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can i request for a mean!spencer x bau!reader? like they are not enemies but there's just this really intense sexual tension with prompts 2, 30, 48, and 49? thank you!
#2 "I wouldn't fuck you if you were the last person on earth.” #30 "You're not as hot as you think you are.” #48 "You belonged to me before I even made you mine.” #49 "I'm so fucking obsessed with you.”
A/N: Thank you for requesting! Sorry it took almost an entire season to get it done 😭 I hope it's as good as you expected it would be :D
Warnings: slight BDSM themes, Dom!Spencer, dry humping, choking, thigh riding, finger sucking, cum play, facial, penetrative sex, use of contraception, probably more that I don't remember right now... 18+ Minors DNI
Tumblr media
There was no one you wanted to spend the night with less than Spencer Reid.
He was annoying, and frustrating and most importantly never knew when to shut the fuck up.
No one was better at getting under your skin, and no one seemed to relish it quite like he did. It wasn't that you hated the man, just that he had the presence of an unkillable mosquito in your life.
He was irritating.
“Y/N, are you even listening to me?”
“I try not to make a habit of it,” you rolled your eyes, pushing past the man as you both finally made it to your motel room for the night.
You weren't sure if this was divine punishment or Emily's idea of a joke, but you'd ended up with Reid as your roomie for the next week.
As your case location was remote and as back waters as it could get, you'd ended up needing to bring Penelope Garcia along with you physically. And with only four rooms available, the eight members of your team had to all scramble for acceptable roommates and, having gotten off the jet last, you'd drawn the short straw.
Rossi had been quick to pair up with Luke, citing Spencer's snoring habit as reason enough, and the girls had happily fallen into two pairs. It was your lucky day.
With your hands busy with your bags, you tossed the key to Spencer quickly and waited for him to unlock the door, eager to escape the cold chill of the night.
“Hurry up, Spencer, or we'll both turn into popsicles out here.”
“Not only is that physically impossible, but it also isn't that cold out here, Y/N. Don't you think you're being a bit sensitive.”
You stuck your tongue out at him and he let out a sharp chuckle as he finally managed to unlock the door.
Despite your best wishes, stepping over the threshold didn't solve your problems. Instead it seemed to present even more.
“Fuck, how is it colder in here than it is out there?” You said, shivering violently as you stood in the doorway. If you thought that was reason enough to cure though, you thought you'd practically spit fire when you saw the sleeping arrangements for the night.
“Are you fucking kidding me?” Your body forgot its fight to keep warm, letting your blood run cold as you found yourself face to face with one singular, though large, bed. Another cursory glance around, and the heart motifs on the walls and pink themes cushions on the bed suggested that this was likely the motels joke of a Honeymoon Suite.
“Emily did mention that we booked out their last four rooms.” Spencer said, walking up beside you and frowning deeply as he took in the same scene you did.
“She said nothing about the rooms being igloos though, Spencer. I never thought hypothermia was going to be my cause of death after spending the night with you in the room.”
“You think I'd shoot you.”
“I think I'd shoot myself.”
He scowled a little at that and moved to check the room's thermostat. Although it was presently reading 215° so you didn't know how much good that could do.
“There's no sofa,” you grumbled as you watched Spencer move to the small bathroom.
“And there's no hot water. And according to the sign on that table, there's nothing we can do about it until the morning.” You picked up the sign yourself, just to verify and practically moaned in frustration.
“This is insane, we'll freeze to death.”
“It has to drop below 32° in here for us to even possibly freeze death. There's no wind, rain and we have blankets, so maybe you should focus less on being dramatic and more on what we can be doing to warm up.”
“I'm sorry, Doctor Genius, whatever can I do to warm up? Please impart some of your wonderful knowledge on me, I beg.” His eyes flashed with some annoyance and you quietly enjoyed the expression, happy to have affected him as much as he affected you.
“You can start by stripping.” It was his turn to enjoy the abject look of horror that crossed your face in that moment, and you were convinced that of he let even a hint of a laugh out, you'd throttle the man.
“I'm sure you'd just love that,” you grumbled, crossing your arms over your chest.
“Well, there's no water, no thermostat and no other source of heat, so if you're so worried about hypothermia, there's only one solution viable to us right now.”
“You're joking. You want us to huddle together for warmth?” You backed yourself into a corner as you tried to distanced yourself from him as he suddenly began divesting himself of clothing.
As soon as he reached the top buttons of his shirt, you let out a quick squeak and turned around.
“Unless you want me to watch you get undressed too, I suggest you hurry up and do it before I get into bed.”
You quietly cursed and started unwrapping each of your layers, fingers fumbling with the cold already seeped into your skin.
“I am not getting naked, Spencer Reid.”
“I didn't ask you to. Just get comfortable.” You turned around to shoot him a glare, but when you noticed his back was turned - and bare - you lost all memory of the purpose of the movement.
You'd never quite realised before how broad his back was. His shoulders looked strong despite his lithe frame, twisting rather attractively as he pulled his nightshirt over his head. You were almost disappointed that he wasn't facing you, suddenly curious about Spencer Reid's happy trail.
You snapped yourself out of it and continued to change, wrapping your coat around your waist to hide your legs as you switched your pants to your sleep shorts. It was an awkward fumble, but at least the lights were low.
When you were finally ready, your steps back to the bed were hurried and near painful as you felt colder than ever.
Spencer was already there, and without a second thought, you pulled the quilts up and plastered yourself to his side. He was the only thing in the entire room offering you a modicum of warmth, and you weren't going to let your personal hot water bottle go just because everything that came out of his mouth was hot air.
“So you're a big fan of this now, huh?” He said, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you in. Your back was pressed against his chest as you both laid on your sides, piles of duvet and blankets laid out on top of you. You hated to admit it, but this position was comfortable.
Maybe it was just months of working cases non-stop and perpetual singleness, but the feeling of a man at your back was infinitely pleasing.
“Don't expect anything more Spencer Reid. I wouldn't have sex with you if you were the last man alive.” The words were harsh, and if you were being honest, a little bit untrue. Your small peak at his back earlier had definitely sparked an interest in you that was bubbling up in your throat. Like bile.
“You don't have to worry about that. You're actually not as hot as you think you are.” His words were tinged with the same faux bitterness as yours, but you refused to hear it. Instead all you felt was another unpleasant heat spreading throughout you, quiet anger plotting in your stomach.
You knew you probably shouldn't push it, but you needed Spencer to eat those words. Desperately.
Your mind ticked through a few options before landing on one. If you were so unattractive, then surely there's no way he'd physically react to you.
Scooting your body closer to his, you take advantage of the less than comfortable bed, making each of your movements similar to ones you would make when getting comfortable. Except, of course, with the added bonus of making sure your ass pressed directly up against his crotch, moving up and down and grinding into him.
You felt him slightly stiffen behind you, and decided that a few we'll time groans of frustration could go a long way to spurring him on.
So you began letting little gasps and sighs out, graduating to moans when you thought he wouldn't question it, each small movement rubbing against him deliberately.
What you'd failed to remember though, was his hand on your waist. Although you knew he was awake beside you, despite the now late hour and somewhat comfortable bed, his hand held you firm. Or it did until you risking bounced yourself gently against him, and his now limp hand slipped underneath your shirt.
The moan you released then was genuine, the cool touch of his fingers against your burning skin causing you to flush and shiver at the same time. You cursed your earlier self for valuing your comfort over your general peace of mind, because as Spencer's hand once again settles centimetres away from the edge of your boob, you desperately wished for your bra back.
You stopped moving, hoping that if you just pretended to sleep for a few minutes, his hand would reach higher and he'd prove to you that he did think you were attractive. He didn't though, showing off how gentlemanly he was. It pissed you off. Most of his good qualities pissed you off, and you were sure that said more about you than him .
You tried your best to just give in, to even out your breathing and let the black haze of sleep take over but his hands on you were maddening, and you found your body reacting in much the same ways you'd wished him to react.
It didn't help that he'd casually shifted his lower body away from you slightly in your stillness, letting himself fall onto his back rather than his side. As he made this shift, his hand trailed across the expanse of your body before cutting all contact with you altogether.
So much for huddling for warmth if all he had to do to return you to record heats was stroke you like that.
You needed to feel him again, so, feigning the most realistic sleeplike movements you could muster, you turned your body in his direction, and placed your head over his chest. You weren't finished, just proceeding with caution. Your hands obviously fell over his chest, if slightly lower than you'd expect.
It was only when your leg finally came up over his that he broke his silence.
“I know you're awake, Y/N,” he whispered in your ear, a solid hand on your thigh holding it down right over his crotch. You felt your prize and grinned in your sleep.
He was hard. You'd won. It was time to play.
You opened your mouth to purr victoriously at him, but he moved so abruptly you were never expecting it.
Shifting his hands to your ass, he hauled your body over him, letting his hands stay on your hips as he began to help you shift them back and forth. You moaned at the friction, even as your head stayed rested on his chest. The movements were shallow, just a teasing but you already felt more aroused than you had in months. Slowly, your hips started moving for themselves and his hands moved onto more important things.
“Am I suddenly the last man on Earth, Y/N?” He smiled, tipping your head up so you could make eye contact with him.
“Go to hell.”
“I think we're already there, don't you?” With that, his large hands sat you up, meeting with no resistance as you let yourself become pliable.
“Show me.” He whispered, hands right on your hips, pushing into your flesh just a touch part forceful.
“Show you what?” You narrowed your eyes, but you knew exactly what it was he wanted and that you weren't going to out up much a resistance before giving it to him.
“Show me how much you want to fuck me. Since your mouth isn't honest, I'm going to have to listen to your body.” You let your hands fall to his chest, pushing lower until you reached the hem of his shirt. He'd pushed the quilts off of your torso, letting the cold air attack your upper body, so you knew your hands were cold, and the hiss he let out at the contact was satisfying enough to shut up and actually start following his directions.
You shifted your body up and down, grinding and dry humping his crotch, wishing for him to stop being a tease and just get it over with.
He wasn't letting you compromise, though. Each small sound that left your body met with a soft smirk from him, each halt in your movements a prod from his hands. You'd tried to still your hips entirely once out of frustration, but he'd delivered a slap to your ass that had you gushing, desperate to reach a release even if he'd only allow you it this way.
“I don't think you're trying hard enough.” His voice was lower than before, something gravelly to it as he began pulling your clothing off one item at a time. Your sweater went first, before he flipped your positions and shimmered your shorts off your body, taking underwear soon after and then you were bare to him and he was rolling you once again.
“That's better. Now, where were we?” He moved your hips for you again, but his eyes stayed focused in the rigid peaks of your nipples, bouncing with each rock of your hips. You weren't sure if it was the cold temperature of the room or your sheer need to cum that had them reacting, but you knew he was seconds away from wrapping his tongue around one and giving into you, so you just accepted it.
His hands stayed put, still on your hips, though the direct contact was heating you slightly more. If you looked down, you were sure you'd see a wet patch against his sweat pants, so you didn't.
You just moaned and whimpered searching for your orgasm on top of him.
“What's wrong, Y/N? Do you need my help to finish?” He noticed your every insecurity, your weakness and exploited it. You were running close to inconsolable, desperate to hit that climax now, more than ever before, so you just nodded at him profusely, desperate for him to touch you in whatever way he could.
It wasn't his hand you felt on your clit, though. It was your own, he wrapped a hand around your fingers and bought them up to the correct stop, showing you exactly what he'd like to see.
“Touch yourself, Y/N. Touch yourself and wish it was me.” With the friction from grinding against him for so long, the satisfaction from the rigid tent underneath you and your hands taking his guidance, it was really not long before your pussy finally twitched familiarly and sighed, soaking his pants underneath you as you shuddered in delight.
He had to ruin your moment of bliss by talking.
“Is that enough, slut? Or do you really need to be filled right now?”
You didn't care if he saw you sticking your tongue down his throat as you collapsed on top of his chest as an answer to that question, or if he saw it as what it was - a desperate attempt to shut him up. All you knew was that he tasted sweet and hot, and that his hand wrapped around your throat was also hot as he pulled you up and off of him.
“Let me be clear. I am in charge.” A simple shift of his legs was enough to flip your positions, landing on top of you ungrateful, but you didn't care.
Using his new high ground, he wedged your legs open and slid a single finger inside you as you moaned. He too found success in silencing you by sticking his tongue down your throat, forcing you to battle him for dominance you knew he'd never allow you.
Having cum only moments before, you truly believed that there was no way he was going to push another one out of you after so little time. The night was full of surprises though.
As you relaxed into his intrusion, he opened you up with a second finger, then a third. You already felt yourself building towards your end goal, but it was his head dropping to tour cold nipples that finally had you cumming around his fingers. His mouth was wet, tongue warm against your skin, and he toyed with you so effectively, you practically forgot your previous qualms.
“See? You belong to me before I've even made you mine.” It irked you that he was right. Had this been any other man, you're sure you'd be bragging about such passionate sex for weeks with your friends. You were resentful that it was him, but you didn't want it to end yet.
Your arms pulled up to hide your face as he traced kisses up and down your chest, fingers coming free to pay attention to your since abandoned nipples.
“I can't wait to fuck you. You're going to feel so good wrapped around my cock,” he whispered into your ear as he pulled your arms away from your face, making sure your eyes were focused on him before his next line.
“You have no clue what you started. I'm so fucking obsessed with you.”
His hands fell to your face, where his thumb pushed against your lips, slipping into your mouth where you sucked on it, getting it wet as his cock teased the folds of your pussy, running up and down with each gentle push of his hips. You entertained him for a moment before pushing up slightly, his thumb falling from your mouth as you blindly reached for the bedside table. Pulling it open, you were relieved to find what you were looking for.
“If you're so fucking obsessed with me, Spencer, show me.” Carefully unwrapping the package, you grabbed his dick and gently slid the condom onto him, making sure it was secure before you propped yourself back on the pillows, waiting for him to initiate once again.
“Pillow princess. You're acting like I haven't been dreaming of exactly this for the last 12 months.”
You couldn't waste time processing those words before he again ran his cock through the folds of your pussy, then sank himself deep inside you. And you meant deep.
The sudden impact robbed you of your thoughts, pushing out every miserable thought and leaving you with just Spencer and pleasure. The two concepts soon became synonymous as his hips lazily sent him careening in and out of you.
His strokes gained speed gradually until the only words shared between you were the animalistic pants of pleasure, his voice driving you insane as you tried not to get overstimulated before you could cum for a third time.
“Shit, shit, shit, shit, Spencer-” your moans turned to screams as your orgasm rolled over you, his dick hitting just the right spot inside you that forced your nails to bite his skin, and forced your voice to scratch at your throat as it pushed up from your gut.
Noticing your relentless twitching, Spencer immediately pulled out of your cunt, allowing you a moment of reprieve. Pushing up to his knees, he moved to your side, his crotch parallel with your face as he rolled the condom off his dick.
Stroking himself to completion, he came right over your lips, your eyes dripping with lust as you licked them clean, catching the dribbles that fell down your chin with your fingers and popping them into your mouth as well.
After your whorish display of desperation, it took a full ten minutes for your brain function to resume.
In that time, Spencer had cleaned both of you up speedily with a hotel towel, wrapped an arm around you and began spooning you once again, his chest warm and comfortable against your back, his scent intoxicating.
It didn't stop being so when you finally came down from your post-cum bliss.
“You're not allowed to tell anyone what happened tonight,” you said, turning over to look him in the eye.
“Nothing from tonight, got it. What about tomorrow?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, am I allowed to tell them how I plan to wake you up tomorrow, and how your current state of dress made it possible, if not directly invited it?”
You flushed at his words, tingling already at the mention of tomorrow.
“We're sharing a room, Y/N. If you think I'm not going to be inside you whenever were both free, you're entirely mistaken.” His voice was clear - not even a hint of hesitancy in his voice.
“I'm not letting you go that easily, Y/N.”
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Mutual Help | #49
Tumblr media
↳ 𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬; in order for you to pretend to be his girlfriend, he helps you with your sexual desires ⏤ he calls it mutual help
⇢ 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: jungkook x reader
⇢ 𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: fake dating au, fluff, angst, smut, slow burn
⇢ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: explicit language
⇢ 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 9.3k+
Tumblr media
⇠ 𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐯. | 𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐱 | 𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐭 ⇢ 
Tumblr media
Taehyung's ability to persuade you to do things you normally don't feel like doing still amazes you. You've no idea how the man does it but he surely has his ways. In your defense, you didn't let yourself be persuaded quickly.
"I'm not going to a bar on Sunday, Taehyung."
That's what you told him when he suddenly came up with an idea to go out in the evening. He had decided not to go home after breakfast, not that you minded his company. Not at all. Jungkook was busy finishing your bed after breakfast while you and Taehyung watched movies the entire day. It was a calm day – until Taehyung's extrovertness and need to go out came up to the surface.
"Relax, you're not getting drunk."
So the next ten minutes were spent with his attempts of getting you to agree to his plan, involving Jungkook as soon as he came up from the office room – which is going to be your room as well from now.
"We are just going to hang out."
"Come on. Jimin bailed on me and I'm lonely."
Just a glimpse of what he said to make you finally agree.
In the end, Jungkook agreed as well and offered to be the driver.
"I can't believe he made us go out on Sunday." you comment with a mutter under your breath, glancing down at your already finished drink.
Going to a local bar is what you mean.
Jungkook glances at you, arm outstretched behind your seat as he grins. "You're acting as if it's the first time that has happened."
Well, he has a point. 
Taehyung scoffs, reminding you that he has heard you perfectly as he sits on the opposite side of you and Jungkook, adjusting the button-up Jungkook has borrowed him since he barged in wearing pajamas last night. He actually borrowed a whole outfit from Jungkook which seems kind of weird, because he looks like Jungkook. Minus the face and tattoos of course, but still. Their fashion style is kind of different, not totally but seeing Jungkook in that button-up before and now Taehyung wearing it is... interesting and odd.
Not that it doesn't suit him. Taehyung usually wears similar clothes when going out at night. It's the fact those clothes are Jungkook's but well, he looks good in them. The looks Taehyung gets from the women in this bar just proves that.
"Oh please, what were you two about to do on a Sunday anyway?" Taehyung raises his eyebrows at you lazily, "Fuck behind everyone's back?" he laughs, your entire face heating up as his name leaves your mouth in a hushed exclamation.
"Probably." Jungkook shrugs, not letting Taehyung get to him as you give him a look but he looks relaxed and not very bothered by your friend's jab.
The little twitch in the corner of his lips tells you last night has crossed his mind.
"Relax, I'm just joking," Taehyung rolls his eyes at you, "Is it really that bad to hang out with me?" Taehyung asks with a glare and edge to his voice, but looking at him you realize how the undertone of his question is plainly just sad and you immediately feel bad.
"No, Tae, that's not what I meant," you assure him, shaking your head as you prop your elbows on the table and lean closer to him. "It's just, it's Sunday and I have work tomorrow. All of us do actually. I don't want to go to sleep too late and then having to deal with Junho's annoying ass the whole next day. Plus, I can't get drunk."
It's not like you haven't done it before. It's not that big of a problem to be honest.
Everyone knows you want to get a good amount of sleep before having to wake up early in the morning. It's just how you prefer to do things and thanks to your friends, you get a good amount of clubbing and hanging out in public places a lot.
"Nobody is getting drunk. We are just having a few good drinks and that's it."
But you should've known to never trust him when it comes to drinking and having fun.
With more drinks on your and Taehyung's part, Jungkook gladly sticking to coke, the evening started to get more relaxed in terms of you relaxing and sharing a good laugh with your friends. Suddenly, getting more drinks didn't sound so bad and once Taehyung suddenly came up with another plan of visiting a nearby club, surprisingly you already stood up ready to go.
You're nowhere near dressed appropriately for a club. Just a pair of dark jeans, a nice top and heels – not your average good outfit but you don't care.
Not even when Jungkook reminds you of your work tomorrow, not very sold on the idea of going clubbing on Sunday night as you and Taehyung both wave him off. Sighing, he still joins you – not that he has a choice since he is both your driver.
It doesn't even make sense. You only go to the club to get more drinks which you could've happily got in the bar. Club is loud, full of people and stinky but in your drunken state, it seems like the most logical and greatest idea. You blame it on Taehyung.
You and Taehyung dance through a few songs though, something you wouldn't be able to do in a bar. Jungkook watches you two the entire night like a parent, and if you weren't so drunk you would feel bad for him having to stick to his non-alcoholic drinks while he babysits not only you but Taehyung as well.
He happily reminds you he's okay and doesn't want to get drunk, every time you drunkenly sit back down into the booth and pout at him.
"You're drunk," Jungkook comments, chuckling as his thumb brushes against the corner of your lips as you give him a lazy grin. "You should take it slow." he reminds you softly, snorting when you take a sip of your drink, ignoring his words.
You sheepishly grin at him, sitting back which happens to be on Jungkook's side as you cuddle up to him. Taehyung currently flirts with one of the women, which is also the reason you joined Jungkook because he shooed you away as soon as she approached you and him. Idiot.
However, he doesn't bail on you and joins you shortly after.
Jungkook reminds you two to stop drinking so much every few minutes but just like always, you both wave him off.
"Sober people are always annoying when others are drinking." Taehyung comments and you start giggling like it's the funniest thing he could've said right after Jungkook has scolded him for ordering another round of drinks.
"This sober annoying person is driving you home." Jungkook reminds him with a grumble, your giggling continuing.
To Jungkook's luck, you decide to end the night when you start getting tipsy, almost falling asleep on Jungkook's chest while Taehyung looks like he has had enough – equally getting tired and too drunk to barely stand on his feet.
How he manages to get you two in his car is beyond him, but he's glad when you're both seated in the back as he drives through the night to his apartment. Taehyung's car is in a parking lot in front of Jungkook's building, so there's no way he's driving him home. Also, he is drunk and doesn't want to waste time driving him home, having to actually get him to up his floor and apartment.
It's not like it's a bother to him for Taehyung to spend a night over. At least he is not left with blue balls this time.
"Well--this is new," Taehyung slurs drunkenly in the back, your head that's been leaned against the window lazily turns to him as you questionably look at him. "I haven't even kissed anyone tonight."
You snort, giggling. "Is that a bad thing?"
"No, it's just weird." he giggles to himself as you join him.
"You know what's weird?" you ask, pointing at your outfit as Taehyung cocks his head at you. "This outfit."
You both cackle right after, causing Jungkook to roll his eyes at the two of you and what a hangover you two are about to have. The last time you were even similarly drunk to your current state was at the New Year's Eve trip – something that's hard to forget.
"Nah, you look good." Taehyung murmurs, his words coming out as snort as he starts drifting away but your voice shakes him out of it.
"You really think so?"
You sound so hopeful and light, causing Jungkook to stifle back a laugh as Taehyung encouragingly nods like the supporting friend he is.
"No, you're just saying that because you're my friend." you grumble sadly as Taehyung drunkenly tries to reach towards you but ends up almost slapping you in the face which causes you to click your tongue at him in annoyance.
"No, I'm not!" he argues childishly as you cross your arms over your chest, not even caring your top makes your breasts almost spill out of it with how low it is tugged by your arms.
"You are!"
"No, you idiot!"
"I'm not an idiot!"
Taehyung sighs, fighting back the need to just close his eyes and sleep. "You are hot."
"You mean it?" you pout again, staring hopefully at drunk Taehyung but you're not the one to talk, looking just as hammered.
"Yeah!" Taehyung exclaims enthusiastically, "I would totally go for you if you were a stranger."
"You would?"
Jungkook listens to the absurd conversation, silently counting down the minutes to his apartment building. Why the fuck you sound so happy? 
"Yeah!" he exclaims again, burping right after as you giggle. "I would totally kiss you tonight if you weren't my friend."
"Kiss me?"
Oh fuck, you're so drunk. You even sound interested knowing the thought of kissing one of your friends – excluding Jungkook of course – is like kissing your brother. But this doesn't even cross your mind.
"Mhm, you wanna kiss?" Taehyung proposes, drunkenly sending you a crooked grin as he leans towards you while you sit behind Jungkook's seat, grinning at him just as much.
Why not? What could go wrong?
You both start to lean closer to each other, pursing your lips like little kids do but before you can even get any closer, the car comes to an abrupt stop which almost makes you both fly through windshield if it weren't for the seatbelt Jungkook has so kindly put on both of you.
Before Taehyung can even open his mouth, taking him too long to realize what has just happened, Jungkook is out of his seat as the door on Taehyung's side is pushed open.
"Yah, what the fuck man?" Taehyung complains, slurring his words as Jungkook takes off his seatbelt and pulls him out of his seat.
Taehyung complains the whole time, your drunk mind having a hard time comprehending what is happening until Taehyung sits in a passenger seat, Jungkook clicking on his seatbelt with a frown before the door is shut.
You blink confusingly at the back, your stomach feeling funny from the harsh stop you just made as you're trying not to throw up.
"You're both so fucking wasted." Jungkook mutters under his breath, putting the car into drive fastly.
You both fall asleep for the rest of the ride, Taehyung waking up just as Jungkook parks in an underground garage where he only recently bought a parking spot. He already looks as if he can't remember a thing, blinking as he watches his surroundings with sleepy and bloodshot eyes – Jungkook chuckles once he notices Taehyung's dumbfounded expression.
Getting him out of the car is just as hard as he expected, Taehyung barely able to stand on his feet while Jungkook scolds him to at least try and stand for a solid minute while he tries to get you out of the car.
Taehyung leans against his car, palms messily outstretched on its windows as he leaves handprints all over it and Jungkook has to take a deep breath. Opening the door on your side, you're already sleeping with your head and neck in an uncomfortable position.
You're so out of it, he thinks as he tries to wake you up. Brushing a few strands of your hair off your face, he gently calls out your name while he shakes your shoulder but you murmur something under your breath, trying to swat his hand off.
Sighing, he grunts once he sneaks his arms around your frame and tries to take you into his arms. With your lack of response and difficult position it's not easy but eventually he successfully manages to pull you out, holding you bridal style as he shuts the car door with his hip.
"Why don't I get such a privilege?" Taehyung pouts, slurring once he notices you in Jungkook's arms while he's scared to let go of the car, guessing he won't be able to hold himself on his feet for long.
"Because you're heavy and my size," Jungkook answers nonchalantly, telling him to at least try holding his forearm, so he doesn't fall.
Carrying you in his arms with Taehyung attached to his side is even more difficult but by the time you make it into the elevator, he promises himself not to ever listen to you or Taehyung's drunk ideas.
Fortunately for Jungkook and his sake, Taehyung finds his way to the couch and even though Jungkook had to scold him to take off his shoes before he enters his home any further, he slouches himself on the couch and falls asleep right away.
Jungkook manages to put you into your newly assembled bed and fresh sheets. The bed fits into his office room but with the lack of space, one side has to be pressed against the wall and it looks a little bit awkward but it's not like it's important.
While Jungkook is taking your shoes off, you start to shift on your spot as your eyes open with a few lazy blinks as you look around. It's funny watching you trying to figure out where you are, until you spot Jungkook's desk and computer before Jungkook himself stares at you with a tiny amused grin.
You suddenly pat your face, gasping. "My make-up."
For fuck sake, Jungkook thinks as he sighs and is ready to try to convince you to take it off tomorrow because he doesn't have the energy to get you to the bathroom and take it off for you while you will keep dozing off. He doesn't really need you falling and hitting your head or something. Why can't you just lay down and sleep like Taehyung does? 
You're already standing up before Jungkook can somehow convince you to go to sleep either way, and he quickly pushes you back to bed. "Alright, alright, I'll be right here. Just wait."
A tiny part of him, okay actually a big one, hopes by the time he comes back you'll be already asleep but of course, it wouldn't be you if you listened to his never spoken pleas. He finds you staring at the ceiling with a lazy look, your eyes fighting for some sleep but you remain awake, looking at Jungkook who sits on the edge of bed.
He takes off your make-up, careful not to be too harsh with his movements. He brought way more make-up wipes than it's needed and if you were observant enough, you would definitely scold him for wasting your wipes like that.
Luck is on his side and you remain oblivious to the unnecessary waste but in his defense, he wants to make sure all of your make-up is gone and you won't curse him the first thing in the morning if you had panda eyes or new break-outs. Honestly, he thinks you would curse him out even if you hadn't any of those, just the thought of going to sleep with your make-up on would be a good reason for you to scold him.
He can't help but chuckle at his thoughts – at the sight of you who has a lazy smile spreaded on your lips.
"Did I really kiss Taehyung?" you suddenly ponder quietly, eyes slowly opening as you try to locate Jungkook ones.
"You almost did." Jungkook answers, gently rubbing the make-up wipe on your chin.
"Oh," you let out, surprised that it wasn't a figment of your drunken imagination. "Wow."
Jungkook glances at you for a second, eyes flickering to your astonished expression before he goes back to his task. "Yeah," he mumbles, "Didn't know you had a thing for Taehyung."
He knows you don't – that's why his tone comes out more light as he lightly jokes.
"I don't," you reply,  "I mean... What's wrong about kissing another friend of mine?" you joke back, snorting at your joke while he frowns.
But he remains silent, not even sure what to say to that because you're clearly drunk. Sober you would be freaked out at the thought of kissing him.
"Jimin has a girlfriend now, so I can't kiss him too."
An audible but slight snort leaves Jungkook's mouth as you continue with your joking.
"Well, too bad it's only us guys." Jungkook jokes, your grin falling off your face immediately as he puts the last make-up wipe onto the floor before he informs you he's done, but that goes unnoticed by you as you sit up.
"What do you mean by that?" you ask, frowning as he catches you by your forearm when you totter and almost fall back. "You would kiss other girls?"
Jungkook tries to stifle back a laugh as your hardened and serious face is not too hard to miss.
"Weren't you about to kiss Taehyung?" he points out, still joking of course but in your current state you can't seem to notice the slightest twitch of his lips or the way he bites into the inside of his cheek to prevent himself from laughing.
This is actually interesting, he thinks, obviously he is just joking and it's not because he can't imagine having another woman or women in your small friends group of four. It's because he's already risking too much by being this close to you – but he purposely pushes any doubts and fears away – he surely wouldn't risk any other friendship by just kissing his friends.
Lifting your hand up, you sloppily trace his lips while he stares at you amusingly as you seem too deep in your thoughts. "Your lips are mine to kiss." you tell him, grinning drunkenly at him and he bites back a laugh, rubbing his nose to hide his grin instead.
"Yeah?" he chuckles and you give him one stiff nod.
"Yeah," you confirm, "I'm not allowing any other girls in our group."
"Alright," Jungkook finally laughs, nodding as he stands up and ushers you to lay back down. "You're the boss here."
Again, you miss his amused tone and expression, thinking he's completely serious as you nod.
"Of course I am," you purse your lips, "I don't want to sleep in my jeans," you mutter sleepily, trying to unbutton them but it's hard to do in your state. "Help me?"
Jungkook sighs, but helps you to get out of your clothes. He was hoping you would just go to sleep. It's not like he minds changing your clothes. He's not exactly a typical best friend and he has seen it all, like you would gladly remind him if he refused, but still – he doesn't find it comfortable changing your clothes when you're in this state. Purely out of respect for you.
Once you're out of your clothes, bra gone with your panties only shielding you, Jungkook tries not to look at your exposed form until he hands you one of your larger size t-shirts you sleep in. You ask for pants which he puts on you as well, the first one he has managed to find which happens to be with a Christmas motive.
"Okay, you're all set boss," Jungkook says, clapping his hands together as he's about to stand up but you grab him by his wrists, slowly sitting up as you tug him closer to you. "What is it?"
You just stare at him, fighting off the sleepiness as you inch closer and deliver a soft peck on his lips. Jungkook is stunned for a moment, staring at you confusingly as you give him a sheepish grin.
"I'm just staking my claim."
Jungkook snorts in amusement, shaking his head at you. "Because of who? I'm not kissing anyone else." he laughs and you frown, suddenly pouting as if you just remember what he is talking about. In your drunk and hazy mind, you have trouble trying to remember what happened in the car in the first place.
"As you shouldn't," you tell him smartly and he laughs quietly.
He knows you're drunk but if it happened while sober, he would actually think you're quite selfish for saying that considering you were about to drunkenly kiss Taehyung. But 'drunkenly' is the key point and he understands that. He doesn't even care, knowing you both got wasted that you barely knew what you were doing. He was just teasing you earlier, he wasn't expecting you to start talking about it.
"I'm getting cold, can you cuddle me?"
"Drink some water first," he says, handing you the glass of water he brought earlier along with the make-up wipes.
You do, gulping it in one go before you hand him the glass back, making yourself comfortable in your bed as Jungkook covers your body. Urging him to join you in bed, he tries to explain he needs to take a shower as you whine childishly. But he doesn't ask you, simply walking out of the room to take a quick shower.
He goes back to check on you, not expecting you to still be awake as you pat a free space next to you.
There's no escape from this, that much is clear to him and without arguing, he joins you in bed.
You start caressing the side of his face and he stares at you with a confused yet amused expression but that's until you give him a kiss. Is that a mint he tastes? 
He frowns in confusion, wondering where the hell have you found it but then he sees a pack of mint dragees on the side table.
However, the kiss doesn't last too long because he pulls away and you pout immediately.
"You don't want to kiss?"
He doesn't know whether you're annoying right now or just cute.
"You're drunk." he informs you as if he just told you news, or at least that's how you currently look as you open your mouth and almost offendly stare up at him.
Your mind seems to be clouded and in your current state you don't understand there are a few reasons why Jungkook wouldn't want to kiss at this moment – but right now all you can feel is offended that he pulled away.
"No, I'm not."
Jungkook chuckles, looking down for a moment while he stays propped on his elbow. "Yes, you are."
You give him a glare, trying to look intimidating but Jungkook wants to laugh rather than feeling intimidated.
"Okay, maybe a little bit," you roll your eyes, "But we can still kiss?"
"That's not what a gentleman would do." Jungkook hums, lips twitching when you whine and slap sheets frustratedly instead.
"Then don't be a gentleman."
"You're so bratty when you're drunk." he comments, shaking his head at you with a grin as he leans over you.
For a moment you think he's about to kiss you but he turns off the lamp instead, causing you to frustratedly huff.
"I won't ever kiss you." you murmur, huffing again as Jungkook lets out another snort.
"We'll see about that." Jungkook mutters and you scoff.
"No, I won't. You can kiss my ass next time."
"Oh, I will," Jungkook grins, "Gladly,"
You turn around with your back to him, mind getting too hazy and tired to continue this argument – or whatever it is.
"Now go to bed, brat. You'll have a nice awakening tomorrow."
You barely register his words, murmuring something you can't even realize you're saying because you're completely out of it. You drift off to sleep with Jungkook scooting closer, enveloping you with his arm and warmth.
Tumblr media
"Fucking hell,"
Jungkook isn't even surprised when those are your first words as you join him in the kitchen, holding your head with a pained expression scrunching your puffy morning features.
He has heard voices before you came here, you and Taehyung both complaining about yesterday's night and how much you've overdone it. Not that he disagrees.
Sitting on the stool, Jungkook slides you some painkillers with a glass of water – the same thing he did to Taehyung before he went back to sleep.
"Thanks, you're a lifesaver."
Jungkook playfully rolls his eyes, preparing cereals for himself as he sends you a look across his shoulder. "Have you thrown up already?"
"Yeah." you embarrassingly admit, just right after you woke up and made it to the bathroom.
"That's good, you will feel better now. If it makes you better, Taehyung already threw up two times. Luckily I expected it, so I prepared a bucket next to him."
You give him a crooked smile, despite the pain your stomach and head is already experiencing.
"What about work?" Jungkook asks, glancing at the digital clock on his stove, seeing you should've been gone a long time ago.
He didn't want to wake you up, knowing you won't be able to wake up at six in the morning when you went to sleep around midnight completely wasted.
"I called Junho, told him I woke up feeling sick."
Yeah, some time in your still half drunk state with a raspy and gruffy voice.
"What did he say?"
"He wasn't happy," you wince, "I'm sure he added to my headache."
"He's a fucking idiot then." Jungkook shrugs, showing you his bowl of cereal in a silent offer but you almost gag, shaking your head with a hand on your mouth.
"Please, I'm the idiot here. Who gets drunk on Sunday when they have work the next day?" you deadpan, Jungkook snorting.
He gives you a grin across his shoulder and you reciprocate it, rolling your eyes at him.
"Maybe you'll learn from your mistakes."
"You're annoying." you comment, Jungkook holding his breakfast as he starts eating while standing.
You notice he's fully closed. Jeans, oversized emerald colored hoodie looking fresh which can't be said about you or Taehyung who's trying to sleep his hangover off.
"So were the two of you," Jungkook reacts right away, "Do you remember something from last night?"
"Just fragments," you cringe at yourself, "Did I do something embarrassing?"
Jungkook smirks, swallowing his bite as he leans back against the counter. "Well, let's see...you guys kept drinking despite me warning you. You just waved me off every time and oh, you and Taehyung were about to kiss,"
You wince, but not saying anything about it as he continues.
"I had to take off your make-up, as usual. Then you wanted to kiss me but you were drunk, so I tried to politely refuse but you got all bratty,"
He's enjoying it, it's not that hard to tell considering he's amusingly grinning. "You told me my lips are only yours to kiss."
"Oh my god!" you exclaim, hiding your face away from him as he finally breaks and starts laughing.
"Do you remember any of it?"
"Yes to Taehyung, even though it's pretty hazy and I don't remember much from there. But I do remember uh," you gulp, "saying something about your lips."
"Yeah, you got very serious about it."
"Shut up," you glare at him right away. "I was drunk! You can't take me seriously!"
"Didn't know you wanted to kiss me so badly." he continues to tease you as you groan, searching for something around you to hit him with and Jungkook erupts into another fit of laughter.
"I don't," you grit through clenched teeth, "My drunk self gets cuddly and loves affection." you mutter, pouting as Jungkook scrunches his nose as he grins.
"I figured."
"Please just shut up," you beg him, "Where are you going?"
Jungkook smirks, your attempt of changing topic doesn't go unnoticed by him but he decides no longer to make you suffer.
"I'm working till four and then I'm gonna hang out with Ester."
"Oh," you let out surprisingly, "Okay."
"She's joining me on my last shoot, I want her to see how I work so we can, you know, do a better job when we work on that project,"
Ah, yes. The project Junho wanted Jungkook on. You're supposed to work on it in a month or so, the date going back and forth but not too much that it would cause any problems to Jungkook, due to his busy schedule. It's pretty unusual for him to be still home at this time – but not completely rare.
"What are you gonna do today?"
"There's not much I can do with a hangover," you snort, "I think I'm gonna spend the day with Taehyung until he decides to go home." you shrug as Jungkook nods while he continues eating.
In that moment Jungkook's phone starts to ring, interrupting your conversation even though there wasn't much to be said as his eyebrows furrow in curiosity while he pulls the phone out of the pocket of his jeans.
"It's Jimin," he says, looking at the screen before he accepts it and taps the screen, putting the phone on the counter between you two. "Hey, you're on speaker."
"Finally!" Jimin exclaims, "Who's there?"
"Hey, Jimin." you call out, letting your presence known as Jimin greets you back.
"Where the hell is Taehyung? I tried to reach out to him but his phone seems to be turned off." Jimin asks, while Jungkook leans forward against the counter with his elbows, brows raising up as he glances at you and grins.
You shake your head playfully, "Don't worry, he's here at Jungkook's. His battery probably died."
"Ah, typical of him. I should've known it's nothing serious but what is he even doing there, Kook?"
As Jungkook opens his mouth, awake Taehyung joins you in the kitchen as he recognizes Jimin's voice immediately, not that it matters because he glances at the screen either way to make sure it's really him.
"What's up, traitor." Taehyung greets Jimin, a beat of silence on the other side as you and Jungkook snort.
"Where the hell have you been, man? I was trying to reach you but apparently your battery is dead. Were you partying again?"
Taehyung purses his lips as he stares at the phone with raised brows, which you have to admit is kind of funny especially with his puffy and totally hangover face. At least this time he doesn't stink of alcohol and you can smell mouthwash whenever he opens his mouth – not that you were any different though.
"I was, indeed. We were actually, you know, us single people, although..." he trails off and gives you and Jungkook a look.
Jungkook rolls his eyes and you glare at Taehyung, silently telling him to shut up. Thankfully, he just grins back playfully at you, enjoying teasing the hell out of you and Jungkook. Jimin doesn't catch Taehyung's implication and just continues to burble that he just wanted to talk to him, but as if he knew Taehyung will open his big mouth and most likely call him out on his new relationship, he just casually says Taehyung to call him.
It looks like Jimin is not sure whether you and Jungkook know about his relationship – which you do thanks to the mentioned Taehyung's big mouth – and it is kind of amusing to see him playing it safe when all of you know the truth.
However, you would appreciate Jimin coming up to you and telling you when he wants to. Even though, in your opinion, it's not a big deal at all.
Their call ends shortly after, Jungkook has to go to work and you and Taehyung are left to deal with your hangover alone. Left to just simply wait until it passes away because there's nothing else you can do.
That's until Taehyung realizes he has never called into his work to tell them he's not coming today.
You have a great moment of laughing at the way he tries to fake sickness while he keeps flicking you off, glaring at you as he warns you to keep your mouth shut.
Tumblr media
"Oh, you're awake,"
Surprised by Jungkook being wide awake, still lying in his bed while you tried to sneak-in into his bedroom to take some of your clothes, you expected him to be still asleep considering he starts working around lunch today.
The past two weeks have been pretty hectic for both of you, especially for Jungkook since he has barely been home and if he has, he spent it in his office anyway. There were a few times when you were falling asleep with him still editing photos in the room – something he always apologized for and tried to do his work quickly, so you could sleep peacefully. It doesn't matter how many times you assure it's okay and you don't really mind.
Yes, you prefer to sleep in complete silence and darkness, but there was something peaceful about the occasional clicks that lullabied you to sleep.
So the last thing you expected to see is him being awake at seven in the morning. Though his face is puffy and looking as if he has just woken up, he looks pretty awake for someone that can sleep a few more hours – you know you would.
Jungkook waves at you lazily, hoisting himself up so his back is leaned against the headboard.
"Sorry, I spilled my make-up on my pants and it doesn't match with my blouse, so I need to grab new clothes." you apologize, fully realizing you're just in a pair of underwear, completely exposed to Jungkook but you don't pay that much attention to it.
It's not like he has never seen you like this before. Yes, you don't usually walk around half-naked, that's his speciality, but you don't feel uncomfortable.
The office barely has space for your bed, so all of your clothes are actually in Jungkook's closet and drawers – that's why you often take your next day outfits to your room, so you don't have to barge into his bedroom every morning.
"No worries," Jungkook rasps out, voice tilted to more light and amused side. "I'm enjoying the view."
You straighten, suddenly realizing you've been a little bit bent over right in front of him, trying to search for one of your skirts you wear to work.
Giving him a look across your shoulder, you purse your lips and raise your brows at him, seeing him grinning at you widely with his eyes almost disappearing.
"Why are you awake anyway?" you ask, turning back around to search for your clothes. Luckily, you woke up a little bit earlier for some reason, so you've got some time to kill.
Where is the damn skirt? 
Met with silence, you turn your head around, enough to see Jungkook eyeing your ass with tongue slowly licking his bottom lip as you exclaim his name in disbelief.
"Couldn't sleep," Jungkook shrugs, eyes still attached to your backside. "Are those new panties?"
Sighing, you ignore him as you finally pull out the right skirt, tossing it at the end of his bed while you search for a top that matches.
"Since when do you wear a thong to work?"
Clenching your jaw, you turn around to him with a hand on your hip, raising your brows. "Sometimes, I do."
"Mhm," he hums, eyes momentarily on yours before they drop down your body. "Come join me in the bed." he says casually as you let out a surprised laugh.
"I'm going to work, Jeon. I don't have time for this."
"I can be quick."
"I know you can," you hum, "I don't want to be late."
You're not one to refuse sex, not when the last time you had it was a little over two weeks ago and you're too ashamed to admit that your friend was in the next room. Ashamed, but still kind of excited when you think about it. Like you said, those two weeks have been hectic and when you had the time, Jungkook was busy and even when there was a little time to chat, times where he would join you on the couch, you would rather spend that time catching up and just spending time together rather than having sex.
"Okay, so just stay bended for five minutes then,"
He says it so casually that if you weren't listening to him, you would have thought he's talking about the most casual and random thing.
Eyes almost falling out of their sockets, you stare at him in utter disbelief as you notice the sudden movements under the sheets. "Wait–are you touching yourself?!" you exclaim in disbelief, Jungkook rolling his eyes at your reaction as he shrugs.
"I woke up with a hard cock," he answers nonchalantly, "I'm serious, just bend over. I'm gonna have to at least settle with a good view."
He's serious, you realize as you see him touching himself right in front of you, eyes locked onto yours while you stare with your mouth open, too shocked to speak. But you shake yourself out of it, shaking your head at his bluntness while you ignore the starting tingle between your thighs. There's just something about him being so worked up, wanting to use you for the visual that makes your skin hot.
It's also a huge boost of confidence and maybe that's one of the reason sex with Jungkook is so good. No one has ever made you feel so confident and good in your own skin, especially when it comes to sex. Sure, you felt more confident with Haneul compared to Haechan, only because Haneul hasn't been that much experienced and everything you knew, learned from Jungkook and having sex with him, you used with him.
Jungkook hands slowly pumping his length under the covers, you gape at him as you snort a little, turning back to the closet as you pull out a white turtleneck, coming to a conclusion it matches well with your soft pink powder skirt.
Tossing it along with a hanger next to your skirt, Jungkook whines when you're turned back to him, robbing him from the previous side of your ass and the thong that barely covers you.
But you join him in the bed, your knees on the soft mattress as you start crawling to him which makes his eyes sparkle with hope.
"You're really shameless, you know that?" you ask, sending him a grin once you slowly pull the cover off his lower body, revealing his hand wrapped around his hard length.
Trying not to salivate at the sight, you nudge his hand away and quickly replace it with your own as Jungkook sighs in delight.
"So are you," he sighs pleasantly, closing his eyes with head leaning against the headboard. "Come on, get on my lap."
As tempting as that sounds, you refrain yourself from doing as Jungkook pleases, only because you know there's not much time you've got left. You can't afford to take a quick shower, knowing you most likely would be running late to work and Junho is already annoyed at you for not coming to work two weeks ago, when you were hungover – which he hopefully doesn't know but still, it would be just adding fuel to the fire.
"I can't," you tell him, wrapping your lips around his red tip as you gently suck on it, causing his breath to hitch. You look up at him, hand pumping him up and down as you lick your lips. "I've got work, we can't have sex."
Well, at least he's getting something out of it and he doesn't push it. You go back to work, working your lips and mouth on him again, trying to take him deeper into the warmth of your awaiting mouth.
"You, uh, you still haven't told me about what you wanna–"
"Do you seriously want to talk or get your dick sucked?" You cut him off, simply because you already know what he was about to say. You knew he wouldn't just let go of your previous conversation.
But you don't get him a chance to finish his sentence, going straight for his balls as you know he loves, your mouth sucking on them while your wrist twists as you pump his hard cock. He curses under his breath, hand already wrapped around your hair as he puts it into a ponytail, tightening his hold on it.
"Fuck, you really are minx."
You smile against him, licking a long stripe up his length which glistens with your saliva .
"Are you sure you've got time for this?" he questions with a breathy chuckle, noticing you're not playing around and going right in with giving him a mindblowing blowjob.
Letting him out of your mouth with an audible pop, you glance up with a little smirk.
"I can be quick." you tease, seeing his lips curve into a familiar smirk before you continue.
"That's not fair–mhm, yeah fuck just like that."
You would snort if your mouth wouldn't be full of his cock. You just hope your make-up won't be ruined after this because even though you're not wasting any time, you're still careful enough not to gag around him or take him too deep which could make your eyes water. Jungkook seems pleased with what you're doing though, not really minding that he's not hitting the back of your throat because whatever you're doing right now, he's enjoying it.
And just when you think things can get any worse for you, considering the wetness between your thighs that's understandable and hard to ignore, Jungkook lets go of your hair and sneaks his hand under your bralette, palming your breast. You let out a sound, both of you not sure if it's to scold him or moan, Jungkook pinches your breasts which makes you whine around him.
Too ashamed to admit it, your heat is pulsing with need and desperation, and for a moment you wonder if you will risk it and let Jungkook have his way with you. Your responsible self is against it though, knowing you barely have the time to get to work just in time.
With your jaw already aching and your spit drooling down Jungkook length, you sneak your hand to his balls as you squeeze, knowing it will just fasten his orgasm. Jungkook breathing gets quicker, his own hips trying their best not to thrust into your mouth as you quicken your pace. A round of curses resound from Jungkook's mouth, a few words of him praising you how good you're taking his cock, he informs you he's close.
"Where do I cum?" he asks breathlessly, orgasm approaching every second. "You want it in your mouth?"
You hum in confirmation. Well obviously, you don't want to get your make-up ruined, you would tell him if your mouth wasn't full of him. And you definitely can't afford to feel his cum on your skin, knowing you would have to take a shower because there is no way you'll go to work with a sticky chest and dried cum on it.
"My little slut," Jungkook grits his teeth and if you weren't busy sucking him off, you would gasp at those explicit words you haven't heard in a while. Again, you feel your walls clenching around nothing and it takes a lot of restriction not to sit on his lap and ride him.
And then your mouth is being filled with Jungkook's warm and salty cum, your mouth eagerly swallowing it as you slow down your pace, letting him sloppily thrust into your mouth while he fucks himself through the orgasm. Once he's done, he lets out another but loud pleased sigh, head thumping against the headboard.
Pulling his softening cock out of your mouth, your thumb catches some of his cum in the corner of your lips as you suck on your digit, swallowing it just in the right time as Jungkook glances at you.
"You're amazing."
"Of course I am," you cock a brow at him knowingly, grinning as you get off the bed. "Is my make-up ruined?" you ask, quickly gathering your clothes as you start putting them on.
Your lipstick has to be gone, considering most of it is painting Jungkook's cock. At least you chose a nude shade this time.
"No." Jungkook answers, grinning at you as you sigh while you start adjusting your turtleneck.
Quickly making your way to the bathroom to check your appearance, you gasp. He lied. Not only is your lipstick no longer on your lips, it's smeared on the right part of your cheek and your mascara is a little bit smudged. Well, you used to look worse and considering the intense morning blowjob you just gave him, you do look pretty decent. Just not decent to go to work like this.
A sound of cackling is what you hear in return.
There's no time for scolding him, the time on your phone you quickly check shows you're already running a little bit late. You just hope you will manage to still come in time, not wanting to explain to Junho why you're running late. Not that you would tell him the truth of course.
Quickly yelling a bye to Jungkook after you get rid of the smudges and reapply your lipstick, you rush to work and luckily, the road hasn't been that busy which didn't make it even more difficult for you. You manage to arrive just in time which makes you relax.
It's only five minutes later when you sit behind your desk that you realize you never brushed your teeth or used a mouthwash after the blowjob, Jungkook's taste remaining on your tongue. When Benjamin offers you a coffee, you accept it with hot cheeks and a crooked smile.
Tumblr media
Jungkook returns back home in the afternoon before you, tidying up the place even if there's not much to begin with. He takes care of the laundry, feeling bad that you've been taking care of it for the past few weeks since he's been too busy to do most mundane things. He's glad he could've gone to the gym for a good work-out at least twice in a week, which is way less frequent from what he's used to.
That's why he purposely scheduled today to be more free, and had only one photoshoot to do before he came back home.
Ironically, he feels more exhausted than he usually does when he's totally busy and constantly doing something productive. But just as he plops down on the couch, eyes searching for the remote to turn on the television, his phone starts to ring.
Jungwon. Well, that's unexpected.
"Hey, bro." His brother's voice resounds from the phone even before Jungkook can open his mouth, noticing he's video calling him.
"What's up, hyung?" Jungkook grins, noticing the background of their living room as his brother sits down.
"You never call, I have to be the one who reaches out to you," Jungwon teasingly scolds him, earning a playful roll of his eyes. "Mom whined about it too. You barely call them."
Jungkook winces at the mention of their parents. "I'm so busy with work, hyung. But I try to call her as much as I can."
"She misses you," Jungwon grins, not saying anything new because she misses him all the time and she tells him every time they call each other. "Me like a good son, told her that."
"Well, you, a good son, live in the same city. At least she has you close." Jungkook remarks, a guilt spreading on his face at the thought of his parents, and mostly mom, knowing she probably just misses talking to her son.
Jungwon notices it though, dropping his teasing as he gives Jungkook a warm smile. "You're her youngest son. Always been her baby." he teases again, causing Jungkook to groan and throw his head back, though there's a smile spreading on his lips.
"I will call her tomorrow."
"I know, I was just teasing you. She is dramatic sometimes."
They both share a laugh, knowing their mom gets super sentimental whenever it comes to her two sons, no matter how old they are. It's true it's been a few weeks since he called his parents, which is longer than usual, though the latest call he had with his mom was anything but pleasing. When Jungkook's mom kept asking about Kiko, inviting them to visit them soon he just had to tell her the truth. Well, a part of it and that is revealing they're no longer together, and this time it's final.
To say she was surprised is an understatement. She was happy when Jungkook told her they're back together, simply wanting what's best for her son and she thought it's her. Surely, he kept a lot of private things away from her which he's not sure if she knew how she would react. Like it was mentioned, she is sentimental and he didn't want to hurt her any further by knowing the raw and cruel truth. At least not through a phone call and to be completely honest, he's not sure if he wants to tell her. It's not something he has thought about a lot.
He prefers not to think about it too much, simply just distracting himself from the unnecessary thoughts.
But he told her and so did he tell Jungwon as well the last time they spoke. He was just as surprised, but ultimately they've all been very supportive and to Jungkook's luck, they weren't talking or asking about it too much which he appreciated.
"How are you guys though? How's Haru?" Jungkook asks, cutting himself from the thoughts as he notices his brother's soft smile at the mention of his precious daughter.
"We're good, that's why I'm actually calling you." Jungwon grins sheepishly, scratching the back of his head as Jungkook raises his brow at him in question, knowing he probably has an ulterior motive for calling him.
"What is it?"
"We're planning a trip to Seoul next weekend, we've never taken Haru there so now that she's older it's more fun because she experiences more things and it's fun for her too. I'm actually planning on surprising Sona and I made a reservation at this very nice restaurant, but you know, I wanted it to be romantic and just us. I know you work during weekends sometimes, but I was wondering if you couldn't babysit Haru for us?"
"Hyung!" Jungkook exclaims, Jungwon giving him another sheepish grin.
Obviously, Jungkook loves his niece and always buys her gifts whenever he sees her, something he gets scolded for by her parents. He loves spending time with her and he misses her, though the thought of actually babysitting her makes him feel a little unsettled. The only people who have ever babysat her were his parents or Sona's.
What if she cries the whole time? He hasn't seen her for months now, the only visual has been through video calling.
"Please, tell me you're free." Jungwon pleads.
"I am but--"
"Please help us. We have barely had time for just ourselves, I really want to take her out on a romantic dinner. I already made a reservation."
"What if she cries? What if she--"
"Jungkook-ah," Jungwon sighs, a soft smile playing on his lips. "Haru absolutely loves you and talks about you almost all the time. She's gonna be fine. So will you."
"I don't know hyung," Jungkook scratches the back of his head, scrunching his nose a little. "Where are you guys staying?"
"I found a good hotel. But the dinner reservation is around seven, I don't know how long we will be there but it's gonna be around Haru's past bedtime, so I would be very very very," Oh, no. "happy if she could stay a night over there. We will pick her up the first thing in the morning, I promise."
"It's not about that and you know it," Jungkook sighs, "What if she really misses you and starts crying or something?"
"Then you will call us and we will pick her up." Jungwon says casually as if it's the easiest thing.
And it is. He doesn't know why he's suddenly so nervous about babysitting his own niece whom he loves very much.
"Fine." Jungkook mutters, rolling his eyes playfully as Jungwon exclaims a loud "yes", thanking his younger brother as if he just saved his life.
He supposes that's what happens when you get married and have a child. There is barely any time for romance, Jungwon's face of happiness clearly says it all.
Tumblr media
"Y/N, please!"
"Jungkook, I'm not a babysitter." you murmur, feet tiredly tapping against the floor as you make your way to the kitchen to get rid of your dry throat.
You've come home later than usual, you had to stay overtime with some of the co-workers, along with Yoongi who kept annoyingly showing his irritation every five minutes. Spending your day in heels for more than a half day, the last thing you expected was for Jungkook to jump at you as soon as you took off the annoying heels, trying to include you into something he promised to his brother apparently.
"But you love kids!" he exclaims, right at your heels as he follows you.
"I do," you nod, pulling out a bottle of water out of the fridge as you open the cap and take a short sip because of its coldness. "What if something happens? I don't want to be responsible for that."
"Nothing will happen," he assures you, "Come on, I thought you loved Haru."
"I do, she's cute," you argue, "But she doesn't even remember me. We were there last summer and ever since then I haven't seen her. How do you know if I don't have any plans for the weekend?"
You take a few gulps before you close the bottle and place it on the counter, met with Jungkook's stare.
"Well, do you?" He arches his brow at you as you purse your lips.
"I don't."
Jungkook scoffs, letting out a sigh as he slowly looks up at you. "Didn't you use to babysit? You've got to have some experiences."
His perseverance wants to make you laugh because this man never gives up.
"I did, back at home and it was a few years ago." you deadpan, causing him to sigh again as he slowly walks to you while you watch him warily.
"I could really use your help," he mutters, thumb wiping your undereyes where the mascara is a little bit smudged but you haven't got the time to see your reflection yet. It's been a long day. "Haru is sweet. She's not a spoiled kid, she's actually very calm and we'll have to babysit her just for a few hours because then it's her bedtime."
You stare into his dark orbs, finding them looking at you with those big eyes and a cute expression that makes you groan. It's not like you're against helping him or babysitting his niece. She really was cute the last time you've seen her.
"Fine." you roll your eyes, Jungkook clapping excitedly before you're wrapped by his arms, face pressed tightly against his chest.Who are you kidding? Of course you would agree one way or another.
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gyeomsweetgyeom · 5 months
Tumblr media
[2:49 am]
(cw: mentions of sex but there’s none I promise)
"Agh! Oh fuck!" You heard, even through the flat pillow pressed to your ear.
You were frustrated, on the brink of angry crying. Sometimes you hated being at the frat house, and this was one of those moments. These moments didn't happen often. One, because fratboy!Jaehyun often spent the night at your dorm, or two, his frat brothers weren't fucking at 2- nearly 3 in the morning!
You couldn't even tell who it was and you didn't want to know, all you wanted was to fall asleep and hope that you didn't hear this girl moaning in your sleep.
But it didn't happen, in fact, you started hearing bumping against the wall. God, this was awful.
You sat up angrily, ripping the comforter off your body and got out of the bed.
Jaehyun blinked his eyes open groggily, "Baby? What's wrong?"
You took a deep breath, closing your eyes to find a sense of calm and only felt brief relief of your burning eyes. "I'm going home," you answered bluntly.
You moved around the room, pulling on one shoe while grabbing one of Jaehyun's hoodies.
Jaehyun got out of bed, too stumbling after you, clearly tired and confused. "It's like 3 in the morning, you're not going home right now."
"Exactly! I've been laying on a mattress barely thicker than a textbook, with flat pillows, a sheet that clearly doesn't fit, and one of your disgusting frat brothers has decided this is the perfect time to fuck at normal volume. I'm just so tired!" You exclaim, tired tears filling your eyes.
Jaehyun's eyes widen in shock, he pulls you into a hug, rubbing a comforting hand up and down your back. When he finally listens in, he can hear the moans and grunts coming from nearby and wonders how that hadn't woken him up too.
"I'll handle all of it ok? You're not leaving, it's late and I'd rather you stay here. Just lay down, I'll get you another blanket, and you don't have to worry your pretty little head about anything else," he tells you before pressing a kiss to your forehead and leading you back to his bed.
He quickly adjusts the sheets, fluffing up his pillows, and lays out another blanket for you. He pulls some white noise machine he'd won as a white elephant gift out of the closet and puts on calming ocean noises on for you before he slips out of his room, making sure his door is closed behind him.
He walks down the hall until he finds the door where the noise is coming from. Haechan's door. He knocks for a while until the door opens to reveal a smiley, fully dressed, Haechan. "What's up, bro?"
Jaehyun raises his eyebrows as he peeks inside, there's no one there. "Did your girl escape through the window?" Jaehyun asks.
"What girl?"
"I heard you fucking bro. There was some girl moaning and you were banging on the wall. My girl has been awake for hours trying to sleep because of you," Jaehyun explains, running a tired hand down his face.
Haechan flushes bright red, he looks a little embarrassed, "So I was up gaming, but you guys get mad when I yell so I started playing porn really loud so you guys might understand more."
Jaehyun deadpans, "for four hours? Your ass can't hang that long. What the hell was the bumping into the wall?"
"Some fucking noob on my own team killed me," Haechan rolls his yes, "And yes I can hang. Ask your mom."
Jaehyun shoots him a look, crossing his arms across his chest, almost asking Haechan to keep talking about his mom.
"Sorry, I mean ask your girl. Night bro, tell our girl sorry. I'll make it up to her later," Haechan adds before quickly closing and locking his door. This fucking kid.
Jaehyun shuffles back to his room, tired and cold. He steps back into the room, confused when he hears whale noises before remembering his new white noise machine.
He pulls the covers back only to find you sprawled out across the mattress with a few inches of space left for him. He can't even resist the affectionate chuckle that escapes him. He slips into bed and you immediately turn into him unconsciously, cuddling him in your sleep.
He doesn't think he's ever going to love anyone as much as he loves you.
a/n: while I have you here, please check out this post and let me know your thoughts, thankssss🫶🏼
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Dirty Work 49
Tumblr media
Warnings: this fic will include dark content such as bullying, familial discord/abuse, and possible untagged elements. My warnings are not exhaustive, enter at your own risk.
This is a dark!fic and explicit. 18+ only. Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.
Summary: You start a new gig and find one of your clients to be hard to please.
Characters: Loki
Note: friday... just eight more hours of work
As per usual, I humbly request your thoughts! Reblogs are always appreciated and welcomed, not only do I see them easier but it lets other people see my work. I will do my best to answer all I can. I’m trying to get better at keeping up so thanks everyone for staying with me.
Your feedback will help in this and future works (and WiPs, I haven’t forgotten those!) Please do not just put ‘more’. I will block you.
I love you all immensely. Take care. 💖
Tumblr media
The world trickles back into existence as it shifts around you. A jarring collison has you groaning as your body slides on the floor, just a few inches. You grumble and sit up, back to the door as it's once more pushed from the other side.
You crawl out of way as Loki enters. You stand, wobbly with fatigue, and face him. He snaps the door shut, blocking it with his lithe figure as he looks at you.
“Pet, what are you doing sleeping on the floor?” He reprimands.
You clear your throat and rub your cheek, “waiting for you–”
“Don't,” he warns tersely, “you will not guilt me.”
“I wasn't,” you pout, “I only… never mind.”
You go to the bed and slip under the blankets. You're too tired and hurt and confused. Sleep doesn't help, it only makes it worse. Every time you close your eyes, you hear Thor's sinister timbre and his demeaning words. You feel his weight on you, suffocating you.
You hear Loki moving around the room. You expect him to come to bed but his footfalls trail into the bathroom. The faucet cranks loudly followed by the splashing of water on porcelain. 
You turn onto your back and look at the open door to the bathroom. You stare, waiting. Still he does not emerge. You sit up as your eyes drift over. You should leave it, just for the night. It's late and you're both exhausted.
You hang your legs over the side of the bed and push the blankets away. You get up and pad over to the door, keeping close to the wall. You turn the handle, twisting cautiously as you hold your breath.
You stop and wait. He's not coming. You hear him sighing and muttering.
You leave the door ajar and tiptoe out into the hall. You won't go far, you just want to walk around, to get the kinks out of your muscles. Just to feel that tiny tug on your leash.
Your feet carry you downstairs without a thought. You go to the french doors and peer out through the panes at the night. You flip the latch back and ease the door inward. You breathe in the cool but fresh air.
You let it wash over you, trying to cleanse yourself as you shiver. It would all be easier if you could just say it aloud. If he would just listen.
You hear footsteps on the stairs. You quickly shut the door and back away, hiding in the shadows as the moonlight peers in. Loki rushes over and searches through the glass. He grips the handle but before he can rip the door open, you sniff and catch his attention. 
“I was just looking,” you murmur.
“Why would you scare me like that?” He snaps and grabs you by the shoulders, wrenching you away from the wall.
“I didn't mean too,” you whimper, “I just wanted to stretch my legs–”
“You cannot sneak off. You cannot,” he shakes you, “I…” he bites down on his thoughts before they can bubble over. “I only mean well for you, pet.”
“You're hurting me,” you whisper as you touch his wrists, “please–”
“I…” he loosens his grip and brushes his hands down your arms, “come back to bed.”
You try to see him through the dark. With his back to the silver moon, you only find a featureless silhouette. You reach to slip his hand from your arm and cling to him. You know it's better to appease him.
You pull him away from the door and turn back through the silent house. You should’ve known better. You’re not even sure why you wandered that far. Maybe just to see anything but those same four walls.
You go back upstairs and he lets you go as you enter the bedroom. He turns to shut the door firmly, dragging his hand down the wood. You look away. He has become your warden.
You climb into bed and pull the rumpled blankets over yourself once more. He nestles in next to you as you lay back against the pillows. He kisses your shoulder, a surprisingly gentle gesture. Had he not lectured you hours before for talking too much?
The pendulum of his moods has you swinging just as wildly.
“Pet, I only want to keep you safe, you understand, don’t you?” He tickles along your arm as his gaze sears into you. You stare at the ceiling restraining your exasperation.
“I do but… there’s a gate, you don’t need to keep me in just this room, do you?”
He doesn’t respond as he rubs your arm. He shimmies closer and stretches his arm across you. He holds you close as he sighs.
“I’m tired,” he says and presses his chin to the top of your head. The conversation’s over. Again.
You drift into a black void. At first, there are no dreams. You are nothing, you feel nothing. A rare taste of peace before the fractured visions break through the blackness.
Trees, towering above you, leaves like curtains above, blocking out the sky, casting darkness all around you. You’re running, gasping for breath as the thunder rolls behind you. You hear it, you feel it, shaking the earth beneath your bare feet.
You glance down at your white dress, streaked in blood and mud. You stumble forward, shielding yourself with your arms as the brush scratches your flesh. Your feet slip and slide and tendrils coil around your limbs. The vines wrap around you, restraining you as the storm cracks above you.
The thunder peters out to grizzly laughter. A burly figure emerges from the umbrous space between the thick trumps. It’s him; Thor. His blue eyes glow as the cut across his cheek leaks and he opens and closes his massive fists. He comes closer, until he’s right before you.
He raises his hands to your throat and circles his fingers around it. You squeak as he squeezes, tighter and tighter. He chokes you until your vision speckles. Your eyes lull back in your skull and when you can breathe again, you’re sarong up at the leaves, fragments of the sky peeking between the foliage.
There’s a tremor beneath you. As if the earth moves. Then you realise, it’s you. You’re moving. There’s something atop you. Someone. Smothering you. Rutting into you as your bones split and your insides burn like acid.
You smell wet mud and pine, a hint of sweat seeping into your lungs. Thor’s beastly growls crawl over your skin as he bites into your throat, pinching until you shriek. He holds you down as he snaps his pelvis against you, threatening to break you in half.
Your eyes open and a shadow hovers over you. Reality slowly sets in as you stare at the ceiling, damp breaths puffing over your face. Your chest binds and you choke on your own breath. It’s real.
He purrs as he kisses your cheek, holding himself above you as he lays between your legs. His hand is buried against your pelvis as he pets you, kissing you all over your face and neck. You whimper and hit his shoulders. He’s gentle but unyielding. Your head is pounding and your body aches.
The panic flows up from your stomach and a sheet of ice covers your body. You blink. What’s happening? It’s him. It must be him. How did he get to you?
“Stop!” You cry out, “stop!”
“Pet?” The warped voice calls to you.
“No, Thor! No, please, don’t– don’t hurt me!” You beg as your eyes narrow on the figure over you.
To your surprise, he stops. He lifts himself stiffly from you and a long arm reaches over to pull on the chain of the lamp. The bulb illuminates Loki’s features, his face wrought in terror that mirrors your own. You thought…
“I’m sorry, I—”
“You think I am like him? Like that monster–”
“No, no, I was dreaming, and—”
“Pet, you were moaning, you… I thought you were—” he swallows and pushes himself off you altogether, “awake.”
He sits up and sings his legs over the edge of the bed. He bends forward and holds his head. You don’t move as you watch him. You’re mortified. The bed jostles as he stands abruptly.
“I am not like him,” he snarls, “pet, you know– I… you begged me for more. You were crying out my name and now you treat me as some monster.”
You sit up, lip trembling, “no, I was confused. I was asleep, I didn’t know–” You scramble to the foot of the bed as he strides away.
“You think I would let him get his hands on you again? You wander off and tell me you are safe and yet here you are, screaming,” he huffs as he turns on you, “as if I haven’t taken every measure to keep you safe and you override them, then tell me not to worry.”
“Loki, please, just… I don’t need locked doors, I need you to talk to me,” you stand and rush towards him, latching onto his arm, “I need you to hear me.”
“I heard you,” he shudders as he looks down at your touch, “you called me by his name.”
“Because… because…” you suck in a shaky breath as a sob threatens to spill over, “because you won’t listen–”
“No, you will not listen. Hm? You will not obey me and that is all I’ve ever asked of you. You will not stay where I can keep you safe. From him,” he hisses, “you will not hear me when I tell you it is for your own good. You do not see what I do for you.”
He shakes his head and rips free of your clutch, “I took you away from that ogre you called a father. By my measure, no one ever bothered to do so much. Not even a birthday cake.
"I have given you a home, a purpose. I was a fool, I put you in harm’s way, I acknowledge my errors,” he tilts his head and curls his lips, “but I saved you. I found you and I made sure he did not hurt you. I have kept you safe which you cannot say about anyone else.”
“Loki, don’t,” you wilt as your heart pangs. He is right but that doesn't mean it doesn’t hurt.
“If you hadn’t run away, if you had trusted me,” he accuses as he wags his finger at you. “To think I would ever want her again. After all I’ve done for you, I would not throw those efforts away.”
Your lip quivers and you recoil, pressing your hands above your heart, “no, you wouldn’t throw away all you’ve done, but what about me? I am what you call you, am I not? A pet? A stray you picked up off the street.”
“Perhaps, for you have become rabid,” he retorts.
You flinch and take a step back. You curl your fingers through each other, keeping your hands over your chest. Your tears spill over as you push your lower lip out and croak his name. You shake your head, trying to ward off your despair but it only rains down harder. You sob and cover your mouth.
His brow twitches and his cheek tics. You see the doubt colour his eyes. He reaches for you, “pet, I–”
You back away and turn your back to him, “leave me alone.”
“I didn’t mean… we are both very emotional,” he pleads as his fingertips graze your shoulder.
You shrug him off and keep ahead of him, “no, no, don’t touch me,” you hurry towards the bathroom.
“I am not your pet!” You spin as you enter the bathroom and he staggers just a foot away, stunned by the swell of your anger, “I am nothing. Just as you say, my own father couldn’t love me.”
“I didn’t–”
You slam the door and throw yourself against it. You flick the lock into place and lean against the wood, heaving painfully as your sadness rattles through you. He slaps the door from the other side and says your name.
“You did!” You holler through, “you said what you meant. You told… the truth.” You sink down to your knees, crumpling onto the tile, “so leave me alone. What do you care anyway?”
He repeats your name, softer and you hear him slide down the outside of the door, “I care… if I didn’t…”
“Be quiet,” you murmur in exhaustion.
He abides, just for a moment before he speaks again, “I will be here… when you require me.”
You lay in a heap. Weak and worn out. You just want him to leave you alone. If he can’t let you free, then he can go away. You don’t need him to remind you that he’s all you have.
You gulp as sobs force their way up your throat. You cry until your head pulses and your throat is hoarse. You cry until you are drained dry. You’re left bleary and broken.
Walpurgisnacht is supposed to mark a new beginning but everything is just as bleak as it always was.
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romantichomicide95 · 10 months
geto suguru
Tumblr media
drabble request- @satorizz my first time requesting geto heheh. smut prompt #49 pleasee !! as filthy as possible with no pre-established relationship 👉🏽👈🏽
content warning- 18+ cockwarming, penetration, fingering, slightly dom!geto, squirting, creampie, one bed trope sprinkled in, slight dirty talk.
Tumblr media
You and Geto were both exhausted from your mission. The adrenaline was still coursing through your veins as you entered the dimly lit motel room.
“Shit. There’s only one bed.” you say as you look around the dinky motel and the realization hits you. You and Geto stood side by side, glancing at the lone bed that was before you. Neither of you spoke.
"Hmmm. Seems like fate has played an interesting hand," Geto finally broke the silence, his tone carrying a hint of amusement. "I don't know about you, but I could use a good night's sleep."
You turned to face him, leaning your back against the wall. "Are you suggesting we share it?"
Geto flashed you a mischievous smile,. "Well, considering the circumstances, it wouldn't be the worst idea, would it?" He sounded too smooth, and too confident, you thought.
"You must really think highly of yourself, Geto. I mean, what makes you so sure I'd want to share a bed with you?"
His eyes sparkled with something that you couldn’t quite put your finger on, and he took a step closer to you, closing the distance and practically caging you in. "Oh, I've seen the way you look at me when you think I don't notice," his voice low and seductive. "The way your eyes linger a little bit too long, the subtle hints of attraction you try to hide. Trust me, it's hard to miss."
Your heart started to pound slightly, his words catching you off guard. "Well, you certainly have an ego don’t you Geto?” You tried to challenge him.
Geto flashed you his signature playful smile. "Oh, really? So I’m just imagining all those lingering looks? Or the times you find excuses to be near me?” he raised an eyebrow, taking another step forward.
You crossed your arms, feigning irritation. "I never said anything about excuses. “M-maybe I just.” you stutter “maybe I just have a reason to be around you. Doesn’t mean anything.”
He tilted his head slightly, his gaze intense. "Doesn't it though? You like me, admit it.” he puts one hand on the wall next to you and you look at it before looking back at him.
As you stood there, contemplating his words, the air crackled with tension. You locked eyes with him, unable to resist any longer.
"Fine, Geto," you whispered, "Maybe I do like you. Maybe I always have. What’s it matter to you?”
A smile tugged at the corners of his lips as his free hand instinctively reached out, gently tracing the outline of your face. He presses his body against you, brushing his lips against yours. “It matters because I was really hoping you'd say that.”
His actions coupled with his words has the spot between your legs pulsating, needy. The thought of him taking you, doing whatever he pleases had plagued your mind for months, but you couldn’t admit that. You couldn’t feed into his ego even more.
But when he crashed his lips on yours, that thought went out the window, replaced by a need for him. You wrap your arms around his neck as he grinds himself against you, you can feel his hard on through his pants as he rubs it against your clothed pussy, eliciting a moan from you.
Geto bites your lip playfully, pulling away and looking deeply into your eyes. “Tell me how much you want this. Say it out loud.”
“I-I want this Geto.” You avert his gaze looking down to the floor.
He caresses your face again, lightly, before taking your jaw between his thumb and forefinger, lifting your chin to meet his gaze. “Look at me when you talk to me.” he says and the fire behind his eyes awakens a deep seated need inside you, and you feel arousal pool in your panties. “Tell me how much you want this?” he repeats.
You look him in the eyes, “I want you Geto.”
“And what do you want me to do to you huh?” he asks, running his hands up the skirt of your uniform and tracing his fingers along your clothed pussy.
A soft moan escapes your lips as you answer him with a whisper. “I want you to touch me Geto. I want you to fuck me.”
“That's not very convincing now is it?” he smirks at you, leaning in and giving you another short kiss.Looking at you again he slides two fingers inside your panties and rubs your clit. “Do you want me to make you cum?”
You whimper as you nod your head, unable to formulate words around the neediness you feel for him. He pins you against the wall as he rubs your clit, sliding his fingers into your warm pussy. He pumps them in and out of you and you feel yourself clench around them. They’re so long, they reach your sweet spot over and over again, as he trails his thumb along your puffy clit.
He’s pumping in and out of your wet and needy pussy, your lip is tucked between your teeth as he fucks you nice and slow with his fingers. His teeth graze against the skin of your neck and your hips roll into his hand at a similar motion.
“Look at you already shaking just from my touch.” he whispers in your ear. Your pussy tightens on his fingers as you kiss his lips with intensity.
Suddenly, just as you were about to let go, he pulls his finger out and lifts you up, holding you by your thighs as he carrys you to the bed, laying you down beneath him. “Undress for me. Can you do that?” He asks as he pulls his shirt off. You admire his body, eyes tracing from his face down along his abs before you nod once and do as he asks, stripping yourself down to just your bra and panties.
“So pretty…fuck. You’re beautiful” his lips are tasting every inch of your body as he slips your bra and panties off in a swift motion. He gets up and hovers above you, gripping your thighs and pushing them apart. “Fuck…such a pretty pussy. Dripping wet already…guess you really do want me huh pretty girl?”
Your hands are on his belt buckle, pulling it off before hastily undoing his pants. His hand grips your wrist “That impatient to feel my cock are you?”
“Geto…please I need you to fuck me.” you look up at him with pleading eyes and he lets your wrist go. He watches, amused, as you pull his pants off, then his boxers and watch as his cock springs up. It’s bigger than you anticipated, and thick.
He leans down again, kissing you on the lips this time. Hungrily, your tongues dance together as your mouths move in sync. “Ready?” he whispers in your ear before he lines the tip up with your entrance and slowly slides his dick inside. He lets out a deep low grunt as he feels your walls take him in.
“You’re so fucking tight. Fuck, think you can handle me?” He says letting out another grunt.
“Mhm. S-so big Geto, but I can take it.” you let out a whimper as he slowly slides himself inside you, inch by inch.
“Ahhhh -ahh fuck.” he grunts as he feels your walls tighten around him.
You look up at him through thick lashes, his bangs are flat on his face with sweat and his eyes are focused on you. You wrap your legs around his torso and pull him closer until he bottoms out.
He just sits there for a moment, not moving, just looking at you. He’s enjoying the way you’re wrapped around him, the way your pussy is taking him in. God, he thinks he’s drunk off the way it tightens around his cock, off the way tiny little tears form at the corners of your eyes by the way he fills you up.
“Geto, please move.” You say, pulling him even closer with your legs.
His thumb reaches down to wipe a tear from your eye, “Sorry pretty girl. You feel so good just enjoying it.” he flashes you the most confident smile you think you’ve ever seen grace someone’s face. And then he thrusts his hips, once inside you than twice, taking his time to feel you around him. God, do you feel good. He could cum right now, the way your pussy feels around him has his head spinning.
Three, he thrusts again and then he picks up his pace. Filling you up completely every time his hips hit yours. He feels good the way he fills you up. He’s too big, it almost hurts a little, but in a good way. Your breathing is too heavy, moans too loud. It might be a shitty motel but god everyone must be able to hear you right? The way his dick hits all the way into your cervix, the way his thumb circles your clit with each thrust. The way his lips take in your breasts, his tongue circling the nipple. It’s almost too much, too much pleasure.
“f-fuck suguru…sug-mmphh”
“Yeah you like that? Good girl.” He whispers in between moans. His pace quickens as his lips travel from your breasts back to your mouth and he kisses you passionately. His hands fall to your waist as he fucks you hard and fast, pulling you into him. Your fingernails grip his biceps, digging into his flesh.
Sugurus movements become more urgent and desperate and you throw your head back in pleasure as you feel yourself coming undone. He takes his fingers to your clit again as he guides you through your orgasm. Your legs start to shake and you lift your hips up, thrusting into his. “That’s right…good girl. cum for me.”
At his words you feel your orgasm take you over, the best orgasm you’ve ever had as you squirt all over his cock and thighs.
“Fuck, that was hot.” He slows down but doesn’t stop entirely as he feels himself on the verge. “Gunna cum pretty girl where do you want it?”
“Anywhere.” you say and you see his eyes light up and with one last thrust deep into your cervix and one last groan he shoots his cum deep inside you.
He pulls out, leaning down and kissing the side of your mouth. “fuck.” he says, wiping the hair from your face and kissing you again. “fuck…” he repeats with a laugh. “can’t argue about sharing this bed with me now can you?”
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chrisgetsmewet · 7 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: dad!chris × reader!mom
summary: you decided you want to do summerween activities and include your daughter.
Warning: none now enjoy
a/n: soo i wanted to start a series and actually complete it. but i feel like i should post this then do that. also this isn't proofread i fixed a few things but i didn't read over it again.
Tumblr media
10:23 pm
sofia was laying on the couch watching tv with her grandmother, (marylou) and it was the summerween episode of gravity falls, on a specific part is when the idea came to you
"Summer what?"
"Summerween, the people of this town love halloween so much they celebrate it twice a year.
"Summerween? something about this feels un natrual"
(For ones who doesn't know the audio or scene im referring to)
"we should do this" you point at the tv in a gesturing manner
"what do you mean?" marylou looked over at you
"not for me obviously everyone can celebrate it and have fun but mainly for sofia. jimmy could grill and we can have fun by the pool, carve pumpkins, then for the rest of the day we watch Halloween movies and eat popcorn and candy" you say using hand gestures when speaking and suggesting what you guys should do tomorrow.
"Oh thats sounds like fun, I'll tell everyone tomorrow" she left to her room telling you 'goodnight' before she left.
You just nod in response and look over at sofia who was sitting next to the spot her gandma was at, she smiled when you guys made eye contact. The 3 yr old should have been sleep, it was past her bed time but she kept saying one more episode until now, she had tired written all over her face. droopy eyes, getting all giggly over nothing, and yawning every 5 minutes.
after that episode went off she was already sleep which made the task of putting her to bed easier. Chris was already asleep on the arm chair he was sitting in while you were on him, his arms reasting around your waist.
You got off of his lap to get your sleep daughter, off the couch and into bed. he woke up from the change of your body heat off of him, he reached for you to pull you back onto him.
"chris, i gotta put sofia to bed"
"we all sleep in the same bed tho" he slurred, half awake.
"then c'mon chris" you retorted.
⋅˚₊‧ ୨୧ ‧₊˚ ⋅
9:05 am
you wake up from some of the sun peeking in from the blinds.
You sit your head up looking around adjusting to your familiar surroundings, with not so familiar bodies by you. chris and sofia were gone. you lay your head back down before pressing off the bed to get up and ready for the day.
9:23 am
Everybody was gone, they left to the store, you only knew that because you texted chris asking where everyone went. they all ate already, telling from all the crumbs that were left and a few forks and glasses in the sink.
you toasted some waffles, while waiting you heard the front door open and footsteps coming up, showing marylou and sofia
"mommy!" she yells opening her arms running towards you.
"hey baby." you giggled picking her up and bringing her into your warm embrace, her head pressing against your shoulder.
she sat her head up, still in your arms "we went to da story and.. and.. buy punkin and candy and bought blanky and pillows and.. i don't forget" the girl ranted on about half her day saying 'umm' when trying to remember.
"you mean you don't remember" you corrected her
"mommy i forgot. i don't know what we got" she said matterfactly.
You just sighed and placed her down, off to the couch she ran. Nick, chris, matt, and jimmy come in with groceries definitely more than what her daughter said.
"y/n your up. we missed you." Jimmy said placing down the bags he had in hand. "the pumpkins are still in the car"
"I'll get those" you replied meekly, sliding off the seat by the island of the counter.
"hey sweet girl" chris said, one hand landing on your waist, giving you a peck on the lips as you passed by him. going down the stairs where he just came up.
⋅˚₊‧ ୨୧ ‧₊˚ ⋅
4:49 pm
half the day past the sun setting ever so slightly. everyone was by the pool, the triplets parents were im the kitchen making food and jimmy came out every once in a while to grill a few things then going back inside.
sofia was in a floaty with a life vest, laying on her back relaxing, asking me random questions saying random things every few minutes.
"mommy what if could fly?'
"I don't know?" you replied swimming around her.
"i had a dream last day and trevor was dis big" she motioned, opening her arms as wide as she could. giggling, thinking back to her dream.
(istg if someone says something abt how they didnt have a pool back in boston I'll fight you. in this they have a pool)
"hey y/n come try this" nick called for you. hinting to the drink he had in his hand.
the boys went out to buy some drinks from dunkin cause when they drove by this morning and saw that the place was doing a summer special. they were infact still recording for their Wednesday vlog
"no! I'm staying in the pool"
"aww c'mon" he groans, "i want your opinion on the drink cause matr and chris said it was bad and i need a 3rd opinion"
"bring it to me" you wave your hand inwards, gesturing him to come to you.
"bro.." matt mumbled.
chris took the drink out of nicks hand and walked over to you, handing the drink over. you take a sip and it was actually good it was a strawberry lemonade with strawberry popping pearls
they tasted cheap and didn't pop when they were in your mouth but it was chewy but the strawberry lemondae made up for it, tasting sour making your mouth water and super sweet and if you could compare it to anything it tasted like a watermelon sour patch.
"It's good i guess" you let out a soft chuckle giving the camera thumbs up.
"i want a sip momma" the 3 yr old clapping her hands together and kicking her feet in excitement. you put the straw near her mouth and she takes a big sip, she pulls on her clothes squeezing her eyes shut swalloing the juice hard, putting her hand on yours that was holding the cup, shaking her head. you and chris laugh at her reaction.
"Im bout to go finish filming" chris walks back over to his brothers.
"ok" you watched him walk off , and you turn back to look at your daughter, her face held a repulsed look.
sofia taps her mouth then your hand then her mouth again. not quite sure what she was hinting at you reluctantly put your hand under her mouth and she spits the popping pearls in your hand.
when she spits the four into your hands you threw them into a random bush.
⋅˚₊‧ ୨୧ ‧₊˚ ⋅
5:32 pm
The food was done being made. Burger in the shape of pumpkins, mac and cheese, finger sandwiches and hot dogs. some ingredients that were used are being put away. I help marylou clean some of the mess that was made when the food was being prepared.
everyone got cleaned, wearing their Halloween pjs and was ready to eat. you got your daughter a plate of mac and cheese and cut up one of the sausages that were for the hot dogs to replace the fact she didn't have chicken tenders.
"thank you"
"Your welcome baby" you kiss her head and walk away from the table.
You see chris sitting at the island counter focused in on his phone. you took that as your opportunity to try and 'scare' him because normally it doesn't work.
You walk to where he is and let out a small 'boo' you push him a little and you felt him flinch a little. and he just quickly turned his head to look your way "that didn't scare me" he laughs off
" liar" you teased, "it didn't, you freaking pushed me"
you laughed at his response hitting his shoulder, remembering how he looked when he got scared. You laughed a little too hard drawing attention towards yourself.
"why's she laughing" matt asked giggling along.
"she thinks she scared me" chris was quick to defend himself.
your laughing comes to an abrupt stop "what he means is i did scare him"
"anyway. mom, dad the food is good" he changed the subject
"oh yeah, thank you marylou and jimmy" you add mouth full of food, using your hand to cover your mouth.
everyone else throws in their "thank you's" and starting conversation.
⋅˚₊‧ ୨୧ ‧₊˚ ⋅
After dinner, and eveything was cleaned and a bit of stalling on everyone's end, making up excuses of why one another can't go to the living room and watch the movie.
eventually we all gathered around in the living room deciding on a halloween movie the choices were hocus pocus, girl vs monster, and hallowentown. We all decided on girl vs monster.
The lights were all off, and a sweet cinnamon candle was lit.
i gave sofia a bag of m&m's and a lollipop. she let out a small "thank you" well actually she said (tank you) then engrossingherself back into the tv.
i was in the same place i was last night on chris' lap while he was sitting in the arm chair.
You nestled your head into chris' chest, with one hand he played with your hair, the other hand he rests on your leg, rubbing it back and forth.
"chris i just realized we never carved the pumpkins" you whispered to him, remembering the one thing you guys didn't do today.
"oh shit your right.. we could probably just do it tomorrow" he whispered back.
"mhm" you said before trying to go to sleep instead of watching the movie, exhausted from the semi long day you had.
a/n: if you actually read that thank you. Also i deeply apologize if this wasn't giving summerween.
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heeseung-min · 1 year
"Holy shit, Y/n! Is that a black card?"
"Huh? This?"
You looked to your friends who were amused at the sight of you pulling out the card from your purse. They got closer to you to see if it's real or not.
"How do you get this?"
"Oh, it's from my boyfriend. He gave me this so I can buy anything I want."
You answered it with cheerful tone. You still can remember how sad your boyfriend were when you decided to purchase something using your own money. He stated that he will be responsible to everything that you wanted to buy. It's such a sweet thing to you however your friends thought different.
"Are you a gold digger?"
"What...do you mean?"
"Listen, y/n. Do you really think people can easily give their own card to you? Especially a guy? You must have done something to him."
Here, you really thought they are your real friends but turned out they are just same like everyone else. They were still talking about your flaws and you just sit in front of them clenching your fists. You thought you can spend some good time with your friends. You even convinced your boyfriend to let you out with them. Now, you regret it.
"Are you mad? Come on, we were just joking. Don't be so sensitive."
You opened the lid of your bubble tea cup and throw the drink to them. They were shocked and shouted at you when they felt sticky because of the sugary drink.
"Are you crazy?"
"Don't be so sensitive. I'm also joking."
That night, your boyfriend was curious when you keep zoning out. Even when both of you were watching your favourite drama, you didn't even focus to it.
"Okay honey, what happened to you?"
"No-nothing. I'm just tired."
"Don't lie. I can see it from your eyes."
He brought you closer to his body so you can lean to his shoulder. When you felt he started to caress your back, your tears started to fall too.
"Jay, am I worthless?"
"What? Of course not. You are the most precious thing I ever have."
"But, my friends...they keep saying that I am a gold digger when they saw I'm using your black card to purchase something."
Jay clenched his jaw when he heard your sobbing got louder. God, the amount of anger building inside of him. He knew he should not let you out with those bitches. He comforted you for few minutes and cuddled with you to ensure that everything is fine.
"I told you, right? You should cut ties with everyone. They don't even respect you. I will take care of you and I will never leave you."
"You are right. I really hate them."
Jay smiled at the thought. You hate them so that means he should get rid of those assholes. It's okay, he will pay someone to do it. For now, he only wanted to spend time with you.
I love man with money😍 Hope you guys enjoy this everyone😁 I typed this because I can't sleep so I need to let it all out😀😀
Taglist: @stacey-stonem @duolingofanaccount
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For Samantha Carpenter x fem reader. (If you're doing requests, I'm not 100% sure if you are or not,please.)
Reader is Amber Freeman's half older sister (Sam Carpenter's age). Amber knows that Stu Macher is her sister's father, which she is jealous of. So after attacking Tara and luring Sam back to Woodsboro, Amber attacks Reader at Ambers and rs house. (Sam and Reader dated before Sam left, and once they've all moved to NYC, they get back together. R is also a little reliant on alcohol and weed after everything that happened.)
Holding On To You
Tumblr media
Words: 3.3k (I think)
Relationships: Samantha Carpenter x Fem!Reader, Sibling!Amber Freeman x Fem!Reader, Implied/Referenced Tara Carpenter x Amber Freeman, Chad Meeks-Martin x Tara Carpenter, Mindy Meeks-Martin x Anika Kayoko
I wrote this this fic in bits, so the timeline is kinda jumbled. I only arranged which part should go where when I finished writing and decided to imply Tamber last minute because why not? Also, Amber's dad raised r as his own, which is why r refers to them as her parents.
The ' * * *' means a long period of time has passed.
Warnings: (18+) this is definitely not my best work, poorly written fight scene, angst, violence, cussing, grief, suggestive themes, reader has problems with alcohol. lmk if I missed any! (I don't remember if the core four were drinking alcohol in Sam and Tara's apartment, so I put something else here)
A/N: I didn't intend for half the fic to focus on reader's dynamic with Amber, but I felt like it's important to show how torn she is by how she feels with what happened. Sorry if I made it too angsty and not what you (anon) asked for 😭
not my gif. || masterlist || previous work
Your phone buzzed at the same time you were about to go up the stairway leading to your room. Determining that whoever is texting you is more important than sleep, you unlock the cellular device to read the message.
(1:49 a.m.)
Amber: Tara was attacked.
Three words. Fifteen letters.
Your body turns stiff as if there was a supernatural force compelling you to stay still. Tara was attacked. The first thought that went to your mind was ‘is she okay?’ but for some reason you can’t explain, your fingers typed in different words.
(1:50 a.m.)
You: Does Sam know?
Is Tara in the hospital?
How is she?
(1:51 a.m.)
Amber: Such dumb questions. What you should be asking yourself is ‘who’s next?’
Your brows furrow and you frown. She shouldn’t be saying that, you thought. Amber was peculiar but if there was one thing you were sure she’s best at, it was being there for Tara - protecting her. The person on the other side of the screen that you’re talking to feels different from the Amber you know. Something is off.
(1:55 a.m.)
You: Don’t say shit like that, Amber. Tara got hurt. This is serious.
(1:55 a.m.)
Amber: Oh, this isn’t Amber.
(1:56 a.m.)
You: Then who are you?
(1:56 a.m.)
Amber: You’ll find out soon enough.
The chances of being given ample interval to question the sender of the text who is definitely not Amber reduces to zero the second a masked figure creeps behind you and slashes your arm. “What the fuck?!” Blood trickles down your skin, the wound deep enough to nearly make you see your bones. You have to look away from your own body or else you might collapse from the mere sight of it.
You’re panting, looking into the mask of your attacker. He tilts his head at you tauntingly. “And here I thought that the daughter of Stu Macher would put up more of a fight.”
You don’t react, but you run for the kitchen, grabbing the first breakable object you can find: the floral vase.
When Ghostface attempts to lunge forward, you aim the vase at his head, but he dodges swiftly, leaving the vase to smash against the newly-painted wall. You grimace. Your parents were gonna kill you the moment they decide to hop on their plane and get home. “They’re going to be so mad at me.” You complain while grabbing a kitchen knife.
This will do.
“What are you planning to do with that knife?” Ghostface wonders mockingly.
You make a face at him, “No more talking.”
And just like that, you got into a knife fight. You manage to stab Ghostface in the abdomen. He rolls over, his hand going over his stomach to assess the damage. Smiling triumphantly, you let your guard down, which proved to be an error of yours as Ghostface recovers enough to dig his knife near your chest. You drop your weapon, feeling your eyes flutter shut. Your attacker slowly removes his mask, shocking you, yet it was like the time you fade out of consciousness was also planned since you pass out way before you can see what he looks like.
* * *
“We’re waiting for you downstairs.”
You stop what you were doing to look up at Tara. She sends you a sympathetic look and you shoot her one back. “I’ll finish up in 5 minutes.” You say, motioning to the clothes that are yet to be packed into your suitcase.
“Okay.” Tara’s attention is drawn to the picture frame on the nightstand. It was of you and Amber when you were children. She was wearing a pirate costume while you wore a witch’s. “Are you bringing that with you?”
“Yes.” You reply, taking the frame in your hands, fingers ghosting over the photograph. “It was one of our happiest memories together. She was such a sweet kid. I’d like to remember her that way instead of…” You trail off, taking a sharp intake of breath. A month has passed since your sister attacked you and murdered people. You’d never know why she did it nor do you want to. Some things are better left unsaid. Tara, however, felt the opposite. She knew Amber differently and you can understand how she feels, to an extent. “You can keep it if you want. I have other photos in this room stored somewhere.”
Even though Tara shakes her head ‘no’, she is appreciative. “No, it’s fine. I have pictures of my own too.”
The two of you bask in the silence. No other words needed to be shared. Tara leaves you alone after that, but the space she formerly occupied isn’t left empty for long when Sam appears by the doorway.
You grin when you see her, “Hi.” It’s the first time in days that you managed to smile authentically. Going through the worst thing imaginable can dim someone’s light and you were in no position to pretend that everything was okay when circumstances proved the opposite. Although it pained you to think about that night, seeing Sam made you feel that you weren’t alone.
“Hey.” She replies. “Ready to go?”
“Most definitely.” You answer with the truth as you zip up your last bag, ready to leave this place behind and start anew.
Sam holds out her hand, “Come on.”
You don’t take one last look back. You’d be lying if you said you would miss this house. Everything direful that happened in Woodsboro began here, so it is fitting that this is also where it should end.
Or at least, that’s what you thought.
* * *
The bottle in your hand weighs lighter than your grief. That’s what you keep telling yourself during these types of moments. It’s a remedy. Ephemeral, maybe, but it helps you forget. That’s the one thing you could ask for.
You nurse your wounds at a bar stool. The time is a bit early for a Saturday for you to be drinking, just how you like it. You take a sip, then another, and another, making you finish your drink earlier than you’d like. “Fucking hell.” A new bottle slides over in front of you before you can ask the bartender for one more drink. Turning your attention to your side, you note a woman staring right at you, a sly smirk on her lips.
Once you give her a nod as a ‘thank you’ for the booze, you go back to the bottle, indicating you want to be left alone. Unfortunately for you, the woman does not take the hint. She moves to the stool next to yours, hoping to shoot her shot.
“Hey.” She says, her bright blue eyes shining in the dim light of the bar. Although you cannot deny that she’s attractive, you’d rather be gazing into a different pair of eyes, preferably brown ones on the face of the only girl you’ve ever loved. “I’m Jolene.”
“Hi, Jolene.” Putting down the bottle, you purse your lips, hoping that this exchange would end soon. You tense when Jolene places a hand on your right shoulder.
Jolene chuckles, unbothered by the signs that you were uneasy, “You’re a little tense.” She pauses, gauging your reaction, “I can help you relax.”
“Look, I appreciate the offer, but, uh. . . I’m kind of waiting for someone, so if you don’t mind. . .” You pull your arm away, pretending to look at the entrance to the bar as if you were meeting one of your friends. Truthfully, it should be a lost cause since you haven’t told anybody that you would be here, including Sam.
“Well, let me keep you company while they arrive.”
You internally groan. “Respectfully, Jolene, and I mean this in the nicest way possible since you seem like a good person, leave me alone.”
“Are you sure?”
“A hundred percent.”
Jolene smiles understandingly, about to get up and turn away, but then her mouth drops open as if she’s seen a movie star, “Wait, you’re one of the survivors of the murders at that one house in Woodsboro! Your sister tried to kill you and your biological father was a killer too, right?! Stu Macher, that’s what his name was.”
Of course. That’s why she approached you. She only pretended not to know who you were until you tried to convince her to piss off. Great. “Bye now.” You throw a fifty dollar bill on the counter, hastily running out of the place as if you were brought back to those nights spent in that house trying so desperately to get away. The feeling of tightness takes place in your chest. You see a stranger pass by with hair that looks exactly like Amber’s and you turn lugubrious. No matter what she did, she was still your sister. You want to hate her for everything she did to you, to Tara, to everyone you thought she cared for. However, missing her triumphs all the other emotions you have. Though that may not be an excuse for her wrongdoings, it makes you mourn what has and what would have been.
You wanted her to go to college. You wanted to be the one on the front row cheering her on as she accepts her diploma. You wanted to be the person she turns to for relationship advice. You would have wanted her there when both you and Sam began getting harassed online just because your fathers were serial killers. Amber would have fought anyone who attempted to cross a line. Sometimes it felt like she was your big sister even though you are technically older.
And then it hits you.
You’d always be stuck in that goddamn stupid, cursed house, persistently wishing that things had been different. That you hadn’t moved there, that your sister never met Richie, that you have the same biological father as Amber. Standing in the middle of the sidewalk, you realized that maybe you never left the place at all. You are in New York (You’re not deluded. You know that much.), but a piece of your heart would eternally be in Stu Macher’s house with Amber at the doorway while the other half is chasing after a love that might never be.
* * *
Sam drops by in your shared room to ask what you want for dinner. On Saturdays when neither of you are working, you and Sam order food and watch a movie that is preferably a romcom or fantasy. The unspoken rule being: watching horror is out of the equation.
She notices your swollen eyes and discards her phone on the table to comfort you. Sam climbs into your bed, arms circling around your waist in order to ground you. “I’m here. It’s okay.”
You don’t speak, fearing that your voice might crack and that it might show that you are as weak as you think you are.
But of course, Sam notices. “I know you don’t want to talk right now, so I’ll just hold onto you. If or when you want to talk, you can squeeze my hand. Is that okay?”
You shake your head in affirmation, locking your fingers with Sam’s, granting yourself the permission to crumble in her arms.
Once your heartbeat slows to a calm rhythm and the heartache subsides to a low wave that stays at your feet, you squeeze her hand three times.
“I’m listening.” Sam says, sensing your hesitance. Understanding where your diffidence comes from (she sees it in herself too), she adds, “I won’t judge you. I’m here to listen and if you want advice, I’ll try to give one. If you don’t want me to say anything, that’s fine too. Whatever works best for you.”
She is giving you the space to feel. Not a lot of people can say that and still stay after you’ve poured your heart out. Sam is different from most people because she cares. You are each other’s anchor. That’s why it doesn't take much convincing for you speak of your feelings bit by bit without worrying about falling into a rabbit hole. Knowing that Sam is there with you, listening, holding your hand, is more than enough motivation to keep going.
“. . . Sam, is it wrong? To miss Amber? The whole world tells me what she is. A murderer. But I- I saw it in her eyes that night at the party. Hesitation. Remorse. She told me that she was jealous that I got to be the one whose father was a serial killer but when she pointed the gun at my head, I saw something else flicker in her eyes. I don’t know. It’s probably just my brain making things up to make me feel better. Maybe I should just accept that my sister was a killer and move on. I shouldn’t even be feeling like this when I know she murdered people in cold blood — people I used to know. Am I crazy?” Once you started talking, you couldn���t stop. It was like you’ve been bottling this up to release it at the right moment. The memories of that night resurfaced in the forefront of your mind, acknowledging them for the first time. By now, you were laying on your back while Sam had an arm wrapped around your shoulder and the other still on your waist. For less than a minute, you were scared that she would push you away in a literal sense.
She didn’t.
“It’s not wrong, Y/n. She was your sister, of course you have the right to miss her. Now, I still don’t understand her motive and I won’t try to because she hurt Tara and you. But you knew her better than me or the people calling her names. You knew the kid that she was. You know what’s real. You are allowed to have your own opinion of Amber even if it isn’t what others want you to think. You’re not crazy for feeling these things. I’d be scared if you didn’t feel anything at all. It’s normal. You’re human. Don’t be too hard on yourself because of something you can’t control.” Sam says, soft but stern.
You take this opportunity to gaze into her eyes, seeing reverence, sympathy, and devotion all in one. She took the parts of yourself that you hated and treated them as if they were something sacred. When you have a person like that in your life - one who helps you accept your flaws instead of turning them away -, you start to see flowers bloom in the pieces you considered damaged. She loved the things about you that you execrated.
Before Sam, you gave love a definition: it is a thing that enfeebles you - yet that’s not all that there is to it. Love can be a chain, it can be suffocating, and there is no doubt that it can shatter you until the only thing you have left is a piece of a broken mirror to prove that it existed; but it can also be a tune (like the song you sung as a kid that you never paid much thought to), a soft bed, a dance, or a simple look a person gives that sends your heart fluttering no matter how many times you have been on the receiving end of it.
“Sam?” You call out, realizing that you’ve spent a while not responding.
“Thank you for listening,” You say quietly. “and for not becoming a stranger.”
She smiles gently.
Your heart flutters.
* * *
Tara lets out a deep breath. She’s laying down with a novel in her hand that became abandoned three minutes ago, her attention now focused on glaring at you and Sam from her position on the couch. “Just get back together already. I’m so tired of watching you two tiptoe around each other with your unresolved feelings!” She yells, roughly flipping a page of the book in order to prove her annoyance. Sam, who was currently on dish duty, dropped a plate upon hearing Tara’s comment. (It didn’t break, fortunately.)
“Are you talking about the book or…?” Of course, Chad would be the one to make the situation far more awkward than it needs to be. You don’t hate the kid, but he does get oblivious at times, which you normally wouldn’t mind if it doesn’t affect you. Mindy punches him in the shoulder. His mouth gapes. He looks at you, then at Sam. “Ohhhh.”
“Idiot.” Mindy mumbles.
“I agree with Tara though.” Anika comments, pointing her apple drink at Tara. (You and Sam don’t allow the kids to drink at the apartment, so the only beverages available are apple and orange juice boxes.)
“Me too, babe.” Mindy beams proudly as if Anika gave the answer to an unsolvable mathematical equation and gives her girlfriend a peck on the lips.
Chad makes gagging noises, averting his eyes away from the couple.
You see the scene unfold in front of you with a smile before you turn away to take the popcorn out of the microwave. “I think we’re driving Tara crazy with the suspense.” You joke, transferring the popcorn to a bowl and placing another bag inside the microwave. Sam shoots you a questioning glance, referring to the amount of popcorn bags that were already cooked. “I was thinking that each couple would have a bag or bowl each. Mindy and Anika, Chad and Tara. I wasn’t sure if you wanted to share with me, which is why I put another-”
Sam takes out the uncooked popcorn from the microwave, interrupting what would have been your rambling, “Of course I’d share with you. You’re my girlfriend.”
You look away, unable to keep a smile off your face. “I will never get tired of hearing that.” As you busy yourself with placing the popcorn on three separate bowls, Sam observes the group on the living room.
“I think we should tell them.”
“About us. It’s time, don’t you think?”
“Yeah.” You take Sam’s hands in your own, pressing a kiss to her knuckles. “I’m ready.” You look at her lovingly. “How should we do it?”
Sam sports a mischievous smirk, “I know just the right way.” She ‘accidentally’ drops another plate (which, amazingly, didn’t break as well), drawing the attention of Tara, Chad, Mindy, and Anika. She gives you the go signal and you kiss her, bringing your bodies closer.
“WHAT ARE YOU- OH MY GOD!” Tara exclaims.
“CHAD, GIVE ME THE CAMERA!” Anika flails her arms chaotically for Chad’s phone, instantly snapping pictures of you and Sam the moment the device is handed to her.
Chad grins, giving you a thumbs up.
When you pull away from Sam for air, Tara runs up to you with questions at the ready. Sam did most of the talking. You added a few things here and there, looking back at how far you’ve come. The grief never went away. It’s still lingering. Except this time, you don’t feel the panic. You focus on the memories - the good and the bad. Those things are the reason why you’re where you're at right now. Although you’d have liked some of it to turn out differently, you can’t change the past, hence why you don’t shy away from what happened as much as you used to. You hold on to the memories the way you’d want to hold on to the love of your life.
“You okay?” Sam asks, rubbing a comforting hand on your shoulder.
You realize that you’ve been crying. “Yeah, they’re happy tears. It’s just. . .” You breathe out, feeling the weight of hopelessness on your shoulders disappear.
It felt like finally coming home after a long journey.
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queenshelby · 17 days
Our Little Secret (Part 49)
Pairing: Cillian Murphy x Reader
Warning: Infidelity, Age-Gap, Triggers, Smut
Tumblr media
Sean hesitated, unsure of what to say. He wanted to say he was your boyfriend, but he knew that would be a lie. On top of that, he was still reeling from the realization that the man standing before him was a famous actor.
"Um, I'm Sean. I came here with Y/N last night," Sean mumbled, shifting nervously from one foot to the other, wearing nothing but his boxershorts while Cillian let himself inside, carrying a capsule car seat with a baby inside. 
"Right, so where is Y/N?"  Cillian asked, his gaze scanning the room before settling on Sean's somewhat uncomfortable figure. 
"She's just having a shower I think," Sean replied, feeling a little flustered under Cillian's sharp gaze, question after question popping into his mind.  "So, are you her father or something? I mean, it sure would explain the house and the baby, you know,"  Sean asked awkwardly, hoping that his words wouldn't offend Cillian.
Cillian's face twisted slightly, as if he had tasted something sour. "What would make you think that I am Y/N's father?" Cillian  demanded, raising an eyebrow at Sean, who looked taken aback by Cillian's reaction.
"Well, I just assumed, I don't know," Sean shrugged and Cillian let out a deep sigh, shaking his head in disbelief.
"I am not Y/N's father," he clarified tersely, his eyes flashing as he stared at the younger man, which is when, finally, you rushed downstairs to diffuse the situation. 
"What are you doing here Cillian? I said I would pick Mara up at noon,"  you said, your cheeks reddening as you took in the sight of Cillian standing there, his eyes narrowed as they flicked between Sean and you.
"What am I doing here?" Cillian asked sarcastically. "I think the real question is what is he doing here, in my fucking house?" Cillian snarled, gesturing towards Sean with an angry look.
"Oh my god, you cannot be serious!"  you exclaimed, feeling the blood rushing to your face. "Your house? Really?"  you shot back at Cillian, your eyes flashing with anger. 
"Well, I am paying the fucking mortgage so, yes, it's my house until Mara is eighteen and you bringing some stranger home with you to the bed that I paid for is fucking unbelievable," Cillian spat, his sensitive tendencies bubbling to the surface.
As you opened your mouth to argue further, you heard a small sound coming from the carrier that Cillian had placed on to the coffee table. You looked down at your sleeping daughter, Mara, still oblivious to the tension and conflict between her parents.
You let out a loud sigh, the anger subsiding as you realized that it was pointless to keep arguing with Cillian in front of your daughter. Looking at Sean, you could see that he was standing there, also clearly rattled by the situation.
"Can you please leave now Cillian? I don't want you in this house and you need to learn how to respect my boundaries," you asked Cillian calmly while Mara looked up at him, calling out 'dada', which is when Sean's chin dropped. 
He glanced at you with wide eyes, still adjusting to everything that had just unfolded before him. "Hang on a second, he is your ex?" Sean finally choked out, looking from Cillian to you in disbelief.
You nodded calmly while Cillian paced around the room, shaking his head. 
Sean shook his head too, taking a step back.  "This is all just... wow," he said before asking "do you want me to leave, so you can deal with whatever is going on right now? I seem to be making things worse with being here," Sean  offered while looking at you anxiously, not knowing how to proceed.
You shook your head. "No, I want him to leave," you told Sean before looking at Cillian. "Please Cillian," you begged him not to make this situation any worse than it already was.  "Please for Mara's sake."
Cillian looked the embodiment of misery, like a hurricane on the verge of rage, but something flickered in his gaze. A hint of pain that matched your own.
"Alright," he conceded unexpectedly, releasing a sigh that sounded like it came from the very depths of his soul as he carefully picked up Mara's carrier. "I will leave, but I don't want Mara to be around some stranger you brought home for a hookup. You can pick her up at noon, or whenever works for you," Cillian said, his voice still rough and hurting.
There was a note of sadness in his eyes as he gazed at you, Mara, and Sean and you sighed, feeling a pang of guilt for the situation, but knowing you couldn't change it now.
"Fine, I will come by yours at noon to pick her up. This is what we had already agreed upon last night anyway," you reminded him  , trying to calm Cillian down, aware of Sean's presence and the awkwardness that was still lingering in the room.
"Alright, I'll see you at noon then," Cillian finally said, turning on his heels before leaving your house, closing the door softly behind him.
You turned to face Sean and saw the look of shock and confusion on his face.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cause any problems," he apologized, his voice barely above a whisper.
"It's okay. It's not your fault. He is just -," you began to say. "Never mind. It's complicated," you finished, letting out a deep sigh as you looked up at Sean. 
"I can see that," Sean told you softly, his eyes filled with concern. "And wow, I mean, did you actually used to date? Because he is a fair bit older than you, you know?"  Sean commented, his eyebrows furrowing as he tried to imagine the two of you together.
"I know, but I never minded it to be honest. I was really in love with him, and we almost moved in together too," you shared, feeling compelled to open up to Sean about your past relationship with Cillian. 
"And then what happened?" Sean asked, his voice barely a whisper as his eyes locked onto you.
You took a deep breath, swallowing the lump in your throat as you tried to gather your thoughts. "He cheated on me with someone older and prettier I suppose,"  you murmured, shaking your head. 
Sean leaned against the kitchen counter, his gaze fixed on you as he listened to your story. His expression was sympathetic, but you could tell that he was fascinated by the revelation.
"I'm really sorry that happened to you," he said, his voice laced with genuine sympathy.
"It's fine now, honestly. Mara is a blessing to the both of us, but we really do not need each other, " you lied to Sean and to yourself.  You could see the questions in Sean's eyes, but you did not feel like answering them at the moment. You knew that talking about Cillian would only bring up a whirlwind of emotions that you had buried deep inside for so long.
"Well, I should get going now," Sean said, standing up from where he languished. He was about to leave when he suddenly leaned in for a kiss. Despite the awkwardness and hesitations from their previous encounter, his lips crashed on yours in a fiery kiss, tasting you, possessing you for those few brief moments.
You found yourselves standing there, lips locked, time stood still until he pulled away.
"Can I see you again?" Sean asked, causing you to smile.
"I would like that," you answered and, even though the sex wasn't great, you enjoyed his company.
The way Sean made you feel was new and different. He was kind, funny and you couldn't help but feel drawn to him.
"Great," he replied, his eyes gleaming in anticipation. "Should I call you this weekend?"
You nodded, smiling wide. "Yes, I would like that."
A few hours later, you picked Mara up from Cillian's house and, by the time he opened the door for you, his demour had changed.
"Come in, I will get her ready for you,"  Cillian said, his voice softer now, seemingly having calmed down from earlier.
You walked inside and followed him up the stairs, your heart racing as you stepped over the threshold into the very room that Cillian had shared with you as a couple, before everything had fallen apart.
You waited in the nursery while Cillian changed Mara's diaper and dressed her in the clothes that you had brought for her. The whole time, you couldn't help but feel the weight of history between the two of you, the memories that still lingered in every corner of the house.
"I am sorry about earlier. It was not place to judge you,"  Cillian finally spoke, keeping his gaze fixed on your daughter as he changed her clothes. 
"No it wasn't Cillian. I have a right to move on," you said, feeling a surge of defiance and confidence rising within you. 
Cillian didn't respond immediately, as if he was taken aback by your outburst. Then, slowly, he raised his gaze to meet yours, the pain and hurt in his eyes palpable.
"Have you?" he asked , cocking his head quizzically, as if trying to understand where you were coming from.
"Have I what?" you asked, confused by his question.
"Have you moved on?"  Cillian repeated, his voice softer now, his gaze unwavering as he studied your face intently.
You hesitated, unsure of how to answer. The truth was, you didn't know. Yes, you had moved on in the sense that you had started seeing other people and trying to build a life for yourself and Mara. But you couldn't deny that there was still a part of you that held on to the past, to the memories you had shared with Cillian.
"I don't know," you finally said, your voice barely above a whisper.
"Well, I certainly haven't, and I won't, which is why I got so angry when I saw this guy, at your house,"  Cillian said, his voice filled with raw emotion.
You felt a pang in your heart as you looked at him, the pain and hurt in his eyes were evident.
"I understand, Cillian," you said softly. "But I have to move on, for Mara's sake and mine."
Cillian nodded slowly, his gaze fixed on Mara as he held her in his arms.
"I know," he said, his voice barely above a whisper.
"But it's hard for me to see you with someone else. Especially when it's someone who is so much, -" Cillian began to say  , but stopped himself before the words could leave his lips.
"Someone who is what?" you asked, curious to know what he had been about to say.
"Younger, and probably more suitable for you, I suppose," Cillian said, his gaze still fixed on Mara, his voice laced with sadness and pain.
You felt a lump rise in your throat as you listened to him speak. It was clear that he was still hurting over what had happened between the two of you, and it broke your heart to see him like this.
"I tried Cillian, I really did, but you were the one who cheated on me and knocked another woman up and absolutely none of that had anything to do with age," you told him, tears welling up in your eyes.
Cillian reached out and took your hand, giving it a gentle squeeze, unable to meet your gaze, his eyes glued to the ground.
"I know, and I am sorry. I messed up and I can't take it back," he said, his voice barely above a whisper. "But, you know, I, -" he began to say again, but stopped himself, seemingly unable to find the right words.
You brushed a tear from your cheek, taking a deep breath to calm your racing emotions as silence evolved you for at least a minute or two.
"I came by this morning to tell you that Amanda has been lying. She isn't pregnant. She never has been pregnant. It was all a big fat lie and I know that this doesn't change the fact that I cheated on you, but I just wanted you to know anyway,"  Cillian confessed, finally looking up to meet your eyes, filled with regret and remorse.
"Why am I not surprised?" you uttered, your voice filled with disgust as your mind reeled from the enormity of Cillian's confession. "But you are right, it really doesn't matter to me Cillian,"  you added, trying to mask the hurt beneath your words with a shrug conceding defeat.
Cillian let out a deep sigh, raking his fingers through his dark hair, searching for any scrap of misplaced self-control. He knew he had pushed you both to the edge, but the knowledge only added to the battleground of emotions roiling inside of him, standing between him and forgiving you.
You felt them locked in each other's gaze for a long moment and you struggled to find the right words.
"I gotta go," you  finally said, breaking the silence and the tension that had hung over the room like a thick fog.
"I understand," Cillian replied, giving your hand a squeeze one last time before releasing it. "I'll see you next week," he then said before giving Mara a kiss goodbye. 
You nodded, distractedly, unable to muster up any more words as you left the house, feeling a strange mix of emotions swirling within you.
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goldenchocobo · 8 months
Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi Adventures
So, I got the Kingdom Hearts Tamagotchi for my birthday this year. and it was only in September that I decided to activate it (I was hesitant because I know Tamagotchi can be needy and can't be turned off). So here's my so-far roughly one month journey!
Tumblr media
Here he is- Base Sora on day 1. I took care of him, played games, and generally fiddled about with what I could do. This was my first ever Tamagotchi, so it was a new experience to me. You fight Shadow Heartless, Dusk Nobodies and Flood Unversed occasionally with the tap of the 'A' button. They didn't happen super frequently so I was fine fending them off.
Unfortunately things didn't go well. I became ill with stomach flu the night after. The manual says it takes roughly 49 hours for Sora to change/evolve. and well...
Tumblr media
When I was able to move again... I woke up to... uh... Heartless Sora. Everything remained the same, except the food and treat (Paopu and Icecream) turned into Heart and !. Heart being that you well- fed him hearts, and ! meaning he attacked you (I think... he vanished then appeared closer and waved his arms about). I felt really bad that my first Tamagotchi basically 'died' because of things I couldn't control. But I enjoyed my time with Heartless Sora; and after a few days, Kairi found him and saved him! Very cute 2 bit scene. Back to Normal Sora. I found an issue. You see... I'm more nocturnal; and this Tamagotchi... wasn't. He woke up at 9AM and slept at 10PM; meaning he didn't get the right care from me.. but I figured I could change the time to suit me- and did. Now he wakes up at 12PM and sleeps at 2AM- same as me. Next evo was a surprise! Sora introduced me to (and trusted me to care?) Riku!
Tumblr media
This was when I found out each character/evo has different sleeping schedules. Riku would sleep late and wake late (I'm thankful it wasn't early due to the whole Dawn motif because I didn't want to change the clock too much again). They also have their own unique cutscenes, with Riku primarily featuring Mickey. Not much happened, and I showed Riku to Riku(My Riku... the cockatiel- named after... Riku). But He left and Sora returned. At this point I wanted to aim for Roxas- or Ventus (I'm sad there's no Vanitas). So I miiight have looked up a quick wiki to see how to get the characters. "Wow that's cheating" you might say.. and yeah- probably... the issue is that I didn't get Roxas.
Tumblr media
Instead, Sora 'grew up' into KHII Sora. I was interested to see what kind of outfit or character I could get to show up, so I continued with normal care.
On the 28th of September... Sora.. ever the festive fellow...
Tumblr media
Donned his Santa outfit.
I found it kinda funny, but kept him up with Normal care. I was starting to forget him (I got a little drawer handle I put him on during the evening on my right hand ride next to my monitor, and during the day he's on the couch arm- I don't take him out because I'm scared I'll lose the Tamagotchi somewhere). So He was getting upset/hungry; but if he beeped I knew he needed something. He Unlocked/locked the Keyhole to Halloween/Christmas Town, then flew off in the Gummiship, returning as Normal Sora. After 49 hours, he once again reintroduced me to Riku. having forbidden knowledge, I knew I could turn Riku into Dark Riku. and tried.
I. Felt. Awful.
I know they're just 2bit pixelart on the screen... but Riku has a special place in my heart (I named my grumpy, gay cockatiel after him!) so me... just basically neglecting Riku? it hurt :(
Tumblr media
After this. He did not turn into Dark Riku. He left. just straight-up.
Sora flew back in on the Gummiship and my quest to get Roxas/Ventus continued.
But I was surprised when I came back after an outing to find... Sora turned into a fish
Tumblr media
Wiki says he's from 'Bad care', but I don't remember giving him subpar treatment, and catering to what he wanted- so I'm baffled. He did come with an Aerial/Sebastian scene, though- so that was cute. He didn't stay for long and locked Atlantica's Keyhole, returning as Basic Sora.
Again- I tried to get Roxas, but instead got KHII Sora again; so I thought I could maybe get Axel or Xion; since they're included in the KHII evo list.
Nope. Christmas Sora again. Oh well- He does love Christmas.
I'll update this if I get anything interesting. I know you can get Xehanort- I recognised his Silhouette on the manual, so maybe I'll get him one day.
I'm still waiting on Roxas..
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reiderwriter · 7 months
hii!! can you do 49 and 68 please??? i love ur writing so much btw
prompts: #49 - "I'm so fucking obsessed with you." #68 - "Sit on my face."
A/N: Thank you for much for requesting! Munch Spencer for the win once again! Not to sound like a broken record, but I think I'm physically incapable of writing a smut that I dont somehow become obsessive over 🫡 I hope you like it!!
Warnings: possessive Spencer, oral sex (f receiving), multiple orgasms, alight come play, penetrative sex, creampie, just some very obsessive writing ngl. 18+ MINORS DNI (that means do not interact for those of you who still don't understand!!)
Tumblr media
You weren't sure if you were going to give into him.
You know it'd taken a lot of courage for the man to ask you out, you'd seen first hand that he threw himself head first into relationships, and that meant he was entirely careful about kindling them.
But you'd been so shocked by Spencer Reid's admission that he was romantically interested in you that you'd all but gaped at him the entire time he stood there talking you through it.
After he'd finished, you still didn't know what to say, you just knew that your entire body was aflame with the words he'd dropped in the space between you, and you were vaguely aware that your phone had clattered to the floor, forgotten.
“Y/N, what do you say? Will you let me take you on a date? Please?”
He stood fidgeting in front of you and you almost apologised but your tongue still wouldn't move accurately.
You swallowed, and calmed your heart from the tempest it was running through in your chest to answer him.
“I need some time to think. We work together, it's going to be complicated and I want to make sure I think this through.” He'd politely agreed to that and seen himself out of your apartment, having appeared on your doorstep at near midnight on a work night.
And two weeks later, you were no closer to your answer.
But Spencer seemed to have grown bolder in his advances. He seemed to have taken your entire plight of never realising he was into you to heart, though. Because you sure as hell knew where he stood now.
He used every excuse to put his hands on you.
He came up behind you, putting his hands on your waist as he slid past you, moving you this way and that to arrive at his intended destination.
You'd found that a most annoying male trait in the past, but when Spencer attempted it, you practically leaned into his heat, shivering each time his hands brushed you.
He'd taken to brushing your hair out of your eyes as well, tucking it behind your ear in front of others, and, embarrassingly enough, tying it up for you with one of his own hair elastics.
You'd frozen in the moment as you leaned down to examine some footprints on a case, complaining your hair was in your face as he immediately came up behind you and began gently pulling it up himself.
His fingers moved skillfully, and felt soothing on your scalp as he made sure to get every hair.
You couldn't even say a word of thanks as you sat there wondering what the fuck had just happened, and if anyone else had been witness to it.
Luckily, no one had, and you could only contemplate it alone.
And contemplate it you did. In bed. In the shower. In your sleep. You couldn't stop contemplating it.
You couldn't seem to step over the boundary of professional working relationship to more, though.
So you weren't exactly surprised when he showed back up on your doorstep a month later.
“Spencer. Did something happen?” you breathed a slow sigh as you opened the door to see him standing there, still and tense, as if he was ready to spring an attack at any second.
“I'm obsessed with you.” His voice was low as he took a slow step forward, letting his gaze rest on your lips, and not moving it as he continued his path forward.
“I'm obsessed with you and I've tried to show you that for the last month, and god, please you have to please release me from this if you can't accept it.” He took another step closer and then he was in your apartment and closing the door behind him, blocking out the cold that had your nipples hardening. You assumed it was the cold.
“I think about how you would taste daily, how you would smell, how you would feel wrapped around me, the sounds you would make. I think about any other man getting close to you and I feel angry and sad and my chest physically aches.”
“I think about how I could make you happy, how you'd smile at me every morning,” his hand hesitantly reached up to tuck another stray hair behind your ear as he stuttered through yet another confession.
He was close now, so close your back was pressed against a wall as you resisted your chest meeting his.
“I will leave and never mention this or touch you again if you can't take that on, but if even one part of you thinks this is an experience you want…”
You finally looked into his eyes as your fingertips rushed forward to touch him, darting out to feel his chest and press yourself further into his warmth.
The physical confirmation must have been enough, as in moments his lips were dropping to meet your own in a sweet, but still strong kiss.
He moved achingly slowly as he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you further in to his atmosphere, taking each small caress as an indulgence, each run of your lips across his as a blessing coated in lust.
He went so luxuriously slow, that you had to be the one to pull him in closer, to give into the passion threatening to throttle you from inside out.
You tugged him back through your apartment to your bed, making sure to rid him of his coat as you went, lips still exploring each other as you did. His hands held you firmly, wrapping you up in a strong embrace even as you needed him to move faster, to touch, caress, tease, and pleasure you.
You pushed him away when your back hit another wall, only so you could get some air between you as you waited for the next logical step in the direction you were headed.
“Spencer, I want you to make love to me.” You always hated that phrase, feeling it was so cheesy and overly sentimental, and yet that was the only way you could describe what you wanted from him.
He looked at you and suddenly, it was as if a flip had switched inside him. His slow, discovering kisses became bruising and hot as he marked his way down your neck, eager to please and desperate to know all of you. Your body was another book Spencer needed to read, more knowledge for him to acquire and never forget, never let go of.
Gently raising you off the ground, he pinned you against the wall, as you wrapped your legs around his waist, feeling his notable arousal through his clothes. He began divesting you of yours, the casual t-shirt you'd slipped into after work being easy work for his hands, sweatpants following suit as he memorised every inch of flesh visible to him.
With two hands firmly cradling your ass, he made his way into your bedroom, and sat on the edge of the bed, you in hand. Your core rubbed over his cock, and a deep dissatisfaction crept up your body. You were empty and you wanted so badly for him to fill you.
Your need became a great force clawing at his clothes, rocking your hips into him needing as you scrambled button after button, wishing your hands would obey your mind.
He groaned under you, the sound catching you off-guard and flooding your panties even more. He caught your hips and steadied your pace as you worked yourself up to a high without ever having fully touched him.
“Y/N…” He breathed it out like a prayer and a curse combined, pushing your hips down tighter as he tried to put an end to your elicit movements.
“Y/N stop, I want…” His lips finally left your neck as he took a deep breath, opening his eyes to look directly into yours.
“Sit on my face.” It was a demand, one that wouldn't be ignored, and honestly, you weren't sure you wanted to ignore it.
He laid himself down more comfortably on the bed, pulling you down with him as he stroked small circles into your lower back.
His hands worked down until they reached the waistband of your panties, hooked a finger under them and slowly dragged them off your ass, forcing your hips up to get them further away from his prize.
“Please, Y/N. Please sit on my face.” You moaned at the request again, dropping one final messy kiss to his lips before climbing up and over his head.
You completed the job he started with your underwear, deciding to go the extra mile and discard your bra as well. He wrapped his hands around your thighs and shifted your cunt to better suit his own position, and you braced yourself as he pulled you closer to his devilish tongue.
The first swipe of it was so foreign that you almost bolted upright like a cat dropped into a bathtub. But he held you fast and pulled you right back down as he began his meal. He'd said his prayers, and now he was ready to indulge himself in the taste he'd been craving for the last month.
You braced your hands on the metal headboard of your bed, thankful that you lived alone as you knew there was no way of muffling the noises that were beginning to toll off your tongue.
Head thrown back in pleasure, it was all you could do to not beg him to never stop, to keep up your pleausure for eternity, even as he left himself unsatisfied and rock hard.
Everytike you pulled slightly back from the stimulation, he pulled you even further in, until you were sure he couldn't breath, his mouth and nose so lost in your heat and so intent on your pleasure.
You almost forgot it was his face below you, and started desperately riding him, grinding your clit into anything that would allow for some friction.
Every few minutes he came up for a larger breath, letting his fingers slip inside you as he explored your every reaction.
There was only so much you could take, and apparently tongue and fingers was just that step too far, as you let your body convulse over him.
He let you ride it out, drinking in every drop of juice that escaped you, finally getting that taste he'd become so obsessed with discovering.
When you finally pulled away, his lips and chin were slick with your arousal, and his face was awash with desire.
A tiny push had you on your back as he crawled up between your legs again, taking the time to unclassified his pants and pull them off, discarding them along eith the shirt you'd so painstakingly unbuttoned for him.
“I am going to make love to you, Y/N, and you are going to be mine. You'll always be mine.” His forehead rested against your own as he finally slid inside of you, sheathing his whole cock inside of you as it expanded with his intrusion, trying to find room for him.
He fit like a glove, provided the glove felt this fucking good, so warm and comforting to know he was filling you completely.
His thrusts began and you were almost overwhelmed by the sheer arousal he inspired in each heartbeat.
Wanton moans left your mouth as words failed you, tongue lolling about as you desperately wished he'd slip his head down to let you taste yourself on him.
“I love you so much, Y/N,” he said, tightening his grip on your hips so much you were sure his nails were going to leave tiny crescents carved into your very bones.
Your second orgasm snuck up on you, hips suddenly jolting up as if they'd a mind of their own, milking his cock as he whimpered at the sudden tightness.
“Y/N, I love you. I love you, I love you I love you so much,” the words were overwhelming as you struggled to speak through the after shocks of your climax, legs still twitching even as he spilled his seed inside of you.
“Now you're mine,” he whispered into your ear as he again found a stray lock of your hair and tugged it right back behind your ear, as if it would help you to see him that much clearer.
Your vision was already so filled with him though, that you were sure it would not matter how far he was or how obstructed your view, he would be the only thing you saw for the rest of your life.
Maybe you were a little obsessed with him as well.
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otomiyaa · 2 months
Tumblr media
Requests Closed!
Thank you guys, for the support and requests! I'm glad to know you're interested in them*w* I put all requests I intend to write in a list. These will be written in random order, progress will be updated in this post, I'll add a link to my pinned post later :)
Note: If you didn't state platonic/romantic/erotic then I put them under platonic. If that's incorrect feel free to leave me a message!
Also if there were double requests with the same lee/ler/dynamic I combined them! Last but not least, these are a lot so I'll try my best to write them but cannot promise anything, and it'll probably take me ages hehe.
Tumblr media
Ler!Tsukishima & Reader: 50. “So why don’t we see who’s more ticklish?”
Lee!Xiao & Reader: 41. “No, I’m not ticklish there.”
Lee!Muichiro & Reader: 12. “Yes. Of course. No I mean.. huh?!”
Lee!Akaashi & Reader: 06. “Could you… do that to me?” + “I really can’t believe how ticklish you are.”
Lee!Boothill & Reader: 03. “I thought you weren’t ticklish.”
Lee!Luke Pearce & Reader: 43. “Don’t tell me you actually forgot how ticklish you are?”
Lee!Freminet & Reader: 49. “Please don’t tell me you heard that?“
Lee!Blade & Reader: 47. “I wasn’t even touching you.”
Lee!Zayne x Reader: 22. “Don’t laugh, I’m trying to talk to you!”
Ler!Aventurine x Reader: 06. “Could you… do that to me?” + 09. "You and I remember this game very differently."
Ler!Kuroo x Reader: 13. “That’s… quite an attitude for someone in your position.”
Ler!Scaramouche x Male!Reader: 16. “I was trying to sleep!”
Lee!Xiao x Reader: 12. “Yes. Of course. No I mean.. huh?!”
Ler!Sugawara x Reader: 06. "Could you… do that to me?"
Ler!Gojo x Reader: 34. “Why are you looking at me like that?”
Ler!Luigi x Fem!Reader: 13. “That’s… quite an attitude for someone in your position.”
Lee!Loid Forger x Reader: 34. “Why are you looking at me like that?”
Ler!Hawks x Reader: 35. “Maybe next time when I can actually move?”
Ler!Wriothesley x Reader: 32. “It’s been a while since you laughed.”
Ler!Hatori Sohma x Reader: 01. “I promise I won’t tickle you.” + 18. “Wait… That tickled?”
Lee!Blade x Reader: 18. “Wait… That tickled?”
Lers!Kate & Yelena x Reader: 05. “I didn’t steal anything!”
Ler!Loki x Reader: 13. “That’s… quite an attitude for someone in your position.”
Lee!Vyn Richter x Reader: 47. “I wasn’t even touching you.”
Ler!Diluc x Male!Reader: 11. “So, what will be your next excuse to tickle me?” 
Lee!Caelus x Reader: 44. “I can’t let you go unpunished.” - anon I received your message while I was finishing this post so exactly the right timing!
Ler!Chigiri x Reader: 17. “You have three seconds to run.” - this came like 1 minute after I closed requests so still accepted dear anon!
Lers!Lucifer, Solomon, Barbatos & Reader: 06. “Could you… do that to me?” / 13. “That’s… quite an attitude for someone in your position.”
Lee!Lyney x Reader: 07. “For the next hour, I’m all yours.”
Ler!Diavolo x Fem!Reader: 08. “I know other ways to make you laugh.”
Ler!Aventurine, Blade or Ratio x Reader: 06. “Could you… do that to me?” / 18. “Wait… That tickled?” 
Ler!Rosa x Fem!Reader: 44. “I can’t let you go unpunished.”
Lee!Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae x Reader: 49. Please don't tell me you heard that.
Lee!Albedo x Reader: 07. “For the next hour, I’m all yours.”
Tumblr media
Not accepted / Pending:
All requested non reader pairings, sorry guys but it's specifically a x reader writing event, no ships this time 😭
Alastor x Reader - idk who that is ^^;
Ler!Jiraiya x Reader - sorry anon I barely know/remember Jiraiya's character, if you want feel free to send another one (check my list for guidance).
Ler!Toji x Reader - he looks hot but I still haven't seen JJK S2 hehe oops, I'm afraid I can't write it but might change my mind if I end up watching it later on.
Ler!Mirko x Reader - I kinda totally forgot about her character, sorry!
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pongnosis · 3 months
ponggggggg bestie do you think yassen names his guns. DO YOU THINK ROSS NAMES HIS KNIVES. i think yassen would be a little averse to the whole naming thing considering hunter told him not to refer to his victims by names because it made them human. i feel like he would internalize that and think of his guns as mere weapons, as convenience, as tools and nothing more but still i'm sort of curious because some part of me also thinks he could name them. idk. he was petty enough to become an assassin just to spite him and the fact that he has a fav gun??? [it was a beretta right?] but this is also somewhat a useful tip. idkkkk im sleepy and feeling rambly and im making it your problem. also i bet gordon gives them the goofiest or the most poetic names. no in between. man's got a sense of humour but also has that shitton of history ping-ponging [heh] around in his head. anyways i think i'll go & try to catch some sleep. byeee <3
I think the only sentimental thing Yassen might have is the Fer de Lance, and that's one hundred percent headcanon, given that she might as well be a charter (or SCORPIA-owned) based on the information we got on her in Eagle Strike (look, I like ships, don't ship-shame!). I just really like the idea of Yassen having one thing that is his, and the unwelcoming looks of her, the tinted glass in the windows, and the name all seem like something he'd like. Everything else, especially his weapons, I think he has a very pragmatic approach to. They're something to be used and discarded if necessary, chosen based on the needs of the operation, and little else.
… except the Grach. I HAVE OPINIONS ON THIS ONE.
So. SO. Eagle Strike, page 49 in my version (Walker Books 2015 edition, from the box set, so who knows what the line originally said, but I've only ever seen the Grach referenced in fandom): "The gun was a Grach MP-443, black, with a short muzzle and a ribbed stock. It was Russian, of course, new army issue."
This is yet another enty in "Why Timelines Are, Like, Vibes Man", the ongoing saga by Ahorz.
The Grach MP-443 (wiki link) was developed in the nineties but didn't enter service until 2003, and while it was adopted as the standard sidearm, this did by no means happen immediately. It took YEARS for mass production to really start. For years after, there were - and still are - other Russian guns that were in far more common use and much easier to get a hold of for Yassen, who would presumably want to replace his gun fairly regularly to avoid inconvenient evidence.
Ignoring the timeline issue of exactly what year the books are set in (and whether the Grach was even in actual production by then), it seems like a very deliberate choice by Yassen. The Grach is not the best gun out there. It's not the most reliable, not the easiest one to find, not the most common (and more anonymous). It was, however, the new standard sidearm for the Russian military - the country that took everything from Yassen - and going out of his way to choose a weapon that most of the Russian military still hadn't been issued, one after the other to discard of when they became evidence, seems just like the sort of deliberately petty move he would like. A subtle 'fuck you' to his former home.
ALSO. I agree, Ross absolutely names his favourite knives. He'll rant about the bad ones if you get him going, but his favourite, most perfect knives, those get the adoring names. He's so the type to have an original V-42 stiletto in beautiful condition that he's named Rose.
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fili-urzudel · 7 months
Fifty(-One) Follower Celebration
Oh my goodness, 50 followers?! Thank you so much! I never expected this blog to get too much attention and the fact that fifty of you out there like my writing enough to follow me really means a lot. I am currently working on answering my first request, but I'd love to have more! As a little celebration, here are fifty-one prompts I've come up with (and a few I borrowed with credit).
Can be platonic or romantic--platonic scenarios can involve multiple characters
Will only be PG-13
Any character from LoTR or The Hobbit is fair game, but for romantic scenarios I prefer male characters
Don't be afraid to combine prompts!
Physical Affection
1. Hugs that last a little longer than they should
2. Palm kisses
3. Hair ruffling
4. Play wrestling
5. Hair washing
6. Cuddling in hot weather
7. Sleeping in a dog pile
8. Pinky holding
9. Forehead touches (please please request this one)
10. Piggyback rides
11. Kicking each other
12. Dancing
13. Sitting together/saving seats
14. Hand holding
15. Sharing a blanket (potentially violent)
Dialogue prompts
16. "I don't think I'll be able to sleep after that."
17. "Did you know you talk in your sleep?"
18. "You always end up looking like you're going to fall asleep when I play with your hair." / "Yeah, it's relaxing." (These first three were from a post by @thelonelyempath)
20. "Don't you know who I am?" or "I don't even know who you are."
19. "I can't sleep without you next to me." (I've seen ones like this before, but I think the concept with other characters would be quite interesting)
21. "What do you have behind your back?"
Activity Prompts
22. "Is it so hard to believe that I genuinely want to hear what you think?"
23. Friendly breaking and entering
24. Shopping together
25. Teasing over fears/phobias
26. Crafting together
27. Taming feral cats/other animals
28. Pajama party
29. Battle training
30. Tree climbing
31. Stargazing
32. Swimming (lessons?)
33. Fake proposal
34. Walking into the wrong tent/room
35. Board/card/road trip games
36. The iconic trapped in a snowstorm
37. Getting matching tattoos/jewelry
38. Cooking together
39. Playing instruments
40. Staring contest
Meet-cute Prompts
41. Considerably less friendly breaking and entering
42. Not having enough money to cover the bill
43. New horse rider is Bad at riding horses
44. In need of medical attention
45. Boots are falling apart (reader is a cobbler)
46. Weapons are dull (reader is a blacksmith)
47. Stealing food from a field
48. I work retail and begged Gandalf to let me come along on an adventure
49. Throwing rocks into a body of water and didn't notice until too late that there's a boat
50. Need a fake partner immediately
51. I'm an artist you hired to do a mural/mosaic/stained glass window
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mins-fins · 10 months
Tumblr media
SUMMARY . . . even with everything hectic going on in his life, he will always be there for him.
PAIRING . . . park gunwook x male!reader
GENRE . . . fluff, angst
WARNINGS . . . mentions of sleep deprivation, and neglectful parenting
WORD COUNT . . . 1.7k
NOTES . . . this is how i cope with the fact that pretty much no one in my household cares about me or my well-being, or even respects me (the baby who can't speak loves me more than the sentient adults and children do) enough of that depressing stuff though because i love gunwook yay!
Tumblr media
"seojun chew your food! stop spitting at haneul!"
"i— yuri! don't throw your food! i have to clean that later, you know!"
if you can't tell, y/n is currently at the end of the line right now. he groans and lets his head fall onto the counter, listening to the back and forth bickering of his three child siblings. it's 6:49 pm, and he is so so tired.
for the past four hours all he's simply been taking care of his brothers and sister, like he always does on the weekdays when he isn't working. he dislikes feeling tired; because there's still so much more to do even if they're already in the evening.
y/n can't remember the last time he earned a proper break, or was actually treated his age. his mom (who he absolutely despises at the moment and will probably despise forever), decided to have kids right when her son began high school, which means that he is now an eighteen year old high school graduate with two four year old boys and a three year old girl on his hands.
and y/n is as stressed as can be. it's not like before his mother was this amazing, flawless parent who did a good job at raising him, she wasn't, he had to learn every single basic life skill on his own because his mom was busy gambling away their money.
when he was ten she swore to him that he'd get better.
but she never really did.
and now she's out throwing all her money away at the casino, whilst he stays over at home making sure her kids are well fed, can sleep properly at night, and don't kill each other as they're trying to do now.
y/n knows it's not his job to do this, these aren't his kids, he can move out any time he pleases and leave his mom to actually have responsibility over her own children for once in her life, but he just doesn't have the heart to leave them.
he's practically raised these kids since the first day they came home from the hospital. he's the one who gave the twins their nicknames, the one who was present when all three of them walked for the first time, spoke their first words, began responding to him and what he'd say.
they're not his kids, he didn't choose to bring them into this world, but at the same time, he won't just leave them. he's been.. searching, trying to find a place whilst also trying to provide for his siblings at the same time, he barely makes minimum wage, he doesn't even know if he could rent a place.
as he stares at his young siblings, now cleaned up and simply watching cartoons while sitting on the couch. he sighs, simply wanting to collapse onto the floor and not get up for a long amount of time and just.. not exist anymore.
sometimes it gets so difficult, having to go to school five days a week, pick up his siblings from daycare then proceed to take care of them until their bedtime, make sure the house is clean, then watch as his mom strolls in at midnight, having wasted her money and usually wasted herself. he'd then work for a full 10 hours on saturday and sunday.
wow, his life is crazy is it not?
and he just turned eighteen like.. yesterday.
it pisses him off, yeah, but at the end of the day, he just deals with the circumstances of his life. he's gotten used to being the responsible one, being the one who takes care of the kids and is constantly sleep deprived.
y/n is about to fall asleep on the kitchen counter, the sound of the tv playing just melting into the air as he feels his eyes grow heavier and heavier by the second. his head is about to fall onto the counter when the doorbell rings, startling him.
y/n rubs his eyes, attempting to blink away the tiredness as he stands up and walks towards the door. he tells his siblings to continue watching tv and ignore it, when he opens the door, he smiles at who he sees.
gunwook smiles, holding up a plastic bag. y/n tilts his head, raising an eyebrow. "what is in that exactly?" he inquires, and his boyfriend chuckles at him.
"candy" he responds simply. the three kids on the couch immediately perk up at the sound of the word "candy", toothy grins coming to their face.
"candy!?" haneul squeals, practically sprinting his way towards gunwook, he jumps up and down, seemingly energetic before even eating the sugary treats.
"if you want candy, sit down okay?" y/n places his hand on his head, ruffling his hair. haneul stares at his older brother, his boyfriend, then back at the couch where his own siblings are kicking their feet.
haneul shuffles his way back to the couch, and gunwook closes the door. y/n stares at him tiredly, but he smiles at the sight of him. "candy at seven pm? really?"
"what? your siblings deserve something sweet!"
"well, you didn't just witness them trying to kill each other with spaghetti, did you?"
gunwook shoves his partner's shoulder lightly, and y/n laughs. "okay, not too much candy, they have to sleep at night" he just earns a grin from gunwook, who nods.
"i got it y/n, you tell me all the time".
"you buy my siblings sweets all the time".
"because i love them" gunwook opens the bag as he says those words, and haneul gasps in delight. "just one piece, okay? your bedtime is soon".
seojun agrees, his voice muffled because of the treat he's chewing. haneul nods happily, and yuri gives a thumbs up, kicking her feet. gunwook gives the three a huge smile, enamored but their cuteness.
y/n stares at the scene unfolding before him, smiling fondly as he watches. gunwook isn't a kid person, but gunwook adores his siblings, always willing to come over to just see them.
the two have been dating for maybe half a year, but they've been friends for much longer than that. gunwook knows about y/n's situation, how he's stuck taking care of siblings because even though he wants to leave, he doesn't have the heart to leave them because his mom can't provide for them.
gunwook usually always comes over, whenever y/n is especially tired and simply feels like he can't do anything, gunwook will keep his siblings company as he collects himself.
of course, having to take care of your three child siblings whilst just becoming an adult yourself can take a huge mental toll on someone, and y/n isn't really doing well in this situation.
he blinks and sighs, covering his face in his hands as he feels his body about to slump over. he really just wants to fall on the floor and not wake up for a super long time.
when he focuses again, gunwook is now coloring with the three, who (surprisingly) stopped eating their candy and didn't ask for any more. gunwook has always had this power, he's always been able to easily calm down the kids amazingly.
a sort of charm, maybe.
gunwook notices his partners silence and turns to look at him, blinking. "y/n? everything okay?"
y/n hums, focusing once more. "yeah just.. tired".
gunwook stares, a knowing glint in his eye. he then looks back to the three coloring and smiles at them. "you guys continue, okay? i'm just gonna go talk to y/n".
the three nod, quickly going back to their coloring sheets and completely ignoring when gunwook stands up and turns y/n's way.
y/n is confused for a moment, he's about to question what gunwook meant but he quickly wraps an arm around his waist, nudging him lightly in the waist as they begin walking down the hallway.
"when was the last time you got a full eight hours of sleep, babe?" he immediately asks when the two of them are far away enough from the kids, y/n chuckles depressingly, because they both already know the answer to that question.
"do my eye bags not give it away?"
y/n laughs awkwardly, and gunwook simply glares at him.
"y/n" gunwook grabs his hands, and y/n shuts his eyes. "you really need to leave, what? are you gonna do this forever?"
"i'm not i just—" y/n pauses, god he's so tired, he feels like he can barely get his words out at this point. "i can't leave, it feels selfish to leave".
"it's not selfish to leave if your already doing everything, y/n, think about yourself, please?"
gunwook's words are said simply, he doesn't raise his voice, his tone doesn't change, he just tells it to y/n how it is, he tells him his opinion calmly and without issue.
ah, charms.. as usual.
y/n grasps his hands harder, as if he never wants to let go. he processes the words but he can't find a way to respond to them, for some reason. he blinks, staying quiet.
"i'll find you something y/n" gunwook whispers. "and you'll finally be able to live your own life, and take care of yourself, and.. you'll be fine".
y/n laughs silently. "your corny".
"corny? really?"
y/n laughs again.
"y/n, i just want you to be happy, you deserve to be happy, you deserve good things" gunwook says, and y/n somehow keeps the tears from falling from his eyes.
y/n lightly nudges him, and gunwook puts his arm around his waist once again. "you are corny".
"you love my corniness".
"yes, yes i do, how'd you know?"
they laugh, and y/n takes a few more seconds to simply stare fondly at gunwook. of course, his life wasn't ideal, his life wasn't amazing, he had many struggles it'd take a while to deal with.
but he had gunwook, gunwook was there for him, and that was more than enough.
gunwook was there for him.
and he's always will be.
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kylelover · 1 year
Thank you so much for the support on LMS pt 1 <3<3
Tw slurs, just skip cartmans first texts on the gc
Tumblr media
Stan stared at the message on his screen, there was no way this was real.
wait what, CARTMANS SISTER??
is this a joke ?ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ✓ ✓ seen
As soon as Stan was writing his next text, he quickly got a reply from his best friend.
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ✓ ✓ seen
Kyle looked at his phone, he didn't know how to explain his feelings for the girl.
On one part, she was lovely, sweet and funny
On the other, she was his frenemies sister.
But it felt so good when their arms brushed against each other, or when she complimented him, or how his name just sounded so good when she said it...
He felt so confused.
The curly haired boy had a feeling inside his chest, he couldn't guess if it was love or anxiousness.
His thoughts got interrupted when he suddenly heard multiple notification sounds come from his phone.
Stan ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ12:30
what do you mean you don't know??
cartmans gpnna kill youu
not like he doesn't want to do it already...
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ✓ ✓ seen
Kyle grabbed his phone quickly and layed on his bed.
Kyle ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ12:30
She's just so different from him.
My whole perspective for her changed in such a short period of time.
Didn't you notice how she shut Cartman off the other day?? She was amazing.
She is amazing.
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ✓ ✓ seen
Stan ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ12:34
huhh 🫤 I guess you were serious
i'd say go for it
Tumblr media
maybe I can ask wendy if she has her number
or just ask her yourself
also did you like my sparky sticker I made it ywsterday lmao
Juet ask her out?, Kyle wishes it would be that easy.
Maybe he could try. Just maybe things could go right and... they could go out...?
Kyle's head was full of thoughts about her.
Once again, his phone dinged. This time it wasn't from Stan.
Cartman haters
Kenny changed the name of the groupchat to "Cartman haters"
Cartman ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ12:47
Kenny shut up your poor and a fag
I don know how you even have a phone
Change it
Kenny ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ12:48
Not until you pass me the answer to question number 3‼️‼️ you know damn well we have to do this work thing together
Tumblr media
Cartman ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ12:49ㅤ
You know that not giving me admin on the group is fatphobec
Your racist kenny
Kenny silenced Cartman
Also cartman, it's "You're"
@KYLE I know you did it, can you give me the answer
Please, or I'll ask Y/N maybe
I'm on my knees not only begging but also
Kyle ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ12:50
Do it yourself.
Also stop using those dumbass reaction pics for everything...
Kenny ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ12:52
Tumblr media
Kyle laughed at his friends actions and shut his phone off.
And just as he was dazing and about to fall asleep...
Cartman ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ1:01
Why are u partners whith My sister
Dont even try to date her!! she wold never be friends a jew like u
Kyle just stared at Cartman's message.
Kyle ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ1:02
We're partners because the teacher assigned us together
She's her own person she can hangout with whoever she wants
Also learn how to type.
Satisfied with his response, the boy shut his phone off and finally went to sleep.
Sorry for it being so short!! I'll write tomorrow the next chapter where things get more interesting... <3<3
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