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depressedoompaloompa · 2 months
Looks like someone is wasting their time on tumblr needs a glass of ✨water✨
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bruciemilf · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Harvey and Clark but they have routinely 3 hour long twitter arguments
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sailor-moon-moon · 10 months
Tumblr media
So I started the Clone Wars
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m1d-45 · 4 months
small miracles
summary: washed up on the sands of ritou, inazuma’s famous helper lends you a hand.
word count: ~2k
-> warnings: n/a, just standard imposter au things. you are on the run, technically. very minor gore i guess(like veeeery tiny)
-> lowercase intended!
< masterlist > || second part >>
Tumblr media
dirt collapses beneath your feet, your torn shoes skidding on the edge of the cliff north of liyue harbor. you can hear the waves lap at the rock thousands of feet below you, layered under the huffs of the people in front of you.
steel blades shine in the hot sun, the millelith wielding them just as fierce. you can see the hatred in their eyes, the need for your end, whether by the spears in their hand or the waters behind you. the only reason they haven’t struck is because of the woman behind the ring of them.
a dark oak pipe balances on the tip of ningguang’s finger, her eyes as sharp as their ruby hue. she lets it tip to one side, her head following the tilt, before she spins it back into her palm. every action is defined with grace, not so much as a hair out of place. every golden ornament shows off her prestige, her power, how without even lifting a finger she has you pinned in place against a cliff.
perhaps if you weren’t at risk of dying, you might feel different about it.
one of the millelith asks if they’re allowed to strike. the red tassel on her forehead swings as she shakes her head.
“no. this fake is not worth liyuen metal.” ningguang tucks the pipe away in a smooth motion, crossing one arm over her chest to rest the opposite elbow on it. a clawed finger swipes an invisible hair back into place on her bangs. “send them to the sea. their bones will serve as an excellent toothpick for osial.“
well, that was a horrific visual.
in an instant, the millelith spin their spears around, careful to keep the blades away from themselves and each other to jab to dull ends at you. behind them, ningguang barely looks fazed, examining a geo crystal in her hand. you know the nonchalance is manufactured, a subdued silence, but that doesn’t make it any better. she doesn’t care that she’s sending you to your death. she knows it, wants it, and what would the millelith be if they couldn’t remove one person from the tianquan’s presence?
your left foot is standing half on air. the part that is on ground is shaky, uncertain, dirt nowhere near as stable as stone.
you risk a look at ningguang.
ruby eyes are the last thing you see before you fall.
Tumblr media
you wake up on a beach, sandy and exhausted. invisible wounds bleed harder as sand gets into them as you sit up to look around. your clothes are hard with saltwater, and it’s a miracle you made it here alive. though teyvat has been kind, fruit and clean water always within reach, you didn’t think that you would live long enough to hit land.
you stand—nearly falling—and shake out as much sand as you can, looking around. across the sea is a small island, within swimming range, but youre not inclined to explore when your limbs still feel so heavy. to your right, the beach narrows off, overtaken by the cliff behind you, but it seems to open up more to the left.
you decide to stumble that way, passing a spike of driftwood, and stop just as quickly.
you can see green roofs of houses, spires and what is maybe a watchtower in the distance, the architecture familiar. red and orange trees are interspersed between them, and your hopes fall.
you’d hoped you were in the stone forest. you’d hoped that you’d have a chance, knowing the abundance of hilichurls on the small islands, but now you’re…
you start walking, hoping to find some clues to prove your hunch wrong.
you see an okay looking boat, but youre preoccupied by the path branching to the left. wooden boards seem to make a walkway, and you step over them on your way inside. theres a small tent, a lantern, a block of supplies and a cooking pot. in the tent is a bed fashioned of hay, but embers light up the wood beneath the pot.
it would be a cozy enough place to stay, but you can’t risk whoever owns it coming back.
you head back the way you came and continue towards the city. the sand slides beneath your ragged shoes, but theres flowers following the breeze in the grass near the cliff. purple and a soft blue, they distract you long enough that a guard walks to their post further down the beach.
oh no.
you recognize the uniform, and the logo of the tenryou commission embossed on the armor. if inazuma is the same as any other nation—likely worse, considering the way its run—you need to avoid those guards at any cost.
you look to the cliffside. its steep, too steep to climb when youre still soaked from the sea.
you sigh, and decide to find another way up.
Tumblr media
youre not quite sure how none of the guards saw you, but under the dwindling light of dusk, you manage to make to the southern(?) outskirts of what appears to be ritou.
…not that that means anything. you still don’t know how to get off the island, and trying to forcibly get deported will only result in an arrest. though there’s a food cart that most certainly can see you, the worker didn’t report you to the guards when they passed. you don’t remember her name, but know she sells some kind of food. maybe a fish dish? or was it egg? not that it matters, food is food, and if you’re lucky you’ll have enough mora for some.
you sit against a wall, checking your pockets. most of your stuff was either stolen or lost to sea, but your mora was still securely tied to your waist. after checking twice that you were out of people’s line of sight, you started to count, stacking the coins in piles of 10 on the grass in front of you. after a hundred, you moved them into one bigger pile.
you had more than you expected. though your pouch always seemed to weigh about the same, you didn’t think you could fit almost three thousand mora inside- or that you even had that. then again, chests typically had a few hundred, and you’d been pretty lucky in mondstat…
you set aside five hundred and hope it’s enough, but knowing teyvat’s economy… if salt was 60 mora, who knew how much you’d need?
whatever the case, you needed to eat. cradling the coins against you as you attach your pouch back at your waist, the go to move for the food stall.
your plans are dashed the second you stand.
a familiar face walked up the path towards the food stall, but quickly diverted towards you.
you step away, behind a tree, hoping against hope that he’d only seen somebody next to you instead of-
“hello there!”
you jump at how quickly thomas voice appeared at your side, taking another step back.
shit. that’s definitely him. weird horn headpiece, blonde hair, too-short jacket, dog tags and all.
you lick at your lips. they taste of salt. “hi?”
you hate how shattered your voice is. how quiet and rough it’s gotten.
“hey! i’m thoma.” he extends a hand, the small ribbon on the back of his glove rippling in the soft breeze. “it’s nice to meet you!”
you hesitate. it feels like you do a lot of that lately.
you remember him being affiliated with the kamisatos, which means he’s almost certainly heard of everything you’ve been accused of. but… there’s no way he would come up to you so casually if that was the case, right?
you want to trust him. you do. but there hasn’t been anybody else yet that you could.
carefully, you meet his hand with your own weak grip. the cloth on his gloves is leather, unsurprisingly, and though it is cold with the dusk chill, his fingers are warm. you have a feeling it’s from his vision, and your mind flickers to the last time you slept by a fire.
it’s been months.
“oh, you’re freezing! what are you doing outside?” his voice jumps a few octaves and his hand tightens around yours. “oh jeez, you’re going to catch a cold if you’re not careful. what are you doing without a coat in the middle of winter?“
is it winter? you don’t really remember the last time you knew the date for certain, but if that was true, then it was bad news. the clothes you wore you got from hilichurls and abyss mages, but the main enemies in inazuma were nobushi…
your worry must show on your face, because thoma’s frown deepens.
“now that i look at you… you’re not from inazuma, are you?”
you shake your head no.
“oh no… did you get caught up in the outlander affairs agency? they haven’t gotten any better after the decree, have they….”
“no, i-“ you cut yourself off with a coughing fit, tasting a bitter mixture of salt, blood, and bile climb up your throat. it’s disgusting, and alarmingly salty. you must have drank more ocean water than you meant to; it’s a wonder you didn’t choke on the trip over.
(how did you make it over? the distance from liyue to inazuma was too large for you to have simply floated, surely? but didn’t thoma himself float over?)
thoma’s other hand lands between your shoulder blades, patting lightly. “hey, it’s okay. it’s good you haven’t ran into the agency, but that cough doesn’t sound good at all…”
you adjust the tattered mask on your face, straightening and doing your best to look like you haven’t been on the run. “i’ll be fine.”
your chest tightens with the need to cough, but you set your jaw. you can’t afford to get involved with the yashiro commission. you’re certain the mora clutched in your grip is enough to buy you a decent meal and—alongside the rest of it—some kind of warm herbal tea.
gentle green eyes catch the money in your palm and widen. you can see the gears clicking inside his head, and he speaks before you can.
“is that all the mora you have?”
“and you don’t even have a- ah, i can’t leave you out here like this. could you come with me to the teahouse? there’s a waypoint just inside ritou, and i’d feel a lot better if i could get you some tea and clean clothes. it won’t be the fanciest, but i know there’s some spare sets and anything would be better than risking an illness. inazuman winters aren’t kind, and the shogun hasn’t been in the best mood as of late.”
the pros and cons weigh in your head. you could go with somebody you know is kind, and get what is certainly good food and hot drinks with clean clothes to boot. or, you could risk walking into a trap with, arguably, one of the most influential people in the yashiro commission at least, if not all of inazuma. it’ll either be the best choice you’ll ever make, or one that’ll land you in front of tenshukaku in chains.
thoma picks up on your hesitation, taking his hand off your shoulder and giving you space, though he keeps your hands linked. “can i at least bring you some dinner, then, if you don’t want to come with me? or a blanket? or- or something?“
he’s awfully worried for somebody he just met. you’re not sure if his determination is evidence of his benevolent nature, or if he’s trying to make you trust him as he calls over some shogunate soldiers.
…you also can’t decide if it’s your desperation for connection with somebody you can rely on or your need for a better environment that makes you agree.
maybe his bright smile has something to do with it. or the comforting warmth in his hands as he leads you away? maybe it’s the way he holds you tightly against him after you ask to go to the teahouse and are nearly sick coming out of the teleporter.
or maybe, by chance, it’s the light in his eyes when you say ‘thank you’.
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rileyclaw · 10 months
HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!! random reminder to drink water if you can! <3
Tumblr media
happy pride month everybody!!! I've been happy with who I am for many years now - even if I'm a little quiet about it. and I hope that you all can find that happiness and be proud of who you are!!
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awigglycultist · 7 months
Okay I'm curious, if you're a TSS fan rb this put in the tags how long you've been a fan and your opinion on the who "Thomas isn't giving us episodes often at all we're absolutely starved for content/we get the content for free he can take as long as he needs" debate
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stormyoceans · 8 months
need me that old time fandom feel good anesthesia fic where vegas wakes up for the first time after getting shot and he's high as hell so he can't recognize anyone but he still can't stop staring at pete and telling him how beautiful he is while macau laughs his ass off in the corner
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greenbergsays · 19 days
reasons why my nephew is probably a future serial killer and I couldn’t be a prouder murder aunt:
I just got a phone call where Sister the Younger relayed a conversation between herself and one of her children
Out of the blue, from the backseat, he asks, “Do you drink water?”
“Yes,” she replies.
“I have some water,” he says carefully. “Do you want some? It won’t kill you.”
He’s four. 
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just-trash-talks · 7 months
This take place in that comic with Manchester Black where damian sleep at jon's house(i don't remember the name of the comic lol)
Clark:Hey Damian!
Lois:Hello sleeping beauty
Bruce:Good mornin son did you sleep well?
Damian:Father I have to tell you something important
Bruce:What is it?
Damian:You know i slept in the same room as Jonathan right?
Bruce:Yes, I'm aware of that
Damian:And Jon forced me to sleep in the same bed as him
Bruce:Where are you going with this Damian?
Damian:I think that I'm pregnant and Jon is the father
Jon:WHA-*fall from the staris* IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!! WE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!!!
Damian:We slept In the same bed
Lois:*laughs like there's no tomorrow*
Bruce:Damian you can't be-
Bruce:Lois please tell them
Lois:Jon...you have to take *snort* your responsability now
Bruce:exuse me-?
Jon:But! But!
Clark:No but Jon! You *snort* you have to
Bruce:Clark not you too-
Jon:But we're not even dating!
Damian:He's right
Bruce:Is anybody listening to me?
Damian:We're engaged
Jon:Since when?
Damian:Since now, and you can't say no you are the dad of my future child
Bruce:Damian you're not pregnant-
Jon:But I'm still 11! And you're only 13!
Damian:Father shut up you're not helping
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belethlegwen · 18 days
From the Giant's POV, how would you describe how it might feel to receive a kiss from a Tiny? What specific things might stand out during that experience?
Ooooh I've got a few of these.
Let's break it down by location and we'll get into some specifics from there.
Locations I wanna focus on are Hands and Face[*]
[Face includes head/neck/etc but shhhhh lemme just be sloppy about this I've been drinking]
(guess who forgot I could do headers until just now)
Fingers and thumbs, particularly the tips, are extremely sensitive. It's how we experience so much of the world around us even if we don't think we are. A tiny kissing the tip of a finger or the thumb... you would (I suppose it still depends on size, there's a point of smolness where it would be difficult or nearly impossible but that's an extreme level of smol) probably experience something like this:
The delicate feeling of pressure from their lips, the tip of their nose possibly. The temperature of their skin and the breaths they take that close to you. If it was a lengthy kiss, it would be even easier to notice as the pressure increased and faded with it-- if they were pulling your hand closer, holding it tighter. You'd feel the heat of their cheek if they turned their after and rested it against your finger or thumb.
This is where visual gets tricky. Hands, you kind of take for granted that you would probably be able to watch what was happening. What gets me with the neck/head zone is that depending on where they are and how you're oriented, you might not see it coming at all.
We talkin' bout them surprise kisses, mmhmmmm
On the neck, if you're being taken by surprise, I imagine you'd maybe mistake them for an accidental touch of the hand, a poke or a prod at first. It may take one or two before you notice the different in the pressure and can make sense of any other contact being made at the same time. Both of their hands bracing them against you so they have more control of their movements, again that brush of their nose, the pressure from their lips... you would absolutely notice if they had any facial hair or stubble. Again, the heat of it, and where they're bracing against you any movement you made-- any sharp breath you took could have them flexing and grabbing more with their hands and fingers to find purchase, their face falling against you more with the motions and pressing into you further.
Tiny, feathering kisses like little tiny pokes, as you start to notice them for what they are, they become like electric shocks, lighting up your senses and your attention as they go.
The higher up you go on the neck, the closer you get to the jawline, the cheeks, the ear... that becomes so much more sensitive. Behind and around the ear especially (at least for me, I guess I've never really... asked much if ear shit turns people on as much as it does for me. Shit. Is that weird? god I hope that's not weird. Shit.) you'd be able to tell instantly what was happening, and close the ear you can hear every little sound, the breaths they take before and after, those soft, hot-breath exhales against your skin. Do they hum when they kiss? You'd find out here.
Again, that sensation almost like electric shocks. So fine, so precise a sensation, and so hauntingly specific; you know what it is, you know what it means, and now you know what it feels like. Your mind is awake, and putting so much more into it than you might think you should be able to feel, but... there it is. It's as weighted to you (or more) than anything bigger could be.
What up I gotta pee but I wanna get this done first SO:
Let's get right to the important bits here.
The hands moving around your mouth, maybe running along your chin and jawline, maybe playing in your dimples, maybe simply just trying to hold themselves up and away from you so they can feel control, or they're just trying to grip you in some way, trying to hold you down and pull you into them.
Lips are, as everyone likely knows, so complexly sensitive
They're soft, conforming around what touches them; a palm, splayed fingers, a chin, that feeling of a nose making contact just before or alongside lips that pressing and pushing against your own. Do you hold your breath when this happens? Do you press back or do you freeze, trying not to do too much? Be too much?
You can feel every ounce of heat from their face, you can feel if they part their lips to try to breathe; the air as it comes in and out as much as it can around you. You can feel the muscles of their whole face moving to kiss, to breathe, to speak... to smile against you. If you smile too, you feel numerous new sensations light up as your lips stretch against them, or if you relax and try to kiss them back you feel the wrinkles of your lips push together and create wholly new combinations of all of these miniscule experiences.
You can feel so much, just in a kiss, whether you're reciprocating or not.
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navybrat817 · 16 days
Yep. 😂
Tumblr media
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A little Tumblr fairy told me that you're dehydrated as fuck ✨🫥✨
Tumblr media
Drink water bestie<3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Hello hello greetings, I had some gin and tonic and then some water but then another ginandtonic and derew for you a lovely stegosaurus who is very beautiful and hates hot and humid weather very much. (I do not care if this is inaccurate for a reptile to think that, he agrees with me that very humid summer heat is bad gross, and als o he is a big fan of drininking water, and so am I also, water is good and you cannot see it but I have a nice nice big glass of water here right here right now. It is evvvery good and importan t to stay hydrated with many glasses of water wen you are had a gin and tonic or otehrbeverge an d also when it is hot summertime weather. also yes it Is Thursday but my schedule is part time and I do not work tomorrow. yes. but alas I do work Saturdays.)
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huehoa17 · 7 months
Tumblr media
No no one is invincible Go and say that your invincible
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bookwyrminspiration · 18 days
sir twas i, the keefex anon mutual. it's 12:14am and i'm not done with this fic for ayyam-i-ha, i'm sorry :( i'm gonna keep writing until it reaches an ending. or until i force it to end out of being tired. it's gonna be shit compared to the sokeefitz nightmare fic in terms of plot, probably, but it's got nice vibes i swear. when i post it tomorrow keep in mind i was sleep deprived when i wrote this. okie ily /p sleep better than i'm going to lol <3
Izzy. Izzy oh my god. Izzy please take your time and take care of yourself, I can wait I promise you I do not mind delays at all I probably won't even notice I'll just go "oh shit a fic!" without realizing. You do not need to apologize and you don't have to rush it, I promise.
That being said, omg a keefex fic! I'm so so curious to see what you've written (for me??? you're writing a fic for me??) when you do share it, I'm sure it's going to be absolutely lovely--I mean I'm going to love the thought and effort and support behind it either way, so.
I hope you didn't lose too much sleep over this, but thank you in advance for the lovely keefex fic <3
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laski-and-sage · 3 months
Alucard, looking after Anderson: Oi babe, you hungry?
Anderson: Nah, I ate already
Alucard, frowning: What did you eat?
Anderson, without bating an eye: Coffee
Anderson: This-This morning...
Alucard: *stands behind Anderson*
Anderson: O-Oh... does that not count? Hehe...
Alucard: Refrigator. Now.
Anderson: Oh no, I'm not really hungry right-
Alucard, pointing at the door: KITCHEN!
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