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Hello, I like what you write, could you do a scenario of Isagi, Rin, Reo and Chigiri as your boyfriend reacting when your ex wants you back?Thank you😊
- ex encounters (bllk pt.1) !!
Tumblr media
you got me blushing anon <3
features: yoichi i. rin i. reo m. hyoma c.
content: bad exes. ig hurt comfort. they're adults. 1.8k words
tw for the exes: toxic relationship, cheating, gas lighting, narcissism, wrist grabbing, being physically imposing, acusations
Tumblr media
isagi gets a little insecure but it all goes away when he sees how you look at him versus how you look at your ex, then he gets a little prideful.
you and isagi were getting coffee at your favorite cafe when someone tapped you on the shoulder. isagi had gone to the bathroom so you were all alone, and your rat-ass ex was standing in front of you. the man had cheated on you and had the audacity to try to gaslight you about it, so you promptly dumped him.
but that was about a year ago, you had been with isagi for around nine months. why was he here?
your expression very visibly fell as you looked at him, gaze cold and unbothered. you sipped your coffee while waiting for him to speak.
"baby, please take me back, i'll never do it again. i promise, i miss you so much-" you cut him off by holding your hand up. seeing as his jaw clenched you knew he was still the same person.
"no, not in a million years. besides, i have a boyfriend who actually loves me, and i love him." you watched as he rolled his eyes, looking at the empty seat in front of you, the only evidence of isagi was a plate of cheesecake, which you immediately knew wouldn't be enough.
"don't see him, must not be that great." your lip curled in disgust as you looked behind him to see isagi coming out of the bathroom.
your face lit up as you got up, shoving past the guy to hug him. isagi was confused as he hugged you back. he looked at the guy confused as you looked up at your boyfriend with a pout.
"yoichi, this is the rat." he immediately know who you were talking about, having heard the entire story from you. he nudged you behind him as he glowered at your ex, not amused.
"what're you here for, she's better off without you." the guy flinched, clearly recognizing isagi as japan's number one striker. he mumbled some obscenities before trailing off.
yoichi turned back to you, watching as your hardened gaze follwed your ex until he was out the door. when he was gone your eyes snapped to him, instantly softening and filling with adoration.
all of isagi's insecurities disappeared when he saw such fondness spread across your face. he took your hand and intertwined it with his, bringing them up to press a kiss to your knuckles.
"y'don't need to worry sunshine, i'll keep scarin' him away."
Tumblr media
rinnie is unbothered, if anything he's annoyed that you dated such a lukewarm, immature, imbecilic, tepid, moronic... okay, maybe he's a little jealous.
rin had gone to order your food while you sat in the booth of your favorite dinner. sipping your drink as you idly tapped on your phone while waiting for your beloved boyfriend to come back.
"yo, y/n? that you?" you heard his voice from a few feet away, your heart dropping. your ex, your first boyfriend, your only boyfriend before rin. why was he here? you moved away from university and broke up with him after finding out he was talking to other girls while you were gone. then, in your despair, you met rin. honestly, he was the reason you even had rin, so a part of you was faintly grateful.
you turned and saw him, he looked the exact same. maybe his hair was a little shorter and his features had sharpened, but he was the same boy that broke your heart. you felt a familiar sting behind your eyes as he walked to you, smiling as if he didn't make you bawl your eyes out on a bench in the rain.
"you look great, how's uni? you still trying to do sports med?" you just nodded while muttering out that university was good.
the conversation was very one-sided as he tried to catch-up while you gave one or two word responses.
"i know yer probably not happy t'see me. but i just wanted to ask if i could have another chance. i've really worked on myself these last two years, and i just miss you so much..." he trailed off and you felt your heart stop. there was no way, no actual way this was happening. you wanted to cry, scream, and hit him all at he same time.
you opened your mouth to speak but were cut off by a monotone, baritone sound that grounded you. "you're lukewarm, stop talking to her."
rin. rin itoshi, your wonderful boyfriend, yet again he saves the day. your ex spun around angrily, before visibly flinching as rin towered over him.
"aren't you r-rin itoshi?" his tone was meek as he looked at you, in shock. he didn't believe that you knew a soccer powerhouse like this. right, you had forgotten. your ex played soccer an dreamed of going pro one day, unfortunately he wasn't good enough. you felt a bitter grin cross your face, he wasn't as good as rin; at soccer, or at winning your heart.
"yeah, and i'm her boyfriend. so piss off" rin's jaw was tight as he shoved past, leaning down to press a kiss to the crown of your head. rin knew who he was. rin had met you while you were crying over him, so this was incredibly important for him to instate his dominance.
your ex pathetically stalked away, very clearly crushed. rin sat down across from you and rest his chin on his hand. his eyes looked on you and were happy to see that your despondence was gone, replaced with love for him.
"he's pathetic, guess your standards went sky-high when you met me".
Tumblr media
reo just pulls out his black card and shows it to the dude with an arm wrapped around your shoulders, he isn't very threatened, not in a way he needs to let you see.
you were waiting for reo in the lobby of the mikage corporation building. you were supposed to go out for lunch but he got held up by something that needed to be done, so you were sitting in the lobby waiting. the last place you planned to see your ex was in the company your boyfriend was the president of.
"y/n, how strange to see you here." the hairs on your neck straightened as you turned to see your ex. he was terrible. a narcissist who constantly berated you on the slightest flaw, who blamed everything on you.
you blinked hoping that it was an illusion, but he was still there. and he was approaching. you stood and were about to leave when he grabbed you by the wrist, keeping you in place.
"this is good, i've been meaning to talk to you, but it seems my texts and calls aren't going through..." you shivered as you tugged your wrist from him, holding it close to your chest as you looked away.
he just continued, gaze drilling you further and further into the spot. "y'know you need me, can't do anything on your own. so let's just get back together."
you furiously shook your head, unable to speak. but when he just lurched further forwards you felt your heart stop, calling the only thing that came to mind.
"REO!!" your ex just laughed at you, but he was yanked back as you saw a familiar head of violet hair. your ex shouted as you huddled behind the suited back of your boyfriend, reo mikage.
"who the hell do you think you are?!" your ex was pissed as reo scoffed, shuffling around in his pocket. he then pulled out a black card and showed the man the name on the front.
"i'm reo mikage, president of mikage corporations. consider yourself fired." you watched as your ex fumed, reo shoving his card back into his wallet and holding you around your shoulder.
"do it. i have good lawyers, and we have camera and eyewitness evidence of you harassing her." he snapped and security dragged your ex out, he was kicking and screaming all sorts of obscenities.
reo kissed your cheek before hugging you tight, nuzzling his nose into the crook of your neck.
"need to buy you a necklace with my last name on it, or maybe i'll just make it your last name too..."
Tumblr media
if anything he just laughs at you having to deal with your ex, but the second he gets too pushy, chigiri loses his laughs and instead stands by your side glaring at him.
you were on call with chigiri a he drove over to meet you outside your favorite restaurant. he had just hung up to park as you waited patiently for him.
"is that you baby?" you didn't expect to see your ex here, he lived on the other side of japan, you ensured this when you moved very far away from him. he was mean, yelled a lot, the generic asshole ex.
you spun around to see him, stepping back as you just stared. maybe if you don't say anything he'll go away-
"i'm so sorry, please take me back. i promise that i'll be nicer, i miss you so much." he stood in front of you pleading as you winced, very much not wanting to have this conversation.
"erm- no, i can't. i already have a boyfriend." it was then you saw chigiri standing a little further away as he giggled while sending you a smirk. he probably thought this guy was hitting on you, not an ex. chigiri knows you can handle yourself usually, but this was a special situation.
your ex looked at you with his teeth bared, first clenched by his side as he glowered down at you. "so you've already moved on, must've never loved me. probably cheated too..."
you backed up further as he glared at you, suddenly feeling chigiri's comforting presence and smelling his cologne. he had an arm wrapped around your waist as he glared at your ex.
when your ex saw him he stepped back a bit, chigiri was pretty tall. and you ex was all bark no bite. the man just stalked off while chigiri kissed your temple.
"sorry pretty, didn't know that was your ex, he's ugly anyways."
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Abort Mission — Red Card
Isagi Yoichi x fem!reader
Tumblr media
Genre: fluff, humor and comfort
Summary: you have the bestest best boyfriend who's very understanding and would do whatever it takes to make you feel better ♡
Warnings: mentions of female anatomy, periods
Notes: wrote this lil' fic for my friend @marycorn after she told me that she wasn't feeling too good today — when you see this, I'm sending you love and hugs ♡
Tumblr media Tumblr media
When you came home today, you were sure your day couldn't get any worse and now?
You're sure your day reached its limits. The worst point.
The sofa is soft under your body but everything aches still and you can't even differentiate where the pain is truly coming from.
If only that was the truth. At the back of your mind you know, it's that furious demonic little baby birther that didn't get its will and is now causing trouble for you and your sanity. It feels like thousands of knifes are having a mosh pit in your abdomen.
Your boyfriend whom you live with, doesn't know of his luck but even if he knew, he's the softest bean with you. And with everyone else as long as he doesn't get to step on a football field.
Isagi comes home about one and a half hours after you and calls out to you immediately. "Y/n? Are you there?"
No response.
He feels a little empty for a second but a quick glance to the floor shows that you must be home, especially since your shoes are.
Is she asleep? That could be right? It's quite late after all. But he knows you'd usually wait up for him so he makes his way farther inside and that's where he notices you.
You're laying on your side on the sofa with your body curled into what looks like a ball from behind. A little smile makes its way upon Isagi's lips, that is until he hears a little whimper and sniffles. Oh no.
His feet carry him to stand by your side until he's close enough to bend down to your level. The smile that was once present on his face has now vanished and replaced itself with a little frown as he sees you. He doesn't even have to ask what's wrong, he's seen you like this for what feels like a million times and yet it breaks his heart over and over again.
His slightly cold hand runs through your hair and you are immediately ripped out of your little self-made trance. Your gaze meets his and a pained smile makes itself visible on your pouty lips as you greet him, "Welcome home, Yoi."
Isagi keeps stroking your hair but he can't help himself when a little sigh leaves his slightly parted lips. He wants to say something, anything.
Your uncurl yourself to sit up straight but Isagi thinks one step ahead. His hand that was busy with your hair only a few seconds prior is now situated on your lower tummy as he maneuvers you to lay down again. "Baby, why didn't you text me that you aren't feeling good? I would've come home earlier."
Your gazes meet once more and an unwanted tear slips past your waterline. Gosh, how you hated this. "It's okay, I didn't want to distract you from practice."
Isagi scoffs a little bit, albeit not meaning any harm at all. "You know you don't have to worry about that, I know how your body keeps pushing you month for month. Let me take care of you. Please."
More tears sneak their way out of your eyes to experience the light of the day but Isagi is fast enough to catch them with his thumb, wiping at your damp cheeks like he's wiping his enemies off the field.
"I'm sorr—" You are about to apologize but a soft kiss to your forehead stops your words from flowing. "No more apologizing. You do this every month and I keep telling you that it's fine. Please let me do this for you."
You relax under his gaze and Isagi kisses you one more time before getting up and making his way into the kitchen. You can hear rustling and clanking but with the state you are in right now, you couldn't be bothered less to look after whatever he's doing.
It takes him about 5 minutes to come back to bless you with his presence once again. He squats down in front of you and places a hot water bottle on your lower tummy with utmost care. His voice is soft when he speaks, "This is for your cramps and to warm you up a little, you've been shivering like crazy."
Then he reveals something else he had carried in his hands, "And this is for you to take once your tea is ready." You squint your eyes at the little shaky motion of his hand. Oh, he's holding painkillers.
Another smitten smile of his later and he is back on his feet, "I'll just go take off my jacket and wash up and then I'll be back. Don't run away, I'm bringing cuddles."
You're only realizing it now but he's actually made it his mission to look after you first before taking care of himself. Oh how glad you feel to have Isagi Yoichi in your life.
It takes another 15 minutes for Isagi to come back into the living room but he doesn't come empty handed. Your favorite plushie is in one of his hands while the other carries one of his hoodies and an extra blanket.
By now you're one hour into a movie that's playing long forgotten in the background, the quiet noise filling the otherwise quiet room as the two of you take a nap in each others embrace.
You're wearing a part of Isagi's and have him wrapped around your form. And suddenly you realize, even if only subconsciously, you've never felt warmer than when you're with him.
And suddenly your day is only half as bad as it was before.
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lunaviee · 3 days
isagi (canonically?) LOVES your thighs
whether he’s laying on top of them after a long day or if he’s just poking and squishing at them playfully while cuddling in bed
he absolutely adores when you wrap a leg around him (imagine that how you will, i ain’t implying anything here😇)
but yeah, imo he, and a lot of other bllk characters, would prefer a plus size reader bc omg isagi would go FERAL to see you in just his shirt and a pair of shorts
Tumblr media
p.s. i heart isagi guys did u know that
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Blue Lock art~💙
Tumblr media
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starlightoru-gojo · 3 days
Tumblr media
POV: How me and my bestfriend interact. 🤣
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stupidbluelockrants · 20 hours
blue lock anime sucks in showing rin’s emotions. why? cause when luna had mentioned sae to rin, the anime showed rin gritting his teeth as a way to saying rin “hates” him.
but in the manga, it clearly shows a sad longing face on rin. rin doesn’t hate sae, he just wants to beat his brother in football to show he is capable of doing the dream they used to share and wants to change his mind on japans future on football. rin is also open about his relationship with sae, saying it’s awkward between them but healthy. rin has no grudge against sae and just wants to fix their relationship a bit.
in the U-20 arc, when blue lock had won, sae had went to rin and rin’s eyes immediately lightened up and said “nii-chan” as he still adores his brother.
rin thought sae had finally acknowledged him, changed his mind, and wants to pick up where they left off at and chase their dreams once again.
but he was let down as soon sae had said the name “isagi yoichi.”
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mkmoo0 · 19 hours
Tumblr media
when barou passes the fucking ball
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Blue Lock FlashFic
Pairing: Bachira Meguru/Isagi Yoichi
Characters: Bachira Meguru, Isagi Yoichi
Warnings: none
Tags: Fluff, First Kiss, Blue Lock Manga Spoilers (kinda/mentioned)
Words: 312
A/N: i wrote this in 5 minutes and it was like,, my first ever fanfic idea for blue lock, so ye
Time was slowing down.
Cheers from the seats all over them, time was slowing down.
The referee whistled the end of the match, time was slowing down.
Bachira only saw him, him, he was screaming with all the strength he had, kneeling on the grass as everybody jumped to him, him.
Isagi Yoichi had scored the last goal.
Isagi Yoichi made them win the match.
And time was slowing down, everything was blurry, far were the sounds of the stadium, Bachira only heard his heart beating him his ears, his cheeks hurt from how much he was smiling, and he couldn't—
It was a particular series of events, Bachira blamed it on the adrenaline of having won, to be honest, but he just… he just couldn't help it.
He ran to him, him, him, his head screamed a single sentence, mantra in his ears, I love you, I love you, I love you, as he took his face in his hands and smashed his lips on his, a beat, barely three seconds later Bachira wasn't kissing him anymore, preferring to just look him in the eyes and say:
“You’re so amazing, I’m so happy I met you.”
To say that Isagi reacted to those words was… he didn't, at all, looking at him with wide eyes, Bachira could feel his head trying to work out just what had happened, he smiled at him, still holding his face.
“I'm proud of you,” Bachira said, and that maybe made something snap in Isagi, because he leaned in and kissed him again, smiling on his lips, neither of them couldn't have been happier.
Everything else was forgotten, the cheers and the shouts and their teammates commenting anything and everything, it wasn't important at all.
The only important thing for Bachira was kissing him, and so he did.
He couldn't have been happier than that.
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anestefi · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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seichira · 6 months
Hello! If I may, could I please ask for some headcanons of how Chigiri, Nagi, Bachira and Isagi would confess to the reader?
Tumblr media
✺ featuring — meguru bachira, hyoma chigiri, yoichi isagi, and seishiro nagi
✺ lumi’s note — this is my first time writing a request and coincidentally, also my first post for the bllk (best) boys! i hope you like it, anon!
Tumblr media
i have a very good reason to believe that meguru bachira just one day wakes up and decides that he loves you and is going to tell you. don’t get me wrong—his epiphany may be sudden, but this has been a long time coming, and it’s high time he tells you.
since this morning, meguru bachira is a man on a mission. he is going to tell you that he has feelings for you, and it has to be today. to be honest, meguru isn’t the type of person to come up with those cheesy and romantic gestures. he finds his own ways to do things, and confessing isn’t any different.
just like clockwork, you approach the school quadrangle with tree boxes where you always sit down on to read books and sometimes watch bachira as he shows you his tricks in football. it has been a routine of some kind to meet there every after class and you both liked it.
as for you, the presence of the boy is comforting after a long day even though you’re both just doing your own thing, but you know that he’s there and it’s enough. of course, who can forget the ice cream he buys you as a thanks for accompanying him while he plays football?
today, meguru is already there when you arrived. as always, his feet are already playing with the ball in some way even if he’s still in his school uniform. he’s cute like this, you think. in his point of view, while you close the distance between the two of you, he gets more and more excited to tell you.
“y/n! think fast!” before you know it, the ball is already flying towards you. although spending a lot of time with him has resulted in you knowing how to at least catch a ball, you opt to dodge it this time.
“what the heck, megs? you trying to kill me?”
he chuckled, “you have to catch it, y/n!”
you looked at him incredulously, “no, thank you. i came here to peacefully read my new copy of pride and prejudice, so if you may—”
“aw, come on! pick it up! pretty please?”
okay, let’s get this out of the way—meguru bachira has irresistible puppy eyes that can get him anything he wants. so, you do it and you picked up the ball.
“tell me what it says, pretty.”
your brows furrowed in confusion, but your instincts guided you to search the ball for whatever he meant. and there, in big, black, bold letters—i love you.
the scoff that comes out of your lips in insincere and the smile that creeps into your face is a telltale sign of how you feel the same way.
he grins, “well?”
“think fast, meguru!”
you aim the ball towards his head and throw it playfully, which he catches without effort. he looks at you expectantly.
“i love you too, idiot.”
he may or may not have kicked the ball so hard it reached the rooftop of the nearest building to the point where it cannot be retrieved, but who knows?
Tumblr media
oh dear, you have to tell him first or else, your happily ever after with him will end before it even started. he is very well aware of how he feels about you, but the 50/50 chance of you liking him back or not doesn’t sit well with him, and it makes him sick to his stomach imagining you rejecting him. he’d rather die than go through that heartbreak slash embarrassment. doesn’t do well with rejections. so, yeah.
it has been a frustrating month, to say the least, because chigiri has been acting weird. you guys went from basically acting like an old couple to casual acquaintances, and you don’t understand. not too long ago, everyone was expecting you to be together by the end of this year and truth to be told, you thought so too.
in chigiri’s defense, he is freaking out. his friends are pressuring him to man up and tell you how strongly he feels about you, but that is the problem. he feels too strongly and he’s afraid how rejection coming from your end will affect everything.
first, he’ll lose you and your friendship. followed by losing months of proper training because he’ll be nursing his heartbreak seriously. the odds aren’t in his favor, and it’s keeping him awake at night.
obviously, he has been thinking too much about this, that he hasn’t noticed how he’s hurting you in the present. he’s not showing up to your little picnics by the soccer field, he’s not responding to the cutesy sticky notes you hand to him in class, and he’s not even looking at you, much less talking to you.
“bro, you trying to become single forever, or what?” his friend, isagi, who absolutely has no game when it comes to girls as well, asks him.
“what do you mean?”
“just look at your pretty lil y/n,” isagi shamelessly points towards your direction in the cafeteria, and chigiri hurriedly puts his friend’s hand down.
but he sees what he means—you are looking at them with that faint melancholy in your eyes that you’re trying to hide. chigiri can only look away alongside the torturous feeling tugging at his heartstrings.
of course, she’s upset. i’m her friend and i haven’t been talking to her. i’ll just apologize once i sort these feelings out, he rationalizes.
that is only until you corner him as soon as he got out of the comfort room. you look confrontational and it has him terrified. he’s actually alone. with you. the person who he is head over heels in love with.
“spit it out, hyoma,” you demand with venom and hurt laced in your voice it almost makes him flinch.
since he’s backed against the wall and you’re standing inches right in front of him, he figures running away isn’t the right thing to do in this situation.
“tell me straight up and end my agony. i’ll try my best to fix whatever problem you have with me, but i can’t do that if you won’t tell me!”
“w-what do you mean?” is all he could muster because his brain can only process the fact that he can smell your perfume and natural scent from here and it is sending him on a frenzy.
god, he is so damn in love with you.
however, he is pulled out of his reverie when he hears your small sniffles and when he catches sight of your tears.
no, no, no.
don’t cry. not for me. not for anyone.
“is it because you found out that i’m in love with you, hyoma? is… is that why you’ve been avoiding me? you could have just told me and i’d do my best to fall out of love with you if that’s what it takes for you to remain friends with me—”
a string of patience breaks within him, and with that comes a breath of pure relief as he grabs your nape to pull you in on a kiss.
“but i don’t wanna be friends,” he whispers in between kisses. “i love you too. i love you, baby.”
Tumblr media
he claims that he has loved you ever since you were both kids to everyone who asks him who you are (yes, everyone knows that this nerd is in love with you except… well, you). it was only when he had to go away to blue lock for some time that he realizes he needs to confess to you before spending time apart, and also because he is scared he’d lose you to your other admirers.
isagi is restless.
it’s valentine’s day and he just witnessed your locker throw up a bunch of love letters from losers who are confessing their undying love for you. idiots. if anyone here has undying love for her, it’s me.
despite knowing that no one will love you more than he does, he is still all fidgety and nervous because unlike those losers, he hasn’t confessed to you.
it’s ridiculous. you have been together basically since kindergarten and has been inseparable since then. both of you have seen each other in their highs and lows. you have laughed and cried together. you have made plans for a future where the other is present.
isn’t it already a given that he loves you? does he really have to say it at this point? you must know, right? you know him. he doesn’t even have to talk and you already know what he’s thinking. there is no way that you don’t know he loves you.
“oh, wow—this is a lot!” you exclaim, mostly thankful for all the love that literally just poured out of your locker for you. “it’s like twice as many as last year.”
you start picking up the letters and chocolates on the ground, which isagi helps you with. he is the designated eater of the chocolates you can’t finish.
“too bad they don’t got a chance—” he starts, and you interrupt him to disagree.
“i don’t think so, yoichi. we’re in the right age to be dating people. also, you’ll be leaving me alone once you attend that training, so it wouldn’t hurt to give one of them a chance.”
poor isagi deflates upon hearing that. it never occurred to him that you will be with someone else. to him, it will always be you and him. there could be no extras in your story.
oh, boy. was he wrong to be so complacent. apparently, you have no damn clue that your childhood friend has always loved you. and now, he’s on a dilemma and his other friends have to hear about it.
“it’s your fault, though?” nagi states the obvious. “you never told her, so how’d she know? boring.”
meguru nods eagerly, “but it’s fine, yoichi! there will always be someone out there for you. but of course, you’ll have to suffer watching her with someone else first.”
when he realizes that his friends are no help at all, he takes matters into his own hands and put aside his doubts for a while to muster up the courage to finally confess to you after years of pining.
the day before he goes away for training, he offers to walk you home like he always does. the difference of today from all the other days is that he pulls your wrist just right before you disappear into your door.
“wait a minute,” he says.
you face him again, and without a word, he locks a necklace around your neck with a pendant of a small soccer ball with his initial in the middle. your lips part in awe and in realization of what he is about to say, but you find yourself speechless at how he’s looking at you with the softest eyes he could give only you, with the setting sun behind him.
“i never told you this, but i want you to rememember it starting from now. i love you. i want you to be mine, and mine alone. and this may sound selfish, but will you wait for me until i get back?”
you sigh and caress his cheek on your palm. “honey, i have always loved you too. i am yours already. of course, i will wait for you. so don’t worry about me and do your best over there, alright?”
“you’ll be here when i get back?”
“i’ll be here when you get back.”
Tumblr media
the realization hits him in the middle of a football game. he can’t stop thinking about you and it has been affecting his games. there’s no other explanation for that, right? he likes you. and he has to tell you in front of the ocean of people watching because he just can’t wait but ease the bugging feeling in his stomach.
nagi is not playing like usual, and coach ego has scolded him like five times since the game started.
him being himself, he can’t even bring himself to care because his mind is plagued with thoughts of you. he wants to play and see the field on a levelheaded point of view to match with isagi’s tactics, but boy, are you annoying. you are all he can think about, and it is frustrating him!
“what kinda bullshit was that, nagi?!” reo shouts at him from across the field because the white-haired boy failed to catch the ball meant for him. “focus!”
“i’m really fucking trying, man!” he shouts back painfully and truthfully, because he really is trying but it doesn’t seem to be working.
the game continues on and all nagi can think about are your lips and how they move whenever you smile, your eyes whenever you talk about something you love, your hair when the autumn air makes it dance like leaves on trees, or your small pout when he refuses to give in to your whims!
“goddammit!” he frustratingly utters as he tries to steal the ball from the opponent. he is too close to succeeding until his brain once again flashes a memory of you laughing like the beautiful human being you are.
“you got this, sei!” you cheer from the bleachers, and your voice is much too distinct for his ears not to hear it. almost faster than the speed of light, he looks at you. his breath gets stuck in his throat as soon as he sees you in his jersey, waving up a huge banner with his name on it. in that split second, he got tackled by the players running on the field.
“fucking hell! that’s it!” he grumbles. “oh, y/n. you are damn annoying. making me fall in love with you like a fool. annoying! annoying! annoying!”
ego substitutes him out of the game, and he takes that chance to climb up the bleachers to approach you. the game is yet to restart, so a lot of eyes are on him and his annoyed expression.
you, however, know better. he may be annoyed, but definitely not by you, even though he’s staring straight at you ask he walks. you smile at him.
“you okay, sei?” you ask in concern because he just got tackled to the ground moments before reaching you. “you’ve been out of focus—”
“because you’re here, dammit.”
you laugh through your nose, “what? i thought you wanted me to come watch the game, seishiro..”
“can’t focus now. i don’t know what to do. i can’t stop thinking about you. what’re you doing to me, huh? stop it right now! we need to win!”
“i’m not doing anything, though?”
“that! that pout! stop it!”
seishiro nagi looks incredibly cute like this. he is literally towering over you in his 6’3 prowess and yet, he throws tantrums like a little boy.
“what exactly am i doing to you, sei?”
“you make me want to leave the damn field so i can climb up here to kiss you! because i love you! and i can’t stop thinking about you in that huge jersey!”
your heart overflows with the sudden confession from the boy you have liked for some time now, plus the fact that you have an entire stadium before you, but you are not complaining. not at all.
you take the initiative to tiptoe and kiss seishiro nagi in hopes that it will calm him down to last the game.
“i love you too, sei. no need to be so restless, hm? i’ll be watching from here and i’m not going anywhere, so you better focus!”
like the small peck wasn’t enough, he carries you by your waist to press a deeper kiss on your lips that he has only ever dreamed of kissing.
“okay. i guess that helps. see you after the game.”
he scores the winning goal, and everyone can tell that he is impatient. they are right. as soon as the game ends, he runs to celebrate with you in his arms.
Tumblr media
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marycorn · 1 month
𝐖𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐛𝐞 𝐦𝐲 𝐕𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐞~
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
♡ Summary: What you'd get them on valentine's, and how they'd repay the favor on white day~
♡ feat. Yoichi, Rin, Nagi
♡ Short drabbles, school setting, mutual pining <3
Tumblr media
𝐘𝐨𝐢𝐜𝐡𝐢 𝐈𝐬𝐚𝐠𝐢
Before becoming blue lock's star and being known nationwide, Yoichi wasn't very popular at his high school. He had his small group of friends, the soccer team, and you, the girl he's crushing on. But since Yoichi's friends always kindly reminded him of the fact that he's nothing more than "average", both in looks and personality, he never thought he'd stand a chance, if he were to ask you out. 
Which is why his heart won't help but take a joyful leap as he opens his shoe locker on the morning of the 14th of February, valentine's, and finds a small box inside. 
He knows you're the one that's placed it inside, the box is tied off with the ribbon you usually wear in your beautiful hair. Hesitantly, Yoichi takes it out, shaky hands untying the delicately tied bow and lifting the lid. Inside he finds a handful of what seem to be handmade chocolates. Perfectly round pralines topped off with delicate swirls of white chocolate. The thought that you carefully crafted every single one of these for him, out of all people, makes heat creep up in Yoichis cheeks. 
"Oohhhhhh, a girl got her eye on you~ lucky guy!" His friend teases, cooing while walking past, causing Yoichi to flush up to his neck. "You're just jealous, man!" He replies with a cocky grin and his friend laughs.
While the raven-haired boy sits at home, savoring the delicious chocolates, he thinks about how he could repay the favor to you. 
Should he just give you chocolate as well, or maybe a little gift, hand cream or perfume? Everything doesn't seem good enough. 
March rolls around and white day is right around the corner, yet Yoichi is clueless about what to gift you. "Oh, Yocchan, I never thought you'd ask me for advice with girls, you're only ever interested in soccer. Who would have thought~" She teases, swooning over the fact that her son does indeed have a love life. "Mom, stop, I really need your help!" 
"You want to give her something that comes from the heart, so why not give her handmade chocolates as well. You can add a nice card, with a love poem on it, Yocchan, that will surely win her heart." 
"Y/N! I would like to give you something!" Yoichi exclaims, once the two of you are alone in the classroom, he's lucky that both of you are on cleaning duty today. He was tempted to just put the present into your locker, but there was a part of Yoichi that wanted to give it to you personally, that wants to see your reaction. 
Your soft lips curl into a soft smile, and you take the box from his hands, fingertips grazing his hands, causing the striker to flush even more. "Thank you Isagi." You say with a polite bow. 
You smile at the handwritten note attached to the box, the poem short and sweet. 
Roses are red, violets are blue, 
the stars are bright, 
like my love for you. 
Eveytime I see you, my heart pours, 
So I would like to ask you, 
To make me yours <3 
"Who knew you could be so poetic." You say before gently embracing him. 
𝐑𝐢𝐧 𝐈𝐭𝐨𝐬𝐡𝐢
It's no secret that Rin Itoshi is the school's most popular boy, which is why he can only roll his eyes as he walks into the classroom, and is met with the sight of a pile of gifts on his table. It's the same every year, and Rin couldn't care less for the countless chocolates and miscellaneous other presents his classmates gift him on valentine's. 
What does catch Rin's eye tho, piquing his interest and causing his heart to skip a beat, is a small box on top of the pile. A familiar looking bow adorns the lid of it, and Rin can't hold back the pink blush spreading across his cheeks as he picks it up. 
He knows it's from you, the only girl he's ever had eyes for, ever. Rin has had a crush on you since seeing you on the first day of school, and he was beyond ecstatic when he got to be your seatmate ever since. (of course he didn't show that tho)
"Wow, Mr popular~" you chime as you walk into the classroom and Rin quickly shoves the present back onto the pile, trying to compose himself. 
"What do I even do with all of this stuff?" He mutters, "how do I even get all of this home?" 
"I guess eat the chocolate...?" You ask while sitting down. "This is like a year's worth tho." He says with a frown and then looks over at you. You're currently unwrapping the wool scarf around your neck and taking off your jacket, you look oh so cute, Rin thinks to himself. "Here, you take some." 
"No, they are yours!! Some girls put a lot of effort into these chocolates!" You protest, but Rin shoves a bunch of boxes onto your desk nonetheless. "And if I don't eat them, that effort will go to waste!" He argues, and you huff, stuffing the boxes and bags into your backpack. "Thanks." You grumble, but can't help but notice that he was very careful to keep a particular box to himself, having secretly put it into his bag. 
At home, Rin finally has the peace he needs to open the present, inside he finds a variety of candied fruits and a handwritten note. 'I know you're not a big fan of chocolate, so maybe fruits can tickle your fancy <3' he smiles softly as he plops the sugar-coated strawberry into his mouth, it's sweet but not the point where it's obnoxious, he likes it, Rin finds himself craving for more, similar to your company that he just can't get enough of.
Now for how to repay the favor...something came to Rin's mind immediately. He should've done this a long time ago anyway. 
"Hey, y/n about that gift you gave me on valentine's." He says bluntly. 
"W-What do you mean I didn't-" 
"I know it was you. I want to repay the favor by taking you out on a date on white day." 
Rin Itoshi has never been this nervous, and you have probably never been this happy, your smile beaming and blinding the raven haired striker as you eagerly agree. 
𝐒𝐞𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐨 𝐍𝐚𝐠𝐢
Due to his...nonchalant nature, Nagi wasn't even aware of the fact it's Valentine's Day until Reo reminded him, talking about all the gifts he's already found in his locker this morning. According to Reo his shoe compartment was about to bust from the amount of things in there, apparently he couldn't even close the door of it and Ba-ya has to help him get all the gifts home later. 
Nagi doesn't care for all of that tho, in fact he doesn't care for valentine's at all. Why would he, after all, it's not like he's going to get gifted anything anyway. While Reo keeps talking his ears off about what a great tradition Valentine's Day is, they both enter the classroom. 
Nagi's eyes widen at the sight before him, on his desk there's a small box, it's tied off with a red ribbon and about as big as his hand. Was he being pranked? Maybe there's something disgusting inside, a fake spider?
Hesitantly, Nagi lifts the lid, peering inside. "Chocolates..." he mutters, lifting the lid fully. "Oh, someone's got their eye on you?" Reo coos, elbowing Nagi's side. "Seems like it, but who would-" pink dusts his cheeks upon catching you staring at him. Now that you've been busted staring, you hastily turn around and act like you're busy flipping through the exercise book. 
"I guess you've got your answer. So our little miss manager has a thing for you~" Reo says with a wide smile, shoving his elbow into Nagi's side once again before going to his seat. 
So it was you, the football club's manager that always takes such great care of everyone...who always is so nice to him, so incredibly sweet. Heat rushes to Nagi's cheeks as he realizes your feelings aren't one-sided, he adores you just as much as you (probably) like him. 
"Hey Reo... I need your advice." Nagi mutters, the two of them training while the sun is already about to set. His purple haired friend meets his gaze, signaling that he's listening, "What do I get a girl that I like...like really like."
Reo can't help but snort at the question. Nagi interested in girls? Being in love? That's something new thing... 
Reo smiles at his soccer partner, who's now sheepishly avoiding his gaze. "Mhhh, you wanna know how to return the favor of receiving chocolates for valentine's?" He asks, even tho Reo knows this is exactly why Nagi is asking for advice. The white-haired genius nods, "I say spoil her." Reo replies with a big grin. "Get her really expensive chocolates, or maybe perfume…jewelry perhaps?" 
"I don't have any money Reo..." Nagi interrupts with a deadpan expression. "Oh, don't worry about that! It's on me!" 
You're stunned when you open your locker and are met with the sight of two presents inside, chocolates and perfume. Who...your gaze falls onto a white-haired soccer genius, that's looking at you from the corner of his eye, trying to be inconspicuous. It will probably still be a long way until the two of you are completely honest about your feelings, but you're certainly headed in the right direction. 
Tumblr media
A/n: I hope everyone has a nice valentine's, wether you're spending it with a partner or as a single <33 I'm currently very stressed with school but I still wanted to put out something for this holiday of love (although I have to admit I don't love these drabbles)
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reotheworld · 2 months
hold it right there! this is the cock block police!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
❝ just think about us, the night is long ❞
➜ how they almost lose their virginity with you
➜ fem!reader
sugar level: 100% | cw: nsfw, fingering, cunnilingus, breast play, handsy make out sessions, consent specified in each parts, mdni!
click this to read part 2
in the beginning of the relationship, shy touches of holding hands and kissing each other's cheeks were some of the display of affections you and isagi would share. of course, those slowly grew out to become long lasting hugs of comfort or sharing of warmth to tasting each other's mouths as the relationship progresses in the later months.
"keep the door open, yo chan!" his mother would always remind him whenever you'd drop by at their house, causing him to mumble incoherent words of annoyance, not having the chance to make a bold move on you.
"would you like to look at yoichi's baby pictures, y/n?" his father would ask, stirring your attention from him and into his printed pictures of when he was still a little ball of joy in the photo album his parents' treasures.
"you have such a cute butt!"
"y/n didn't needed to see that-"
but when one day comes and he's home alone with you, isagi doesn't hesitate to get you on top of him, hands on the cheeks of your butt, guiding your hips to grind on him, loving the sounds you emit from your lips.
it was through your consent that had you two now in this position, him hovering on your top between your legs, buttons of your uniform blouse undone, your face flushed from the make out session. when isagi felt a little bolder, he hooked his fingers on the waistband of your panty, ready to unpeel the clothing for you when-
"y/n! isagi! we bought watermelon bread and red tea from the convenient store!"
seeing you and his mother getting along so well made bachira's heart swell with happiness. the only two women he needed in his life are getting along, of course he has every right to be happy!
"when he was a little boy, he liked my oil in canvas portrait of the monster!"
"oh! may i see that portrait too, mother?"
in the relationship, bachira absolutely has nothing to hide from you. as early as getting together with him, what's his is yours too! and despite his playful personality, he always makes sure you're comfortable with him and in any place you two are at.
even when you've given him your consent and you're comfortable with giving him your first. hands experimenting each other's bodies, touching sensual points like ears and neck, kisses that leaves you two wanting for more.
just like an ice melting when the sun finally rises, the want to step the relationship further begins to unfold.
handsy make out sessions in the back of the school or inside his room when his mother is out, hand slipping inside your panty during movie night; two fingers entering your wet pussy and the lost focus on the movie (with the blanket concealing the hidden motive), shoving his hands inside your shirt to grope your breast while rubbing his hard on against your butt cheeks.
"huh? where are you going?" his mother asks as she catches sight of her son fixing his backpack in the living room. "i'm about to finish cooking dinner."
"i'm going to pick up y/n in the station. i wanted to see her too-" before he could even continue with what he needs to say, a pack of condom came out.
despite having two little sisters, baro doesn't think it's going to be a problem. and that's the problem!
"baro nii, we want to play with y/n!"
"baro nii, when is y/n going to come over?"
"yeah! she promised to play dolls with us!"
he loves his little sisters he really do, but sometimes, he wants to let them understand that he needs alone time with you. time wherein they don't monopolize you from him.
"i thought were going to watch this movie?"
"your sisters are so cute! playing tea time with them is so nice! i even met mr scruffy!"
"who's scruffy?"
but when the gods above has finally noticed how he's suffering, the day wherein it's just you two in his house finally came. and baro didn't wasted any time with the consent that you have bestowed upon him.
"ah! what if..." you huff between breathing, cheeks light pink in color while your boyfriend's situated between your legs, having them over his shoulders. "...what if...they get back?"
"fat chance, baby." baro replies, sliding his hands up to grope your breasts through your clothing, deepening his tongue inside your pussy.
"we're home!" the front door opens, followed by sounds of rushed footsteps.
"y/n is here!"
"y/n please play with us!"
immediately halting and pulling away from each other, the two of you have never dressed so quickly. embarrassed and baro groaning in frustration.
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notaliarr · 3 months
monster trio⚽️
Tumblr media
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katsutora · 3 months
ft. isagi yoichi ; itoshi rin ; nagi seishiro ; bachira meguru ; chigiri hyōma ; itoshi sae
summary: how they are when you’re busy but they’re not
note: did you call, egoist? your fluff writer could only be me. NO JK ashsjdjahahah i love you guys sm though! thanks for the support! <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ㅤㅤthe sanest one a very decent one. idles somewhere near you because he doesn’t want to bother you, but obviously keeps tabs on you and will bring you snacks and drinks once in a while. a walking convenient store. will also drape a blanket over your shoulders when he notices it’s getting cold. sooo attentive 1000/10. he loves helping you so he’ll definitely feel honored if you ask for his contribution — though it’ll catch him off-guard too. “yoichi.” “!!” he can be funny like that. will carry you to bed regardless of whether not you fall asleep at the end. chef’s kiss. in conclusion: get you an isagi yoichi.
ㅤㅤgets... surprisingly clingy? yep, he’s battling his pride. whenever he’s mustered up enough courage to call your name, it’s instantly defeated by his overthinking and so the words died out in his throat. looks like a lost puppy just sitting there in the corner of the room. the embodiment of a CCTV, watchtower incarnate. very quiet too it’s kind of unsettling. when you finally turn to look at him, he’s going to pretend as if he didn’t spend the past thirty minutes trying to figure out how to get your attention. “rin, haven’t you watched this match five times already?” “and? you took five whole hours finishing up one lukewarm task.” gasp. man needs a subtitle like [you didn’t give me any attention for five hours straight and now i'm sad]. is down bad for cuddles and horror movie night but only if you ask him lmfao.
ㅤㅤdoesn’t care. flops on top of you. needs to be constantly reminded that he is, in fact, 190cm. NAPS in that position if you still don’t give him attention (a menace fr). spends the entire day attached to your hip like that. no but in all seriousness, he only pesters you like this if he thinks you’re overworking yourself. will just drag a seat beside you and go about his day (re: ranking up in games and watching matches chigiri recommended to him + annoying barou in the group chat) if you’re just finishing a task. fidgets with your fingers the moment he finds your hand idling; leans his head on your shoulder when his game character dies. good for you.
ㅤㅤcurious on what’s gotten you so caught up that he didn’t see you around the house for hours. once he realizes you’re doing some work, he immediately channels his inner motivational speaker. your #1 supporter fr. “you go!” “you can do it!” “you’re doing great!” but he kinda derailed halfway through so … “eat 3 square meals per day!” “get 8 hours of sleep!” “drink 8 glasses of water!” ?? sure, that’s probably just his way of telling you not to forget to take care of yourself. oh and he’s also made himself comfortable in a blanket fort that’s definitely not sloppily constructed to persuade you to take a break. BSJDBKSNDKS !! d-did something just collapse? “meguru?” *MUFFLED SCREAMING*
ㅤㅤyour cup: *exists* ; chigiri: *slowly pushing it to the edge* lmao. likes to think he’s very patient (not at all he's kinda bored). tried calling your name four times to no avail. the first one was only met with a short reply, then you merely hummed in response to the second and third one. got hella confused when you finally didn’t react at all. at some point, he found himself laying his head on your lap, somehow managing to squeeze in between you and the desk. how? kept staring at you trying to catch your attention but you wouldn’t budge, so he resorted to booping your nose. occasionally reaches a hand across your face to test your patience focus. congratulations, you have a house cat.
ㅤㅤit’s only fair that he finds himself right beside you just like you’ve always been there beside him — every step of the way. he’s doing random stuffs to pass the time: scrolling through his phone, ignoring rin’s texts, watching a game, reading a magazine, etc. mmm what’s that second one again? will tuck your hair away for you if it’s falling onto your face. places a hand over the sharp corner of the table to protect your head when you’re trying to grab something from the floor. will stay up with you if you’re determined to finish up the work despite having an early morning practice tomorrow. “aren’t you tired, sae?” “aren’t you?” “not at all because you’re here with me.” yk who’s tired? his manager having to reschedule all his appointments because he ended up oversleeping. help.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
© 2023 katsutora ; do not repost and/or translate and/or claim my works
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oo-mi-ru-oo · 10 hours
Blue Lock art~💙
Tumblr media
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reehlia · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Blue Lock ED
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