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Today we celebrate one of the greatest top-combros to ever top-combro馃尭馃挄
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ReiMai Forever
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yuzuka rei + mihane ai - labyrinth聽(fashionable empire)
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鈥淓NCHANTEMENT鈥 Shonichi Press Photos (Tokyo)
Source from various reports as follows:
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ZuCasino, Yuzuka Rei: October 2022
Long time no translations! It's been a busy year but I finally found the time to finish an interview that I really really love, I hope you are able to understand more about Rei with this sweet Q&A! ZuCasino is a current segment in Takarazuka Graph magazine where prominent otokoyaku get interviewed via a series of casino-style games and questions. October was with Yuzuka Rei. I've tried something a little different this time around where the first time an actress's name is mentioned I link her takawiki page. I've also done translation notes as I go rather than putting them all at the end. Let me know if you find this helpful or just too much. Without further ado, enjoy!
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Part 1: Episode Roulette
We challenged Yuzuka Rei to play our Episode Roulette game!
(Rei has been given a roulette wheel, each section has a topic of conversation, whichever she lands on she has to answer)
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A Joke That Went Wrong
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Episode 1锛
Alright so, this is something that happened to me today. Earlier today I went to the quick-change-station* backstage to pick up some hair products for our photo shoot. But then suddenly, our flower troupe musumeyaku from the 100th class* (Oto Kurisu, Hoshikaze Madoka and Itotsuki Yukiha) popped out of nowhere wearing Japanese biker gang outfits!!! I think they had mistaken my footsteps for those of another classmate because they jumped out in sync pulling the same funny faces as if they had known I was coming!聽 It was so hilarious I couldn鈥檛 stop myself from laughing at them! (laughs)
*The "quick-change-station" is an area in the wings at the Takarazuka theatres where the actresses can change between scenes, it has dressing tables and any costumes/props needed for quick changes but it's not part of the actual dressing rooms. *100th class refers to the 100th class of actresses who graduated from the Takarazuka Music School, Takarazuka is based on hierarchy, not just hierarchy within the star system but also hierarchy based on years in the company, so what class people were in at TMS is quite significant, and actresses have a strong bond with those in their troupe who they were at TMS with. When Rei refers to 鈥渁nother classmate鈥 she means another girl from the 100th class. Later on in this interview, Rei will refer to one of her own 鈥渃lassmates鈥, Rei鈥檚 class was the 95th class.
Something you've been thinking about
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Episode 2:
My baby nephew has been on my mind a lot! I often get sent videos of him, he鈥檚 over a year old now and has started walking and saying things that sound like words, I can鈥檛 get over how fast he鈥檚 growing. There鈥檚 quite a lot of us in the flower troupe who have nieces and nephews around the same age, so I like to know how they are doing too. Even though I haven鈥檛 met them in person, because me and the other flower troupe members are always sharing videos with each other, I feel like I鈥檓 watching over them. You know how when you were little you would get those adults who would come up to you and say 鈥淎hh look how big you鈥檝e grown!鈥? Well, I鈥檓 pretty sure I鈥檓 becoming that person!
A Special (insert here)
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When I鈥檓 performing, I like to try and use my eyes like a camera and take pictures of everyone's faces to save to my memory. Those of the flower troupe and those of the audience. There are lots of times when I see someone's lovely sparkling smiling face and I think 鈥淎hhh I wish I could share this with someone鈥. So, I want to create my own 鈥淪pecial SSS Seat View!鈥* Like, you know how when you go to theme parks you can buy photos of yourselves on the rides? It could be like that, after seeing a show you could go to Quatre Reves* and get the photos straight from my brain.
*In Japanese theatres, seats are divided by B, A, S, and sometimes SS seats too. In the Takarazuka theatres the SS seats are the middle block of the first floor at the front, so what Rei means here is that what she sees standing on stage is an even closer view than that, therefore her view would be called SSS. *Quatre Reves is the Takarazuka merchandise store, you can find them at the theatre as well as in major cities across Japan and online!
Praise someone!
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Episode 4
I want to praise everyone on this earth! I think none of us expected this fight (covid) to go on for so long, but even without an end in sight, we have all carried on, one day at a time. There are probably people out there who feel a loss in confidence, and aren鈥檛 able to fight on鈥o I feel like we and the audience are like 鈥渃omrades鈥 living through this era of great change together.聽
There is a lot of pain right now but the fact that everyone keeps going and doing there best is amazing!
Part 2: Card Game
(Rei has been given 2 decks of cards with words written on the back, deck 1 has an adjective, deck 2 has a type of person. She must take one from each deck, name a person that relates and give us an anecdote about them.)
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Deck 1: Cute, Passionate, Must-See, Respected, Bizarre
Deck 2: Upperclassmen, Underclassman, Teacher, Classmate, Flower Troupe Member
Passionate Underclassman*
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The 鈥淔ashionable Empire鈥 Rockettes
When I was watching the rehearsals for the Rockette number I found myself thinking 鈥渨ow they really are the picture of youth!鈥. They are all just so energetic and have a high awareness of the space and each other, you can tell they are thinking about how to make the dance the most effective, they are such promising underclassmen. It was a Rockette dance delivered with so much confidence!
*Underclassmen generally refer to actresses who have been in the company 7 years or less.
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(Fashionable Empire, 2022) Cute Classmate
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Kizuki Yuuma
We were reunited for the first time in forever in the musical 鈥淭op Hat鈥, it was funny though because she鈥檚 a senka member now, so everyone was treating her incredibly politely which she seemed quite humbled by (laughs). On stage, she had an immense stage presence in her dandy-style costume, and her character had a high tolerance for people's behavior, but in the wings and in the rehearsal rooms she would bow more than anyone else! I found it very cute how she would suddenly get smaller and smaller and smaller*. Her embarrassment was in huge contrast to how much she helped us throughout the show, in the way she would speak to the underclassmen and the wonderful insight she gave us into her thoughts on the performing arts. It was just so adorable to me, I remember thinking 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to make yourself so small!!鈥 (laughs).
*In Japanese culture it's common to lower yourself when speaking in order to show respect for someone higher in age or status than you. So what Rei means here by Kizuki getting smaller and smaller is that she was probably bowing her head and bowing with her whole body so often to everyone that she was getting smaller and smaller, which is quite a funny image when you consider how she usually towers above every other actress. Kizuki recently transferred from the Moon Troupe to Senka (a troupe made up of superior members who guest star in different troupes) so there's no need for her to be lowering herself when she is actually higher ranked than everyone else, but she's not quite used to all the politeness and respectful language the actresses are giving to her yet, so she still feels a little embarrassed and finds herself doing it back to them.聽
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(Top Hat, 2022) (from left to right: Minami Maito, Kizuki Yuuma, Yuzuka Rei) Must-See Flower Troupe Member
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Mikaze Maira
She's been Kumicho (Troupe Leader) * for half a year now and she looks after us all by giving us positive encouragement and strengthening the troupe morale. I think she makes it easy for us to all unite and move towards the same goal together by guiding us, not only in the arts but in our emotions as well. Please pay attention to our Kumicho who is full of charm and positivity! *The Kumicho (Troupe Leader) is the oldest member of the troupe, it is her duty to support the troupe and basically make sure everyone is okay, she is usually the first port of call when an actress is struggling with things like stage fright or other worries. Mikaze transferred to Flower Troupe from the Cosmos Troupe with current Flower Troupe Top Musumeyaku Hoshikaze Madoka in 2021, and took over from Takashou Mizuki as Kumicho in 2022
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(The Fascination, 2022)
Part 3: Dice Game
(Rei has been given a white dice and a black dice, similar to the last game, whatever number she lands on has an assigned word, white dice adjectives, black dice nouns, the difference this time is whatever she gets she has to perform!)
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White dice: 1. Cool 2. Sexy 3. Powerful 4. Flirty 5. Sweet 6. Dynamic
Black dice: 1. Face 2. Flying kiss 3. Wink 4. Pose 5. Back pose 6. Kabe-don
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Part 4: Big wins at the Zucasino Question Corner
1. If you are already doing well would you place another bet? I think I usually stop myself when I start thinking about going all in on something. So rather than taking another big bet, I鈥檓 the type of person who quits while they are ahead.
2. Are you daring? Or cautious? Tenma Michiru once surprised me by saying 鈥淚 used to think you were a cautious person, but actually you don鈥檛 care at all!鈥, her idea of the difference between daring and cautious people sounded quite black and white to me. It鈥檚 true though that I do just go for it when making decisions. For example, after deciding to move house I moved the next week, and the time between me discovering Takarazuka and enrolling at the Music School was very short.聽 Timing and chance of course had a lot to do with it, but I do think that when it comes down to those life-changing decisions I get this feeling of intuition to just go with my gut, maybe that's when I become daring.
3. How do you spend big money? For the last 3 years, we haven鈥檛 been able to do any trips or go out for any meals together as a troupe, so I鈥檇 like to hold a big event where the current troupe members and those who have left the troupe from 2020 onwards all go on a gorgeous trip to Hawaii together! There are so many places I want to go explore so maybe it could be a 3-4 day long trip where we can do our own thing, and then we could plan some kind of special event to do all together during our stay! The girls who have only been in Takarazuka for 1 to 3 years and those who have joined the flower troupe from other troupes like Hitoko-chan (Towaki Sea) have not experienced our dinner entertainment tradition yet, and many of the upperclassmen are itching to perform again so, I think we should put on a banquet and have a good time! Other things I鈥檇 like to spend big money on would be buying a holiday home for my parents and maybe starting my own business. Maybe something to do with children's education, something that mothers would appreciate鈥.But I need to know how to spend money wisely first, time to study up!
4. Are you lucky? Or unlucky? I think I鈥檓 a lucky person, I鈥檓 very happy! Every now and again there are moments where I look at my life and think how happy I am that I am able to make art with the people I love. I may not be lucky enough to win in raffles or lotteries (laughs), but I鈥檓 overwhelmingly blessed to live a life surrounded by the many things that I love.
5. What is the luckiest moment you鈥檝e experienced in your life? Entering Takarazuka was a big moment for me, both a lucky and a happy moment (laughs). Not only did I get to be a part of something I love but I met so many lovely people and learnt all sorts of things! Takarazuka has taught me so much, not just about the performing arts, but about being a person as well, I think if I hadn鈥檛 joined Takarazuka I would be completely different to who I am today.
6. A moment you鈥檝e betted on In the early stages of joining the Takarazuka Music School you have to make the decision of whether to become an otokoyaku or a musumeyaku. But at the time I was still getting used to it all, I was kind of drowning, overwhelmed by everything, and so I completely forgot that I needed to decide鈥nd before I knew it, we were all lined up about to make our decision! Everyone in turn saying 鈥渕usumeyaku!鈥 or 鈥渙tokoyaku!鈥 down the line! My height at the time meant that I was on the threshold between musumeyaku and otokoyaku, and so I was worrying and worrying like 鈥淎hh which do I choose?!鈥. But then I heard the person before me say 鈥淥tokoyaku!鈥 and in a spur of the moment decision I went 鈥淵eah!鈥 and said I wanted to be an otokoyaku. I guess you could say that was a bet? I wonder what would have happened if I had chosen to be a musumeyaku instead. I would have had to use completely different muscles, so my shoulders probably wouldn鈥檛 have broadened like they have now鈥hoosing to be an otokoyaku was a big turning point in my life.
7. A moment that was a close shave! The time when I was still a junior in the company and decided to climb Mt.Rokko by myself on my day off. It was a nice day despite it being winter, and so after enjoying the mountain to my heart's content I strolled back to the bus stop, only to discover the buses had already finished for the day! Looking around frantically I realised there was not a single soul to be seen, I was all alone, it was getting cold and windy and the sun was starting to set鈥 After standing around in the cold for about 20 minutes, just as I started to worry for my life, a cyclist came speeding down the road towards me. But he passed by so fast there was nothing I could do to get his attention, but then he came back and gave me a ride to the cable car! I was one step away from ending up being a news story. I hope that man is doing well鈥
8. Something you want to protect with all your life The number one thing i want to protect is everyone's smiles. Maybe it's unrealistic to ask for, but I don鈥檛 want anyone's smiles to be clouded by anything, not those of the troupe, not those of the audience, or anyone I meet. Everyone is working so hard every day, the people who look after the company so that we are able to perform, the people who come to the theatre, the doctors and nurses who continue to fight to save lives, everyone, so their smiles must be protected. We are forced to endure a lot which can make our hearts feel heavy, but it's for that very reason that I want to be able to capture the smiles of the audience with my 鈥淵uzuka Camera Lense鈥! No matter your birth, upbringing, age, or gender, people from all walks of life come to the theatre, lose themselves in the story being told and laugh and cry together in that shared space. How amazing is that? I鈥檓 so grateful to get to have that experience and so I want to continue to protect it.
Part 5: My Treasure
Tumblr media
Illustrations from manga artists I have been fortunate enough to get to be a part of several plays based on famous manga, and have been gifted original illustrations from their creators. Yamato Waki who made 鈥淗aikara-san: Here Comes Miss Modern鈥, Hagio Moto who made 鈥淭he Poe Clan鈥 and Kamio Yoko who made 鈥淗ana Yori Dango/Boys Over Flowers鈥 . Even now whenever I look at the pictures they drew for me I have a deep feeling of amazement of just how great their work is.
Tumblr media
My beloved dog, Noir He鈥檚 so intelligent that it鈥檚 like he鈥檚 a human trapped inside a dogs body and at any moment he鈥檚 going to start talking to me. He is in tune to so many things and keeps at juuuust the right distance from me, all traits that would make me want to marry him if I could, he鈥檚 so cute!
Tumblr media
Letters I鈥檝e received from flower troupe members There is a custom in Takarazuka where you give 鈥淧re-Raku Cards鈥* to those who have looked after you during the performance. I鈥檝e kept all the ones I have received so far. It just makes me so happy that in these letters the actresses get to share with me thoughts and feelings that they don鈥檛 normally get to say to me.聽
*Senshuuraku is japanese theatre speak for the final performance of a show, it is usually shortened to 鈥淩aku鈥 by both fans and actors. 鈥淧re-Raku Cards鈥 or 鈥淢aeraku Cards鈥 is a short hand for 鈥淢ae Senshuuraku cards鈥 or 鈥淭he night before closing night cards鈥. Celebratory messages from fans My album full of birthday cards, top star anniversary messages and other milestones is my number one most precious treasure. 鈥淣o matter how far the distance may be, my heart will be your side鈥︹ This is a line from the song 鈥淎n oath made on the wind鈥 from 鈥淗aikara-san: Here Comes Miss Modern鈥. During the initial period of the pandemic, these words would often come to mind and they became a phrase which is now very close to my heart. The underclassmen who couldn鈥檛 perform the show quoted this line in a video they made during the theatre shutdown, it really cheered me up at that time.
Tumblr media
Videos and photos from the flower troupe During the last performance cancellations, I was sent many videos of things like funny little updates, and people singing whilst playing the ukulele. Performance cancellations are so hard, but if we hadn鈥檛 of had them then these exchanges would never have happened..
Tumblr media
Video title: 鈥淚 will become the wind鈥 Misora Maru Ukulele Version Picture: Flower Troupe Love Picture Caption: 鈥淔lower Troupe Love鈥 Will never end!
Tumblr media
Behind the Scenes!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thank you for reading! For more Takarazuka translations click here
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The Poe Clan stream!
Tumblr media
Hi everyone! By request, I will be streaming the Takarazuka original performance The Poe Clan, on Tuesday March 14, with English subtitles, at 8:00 pm Amsterdam time! If you want to participate in this stream, please send me a message. Make sure to check what time the stream will take please in your own timezone. This can easily be done through a Time Zone Converter. So in short: Show? 聽 The Poe Clan When? 聽 Tuesday March 14 What time? 聽 8:00 pm Amsterdam time Where? 聽 Send me a PM Don鈥檛 be shy and join us!
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鑺辩祫鍏紨 銆庛亞銇熴亱銇熴伄鎭嬨 銉濄偣銈裤兗up锛
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Me and My Girl (Flower 2016) Subtitles
Tumblr media
(translation on 12/19/22)
For personal use only
Do not repost or alter in any manner
Timed to the Blu-Ray A-Cast Release
.ass .srt
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je te veux
TAKARAZUKA 鈭 澶㈢湬 Flower, 2014
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Yuzuka Rei
Joseph Japan (instagram)
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Want it!!!
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TAKARAZUKA -2018- Let's Make
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Flower Troupe Performance "MAYERLING" Stage Photos
(Credit from Takarazuka Revue Official Facebook)
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so like a week ago i discovered who Yuzuka Rei was and what the Takarazuka Revue theatre troupe was and honestly I鈥檓 hella obsessed.
I still don鈥檛 know too much about the theatre troupe though so if anyone would like to tell me more about them I would totally be down!! (Ik I can research myself but tbh it鈥檚 more fun talking abt things w other ppl)
Oh also if anyone has any places where I can watch their shows please do let me know!!
(Also like woah,,, yuzuka rei is so cool and talented!! I would love to know the other members as well to find more actors I enjoy watching!! So please do tell me your favourites in the troupe and tell me all about them!!)
(Forgot to mention u can message me if u want, it doesn鈥檛 have to be under this post)
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Top Hat stream!
Tumblr media
Hi everyone! I will be streaming the 2022 Flower Troupe version of Top Hat on Monday September 19, with English subtitles, at 8:00 pm Amsterdam time! If you want to participate in this stream, please send me a message. Make sure to check what time the stream will take please in your own timezone. This can easily be done through a Time Zone Converter. So in short: Show? 聽 Top Hat When? 聽 Monday September 19 What time? 聽 8:00 pm Amsterdam time Where? 聽 Send me a PM Don鈥檛 be shy and join us!
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