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𝕭𝖑𝖆𝖈𝖐 𝖒𝖔𝖔𝖓 𝕷𝖎𝖑𝖎𝖙𝖍 𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖎𝖗 𝔨𝔦𝔫𝔨𝔰 ❣️
I'll be giving a brief look into what kinks each Lilith sign has 🔞
Tumblr media
(Black moon) Lilith is a mathematical point between the Earth and the moon. Lilith is named after Adam's first wife before Eve who was the outcast of the garden of Eden as a demon for asserting her sexuality and independence. Lilith represents our worst flaws, our unconscious mind and repressed desires as well as our hidden sexuality. This dark goddess symbolizes lust and carnal desire; she epitomizes all things taboo. (Asteroid Lilith 1181)
❥ 𝘈𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘴
Since Aries is an impulsive sign, they usually crave adventure in their sex life. They may like the thrill of dangerous situations such as public sex, threesomes (MMF/FFF/MMM/MFF), orgies or taking control over their partner (physical or mental). They may really like sporty people or fetishize clothing pieces such as stockings, mini tennis skirts, tight running shorts etc, might like jacked or sweaty/glistening bodies, knife play (similar to Scorpio), whips. They can be selfish and domineering in bed, if not domineering -> brats.
❥ 𝘛𝘢𝘶𝘳𝘶𝘴
Taurus is prone to being materially, financially and sexually spoiled. Fetishize stripping, sugar baby/mommy/daddy relationships, bribery, (consensual) prostitution (to their valuable partner since Taurus appreciate loyalty). Their bodies are often very sensual and they know how to get what they desire as they are extremely charming. They may really like brief touches, grazing back when passing by, brief accidental/deliberate eye contact), sadism, vampires, choking, neck biting, slowly brushing someones skin/lips, massages leading to sex.
❥ 𝘎𝘦𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘪
Lilith is exalted in this sign. Verbal attention is extremely sexy to gemini, they tend to have a kink for dirty talk or sexting. Communication is also extremely important to this sign - they don't like quiet or passive partners (in bed). They can play hard to get, like being a switch. Fetishize selective mutism, dirty talk, cybersex, porn, glove kink - sucking fingers/fingering, "omnivoristic" with their kinks, arguments ending in sex - make up sex, unpredictability, psychologically tricked into sex, promiscuity, bimbo.
❥ 𝘊𝘢𝘯𝘤𝘦𝘳
This sign likes to be submissive, passive and even dependent on their sexual partners. They might like purposely toxic partners to get "hurt" and then taken care of/take care of their "broken" partner. Fetishize mommy/daddy issues, obsessive partners, "damsel in distress", happy slaves to their feelings, dom/sub roleplay, impregnation, aftercare, breast/chest fixation. Although they're prone to low self-esteem and inferiority complexes - especially in the domestic household. May use sexual submission as an escape.
❥ 𝘓𝘦𝘰
This sign loves receiving attention to the point of worship. They are impulsive like Aries although they usually prefer having their ego stroked over a dangerous thrill. Fetishize flirting with people similar to their partner, having a lot of women surround them/ get off on having people crushing on them. They might crave many sexual partners and have a thing for harem/gangbang, kitten/feline play, high body count fantasies/teaching sex/ being someones "best they've ever had".
❥ 𝘝𝘪𝘳𝘨𝘰
Virgo is very tedious and often let their hair down in bed. They usually love pleasing their partner more than receiving pleasure themselves -> get off on making their partner feel good. Having power exerted over them. Fetishize orgasm control, sense deprivation, overstimulation, orgasm torture, hypno/goon, humiliation, semi-consensual play - caught masturbating, medical play, invasion or respect of privacy, goosebumps, shock, reading between the lines.
❥ 𝘓𝘪𝘣𝘳𝘢
An extremely charming sign with sensual body like the Taurus. A huge flirt, loves the idea of people being hopelessly in love with them and being an object of desire. They might like relaxing and luxurious sexual experiences. Probably owns a ton of expensive lingerie. Fetishize "pillow princess/prince in a castle", co-dependency, controlling, "girl next door", vocally manipulated, aristocracy, gentlemen/women, teasing, sadism.
❥ 𝘚𝘤𝘰𝘳𝘱𝘪𝘰
This sign incorporates their duality of intense emotions into sex, love and hate all at once, often manifesting into BDSM practices or dangerous/taboo subjects such as using weapons/substances during foreplay. They don't take orders well, love taking things to the extreme -> extremely vanilla/dirty. Fetishize violent/obsessive partners, needles/sounding, anger issues, rough sex, twisted minds, scary displays of affection, vengefulness, sex addiction/hypersexuality, sluttiness/striptease/ being personal whores to their partner, powerplay, bisexuality, mental instability/psychological trauma/sexually broken, chemsex.
❥ 𝘚𝘢𝘨𝘪𝘵𝘵𝘢𝘳𝘪𝘶𝘴
Likes to have a diverse set of partners, activities and is always down to try anything at least once. Loves learning and having philosophical pillow talk with their partners. Tends to use sex as an escape from their reality/escapism. Fetishizes intelligent people/nerdyness or really dumb people/nonsensical - brainless, blowjobs, bending over/ slapping tits-ass-face, xenophilia, one night stands/hookup culture, (BBC/BWC/BBW/BWW), strippers/pole dancing, hair pulling, harnesses/horse play, wax play, unique features, crazy styles/aesthetics, nylons/tights, party animals, oral fixation!!!
❥ 𝘊𝘢𝘱𝘳𝘪𝘤𝘰𝘳𝘯
Capricorn liliths are basically the ultimate doms, if you want to be humiliated and berated. They want to hold all the power they can and release their built up tension. Similar to Taurus and Libra in that they both want to combine material and sexual pleasures. Fetishizes spoiling/"fixing" their partner for them to "use"/appreciate, humiliation, voyeurism, orgasm control/denial, domme play, sexual experience -> teaching their partner, ordering around, housewives, traditionalism, NSFW/work affairs/teacher student.
❥ 𝘈𝘲𝘶𝘢𝘳𝘪𝘶𝘴
Very open about their sexual experience, willing to try anything once similar to Sagittarius. Has multiple "weird" kinks. May have sex in odd places or positions. Uses sexual fantasies as escapism and a way to distance themselves from mundane reality. Fetishize cheating on/cheated by partner, multiple partners, group play, robots/AI/extraterrestrial, mechanic and regular sex toys - sex machine, sex dolls, unique dildos (dragon, horse dildos idk), ANALLLL, pegging, asphyxiation, handcuffs.
❥ 𝘗𝘪𝘴𝘤𝘦𝘴
Wants slow and emotionally intense sex. Loves being a sub like cancer, although they are also prone to developing unhealthy relationships to sex and self image. Often want to be looked after during sex and is turned on by having their every need attended to. Fethishize filming porn, safe word violation, innocence, words of affirmation, gentleness/roughness, wet dreams, somnophilia, foot fetish, emo-kink (lmao), music/instruments - music on, heartbreak, saved from loneliness, sexual healing, cuckolding, size play.
𝕿𝖍𝖆𝖙'𝖘 𝖎𝖙 𝖋𝖔𝖗 𝖓𝖔𝖜 𝖄𝖔𝖚 𝖈𝖆𝖓 𝖋𝖎𝖓𝖉 𝖒𝖞 𝖒𝖆𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖑𝖎𝖘𝖙 𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖊
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Rising Signs ✨
💫  Leo Rising ↑
Tumblr media
♌ - resting b*** face.
♌ - most likely the family made them feel like they need to be protective and be helpful to their siblings, mother or father. maybe they were too engaging in what their family needed or wanted from them that led them to feel only important for others gain.
♌ - can sleep anytime, anywhere.
💫  Carpricorn Rising ↑
Tumblr media
♑ - though most of them appear cold and stone faced, they have a feminine approach or could be their style of clothes or the way they speak.
♑ - most likely the number one rising where people assume their mood and be false 99% of the time.
♑ - either they grow up in a family where everything was a chaos and they are the one expected to be mature on behalf of others or things were too strict and every little move is criticised.
💫  Scorpio Rising ↑
Tumblr media
♏ - their aura command your attention even if they are just sitting and not interacting with others.
♏ - usually Scorpio rising are the black sheeps of the family; a lot of turmoil, fights and jealousy from siblings, though they do have an important and strong presence in the home. they have a love/hate relationships with their family.
♏ - very quiet or very loud.
💫  Libra Rising ↑
Tumblr media
♎ - usually gives the vibes of being nice and charming whether the person is that way underneath or not.
♎ - can be passive aggressive and force to be the one to make peace.
♎ - they felt like their family has a lot of expectations for them so they always live with that burden on their shoulders. most likely put in situations where they have to choose sides with the parents and siblings.
💫  Sagittarius Rising ↑
Tumblr media
♐ - very strong presence.
♐ - usually they felt the pressure from parents or their family to be great and doing great things in life, they grow up in a family where any success must come with a lot of achievement. maybe the family was too mundane for their abstract thoughts and ideas and they were shamed because of it.
♐ - can be strongly opinionated.
💫  Vrigo Rising ↑
Tumblr media
♍ - Like Libra rising, Virgo rising felt like they are pressured by the family high expectations and being the definition of perfection so that develop their critical nature. the family environment made them feel nervous and restless and it was difficult for them to relax.
♍ -  reserved & paranoid.
♍ - Can be more bubbly and outgoing than a Virgo sun, but still there’s a feeling of calmness inside.
💫  Pisces Rising ↑
Tumblr media
♓ - they may wear a lot of casual and comfy clothes (especially women) but they give off a lot of sexual vibes.
♓ - most likely the family made them feel like a painting or a flower pot in the home; silent and obedient they learned to blend in with the rest and not really had a chance to express and show their true self.
♓ - either they act real dumb or really intelligent depending on the situation or the people around them.
💫  Aquarius Rising ↑
Tumblr media
♒ - like Sagittarius rising they can be strongly opinionated but sometime it can be just for the sake of arguing.
♒ - much like Scorpio rising they usually feel like the ugly duckling or the the black sheep of the family, felt pressure to forget or overlook their emotions and how they feel beacuse of one or both of their parent.
♒ - can look and come off very detached even though they are very much in touch with their emotions.
💫  Aries Rising ↑
Tumblr media
♈ - original b*** faceⓇ
♈ - the opposite of Libra rising when people first see them they think they’re arrogant and mean but usually discovered later how sensitive and vulnerable they are.
♈ - usually the loners in the the family, probably felt like they were excluded from the family members either by age, personality, looks, etc. one or both parents is irritated and angry or physically threatening most of the time which lead to feeling unsafe in the home.
💫  Taurus Rising ↑
Tumblr media
♉ - pretty chill but don’t come at them they will put you back in your place.
♉ - stubborn AF!
♉ - like the Capricorn rising the family dynamic is either everything is a chaos where you need to be the mature one or very strict environment where physical and verbal affection was not present.
💫  Cancer Rising ↑
Tumblr media
♋ - they most likely grow up in an environment where they felt emotional comfort is hard to reach because they’re always put in situations by one or both parents that left them feeling vulnerable or helpless.
♋ - shows the complete opposite of how they feel.
♋ - like Libra risings they can be passive aggressive and force to be the peacemaker.
💫  Gemini Rising ↑
Tumblr media
♊ - very good at disguising themselves, you’ll have a hard time getting to really know them.
♊ - usually their intellect/mental intelligence always been question and put through test possibly a lot of self defense using their words against the family verbal abuse. emotional expressions( physical and verbal ) were rare to non existent.
♊ - can be deceptive to hide their moodiness.
note: check the planets that falls or conjunct (making an aspect to) your ascendant. So, If you have jupiter falls in your 1th house, jupiter rules Sagittarius, then you should check Sagittarius Rising, etc. Also, I focused the family upbringing on the less positive aspect.
-Bunny-sag ♥
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Astrology, the Basics Cont.
Okay, so you’ve learned what planets in astrology represent and now you want to know more, relatable (and if you haven’t learned what the planets symbolize i’ll link it here.) So now, what are the houses? The houses are found through a mathematical system used to divide the zodiac into segments. There are many astrological housing systems but today we’re discussing the Placidus housing system which divides the zodiac into 12 individual “houses.” We read the houses in a counterclockwise motion, going from first to twelfth. Remember houses are time and place sensitive.
Here we go:
Our First House
Here is where the zodiac starts, where everything begins. Naturally ruled by the sign of Aries, who in turn is ruled by Mars. These are the energies that influence this house. Our first house can be characterized as simply, “me.” It’s your physical body, your appearance, how you meet people for the first time, your first reaction to any outward situation. It’s your personality on a surface level. The “mask” you wear in public. This house is where we find the “Ruler of our Chart,” your ascendant, the sign on the cusp of your first house, sometimes abbreviated as ASC/AC. This sign will greatly influence our personality and physical attributes along with any planets that fall into this house. This house is what we project out into the public, so planets in this house will be projected outwards. 
Our Second House
This Venusian house is ruled by Taurus. This is a very earthy house so it covers things that are material and tangible. It rules over our five senses: taste, touch, sight, smell, and sound. Material things we find pleasure in. What makes us feel comfortable, whether it’s a cozy blanket or a new pair of Louboutin heels. This house is our money. How we make our money. What we value. Our own personal self esteem, how we value ourselves. This house reflects our outlook on wealth and how materialistic we are. Planets in the 2nd house will impact our material belongings, income, and our immediate surroundings. This house also rules the vocal chords/throat so it’s also how we sound when we speak, maybe even if we can sing. Do we have any hidden talents? Do you find yourself yearning for a flashy car or are you content with your 2001 Camry that gets you from point A to point B? These can be answered by our second house. How much we indulge in material things as well as how often we treat ourselves. 
Our Third House
This house has a knack for chatting. Mercury’s home under the sign of Gemini, I give you the Third house! The third house is rules over our communication, our “lower mind.’’ The third house is how we learn, our day to day thought processes. Here we find how we connect to the world around us on a personal level. This house includes our relationship with our siblings, how we interact with our neighbors, how we travel on a smaller scale, for example a road trip or going to school. This houses covers electronics and all our gadgets, our internet use. This is how we think, our intellect. Are you a gossip? How strong is your focus? Do you jump around from topic to topic? This is indicated through our third house and it’s sign. How quiet and reserved one is, is reflected here. Whether or not our brain to mouth filter functions is found in this house. The third house shows us whether we were the one to blurt out an answer in class or silently keep it to ourselves due to our lack of confidence in our personal knowledge. Here is how where we find how we feel about learning. 
Our Fourth House
The natural home of the moon, ruled by Cancer. This house can be characterized as the center of our being, where our soul feels at rest and comfortable. The sign on the cusp of our fourth house is called our Imum Coeli, or “IC” for short. This is the lowest point of our chart, the foundation, where we came from. The IC is where we find our “astrological DNA,” our roots and connections to our ancestors. Our IC is considered by some astrologers where we reincarnated from and what lessons we brought to this life to learn through the most intimate of settings, our home and family. The IC is a very tender part of the soul and the sign on this point is extremely important and personal to us. Planets in this house intensify the effects of this house especially if they form aspects (conjunctions, oppositions, squares, etc.) to our IC. The fourth house is where we find our security, or lack thereof. This where we feel the most safe to be our real selves. The fourth house is our childhood, the setting and characteristics of the home life. Our parents, our mother in particular. Did we grow up in a stable home? Maybe your home was always nicely decorated. Did you have to make sure you took your shoes off at the door before entering? These attributes can all be found by the sign on the cusp of your fourth house as well as planets within the house.
Our 5th House
Now this, this is a fun house. Naturally ruled by Leo who’s ruled by the Sun himself, this house shines bright. Here is where we come into contact with our creativity. Where we are most alive. This is how we play around. How we express ourselves in a confident, light-hearted manner. The home of the arts, ranging from theater, to painting, or even fashion design. This is where we are most childlike, after all this is the house of children. This is the house of the heart, the house of romance. Where love is sweet an fun, casual flings you remember with warmth. This is the house of that one summer you spent at the lake house ;)….if you know what I mean. Here is where we find casual sex and relationships. This is the house of baby-making, starting a family. This house is an outlet to express all of our passions in a creative light. Here we are shown how much we let loose or if we can’t. How we handle criticism from outside forces is also highlighted here. “This is a happy house.” “We’re happy here.”
Our 6th House
Mercury returns, the sixth house is ruled by Virgo, the sign of service. Here we find our daily routines. Wake up, brush your teeth, shower, make your breakfast of waffles and exactly two strips of bacon on the side, yeah..that house. This is the house of health and diet. How prone we are to illness, the strength of our immune system, the sixth house has got you covered! Are you “up in the gym just working on your fitness?” Let the Instagram fitness gurus say amen! This is that house. This our personal hygiene and how cleanly we are. Our skills. How we handle work. How good we are at our job. How we serve others. This is an important house to look at as planets that fall in here can effect your health and work ethic!
Our 7th House
So you’ve been shot by Cupid’s arrow? Well this is where we lock the relationship down, and uh, put a ring on it. This house is where we make long term commitments, business relationships, even friendships, and yes, marriage too. This is where our 5th house casual fling goes from the “what are we talk” to the “let’s make it official,” conversation. This house is ruled by Libra, who is governed by Venus. This house is about peace and harmony, two things needed for a successful relationship of any kind. This is how we relate to people close to us, using the sign on the descendant. The descendant is our seventh house cusp, it’s directly opposite of the ascendant, it’s who and what we are attracted to in relationships. Since this is the opposite of our ascendant, this is another house of projection; however, this is the what the world projects back to us, it’s like a mirror, we are what we attract we just don’t see it, others do. 
Our 8th House
Ruled by Scorpio, here is where we delve beneath the surface straight into Pluto’s underworld. This house is the threshold between life and death. Where life starts and where it ends. This is a house of healing. But for something to heal here it has to die and be reborn, transformed, as something completely new. Nothing leaves this house the same as it went in, so this highlights where we are transformed in life. How we handle and see death as well as how we handle and see life. This house governs sex, in it’s truest, rawest form. This is sex on a deeper, psychological level where we are literally fusing ourselves with someone else. This house is the house of obsession, manipulation, and jealousy. There’s no yellow brick road here. This is also where we find how we deal with power and control, are we power hungry, controlling? This house rules over mystery, crime, and investigation. This house is why for whatever reason we find ourselves fascinated with studying serial killers or watching American Horror Story. This house is occultic studies, uncovering the real truths about the world. In contrast to its opposite, the second house, the eighth house rules over other people’s money. Your joint bank account with your spouse, or being written into your parent’s will. Are you a sugar baby? How do you pay your taxes? Did you inherit a large sum of money? The eighth will likely answer those questions. The eighth house can also allude to many spiritual gifts, especially for those with planets inside the 8th. These people can have a special ability to see into the spiritual realm through clairvoyance, or even become a medium between the two worlds. 
Our 9th House
Welcome to the house of “higher knowledge” ruled by Sagittarius who is governed by Jupiter. Here lies our philosophies, our belief systems, our religions. The 9th house is the direct opposite of the 3rd house which focuses on learning on more simpler terms, the ninth house is more scholarly. This house rules over travel on a larger scale, traveling over seas to foreign countries. Adventure. This is the house of our dreams and wisdom. Our knowledge at its highest point, where we learn and understand the world. Learning in the abstract, while the third is house is learning the basic fundamentals. The third house is where we develop our writing style and skills, whereas the ninth house is where we write and publish a book. Get it? Do you love to travel, or are you afraid of planes? Are you always trying cuisine from various cultures? Have you always wanted to be a teacher, professor, or priest? Maybe you dream about life where you can just jump on a plane and see the world. These traits are connected to the ninth house and planets that fall into it.
Our 10th House
We’ve reached the highest point of our chart, the Midheaven, or “MC” for short, which is the cusp of the tenth house. It’s the direct opposite of our Imum Coeli (IC,) which is our fourth house cusp, where our soul came from, the MC is where our soul is going. It can be characterized as our “destiny.” What our soul feels the most happy doing for work. The MC can show where our best career choice would be, this is another area where we project ourselves however it’s projection on a larger scale rather than the one-on-one projection from our ascendant. The MC is how we project ourselves to society as as a whole, how we are seen by authority figures. The tenth house is ruled by Capricorn, who in turn is ruled by Saturn. This house isn’t about the tangible portion of success (2nd house) but more so the status and praise that comes with it. Saturn is the Father, so in the house we see our masculine parent’s energy here. Maybe they push you to work hard, they set the rules. The tenth house is how you respond to authority and rules. Planets here will influence that. This house is your public reputation, whether or not you will have a “good” or “bad” one, but that’s subjective. This is your career, the job you dedicate your life to. This is a very public house.
Our 11th House
“Friends, How many of us have them?” The Eleventh house is ruled by Aquarius, governed by Uranus. This is where we find our friends and how we act in social groups. Are we someone who likes to have a lot of friends around, or maybe has stuck with the same two buddies from high school? This house houses our ambitions, our biggest dreams and wishes for ourselves. Our humanitarian side. Maybe you like to help the poor. Maybe you’re more reserved when it comes to making friends. The Eleventh house will definitely have something to say. Here is where we are liberated, and go against the grain, here we are individualists. This house is eccentric, scientific, and everything progressive. This house is the New Age. Planets in this house will impact how we relate to others in a social circle, how we impact our friends and vice versa. 
Our 12th House
We’ve come full circle, and reached the end. The twelfth house is ruled by Pisces who is also ruled by Neptune, which makes for a very hazy house. This is the hidden house, the house of things that don’t see the light of day. It’s our unconscious being, the us that exists outside from our tangible reality. This house is where we escape the real world, and isolate ourselves. This house holds our Karmic baggage, the karmic debts that must be paid. Sometimes this house is where we feel most confined, after all it does rules over prisons, mental asylums, and hospitals. But there’s power in this house, this house is where find our true selves, stripped away from the outside world. This house is highly spiritual and can also point to spiritual gifts like the eighth house. The twelfth house is where our soul transforms. Planets in the the twelfth house make for a very private person, sometimes this road can get very lonely, and it can feel that you have to try ten times harder to complete tasks and get to where you want in life more so then others. It’s okay. You’ll get there, it’s not about how long it takes you to complete something, it’s about completing it. You got out of bed today, that’s something to congratulate yourself for twelfth house planet people because sometimes even that isn’t always easy. Planets in the twelfth can sometimes feel harder to reach, because these things are hidden deep in our subconscious but it doesn’t mean they are inaccessible. You have to delve deeper and learn yourself better in order to pull these hidden strengths out of you. I recommend meditation for anyone with a strong twelfth house. The twelfth also rules over hidden enemies while the seventh house rules over open ones.
The astrological houses blend together to create an in depth image of ourselves and the potential energies of our lives. It’s an essential tool to assist in self-awareness and growth. 
- playboi
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The signs as John William Waterhouse paintings
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Third house;
In the 2nd house, our personality found security and identification in its surroundings, associating itself with the things that we possess.
In the 3rd house, the personality finds its way outwards and is finally able to express itself through proper communication. This is where we become able to understand surrounding events through logic, identifying them and giving them names.
Tumblr media
The 3rd house is where we find the rational, concrete mind that operates through reason, and this is why conditions of this house describe our experience with early school and our relationship with the concept of learning basic knowledge with concrete application. In this house, we’ll also find information regarding our siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts, neighbours and short travels; this is our immediate environment, through which we may transit freely and rapidly.
Because this house is so related to learning and absorbing surrounding information, conditions of this house describe what we find interesting in the world; this is where our curiosity is.
Sun in the 3rd house: a talkative child is picked up at school from their first day there; their eyes are happily sparkling with knowledge; their mind is in rapidly expansion. People with this placement become known for their intelligence, curiosity and way with words. This Sun’s blessings generally produce an individual able to transit easily through many of life’s departments, demonstrating great interest for what other people have to teach them. The mind is clear and is always establishing intellectual connections with its surroundings.
Moon in the 3rd house: a crying student confesses their feelings to a colleague; they talk profusely and skillfully. Books, notebooks, exercise sheets and pens gather around. The airy mind is dripping in emotional waters, symbolizing a clear, logic understanding of the emotional realm that rules relationships between people. Feelings become lightweight and change rather rapidly according to one’s relationship to one’s immediate surroundings. The mind is always active with constant rise and fall of enormous waves and must communicate its feelings to alleviate so much pressure.
Mercury in the 3rd house: a child runs joyfully, surrounded by their siblings, trees and the fresh breeze of spring; glistening written words hatch from all things. Outstanding talent with words; a symbol of a mind that is extremely receptive to new information, skilfully weaving strings of new knowledge from every experience. People with this placement are great at talking to all kinds of people, easily expressing their own points of view and interpreting those of others. This is mind that operates with multiple perspectives and is able to perceive the multitude of ways in which a situation can be handled.
Venus in the 3rd house: after travelling for two hours, a group of friends enjoys the sunshine by the beach while listening to pop music on a radio; colourful drops of ice cream paint the hot sand. Easy-going, witty and talkative, the individual with this placement is usually attracted to intelligent and versatile people who talk skilfully. There’s a great curiosity for other people’s worlds and knowledge. Relationships tend to be flexible and lighthearted.
Mars in the 3rd house: siblings are fighting in the living room, but the conflict is verbal; words cut like the bloody edges of a sword. The mind is infused with passion and competition, and is thus energized by violent surges of energy. People with this placement are passionate about an active mind like their own and their sense of conquest is activated whenever they are in touch with learning. The mind is usually restless.
Jupiter in the 3rd house: a professor is contemplated by a room filled with students; they’re waiting for their enormous knowledge to be generously offered. Jupiter’s blessings produce an individual that loves learning and communicating, and does so quite skilfully. The mind is usually embedded in a faithful and happy perspective of the world as a whole, and thoughts tend to sparkle with moral beauty and justice. Talkative and confident, people with this placement are usually great at receiving and providing knowledge.
Saturn in the 3rd house: a student considers their exam sheet, taking a deep breath; slow and steady, they go through one question at a time until all of them are perfectly answered. A symbol of great concentration and focus, people with Saturn in the 3rd are generally fearful of their own mental abilities; they don’t think themselves as smart or skilful enough and are usually shy, keeping their brilliant ideas in a bird cage until later in life, when they learn to master the beauty of their own mind.
Uranus in the 3rd house: a traveler quietly sits with their forehead against the window of a bus; the blurred, dark landscape runs quickly through their eyes while their mind explodes in sudden realizations. This is the symbol of a bright mind that works in a unique way. This is someone whose thoughts establish unusual and unexpected connections between things, shedding light onto obscure subjects. Communication tends to be erratic and somehow astonishing, maybe revealing scenes from a far away future.
Neptune in the 3rd house: a sleepy child reads a story book when a whole world draws itself from the printed words; castles rise from violet clouds; magical creatures reveal themselves from between the lines. Neptune’s blessings dissolve the logical barriers of the mind, creating a lively and fantastic imagination. The mental realm becomes receptive to surrounding energies and all things unseen find their way into enchanted ideas. Thoughts are dreamy and don’t really have a structured form, so they’re constantly being distorted and dissipating.
Pluto in the 3rd house: a wanderer enters a long lost library; shelves and shelves of ancient knowledge repeat themselves until they fade on a darkest horizon. Blessed by Pluto, people with this placement experience their immediate surroundings through symbols, interpreting other people’s hidden intentions and feelings. Maybe with obsessive thoughts, this is probably someone who carefully analyzes any incoming information; they experience an essential truth within their own minds and search for it in all knowledge they’re exposed to.
Please have in mind that these are very basic interpretations and that the chart and the individual’s life should be considered as a whole for more accurate interpretations.
Detail from Alois Hans Schram’s “Springtime with friends”; 1890.
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tarot-zodiac-faery · 2 years
Lilith (Asteroid)
Aries Lilith (asteroid): Rebels with independence, authority, and either towards the masculine or with their own masculinity. Might need to overcome shame towards their own passion and inner fire or challenges to their inner fire.
Taurus Lilith (asteroid): Can be seen as rebelling with one’s body. (can apply to all Earth). Rebels with endurance and by doing things their way. Might have to overcome struggles towards their self-worth. With their self-worth they rebel against those who have labeled them.
Gemini Lilith (asteroid): All about rebelling with words, communication, symbols, messages, etc! Here is the writer, speaker, protester that needs to reclaim their voice. Challenges come to their communication and maybe with truth/lies.
Cancer Lilith (asteroid): Can indicate rebellion in the home, towards family, or towards family structures and values. Can rebel against misogyny and/or mistreatment of women, especially mothers. Can stand up for children. There is an association of rebelling against one’s own attachment. Understanding, kindness, sensitivity, and vulnerability are actually key to their rebellion. Can struggle with family, nurturing, and maybe the feminine.
Leo Lilith (asteroid): Rebels with leadership and expression. Challenges they face in their rebellion is with the ego, shame, and rejection. Self-expression, identity, and self-love is a huge key to their rebellion.
Virgo Lilith (asteroid): Can rebel with their body. Might rebel against their own self-criticism. They rebel by demanding what they are worth, restricting who they help, overcome fears of uselessness, and accepting as well as maybe highlighting their imperfections.
Libra Lilith (asteroid): This person fights for equality and justice. Their rebellion can exist in their day-to-day relationships, fighting for fairness or go as far to the courts for just laws. Unbalance, self love, dishonesty, and shallowness are challenges to their rebellion.
Scorpio Lilith (asteroid): With intensity and passion this person rebels against dishonesty, mistreatment (especially emotionally or psychologically), and against sexual suppression or abuse. This person may use their own sexual side to rebel. Their intuition is a huge key. Their inner demons and not facing them or accepting them is a challenge towards rebellion for Scorpio Lilith.
Sagittarius Lilith (asteroid): Instinct, confidence, and inner wildness is how they rebel. They rebel for freedom, especially free to be who they are. Spirituality can be wrapped up in rebellion somehow, maybe fighting for religious beliefs or freedom or acceptance of all beliefs. Challenges to their rebellious side come from not listening to their gut, by doubting their spiritual side, or by challenges to their beliefs head on.
Capricorn Lilith (asteroid): Ambitious in their fight towards anything. Might use their body to rebel. There are challenges to their worth, authority, and dignity. Reclaiming this is a rebellion in itself. They rebel with calculation and knowledge.
Aquarius Lilith (asteroid): This person rebels against all types of injustices and collective issues. This person goes against the norm and conformity. They use intellect and communication as their main modes of rebellion, using technology for rebellion comes naturally to them. Challenges that will be thrown their way will be rejection and threats towards their campaign. Peer pressure and societal pressure is a challenge too.
Pisces Lilith (asteroid): Rebellion is done on an emotional and spiritual level. This is someone who rebels by exploring all they can be in these areas. Emotional expression, especially through art is an act of rebellion. Helping those who others refuse to help is rebellion too. This may be someone who forgives those others deem unforgivable or accept the outcast. Challenges to them in their own rebellion is emotional and spiritual attack.
*Some charts don’t mark the asteroid with its symbol but with the name “Lilith” or the code number 1181.
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tarot-zodiac-faery · 2 years
During this full moon, take a hot bath, burn some incense, and remind yourself of how powerful you are 🌕
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tarot-zodiac-faery · 2 years
Pluto:8th house 🔮💀🔮
-You do your research
-I feel like this placement can turn anything into money lol
-analytical and very resourceful
-Interests usually lie in yoga,meditation,astrology,the astral plane, or anything else dealing with science or the occult
-Huge life changes usually come through marriage/divorce/death and almost always involve money
-Very determined, powerful will
-You often act in secret
-Life or death experiences can bring dramatic changes to your life
-Clairvoyant abilities and/or Highly intuitive
-Possible scientific ability,mainly related to physics
-Regenerative abilities,breathing new life into useless things or your own life
-These people usually live long lives
-Sexual nature is intense but this is often kept private or secret
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tarot-zodiac-faery · 2 years
Tumblr media
Pluto is a complex little big planet with many facets. One being obsessions: which can also bring about great transformation
**Transformations can come from letting go of what you obsess over or try to control. Generally the need to control comes from a fear. And that fear can end up controlling you. Acknowledgment of this and Realizing you need a balance and letting go is what will set you free.
•Pluto in 1st house• Obsessed with identity, body issues, attached to power issues. Transformed by letting go.
•Pluto in 2nd house• Obsessed with what you are able to acquire in a attempt to overcome the fear of never having enough. Transformed by possessions/finances(loss or gain or both).
•Pluto in 3rd house• Obsessed with being a seeker and finding the answers you seek. Also obsess over finding things that are hidden. Transformed by the mind, communications, siblings or maybe neighborhood.
•Pluto in 4th house• Obsession might come in form of using control and power to get their way. Comes on from having a possible turbulent childhood. Transformed by home environment, maybe by letting go of control of home environment.
•Pluto in 5th house• Obsessing could come in form of love relationships or lovers being obsessed with you. If you have children could obsess over them. Transformed by love, children, romance and gaming.
•Pluto in 6th house• Obsessed with perfection, hard work, routine, exercise and health. Need to relax. Transformed by allowing change and or breaking routines.
•Pluto in the 7th house• Obsessed with partnerships and can be very demanding or controlling of them or them of you. Transformation through close relationships.
•Pluto in 8th house• Obsessed with secrets, taboo and sex. Attracted to darker things. Use your knowledge of understanding people’s psychology to better people. Transformation through extreme childhood experiences.
•Pluto in 9th house• Obsessed with higher learning, your beliefs, possibly your religion. Careful in foreign places. By not get fixated on your ideas, Transformed by new adventures.
•Pluto in 10th house• Obsessed with drive to succeed. Transformed through workplace or with general public somehow.
•Pluto in 11th house• Obsessed with change in a larger group setting. Maybe some friends lost to death, creates more awareness for how to live. Transformation comes from friendships.
•Pluto in 12th house• Obsessed with helping humanity. Have the power to do so. Strong psychic tendency to the hidden lives of others and yourself.
Via Zahara star for insp
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tarot-zodiac-faery · 2 years
Planets in 8th House: Intimacy
Sun in the 8th House: “Show me what makes you, YOU. Quirks, interests, dislikes, what is the thread of your personality, I want to recognize it like a favorite color.”
Moon in the 8th House: “Let’s create an emotional bond, let’s feel each other, but know you won’t experience my intensity and love until I let you into the home that is my heart.”
Mars in the 8th House: “I only want my twin flame to burn with me. Passion uncovers intimacy for me. Fight for me and I’ll fight for you, feed off your energy, we will drown, explode, conquer, and exist together.”
Mercury in the 8th House: “I want to memorize your thoughts, appreciate your details, and taste your words. Give me intimacy in words and the sharing of ideas. Let’s investigate each other and float on fascination.”
Venus in the 8th House: “I want to know your ticks, I want to complete you, intimacy is being your other half or partner, let me be the one you turn to for understanding and love. Let our relationship be an imprint.”
Jupiter in the 8th House: “Teach me, expand me, let me show you a whole new world, let us be two souls following the same path, let us campaign together, let us learn together.”
Saturn in the 8th House: “You have always been there, you are my person. You challenge me, you change me, you know me. You reflect something I need or want in myself, show me the way.”
Uranus in the 8th House: “Are we kindred spirits? With you I am no longer alone or feel alone. Our intimacy is acceptance, tolerance, and showing each other our mismatch shapes.”
Neptune in the 8th House: “If we can become one, we will become one. Transcend with me, let’s get lost in each other’s fantasies. Let us heal each other, let me see your wounds and pain. Let us be each other’s inspiration.”
Pluto in the 8th House: “I want to know every inch of your body, I want to be able to read your mind, our communication will be unspoken. We will rise out of the ashes together, but know I don’t take any prisoners.”
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tarot-zodiac-faery · 2 years
Pluto through the Houses
Pluto in the 1st House - Your presence when you enter a room is powerful and has an effect on people. Some people may percieve you as destructive, other people may find you intimidating when they first meet you and you carry yourself in such a way that either draws people in or scares them away. You may be obsessed with your appearance or have the ability to transform the way you appear to others. Physical power and transformations are found here. The transformations can be extremely painful. You may have been bullied into transforming the way you look or dress or maybe an experience affected the way you hold youself. New beginnings can be where you experience rebirth and tap into your powers of the self. You may experience a transformation of the self everytime you start something new or have the opportunity to. Entering the world may have been a painful experience. Self harm could also be found here.
Pluto in the 2nd - You have a powerful way with money and your job. You have the ability to transform your income and transform through your income. Your job could force you to go through a transformation. You may have a job in power and use money to gain power. You could be obsessed with your job and more rarely your job could be destructive to yourself and maybe even others. Money could be an obsession and you may go through problems with your income at some point in your life. Your self worth could transform through your job and income. You may be obsessed with your perceived self worth and feel that power is the way to increase this. Your materialistic possessions could give you power. You could love to spend money on expensive things that show off your power.
Pluto in the 3rd - You have a powerful way of communicating with people. You may go through mental transformations. You have the ability to transform the way you communicate with others and how your mind works, these being the sources of tapping into your transformation too. You may be obsessed with learning, especially taboo subjects. You may go through periods of being obsessed with communicating with others about certain topics. The profound inpact your words can have on people can not only be destructive to yourself but also others. Power struggles with Siblings, teachers and sometimes cousins is found here. You may have been forced to transform mentally during your childhood, possibly from a mental illness or a traumatic experience. Short trips can help you to transform yourself mentally. You could also be obsessed with taking short trips because of it's ability to help you feel a sense of healing.
Pluto in the 4th - Family is Power. Your mother may have been powerful and/or destructive in some way. She could have helped you to transform yourself somehow or maybe the transformation was the mother herself, possibly you were adopted by a woman very different to your biological mother. You may be obsessed with your family, your home, emotional foundation or maybe even your mother. You could gain power through being apart of a family and starting one. You may go through a huge transformation when starting a family. You may have moved a lot as a child and home is where you had the ability to tap into your power abilities and the ability to transform somehow. Power struggles in the home and family are found here. You may subconsciously seek power or go through transformations of the subconscious mind. Home and family life may be destructive in some way.
Pluto in the 5th house- The way you express yourself is powerful and/or possibly obsessive and destructive. You have the ability to transform your self expression. Your hobbies and creativity could be an obsession, diving deep into artistic pursuits and anything fun and playful. You may go through intense transformations in creativity, love affairs and how you have fun. You may fall into love affairs with destructive and obsessive people where power struggles occur regularly, eventually possibly forcing you to go through a transformation. You may come over as powerful and authoritive towards children, and may have been this way as a child. Your children may be plutonian and you could have problems giving birth/having children with this placement. Having children could cause you to go through a transformation. You may be obsessed with having children or your inner child. Power in creativity and the arts.
Pluto in the 6th house - You are powerful when being of service to others. You may go through periods of transformation in the workplace, you may have been forced to transform the way you work, having a powerful impact on you. You may experience health problems that change your life forever. You may suffer from hypochrondia, obsessed with your health. You may be a workaholic, obsessed with working and being of service somehow. Power struggles with co-workers and in the workplace could be found here. Perhaps you or the people you work with are powerful power hungry people. You may have an authoritive approach to being of service to others or be in a position of power when of service. Perhaps the people you are of service to are powerful people or maybe destructive in some way.
Pluto in the 7th house - Power in Relationships. Power-struggles in relationships. You may start relationships with plutonian individuals. You may be domineering and powerful in your relationships as well as your partner, sometimes creating a partnership that is destructive to you both. You could be obsessed with your partner or maybe you could find yourself in a relationship with or attract partners that are obsessive. Your one-on-one relationships with others could help you to tap into your power abilities and cause your relationships with others to go through a transformation. You could have power fuelled confrontations with your enemies (maybe once a relationship or friend).
Pluto in the 8th House - You could gain power and transform through other peoples money, resources and through insurance or inheritance. Sex could be a great way of realising your inner transformative power and you may be interested in power-play when it comes to having sex. You could go through a sexual transformation. Sex could help you to evolve. You may be obsessed with taboo topics such as sex and death. Sex could be destructive in some way. You could have powerful transformative, maybe even obsessive close bonds with others. You could go through a near-death experience that causes a rebirth of the self or witness a death of a loved one that has a powerful impact on your life. You may have a built in understanding of death.
Pluto in the 9th House - You could gain power through higher education and through your beliefs, both political and religious. You may be obsessed with travelling and taking long trips that cause you to transform, possibly a philosophical transformation that impacts the way you feel about yourself and the world or maybe a painful experience in either higher education, religion, politics or travel. Your religious and political views could be destructive somehow. Religion, Politics and higher education could be where your hidden power lies.
Pluto in the 10th House - You will have the ability to gain power through your public image and your career. You may be powerful in the eyes of the public and your career could be power-orientated. You may have a reputation of being powerful or power-hungry. There's a possibility of gaining fame because of your power. You could be obsessed with your career, public image or gaining fame. You may undergo a transformation in your career, public image or reputation that makes a lasting impact on your life and career, possibly forcing you to change career path. Your father may have been a domineering, powerful individual who could have been destructive to you in some way. He could have caused you to go through a transformation, maybe a transformation in your career, reputation or public image.
Pluto in the 11th House- You could be that powerful, authoritative friend in the group. You could gain power through being a part of a group or an organisation. You could be a part of a group full of powerful people or have friends in power. You could find yourself in power-struggles with your friends or in group settings, activating your desire to lead a group. You may hope and dream to gain power or have goals and ambitions that are power-orientated and transformative. Your friendship group or a group that you're part of could cause you to go through a powerful transformation that tests you and causes you to feel reborn. You may associate yourself with powerful people and you could feel the need to always be a part of a group or an organisation. You may have the power to speak up for others and to become a powerful activist. You may be obsessed with achieving your hopes and dreams, as well as having the ability to make a powerful change in the world.
Pluto in the 12th House - Your power is hidden in the subconscious mind in this house. You may gain power unconsciously through having a psychic understanding of what's hidden in others' minds and the world. You may have the ability to have power over people and yet they might not even realise it. You may turn to drugs to find your hidden power, tap into your subconscious, making you feel more powerful. You could have the ability to gain power and transform through lucid dreaming and exploring the subconscious mind. You could have powerful psychic abilities and the ability to gain power through spiritual practices. Pluto here can either create a fearless individual or someone you may find subconscious power through their fears. You may attract power-hungry or destructive people without any known reason. You may act in ways that are destructive, powerful and obsessive but not be aware of it. You may go through painful karmic transformations and rebirths without any control. Your power may be hidden deep in the subconscious so nobody ever sees the power you possess. You may seem powerless to others but behind close doors you may shock people.
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tarot-zodiac-faery · 2 years
Part one of signs on house cusps
Aries on the 1st house-Comes off as fierce and strong.
Aries on the 2nd house-Aggressive about their belongings. Determined to succeed.
Aries on the 3rd house-Confident speaker. Loud and expressive laugh.
Aries on the 4th house-Military families. Mother was very protective.
Aries on the 5th house-Passionate lover. Extreme sports. Fast hobbies.
Aries on the 6th house-Fast paced lifestyle. Works out. Strong body.
Aries on the 7th house-Strong partner. Protective of friends and loved ones. Aggressive way of handling disputes.
Aries on the 8th house-Likes rough, passionate sex. Secretly very intense and passionate.
Aries on the 9th house-Passionate about beliefs. Freedom fighter. Marches in protests. Determined.
Aries on the 10th house-Determined. Strong public persona. Heroes. Soldiers. Police officers. Respected.
Aries on the 11th house-Protective and living friend. Bold friend. The one ready to fight. Takes you on adventures.
Aries on the 12th house-Secretly confident. Hides their strength and power.
Taurus on the 1st house-Beautiful and delicate features. Earthy presence. Down to earth and kind.
Taurus on the 2nd house-Practical about money. Good at business. Determined and possessive over possessions.
Taurus on the 3rd house-Beautiful and soothing voice.
Taurus on the 4th house-Comes from a kind and loving family. Home is beautiful and luxurious. Good interior decorator. Nice taste.
Taurus on the 5th house-Loyal in love. Artistic hobbies.
Taurus on the 6th house-Healthy routine. May be vegan or vegetarian. Likes things planned.
Taurus on the 7th house-Gentle and careful partner. Very loyal.
Taurus on the 8th house-Sensual and enjoys sex. May have a sex addiction. Downfall may be greed and lust.
Taurus on the 9th house-Set in their beliefs. Enjoys traveling.
Taurus on the 10th house-May be a business person.
Taurus on the 11th house-Steady friendships. The loyal friend. Gives good advice.
Taurus on the 12th house- Secretly really down to earth. Greed is part of their karma. Calm and enjoys being at home.
Gemini on the 1st house-Funny and charming. Slender but tall. Can be quite bony.
Gemini on the 2nd house-Takes risks with finances.
Gemini on the 3rd house-Loud but small voice. Witty, and intelligent.
Gemini on the 4th house-Family is very scattered. May be a hoarder.
Gemini on the 5th house-Kinda non commital. Experimental. Likes to try out different hobbies.
Gemini on the 6th house-May worry too much. Scheduled person because without a schedule they’re a mess. May have trouble gaining weight.
Gemini on the 7th house-Likes sociable partners. Enjoys someone who stimulates them mentally.
Gemini on the 8th house-Sexually experimental. Kinky.
Gemini on the 9th house-Takes an interest in many different topics in school.
Gemini on the 10th house-Known to be well educated and a good conversationalist.
Gemini on the 11th house-The social butterfly. Likes to go out and do things.
Gemini on the 12th house-Can be very shy and keep thoughts to themselves. Can be too antisocial.
Cancer on the 1st house-Soft, round features. Sweet and kind. Very feminine. Great love for family.
Cancer on the 2nd house-Values family and togetherness. Spends money on things for the home.
Cancer on the 3rd house-Gentle voice. The voice of a caretaker. Sweet talker. Baby voices.
Cancer on the 4th house-Loves family. Believe in harmony, compassion and love. Home is where the heart is.
Cancer on the 5th house-Spends time taking care of others and doing tasks around the home. The type of child who enjoys chores and spending time with other the family.
Cancer on the 6th house-Likes helping others. Great satisfaction from caring for others.
Cancer on the 7th house-Sweet and loving partner is who they need and what they want. Likes to be nurtured and likes to nurture in relationships.
Cancer on the 8th house-Gentle sex. Values intimacy. Keeper of peoples secrets. Doesn’t fuck with evil. Very intuitive.
Cancer on the 9th house-Gets emotional and greatly appreciates travel an college. College gives you a sense of togetherness, and you can find your true friends there. Travel is an experience you take to heart.
Cancer on the 10th house-The mother of society. Known to help others. People greatly appreciate your presence. You are kind and gentle soul in other peoples eyes.
Cancer on the 11th house-The mom friend™. You take care of your friends. You are protective and consider them family.
Cancer on the 12th house-May feel as if you aren’t taken care of. Secretly a very caring person. You have love for everyone it seems.
Leo on the 1st house-Noticeable. Beautiful and well known. Looks and acts like royalty. Charismatic and a leader.
Leo on the 2nd house-May spend a lot. Has luxurious belongings. Enjoys luxury. Expensive clothes and belongings.
Leo on the 3rd house-Nice voice. Popular siblings. Well known siblings. Amazing and noticeable laugh. Instagram famous.
Leo on the 4th house-Lives in luxury. Mom was a good role model. Spoiled.
Leo on the 5th house-Passionate lover. Likes to be appreciated. Artistic and talented. Lots of different hobbies.
Leo on the 6th house-Beautiful body. Strong body. Spontaneous. Good work ethic. May be high maintenance.
Leo on the 7th house-Charismatic partner. Loyal and sociable. Relationships in the spotlight.
Leo on the 8th house-Likes to be worshipped during sex. May like role playing. Downfall is greed. Bad side is disloyal and ungrateful.
Leo on the 9th house-May be a good leader. Easily influences large masses. Well known.
Leo on the 10th house-In the spotlight. Popular in their profession. Fame. Everyone knows something about you
Leo on the 11th house-Popular friend. Friend who you shows you new things. Spontaneous. Likes to party and have fun.
Leo on the 12th house-Secretly insecure and doesn’t feel appreciated. Wants love but doesn’t always receive it. May feel overlooked or invisible.
Virgo on the 1st house-Modest but intelligent. Calm presence. Funny. Beautiful. Nice hips.
Virgo on the 2nd house-Pragmatic with money. Enjoys self improvement books.
Virgo on the 3rd house-Soft voice. Funny. Modest and reserved siblings. Well read.
Virgo on the 4th house-Quiet surroundings. Modest and clean home. Not too flashy, but well kept.
Virgo on the 5th house-Loyal and devoted. Likes to read and write.
Virgo on the 6th house-Cleans when nervous and can be very meticulous. Nice and balanced diet. Healthy. Doesn’t get sick too often.
Virgo on the 7th house-Wise in partnerships. Anxious but ready for marriage. Devoted.
Virgo on the 8th house-May be quite kinky. Likes dirty sex. Many guilty pleasures. Likes to be submissive.
Virgo on the 9th house-Ivy League ready. Devoted to their beliefs and higher education. May be very religious.
Virgo on the 10th house-Considered to be reliable and hard working. Their career is important. Nurses and doctors.
Virgo on the 11th house-Helpful friend. Looks out for everyone. Kinda reserved though.
Virgo on the 12th house-Secretly clingy and messy. Worries too much. Relies too much on others.
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tarot-zodiac-faery · 2 years
Part two of signs on the house cusps
Libra on the 1st house-Beautiful, graceful and likable but can be two faced. Usually has dimples and a sweet smile.
Libra on the 2nd house-Likes spending money on things dealing with their appearance. Values beauty and kindness.
Libra on the 3rd house-Beautiful voice and handwriting. Very likable among peers. Had a pleasant childhood and early school experience.
Libra on the 4th house-Pleasant upbringing. Values harmony and usually grew up in a pleasant environment with luxurious objects, or beautiful objects.
Libra on the 5th house-Good and charming dating partner. Has pleasant hobbies like doing art, singing, writing, cooking etc.
Libra on the 6th house-Usually has a beautiful body and their daily life is well balanced and pleasant. Sickness may come and go if they aren’t balanced. Beautiful hips and voice
Libra on the 7th house-Needs a beautiful, charming, likable spouse. You act very non confrontational in relationships. You’re very pleasant to be around but can act two faced. People pleaser.
Libra on the 8th house-Gentle sex. Likes to please their partner. Their bad side can cause them to be very hurtful, mean and two faced.
Libra on the 9th house-Non confrontational about religion, politics, etc. Would make a good ambassador. Likes to settle disputes. They are the mediator we all need.
Libra on the 10th house-Pleasant reputation. Not too many conflicts in public. Will make a good lawyer. Everyone likes this person. When people think of you, they may think of you as charming and kind.
Libra on the 11th house-Gentle friend who just wants what’s best for everyone. Tried to settle issues between friends. Gets invited to go places because everyone enjoys their company.
Libra on the 12th house-Private self is gentle and compassionate. At their lowest they can be very mean and like to start drama. Spiritual pursuits is something they may enjoy.
Scorpio on the 1st house-Magnetic, alluring and addictive. Very noticeable eyes because they’re so intense.
Scorpio on the 2nd house-Secretive about finances and their belongings. Sex is placed at a high value. Very resourceful in making money. Sources of income may be secret because it can involve scandal.
Scorpio on the 3rd house-Communicates in a vague but attention grabbing way. Detective like mind. Seduces your mind easily.
Scorpio on the 4th house-A lot of growing and life lessons came as a result of the family. Childhood might have been hard and sexual or emotional abuse is likely.
Scorpio on the 5th house-You approach love and dating with intensity. Sex isn’t taken lightly. You attract potential partners through the vibes you ooze. Can be jealous. Taboo hobbies.
Scorpio on the 6th house-Sex is apart if the daily life. Daily life is transformative and often intense. Repression of desires takes a toll on your health often times.
Scorpio on the 7th house-Attracted to power and status. Attracted to sexually alluring types. Intense relationships and secret business dealings.
Scorpio on the 8th house-Very intense sex. Transforms through sex. Secrets are often kept dealing with other peoples secrets.
Scorpio on the 9th house-Religious and philosophical crusader, often engaging in arguments over religious beliefs. Beliefs have the ability to transform you greatly.
Scorpio on the 10th house-Intense public persona. Often revolutionizes career. Transforms an industry. Recognized by many.
Scorpio on the 11th house-Tend to surround yourself with dynamic, aggressive, and powerful friends. You don’t have many weak friends.
Scorpio on the 12th house-Kow how to cultivate hidden talents in others. Your downfall can be caused by secret resentments and concealed love affairs.
Sagittarius on the 1st house-Jovial and bright. Philosophical approach to things and can be very wise and insightful.
Sagittarius on the 2nd house-Lucky with finances. Doesn’t worry too much about their belongings or money. Spends money on experiences, like travel, sports etc.
Sagittarius on the 3rd house-Loud and expressive voice and laugh. Siblings probably travel and experience a lot. Has early travelling experiences. Lucky with school.
Sagittarius on the 4th house-Had a blessed early childhood. Got to experience a lot with parents. Comes from a huge ethnic background probably.
Sagittarius on the 5th house-Spontaneous, happy dating partner. Enjoys learning and traveling. Adrenaline junkie.
Sagittarius on the 6th house-Day to day life consists of adventurous with a happy go lucky approach. Since the 6th house rules pets you may also have large pets.
Sagittarius on the 7th house-« You might be deeply attracted to love relationships with a partner who has a background quite different form your own, either culturally or with religious beliefs. The differences stimulate you. »
Sagittarius on the 8th house-Approach to sex, love and intimacy is filled with optimism. A lot of sexual encounters is likely since Jupiter rules Sagittarius.
Sagittarius on the 9th house-Philosophical and lucky with travels and higher education. May travel a lot later in life. Good traveling partners.
Sagittarius on the 10th house-A spiritual leader/mentor among the public. People look up to you.
Sagittarius on the 11th house-The happy, inspirational friend. Gives good advice. Experiences a lot with friends. Excellent travel buddies.
Sagittarius on the 12th house-You easily understand universal concepts. Blessings will come from the most unexpected people and places, these individuals are able to sense anyone’s goodness of heart from miles away.
Capricorn on the 1st house-Seems hardworking and serious but can also come off as sad or cynical. Defined bone structure, nice smile. Beautiful skin.
Capricorn on the 2nd house-Responsible and tactful with money. Good at business.
Capricorn on the 3rd house-You’re careful in the expression of your thoughts. You never say or write anything unless there is a good reason. You can be quite harsh with speech and your voice intimidates people.
Capricorn on the 4th house-A great disciplinarian and household organiser. Grew up in s sheltered but strict household.
Capricorn on the 5th house-Able to easily combine business and pleasure. Large appetite for sex. Can be insatiable.
Capricorn on the 6th house-Extremely hard worker. Very serious and focused on your profession. Health is related to job. If you overwork yourself you may become ill.
Capricorn on the 7th house-Marries late in life and it may be for status. Cautious in relationships and business related endeavors. May be attracted to older partners.
Capricorn on the 8th house-Likes control during sex. Enjoys being dominant. May like bondage as they can be quite kinky. An inheritance is likely and they are good st handling other peoples money. They are very resourceful.
Capricorn on the 9th house-Traditionnel and conservative in religion and philosophy.
Capricorn on the 10th house-You’re ambitious and want to achieve professional prominence through competition. Good at managing and organizing tasks and people. Good st business. Bound to succeed.
Capricorn on the 11th house-Hopes and wishes are often dominated by a desire for security, you choose stable, conservative, and established people as friends. Lifelong friendships here.
Capricorn on the 12th house-More conservative than they care to admit. Sometimes limited by unconscious fears, their hidden strength is the discipline that enables them to work hard behind the scenes. They can be trusted with secrets.
Aquarius on the 1st house-Strange expression and gestures. Appearance may change a lot. Quite tall but slender. Rounder face.
Aquarius on the 2nd house-Erratic finances. Finances constantly have ups and downs.
Aquarius on the 3rd house-Very noticeable voice and laugh. Distinct handwriting. Intelligent but weird siblings.
Aquarius on the 4th house-Erratic upbringing. Maybe moved around a lot.
Aquarius on the 5th house-Doesn’t like to commit too much. But dating life is interesting but has many ups and downs. Bounces around a lot with hobbies and interests.
Aquarius on the 6th house-Spontaneous. Unplanned person, doesn’t tend to follow a schedule. May encounter weird illnesses.
Aquarius on the 7th house-Enjoys freedom loving partners. Wants a spontaneous partner. Someone who’s weird, intelligent and fun to be around.
Aquarius on the 8th house-Can be very kinky. Loves taboo or weird stuff. Can be very much into the occult.
Aquarius on the 9th house-Strange or out of the blue beliefs. Doesn’t follow a set religion or isn’t completely with one side. Experimental and likes to experience everything.
Aquarius on the 10th house-Weird public persona. Funny person to the public. People don’t really know too much about you. You’d do well in jobs where you have to be creative and revolutionary.
Aquarius on the 11th house-Has many acquaintances but not too many close friends. The weird friend. You’re fun to hang out with but you are equally strange. You make friends/acquaintances rather quickly.
Aquarius on the 12th house-Secretly weird. Doesn’t show it too much but can be into strange and taboo things.
Pisces on the 1st house-Selfless, kind, and compassionate. Spiritual. Somewhat ghostly presence.
Pisces on the 2nd house-Losing what you love is the greatest way to take away from your value and security.
Pisces on the 3rd house-Soft and gentle voice. Grabs attention. Has a deep, introspective mind. Great love for siblings.
Pisces on the 4th house-Great love for family. Selfless when it comes to their family and loved ones. Maybe idealized their mother when she might not have done such s great job of parenting. Very vulnerable with family. Capable of being manipulated by those closest to them.
Pisces on the 5th house-« You might have a difficult time seeing your lovers clearly, having a tendency to place anyone you’re dating on a pedestal of perfection with full God like status. Yearning for deep soul mate connections. You’re able to surrender your body and soul completely during sex. Might date or fall in love with someone who is psychic or extremely artistic. »
Pisces on the 6th house-Health is largely dependent upon your emotional state. Very selfless. Derives satisfaction by helping others.
Pisces on the 7th house-Needs an artistic and selfless partner. May be out of touch with reality but is compassionate.
Pisces on the 8th house-Transcendental sex. Soul bonding occurs during sex. Soul bonding is what brings about transformations.
Pisces on the 9th house-Religion and spirituality play a large role in your life. You’d make a good mentor or spiritual teacher.
Pisces on the 10th house-Seems to be “otherworldly” and visionary, and not always practical with regard to work and public reputation. You’re elusive and can be hard to pin down in professional matters.
Pisces on the 11th house-May have toxic friends. Friends may introduce you to drugs and alcohol. Nonetheless you may have compassionate and caring but elusive friends. You express a great, selfless love for friends.
Pisces on the 12th house-« They will live their lives unaware of their own inner faith, needing healthy sleeping routine in order to stay in a calm and peaceful state. »
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Met a Capricorn sun/moon who has a good relationship with their father if they have one at all
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When in love, I am/feel [venus sign] and I’m down for someone who [venus house]
Aries: playful
Taurus: devoted
Gemini: creative
Cancer: protective
Leo: passionate
Virgo: motivated
Libra: fulfilled
Scorpio: understood
Sagittarius: stimulated
Capricorn: responsible
Aquarius: understood
Pisces: appreciated
1st house: is very open about their feelings towards you, mastered body language, is easygoing, can convince you to do something about the issue you’ve been overthinking for ages and has a positive impact on you in general
2nd house: doesn’t say ‘I love you’ within the first month of a relationship, can assure you about their devotion just by their presence, is sensual, romantic, likes to help you choose your outfits, prefers pubs over nightclubs
3r house: is talkative and courageous, likes to party and socialise, has self-distance, knows how to appropriately deal with awkard silence and knows how to react to the every mood of yours
4th house: has good relationships with their family and other people, doesn’t mind children, is romantic, likes long walks, shares with you their internal jokes and enjoys family gatherings
5th house: is good with people and will help you to settle in a new environment, is protective over closed ones, likes socialising, is active and shares their hobbies with you
6th house: is practical in their love, will always be there to help you, can find basic stuff enjoyable if they are with you, can stop something important to them to help you, notices details about you that others don’t
7th house: shares their collection of books with you, enjoys museums, will take you to a restaurant for the anniversary of your relationship, smiles whenever they see you, your friends and family are impressed by them
8th house: likes to watch horror/crime movies with you, discusses conspiracy theories with you, treats you like their best mate and in the same time feels passionate about you as a lover
9th house: likes to learn about other people, has interesting opinios on foreign cultures and beliefs, is happy to taste foods from various cuisines, often talks about the world, is up for probably anything you suggest them
10th house: is fun but still finds the time for their responsibilities, is older or mature for their age, can teach you or explain things you don’t understand, is happy to join you in whatever you are up to whether it is a zumba session or school project
11th house: is your best friend, shares their opinions with you, even the craziest ones, gives you space, is not jealous (more like curious), is free spirited, loves get-togethers with friends, gives you a totally different outlook of your problems
12th house: treats your problems like their own, shares their dreams with you, is in love with music, is quiet but doesn’t mind social events, respects that you are tired and doesn’t force you to go out and do stuff with them
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