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In this recent tweet, Yana Toboso shares that originally Kalim was planned to have a small monkey familiar (which would make him similar to Aladdin, who also had a monkey companion, Abu).
There are apparently other students with familiars as well (I assume she means mob students that we don’t get to see, maybe even scrapped familiars for members of the main cast??). Some examples Toboso-sensei lists of familiar animals are owls, penguins, and puppies. (I wonder if Crewel was going to have Dalmation familiars?)
This is interesting, since the only other major mentions of familiars is when Crowley mistakes Grim for Yuu’s, and the lore that Trein’s familiar is Lucius (both of whom are cat-like creatures). Besides that, we don’t really hear of animal helpers to mages (unless you count Iago/Flotsam/Jetsam/Diablo etc. as familiars to the Great Seven). Silver’s woodland creature companions and the flamingos and hedgehogs that Heartslabyul tend to don’t appear to count as familiars.
I hope we get to learn more about familiars and how that kind of a bond forms with a mage!! How are familiars differentiated from just regular animal friends some of the students already have?? Maybe we’ll witness the TWST boys picking up familiars later in the main story…? 🤔
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ladyorchidia · 2 days
Twisted Wonderland Incorrect Quotes #22 :
What if Malleus managed to make everyone fall into this enchanting sleep, yet as years pass by yuu's spirit begins to haunt him. Taunting his mind as they make him doubt his choices through guilt and fear of them never waking up.
Yuu/Mc : You'll live a long time yet Malleus.
Yuu/Mc : An eternity without me..
Yuu/Mc : you will look into the face's of passer's by..
Yuu/Mc : hoping for something that will, for an instant...bring me back to you.
Yuu/Mc : You will find moonlight nights strangely empty because...when you call my name through them, there will be no answer.
Yuu/Mc : Always your heart will be aching for me and your mind will give you the doubtful consolation that you did...a brave thing.
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A... a lot of twst x socials
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poisonioushearts · 2 days
A situation I believe probably happened in some universe of twst, featuring the Aduece duo and Yuu/you
Deuce: Prefect are you alright?
Yuu/you: I’ve dealt with more than five overblots, dealt with the non-living, dealt with the living, had to run jobs for a crow, had to keep on top of my homework and help my cat with homework, and more. What do you think?
Ace: …I think-
Yuu/you: Don’t say it
Ace: I think you need to see the therapist
Yuu/you: …
Ace: What?
Yuu/you: I am the therapist
Ace: Oh-
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incorrecttwsted · 7 days
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Submitted by Queenie
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-pops out of the grave of school to drop a bunch of weirdly high effort TWST memes- 
Please don’t tag with ships, thanks!
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ranimotia · 3 months
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ratspoison · 3 months
Yuu, giving a good drago boy a headpat: see, if God doesn’t exist, explain how my hand fits perfectly between your horns.
Malleus, deep in contemplation: soulmates.
Yuu: it was mostly just a jo-
Malleus, firmer this time: Soulmates.
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adarkenedforest · 4 months
Malleus: Child of man you are very... Endearing.
Yuu: I can't tell if you're being condescending or not-
Lilia: *appears* he's trying to flirt *dissapears*
Yuu: oh-
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reinbouxsworld · 1 month
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Valentines day confession 🦁💜 🦢
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Hello. This is kind of random but I was studying about blood groups and I got curious if Yuu needed blood,would the blood be compatible with them. Fae and beastmen blood is out of question but what about humans in twisted wonderland. Would magic somehow alter the blood and human blood groups in twst would be different than the blood groups in Yuu's world.
Imagine the angst if Yuu gets severely injured and they need blood but nothing is compatible with their blood group. Wait this ask sounds so stupid!! I needed to get this out of my brain 😔
Well… Aren’t fae, beastmen, and merfolk considered different races in TWST?? If that’s the case, then saying they can’t donate blood to a human is like saying humans of different races in the real world can’t donate blood to one another. We shouldn’t think about blood transfer as strictly a matter of race, or even of species. It’s not so much about the race of the donor and the recipient, it’s about the actual composition of the blood and whether the proteins in it is compatible with someone else. (So in the case of TWST, it would depend on how “different” and unique the proteins are in fae, beastman, and/or merpeople’s blood.)
This is part of what makes organ transplant difficult as well; the body has a tendency to reject and to attack anything views as “foreign matter”, and tissue from another person counts as that (even if it’s put there on purpose to help a patient). So long as the proper tests are run to ensure the compatibility of the donor’s blood, the transfer can be done (though we can’t really accurately predict how the recipient will take to that blood once received). Blood transfusion patients are frequently monitored following the procedure to check for visual signs of adverse reactions.
There are actual cases in the real world where non-human blood has been given to a human. This is known as xenofusion and is typically done in situations where human blood is not immediately available and when the blood volume needed is less than 10%. Please note that these procedures mainly took place back in the 1600s and isn't done commonly. (There are also notable ethical issues involved in the procedure, but I won't get into that nitty gritty here.) Nowadays, it's more likely to find instances in which non-human blood or plasma has been used as a basis to bioengineer artificial blood for humans to take. For races that are more animal-like such as beastmen, merpeople, and certain subspecies of fae, it may be the case that they can only donate a small amount of blood due to the nature of their animal sides/DNA interfering with a safe transfer to a full human. Alternatively, their blood can serve as a basis for artificial blood which can be transferred to a human.
In the potential case of magic affecting blood, I don’t think it’s the end of the world?? There’s plenty of non-mages in Twisted Wonderland who can donate blood. The only instance where I see an issue arising is if everyone in Twisted Wonderland has unique proteins by default simply because this is a world separate from Yuu’s.
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the-fridge-orange · 24 days
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tartppola · 27 days
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ramshackle duo
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remturtle · 3 months
Hunter!Yuu for Monster AU
This AU will inevitably become a series of Reader-Insert Drabbles and headcanons, but if you’re curious or just can’t be bothered thinking up a design for Hunter!MC then you can use my own design as a base.
@shiny-jr As promised, some doodles inspired by our conversation(s?) to wake up to. I love how big Vil is (I’ve settled on 210cm) please step on me Mr Beautiful 🥺 (This is mainly Hunter!MC focused but I will absolutely draw more of Vil because I am a simp for this man)
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fr0st-km · 4 months
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I love him.
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