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made this playlist 💗
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To anyone, here, reading this, I’m so proud of you, you’ve made it through to February 1st, that’s such an achievement, look at you go, you’ve gotten this far, and that’s something you should be proud of.
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Do you ever isolate yourself from people because you don’t have anything to talk about except for your sadness/mental health? Because you’ve been talking about it for years now so you don’t want to annoy them anymore. Or bring them down with your negativity. So you just sit there silently all alone, choking with all your unsaid words waiting for I don’t know what. Because by now you know it doesn’t get better.
Leave a comment down below, if you can relate.
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If you’ve survived your suicidal thoughts/suicide attempts, I am proud of you. If you’ve made a milestone in being clean, I am proud you. If you’ve relapsed, I’m still proud of you. If you’re still struggling this very moment with your mental health, I am still so proud of you.
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To the person reading this:
❤️ You are loved
💜 You are appreciated
💛 You are valid
💙 You are amazing
💓 You are wanted
💞 You are beautiful
💖 You deserve to be alive
💝 You deserve to eat
💘 You deserve to be loved
💗 People want you alive
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Things to (Do) and (Not to do) when I’m anxious:
Talk to me.
Distract me.
Breathe with me.
Help me ground myself.
Be there.
Reassure me on almost everything.
Ignore me.
Tell me to “just calm down.”
Tell me to “just breathe.”
Leave me.
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If you’ve survived a suicide attempt or have experienced suicidal thoughts, what’s something you’re glad you stayed alive for?
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Brain: we're going to therapy today
Me: yep
Brain: and we're not going to talk about any of the stuff we're dealing with because we don't want her to worry
Me: wait wh-
Me: But-
Brain: presses finger to my lips to quiet me shut the fuck up
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If someone starts crying over something that seems small, don’t be mean about it. Most of the time there’s a bigger picture, so just because they’re upset over the Wi-fi not connecting or a bottle being hard to open doesn’t mean that’s what they’re actually upset about.
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If anyone has Twitter and would like to follow me you can find me @ recoveryaware
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Mental health is not a competition. My mental illness/illnesses does not lessen the seriousness of yours and vice versa. We all have our troubles, our demons and our worries. We should support each other as opposed to trying to prove to someone that you have it worse than them.
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I hate when people say “trying isn’t good enough”
So to all the people out there who’ve been told that, trying is good enough. To all the neurodivergent people, the chronically ill, the disabled, and everyone else: trying is good enough. As long as you are trying, it is good enough. Don’t let people tell you otherwise.
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I wish people understood that not self-harming for a while doesn’t necessarily mean I’m fine and I’m doing good. I’m tired of everyone thinking it works like this because it doesn’t. There could be different reasons why I didn’t self-harm for a while (for example not wanting to cause problems, not wanting to go for another trip to hospital, not wanting to be a disappointment to people around me..) and I hate that nobody understands that I actually put so much effort into resisting the urges that are ALWAYS there and that I’m not fucking okay just because I haven’t self-harmed.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
this actually made me smile and laugh, so cute omggggg!! thank chu!!
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