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Han Kjøbenhavn s/s 2023 rtw ''Searching for Shadows'' Creative Director Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen Model Haejin Lee  Fashion Editor/Stylist Matteo Moschella  Newest Cool on Instagram
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Instagram: tchalamet
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Instagram: tchalamet
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~☢️~ care package for Zeitgeist/Axel Cluney (Deadpool 2), with rings, bracelet, bleached clothes, smoking accessories, black/green/gray/silver, chains, spikes, and radioactive themes, ships to Canada ~☢️~
lighter ($20.28+) // bracelet ($3) // jeans ($40.48+)
flannel ($38.66) // shirt ($21.48) // ring ($52)
ring ($21.32+) // cuff ($3) // cigarette case ($18.65)
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Mikey Heverly for Zeitgeist
~ America (22) ~
by Cathrin Schulz
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Fashiontech Conference by Premiumgroup Berlin as a platform to share experiences, knowledge and ideas mastering the challenges of our industry is facing for example Metaverse. #fashionfair #fashion #metaverse #metaversegeneration #conference #berlin #fashiontech #marketing #évolution #design #productdesign #design #trends #technology #artificialintelligence #zeitgeist #zeitgeistmovement #inspiration #development #digital #businesstrip #premiumberlin (hier: Messe Berlin) https://www.instagram.com/p/Cft6BnNtQIG/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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Slow Design for Fast Change: Berlin bis zum 20.02.2022
Slow Design for Fast Change: Berlin bis zum 20.02.2022
Das Kunstgewerbemuseum in Berlin öffnet seine Dauerausstellung für einen Dialog mit „Slow Design“: Gezeigt werden unterschiedliche Möbelentwürfe und Objekte, die in einen Dialog mit historischen Exponaten vom Barock bis zum Jugendstil und Art Déco treten. Sie alle artikulieren einen spezifischen Zeitgeist und eine bewusste Auseinandersetzung, von der die Design-Welt aktuell geprägt wird:…
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Gordon Munro #wakinguptofashion #photographer #image #fashion #style #coupling #blacktie #thiscantbelove #postfactory #bodylanguage #updo #whitewig #1000words #interview #drama #whosincharge #portrait #zeitgeist #andywarhol #icon #legend #whoshavingmorefun #mood #attitude #holdit #click https://www.instagram.com/p/CTenU3vL-NF3O4C5Z_mImqG7OKy1NiZmMTH9rE0/?utm_medium=tumblr
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Man I Wish We Dressed Like That
Okay here’s today’s Haselden update re: vintage comics:
There’s a distinct category of comics that are definitely just old-man-yells-at-clouds-but-about-contemporary-fashion but since I personally don’t have a lens into the zeitgeist of the belle epoch through to the first world war, I gotta guess what the absolute fresh fuck is he complaining about 
cus some of ‘em are obvious, hatpins and hemlines and all but others I have to assume they’re just fanciful imaginings bc ????????
Tumblr media
tag yourself on these enby looks I’m the dude with a bucket on his head??? 
Tumblr media
“Suggestions for Spring Fashions. A few remaining shapes women have not assumed yet” has real if the men find out we can shapeshift they’re going to tell the church energy
Tumblr media
this man out there predicting the punk fashion movement a good century before its time but also like what the FUCK was this even parodying off of??
Tumblr media
honestly this would make a hilarious level of sense re current social distancing but I’m just generally sad its harder to buy a hatpin than you’d think. It’s windy out here in the city and I’d rather NOT have my fancy ostritch plume hat fly off at the hint of a breeze
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imeverywoman420 · 8 months
The lil pump fashion nova pre tiktok era was the last time i felt any warmth or humanity emanating from the general concept of social media/culture/trends/pop culture/the zeitgeist (am i using that word right sorry in american schools they dont teach us words 😔) Tiktok is LITERALLY demonic i feel like the shrigma male is a demon 4chan post like tiktok literally changed the world and made it worse.
Tiktok is nothing close to vine 2.0 its like. Literally so evil and malevolent. Never before have trends (especially ONLINE like heavily online trends) became this widespread. In middle and high school i would have been the only person to know what words like neopronouns, -core/aesthetic, coquette, feral etc meant. I would have been the only person carrying the weight of knowing online things. I dont want to see a world where the average person has like 2013 tumblr worms for brains which is what tiktok is producing at alarming rates.
Tiktok has like introduced hyper online hyper stupid discourse and brain wavelengths to normies in a way that twitter and instagram does not. There is no distinction between private and public memes. Brands have infiltrated everything.
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exhaled-spirals · 2 months
« Social media [...] enhance the compensations of consumerism by making it seem more self-revelatory, less passively conformist, conserving the signifying power of our lifestyle gestures by broadcasting them to a larger audience and making them seem less ephemeral. They temper the anonymity and anomie that consumerism’s mass markets tend to impose by concretely attaching our identity to what we consume. [...] 
Social media [want] to be the place where you feel most yourself, with the most control over how you are regarded. The online repository becomes a privileged site of the self, the authorized version that redeems the provisionality of work life and that can correct the errors and discourtesies we commit in our confrontations with the everyday in the physical world. But in return, it wants you think of yourself only in terms of what you can share on the site, what can feed its databases. It implements freedom of self-representative choices as a mode of control; our identities are "unfinished" but contained by the site, which ensures that more of our social energy is invested in self-presentation there [...].
Through social media, a fashion-like imperative of constant, superficial self-reinvention begins to govern more and more of social life under the guise of facilitating connection and permitting ongoing self-discovery. Our [...] updates don’t allow us to express ourselves so much as allow consumerism to express itself through us while we provide the labor that sustains it as a communication system. [...] In social media, advertising’s perennial message—that one’s inner truth can be expressed through the manipulation of well-worked surfaces—becomes practical rather than insulting. The self becomes cumulative at the same time as it is discontinuous. This has the effect of making whatever is shared through social media seem deeply significant to who we are and unsettlingly irrelevant at the same time. [...]
By relentlessly increasing the pace of obsolescence, social media prompt us to improvise more and more desperately; they cultivate a panic that we are being left out, left behind, that the zeitgeist of the instant will pass without our participating in it and claiming our share. We have more capability to share ourselves, our thoughts and interests and discoveries and memories, than ever before, yet sharing is in danger of becoming nothing more than an alibi that hides how voracious our appetite for novelty has become. It starts to be harder for our friends and ourselves to figure out what really matters to us and what stems merely from the need to keep broadcasting the self. »
— Rob Horning, Social Media, Social Factory (2011)
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marzipanandminutiae · 7 months
You made a post stating that pierced ears weren’t accepted in America from the 20s to 60s, but I was under the impression that many women, esp in the 40s and 50s, often wore classic Pearl or diamond stud earrings. Have I been deceived by Hollywood again?? :c
Clip-ons and screw-backs, my dear Anon!
Tumblr media
(Screw-back earrings, c. 1950s)
Piercing your ears was frowned upon, but wearing earrings remained wildly popular. I don't understand the logic here, since it looks functionally identical to wearing pierced earrings in practice, but apparently that was A-okay.
Earring clamped onto your ear? Fine! That exact same earring going through your ear? DIRTY AND/OR FOREIGN HARLOT.
Make it make sense.
(Pierced earrings DID still exist, since some women- for cultural or personal reasons -bucked the zeitgeist. But they were by far the less common of the two options.)
(Also, clips and screw-backs hurt in my experience. Like. You have your ear pinched in a vise for as long as you're wearing them, basically. My mom, born 1953, remembers Grandma taking her clip earrings off the second she got home from a party, always. And yet I saw clips advertised as "torture-free" earrings in a 1930s ad. Yes, skip the torture of like 30 seconds with a needle for the comfort and ease of clamping something heavy onto your ear with sheer pressure, all day long.)
(The whole "pierced ears bad" fad makes about the least sense to me of any fashion-related historical Hot Take.)
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meat-wentz · 2 months
I have very strong feelings about Pete’s fashion sense too. He’s truly a visionary! Like genuinely. The other day (kind of related) I was watching his 2019 Zach sang interview and I was hungover, and had to rewatch later completely sober to truly understand what he was saying LMAOOO. His mind is truly so different, the way he vocalizes his opinions and thoughts is so odd.
HE IS. like one of the things that’s always struck me is how ON THE PULSE he was and continues to be with what fashion means particularly to youth culture and how he’s quite literally always been extraordinarily in touch with what the next big thing was/what was on the collective cultural brain at the time. he was so in tune that he declared the scene dead in 2009 when he had mark hoppus cut his hair on stage, because he knew how much his hair represented, how much it had come to be meaningful as a symbol of everything he no longer wished to represent, that he’d played the part long enough to the point where he said does it really mean anything anymore, if it means so much to you what happens when it’s gone? and he was RIGHT. in the same way he was right when he was wearing eyeliner and uggs and girls jeans, the same way he was right when he wore snapbacks and cutoff tanks, the same way he was right when he wore athleisure and high end streetwear and oversized tees, and the same way he was right when he wore his skirt on stage and the same way he was right when he wore a mesh shirt with roses and big dickstomping boots, like one thing i will most certainly get testy about is if i hear someone say pete lacks style or fashion sense when he’s been a tastemaker and part of the zeitgeist-collective-cultural-mind for as long as he’s been in the music scene. ALSO you’re SO right, the way he speaks and describes and explains things is SO fascinating to me it’s like girl sometimes you sound like if a fidget toy could speak and it’s blowing my mind.
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sitp-recs · 10 months
hi! there just seems so many pining draco posts that im always searching for pining harry. i was harry madly in love with draco and pining for him. ive read some that arw often recommended but i need more. can you rec some? thanks
Hello! Oh I love myself some pining Harry, such a delicious trope. I did a reclist at some point but here are some additional recs for you :)
Burning Down the House by @peachpety (2021, M, 4k)
Harry is happy as editor-in-chief of The Quibbler. From planning to printing, design to deadlines, he enjoys being in the hot seat. And after vanquishing Voldemort, managing fires is an easy part of the job. Until his scorching crush on his impeccably dressed fashion editor flares out of control, and he's forced to face actual fires.
Blue Sky Is Living Here Today by ignatiustrout (2018, G, 5k)
Draco's a father, Harry's in love with him, and it's really hard to take things slow.
Mise en Place by @corvuscrowned (2021, T, 5.4k)
Draco needs to learn how to cook, and luckily, Harry knows his way around a kitchen. The fact that Draco is using his newfound cooking skills to impress another man... Well, Harry just tries not to think about that too much.
Clear As Mud by scoradh (2005, M, 9k)
Set post-war and post-Harry's-conscience...
Saltwater Stain by @the-starryknight (2021, M, 9k) - cw: open/ambiguous ending
Seven days stuck on a boat investigating a rogue ghost wouldn't be so bad if Harry didn't want Draco so much. Draco has his rules and Harry's content to follow them, but the air feels different away from the shore. Is it possible that the sea could offer Harry something impossible on land?
Poppiholla by @moonflower-rose (2021, M, 12k)
Harry had accepted that he would pine silently for Malfoy forever, but one, humid summer might change that.
With Great Yawns and Stretchings by sugar_screw (2016, T, 22k)
The coffee is very good. Really. And the cats are so cute. That's why Harry goes so often.
Time and Again by lauren3210 (2015, E, 28k)
Draco has an important research assignment, and he needs Auror protection. Harry’s a little concerned, not only because he can’t even pronounce the places Draco’s dragging him off to, but because there’s the slightest chance he might do something stupid, like tell Draco all about that little crush he’s been harbouring for a while now...
On Your Shore by @xanthippe74 (2020, M, 35k)
Clearing out a remote house full of cursed collectibles in the Outer Hebrides? Not a problem for an experienced curse breaker like Harry Potter. Spending a week with the straight, happily-married man that he’s starting to have feelings for? And sharing a bed with him at night? Surely Harry can handle that, too. But both the house and Draco Malfoy have secrets to uncover, and Harry might be in deeper water than he thought.
What Dreams May Come by @firethesound (2020, E, 36k)
If Harry had to get called into work on his day off, at least he was able to get Malfoy called in too.
Azoth by @lol-zeitgeistic (2013, E, 88k)
Now that Harry is back at Hogwarts with Hermione for eighth year, he realises that something’s missing from his life, and it either has to do with Ron, his boggart, Snape, or Malfoy. Furthermore, what, exactly, does it mean when one’s life is defined by the desire to simultaneously impress and annoy a portrait? Harry has no idea; he’s too busy trying not to be in love with Malfoy to care.
Kaleidoscope by Saras_Girl (2021, E, 104k)
If Harry’s honest, the last thing he needs is a house full of Draco Malfoy, but partners are partners, and perhaps, the thing he wants the least will turn out to be absolutely everything. 2021 advent fic, completed.
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eucanthos · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Horst P. Horst   (DE-US, 1906 - 1999)
Millicent Rogers in a Charles James gown and a gold necklace of her own design, Vogue Studios. Vogue, February 1, 1949
Millicent Rogers by Horst P. Horst, Vogue Studios, 1948
Her sculptural necklace echoes the zeitgeist of avant-garde Jewelry design, possibly w Hopi-Moor inspired forms
Mary Millicent Abigail Rogers (US, 1902-1953)
“The Standard Oil Heiress” was set to live a life of luxury and privilege. However, she became gravely ill with rheumatic fever as a young child. Though she recovered, she was left with lifelong heart and lung complications along with physical disabilities. Knowing that she would inevitably die young, Millicent Rogers became a socialite w an insatiable lust for life... still credited today as an influence on major fashion designers. 
Later in life, she became an activist for Native American civil rights.
After being jilted by Clark Gable, she spent the final five years of her life—1948-53—in Taos, where she discovered spirituality
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seat-safety-switch · 8 months
Now that fully three-quarters of the adult population of North America is employed sitting in the drivers' seat of a pickup and shrieking into a smartphone for fake internet money, the zeitgeist has shifted. Where once we were happy to construct elaborate parasocial fantasies about our most beloved streamers, society's urge now is to find people who don't talk very much and follow them around instead.
This is difficult, not least because of self-selection. It's easy to find outgoing folks to watch on TV. A loudmouth will come right up to you and demand that you watch them. Some might even wish physical harm upon your body should you stop paying attention to them. That's not the case for quiet, random people, who – again – is what society and Hollywood wants to see.
You could follow them around, but to do so is considered to be "illegal" and "a little creepy" by our old-fashioned, behind-the-times Big Government police-police. Doing it by drone is somewhat more legally admissible – due to several loopholes in the Sentience Law, it is possible that the feds will end up locking up an STM32 microcontroller instead of you – but drone motors are noisy as hell, so you're not going to get that authentic observation experience. All it takes is one mis-timed brrr and your target is no longer going to "be themselves." Your audience will know.
When you get it right, though, the payoff is pretty good. You'll get a bunch of money, which you can spend on new trucks in which to cry about half-imagined conspiracies in, and your quarry will get a significantly large cheque in the mail, with no return address, that they have no idea what they did to earn. Will they cash it anyway? Sounds like it might be some good fodder for season two.
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