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Hi~ !
A little message today to let you know that I'll be moving this weekend and that my new internet connection will for sure be established the weekend after. I've started lots of drafts to answer the current requests, and I'll take some more time once in my new home to write up the final answers so that I can post a few things when I'm finally done with all those boxes and imperative responsibilities. x)
I'm super happy for the little supporting words you sent my way, your encouragements mean so much to me and I’m fired up ! ♥
See you veeeery soon for more content and activity~
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The fandom is dead rn so your blog is a blessing C:
Why thank you, your cute little message IS the actual blessing sweetie ! ♥
It’s true that I’m coming back after a good 3 years of slumber so I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I returned; it seems like most of the then very active Tenipuri blogs have died off with time… but hey, most does not mean every, right ? We can still spread some more Tenipuri love if only at our scale anyway. Let’s just do that. ^.^
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Can we get a "who should you fight with score out of 10" but change it to dating for rokaku?
I can’t give them a bad score, no I really can’t. They are all super duper adorable, no way I would advise against one of them. Though no way I would advise against any of the Tenipuri guys in general. I’ll just be biased and dumb for this one, bear with me~ ;)
Oh right, I’ve tried humor. Remember “tried” is the keyword here. I’m just really tired since it’s almost bedtime, my apologies. x’)
Amane Hikaru : 11/10. Top notch dating material, 100% Inui certified. The guy is a breathing marshmallow in human form, he’ll love you to the moon and back, smooch your cheeks and hug the soul out of you nonstop. Beware of the puns, once he triggers that smile of yours, there’s no way you’re going to find a way out. Why would you ever want to, though ?
Aoi Kentarou : 7/10. Still need practice, has clumsy yet adventurous hands despite the little innocent smile plastered on his face. Will pay you ice cream when it’s hot and massage your back if it hurts. Aoi is to date with moderation for the more time spent with him, the greater the headache. Poor boy has an unmatched enthusiasm (and a fairly loud voice). But he’s a sweetheart. So date him anyway.
Itsuki Marehiko : 9/10. Mastered the art of natural seduction, can charm you without even meaning to. Highest romantic degree out of any of the Rokkaku guys. Will take you to the beach to gather shellfishes and narrate you the tales of the sea while gazing dreamily in the distance. Powerful breath, though, might undo your hair if you’re not careful. Must date.
Kisarazu Ryou : 8/10. Fluent in binary.He is the ultimate oddball of love. He will give you free food and hold your hand while you sleep. Some say his hair can catch electromagnetic waves. No it’s not true. But it smells like magnolia and is smooth as silk. He really likes his hair. Very much so. But he definitely likes you more and even let you touch it. This is the greatest proof of love, need to date.
Kurobane Harukaze : 7/10. A true force of nature who blushes at the word “romance”. Loves your smile the most  and would fight against all odds to keep it alive. Pinches your cheeks and loves to play the tickle monster. He’ll take you to the mall and buy the little things that make your eyes glow. Can help your digesting process if he pats you on the back, though, don’t get him too overjoyed. Date to your heart’s content.
Saeki Kojirou : 8/10. Can make weather forecasts sound like delicate poetry, loves quoting plays to feed the mood. Will take you to watch the sunset and whisper sweet metaphysical nonsenses into your ears. A pro at head patting, maybe too much so - he might mistake your fluffy hair for a dog’s. The legend says he purifies the road he walks, though it has never been proven. Date now for a chance to unveil the truth.
Shudou Satoshi : ?/10. Good to date, but hard to grasp. He has earned the name of the “mystery man”. You don’t know he is here, but he supports you in the dark at all times. He carries your belongings for you. He listens to you and sometimes leaves notes on your desk. The downside, though, you can’t hear or see him for he is swift as the coursing river and mysterious as the dark side of the moon. To date absolutely if you don’t mind having two shadows.
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Most to least will propose to their s/o first & how for rikkai?
So the ranking is on a scale of “most likely to propose early to most likely to propose late in a stable and serious relationship”. This is of course regardless of whether I headcanon them to actually want to marry.
Sanada Genichirou
Yagyuu Hiroshi
Jackal Kuwahara
Kirihara Akaya
Marui Bunta
Yanagi Renji
Yukimura Seiichi
Niou Masaharu
Seeing as they are both traditional in nature no matter their personal quirks, I believe Sanada and Yagyuu are the most likely not only to quickly think about marriage but also to act on their desire to make their s/o the official and committed love of their life. Sanada would go for the very classical “get down in one knee” proposal after having spent a wonderful evening at a top notch restaurant. Yagyuu would also go for a very romantic night out, but I believe the location and setting would be more private and maybe also more dream-like such as the seaside at sunset after a simple yet wonderful day spent together with the one he cherishes most.
Jackal would consider marrying his s/o for symbolic and romantic purposes more than any other reason. Because they are both deeply in love with each other, he feels that it is only right that the ultimate step to making their relationship the most special out of all they could ever have is to propose to the love of his life. Despite how much he might have prepared for the moment repeating his speech in front of the mirror, he is a blushing and stuttering mess when facing his sweetheart. It all feels a bit sudden when the question pops up and it seems more like a voiced thought than an actual demand, but it definitely is heartfelt and sincere.
Kirihara and Marui would both enter some kind of questioning process when they come into the realization that the relationship they share with their lover is a serious one that’s only going to prosper with time. They might also both show some kind of uncertain behavior due to this, based on the fear of a long-life commitment. Eventually, it would only take a warm smile from his s/o during a perfectly trivial moment like their bedtime routine for Kirihara to sweep away the doubts and let the question naturally escape his lips. As for Marui, genuine comforting words when he is feeling down and vainly trying to hide it from his significant other would do the trick - it wouldn’t even come out as a question, rather like an evidence “let’s get married”.
Yanagi would nourish the desire to marry his s/o in mind quite early, though he would only act on it later as the relationship evolves into something important and inevitable. He knows that a particular moment will come, after a logical follow-up of events, where it will all just make sense for the both of them to take the relationship to a higher level of shared devotion. And this is precisely at this very moment he will propose, his voice unwavering and his mind perfectly clear.
Yukimura and Niou are the ones I think to be the less concerned about the idea of getting married, not out of a fear of commitment; rather in the way they both respectively perceive the question of marriage. Yukimura, no matter how romantic and in love, would probably only propose to his s/o if he knew they held the desire to marry close to their heart. He himself isn’t necessarily into the whole thing because he feels marriage is more like a supplement in a relationship than a proof of love; but if they want to marry, then there is no way he can disappoint them. He would propose on a regular setting, during a date in a botanical garden, after a series of lovely teasing and cute questions. Concerning Niou, he doesn’t consider marriage to be an accomplishment in itself, in the sense that he doesn’t feel that he has to marry his s/o to get to a higher degree of love. He loves them with all his heart already, and the fact he is in a long-term relationship with them is proof enough that he is fully committed to them. He would propose, though, if he had a discussion about it with his s/o and noticed them to be especially needy or tricky on the subject. He would ask them straightforwardly so that he doesn’t have the time to get embarrassed playing it off with his signature grin and a shrug like it’s really no big deal while enjoying the different expressions on their face when they realize that he is being serious. It without a doubt would seem spontaneous, even impulsive, yet the effect of surprise would be at its highest ever.
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Hi can I request headcanons for Atobe and Shishido with a s/o who has social anxiety please? I need comfort (◞‸◟;)
Yes of course cutie pie ! =) I hope you will like what follows and that it will help out beat the negative feelings if at least just a little. If you ever need to talk, please just come to me. ♥
Atobe :
He doesn’t pressure his s/o into attending an event. He first discusses the event and what it consists of with them, and in the case they don’t want to go, he definitely does not force it. There’s also no way he wants them to feel guilty for declining his invitation so he’ll make sure that they know he understands if they aren’t comfortable with it. He  accommodates them and takes them to quiet, low on people places that feel familiar and private.
He compliments them spontaneously and honestly. He often pokes his head around the door and contemplates them with an uncharacteristically gentle look plastered on his face, before letting them know how beautiful they are no matter what they do.
He reassures his lover constantly. He can spot the tiniest change in their behavior, and uses such an ability to help them relax when he feels them tense up or notices that they are struggling with themselves. He tells them that they are doing good, and that it’s okay if they take their time because after all, they’ve been through everything to this day.
He is especially protective of them. If someone shows his significant other a harsh demeanor of any kind, whether it’s a rude comment, an offending joke or even slight signs of impatience; he is unlikely to let it slide. He’ll mostly keep calm because he knows his lover will feel guilty if he makes a scene, but he’ll have the person feeling just as uncomfortable as they are making his lover feel.
He tells them how proud he is of them. Whenever they are especially tired and feel depressed, he keeps on supporting them and lets them know of how brave they are. He lists up the recent achievements they probably didn’t notice they made, and tells them he admires them for being so strong.
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Shishido :
He is considerate and holds his temper. Since words are not necessarily his cup of tea, he shows his love and support primarily through actions. And because he has quite the temper sometimes, he knows he can send the wrong signals. So he makes deliberate efforts to keep in check and stay cool, in a way that they don’t feel they are disabling him.
He doesn’t judge or dismiss their feelings. He knows how destructive frustration can be when it hasn’t been released in a long time, and he encourages them, if he feels they are boiling inside, to cry it all out for as long as they need to. His shoulder is always ready for them.
He does what he can to change their mind. Whether it’s practicing tennis with them, taking them out for a bite, to the movies or even going shopping with them; he wants that the time they spend together to be a positive time that can make a difference in his lover’s mind. It’s important for him to know that he is a uplifting person to them.
He has no issue listening to them. If he isn’t one to voice his worries or feelings, he has an open ear ready for them to vent out everything they need to, from very random ramblings to darker and deeper matters. He’ll hold them tight the whole time, tell them he knows how hard they try and won’t let go of them.
He asks them what he can do. If he thinks he can’t help out with his own tips, he’ll still want to let them know that he is there for them at all times and that they aren’t fighting their anxiety alone. He is unlikely to give up on them and will stand by them no matter what.
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I'm sorry for the lack of updates, I'll be moving soon and since my mother works a lot I have to take care of the boxes on my own - nothing tedious, but it's really long ! x')
You can still send in as many requests as you wish, though, I'll get to those as soon as I can~  ^^
Love you ♥
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Where do hyotei boys like to kiss their s/o best?
Let’s see… ♥
Akutagawa : the nose. It’s playful, and while it’s not as direct as the lips it’s just as delicate; the perfect way to convey the subtlety of his love through a lightheartedness that’s characteristic of him.
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Atobe : the back of the hand. Unconventional, warm and seductive, he finds that they are the most intimate yet chaste of all the kisses for the look he shares with his s/o when he gives them are untranscribable with words. They are those which translate his vision of love most accurately.
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Haginosuke : the cheekbones or they eyelids. Easy to give and especially caring, he gives them when he has to part ways with his sweetheart, and can’t seem to find the words to tell them how much he is missing them already, and how intensely he is longing for them.
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Hiyoshi : the neck. Bold and daring, neck kisses always leave his s/o shivering under his touch and no matter what front they may usually put up, those always get the best of them. He loves how real and unprepared his s/o’s reactions are when he kisses them there.
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Kabaji : the top of the head. Because he is tall it’s obviously the easiest spot to reach, though it’s not the reason why he likes to kiss them here. He loves his sweetheart’s embrace, and so, whenever he will give one of those kisses, they both will reach for the other and hug instinctively tight as if they are meant for one another.
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Mukahi : the forehead. He wouldn’t admit it, but he is easily embarrassed by anything that has to do with displaying affection, specifically if it is physical in nature. Kissing his lover’s forehead makes it possible for him to hide his expression and blush while holding them very close to his body. He can’t get enough of the sensation.
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Ootori : the cheeks. Sweet, respectful, and also because he can be quite shy sometimes, it is the closest he can get to his sweetie’s lips without forcing his love into them, and yet at the same time, the most straightforward way to show them all his affection and support in one go.
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Oshitari : the ears. He actually isn’t a major kiss giver, but when he does he likes those to be eloquent and sensual. Kissing and nibbling his s/o’s earlobe is everything but innocent, and that’s probably why he likes to do that. It’s is way to show eagerness and possession. This, and the noises they make… irresistible.
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Shishido : the lips. In love, Shishido goes straight to the point. He may sometimes make variations in the kisses he gives, but nothing can replace the direct feeling of his lips against his s/o’s. What can be truer and more natural to express love than an intense kissing session full on the lips ?
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can you do dating secrets for eiji?
I’m not sure exactly what you mean by dating secrets, if I got these wrong just let me know so that we can discuss what you are expecting precisely. =) I answered your request having in mind “the things you need to know when dating Kikumaru”. I hope I’m not too far off the initial aim of your request. ♥
He doesn’t play mind games. He is all in for the authentic and the committed, so someone who isn’t going to take the relationship seriously is a no go. He is a kid at heart, but that certainly does not mean that he is up for being toyed with at all. The same way he despises too much emotional drama. He wants a love that’s deep yet very simple.
Kikumaru is everything but a simpleton. He’ll play and fool around a lot, say a few naive things, throw some simple jokes here and there, all knowingly so that he is able to see the smiling face of the one he loves. To know that his s/o is happy is of utmost importance for him. He doesn’t behave the way he does because he is dumb, it’s just that he likes to bet on happiness and positivity best.
He is the super spontaneous kind, doubled with an extremely affectionate temper. He’ll make ton of warm, honest compliments all the time. He won’t hesitate to tell everyone how wonderful of a person his partner is, and proudly boast about them and how pretty they are. Having said this, it might be a little hard for him to be with someone who won’t accept his constant praise, because he would feel rejected.
He won’t share with anyone else. While he is not possessive in nature, when it comes down to his sweetheart, there is no way he can deal with the idea of sharing them with another person. There won’t be any jealousy showdowns, but if they aren’t careful, his s/o might have to deal with a bitter and cynic Kikumaru.
He feels the need to touch the one he loves physically all the time. After sweet words of love, hugs and kisses are his favorite way of showing his s/o how much he loves them. It’s also the easiest way to convey his feelings without having to go to the trouble of picking the right words. Public displays of affection are perfectly fine for him, too.
Being Kikumaru’s lover is a full time job. A person who is too independent, unavailable or cold in nature might turn him off romantically speaking and make him unhappy if they both aren’t able to at least be on the same wavelength. Though he isn’t against a shyer, more reserved partner. It’s just that he needs someone who he can share his big heart with, without restraint or the need for compromises.
He is a sucker for matching clothes and accessories. He just likes it that his lover and him are in this comfortable little love bubble together, and it’s a plus if he can show it to the whole world. That and the fact it’s also a way to keep the rivals at bay - they know who his s/o truly belongs to. It’s subtle and quite cunning, but it works.
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Inui Sadaharu headcanons #1
To celebrate Inui’s birthday (the one and only bae ♥), here are a few spontaneous headcanons that I want to share with you. They aren’t exceptional or life-changing, but it’s just my own little way of celebrating so please bear with me~ ♥ I just like him so much I have to spread the love
General headcanons :
No matter how hard he tries to improve, he really can’t cook. It’s not that the food he makes isn’t good, it’s just that he is naturally unfortunate and attracts the strangest situations. Still, even then he’ll observe his mother and steal her cooking magazines, because for some reasons he really really likes cooking.
While he doesn’t especially like sweets, he can never resist marshmallows. He always brings a package along with him which he carries in his tennis bag. He’ll eat it on his own though, he can’t take the risk of having everyone stealing his precious marshmallows away.
He has some issues accepting gifts because he is not so used to receiving them. If someone happens to want to give him something that’s especially expensive, he’ll more likely decline unless the person insists he takes it or they put it in his belongings when he isn’t around.
He is honest and is definitely not going to force things that aren’t meant to work. That being said, he still won’t say ill of the ones he dislikes no matter what and isn’t going to play provocation for the sake of making his distaste known. 
It’s really not easy to scare or shock him. He is open-minded and except for maybe a few touchy subjects, he has little to no taboos and will not show a hint of judgment toward any sort of difference. He believes in growth and changes of mentality.
Romantic headcanons :
If he gets into an argument with his s/o and it isn’t solved by the time they part ways, he is likely to get very anxious and keep on calling them on the phone until he is able to talk to them and finally resolve the problem. He is a worrier at heart when it comes down to the one he loves, so he’ll show persistence and devotion.
His number one way of showing love is through little caring attentions and supportive advices that will actually help his partner get better on whatever they want to improve and offer them the encouragement they need in order to achieve something they genuinely want to do.
He is super fond of the perfume of any flowery shampoo and would often rest his chin on his s/o’s head just so he can inhale their scent and keep it with him for a little while.
He isn’t one to be physically demonstrative, but sometimes the need suddenly takes him to hold his lover’s hand, put his protective arm around their waist or ruffle their hair. Just like that.
He is more attentive than he looks like he is and will most of the time accommodate his actions to those of his s/o. He’ll calculate everything so that they are in tune and can make time for one another without stepping on their respective alone time.
He likes that his s/o steals (not so secretly) his large shirts and sweaters because when they give those back they smell just like them. Needless to say he wears them with great pride afterwards, almost like trophies.
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Fixed link to the faq
I finally fixed my capricious description's link to the faq, I apologize for the time it took me to solve the issue. ><" The tumblr app does not seem to be very fond of internal links, so I replaced mine with one that's not tumblr related; it seems to work for now. FOR NOW. XD
Thank you and don't hesitate to let me know of any other issue if you happen to encounter one ^^ ♥
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Hi ♥
First of all, thank you for welcoming me this kindly and for the cute little PMs you sent my way, I'm happy that you appreciate the blog even though it's still very new and empty, it's quite encouraging and gives me confidence in sharing more with you. It’s only the start so it’s still probably a little clumsy and unprepared, but I’ll fix this with time and experience. =)
I'll try to stay constant and active by posting at least every two days - and I'm counting on you to fill up the ask box with your creative requests as there is still plenty of space left (don't forget to read the rules first ♥).
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I love your blog!
Thank you very much, I’m happy you do and it means a lot ! ♥
I ranked them setting up for an extreme “would get jealous over the lightest thing” and for a minimum “would get jealous over the most obvious situation”.
Oishi Shuichiro
Kaidoh Kaoru
Momoshiro Takeshi
Tezuka Kunimitsu
Echizen Ryoma
Kikumaru Eiji
Inui Sadaharu
Kawamura Takashi
Fuji Shuusuke
While I believe jealousy is part of any human being, I think it is more likely to arise depending on tempers and personalities. The degree of jealousy might very well depend on those factors too as much as the situation which triggers it.
I think that the most likely to be excessively jealous is Oishi, for despite his stoic and gentle nature, he has insecurities he might project on his s/o and might not trust them or other people fully, probably seeing other men as potential rivals and “predators”, and fearing intensely to lose the one he loves.
Kaidoh, Momoshiro and Tezuka would certainly be easily jealous; not necessarily because of projected insecurities, rather because they might mistrust other people and doubt them to have healthy intentions when they approach their s/o (whom they probably see as some sort of coveted gemstone).
Echizen, Kikumaru and Inui would show jealousy if a certain line was crossed. They might not be too fond on witnessing other people physically touching their s/o, even if it’s just a pat on the shoulder. They might also get jealous if their partner was to spend too much time with another guy, and even more if said guy displayed obvious feelings for their sweetheart.
Kawamura would be the least easy to measure. Despite his insecurities and his important potential for jealousy, he might conceal his own feelings and rely completely on the genuine trust he places on his s/o and erase his own negative feelings completely. However if he was to perceive too much flirting or an obvious stinky behavior from someone else or his lover, he might show some signs of dejection. Likely to build pent up frustration and feelings of abandonment.
I believe that, even if definitely not immune to jealousy, Fuji would be the least likely to show any sign of it. He would probably not envisage commitment if he didn’t trust his s/o and was not sure of the feelings they have for him. This being said, he would trust them completely, though not blindly, and get jealous only as a last resort if he was to spot an obvious misdemeanor from his lover’s part or the ones they hang out with. However, his jealousy would surely be the most intense out of which of the other members of the team and it would lead to a potential bitter argument.
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Tired+sleepy oresama headcanons?? :D
Butof course~ !
He gets softer because he really does not have the strength and presence of mind to fightagainst any tiny little detail. He agrees more easily when in such a state, looks humbler and more approachable. He sighsa lot.
He doesn’t get as much sleepas he should and sometimes suffers from insomnia. While he looks like he has nocare in the world, he actually worries plenty on his own, specifically abouthis responsibilities. If a thing bugs him, he is not going to be able to sleep on itand will have to find a quick solution to it one way or another.
He is so silent when he sleepsthat his domestic workers used to check on him a lot when he was younger, scared hemight have stopped breathing. He doesn’t move much either and generally wakes up in thevery same position and at the very same place he fell asleep in.
If he gets especially sleepyduring an important meeting, he’s more likely to lowly yet still audibly forthe person next to him – adding up to his eccentric reputation – hum a favorite melody of hiswhile focusing his eyes as much as possible on the current orator.
He’ll seek silence as much aspossible, not necessarily to take a nap but only to give his mind a rest. Hehas issues tolerating noisy and loud atmospheres when tired, even more so ifsaid tiredness is doubled with a bit of anger or stress.
If he happens to be unable toresist his exhaustion, he might fall asleep on the way back home. It does notoccur very often, but every time it happens, his driver stops the limo for alittle while so Atobe can get more rest as he is a light sleeper and tends toflinch at the slightest unusual movement.
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Hi :) headcannons for zaizen and his s/o cooking?
Hi~ ! Sure thing, here you go, I hope you will like it and thank you very much forrequesting ♥ I’m so nervous XD
It first takes lots of convincing and argumentation to get him to accept tocook. Eventually, when he realizes his s/o is way too stubborn to let go of theidea of them having a little cooking session together, (and because they areway too cute begging for him to agree with their little pleading voice and oh-so-fake-but-adorablewatery eyes), he accepts – though, he will never admit what got him to give inin the first place. “You… you really are troublesome.”
He plays it all cool, like it’s really no big deal, but whenever his s/ohas to use a pointy utensil, here he is, taking it of their hands andpretending to demonstrate how to properly cut the ingredients. In the end heis so unfocused he is the one who gets his finger cut. Needless to say he is kinda thankfulit happens seeing the way he can get his lover to take care of him afterwards. “Honestlythough, it hurts soooo much… can’t even move my finger…”
If he gets bored, which is most likely to happen in the case where therecipe he let his s/o choose requires a long time of preparation, and that hefeels they aren’t paying much attention to him, then he will use the ways ofteasing and playing tricks to get said attention back to him. He might put theneeded ingredients they are to use back to the fridge like nothing is wrong whenthey have their nose stuck in their cookbook, insist on pouring the salt or sugar andputting a bit too much than expected while not looking at what he is doing, oreven spill the bottle of milk on the worktop “by accident”. He is only satisfied when he getsscolded. “My bad… didn’t mean to do that… !”
Seeing that his partner takes this whole cooking thing seriously, he mightlet out a few heartfelt compliments here and there, because he can’t help it. He loves that they are just so into it. “Hey, you’re really good at that” or “no way you are so good at that it’s illegal”.
He might not help much, but he isn’t last when it comes down to the tastetest. He has this little fantasy where he holds his s/o from behind and justwhen they are about to taste what they made on their finger, he puts it in his mouth with a coysmile never breaking eye contact with them, and hums gleefully taking his sweet time letting go whilethey turn into a blushing and stuttering mess. “’s’really good, but I like your tastebetter.”
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Prince of Tennis imagines
Hello there ! ♥
I’m starting a Prince of Tennis imagines blog in which I’ll be sharing  headcanons, gif scenarios and gif reactions. I’m accepting mild/light NSFW, as much as a few other things that you will find listed here.
I’m new at this, so I’m counting on you to help out with ideas and requests ! Make sure to read the rules, and if you are interested, then don’t hesitate to request away~ ♥
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