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taking baby steps back into charm making! this is a design from (checks) 2020 when i thought i was gonna be going to conventions
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therapist: so, how have you been coping with your anxiety lately?
Me, nervously: Well… I’ve been trying to treat myself like a nervous cat…
therapist, stifling a goodnatured laugh: Oh? can you explain that to me?
Me: Well… if you have a nervous cat, the first thing you do is make sure their environment is safe and remove stressors… and you make sure they have enough food and water and places to hide… and you provide some enrichment in case they need to work out energy…
Therapist: And how are you applying that to yourself?
Me: Um. If I feel anxious, I’ll see if I need to back out of any sites or conversations, enforce my boundaries… check my environment for flashing lights or painful noises… make sure I’m hydrated and have eaten… and work on a hobby
Therapist: those are all excellent things! You’re a nervous cat and you need care and kindness!
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You know, the reason why Anders lovers are always so vocal about their support and love for the character is because 80% of the fandom always tries to patronize us about "the big bad tErrOriSt" making us seem like bad people because we support a character who killed his oppressors and act like if we didn't play the same game as them, we totally did and came to a different conclusion about the things he did, that's it.
We are being loud so we can cover all the hate and ableist comments the people make about him and enjoy his character without some idiot making us feel bad about it
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i got to participate in @dames-zine with gordafarid from the shahnameh!
With not a moment’s delay she dressed herself in a knight’s armour, gathered her hair beneath a Rumi helmet, and rode out from the fortress, a lion eager for battle. She roared at the enemy ranks, “Where are your heroes, your warriors, your tried and tested chieftains?" 
the above quote really left an impression on me so there she is, on her way out to fight sohrab (sans helmet for art). i had a lot of fun looking at classical + modern depictions of the two and also ancient tack! as well as iranian poetry, especially calligraphy, Especially calligraphy mosaics
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some very important info re: paid accounts~
I am not a lawyer, but I can decently interpret legalese and, being as I also suffer from tl;dr syndrome and assume others may as well, I took one for the team and went through the updated TOS for the post+ accounts and highlighted (what I understand to be) the most pertinent information, which ultimately comes down to this:
You cannot monetize copyrighted works (aka charge and earn money from fanfic, fanworks, etc) and if you do decide to put your fanworks behind a paywall via Tumblr, when you are inevitably sued, Tumblr will not protect you and will not defend you and you alone, personally, will be responsible for whatever monetary damages said lawsuit results in.
If anyone is a lawyer and knows I've gotten any of this wrong, please do not hesitate to correct me/this post.
Screenshots taken from Tumblr's TOS (updated 7-21-21), Stripe's Account Agreement, and the post+ FAQs.
1. Your paid account will not be hosted by tumblr; it is routed through a 3rd party.
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2. By signing up for a paid account, you're entering into an agreement with Stripe, so in addition to Tumblr's TOS, you are also bound to Stripe's TOS.
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3. Stripe, like Tumblr, will not defend you or protect you against any lawsuits.
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4. Furthermore, you may end up owing Stripe money (indemnify = compensate)
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5. Tumblr's TOS specifically states that you can't put any content on your post+ account that violates any laws, including laws that protect intellectual property rights of others. This is super important, because Tumblr's post+ FAQ also states that you can post anything that you would regularly post on tumblr, which I'm sure many will take to mean that gifsets, fanworks, etc are fair game, since all of that stuff can be posted on tumblr now. However, the difference is, you're not making money from the fanworks you're posting or reblogging now. Once money enters the equation, the game changes.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr is making it seem like any and all content goes for post+ accounts, knowing 90% of this site is fanworks. This is not true and you'll be opening yourself up for lawsuits if you charge for fanworks.
6. Tumblr further disclaims any and all liability in any legal issues.
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tl;dr: Please do not make a post+ account, bc you will be opening yourself to lawsuits and if that happens, Tumblr's response will be not our problem, you agreed to all the terms which said you couldn't do that, sorry not sorry. Please protect yourself.
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a hummingbird knight! i wanted to do a stained glass+silver kind of theme, and while i find teals and greens difficult i think it turned out nicely here
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This seems pretty spot on 🤣
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My interpretation of the ending of Tanz der Vampire always depends greatly on the way the roles are played by the actors.
For example: If there is a Sarah who actually likes Alfred and is just mesmerised by the Count and wants just a fun night out before turning to the nice boy and if Alfred really loves Sarah instead of being horny for her on main, I do like to think they end up together.
After all, Sarah wouldn’t last a week as a vampire without knowing all the rules like Alfred does. The cross thing does not apply to her (Since she is jewish), but other rules do. As a whole, I see Sarah as the new Queen of the Vampires, since the Count is defeated and actually cannot leave the Castle without Koukol (who dies in the original production... He death was cut)
Herbert and Magda actually never meet during the story and their interaction during carpe noctem only happens, because they are two attractive people that might “tempt” Alfred, who can be played as a closeted bisexual pretty easily. So I doubt they’d become friends. Herbert is nobility, Magda is a maid.
Herberts interest in Alfred also depends on the actor. I once saw a show with Christian Funk and he was all kissy with his dancepartner during Tanzsaal (His partner happened to be one of the alternate Alfreds XD), so his “love” for Alfred didn’t feel genuine.
As for Rebecca ... I suppose she just goes on with her life, if Sarah and Alfred don’t return to the Inn to kill her, too. The Professor probably freezes to death in the woods. (I don’t like the “updated” Vienna/russian/hungarian version, where he notices Alfred is missing and calls for him and the Count shows up...)
Chagall and Magda probably will stay in the castle area for a while, then she will bore of him and leave (If she can. Being a Christian, she might be unable to leave without help. Depends on the used rules.)
I doubt that Vampires take over the world á la Broadway Dance of the Vampires. But the “Evil spreads over the world” as said in the movie. So there are Vampires and their numbers grow, but there are still people fighting them. I like to imagine it’s more a Blade or Underworld kind of thing.
A Tanz der Vampire happily ever after?
This has already been talked about often, and everyone has a different opinion about it, so I thought I would ask the fandom what they think, what happens to the characters after Der Tanz der Vampire? So here are a few questions that I am interested in hearing your answers.
Do Sarah and Alfred become a couple after they run away?
What about Rebecca? Does she just continue living her normal life after her husband, daughter and Magda are gone?
What does Chagal do now that he’s a vampire? Does he stick around with Magda?
Do Magda and Herbert become friends? (We see them in Carpe Noctem singing together, so have they established something together?)
Does Herbert really want Alfred as a potential lover, as seen in Wenn Liebe in Dir Ist, or was it just a thing at that moment and has Herbert moved on? It’s quite clear that Alfred doesn’t like Herbert, mostly because he is afraid of him. Has that changed when Alfred became like Herbert?
Do the vampires take over the world? In the song they don’t explicitly mention it. The only sentences that give something away are: und bald gehört uns die Welt & Wir verstecken uns nicht mehr. But even those are open to interpretation. I personally don’t like if that was the intention of Kunze, Polanski and Steinman. And they do a very poor job explaining that to the audience if that is their intention. An audience member should not have to buy the programme to understand the musical.
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Legolas pretty quickly gets in the habit of venting about his travelling companions in Elvish, so long as Gandalf & Aragorn aren’t in earshot they’ll never know right?
Then about a week into their journey like
Legolas: *in Elvish, for approximately the 20th time* ugh fucking hobbits, so annoying
Frodo: *also in Elvish, deadpan* yeah we’re the worst
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Do you think that Anders approving of Fenris being returned to Danarius was a case of shitty, inconsistent writing or do you think it's in character? I know quite a few people do think it's perfectly in character but considering how Justice behaved in Awakening when confronted with any injustices I find that difficult to believe.
I think this is just another one of those points of contention that’s really rooted in how you feel about Anders.  Anders can be petty and Justice has a hard time seeing shades of grey in a situation.  Some people might argue that together they view Fenris as an obstacle, and I think the argument is that Anders approves because it is the removal of an obstacle for both he and Justice.  Nothing more. 
I completely disagree with that reasoning, and I don’t personally think that it aligns with values that neither Anders nor Justice have shown in the past.  As much as he disagrees with, as much as he despises Fenris, I cannot picture Anders, who values freedom so deeply approving of someone being returned to Danarius.  And Justice, by nature should be opposed to something as injust as slavery in the first place.  To me it rings of a very very very poor writing choice that’s not really consistent with what we’ve seen from Anders or Justice in the past. 
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“He can’t be gay, hE HaD a WiFe!!11!”
Excuuuuse me, Alexander the Great was married three (3) times and still was gay as hell for Hephaestion.
And if you don’t like elveos art, then frankly... Don’t look at it. Are you so uneducated that the feminine beauty of men scares you so? Do you object to the fact that in Elizabethan times all women in theater were played by men? That in Japan (and other countries) there have been and still are men being adored for being “as beautiful as a woman”?
Is make up and lipstick just for women? Can’t men dress the way they want? Can’t they be androgyn? Can’t artists use makeup and clothing and posture as ways to portray what the want to show?
I am sorry for you, @giorgiodemeter-blog I pity you. You are a bitter person.
And by the way: Such unsolicited criticism to an artist never demonstrates good character or high interlect.
yeah of course whatever, why do you draw him as a woman or a gay wtf is that, he had a wife
I'll disregard your ignorance about androgyny in men though... in those times everyone had to marry and Radu was a prince that should have make "heirs", most marriages were arranged even nowadays still many queer people are forced to marry and pretend heterosexual like every fckin' time I meet people I’m being asked to marry someone of opposite sex as if life depends on it, so stop stereotyping 
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I got to participate in the Keeper’s Codex and do a piece of Zevran! It’s 60+ pages of art and fic, and you can preorder it here until March 7th:  keeperscodex.bigcartel.com
you can also win a free copy over on twitter, and also by reblogging this post! 
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To the person reading this, I hope tonight treats you gently, and that tomorrow looks brighter
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me, having deeply fallen out of the practice of writing poetry: I can’t write any more, I am now a Talentless Hack
the voice of my 11th grade journalism/12th grade creative writing teacher who rly did know everything: if you stop writing for a while the words will build up and stagnate. to clear the water, you will have to open the dam completely, and accept the fact that what initially comes out will not be palatable
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“what do you want from da4” confirmation that anders is alive and well and knows he is loved unconditionally by both my warden and my hawke and probably nathaniel and definitely every single ferelden refugee in darktown
“what are you afraid of happening in da4” that they bring anders back in any way, shape or form because i know his writers hate him and cannot be trusted with him. keep ur filthy mitts off my favourite revolutionary unless u are softly kissing him on his forehead, u monsters
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gif request meme @theknightartorias asked hollow knight + favorite character
Through dream I travel, at lantern’s call
To consume the flames of a kingdom’s fall
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