracing over the peaks of your nipples.
You arch into his touch, into the calloused softness, the tearing neediness.
There's no trace of ice between you now, but the cold air pockets between you - so you tug the duvet up and over you both, Marc's lips meeting yours in the dark cocoon.
Your whole world in that moment is Marc - its you and Marc and the space under the blanket.
You rake your hands up his sides, reach between you to palm him through his sweatpants.
His gives a tight groan into your mouth, a gently spoken, "Fuck," against your lips, the edge of your teeth, as he licks into you again.
Marc's mouth traces over your throat, your collarbone, the valley between your breasts as you work his sweatpants down and wrap your fingers around him.
He thrusts into your hand, teeth grazing the shell of your ear, demanding as you guide him to your entrance, let him sink slowly into you.
When you're full, like you can feel him in your lungs, like you can feel him everywhere, Marc stills and pushes the duvet back. You blink into the blinding light, Marc like a golden glow above you.
Sweat slicks both of you but he just kisses you, licks away the salt from your lips, big hands tracing over the length of you until he can fold his fingers through yours.
"Wanna be able to see you," he murmurs, hips meeting yours in a slow roll. His eyes are dark umber, like coffee and overturned soil.
It's your favorite color, it's your favorite look, when that hard gaze like amber and bedrock cracks and fractures and softens into something like this - like coffee on Sunday mornings and soft tilled earth - for you.
His palms fit against yours, your fingers slotting together tightly, like they should always remain that way. Intertwined. Together.
Marc fucks you slow and hard, the snap of his body against yours like the swell of the sea.
He never lets go of your hands, presses you into the mattress, keeps his eyes trained on yours. Marc demands things from you, even without words, and you'd give it all up, do anything he said, because you know you hold the same power in your hands.
Marc stretches your arms above your head, one hand circling both your wrists so he can slide a finger carefully against your wet pussy, your swollen clit. "Come for me," the demand is so soft, almost like a request - but your body answers immediately.
You cry out, the sound cut off by the fierce kiss that's leveled against your mouth, thighs trembling against him, cunt baring down when he curses against your lips and spills himself into you.
Marc releases your hands, collapses onto you, his weight and warmth welcome against you. You brush his curls back, his skin tacky with sweat. "Warm," you say into his temple, tracing a finger over his cheek, pressing kisses into his skin carefully. "Very warm."
He laughs and he sound is so good to your ears. "Glad to help," he murmurs against your skin.
Marc slides his fingers back into yours, clutches at your hands like a lifeline, like he never wants to let you go.
It's rare, this moment you're getting together, the slowness of this day, and so you grasp his fingers back and think of other ways to fight the cold.
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