The secret to a long lasting relationship is making uncomfortable conversations normal. Addressing unpleasant truths; pointing out the traits that bother you; being told about your own drawbacks; and being corrected sometimes. And everything with zero fear of offending the other person. You need to have the courage and tactfulness to adjust, compromise and protect your integrity at the same time.
-Sabina Yesmin
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1. REMEMBER that any relationship is so much more than just a feeling. It requires an adequate amount of communication, reciprocation and space for one to grow within it.
2. PAY ATTENTION to how they treat your trivial affairs, and pay attention to how that makes you feel. Then, let the other person know. Avoid forming assumptions based on your limited perception.
3. GIVING with an abundant heart is a pretty gesture in any relationship, but always being the one to give may actually be a siren call. Be aware.
4. SET BOUNDARIES. Do not ever forget who you were before you crossed their path. You were a complete being with a goal to reach before they were ADDED to your life.
5. If you constantly have to find different ways to gain their attention, CALCULATE if you are investing your time and energy in the right place. A good person and a person with a good understanding of relationships aren't always the same people.
6. LEARN to say NO to yourself when you know that hanging onto a person or a feeling wouldn't bring you any growth. Do not become the clip to your own wings. Do not become your own prison.
-Sabina Yesmin
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💌 some of my favorite poems for World Poetry Day 💌 
A Cloud in Trousers by Vladimir Mayakovsky
Don’t leave the room by Joseph Brodsky (the original)
Ich finde dich (I find you) by Rainer Maria Rilke
The Thing Is by Ellen Bass
You, Darkness by Rainer Maria Rilke
I Am Offering this Poem by Jimmy Santiago Baca
a splinter of my imagination by Halina Poswiatowska
One Art by Elizabeth Bishop
The Quiet World by Jeffrey McDaniel
Wait For Me by Konstantin Simonov (tr. by Mike Munford)  
Before You Came by Faiz Ahmed Faiz
What I Could Never Confess Without Some Bravado by Emily Palermo
Miss you. Would like to take a walk with you. by Gabrielle Calvocoressi
I Want to Write Something So Simply by Mary Oliver
What’s Not to Love by Brendan Constantine
Bluebird by Charles Bukowski
Time does not bring relief (Sonnet II) by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Mad Girl’s Love Song by Sylvia Plath
Dear [ ] by Nick Lantz
Dogfish by Mary Oliver
Persephone the Wanderer by Louise Glück
Scheherazade by Richard Siken
The End of Poetry by Ada Limón
A Myth of Devotion by Louise Glück
Where does such tenderness come from? by Marina Tsvetaeva
I Loved You by Alexander Pushkin
Poems for Blok by Marina Tsvetaeva
I’m Glad Your Sickness by Marina Tsvetaeva
Wait for her by Mahmoud Darwish
The Guest by Anna Akhmatova
Listen! by Vladimir Mayakovsky
Carousel by Vahan Teryan
Landscape with a Blur of Conquerors by Richard Siken
Portrait of Fryderyk in Shifting Light by Richard Siken
Notebook Fragments by Ocean Vuong
Headfirst by Ocean Vuong
Advice from Dionysus by Shinji Moon
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“We are two starry wanderers, Two wanderers in rags, That loved the sadness of our souls The dreamy yearning, the astral love, In love with sadness of our souls, Some dreamy yearning, some astral love.”
— Eghishe Charents, The Starry Wanderers (tr. Diana Sisakyan)
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Tumblr media
March afternoon:
Gust of rain laden with longing
pouring upon earth's lifeless soil;
slowly and tenderly washing away the scars
left by the cold grip of winter--
A sigh of respite.
March afternoon:
Summers went by since I first uttered your name;
And you are still fragile like February;
Sad, beautiful, tragic
like a country song;
Far away from my reach like the first day;
Yet, as close to my beating heart like
you were never gone.
-Sabina Yesmin
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I have shed my skin too many times.
I know in a heartbeat what's not mine.
-Sabina Yesmin
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And what wouldn't you do for Norwegian Wood, a Clementine evening, a breeze borrowed from summer, and the promise of solace sung by busy birds poetically dancing on the branches of the banyan tree?
-Sabina Yesmin
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You ---the one who turns my buried wishes into tulips.
-Sabina Yesmin
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"Do not allow your experiences, your memories and your fears guide you in all areas of your life. What you understand of something is merely one of hundreds of other ways to perceive it. You don't have to live with your wings clipped. Break free ---from yourself, from your mind, from the adopted ideologies, and from your own rigidity. Allow yourself the chance to explore life before you fade away as just another story casually wasted. Today is the day when you begin to rewrite your tale."
-Sabina Yesmin
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Tumblr media
Franny Choi, from "Perihelion: A History of Touch"
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Tumblr media
An Ode to Her
Strength isn't a matter of the bones and flesh;
Strength is a seed planted in the soil of one's soul.
How else are you going to describe the eagerness
With which she burns every wall built against her dreams?
Her heart is a book of history carrying images of multitudes of graves,
Of the ones who tirelessly fought to write a story on their own.
Dreams aren't the burdens you carry from your ancestors;
Dreams are the sacred signs to lead you towards the best of your core.
Look at the courage with which she sheds off the desire for perfection,
She's fearlessly flawed, scars of her struggles are the jewels
She wears to color her being beautiful.
A future imagined by the caged ones once, now she's free.
Everything about her is a message written in gold :
All it takes is your will and a consistent fight
To defeat the demons of the world around,
To discard what's not true to your identity,
To be the change you want to see.
©Sabina Yesmin
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Tumblr media
hotter than July,
sadder than January,
colder than December,
lonelier than October.
a brutal reminder:
not even the deepest of love and
the prettiest of memories
last forever.
a souvenir of its character that
time has left behind.
©Sabina Yesmin
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Between "things couldn't go any worse for me" and "better days are coming for you, trust," there lies this bridge which is the hardest to cross. This is where your patience, faith, determination and hope are tested the most. Neither can you allow the situation to deplete your being nor can you choose a fixed path to ease. You are constantly surrounded by loneliness, anxiety and regrets. So, no, I am not going to say that things get better before I remind you that it will only happen when you consciously choose to work for it, because nothing in this world comes for free. There's no sun without the marks of intense burning.
-Sabina Yesmin
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Pause. I know what you are doing. You are trying to tell yourself that you are okay in their absence and you can live without them just fine on one hand, and on the other, you are desperately trying to do something, anything that can make them come back to you once. You are doing all these subtle things to get their attention without even noticing that something inside you is going empty day by day. You are silently falling apart while the other person isn't even aware. It's so not fair. Things don't work out sometimes. People leave. But guess what, no matter how dirty it looks, one day, you will realize that it was good for you. You deserved better. So, do yourself this bit of kindness, and stop chasing passively already. This is not you. Choose yourself again. Make firm decisions. Be bold. It's just an end to a chapter, not the entire story.
-Sabina Yesmin
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Tumblr media
She's a quiet girl in a clamorous city;
The openhearted healer who hurts behind-the-scenes.
Easy to let go, hard to love,
she's never known what it's like to be at ease.
Reg-flags on her sleeves;
but her heart is a rainforest, eternally green.
Grace isn't her greatest virtue,
she's all things hurricanes and ruins.
Do not fall in love with girls like her
Unless you have spaces for scars and tears;
A product of a broken world,
she will break your heart before she learns
to adorn your empty sky with stars.
©Sabina Yesmin
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