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Infected By Love
Tumblr media
Part 16
Amai slowly woke up to find himself sleeping on the couch. He raised up rubbing his tired eyes as he looks over his shoulder to see Zombieman still asleep.
He looked at him seeing his body wasn't moving. Amai felt uneasy seeing him not move or his chest rising. 'is he?' He thought then went to tap him on the shoulder.
'His cold... Dead cold!' His mind started to race on how long has be been laying there dead. Did he turn? Is there symptoms? He had to know.
He didn't want the girls be worried or witness the dead of their friend. He gets up but a deep breathing caused his body to stiff up.
He slowly turned his head to see Zombieman moved a bit. 'Is he waking up?' Amai thought in panic knowing that Zombieman is tough and what would happen if he did turn.
He would be a powerful Rotter thanks to his regeneration from preventing him from dying.
Amai went to grab his metal pipe but a hand grabbed his ankle causing him to trip over and crashing onto the wooden floor.
"Hey are you alright? You would've hurt yourself by doing that" Zombieman said calmly.
Zombieman was taken a back then smirked "wow your grumpy when you wake up, and people always told me you sleep like a princess" he said turning his head with his eyes closed.
Amai only got more annoyed "I can't stand you" he grunted "yeah well you're stuck with me till this blows over or you becoming a Rotter" he said.
"What's going on? Why are you yelling this early?" Fubuki said in a fluffy robe that the bottom was up to her thighs. "Well someone was having fun with Y/n in the bathroom" Amai said snarky.
Fubuki huffed as she turned her head "well we was washing each other and she's ticklish" she replied.
She walked down towards the boys as she bent over "besides what me and Y/n does is not of your business unless you want me to give details for your both to have a wank" she grinned that the two frowned at her.
Amai was about to say something but was interrupted when he saw you then turned away. Zombieman noticed then turned around as well.
Fubuki was confused then noticed you coming down with a small robe near your thighs but your chest was more exposed and your tried to cover it up.
"This must had shrunk in the wash..." You groaned then noticed the three. "Hey guys... Is something wrong?" You asked that Amai and Zombieman shakes their heads.
"No I was uh about to check on the food!" Amai said then rushed over to the kitchen. Zombieman then got up then walked up to you then pulls your robes to cover up.
"Oh it got stuck on my back right... Thanks" you said that Zombieman wasn't looking at you but up to the celling.
'What a gentleman' you thought that usually guys would have a sneak peak but it was nice not to be perf on.
Amai called out from the kitchen "there's not much food here so I guess we will have to go out to find so food" he said.
Fubuki didn't like the sound of it but you on the other hand was rushing upstairs to get your stuff to head out.
"Well she's up for it" Fubuki said then noticed the other two was getting ready as well. She wanted to come but Amai stopped her.
"We need you here to protect the place you don't know what might happen" he said then walked up to get a collar and rope to put on Zombieman.
Zombieman hates it but he knew it was for the safety for you and Amai. You came downstairs to see Zombieman tied up again that you really think it's unnecessary but Amai would argue about it.
You three walked out to the streets you couldn't see a Rotter in sight. "The close is clear" you said then walked in front of the two men.
Amai was looking around the empty buildings and feels angry and guilty for not being able to save the people from these monsters. And more anger to the heroes how failed to help them.
He glared at Zombieman knowing he should be better as he too is a hero but he could see the disgrace of his failure.
He notices Zombieman turned his head then points at you causing him to turn his head to see you looking at him.
"Earth to Amai you awake? Or are you going to glare at Zombieman like you want to murder him?" You said that Zombieman glared back at Amai.
He snapped out of it then cleared his throat "I was just thinking on how the heroes should had stopped this apocalypse if they were faster and stronger enough to stop it" he said that annoyed Zombieman.
"Well how the hell can we do that if we didn't know what it was and happening at that time... Plus what about you? Since you love to play the blaming game" he growled at Amai.
Amai went to yell at him then noticed you looking saddened by the thought you losing your best friend to the Rotters.
"Satoru was a hero... Was it his fault that he couldn't save the people from this nightmare?" You asked that made Amai bite his tongue.
Arrived at the mall that's been in ruins with vines growing around it and piles of cars surrounding it. The building was damaged by a helicopter that's being crashed into the building still lingers on the edge.
You knew the danger of it but there wasn't any choice to get supplies. You three walked carefully not to hit the cars to set off a herd of Rotters.
Once there you slowly opened the door and take a peak to see a very dark that you could barely see what's in front of you. You entered the place quietly as you tip toe there the main hall.
Amai entered with Zombieman following behind. But then the lights flashing one revealing the entire mall. "This isn't good..." You said.
Zombieman looks around nodding his head while mumbling something that you knew he was agreeing with you.
Amai was confused then looked around to see something moved on the top floor. "Someone is here" he said that you and Amai grabbed out your weapons arming yourselves.
Zombieman was bounded down can't defend himself as you went to untie him. Amai still was against it. Zombieman has proven to keep his hands clear from you both.
You three walked down then mall searching your surroundings if a Rotter or a person would attack. Amai noticed something his his shoulder causing him to look up at the ceiling.
His eyes widened to see the celling wasn't going to hold any longer then pushed Zombieman out of the way then tackled you down on the floor holding you into place.
The celling crumbled down in between you, Amai and Zombieman. Amai checked on you under him as dust and rubble hits the floor.
"Are you alright?" He asked in concern. "Yeah... I'm fine" you groaned. You got up then called for Zombieman. "ZOMBIEMAN ARE YOU ALRIGHT!?!" You yelled trying to hear him.
"I'M FINE, WHAT ABOUT YOU?" He yelled "WE'RE ALRIGHT AS WELL! WE NEED TO GET AROUND THE MALL!" You yelled again but Amai heard something then grabbed you arm.
"WE GOT TO GO!" He said for Zombieman to hear then he drags you away from the noise that was heading your way.
Amai dragged you to the upper floor and into a store to hide behind the counter.
A few Rotters walking past as they look around to find food. Amai held your hand just in case he needs to run.
But then the Rotters was turning around hearing a banging noises then left the store.
"They are attracted to sounds coming on the other side... Y/n do you... Where you go?" He said to himself to find you gone. He looks around to see you staring at something in the window.
"What's the matter?" He asked that you pointed at the helicopter. "It's not stable, that's not going to hold long so it would be best if we away from it" you said then walked over to the items.
"Nothing but clothing and jewellery" you groaned then saw a leather jacket. You grabbed it then tried it on "bite proof... Yeah I'll take it" you said that Amai was looking around.
He then walked into a smail room then his eyes widened "OH MY GOSH!" He screamed that you was alerted then rushed over to see what happened.
"What? What happened!?!" You said in panic then noticed he was checking himself in the mirror. "This doesn't suit me at all, what was I thinking..." He said unimpressed.
You glared at him with a wtf face. "Dude I thought you was attacked or found a god damn bomb but noooo you're outfit doesn't suit you..." You groaned while rolling your eyes.
"Let me know when SOMETHING is important" you yelled then turned around to check if the Rotters are around.
Amai gets a new outfit that you could care less about but something caught your eye. You walked up with Amai behind you.
You bent down to see a strange liquid on the floor but something was off. You heard a low growl next to you making your eyes to widened.
"Oh..." You said then slowly turned your head to see a dog figure walking towards you with sharp fangs and blood dripping down its chop's revealing from the shadows.
"Nice Rot Hound..." You said then the Rot Hound was ready to pounce. "Crap" you said then got pushed down as it tries to bite your neck.
You struggled to get it off then called for Amai for help. Amai ran over to help but then he stopped his tracks when he noticed the glass floor was shattering then broke.
You and the Rot Hound fell then came crashing down on the hard floor. You yelled out in pain feeling a shape pain on your leg.
The Rot Hound got up from breaking it's back. It was crawling towards you not giving up on its hunt. "Y/N HANG ON!" Amai yelled then jumped down.
He then used the metal pipe to kill it then ran over to you. He saw your leg with a massive glass shard sticking out of your leg.
He had to get it out but the sound of Rotters coming was going to make it hard to do. He picks you up bride style then ran to find safety.
Once he found a place he puts you on the table to treat your wound. He cut the trouser leg off to use it as a cloth.
He wrapped your mouth with a cloth "This is going to hurt like hell" he said then count to three.
He ripped it out of your leg causing you to muffle scream in the cloth. Tears fell fro your cheek as Amai was wrapping up the leg with a scarf.
You felt woozy from the tear from the glass causing your leg to bleed. He tightened the scarf from making you lose too much blood but wasn't enough to make you dizzy.
You lose a few blood as you start to mutter under your breath as you raise your hand pointing at something.
"There's some... One behind yooouuu..." You muttered out that Amai turned around to see a Rotter leap on him. Amai hits the monster down then stabbed it in the head then noticed more was coming.
He picked you up again then ran off down the path as a lot of Rotters was behind him. He ran as fast as he could to a half close shop. He slides under it then ran over to slam it down in a nick of time.
He banging and snarling noises from the Rotters were making to attract others close by to come. Amai ran off with you in his arms to find a place for you to stay in.
He found a sleeping bag on the floor in the big closet as it was a size of a human. He puts you in the bag to keep warm.
"Don't worry Y/N I'll find something for your leg" he said then closed the door to keep you safe. He ran through the hallway to hear Rotters trying to get in the main entrance.
Amai had to get them away from you as he bangs on his metal pipe calling out to them. The Rotters noticed him then chased after him.
"Fucking hell! I know it's black Friday but come on!" He said to himself then saw the helicopter with a medical bag inside.
He needed to get it and lose the herd. But he could only do one as the helicopter was looking like it was slowly moving.
Amai didn't waste time as he dashed towards the helicopter then jumped on the bars to sent him flying towards the helicopter.
He lands inside then grabbed the bag then felt the sudden jolt of the helicopter beginning to move more as the scratching metal scraps through the paint leave a ear piercing sound.
Amai saw Rotters climbing on each other to get to him as they grabbed hold of the bars. Amai then jumped off to land on the bars.
Amai slipped then grabbed hold of the bar to dear life. The bag was heavy as it dragged him down 'shit! I'm losing my grip...' He through then his fingers slipped out of his grasp then fell.
A hand grabbed hold of him then pulled him up "Zombieman! Where the hell have you been!?!" Amai said in shock.
"I found my way... Man your heavy" he said that Amai was annoyed by his comment "How dare you! You think you can do better freak!" He yelled that Zombieman smirked.
"I can drop you" he said that Amai looks down to see a few dead Rotters and some were alive as they were crushed by the helicopter.
Zombieman lift him up to his feet. "Thank you, now I need to take this to Y/n" he said dusting himself off. Zombieman was curious and concerned as he follows him.
"Where's Y/n?" He asked "in the sports shop and she injured her leg" he said that Zombieman was shocked.
"You left her alone!" He yelled that Amai rolls his eyes. "She's safe, ah here we are" he said then walked up to the closet. He opens it then showed Zombieman with a smug look on his face.
Zombieman was shocked then turned to Amai with anger. "Well where is she?" Amai then looked to see the bag ripped up and a trail of blood as hand prints was showing with a line with it.
They followed it too see a hand print on the door handle. "Why did she move?" Amai asked then opened the door to get see you swinging an bat at him.
Zombieman grabbed it then you fell into his arms. "Shit she's gotten pale... Why were you in here?" Amai said with a questionable look on his face.
"Don't move" Zombieman whispered Amai was confused then went to speak but you put your hand up to shush him.
"Blob Rot" you said that Amai turned around to see a big bloated man walking blind as he wondered around.
"What is that thing?" Amai whispered "Get away from it or it will blow up with spores" you said that Zombieman quietly moves with you.
He opens the door carefully with Amai following but can't stop staring at him. Amai then tripped over a bat then fell on his ass alerting the Blob Rot.
"RUN!" You yelled then covered your nose and mouth. Zombieman then ran Amai wrapping his shirt over his nose to prevent the spores.
The Blob Rot then blow out a liquid vomit that smelled like mold and damp water. The sound of Rotters roared as the roaring sound feet headed towards the smell.
Amai ran out with you on Zombieman's back holding onto to his shoulders. You felt dizzy as you felt like fainting.
They run till you smelt something "Amai your jacket..." You said that Zombieman and Amai looks at the jacket to see a big green liquid on it.
"Throw it!" Zombieman yelled that Amai groaned then takes it off then throw is away to the side of a cliff. The Rotters jumped down after it as Amai and Zombieman found a place to hide.
You was losing a lot of blood that made the boys panic. "SHIT! She's not looking to good" Amai said then opened the bag to get the medical equipment.
Zombieman then removed the bloody scarf to see it's not great. "Fuck man what did you wrapped it with a fluffy ass one?" Zombieman asked then cleaning it up.
Amai muttered under his breath then hand him a bottle. "Don't scream, this is going to hurt a little" he said then poured the liquid on your leg.
Your eyes widened in shock as the pain increased feeling your wound getting cold and stiff up. You covered your mouth to prevent from screaming.
Amai held you down to prevent you from hurting yourself as Zombieman started to stitch up your leg. You bite your wrist drawing blood from it.
"Good girl, I'll give you a treat for being good" Zombieman said that Amai looks at him weird "what are you a doctor?"
Zombieman looks at him with a lowered eyes "no I'm the candy man" Zombieman said sarcastically to piss Amai off.
Amai grab the medical bag then filled it up with food in the market.
"Ok we got the food now can we go!" Amai said that Zombieman went to pick you up but Amai threw the bag into his chest.
"I can't let your hold hold her what if you get a smell of blood and attack her?" He said that Zombieman got annoyed with it.
He couldn't argue if they didn't want to draw the Rotters attention so he ran behind Amai was holding onto you.
Zombieman could see you was getting worse as they ran but Zombieman was lucky enough to get medicines and other items in the bag.
Once they get back home safely Fubuki let's them in and the horror of her face when she saw you injured and pale.
"What happened to Y/n!" She said that Amai told her what happened that she was tearing up.
"No... I should had been there I would had protected you three and prevent Y/N getting hurt" she angrily with tears falling her cheeks.
Amai takes you in your room then kissed your forehead then walked away as he closed the door.
You opened your eyes then groaned in pain as you look at your wound to see a scratch mark on your side. That the Blob Rot hurt you.
You began to cough.
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Too Shy To Shop?
Tumblr media
Requested Zombieman x Angst M reader. I hope you enjoy this and have a great day.❤️
You was in the comfort of your home as the sound of birds singing outside of your window.
The sound of cars driving by knowing the city was alive today.
You on the other hand felt nervous about changes and people around you. Even when you was younger, people would scare you.
You knew that you'd had to go out into the world to get food. Takeouts were good but not great if you don't have the money to buy them.
'I rather stay home then being out here' you groaned with your thoughts in mind. Today was the worst day.
People were coming out to shop or work and you was in the middle of the crowd.
You had your hood up with your hands in your favourite hoodie pockets as you make your way to the shop to buy food.
The people makes you feel angst as you would freeze up if someone even talks to you. You felt nervous when you arrived to see a few people inside.
You took a deep breath then entered hoping to get out as fast as possible. You looked around for your items on your list.
You grabbed all but one and there was a lot of people hovering around that area of the item you needed.
You tried to get by but when you tried to speak you're lips would seal to prevent talking.
You felt angst as you found the last item you need as you reach for it.
But then a crowd starting to push and shave when they heard a siren go off near by saying there's a monster around that it level Demon.
The monster with huge knives as hands burst in the shop with a roar of anger. The monster had wounds on him that were fresh with blood pouring out of it.
You got knocked by a person running as you fell to the ground as people ran past trying to get away. You felt an hand on your arm that pulls you out of danger to see a hero.
Your eyes widened when you saw him in then light. His short scruffy black hair was a mess with his trench coat ripped up that looks like his been in a fight. His shirt was ripped up as well as his pants.
He looks at you with red eyes dripping blood from his face. "You already?" He asked that you only nod at him.
"Good get to safely" he said that you didn't think twice but ran off to hide from the monster.
A few minutes later the siren comes back that the monster has been defeated by an S Class Hero then goes off.
You was relieved the nightmare was over but you was sad about how you didn't get the item you needed.
But you heard footsteps that scared you causing you to turn to see the same hero again. He was all bloody with his coat and skin covered in blood but holding a bag.
He hands it to you making you confused on why he gave you this. You then realised it was your shopping you grabbed and the item you was trying to get.
"I thought you wanted it so I bought it for ya" he said giving you a smile and a wink as he walked off. You began to blush red then hide your face with your hoodie.
'Maybe coming out wasn't a bad idea' you thought and wondered if you would see him again and this time your lips will unseal.
You went out the next day hoping to see him again but no luck as you was about to give up you bumped into someone.
"So... Sorry sir I... I didn't..." You paused when you saw the same man from yesterday. He smiles at you as he seems to recognise you "hello again..." He said that you felt nervous on taking.
He raised his eyebrow then nods "it's no problem about yesterday I thought you was having trouble as I don't like crowds as well... So I thought I'd help" he said that you was surprised he read you well.
"Uh... Th... Thank you for... That..." You stuttered your voice while blushing. He smiles more as he found it cute you was hiding in your hood again when he met you.
"Hey it's alright I won't bite... Unless you want me to?" He said that made you redder in the face.
He chuckled then had you a note "we can talk at the cafe tomorrow if you like" he said then walked off giving you a short wave as he disappeared into the street.
You opened the note to see a his number with a small note for you to read. "It's a date?" You asked yourself then felt happy to hang out with a hero you like.
"I'll definitely call tomorrow" you said happily then went home.
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yeah maybe oneshot angst story zombiemanxreader~
Thank you~
No problem, I'll have work on it. 😁
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have you make story zombiemanxreader but with angst story ?
Yes I can😁 I would be happy to do one for ya. But do you want a one shot? You can ask any questions about it with me if you like.😊
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Another Drawing of Zombieman
Tumblr media
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My AI Girlfriend Is Real!
Tumblr media
King's one shot I wanted to try. I hope you enjoy this one and have a lovely day.
The day of a spring, the gentle blow of the wind and birds chirping would make everything feel peaceful.
Till a monster comes out to kill and terrorist people. The people run away from the monster what's been turned into a wizard orc.
"HAHAHA! I AM THE ONE WHO WILL CRUSH THY WITH MY SPELLS OF DISTRUCTION! AND I'LL..." He pauses when he heard a rumbling sound that makes the monster sweat.
He knew that sound anywhere as he turned to find King standing near by staring at him. His three claw mark scars on his left eye was show the battle he had getting it.
The orc wizard was frightened by him as he went to attack but nothing was happening. His limps were shaking as his lip quiver so much he bit his own tongue.
He raised his hand to cast a spell on him then splat! The monster was gone in seconds. The people cheered for King on his victory.
King's POV
'Ohhh man why does this keep happening to me... I just wanted to buy a game...' He thought with a low sigh as he saw Saitama running past with a paper in his hand.
He killed the monster in one punch then zoomed past King without realising it was him.
He looked like he was late for something but King shrugged it off as he walked past the people praising him.
He didn't want this as he's been mistaken by Saitama from the alien that was killing people for mother earth. And now he's a S Class Hero the strongest man alive.
He groaned at the thought but today isn't going to put him down. Today is a new dating game that came out and he was excited to buy it.
He preorder it online that's been released for people to play it till the game goes out to the world. He entered the game store to search for it.
He couldn't find a staff member as they were somewhere else. But then a young man came out holding boxes then noticed King.
"Oh hello there, sorry to keep you long how can I help?" He asked wearing a light blue polo shirt and brown pants.
His dyed hair was in a ponytail with blonde and fire red on the tall. King asked about the dating game that the guy nods then went to the back to get it.
"Here you go sir and enjoy" he said politely that King smiles to see the game in his hands and can finally play it.
He thanked the man then walked out of the store till a co worker came out then talked to the man about something.
King was humming to himself as he walked home. He bought other games to hide the dating game in his bag then head into his apartment.
King was having a stressful day and playing the game he was waiting for was going to be relaxing.
He felt his heart beating with excitement when the title and the character's voice welcoming him.
"Hello there, come over for a great day!" The character said. He didn't know what to put in for a name so he made it up.
But then a pop up came up that confused him. "New character unlock?" King read the words then was happy to know what character they added in.
He selected the new character as they popped up on the screen. "Oh hello there, I'm Y/n, what's yours?" You asked that King type the fake name in.
"Oh it's nice to meet you! I just moved her and... Do you want to be friends?" You asked that he hits yes. You smile at the comment "Awesome we'll be the bestest of friends!" You said grinning with close eyes.
He wasn't going to lie that he found you cute as he played for hours with you. He bought stuff to give you to boost your friendship with him and a sneak flirt here and there.
You liked it when he gave you cheesy pick up lines that made you laugh. He felt happy as he would cringe at his own words but the why you giggled and laugh made his heart flutter.
A few days later he went to Saitama's place to hangout with and when he got back he then turned on the TV screen and game console.
He had his hands on the controller wanting to hang out with you again. But when the title came up instead of the character on the box didn't greet him.
He thought that was odd but he knew there might be mistakes in the game but he didn't care. He went to your icon sending him to one of the places you was at.
You slide over from the screen with a big smile on your face. "Oh hello there again! How are you feeling today?" You asked that he selected the good option.
You smile at him making him feel warm inside. But then you're face fell to sad expression that he was confused with then asked on the question.
"What's the matter?" He typed in that you looked at him with you're e/c eyes.
"I noticed you hang out with the other girls as well..." You said that he remembered he did hangout with other girls and didn't know that you would be sad about it.
"I was hanging out with them to..." He gets a message popped up that made him surprised and more confused from what his reading.
"Do you like them more then me?" The text read "oh that's new..." King said then he replied to it.
"I could just hang with you" when he finished another text popped up that shocked him to the core.
"Who Is Saitama, King?" The text said in bold letters. "He was shocked "HOW DID YOU KNOW MY NAME AND SAITAMA'S!" He yelled that you leaned up to the screen.
"I know must about you King and I wanted to talk to you more. But I didn't want those NPC's to take you away" you said while putting your finger going up and down on the screen.
He was surprised but he wasn't sure what to do as he grabs his phone to see a text from the same guy he bought the game.
Hello sir, the game I gave you was called to be sent back and we need the game back to replace it with a new one.
"They want to replace me... I'm not broken I'm... Different..." You said that he notices you was gone then looked at his phone to see you on it.
"How are you doing that and... What are you?" He asked "I went into the plug where your phone charger is and entered inside it while it was charging" you said then you told him how you was made.
Y/n's POV
You was created to be added into the game and the designer who created you was doing it with care.
You began to move on your own that he was ecstatic to see you moving around on your own.
He told the boss about it but then the gamers tried to go on a date with you but you refused too.
The boss told the man who created you. He didn't approve it and told him to delete you and start again. You was broken in their eyes and the wanted you gone.
He refused but they went to destroy you themselves but the creator ran to gets your harddrive and puts it into the game then throw it into the pile of game sent to stores to be sold off to.
"And I was lucky enough to have a guy like you to hangout with me and tell me about your day and everything.
I can go into other games to play with you and your friends!" You said that he wasn't sure but hearing your story made him realise something.
"So you are a character who is different to the others and not a corrupted person who could destroy everything in sight?" He asked that you stared at him for a few seconds.
"Nooo..." You said that he smiles "I take it you could be..." He paused that you was wondering what he was thinking.
"Girlfriend?" He asked that you shocked "Gi... GIRLFRIEND!?! REALLY!" You said excitedly then hugged the screen.
You was happy to have someone to love and care about. He takes you everywhere he goes talking to you and showing you sites that you could never see before.
King went to Saitama's place to play games and chill out while Genos was cleaning. Saitama noticed King was happier then usual.
"Your happy then normal" he said that King looks at him confused. "Oh really? Well I've..." Saitama cuts in "Yeah I mean its not like you have a girlfriend right?" He asked that met with silence.
Saitama raised his eyebrow then realised the blush he has that peaked Saitama's interest. "Who is she?" Saitama asked then he showed his phone to him.
Saitama was confused on what he was seeing. "Is this her?" He asked but could see you was a game character.
"Hello Saitama" you said that made him jump. Genos was also shocked to see you talking and moving around.
"How is she able to get into your phone? Is it a app or something?" Saitama asked.
"No apparently she's been a different AI in her code and the creator made her and the boss wanted to erase her" he said that Genos was on the phone to someone.
You looked at Genos unsure what's he doing then backed into his phone to listen what was being said.
"An AI becoming a mindful person? I think there been a creator who cared about her and lets her escape to live among human beings... Fascinating" the voice said that you could read the name on the caller.
You wasn't sure what he was on about but you had a feeling of being erased by the Cyborg. You saw King playing a game with two characters fighting.
You noticed he was playing a bunny girl kicking the big monster who is doing a low kick.
You felt left out on the action making King notice you looked sad. He takes one hand off his controller to grab his phone while playing one handed on the controller.
Saitama sees this and gets more pissed off "ONE HANDED! THAT'S PUSHING IT!" He yelled then goes mashing buttons. And lost the game to him.
"OH COME ON!" He yelled then fell face first on the floor. He then shot back up with a tense face with veins popping up on his bald head.
"One more round!" He said through his teeth clearly getting angrier of losing. "What's the matter Y/n?" He asked you then Genos walked over to see what was going on.
"I want to play as well..." You said as you're tone was low and soft like a anime character. King was thinking about something then had an idea.
"How about if I connect you to the game you can join" he said that your eyes widened then got connected to the game.
You played the bunny girl then beat Saitama without losing a health bar. Saitama was doing the same low kick as you was blocking his attack.
You then jumped then kicked the monster in the face then used a power move to give it a blow kiss. The monster fainted and you posed in victory.
Saitama was so annoyed about this then his words came out. "SHIT! THIS GAME IS SHIT!" He yelled then mumbled about something but you was happy to play with the gang.
Few hours later King went home with you on his phone talking to you. You was laughing at his jokes and wondering what it would feel him holding his hand.
You wanted to be more then in his phone but you notice King looks scared when he saw a monster in front of him a robot that was attacking people.
The robot stab ed his phone as you felt glitching in your system then transferred into the robot.
The robot monster tried to get you out of its system but you overpowered it and took over it's mind killing it's core and added your own.
You felt your robot fingers and looked at your hands. You got excited then hopped around happily as you went to hug King.
But you notice sharp blades on your arms that would kill him and felt more distant to him. But King was happy that you was alright then died like his phone.
He takes you home and you tried to act like a human but then the robot started to malfunction and you had to get out.
King connect you to the TV to enter inside it. You popped up on the screen then watch the fall apart then flopped on the floor.
You felt saddened that you wasn't able to explore the body but King cheered you up by playing a game with you.
When you was in asleep mode that night till morning comes up. You woke up to see King plugging his phone to the console.
You was confused on what he was doing, he notices you then puts you in his phone. "What are you doing?" You asked him but see a smile on his face.
"Oh it's a surprise" he said then puts you in his pocket. You couldn't see anything but wonder what he had in mind.
You was playing an app game to pass the time but he takes you out of his phone to see you was in Saitama's place.
"Why are we here King?" You asked then Genos walked over to you then hands his hand to King. King gives him his phone then Genos walked over to the corner of the room.
He turns the phone around to see a new modded robot sitting on the floor. Your eyes widened to see it but you was curious on how they created it.
"I was speaking with King to make you a robot body and I asked Dr Kuseno to make you one" Genos said. He plug you into it transfering you inside the robot.
You woke up to see the men in the room then looked at your hands. You slowly got up like a deer learning to stand for the first time.
You stumble around but got the hang of it as you walked up to King giving him a hug. You noticed you was a plain white body but you customise yourself to fit what you look like.
You felt like a person as you could do everything like a human could do but you notice Saitama was smirking at you.
"Now that you have a body... I want a rematch!" He said holding the controller in his hand. You smile then accepted it.
He still lost.
Once you and King was at home playing games he noticed you was getting good at the games. When he was playing a fighting game with you you tried to beat him.
He was about to win till you leaned over to kiss his lips making him freeze in place as his face turned bright red.
"K.O!" The male voice yelled on your victory. You was happy that you beat the master of video games.
He was stunned and red as he flopped on the floor happily seeing you dance around with joy.
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zombiefox89 · 6 days
Toxic Tears
Tumblr media
Part 3
You woke up to find the bed empty again. Amai was up and getting ready to head out again. His be busy with work ever since the day you both met.
You are happy he is active but it does feel lonely and the point of feeling unwanted was drowning inside you.
He's always out and about. Maybe he found someone who's more perfect then you!
You got up covering yourself with the covers Amai entered the room looking for something.
"What you looking for?" You asked that he looks at you "I've lost my tie, I can't go without it" he said that you put on some clothes to see his tie on them.
"Amai is this it?" You asked that he looks up from the bed then smiles happily. "Ah thank you dear, my little bun" he said then takes his tie from your hand.
He wrapped it around his neck as he kissed your cheek. "I have to meet the staff and some of the S Class heroes there an..." You jumped in.
"Can I come with you? Please?" You begged that he wasn't sure but he didn't want the staff to be asking about you again then he smiles.
"Of course just don't wonder off" he said. You got excited then got dressed in the closet. You came out wearing a fancy dress it was white with a black inside.
You walked with Amai to the car to drive off to the building. You got out with him then walked up to the entrance but Amai pulls you closer to him.
His eyes were strict with serious look "honey darling I want one thing clear, don't talk about what happened that week ago" he said with a lower strict and fearsome that sent you shivering at his voice.
"Ye... Yes sir" you whimpered softly afraid of being scolded. You both walked in to see the staff smiling at you and greetings along the way.
Sitch walks up to you with a pleased look on his face with his friend beside him.
"Welcome back Y/n, it's so good to see you again" he said that you shake his hand with a smile on yours.
"It's good to see you too Mr Sitch" you said.
Watch Your Tongue! He's Watching! Don't say anything to ruin it!
You released his hand then shakes the man next to him. "Good morning Y/n I am Sekingar" he said while looking at you with his robotic eye.
You greet him but felt Amai's eyes on the back of your head feeling the attention of it. You released his hand as well then walked back to Amai.
Sekingar saw some was off as he went to ask Amai excuse himself to see the heroes. He takes you with him then he opened the door to see the S Class heroes.
Metal Bat was there annoyed by coming here as he looks like he had somewhere to be. Silver Fang and Atomic Samurai was chatting about something.
Pig God was eating in his seat. Tank Top Master was there chatting with Darkshine and Tornado having a go at Demon Cyborg was not paying attention to her.
Child Emperor was on his chair with Zombieman next to him with a cigarette in his mouth.
Everyone except Metal bat and Child Emperor had wine. The two had apple juice
Amai looked at them with a displeased look that you knew all to well. You felt nervous to meet the heroes as there was only one girl in the team.
The heroes see Amai then noticed some eye rolls on some of the heroes. 'I guess his not liked here?' You thought then Darkshine walked up to you.
"Oh hello Y/n heard your feeling alright" he said as you tried to wave it off but Tank Top Master walked over.
"Oh yeah that horrible incident that happened, are you alright now?" He asked that you felt cornered by the large men. Amai was getting angry as he went to say something.
"Enough already, let her breath" the raspy voice said turning his chair around to face you while holding onto his cigarette.
"Hello Y/n" he said with a kind smile which made your heart began to beat again.
'What? What happened? Why am I flustered? And warm?' You thought as you start to feel different.
You wasn't sure but you couldn't break his eye contact staring into his eyes was welcoming. Amai grabbed your arm pulls you closer to him while glaring at Zombieman.
"Eyes to yourself freak" he said that Zombieman glared back at him. "What can a guy say hi to her?" He asked that the room felt intimidated.
You was scared but tried to think of what to do but Silver Fang spoke up. "Well I think it would be nice to have a chat with the young lady, don't you think Sweet Mask?" He said that Amai stared at him.
"I guess" he said trying to get his hair out of his face. You knew if you take to long to talk to them he would be pissed, and if you end the conversation they will ask questions.
There's too many options! What do I do? How can I get out of this?!?
Silver Fang and Atomic Samurai walked over to you with a smile on both of their faces as Amai looks at them then back at you.
You walked up to them hiding your nervousness as you talked to them and the others. Amai was watching you while Zombieman was looking at him then looked at you.
He could see you smiling but hiding your fear inside. Zombieman then walked over to the group which Amai didn't approve.
Child Emperor was showing you his gadgets then noticed Zombieman walking up to them.
"Hey Y/n, I've heard the incident was really bad? Did something happen?" He asked that you felt nervous about it then looked at Amai to see his face glaring at you with those eyes again.
You smile at Zombieman "oh I accidentally took to much pain killers because of my medicine made me forget things and I overdose on it" you said that he hummed in reply.
You felt nervous then accidentally knocked over a glass of wine on the floor. Your eyes widened in fear as you looked at it then looked for something to clean it up.
"AH! I... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... I'll clean it up" you said in a panic then went to clean it but you felt something grabbed you.
Amai grabbed your hand then pulled you away from the group. Tornado frowned at him then noticed you more nervous.
"What's with that face? She said it was an accident" she said that the others agreed with her. He frowned at them but you knew he was going to have an argument.
"I said I can..." You noticed the eyes staring at you again that made you close your mouth.
He got annoyed then looked at everyone as Tornado started to have an argument with him.
You walked away from the group but something grabbed your waist and covered your mouth. You wanted to scream but calmed down to see Zombieman.
He takes you into a different room "you alright?" He asked that you looked at him.
Don't let him know! Hide with the mask! Don't tell him!
You gave him a small nod "Yes I'm fine..." You said that Zombieman frowned "alright... So you looking horrified is your way to be fine.
You was shocked then turned around to look at him "what are yo...!" He was so close to your face made you jump.
"You can lie to me and make a fantasy in your head, but I can see it you are scared" he said that you tried to change the subject but he wouldn't let you.
You walked backwards "I don't know what your talking about I...! You felt the wall then Zombieman puts both of his hands beside your head.
"I do.... Don't know what... I.... I..." You felt the strange feeling again as he was so close to you're cheeks were red.
"Me and Amai is strong and happy..." You said that Zombieman could see your e/c in complete fear in them. He hummed in reply again then pulled away from you.
"I'm sorry for scaring you I wanted to know if you was alright" he said softly that you stared at him with wide eyes.
You could see the same soft eyes again that made you feel safe around them. You wasn't sure what to do but you felt like you can talk to him.
"Zombieman... I..." You was about to say something but then a door slammed opened to see Amai storming off pissed off.
Tornado is yelling at him while Darkshine and Tank Top Master was struggling to hold her back as she used her power to throw stuff at him.
Amai was looking for you as he called for you. Zombieman leaned over your ear to whisper.
"Tomorrow meet me at the cafe in S City" he said that you was confused but cauious about what he wanted to say.
He then pushed you out under the table for Amai to find you. "Come on Y/n, we're leaving" he said then grabbed your wrist tightly that began to hurt.
"Amai stop it hurts" you said then he tightened his grip on you making you softly whimper. Once you was in the car he drove off as the car ride was silent.
You was nervous as you look out the window then turned your head to see Amai's veins popping up.
You knew this when he gets pissed off or when something isn't going his way. You ft your body shake with shivers running down your spine.
He's mad! He's so mad at me! He's going to yell at me! I didn't mean to break the glass! I'm sorry! I needed to be perfect!
You felt scared of him as he tightened his grip on the steering wheel looking like he could rip it off.
You wanted to hide, to run away but you was stuck in the car.
Amai is known to be a hero and a model but having a go at you in a car could get paparazzi everywhere to take photos and sent them to people.
That would ruin his reputation and it would be your fault. Arrived at home he grabbed you then dragged you into the house.
He throws you to the couch making you flop on the cushions. He was pacing back and forward hiding his veined up face.
Y/n my dear?" He said quietly that you was confused then you saw his face that made your entire body stiffen up.
He was facing you with a angry look with veins popping up his neck to his face.
"I told you not to speak about it, but why did you opened your mouth? What if they look into your file and saw something that wasn't right? HUH!" He said aggressively that you tried to get away from him.
"No... No it's not like that... I..." Your stuttering words couldn't come out from the fear in your throat.
"Are you trying to make me look like a fool? ARE YOU! ANSWER ME!" He yelled at you making you put you're hands to cover you face as you cried on the couch.
Tears falling down your cheeks as you couldn't look at him anymore. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry I was... Sob... I was trying to... I'm sorry! You cried that he started to calm down.
He takes a deep breath then leaned over "my love, I sorry for yelling at you I was just angry with the S Class heroes, that's all" he said in a calming voice he has.
You looked at him for him to wipe your eyes he kissed you on the lips but the voice of Zombieman echoed in your mind.
Tomorrow, meet me at the cafe in S City.
Why does he want to speak to me? What does he want? I don't know... I shouldn't go.
You both fell asleep after the night of angry sex. You felt like no matter what you do it wrong and you don't know why he keeps you.
But the memory of Zombieman so close to you that you could feel his hot breath brushing your skin.
His red eyes staring at you with such worry in them. For some reason it makes you feel safe.
You felt the strange feeling again in your chest that you didn't realise you was still thinking about him.
Why is he so kind to me? Is he tricking me? What is he doing to me?
'Tomorrow?' you thought then heard Amai moving around under the covers. You looked at him then stared at the celling 'how am I going to meet with him?' you thought then drift off to sleep.
'What am I doing? This is wrong I shouldn't do this' you thought in your head while shaking at the thought of it.
"Madam are you feeling alright?" The butler asked raising his eyebrow. You looked at him "no I'm fine I was thinking if I forgot something" you said that he hummed in reply then went back to driving.
How did that work? Bella is at work so he believed me?
You wasn't sure why but that was a lucky for you.
You was thinking on what to do to trick the butler then noticed he was being sneaky as well. "Butler?" You said that he turned around to face you "yes Madam" he said quite in a way he was hiding something.
Bella wants to hang out as she's working a lot and wants company" you said hoping he bought the lie.
He looks at you with suspicion but smiled "I'll get the car Miss" he said that you was gobsmacked 'that worked?' You thought.
End of Flashback
He dropped you off but before you stepped out he stopped you "Madam..." He said that you looked at him with worry on if he caught you on your lie.
"If I were to get something for a gift, what would be good to get?" He asked that you realized he was shopping.
'Why did he make it look like he was hiding something?' you thought then walked out of the car then grabbed your phone to text F/n (Zombieman) where you were at.
You was wearing a hoodie, jeans, cap, sunglasses and a mask to hide from public not wanting to be recognised by people.
He sent you the cafés location for you to follow. Once you got there you noticed the cafe was only a few people in minding their own business.
You saw Zombieman sitting at the back with his hand under his chin staring at the window far from him.
You walked up to him but the nerves were coming back each step you take.
What am I doing? I can't be seen with him! I must go back! I can't let anyone see me!
You want to back away but he caught you then sat up from the table. You sat down on the opposite side of the booth. He noticed you was nervous so he break the ice.
"I'm surprised you see you show up, did Disgraceful Mask let you out? He asked that made you raise your eyebrow at him. "Disgraceful Mask?" You asked puzzled by his words.
"Well he calls me names so why not give him a crappy nickname" he said. "Oh I see..." You said with a low tone in your voice making him stare at you.
"Is something upsetting you? Do you need to talk?" He asked with the same worry he had the first time you've both met.
"What no I was... Thinking" you said finally. Zombieman could tell something was upsetting you then the lady came over with a pen and paper.
"Hi can I get your order?" She asked that Zombieman order his then looked at you. "I'll have... f/d please" you said as the lady writes the orders down then walked off.
He's trying to get to you and expose everything to him! Don't let him know! Don't let him know you're not perfect!
You felt the thoughts of this encounter making you feel like this was a mistake then was about to say something but Zombieman beat you too it.
"Did he hurt you?" He asked that you was shocked from what he said. "What? No he would never hurt me..." You said panic in your voice trying to avoid the question.
"No he didn't... Why do you ask?" He puts his hand on his cheek while staring into your eyes.
"When you both let he had the same eyes he always gives to everyone who doesn't go his way... And I was worried if he did something to you?" He said with a calm voice with certain again creeping in.
Who is he? He's like a detective? Is he trying to finding out clues in my relationship with Amai?
"No he was just angry with the S Class... That's all" you said softly making him to raise his eyebrow at you.
"So he was angry because of us huh? Well I'm sorry you had to be in that argument" he said softly. The lady comes over with the drinks as she placed them down.
"Enjoy" she said happily then walked off. Zombieman then pulled over the sugar cubes grabbed the tiny tongs to pick them up.
"So he was happy when you got back in?" He asked dropping one cube down. "Yes he took a deep breath then calmed himself down" you lied.
He looks at you while picking up another one "did he talk about it or not talked it with you?" He asked then dropped the second one.
"I did talked to him and see if he was alright" you lied again. Zombieman picked up another one.
"Oh? and he was happy to be with you watching whatever is on his TV screen?" He said rolling his eyes then dropped the third.
You was confused on what he was talking about then noticed the cubes he was picking up like you was on a time limit.
You started to feel uncomfortable about the questions as you tried to change the subject. "Did you feel happy when his with you? I mean he's really busy a lot" he said dropping the fourth one.
"I am happy and that's his job and I am happy with it" you answered with a lie.
"Do you hangout with friends? And not the ones how abandoned you like a few days ago" he said getting more intense in his voice making you sweat.
The fifth one dropped. "Do you go anywhere without him there breathing down your neck?" He said getting more Intimating aroa around him as he dropped the sixth one.
"Yes I do... I..." Your voice started to crack as your mind is racing from the questions his giving you.
"If you were happy... Then why are you crying?" He asked in a calming voice as he dropped the seventh cube into his coffee.
You was confused then felt your cheek with your fingers touching the water on them. You saw your tears flowing down line a waterfall hit the top rocks.
You looked at him seeing concern in his eyes making you quiver. "I... I..." You stuttered but Zombieman places his hand on top of yours.
"It's alright, I'm not going to hurt you I just want to help you" he said that made your heart beats again. You drink your drink unsure what to say.
Help me? Why does he want to help me? I'm fine... I'm ok... Right?
You remain silent which Zombieman could tell something was going on in your mind. He then got up to pay for the drinks.
"Hey come on then" he said that you was puzzled on where he was taking you. He lets you out first then left the cafe to the big open street.
You was nervous while looking around to see if anyone you recognize doesn't see you with another guy.
You walked with him taking you too different locations you never seen. You was amazed to see places you never been in as you saw a Gorilla in a hoodie.
You was shocked to see but you notice Zombieman was smiling at you. You blushed then looked away from him.
You was looking around the different billboards of heroes but then Amai's aid popped up.
You felt all of your joy and excitement fell to fear and anxiety.
He's everywhere! What if his here? What if he sees you with him!
Zombieman noticed you getting terrified of the billboard that made him want to getthe bottom of it.
He then walked near an alleyway. You wasn't paying attention then all of a sudden Zombieman grabbed your hand then pulled you into a dark alleyway.
He dragged you deeper and deeper till you couldn't see anyone nor hear a sound of people and cars.
He takes you to abandoned building with walls of graffiti everywhere. You wasn't sure why he had taken you there but he didn't say a word.
You felt nervous as you remembered people gets raped when they were alone or with people.
'Is he kidnapping me! I need to find help!' You thought then he puts you down on the floor. You backed away from him hitting the wall on your back.
He got closer then sat down in front of you "tell me what happened" he said that you was about to say something he cuts in.
"I know if you are lying, so tell me the truth" he said that you felt pressured but you sigh through your nose while looking down.
"He didn't say anything till we got back but... He thought I was making him a fool... But I didn't I was trying to... Make friends..." You said feeling then guilt and sadness in your voice.
He doesn't say anything just listening as you spoke out your mind.
"He has his good days and bad days... But when he gets angry he would rant about it and has angry sex..." You paused for a second.
"I feel like I need to be perfect and no matter what I do it goes wrong and I feel like... I'm nothing to him..." You said as your tears began to form in your eyes while your quivering lips barely able to talk.
Zombieman then hugged you pulling you closer to him. You was stunned but the embrace is comforting.
You both hugged there for a few minutes then slowly pulled away. "Thank you... For listening... I never had anyone to talk to" you said that raised his curiosity.
"What about your friends?" He asked that you scoffed with a laugh "they aren't my friends... They were there because Amai didn't like my friends..." You paused as you looked at the floor.
"They are fake and they don't care about me" your voice breaks at the thought of your friends was hurting to remember.
He moved closer to you with his back on the wall you felt a bit better that was out of your chest. You looked up at him with a smile on your face "thank you..." You said lowered eyes staring at him.
He smirked as he shrugged his shoulders "ah it's nothing really, I couldn't stand by and see you falling apart like that... It breaks my heart seeing you sad" he said with a soft tone.
Your eyes didn't left his as he was talking but then things felt like clouds was forming as you felt like floating and feeling the soft gentle touch of the cloud was breathtaking.
You felt warm and safe feeling every inch of your body turn on like an oven. The roses pedals blowing gently with the wind. You noticed the ground around you were red spider lillys.
You wasn't sure why but the sight was magical. You then closed your eyes to take a breath of fresh air and the taste of... Smoke and very sugary coffee you've ever tasted.
You opened your eyes to see your face was close to Zombieman. Both eyes widened in shock of what you was doing.
You realise you kissed him on the lips when you got lost in his voice and the kind gentleness soul how cared about your well being and you kiss him.
The man who Amai hates and calls a monster to his face and your lips were pressing against his.
You broke away from him feeling flustered and out of breath. Your mind was racing on what you just did and now freaking out.
You got up as fast as you can then backed away from him. He was stunned as he looks at you.
"I'm sorry I... I didn't mean to do that I got lost into your eyes and I... I have to go! I'm sorry!" You yelled then ran out of the building.
"Y/N WAIT!" He yelled then chased you. You tried to get away from him but the further you ran you got lost.
You ran past a few trash bins but one of them shoot out a tentacle wrapped it around your leg. You yelled in pain as you fell on the cold hard floor.
You got pulled in to see the bin to be a mimic monster. You tried to break free from the monster with its sharp teeth.
"HELP! You screamed then few gun shots was heard killing the monster. You was shocked to see Zombieman walking up to you.
"You alright?" He asked but then you ran up to him hugging his waist as you began to cry. "Thank you... Thank you!" You cried that Zombieman wrapped his arms around your body.
"It's alright... It's alright" he said calming you down then noticed a rain hits his face then takes you back to the abandoned building.
You was shivering cold from the rain but Zombieman takes his coat off then wrapped it around your shoulders.
"Thank you..." You said that he sat down next to you. You put your head on his shoulder.
"I'm sorry for running away... I just... I don't know what I'm feeling and it's been..." You sigh then looked up at him.
"I... I just wanted to be perfect for him..." You said that he frowned then click his tongue annoyed by the thought.
"Perfect? You are perfect I don't understand what you are trying to prove? You don't need to pretend to be someone your not... You are perfect just the way you are" he said.
Your eyes widened then tears forming up then you began to sob then hugged him. He lets you cry on his shoulder while he hums a song to calm you down.
You felt better letting go of your frustration and anxiety out of the open and a friend to listen to made it worth it.
You pulled away from him but you stared into his eyes. He looks into yours.
You both kissed each other but you pulled away "what is wrong with me...?" You said out of breath but went back to his lips.
You ruffled his scruffy short black hair as he holds your hips pressing against his body. His tongue wiggled inside your mouth fighting your tongue.
You groaned and moaned as his hands goes up your body making circles around your back. You felt hot and full of adrenaline of lust inside you.
You heard you're phone beep to see it was Amai texting you. You're eyes widened to see the text.
Y/n could you do me a favour, say goodbye to your friend cus it's raining and head home I want you to see some pictures to see which ones you like.
Ok I'll come home.
You look at Zombieman then kiss his lips then break away "Please don't tell anyone, I don't want" He waved his hand knowing what you was going to say.
"I know, it will be our secret... If you're alone and want to chat or anything text me" he said that you smile "ok" you said then ran off.
Once you got into the butler's car he drove you back home. You walked over to see Amai looking at some photos.
He turned around to see you "ah honey I want to see what catches your eye?" He asked then showed you the same phone.
You noticed they were different poses but same picture with different colours. You choose one that he glanced at it then smiles.
"Thank you dear, oh what would I do without you" he said that made you feel guilty on what you did.
He'll find out about him! What would he do if he did find out! Why did I do it!
You smile at him but felt like you was breaking in the mask you made. You felt tired then head to bed. Amai walked over to lay in bed with you.
You wanted to have a bit of fun but he shrugged you off "Hun I have a photoshoot in the morning, so not tonight" he said that you was back to unwanted.
When Amai was fully asleep you texted F/n (Zombieman).
Hey sorry if I woke you.
F/n (Zombieman)
Hey, nah you didn't wake me, what's up?
I can't stop thinking about the hangout.
I can't sleep...
I'm sorry, I must be selfish. 😞
F/n (Zombieman)
Not at all and I couldn't as well.
And I couldn't stop thinking about it earlier.
I really like you hanging out with you.
You was shocked and fluttered making you blush as you're heart beats faster the turn your head to see Amai still asleep.
I like you too.
Can I we hang out again.
F/n (Zombieman)
Alright I'll see you tomorrow.
You hold your phone to your chest like a school girl talking to her crush.
Why am I doing this! Why can't I get away... I want more... I need... I mustn't tell.
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zombiefox89 · 7 days
Toxic Tears
Tumblr media
Part 2 hope you enjoy this and a beautiful day.
Amai's POV
Everything must be perfect, to be a hero of justice. He would judge the heroes to see if they are qualified to be higher, stay where they are or lower them.
He remembers reading a newspaper about the Deep Sea King and how Puri Puri Prisoner was defeated and went down a rank that Demon Cyborg took over.
He was always busy with his job like modeling, going on TV shows/ And singing his songs on stage and concerts, acting in movies, recruiting the heroes to A and S Class.
He knows the staff members are friendly to Y/n but he couldn't let her be too close with them. He feared that you would speak gossip about him and ruin his reputation.
No he can't have that! Not from you. He even had to choose your friends because the other ones you had were very nosey with their relationship.
He didn't want this but they were bad influence for you to be around with. He wanted them to look after you but tell him if something happens.
He didn't want what happened last time. 'NEVER AGAIN' the thought of it was shocking to him. He remembers well but too much to handle.
He would try his best to get you everything to become his perfect bride. But for some reason, you are different to them.
You were broken and he needed to polish and make you into a beautiful diamond. He needs you to stay with him, he wants to have you all to himself and no one else.
"Mr. Amai? Sir are you alright?" A woman's voice called holding his glass of wine. He blinked a few times then looked up at the lady in her dress suit.
He smiles as he reaches for his drink "ah sorry I was thinking about the script in my head" he said taking a sip on his drink.
The blacked hair woman nods her head then remembered something "oh I wanted to ask how is Y/n doing?" She asked that he opens his eyes wide then looked at her.
"She's doing fine" he said that she felt worried "I glad to hear... It must be worrying about what happened to her..." She continues that he clutch onto the glass.
She smiled again "but I'm glad she's alright and it would be nice to see her again hehe she has a sweet smile" she said giddy making Amai fell relaxed.
"Maybe one day" he said then watched her walk away. Once she left he dropped his smile then glared at the mirror.
"I don't know why... But her voice still haunts me from that day" he said flashing back to that memory.
Seeing you in the hospital bed hooked up onto a machine was heartbreaking to see. Even he had to deal with the media on asking him questions.
You looked at him with dull eyes but you're smile felt off as her words came out in a whisper. "I'm sorry... I'll be better... I'll be perfect for you..." You said weakly then passed out from the gas.
This wasn't what he wanted this to be a memory of the past of that awful day. He felt horrible about it and how it would affect his reputation.
For his girlfriend is overdose on painkillers and been sent to the hospital was traffic. He cares about you and his reputation.
He noticed the time then got up to get to work on stage. He walked down the hallway to get other staff to talk to him about stuff.
He answers to the questions was at a hold when he saw Sitch. "What is it now? Can't you see I'm busy" he said annoyed.
Sitch walks with him down the hallway "I know you are busy and all but I know the overdose Y/n suffered and the staff is wondering why?" He said then turned his head to look at him.
"Do you know something that would drive her to do that?" He questioned with his eyebrow raised.
"I don't know... I came home and she was on the floor with pills on the floor" he said not sure why you would do such a thing.
"She's getting better and I got people to keep an eye on her" he said walking on stage as Sitch stays behind to watch.
Amai was acting his part on stage while holding the actress's hand leaning closer to her at see the woman's eyes and the light reflected of him.
But to your eyes they were dull and empty when he saw you on that bed. He even wonders what is in your mind that you can't look at him like the women do.
You was frustrated with the butler standing there watching you. His long beard was to his torso and his hair was up in a bun. He was well dressed in his black suit with his white gloves.
You knew everytime he walks over you can hear the taping on his show that would give him away for you know if he coming or going.
You glared at him for a few minutes till he blinked. "I win again! And you suck at this!" You yelled in boredom.
You then flopped on the couch crossing your arms in frustration. "Why do you have to watch me? It's creepy" you said that he sighs
"I am told to keep an eye on you since what happened last time miss" he said that you rolled your eyes annoyed.
"that was weeks ago and I wasn't feeling well and I took to many... That's all" you said with a soft tone at the end. You knew the reason but thanks to that he's been harder on you.
He doesn't trust you.
You turned your body around on the couch to face the big TV. You turned it on to a show to watch. But nothing good was on except Amai's shows which you've seen a hundred times.
You wanted to be supportive to him by watching them but they were different stories different settings that you could repeat the entire seasons.
You groaned at the thought but you remembered that man in the party last night. 'what was his name again? Zombieman?' you thought then shaked your head to get him out of your head.
But you felt pleasure from that night when you was thinking about him. 'what am I doing? I can't think of a another man I'm happily with Amai.'
Am I?
The fact he saved you from the people watching you was surprising. You knew that Amai would step in but the look he gives you is the displeased look where you did wrong.
You hate that look when he makes. It's shows you that your not being perfect to him and that was stressful to you.
You wanted to go outside rather than staying in the penthouse bored shitless. you knew the butler won't let you go on your own... But what if your with friends?
You then grabbed your phone to call them wondering if they want to hang out with you. The phone rang and rang again.
When one of them picked up you hear a female voice spoke "hello?" "Hey Bella so you want to go out?" You said hoping she says yes.
"Uhh... yh sure I've got some to get at the shops anyway" she said that your eyes widened "great I'll see you soon" you said hanged up the phone.
You ran into your bedroom to get changed into something nice. You walked out of your room but the butler stopped you.
"I'll take you to them for..." "Safety I know" you groaned fumming. You walked with him to a black car. You both entered the car then heading down to the shops.
You looked out the window to see people walking past. Sometimes you want to walk around with your arm around your boyfriend and not get stopped by paparazzi and fans.
But this is what being perfect is.
You frowned saddened at the thought of having alone time with him wasn't going to happen anytime soon. The car stopped as the butler tells you that we have arrived at the destination.
You got out of the car to find your friend. You found her standing near a street light on her phone. You walked closer to her to hear her conversation.
"I don't care! I told you I want that dress fresh when I get back aaaannndd I want to have more rings. These ones are boring now" she said in a very snotty attitude.
You didn't like the tone but you had to roll with it. You walked up to her as she hangs up the phone then noticed you.
"Oh hey girl sorry my stupid husband is at work... Again and I want to get stuff so let's go" she said snapped her fingers for you to follow her.
You walked behind her seeing her very thin waist knowing she had surgery again. You hate the way she treats you like a dog but you had to follow.
Entering into the shop Bella scoffs at two old couple when they were getting something cheap and was slow about it. "Ugh now we have to wait" she said holding items she wanted.
You felt annoyed but you couldn't leave even if you wanted to. 'why did I even want to hang out with her?' you thought but deep down you knew it was your only escape from that home.
When she got what she wanted you felt hungry from all the shopping. You felt bad for the employees and managers in the shops as she complained about everything she didn't like.
They couldn't say anything if a rich people left the shop they would be seen as noting to the richer people. You apologize to every one of them and it was tiring.
You felt like your tongue could pop out anytime soon and turn into dust by the apologizing so much. You saw a cafe that was open then told your friend to go.
She was against it but she couldn't lie she was hungry as well. She applied to go as you just wanting to eat something other then the stuff that she gets.
When you both entered to see an old man in the corner on the right side with his friend talking about something. There was a woman how looks like she was busy with her work on the computer.
And there was a man at the far end of the room but you couldn't see what he looked like as he was reading a newspaper. His hot coffee on the side of the table with a ashtray next to it.
Your friend walked up to the counter ordering her food and drink then turned her head to you "do you want something?" She asked.
You went to say something but she quickly turned her head then began to order. You close your mouth as you sighed annoyed by this and you knew she wasn't going to get your food.
But you noticed the guy moved the newspaper with his hand reaching to his cup. He grabbed it then puts it to his lips then looked up to see you.
His eyes widened when he recognised you. You was shocked to see him as well then gave him a small wave.
He small waved back with his other hand but your friend was taking too long to order.
You took this chance to talk to him as you sneaked up to him while keeping and eye on your friend just in case she turns around.
Zombieman raised his eyebrow not understanding what you was doing but you got up to him.
"Hey again. I wanted to say thank you for saving me with the crowd... I don't like crowds" you said that he gave you a light chuckle.
"Same that's why I was outside" he said that you giggled "well thank you for that..." you said softly that he started to pick up something.
"Hey I didn't mean to scare you last night, hehe I bet Sweet Mask had a fit about it" he laughed but you bit your lower lip.
"A... actually I didn't tell him" you said that he was surprised then smiled "I see... So that's why I didn't get and angry message from him" he laughed again which you laughed with him.
"Yeah I didn't want to get you in trouble" you said. He was surprised to hear you being kind and sweet. "I'm surprised by you" he said putting his fist on the side of his face.
"What you mean?" You asked with worry in your voice unsure if it was a good thing or not.
"Usually there are girls like her there be snotty and bratty, but you... You are sweet and kind" he said with gentle eyes and a warm smile.
You blush at his comment as you felt your heart beating. "Oh... Oh thank you... I never met a guy like you" you said with a shy smile.
What is this feeling!?! What is he doing to me?
He raised his eyebrow "you never talk to a guy before?" He asked that you shake your head.
"Well you're talking to one now" he said that you was pleased that you wasn't talking to someone who doesn't make you feel uncomfortable.
You went to say something but your friend slammed her hands on the counter making everyone to jump.
"USELESS UTTERLY USELESS YOU CAN'T MAKE SHIT FROM HERE!" She yelled then walked out of the shop forgetting you on the way.
You felt embarrassed then apologize to him for her actions. "Wait your with her? Not a good friend really and she just abandoned you" he said that you held onto your arm.
"Yeah that happens sometimes... But they come back for me... Sometimes..." You said with a low sad tone.
They always leave me... They don't see me, why can't I be perfect for them too?
He frowned at this then offered you a seat. You declined "if she's coming back you can go otherwise you'll be standing" he said that you knew he had a point then applied.
You sat down the seat facing him 'this is just friends do it with male friends, it's not difficult... Right?' you thought but the waitress walked over.
"Heya I'm sorry about the noise of her are you done with your drink?" She asked "no but can my friend here have... What you like?" He asked you that you was shocked that he asked you.
"Uhh... I... I would like to have... F/drink and food please..." You said nervously that the woman writes it down. "Ok we'll have it out soon" she said then walked away from you.
You smile at him "thank you I never had anyone lets me order my own stuff before" you said that he raised his eyebrow.
"Not even Sweet Mask?" He asked that you shake your head. He was surprised then smiled "well here you go" he said.
You felt your heart beating again but harder. You felt your chest hurts from it but you tried not to show it.
Don't let him know that your not perfect! Why am I feeling this! What's wrong with me! Why is he being to nice to me!
Your food came as the woman left but you was staring at it blankly till you heard a voice.
"Hey are you alright? You went silent again" he said that you snapped out of it again "oh sorry I was... Thinking" you said not sure what else to say.
He hummed in reply knowing something was off. You are your food and drink your drink tasting it felt the flavour on your tongue.
He placed his hand on your that made your face red. "If you need to talk or hang out call me or message me" he said giving you his number.
Your mind was racing not knowing what to do or say. He smiles then noticed the time "I better go I'll pay for you and I can drop you home of you like?" He asked but you couldn't find your voice.
He took your silence as a yes as he walks over to pay the food.
You had to think of something but you was walking with him. You tried to tell him it's far but he didn't mind to walk there as he doesn't drive.
You noticed your butler looking around for you that you quickly grabbed Zombieman's arm then pulled him into the alleyway "what's wrong?" He asked that you hold his hand then ran.
He was confused but the way you're face was in pure shock he didn't force it. He followed you till you hit a dead end.
"Fuck! His going to find me!" You whispered that Zombieman was curious and concerned about you. The sound of the tapping echoes throughout the alley coming closer and closer.
You felt your heart beats rapidly as fear and anxiety kicks in making you breathe heavily. Zombieman saw a flower cloth then grabbed it wrapping it around you with a hood around your head.
He grabbed a broken metal leg wrapped it around with the cloth he ripped off then hands it to you. The butler walked over to see Zombieman helping an old lady.
"Now I've told you not to go to alleyways to find your cat. I can do that for you miss" he said that you put on your old lady voice.
"Oh th... Thank you young man... Your so kind... I wonder where Mr. Cuddles went?" You said then walked past him.
"Excuse me sir have you seen a lady this y/height and with c/h by any chance?" He asked that you felt scared of what he meant say.
"No sorry I was helping Miss Poppy here, she lost her cat and thought to wonder here" he said that Butler nods his head.
He was about to say something but got a text message. He takes a look then sighs through his nose then gives him a smile
"Nevermind Sir, she's at home and I need to get some shopping for her meal... Fair well you both" he said then walked away from you both.
Once you both was away from him your knees collapsed onto the concrete floor. You was struggling to breathe and Zombieman was more worried.
He gets down on his knees to help calm you down. "Y/n! It's alright... Y/n!" His voice faded as you collapsed on the floor.
Why did I go out today?!? I don't want to be alone again! Can't I be perfect like him?
You woke up on the couch thinking if it was real. You slowly got up to find yourself in the living room.
"Oh it was a dream..." You said quietly then turned around to see Zombieman kneeling down next to you.
You're eyes widened to see him inside the penthouse and no one was home. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?! You yelled then felt a pain in your head.
"Hey calm down its alright... I took you home" he said that you was shocked that he was worried about you.
"Don't worry no one was home when I got here..." He said then he had something on his mind.
"Are you sure you're alright? I've noticed you've been into panic state and how frustrated you get when something goes the wrong way or you saying you need to be perfect?" He asked.
You felt like tears could fall as your mouth opens but no words coming out. He can see the struggle you are having that he wanted to know more about you.
He got up from the ground then leaned over to you with his cold hand on your cheek making you shocked how cold he was.
But you found it welcoming as you look into his crimson eyes. "If you need me text me" he said then pats you on your head then walked off.
Once he left you sat up leaning to the armrest with your arm out. "Don't GO!" You shouted then pulled your hand away.
"What am I doing? Why would I tell him not to go! No! I'm Amai's girl I can't be friends with him! I... I...." You slowly broke your words unsure what your feeling.
Why does he make me like this! Make it stop! No! more! I can't take it!
Your mind was racing on what to do you love Amai and he loves you! You're his little diamond he would call you, you're his perfect girl... Right?
You slumped down on the couch not sure what to think as your mind raced with confusion on why he was being so nice and caring for your well being?
Amai should do that not him... But why does it feel different when he does it that makes you not afraid. You decided to watch TV to get it out of your mind.
The screen comes on with Amai's show "oh this episode again" you groaned then was about to change it till you notice something different.
You was on the scene "what the...?" You said then where Amai goes to the girl it wasn't him but a different man. "No I can't I am with my husband" the TV you said.
Then the raspy voice spoke they made your eyes widened in shock.
"He will never love you the same as I do, he hurts you he wants you to be his doll to play with!" The figure said then turned around with you.
You saw Zombieman on the screen holding you close then kisses your neck. "No I can't I... Ahhh" the woman groans as you saw then taking off their clothing.
You've seen this episode a thousands of times but this never happened before.
Your arms was around Zombieman's neck as he holds you close to him while you go up and down on him. You turned off the TV with a scream then ran into the bathroom.
'WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT! ISY MIND PLAYING TRICKS OR SOMETHING' You couldn't process what just happened but you clutch your chest tightly.
You want it... You want him!
"No I don't!" You screamed.
Yes you want him!
SHUT UP!" You begged while holding your head.
"I'm Amai's... I can't be with him!" You cried.
"SHUT UPPPPP" you cried then punched the mirror shattering it on the sink and sides. You felt nervous and afraid of what to do but you released what you just done.
You quickly went to clean it up to hear the door open. Amai was shocked to see you picking up glass.
"Am... Amai!" You said in shock then he rushed over to you. "DON'T TOUCH THAT YOU'LL HURT YOURSELF!" He shouted that made you jump.
You backed away from the glass while Amai gets a broom to clean it up. He reminds silent while cleaning up the shards you was feeling anxious.
He finally spoke that made your body tremble "what did you do?" He asked in a tone that was low and calm.
"I... I was washing my hands then... I saw a little insect and I knew it would annoy you so I tried to get it but I throw something to hit it but it... Broke the mirror..." You lied that he glared his eye at you feeling the anger building inside.
He got up then grabbed you hand "then how did you cut your fingers?" He said "by picking up the glass and I slipped then had my first on it" you said hoping he would stop asking questions.
He looks into your eyes then closed them while taking a deep breath. He exhaled then slowly opened his eyes.
"My dear, you need to be careful because you will make me look bad to everyone who doesn't know what happened to you" he said making you feel that guilt again.
He gets up helps you wash and bangages it up "what am I going to do with you?" He asked that you wasn't sure what to say.
He pins you down causing you to let out a shriek. He holds your wrists tightly to prevent you from escaping his grasp.
You struggle but he leans over your body "my dear I hoped you understand the importance of perfection" he said that you nod.
"I do and I'm sorry I didn't want you to..."
"Don't if you get hurt how would that make me feel? I tried to protect you and you get hurt and it breaks my heart from you doing clumsy stuff like that" he said while stroking your cheek.
He grabbed your chin then pulled you into his lips. You felt his tongue pushing into your mouth making you fighting back but it was too much for you to handle.
You gave into him as he pulls you up then dragged you into the bedroom. He throws you on the bed as he unbuttoned his shirt.
"I had a really hard day and I want something from you" he said through his teeth. You knew he was going to have angry sex with you.
He climbed in your kissing your lips then he takes off your clothes. He pumps inside you making you scream in pain as he didn't go easy on your blossom.
You layed there taking every pump into you. Too the point tears was forming in your eyes. You wanted him but the guilt was getting harder and harder to break.
When he came into you he fell asleep, but you was still awake as you walked into the bathroom to clean off the mess he made inside you.
You heard your phone vibrate as you grabbed it to see a number on it. You know who It was as you recognize it.
Hey just wanting to make sure you're alright?
I'm ok...
You changed the name to Fake/n to hide from Amai.
(Zombieman's F/n)
I see want to go to the park I know a great place.
Ok Amai's going out again, my butler would take me there...
(Zombieman's F/n)
Great I'll see you there.
I shouldn't! What if he finds out! I CAN'T I WANT TO BE FREE!
You smile at the phone then walked into the bedroom to sleep on the bed.
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zombiefox89 · 7 days
College Zombie Love
Tumblr media
Part 16
Back to school and the alarming sounds of the alarm clocks ring till they get hit to the point on breaking.
You got up in a mess as you found strength to get out of the comfort of your warm bed.
Winter is coming to make the entire world freezing cold and the snow was going to make it hard to walk on.
If it rains you knew it's going to be slippery to the point someone would fall or you for a matter. You walked down stairs feeling the cold wood hitting your feet making you shiver.
You saw your little brother made breakfast again two toast on the side with egg in a little cup.
Good morning your majesty, did the Princes brought you back from your slumber?" He said bowing his head with his hand on his chest while the other was in the air.
You rolled your eyes playfully "haha very funny" you laughed then sat down on the chair. You are your food and could see Isamu was happy while kicking his legs.
He was happy since yesterday Zombie invite you both to have dinner with his family. He was more happy that you both got to be friends again.
When you both finished you both put on coats as it was getting nippy outside today. You both hold hands walking down the street then splitting off to different directions.
You walked to college to see Saitama and Genos with someone. You looked closely to see Sonic and it looks like they were fighting again and Sonic lost... Again.
You sighed with a smile knowing you didn't have to stop the battle between them. You waved that the boys as Saitama waved back with Genos follow shortly.
"Hey guys what's up... Oh hi Fubuki" you said Fubuki was pissed off with Saitama with her arms crossed. "Hey Y/n and as I was saying, the..." She got interrupted by Sonic.
"I'LL DEFEAT YOU SAITAMAAAAHHHHH!" He was sent off by Fubuki's power sending him into the air. You watched in shock to see him in the air and gone in the bushes.
"As I was saying" the bell rang as Fubuki groans in frustration then stormed off. "What's going on with her?" You asked Saitama then he looks at her.
"Oh she was there? I didn't notice" he said that you looked at him with a deadpan look. 'Why did I ask' you thought but then saw Fubuki looking sad.
You walked over to her to see if she was alright. She noticed you then wiped her tears "can I help you Y/n?" She asked in a huffy tone.
"I thought you wanted to say something if Saitama isn't listening so..." You said with a smile. She sighs then turned to face you.
"My sister doesn't want me to hang out with you or them so I was trying to say..." She stop when she saw your puppy eyes that she blushes.
"I... I uh... WAS HOPING TO SPENT TIME TOGETHER TONIGHT!" She yelled in controllable.
"A sleep over?" You asked tilting your head. "YES! I mean yes if that's alright with you?" She said politely.
You smile at her "sure I'll let my brother know and we are free" you said that she looked like she could scream but she controlled herself.
"Alright I'll gaver my stuff and come over at 6pm" she said then walked away. You went into the classroom writing down the questions on your notebook to answer.
But then you got a text message from Zombie.
Hey can I talk to you at lunch. I have something to ask and I can't wait so could you...
You was confused then what he wanted to say but he replied.
Nevermind, I don't want you to skip class....
I can't hold it and I need to talk to you. But if you do meet me up at the roof please.
You wondered what he wanted to talk about and the thought was racing on what it was. When break came you told your friends about it.
"He wants to talk and can't wait till school ends?" Metal bat asked. You nod in a reply while looking at your phone unsure what to make of this.
"I don't know what he wants to say but... I'm scared of what he wants to say" you said feeling nervous.
"So your going to skip class to go to see Zombieman?" Saitama asked "he wants to see me before people come out of their classes" you said.
Garou smiles with an idea "hehe, I have a plan" he said with determination in his voice. "And what are you going to do?" You asked that he clicks his tongue while waving his finger.
"That's the surprise" he said that you trusted him hoping his ideas works. When the bell rang you and the others got into class to sit down on your seats.
Halfway to the lesson you need to go then Garou nods his head then grabbed something out of his pocket.
You, Metal bat, Saitama and Genos was staring at him with wonder on what's his planing as he pulls out was... Gum.
'Gum? That's his plan?' you thought dumbfounded but when Garou opened it Silver Fang stopped mid writing on the chalkboard.
The room went silent and intense was filled the room making it uneasy. "Garou...?" Silver Fang spoke in a intimating tone then slowly turning his head to his side eye looking at Garou.
"Do you have plenty to share for the whole class?" He asked that everyone's heads was facing at Garou like seagulls with eyes glued on him.
Garou quickly shave more gum in his mouth with wrappers and paper flying.
"Seize him" he said in a calm tone as the students jumped up to grab one from him.
"RUN YOU FOOLS!" Garou shouted that you sneaked out. You saw Garou's hand going down with a thumbs up then disappeared into the crowd.
You was honoured by his sacrifice then ran to the stairs to the roof. You made it up to the top to see Zombie leaning over the bars.
You walked up to him to see what he was looking at. Zombie turn around to see you then smiled "I hope you don't get in trouble with the teacher" he said in a apologize look.
You felt nervous on what he going to say but he jumped over the bar and on the edge of the roof. You was is shock to see what he was doing but he stopped you.
"No, I want to say something" he said that you was worried about his safety.
"When we met and you and I became closer then before... But at dinner I wanted to talk to you but I was afraid of what you might say" he said that you felt the same.
"I wanted to asked you something..." he paused that you slow lean up to him "Will you go to prom with me!" He said while blushing.
You was stunned but smiled softly then put your hands on his "yes... I will go to prom with you" you said that he was happy as he pulls you into a hug.
You embrace him feeling his body to yours was welcoming. You missed his embrace since you miss his sent and touch was enough to make you weak to your knees.
He breaks away from you then sat down on the bench with you. You both talked about the things that's been going on and catching up on things.
You love to talk to him like this it's nice to be around him again like old times. But you for some strange reason you felt like something would ruin it again.
After lunch you walked down the hallway to see Amai reading something. You tried to sneak past him but you felt a hand on your shoulder making you jump.
"Trying to sneak away hmm? He hummed softly making you nervous. "There's a prom coming up and I was wondering if you want to be my date to the prom?" He asked.
"Actually I have a..." "Great I'll pick you up at 6" he said that confused you while he walks away. You stood there in confusion on what he said then snapped out if it.
"No! Amai I already have a date!" You yelled "yeah with me!" He said that you felt like your heart dropped.
"Oh no not again..." You groaned wanted to get away from this. You remembered that Fubuki was coming over tonight "I need to talk to her" you said then got on with your class.
When you got back to class you saw Garou in bangages head to toe. "Garou are you alright?" You asked in shock feeling guilty of his sacrifice to let you sneak away.
"I'm good, just a scratch" he replied that the guys look at him with wtf faces. "You got surrounded by savage students and got injured, and that's is why we don't gum in school" Genos said.
Saitama was chowing on some then turned to look at Genos with a worried look "really?" He asked "Yes Sensei... Are you eating gum?" He asked tilting his head.
Saitama stopped chowing "noooo..." He lied as his eyes slowly drift to the side. Genos then became into defensive mod "don't worry Sensei, I'll protect you!" He said that Saitama shakes his head.
You giggled at them but the thought of Amai and Zombie asked you to prom and that made you worry about losing Zombie again.
After school Isamu texted you about staying over to Metal bat's sister that night as you and Fubuki walked down the street heading home.
You noticed Fubuki was nervous as she never had a sleepover before. You both arrived at the house then takes off your shoes off.
She looks around the place in amazement while walking around. You knew Fubuki has a luxury house with fancy things but it didn't mind her to see your home different to hers.
You went to make dinner which Fubuki offered to help you with the side dishes. While making the food Fubuki noticed you was looking down.
"Something up? She asked that you snapped out of your thoughts then looked at her.
"Oh sorry what thinking about something else... I noticed you was acting funny today" you said that made her frown with a hint of sadness in her eyes.
"Sorry I was trying to say that we shouldn't be friends anymore... But... I do enjoy hanging out with you and the guys... Well mostly you" you said that made you laugh.
She giggled as well but died down when she looked at the lettuce.
"My sister doesn't want me to depend on people and be around them... So I tried to leave but you made it hard to let go..." She said.
You remembered she was alway a mean girl in her school and people were nervous to be around her.
But when she tried to bully Saitama he helped her with her book wen she failed to get him to join her group.
She even tried to bully you at one point but you was always friendly to her and she never knew why.
Till you said the words "do you feel alone? I do sometimes but I have my little brother to take care off and I bet you do the same with your little sister" you said smiling at her with a big grin on your face.
You was shocked when you found out she was the youngest that blow your mind.
She felt a tear in her eye then wipe it with her finger. She smiled at you then had the thought of what Zombie asked.
"Oh what did he say to you?" She asked that you blush "he asked me to go to the prom with him" you said shyly.
Her eyes widened then hugged you "aawww how cute! Are you both going back together again?!?" She asked then noticed your sad expression.
"What's wrong?" She asked with worry in her voice. "I want to get back together but... I bumped into Amai and he asked me out to the prom as well" you said that she was shocked then frowned.
"Did you tell him you was already taken?!?" She said with determined in her voice. "Yes and he said its with him" you said almost cutting you're finger.
Fubuki was annoyed that Amai had to ruin your relationship with Zombie again but she wasn't going to let him.
She helped dish up the food then sat down to watch a scary movie. Fubuki had a thought that made her lip curled.
Would you let Zombie bite you?" She asked that you wasn't really paying attention to what she said "what?" You replied turned your head around to face her.
"I said would you let a Zombie bite you?" She asked that you had a thought about it. If it's something of a thing of love and I want to be with them till I'm dead, yeah... Why?" You asked raising an eyebrow at her.
You saw her face with a cheeky grin which made you realised she wasn't talking about the zombies in the movie. "I knew you would" she giggled while your face turns bright red.
"NO IT'S NOT LIKE THAT!" You tried to get your words out but she was laughing so much to the point she couldn't hear you.
You tackled her down trying to make her stop but could help but laugh as well. When you both slowly stop laughing you put your head back on the couch staring at the ceiling.
"I do miss him, and I want us to get back together but Amai isn't going to let that happen if he's... Trying to ruin it" you said that Fubuki leans over placing her head on your shoulder.
She could see you was devastated by the break up and you wasn't eating or sleeping for the loss of your relationship that ment everything to you.
Fubuki didn't want that to happen again. She didn't want to see that side of you again. She must help her friend who's was always there for her.
You both went to bed late as you was fast asleep but Fubuki was trying to think of a plan to enjoy themselves and stop Amai.
She's going to need help with it.
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zombiefox89 · 8 days
Toxic Tears
Tumblr media
The Reader and Amai is in a relationship things seem fine and perfect. But behind the masks aren't what they seem.
When the Reader becomes friends with a hero and started to have feelings for him but is now a love secret.
This contains Toxic relationship, focused sex, manipulation, sexual/abuse, masterbating, sex, kinks, suicidal thoughts/ attempt suicide.
Note this story will be long as well will be the others.
Bold words are like this, that means you're thoughts behind the mask is whispering in your head.
If you're have been or in a toxic relationship that you can't get out of it. Please seek help and tell friends and family to support you.
I want to thank the people who voted for giving me a chance to share this story with all of you. And I hope you enjoy this and have a beautiful day. ❤️
If this makes you uncomfortable you don't have to read this.
Just you know you are loved and support for you're well being.❤️
Amai Mask the A Class Hero Rank 1 was always loved by fans. His been in movies, music shows and talk shows.
Women loved him and would fall for he's feet for him. But he was the man who wants justice in the world and make peace to all people.
But the monsters he hates the most killing them without mercy he was the guy to charm those around him.
When he's done and comes home to his girlfriend doing her daily routines. He loves his girl more then anything.
But you know the truth.
He is a perfectionist and everything must be perfect. His penthouse, car, his clothes/ hair everything.
Even you have to be perfect for him if something isn't perfect he gets angry.
He definitely hate when he is late for thing like last time when Metal bat had a argument with him.
Amai was always working and when he comes home he would bring gifts for you and spend time with you.
You would smile and give him all the love you give to him and be the perfect girl for him.
But there is always sadness in your mask.
You knew him better then anyone and how he change. When you both was at a party with the staff members.
One of the men was playfully flirting with you.
You didn't see any harm in it as it was playful, but Amai would see this and gets jealous. come over to your side and puts his arm around your waist.
You knew he wasn't happy by how tight his grip on your waist making you grunt at the pain.
After the party you both head home but he would be in silence on the way there.
He would get angry with you and call you put on cheating on him. No matter how much you say you wasn't he wouldn't listen.
He would grab your wrists tightly even made you weep. He would give you gifts and apologies to you about hurting you and tells you he loves you over and over again.
But no matter what you never believe him or felt anything.
You was chatting to the female staff and heroes to avoid getting in trouble with Amai getting jealous. You always smile everytime to be perfect.
But when you go home alone you looked yourself in the mirror. You never saw your face... All you see is a fake mask in front of you.
You're not perfect.
Your mind raced that you heard voices in your head getting louder and louder till you wanted to scream.
"Darling, I'm back!" He said that your eyes widened then closed them to take a breath. You walked out to see him in his blue shirt with a white scarf around his neck and white pants.
You walked up to him giving him a hug "hi Hun how did the shoot go?" You asked sweetly.
He kissed you lips then pulled away "it went well but I can't stay I have to get to the studio for a song to sing" he said that you felt sad.
"Oh... I thought we could have dinner and watch something tonight" you said that he looks at you with a sigh. "I know but I have a lot to do" he said then walked off.
"But I thought maybe you can put it off for one day?" You asked that he stop his tracks then turned his head to you.
"You know I can't... This is important to me and you know how Important it is" he said grabbed your cheeks.
You looked into his yellow eyes being soft "I thought it would be nice to take a..." You felt his thumb pushing down on your cheek hard.
You felt the pain in your cheek making you grunt in pain "honey I don't need a break, everything I do needs to be perfect" he said through his teeth.
"I'm sorry... I... I was thinking about it but it's important... I won't stop you" you cried softly. He released your cheek then rubs it gently.
"Oh baby I'm sorry I just don't want to be late and the thought of you wanting to spend time with me is sweet" he said
"But I need to go, I love you and I'll be back tomorrow" he said then closed the door. You felt tears falling from your face but not feeling anything.
You hanged your head low as you watched a movie on your own till you passed out. You woke up early to find that Amai isn't back home yet which made you feel alone in the penthouse.
You cooked, cleaned, bathed and watch the new of some actions. You was watching a romantic film seeing the two love each other made you feel empty inside.
You noticed the time to see it was late at night and Amai wasn't back again. You felt frustrated as you walked into your bedroom to get your toy.
You was bored and wanted something exciting. You turned on the TV to find something that would turn you on. But nothing was getting you off.
You groan in frustration then throw the remote the change the channel to the horror.
You watched monster movies to see if it was interesting. You started to pump the toy inside you feeling it but you wanted the real thing.
You watched a zombie film that you felt more pleasure then the others. You moaned then passed out on the couch till morning came.
You felt a hand on your shoulder causing you to wake up to see Amai hovering over the couch. "What are you sleeping on the couch and not our bed?" He asked.
You started to got up feeling tired and confused "you said you was coming home yesterday but you never came" you said that he rolled his eyes.
"Ugh some ugly monsters decided to interupted my singing and the building was under construction so I had to move to a different city to get it working" he said.
He leads over to kiss you on the lips but grabbed the toy "what's this?" He asked that you was thinking an lie.
"I had someone sent this for us so I... Thought we could use it in bed?" You asked feeling nervous but wanted him to get the idea of him staying the night with you.
He glared at you with disgust "Hun this is just a toy and a pile of trash, we don't need this" he said then throws it into the bin.
He then pause for a second then turned with a angry glare over his shoulder that your body began to shake in fear.
You knew that look he would look at heroes how isn't perfect. And he would look at you like that if you was around men or friends with males for him to get an idea of you cheating on him.
"Are you thinking of someone?" He growled in a harsh and threatening tone. "N... No I... I was thinking to try something new... That's all..." You shuttered as he walks up to you.
You felt scared then flinched when he raised his hand to you. He placed it on your cheek stroking it.
"My dear... I would want to but that isn't a helpful thing... So be a good girl" he said then something popped into his head.
"Oh I have a dress for you to wear to a party and I want you to try it on" he said that you felt uneasy about it. But you held your tongue avoiding argument.
You grabbed the dress then walked into the bedroom with Amai. He watched you strip down to put the dress on.
"Beautiful my dear, just marvelous " he said clapping his hands.
You smile then take if off but slowly to get him aroused but he was on his phone with a co worker. You sighed in defeat then put it away in its case.
"Hello, yes the dress fits well... we'll be there tomorrow night" he then hanged up.
He walked out of the room but you clutch on his arm "Hun... Can we have a bit of fun before you go?" You asked that he sighs.
"Y/n dear you know I have to go and make sure the staff is ready" he said. You frown at him "then could I invite my friends?" You asked.
He turns his head so see you clutching his arm but you let go then tidied him up as you placed your hands on your thighs. "Sorry I shouldn't had grabbed you" you bowed your head.
"No I don't want you getting drunk or exhausted for tomorrow, we have much to do" he said brushing off his sleeve. He walks out of the room leaving you alone again.
You don't mind him not being home but his put off sex with you for a month now since he's been busy with work and meetings.
You want him to stay to comfort you but it always makes you weak under him. He used to be loving and caring around you that made your heart flutter.
You didn't care about the gifts, the money or the house your in. You wanted his love and being with him made you happy.
But that was a lie for the media, eyes were on you both and he showed them his love for you.
You always thought it would be great to be with a model/ hero who would care of you and come home to his loving girlfriend to spend time with him and share stories.
But you felt like a model for him to dress up, show the world and puts you in the closet to have sex and dress up again when he needed you.
You broke down crying on the couch feeling unwanted and miserable that you thought about commit suicide multiple times but failed.
He hired a maid and a butler to keep their eyes on you when Amai found you on the floor with painkillers beside you.
When you was in the hospital people was wondering why but Amai made sure they didn't see him as the one that drove you off to do such a thing.
You always had bruises on your body from the rough sex they where always hidden where the public can't be see. When you failed to do what you was told he punished you for it.
He would be angry with you for not being grateful and that would make you guilty. For him to giving you gifts and love he can give. But you wanted to take to Demon Cyborg for being in an S Class hero that time.
And that was his jealousy from thinking he was going to take you away from him, and he hates it that's when he went harsh on the man.
You always ended up crying in the shower to muffin your sobs. When you're alone you cry yourself to sleep everyday.
But when he comes home you put of the mask to hide your sadness from him as it's not perfect to him.
When the aliens he rushed over there to see the place destroyed and that didn't help with his mood at all.
Since A City was destroyed he had angry sex with you but you felt nothing inside just a doll to him to take his frustration on.
You felt like a bird in a cage and the only friends you had were gone since he would drag you away from them or you had to lie to them.
They left cause you was always busy with him and not spending time with them was heartbreaking to watch them leave. Even if your lips were sealed shut.
Amai gave you new friends but they were snobby assholes that gossip to others about secrets and backstab others to get their way.
You hated them but have to put on a smile and play their games for Amai's sake.
I hate it.
You sleep till morning comes feeling like shit you groaned in your hands. You get off the comfort of your bed the hopped in the shower.
Feeling the hot water hits your skin as you stare at the floor. 'I knew to be perfect' you thought then took a deep breath then got out of the shower.
You get ready for the day till the party. You walked out of the shower to see Amai looking at his script of a movie he is practicing for.
He notices you then smiles "hello my sweet honey bun, you look beautiful as always" he said as he takes you're hand then placed a kiss on it.
You smile at his comment "oh stop it you" you said blushing "So you doing a movie again?" You asked then thought about something.
"Can I come this time?" You asked that he smiles "you want to see me work huh, very well, just... Be good ok?" He said sweetly.
You knew you can't talk to men when he gave you that look again when he hides it in his aggressive tone in his voice.
The sweetness in him was out but the aggressive tone behind the words was hidden to those who can't hear it.
"Yes sir" you said finally then had a sandwich then head out with him with your arm around his. He pulls you closer to you with his hand on your hip.
He pulls out his car keys to open his fancy red car. He lets you in first then himself. Once in the car he drove to the theater.
You watched the people passing by and seeing couples and kids making your loneliness more empty of your feelings.
You turned your head to look at Amai driving. You wasn't sure what to do but you thought putting you hand on his thigh.
"Darling as nice as it is please don't distract me when I'm driving" he said that you quickly moved your hand way from him then placed them into yours.
"I'm sorry Amai..." You said shyly as you looked out the window again to see the happy on the couple. You couldn't but help feel jealous about it...
Where's the point on being happy? You need to be perfect for him.
Arrived at the theatre he lets you out of the car as he holds out his hand for you. You take it and into the bright sun hits your eyes.
No... That's not the sun... It was people, his fans taking photos of him then saw you. They were talking about you both as they whispered into each other and talking about it.
They are watching you! Be perfect! Don't mess up! BE PERFECT!
You smile at the people as Amai was pleased to see then waved at him fans leaving them to scream in joy.
You looked at the girls to see them smile at you both.
They hate you! Because you're with him and not them! They are eyes of jealousy!
You felt uncomfortable but put on a happy face as Amai was walking to the building. When the doors closed you softly sighed in relief not wanting to see the eyes again.
A young male staff comes over with a clipboard in his hand. He was wearing a black cap with the theatres logo on it. As well with his uniform.
You wanted to say something to the man SILENCE! But held your tongue as you looked at Amai. He smiles at the man.
"My apologies, she's shy around people" he said that the man nodded understanding but couldn't stop looking at you which didn't like what Amai was seeing.
He pulls you into him again with his head on top of yours "come my dear we'll be late" he said then walked off as he kissed your cheek.
The man got the message as he felt nervous on the look he gave him. You knew he was going to say something about firing him but you pulled his face to your lips hoping it would calm him down.
He pulls away from you with lowered eyes staring down at you with a smile. "You little rascal, but thank you for that" he said then kissed you again.
He walked away from you as he talks to the director about his thoughts on the script again.
You watch from a far seeing him act with style and movements that would make a girl swoon over for. You didn't feel that just emptiness your eyes were dull and dim.
Like a doll staring at nothing but an empty void. "Excuse me miss? A voice broke your thoughts then noticed the same guy from before.
"I was wondering if you want something to drink?" He asked that you felt panic making you dart around the room looking for a way out.
He noticed you was breathing heavily "are you alright miss? Do you want so water!" He asked in a panic then ran off to get water for you.
You ran into the bathroom then locked the door. You put your hands on the wall throwing up into the toilet while clutching on your chest.
You teared up fearing the worse of the boys future and what will Amai do to him. You took some deep breaths then walked out of the bathroom.
You saw him looking around for you causing you to hide again. He then saw Amai then talked to him. Amai takes your drink then walked over to find you.
You popped out of your hiding place then walked up to him. "Where did you go?" He asked "I was in the bathroom" you said that he nods then hands you a drink.
"The young man told me he tried to give you this but you were gone" he said "your not going to fire him by talking to me... Are you?" You said softly with sad eyes to him.
"No I'm not, I wanted to give it to you instead" he said sweetly. You nod then take a sip of the water to calm down your nerves.
You watching him act and avoiding people as possible. You felt exhausted by hiding away from them when Amai isn't around.
The clock went to minutes to hours making it a living hell for you. You felt guilty on not talking to the people but it was for your own good.
When Amai's finished his acting he notices the time. "We must be going we got a party to go to" he said then puts his arm around your hips then head off outside.
Then you both got into the car Amai changed "what did he say to you that made him worried" he said in a low tone.
You're eyes widened knowing you made the man worried about you.
I wasn't feeling well and I had to go to the bathroom because of something I ate" you lied that Amai thought about it then remembered the sandwich you had.
"Mmm you do have a point" he said to himself then clocked his tongue. "But please don't make a scene like that again" he said with his professional tone.
You nod your head in understanding. You went home to get dressed up for the party as you was wearing your dress and he was wearing his white suit.
You both drove down the Hero Association to see guests and heroes. You both were greeted by a man called Sitch as he shakes Amai's hand then went to shake yours.
You avoid the men's hand but Amai spoke "forgive her, this is Y/n she's quite shy around people" he said with a closed eyes smile.
"Oh that's alright there's nothing to be afraid of plus we have heroes here to protect you and any dangers" Sitch chuckled warmly.
You was nervous of what happens if you did but know his looking at you to take his hand. You shake his hand with a smile on your face "n.. Nice to meet you" you said said shyly.
He smiles at you then placed his other hand on top of his "don't worry young lady, if you feel scared Amai here will protect you" he said joyfully.
Amai chuckled lightly "I always do" he said. Why you leave me alone... You nod your head then he walked off to greet the other guests.
Amai grabbed your shoulder then leans over "If you act like what happened again, go outside" he said with a soft face but the tone wasn't.
You have to be perfect.
You went to get something to eat as you throw up your lunch and get some drinks while avoiding people and the heroes.
You noticed the room was full of people chatting about stuff. But then a man with glasses and a bold spot on his head asked you a question that startled you.
"I've heard you're with Sweet mask? Is that true?" The man asked then a woman in a brown well done bun in her hair came over.
"Is he handsome as ever?" She asked then people started to form around you asking questions after questions.
Their voices was getting louder and louder to the point you started to have a panic attack.
The rooms were spinning to see them as dark figures with their eyes like spotlights shining on you. They are everywhere and no escape to run to.
It was overwhelming you felt like passing out but a hand grabbed your arm then yanking you put of the peering eyes.
You felt hands on your shoulders not knowing who but a raspy voice spoke "hey give her space" the man said then pulls you outside.
You lean over the bars trying not to throw up then turned to save your savour "thank you I..." You paused.
You saw the man wearing his grey trench coat black singlet with multiple belts around his body and black stitched up pants.
His face was in a frown but you could tell his eyes was gentle. The red crimson eyes was staring back into yours.
You couldn't look away from them. "I... I am Y/n and I am..." He cuts you off "Amai's girl I know, I'm Zombieman" he said as he lights up a cigarette.
You was surprised that he knew... Well that was lie you knew Amai must had told him already. "He told me about you" he said putting his lighter away.
"He did..." You asked that he nods then takes his cigarette out of his mouth. "Yeah... He told me to stay away from you as well... He hates me" he said blowing out smoke.
"He told me about you too... He told me that you are a" "monster? Yeah I know" he said with a soft grunt in his voice.
You put your hand down to look at the floor not knowing what to say.
You shouldn't be here with him!
You thought about leaving and going back to the party. "How's he treating you?" He asked.
You looked up from the ground to see his facing away from you but his eye was staring at you.
"He treats me well and he's really sweet when you get to know him better" you said sweetly with a smile. He hums as a response then takes a drag watching the fire burn the paper.
Get away! GO BACK!
You felt uneasy as you start to make your way back to the party. "Well I better go it was nice meeting you Zombieman" you said then walked a few steps away from him.
"Why are you crying?" He said while smoking comes out. You stopped dead on your tracks with your eyes widened.
Does he see me!
You slowly turned your head to see him looking at you. "W... What? I'm not..." He then put out his cigarette in his hand then walked over to you.
You backed away from him then your back hits the brick wall. You saw him getting closer and closer to you making you quiver in fear.
He puts his hand up as you quickly flinched feeling tears in your eyes waiting for the strike. Nothing happened.
You slowly opened your eyes to see he was taking something out of your hair.
"You had a leaf in your hair... Are you sure you're alri..." He paused as he saw the fear in your eyes while your body trembles.
He went to defensive mode now as he holds your shoulders "hey it's alright! I'll go get Amai!" He said then went to run off but you grab his coat.
You yelled with a lump in your throat. "Please... I'm sorry I'll do better! Please don't... Please!" You begged him. He saw you crying and begging him not to made him think.
"Ohh... Ok it's alright" he said putting his arms around you as he softly rubbed his hands around your back. He was softly spoken to calm you down but... You felt better and calmer.
I felt safe and the way he was being caring was nice. You felt warm to his cold body pressing against you.
He slowly pulls away from you staring into his red eye you saw stars in them from the night sky. His face lighting up by the moon was breath taking.
He's handsome face was beautiful You blush at the sight as you couldn't look away from him.
You wasn't sure if your eyes was tricking your was he getting closer. "You feeling ok?" He asked that you stopped then blinked twice.
"What? Oh ye... yeah!" You said in surprised and blushing red. You cleared your throat then saw Amai looking around for you.
"I have to go... It was nice meeting you" you said then ran off "You too..." He said. You went to Amai but he looked annoyed"where have you been?" He asked through his teeth.
"People was asking me too much questions and I needed air" you said that he nods "well we better go I just found out, I have to stay here to a meeting so I'll drop you home" he said annoyed.
He takes your hand then walked you out you followed behind but caught Zombieman on the back watching you.
When you both got home he dropped you off then kissed your cheek then drove off. You got in changed into your PJ's then layed in bed.
You brought out your emergency vibrater to pleasure yourself with. While using it and touching yourself you moaning and groaning as you pump yourself with the toy.
Your mind raced with a strange feeling that was... Different.
No... This is wrong! You can't!
"Ohaahhh Zombieman!" You moaned but you covered your mouth quickly in shock. "Am I thinking about another man!... No I can't... But...I..." you said weakly.
You blush at the thought of his embrace and how his hands hold you and how gentle he was was heavenly and sweet.
You couldn't control yourself as you thought about him.
This is so wrong... But why do I want more!
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zombiefox89 · 10 days
Golden Hearts
Tumblr media
Part 7
Zombieman woke up having a bad feeling as he gets up rushed over to the living room door. He opens it to see you still sleeping on the couch with you're wings covering your body.
He quietly walks to the kitchen to get something to eat but noticed your eye was open.
You slowly raised up from your slumber to see Zombieman holding eyes.
"Ah your awake... How did you sleep?" He asked that you let out a yawn then put your dragon claws down on the carpet.
Zombieman noticed you was in your dragon form that he puts his hand on his hip. "Y/n" he said firmly that you rolled your eyes then turned into your mid human form.
He was about to say about your tail and horns but didn't want to argue. "Whatever makes you feel comfortable" he said while cooking.
You walked over to the bathroom then entered. You came out coughing up bubbles and gagging.
"That's soap, not food" he said that you watched your tongue under the sink.
You felt better then the smell hits your nose causing you to follow it to him. He notices you was staring at him made him smile.
"You want to try?" He asked that you walked over to him then felt his back pressing against your back. He was helping you with the eggs then let's you handle it on your own.
"That's it your getting better then last time" he said praising you. You wagged your tall feeling happy to be praised.
Zombieman finished up then turned around to see you cooking well. He smiles then dishes up the food then sat down with you to eat.
When food was gone he had to go to work putting on his coat and boots. He grabbed your collar then had to fight with you to put it on.
He finally puts it on you making you grumpy and hissing at him. He dust his hands off then crossed his arm then noticed he other one was on the floor across the room.
"Yeah that be a few minutes to heal" he said while covering in claw marks and bite marks.
He takes you outside but you refused to move. He sighs then pushed you out but you wouldn't budge. "Why are dragons so stubborn!" He grumbled while pushing you.
You was not amused then something caught your eye. A woman with a diamond necklace was so shiny you couldn't look away.
You hopped on the bars then flew down to grab it but Zombieman tackled you down on the ground leaving cracks around you.
You tried to go of her but Zombieman holds onto your snout. "Down girl! Sorry about that Miss" he said in a apologetic lookthen dragged you away from her.
When you both were out of view Zombieman wasn't pleased with you. "What the hell was that? You could had killed that woman!" He said that you frowned at him.
"It's not my fault she had a gem around her fleshy neck easy to rip out" you growled. He was in disbelief on what you said then his face went to anger.
"You need to listen to me because you're in my care" he said then tapped on the heart shaped tag that annoyed you.
"Well I'm not a pet I am a..." He cuts you off rolling his eyes "dragon, I know I get it" he said that made you more angry with him.
"You know what you are?" He asked that made you tilt your head in confusion. "A bad dragon" he said folding his arms.
"Bad dragon? BAD DRAGON! YOU WANT TO SEE A BAD DRAGON!" You roared growing bigger and bigger into your dragon form.
He realized what you was doing then backed away then grabbed some next to him.
"THEN I'LL SHOW YOU WHO'S S A BAD DRAG... Smack!" Something hits your nose making you stop yourself then looked down at him.
"Did you just throw a rolled up paper at me?" You asked that Zombieman was holding another.
You lower your head to his level "you little... Smack!" He hits you with the newspaper on your nose again.
"Bad dragon, what did I say about turning into a dragon outside! You can't scare people and heroes will go after you!" He shouted at you.
You was confused by this but the way he said it in his angry face you felt like a puppy being punished for the first time.
You layed your head on the ground with big eyes staring at him. "Now you are going to behave and not cause any trouble" he said strictly.
You whined like a pup then nod at him. You turned back into your mid human form then got up from the floor.
You felt ashamed with your head low then saw him holding the short leash for you to stay close to him.
"Since you've been bad, your on the short leash today till you behave" he said walking down the street with you next to him.
You noticed people looking at you strangely as whispers was heard. You was blushing red then looked at Zombieman frowning at him.
'Who does he think he is ordering me like a dog! I should burn him alive! That would teach him not to... To...' You started to feel strange in your chest.
'What is this? This feels strange... I never felt like this before? What spell did he do to me?' your mind races to figure out what it was.
But nothing came.
When Zombieman got shopping done a monster came out of the sewer. The smell was horrible that you felt like throwing up your breakfast.
The monster was a glump of body fluids and the eyes were bloodshot with yellow liquid dripping down in his eyes.
You both was disgusted by the monster and not wanting to touch it. You noticed a man riding his bike charging in screaming with fury.
You and Zombieman looked at him in confusion till he got closer. "JUSTICE TACKLE!" He yelled then jumped on the ramp then entered into the monster.
'WHHHHAAAA?!?!?! HE WENT IN! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THAT HUMAN!?!" You was in shock but you felt Zombieman letting go of your leash then pulled out both of his guns.
"Guy got balls" Zombieman said with a smirk then fired his bullets hitting the monster. But it appears to get sucked into the monster.
The monster laughed at the failed attempt as he points at the hero. His eyes looped around to taunt him as a smile formed in his face.
"An S Class Hero? And he can't hit me BRHAHAHA! Now the other fool will drown in my waste and never be cleaned again!" He yelled as puddles of yellow liquid came out of his eyes.
Zombieman pushed you then dodged out of the way while trying to figure out how to defend him and get Muman Rider out safely.
You watched from a far to see the moves of Zombieman fighting. He finds a fire hydrant then puts his fingers to his mouth then whistles at you.
You looked at him to see him points at the fire hydrant. You rolled your eyes then ran over to hit it with your tall breaking it causing the water to pop out.
You placed your tail on the water to hit the sewer monster causing it to cry out in pain. Muman Rider gasps for air but the smell made him throw up.
Zombieman rushed over to get him out but was grabbed by the sewer monsters body. He got sucked in making you shocked to see him disappeared.
"Zombieman!" You yelled then turned into a full dragon. The monster was shocked to see you as he started to stutter his words. "Yo... You are su... Surpost to be on our side!" He yelled.
But you wasn't listening to him then put your claws into his slimy body. You grab the two heros out then grabbed onto something.
You then ripped it out to find a bike that was attached to a gem on its wheel. Your eyes widened to see it then grabbed the gem out of the bikes wheel bending the bars only it.
You toss the bike then looked at the gem in your hands. But then it broke into pieces then floated away like dusy.
"Ahhh come on" you growled then noticed Muman Rider holding his bike. You turned back to your mid human form but saw his face was saddened to see his bike was broken.
He then smiles at you and Zombieman "thanks for the help, now I'll have to get another bike" he said feeling the sadness in his voice made you feel bad.
You grab his bike then let out a flame to melt the metal then bend it back to normal. "There it's fixed" you said that he was happy to see it fixed up.
He grabbed your hand shaking it "thank you Miss I appreciate it... Oh thank you for saving my life" he said then rode off.
You was confused but the warm feeling on helping someone made you happy. Zombieman pats your head causing you to blush.
"Let's go home" he said that you smiled then turned into a dragon again then grabbed his shoulders. "Huh? Wha!?! Wait! Not again!" He yelled.
When you both got home Zombieman was annoyed by you doing that but he couldn't argue as he didn't want to walk around with the stuff the monster had on him.
He notices you was looking at your scales in disgust. "I need to wash" you said that Zombieman got up to grab a towel for you to use the shower.
He walked out of the bathroom to see you but naked while cleaning yourself with your long slivering tongue.
He was shocked to see what you was doing "Y/n what are you doing! You can't do that here!" He yelled while feeling his face heating up.
"This is how we clean ourselves plus if there was another dragon we would clean each other" you said.
Zombieman had a thought of you washing and a different dragon cleaning each other made his face turned darker grey.
"AHH ok, I'll show you how to wash yourself!" He said covering his eyes. He grabbed the long towel then wrapped around your shoulders.
He takes you into the bathroom "you use the tub" he said that you was confused but shrugged.
You entered the tub then turned on the tap for the shower head to rain cold water on your back.
You shriek in shock then went to set it on fire that Zombieman stopped you. "Ok, ok I'll warm it up for you..." He said then noticed you was looking at the shower head.
He could see you was going to set fire on it so he sighs then blush. "I'll... I'll join you ONLY for you to learn so you can do this yourself" he said feeling embarrassed.
He takes off his clothes then went into the tub with you behind him. He went to turn on the tap but felt you're hands on his shoulders.
"What are youuAAAHHH!" He yelped as he felt your long tongue on his back. "What are you doing!" He asked in a shocked tone.
"Cleaning you" you said that he felt your tongue licking around his upper back. He felt his body weird as he noticed you was in front of him then press your body against him.
He was trying to back away from you but you wrapped your tall around his leg. You licked his bare chest but noticed his scar that made you retract your tongue.
"You got injured?" You asked that he touches his scar. "That was years ago" he said that you nuzzle up to it.
He was pale then ever before as your breasts pressing against him again. "Y/n please don't..." His voice betrays him as you start to lick his scar going down on him.
He then snapped out of it then realised what you was doing. He stopped you before you could go any further.
You was confused on why he stopped you but noticed his "Y/n! Please don't" he said feeling nervous on what you might do.
You got up to his chest as Zombieman felt your sliva on his body. "Now I can show you how we clean ourselves" he said then turned on the shower.
I hits you're back as you let out a small yelp feeling the hot water running down you're back. He grabbed a sponge then rubs up and down on your back.
You felt strange but you started to enjoy it. You felt his hand washing your body makes you feel safe and happy.
He then washed your stomach as he hands you the sponge but you refused to take it. He continues to was your chest feeling your breasts.
He washed your hair, arms, legs, tail, horns and your privates. You felt weird at first but enjoy it.
When he was done you wanted a turn then take his sponge.
You washed his back to his chest he was unsure what was going on but he could see you wasn't bothered with it.
You washed his stomach then saw his member.
You poked it making him jump then walked back with a few steps. You giggled that his reaction then washed his legs but you couldn't help but to stare.
"Y/n quit staring..." He said said hiding his member from you. You crack a smile at him "aw you humans make funny faces when they are embarrassed" you said wagging your tail.
You got up then he got out with his towel around his waist. You groaned at him "aww you look cute like that" you said that his cheeks turned deep grey.
"Sh... Shut up..." He stuttered that made you giggled at him. You shake your body to get rid of the water on your body then walked out naked.
"Y/n could you put some clothes on, would ya" he said looking away from you. You smile then went into his room to put on some clothes.
He walked into his room to find his clothes gone then turned to see you wearing them. He notices you was wearing his old clothes on.
You smirked at him as you pull up his tan brown pants up and his black shirt. He smiles then looks up and down on you.
"It suits you" he said that you was surprised but you blush at his words. "Th... Thank you" you said nervously unsure what to feel.
You then layed on the couch feeling his clothes on your body knowing it's big but comfy to you.
Zombieman walked over to see you sleeping soundly he puts a blanket on you. "Good night, Y/n" he whispered softly then walked into his room.
But you opened your eyes wondering "am I a bad dragon?" You asked softly that he smiles. "You was but after what you did no" he said that you nod then had a thought.
"What's a bad dragon and have you see them?" You asked that he wasn't sure if he's seen one but he pulls out his phone to look it up.
The next day you woke up to see Zombieman looking different as he looks like he hasn't slept. "You alright?" You asked but no reply just sipping on his coffee.
"So am I a bad dragon?" You asked that he spat it out. "I rather not say and... I'm not going to call you that anymore" he said blushing.
You was confused then remembered there's the internet to help but he throw his laptop in the closet with padlock and key.
Zombieman now knew what bad dragon is to this day.
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zombiefox89 · 11 days
Hello! Hope you're doing well. I just wanted to say thanks so much! for uploading your masterlist. I love browsing through it! I love all the humour and the Zombieman you write is so nice. The team that him and the reader make is so adorable. The way they go through life together, and figure out domestic stuff, and the scenes with horror movies. I just wanted to say thanks for writing this, and thanks for giving us access to it.
Hey and thank you that means a lot to me😁 I just really like to write about him since there's not much about him. I wanted to share the love for him with the readers. He maybe underrated character in the anime/ manga but I want to explore and go deeper into his life to the readers.
I wanted to make it fun and enjoyable to read, and to see a different side to the man who looks intimidating to be a kind hearted soul.
It took me a while to do the masterlist using phone isn't easy lol. But I'm glad you enjoyed the stories. I'm doing well thank you. I hope you are doing well too and have a great day.❤️
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zombiefox89 · 15 days
New Story Idea but having a doubt about it
It's going to be called Toxic Tears.
I thought about a story where the reader in in a relationship with Amai. But the reader has a secret. When Amai is away a secret affair is out to play but can the love they had beat the unhappy heart.
This story is going to contains. Toxic relationship, manipulation, focused sex, sexual/abuse, masterbating, sex, kinks, suicidal thoughts/ attempt suicide.
I thought about this one but was thinking if it would be too much for the reader and wanted opinions about it. I like making stories for the reader to read when they are having a bad day or cheer them up.
Even in the most hardest times I want to help and cheer them ups as well. I know toxic relationships are still around and it's horrible to think about it.
I don't want to put up something that might scare them or make people upset about it and not sure If I should upload the story.
If you have any thoughts I would love to hear it in the comments down below it would be helpful and thank you for reading. ❤️
If you're been or still in a toxic relationship that you can't get out of it. Please seek help and tell friends and family to support and help you get out of it.
If this makes you uncomfortable you don't have to read this.
Just you know you are loved and support for you're well being.❤️
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zombiefox89 · 16 days
Golden Hearts
Tumblr media
Part 6 I hope you enjoy and have a great day.
Y/a (you're age)
"People in this world where monsters live and terrorise them as heroes goes to fight. But I the most fearsome dragon and I, AM NOT A FUCKING DOG!" You shouted in public.
Zombieman was leaning away from you as you roared in he's ear. "I know you told me since we left the apartment" he said noticing people looking at you both.
You begin to grab the lead pulling if trying to break it but you're fangs couldn't break making you more frustrated.
He noticed you started to change from your human form to show your horns and tall not caring at all.
He could see you was embarrassed by the collar plus it doesn't help the tag they gave you didn't help. (I am a registered monster) in a heart shape tag.
You was blushing red when people stare at you with concern and worry. Zombieman had to take you out like this even if you dragged him.
"Y/n I told you the more you pull you won't get away" he said calmly "well I'm not the one who is wearing this stupid thing!" You growled.
You saw a man glaring at you that pissed you off then rushed over to his face. "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT!" You roared frightening the man.
Zombieman yanked your collar back as you gagged then fell backwards into Zombieman's arms. "Sorry about that... She's in training" he said the regretted it.
'Why did I say that' he thought as you glared at him with fury. "IN TRAINING! HOW DARE YOU FLESH BAG! I'LL HURRAAAMMM!!!" You felt the muzzle on your face as you struggled to take it off.
"Sorry but they gave me that too" he said that you went into rage while cursing under you're muffled screams.
'Is this how it feels to have a dog?' he thought along with an exhausted sigh he wanted to smoke so badly. But his hand was occupied with you and his cigarettes were in his right pocket.
He could reach in with his other but you could jolt at anytime so he needed to be ready for you which he found annoying.
He saw a cafeteria alone the way and had an idea then turned to you still raging. "Y/n if you behave I'll treat ya" he said that you was confused but was listening.
He points at the cafe that you wasn't understanding what he was going on about. "What's that?" You asked unsure on what he was planning.
Zombieman walked in the cafe with you behind him while people was in shock and horror to see you in the building.
Zombieman knew this maybe a bad idea but he had to calm you down with something plus he needed his coffee.
He sat at the end of the room then offered you a seat. You sat down and he was sitting in the opposite seat facing you.
So I take your form is... Fine your not a fully a dragon so I guess this is a pass" he said that you nod understandably. The waitress walked up to the table with her notepad in hand.
"Hi there may I take your order..." She paused when she saw you feeling nervous but Zombieman calmed her down by ordering.
When she was done she quickly rushed over to the counter for a breather. Zombieman noticed you looking around the place with a displeased look.
"Is something the matter?" He asked cause you to look at him "where's the people with axes and swords cheering and getting drunk on beer" you said that confused him.
"What do you mean?" He asked "well times have changed over hundreds of years since I was a little one" you said then played with the spoon.
"My parents always told me about the times there were people how would hunt down dragons and monster for their homes... Its quite disappointing" you said in a sad tone.
Zombieman was surprised to hear then placed his hands together putting his chin on them.
"Oh really? And where's your parents?" He asked but you only remain silent.
The waitress came back with coffee in hand and a little treat for you. "Here, enjoy" she said sweetly then walked away hoping you don't burn her if you don't like it.
You sniff the food that looked like a cake of some kind but not knowing what it is then tried it. Your eyes widened to the flavour then ate pieces of it to saver it.
He takes your silence to change the subject as he puts sugar in his coffee, you watch and amazed on how many cubes added in but he picks up his coffee to his lips.
"So how old are you? Like 300 or something? He asked "what? No that's a child age, no I'm y/a00 so yeah" you said that he shocked from what he heard.
"Your wha... Well I guess that's a good age" he said that you looked proud "Im at the age to mate" you said that he almost spat out his coffee.
"Wait what?" He asked in shock and dumbfounded on what you said while wiping his mouth with a tissue.
"Yeah I'll have to find a mate for that..." You said with a pause. "But I can't you know way?" You asked that he points at your collar.
"Well done I guess you are smart to find that out" you said that he clicked his tongue "not sure if I should be offended or take it as a compliment" he said.
"Both" you said then licked the plate with your long dragon tongue. He watched you clean it then the woman and her son was in shock.
The kid was watching you lick your plate then turned to his mother "Mum can I do that!" He asked that she frowned at him.
"No, its bad behaviour she is being bad" she said that you stopped your tracks then looked at her 'bad behaviour? Me being bad...?' You thought remembered that you was trying to be a good dragon.
You then put the plate down on the table which Zombieman noticed the chance of your behaviour. He smiles at you that you started to blush then faced away from him.
The kid noticed Zombieman as his eyes widened to see him with joy. You saw the boy's eye of excitement while the mother was staring at you with fear in her eyes.
You never cared before but the look made you feel strange like you never felt before. You both left the building and into the streets.
You felt sad about the woman staring at you like that really hurt you. 'am I bad?' you thought then a hand snatched Zombieman's wallet then ran off.
"See ya later hero try to get your dog to chase me" he said in sonic speed. You felt anger with smoke coming out of your mouth.
"WHO ARE YOU CALLING A DOG!" You yelled with fire coming out.
You sprinted after him ripping Zombieman's arm off in the process then tackled the man down. "WHO'S THE DOG NOW FLESH BAG!?! You shouted then let out a roar causing the thief to faint.
You huffed and puffed but looked at the people watching you as they clapped their hands you felt a hand patted on your head that startled you.
You turned your head to see Zombieman as he pets your head "you did good Y/n" he said that you didn't left your eyes from his.
Zombieman realized what he just did then slowly moved his hand away from you.
"Sorry... I didn't mean to do that..." he said with guilt in his tone. You both walked home he takes his coat off to put it on the coat rack.
He takes your collar off but you leaned your head to him confusing him. "What are you... Do you want me to pet you?" He asked that you're cheeks went red while you was frowning away from him.
He pets your head then felt your horns you was blushing by his touch then felt relaxed. You noticed him looking at you with lowered eyes and a sweet smile.
You quickly slapped his hand away "enough human, that's all you can have today" you said then walked away to your couch to sleep the night.
Zombieman went to work that night and didn't come back till morning sun.
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zombiefox89 · 17 days
The Walking Corpse
Tumblr media
Part 22 I hope you enjoy this one and have a great day.
Zombieman came back to the lab in completely shock and worried. Child Emperor was surprised to see him like this, Child Emperor knew he was always calm and collective.
But this was different his eyes were wide in shock and worry. Sweat forming on his face while his hand trembling over his mouth.
But seeing him looking like this made him concerned about him. "Amai took her..." He whispered that Child Emperor was in disbelief what he said.
He wasn't sure if he missed heard him from "What do you mean Amai got her?" He asked feeling nervous.
Zombieman didn't had to say anything his face made it clear as day. He remembers something then ran to the computer.
He types away looking the map to see a red dot moving in different directions. Zombieman was amazed and confused on how he did it.
"When she grabbed my by my shirt I had a feeling something like this would happen, so I put a tracking device on her" he said that Zombieman hugged his head with his hand stroking his hand.
"Thank you I'm grateful for your help after I get Y/n back I'll take you for milkshakes" he said. Child Emperor blushed then felt his eyes welling up into tears.
He always looked down on by adults but Zombieman always saw him differently and the work he does was appreciated.
Zombieman pulled away from the boy as he wiped his tear away with a low eyed smile. Child Emperor then sent the tracker to Zombieman's phone.
"There you go and I'll send you more information if something happens" he said putting on his headset while Zombieman runs off.
"Thanks again" he yelled then jumped out of the hole you made then followed the dot on his phone.
He notices it was going to A City in the Hero Association HQ. He knew Amai hates monsters and you was in his eye a monster that needed to be killed.
You proved you can control yourself but this is what he wanted to know, why was he taking you to HQ other then killing you like he did with the aliens.
The thought of it was making him more worried for your safety. He gets the train there faster.
He arrived in A City he ran in the building with the staff seeing him run in. He goes up to the staff member to know where Amai and you.
"Where is Amai? He has Y/n with him where are they?!?" He demanded that the man felt nervous as he looks at his screen.
"They are in room 16" he said nervously then Zombieman didn't hesitate but ran through the hallway.
He reached the room which he noticed the door was locked. He knew the doors would lock if a dangerous monster got in to lock them in for heroes to deal with them.
He bashed the door multiple times but got no answer.
"AMAI OPEN THIS DOOR! OR I'LL BREAK IT DOWN!" He yelled but no response as he was more furious as he takes out his gun from his sleeves.
He takes out his explosive magazines then points that the door "LAST CHANCE!" He said "Alright" he said then fired his guns hitting the door.
The door had a hole for him to see inside and his eyes widened in shock to see you in a cage going berserk.
Sitch was there with Amai talking about something. Zombieman then grabbed his axe then chopped the door down.
He crawled through the large hole as the two turned around to see Zombieman looking pissed off.
"Let her go! She didn't do anything!" He said that Amai smirked at him "oh then why was she running away like she did something bad hmmm?" He said with a hum in his throat.
Zombieman moved his eyes away knowing the test went wrong but glared back at him. Sitch was looking at you growling and snarling while punching the tight glass.
Amai clicked his tongue "ah yes but she is a monster and needs to be executed" he said that Zombieman felt his blood boil.
He went to say something but slowly changed to shock as he points his finger behind them.
They was confused on why he was looking shocked then turned around to see you. But in a armour suit make them shocked to see while backing away.
You punched the glass shattering it into pieces while the two covered themselves from the glass.
Zombieman ran over to protect Sitch while Amai was now angry as he goes to take your head.
When he hits your neck nothing happened as Amai was shocked then felt your claw arms grabbed his arm then snapped it backwards.
He lets out a cry then was thrown across the room hitting hard on the wall. You was full of anger as you let out a load cry then jumped up crashing through rooms after rooms.
You go on the rooftop looking down to see different Cities around. You leaped off the building then ran on the walls.
You kicked the walls to launch yourself away from the A City to B City.
Once you were in a clear you change back to yourself then fall to your knees. You felt like a monster when you attacked your your only friends even the one you loved.
You clutch your chest tightly as tears started to fall off your cheeks. You silently cried curled up into a ball with your arms over your knees for you to rest your head on.
You heard something in front of you causing you to look up to see Muman Rider. "Hey are you alright?" He asked that you shake your head.
He frowned but gave smile while putting his bike stopper down then sat next to you. "Tell me what happened" he said sweetly but you pointed at your throat.
"You can't speak?" He said then grabbed his notepad and pen to give you. You write what happened as he reads it.
"I see... Do you regret it?" He asked as you nod your head. He smiles then continue his questions "do you care for them?" Another nod from you.
"Do you want to hurt them?" He asked making you turn your head to look at him then shake your head. He can see in you're eyes that you wasn't lying.
"They much be worried about you and if you want you can hop on my bike and I'll take you to them" he said getting up then extended his hand to you.
You hesitate at first but grabbed it. He takes you through the streets zooming past shops and buildings.
He goes past a street only to get knocked off his bike from the side to see an big tentacle balled up into a fist.
You was in shock on how fast it was then the tentacle unwrapped then grabbed you.
You struggled to break free from the monster's grasp but when you saw his body to see his body was covered in eyes and tentacles inside his tentacles while using them as legs.
His hood was covering his face that was difficult to see his face. You tried to attack it but it began to tighten crushing you.
The monster dragged you into his cloth seeing Muman Rider disappear before your eyes. You didn't know where you were going but you was scared of what would happen to you.
You got grabbed by the tentacle around your waist then pulled you out of his robe and into a dark and gloomy place.
It looked old and in ruins but filled with monsters you was ready to fight but a voice echoed out in the dark.
"Hello Y/n" a deep raspy voice said that you turned around to see a man looking pale and covered in scared on his body.
You growled at him but he raised his hand up making you stop. He smiles then lowered his hand down "my you are different to the other zombies" he said with a pleased tone.
"I've been watching you my dear and this drone the hero Metal Knight made was great hehe..." He laughed then looked at you with his eyes lowered and the sinister smile on his face.
"Too bad he was too focused of you and didn't know we stole his drone" he said. "I watched you for sooo long and you have changed into something perfect" he said.
He then walked up to you "you are different, you are perfect" he said again then cupped your face.
"You are just like me... And we will spread this virus to the world to be ours" he said that confused you.
"You and I will become king and queen of the new world" he said. You was dumbfounded and in disbelief on what he was talking about.
His smile wided across his face curling up to his cheeks. "I am patient zero" he said that your eyes widened.
'He did this? He's the one infected people and me and heroes would kill the people they use to be!' You thought as your mind raced.
You tried to pull away from him but tentacles grabbed you lifting you up high.
"Put her in her cell and darling... This is your new home" he said grinning at you which the monster nods his head then moved through the deep hallway.
You heard the moaning and groaning behind doors
You struggled then got dropped on the floor then a loud bang was heard behind you.
The cell door was locked and you couldn't get out even when you tried to break the metal door.
It fails as you flopped on the floor realising you wasn't getting out and no one will find you as you was known as a monster to them.
Zombieman's POV
Zombieman found heavy footprints on the street then because soften to normal. He was going to do anything to find you then ran through the streets to find a clue.
He notices blood on the concrete floor then a bike near it. He saw Muman Rider on the floor bleeding causing Zombieman to aid him.
"Muman Rider! Are you alright? What happened!?!" He asked then he tried to speak but only coughed out blood.
He wrote on the note pad for Zombieman to read. He read it as his eyes widened "you was with her?" He asked then wondered if you did this.
"Mo...nst....er... took... her..." He said weakly then coughing up more blood. He could see what hit him was strong as he was in serious injury and lucky he was alive.
Zombieman called the ambulance as people wakes over to look after him till the medics alright then ran off to find where you had gone.
'Don't worry Y/n I'm coming to find you... Even if it kills me' he thought then found a ripped cloth caught his attention.
He picks it up to examined it "it looks old and ragged still warm..." He said to himself then saw a slimy trail heading into the sewers.
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zombiefox89 · 19 days
College Zombie Love
Tumblr media
Part 15
Dr Genus was happily humming himself while getting things ready. He never had this type of dinners with friends when he was young.
He remembers the rewards he'd won and teach about evolution. But when they called him mad he decided to make a body that was inmortal.
All that experiments, tests and the results he run to failure. Till one day he found his successor that is.
"Dr Genus! Hey are you listening to me?" Zombie said annoyed while holding the cloth in his hand. Dr Genus snapped out of his thoughts then turned to look at Zombie.
"Oh sorry, I was thinking about something" he said giving him a smile. Zombie rolled his eyes knowing it about the dinner invite he made.
"Oh I'm just excited to meet her and her little brother and don't worry I won't embarrass you" he said sweetly. Zombie glared at him "I made sure" he said walking away.
Armoured Gorilla walked in helping with Zombie with the cloth. Dr Genus noticed Zombie's hair was a mess "Zombie I think it's wise to wash your hair before our guests arrive" he said.
Zombie waved him off making his way to the bathroom. He turns on the water to get his hair wet and using shampoo to clean it.
He heard his phone in his pocket going off to see your text.
Hey how's it going?
Nothing much just helping Dr Genus, he's being a pain.
Well try not to behead him lol I get parents can be embarrassing. But we both would like to see you again.
He smiles at your words knowing that the pain he felt when he saw you with Amai did hurt him. But this was a new start of his friendship with you.
He missed you a lot but was not the time when his heart needed to heal from the wounds.
I would like to see you both as well.
He replied then puts it in his pocket and continues to dry his hair. He walked out to see Dr Genus and Armoured Gorilla cooking.
Dr Genus looked like he was missing something "ah I don't seem to have cabbages..." He said then noticed Zombieman walking out.
"Ah! Zombie can you head to the shop real quick and get some?" He asked with a sweet smile. Zombie grab his coat then walked out without a word.
He walked down the street to get to the market. He notice there was a crowd of people that isn't helping him.
"Great... A crowd" he groaned then took a deep breath as he walks past the crowd. He gets to the fruits and vegetables area to collect cabbage then saw Genos and Saitama.
Zombie noticed the cabbage area was gone
Genos was holding two cabbages in his arms then noticed Zombie looking displeased. Saitama noticed Zombie then walked over "hey man..." He notices the area.
"Oh they ran out... we got some if you want since it was cheaper with two" he said then grabbed one of the cabbage from Genos.
Genos was about to say something but Saitama walked over to Zombie with a smile on his face.
He hands it to Zombie "we only needed one so take it" he said that Zombie was stunned but smiled at his generosity.
"Thanks... I don't know how to repay you for it" he said went to reach for his wallet but Saitama stopped him.
"Dude it fine don't worry about it" he said as he turned around to see Genos writing something down.
Zombie didn't hesitate to leave the market before it got out of control with the crowd.
He thanked them again as he walks back home to see Dr Genus struggling to get the octopus to calm down.
Zombie was not surprised to see as he got used to it countless of times. But what if it scared you and your brother away.
He grabbed a knife then cut off the tentacles helping them out. When they were in the pot everyone was huffing and puffing.
When food was done a knock on the door was heard. Dr Genus was excited and nervous of what would happen, Armoured Gorilla was nervous as well.
Zombie walked up the door taking a deep breath then opened the door to see your brother in a light blue polo shirt and brown shorts.
He was holding onto a twist pink and white lollipop as he licks it then smiles to see Zombieman.
"Hey Isamu great to see you agai...!!!???" He gets interrupted by getting hugged by him. Isamu tightening his grip on his singlet making Zombieman confused.
You pulls him away from him making Zombie look up at you. He saw you in a short f/c dress.
He was stunned to how beautiful you were making his heart beat as his cheeks turned dark grey.
"Sorry about him he really misses you..." You said holding onto Isamu who looks like he was tearing up.
Zombie smile sweetly then bent down to his level as he reached his hand on his head petting it.
"I missed you too bud" he said that made Isamu sniffed then grins at him. You knew Zombie and Isamu was close but separating them hurt him.
You love your brother and want to make him happy. You smile with lowered eyes staring at the two melted your heart.
You felt like tearing up but held it back. Zombie let's you both in his home while you and Isamu takes your shoes off.
Isamu was looking around the place then saw Dr Genus and Armoured Gorilla smiling nervously.
"Hello there you must be Zombie's friend and your little brother" he said shaking yours and Isamu's hand.
You both sat down while Isamu was asking a lot of questions for Dr Genus while Armoured Gorilla was serving dinner.
You was next to Zombie felling nervous as your eyes stared at him. "Hey..." "Hey..." You both said while you both was awkward.
You didn't know what to say as you both sat on the floor in silence. Armoured Gorilla noticed you and Zombie wasn't talking he walks over to you.
He hands you your plate then Isamu's while he goes to put plates down on the table. He leans over whispering to Dr Genus's ear.
He notices you both not even looking at each other he felt worried then had an idea as he leans over to Isamu whispering in his ear.
Isamu nods then looked at Zombie "Mr. Zombie do you like games?" He asked that Zombie looks up from his food to look at him raising his eyebrow.
"I guess we can play a game" he said while he goes to take a bite of his food. When the food was done and dishes was clean they set a game of cards.
You watched Isamu and Zombie playing cards. Zombie won 4 and Isamu won 7as be cheerful raised his arms up in the air.
"I won!" He cheered happily as Zombie grins at him then noticed you and Dr Genus was talking about something.
But what he was holding made his smile drop and horror in his eyes. He got up then rushed over to grab the book from his hands.
Dr Genus moved the book away from him and in front of your face. "This is him when he was young" he said while struggling to stop Zombie.
You was in aw to see him as a kid looking at the camera but he was different. He had different eye colour and skin was light pink.
You saw his pictures to see him growing but when he hits his teens he was pale and his eyes were red.
You asked about it but Dr Genus hesitant to say but Zombie snatched it with his cheeks dark grey. He stormed out of the living room then Dr Genus looks at you.
"He must hate me I mean his probably told you I've done bad things with him but I do care for him and I had to do it to help him" he said that confuses you and Isamu.
"He's not my real son... He was my neighbors" he said that you and Isamu was shocked.
"He was nervous around me before when he was young and his parents were nice to me and became friends... Till one day..." He paused as he takes a deep breath holding back tears.
"His family got into a horrible accident and his parents were dead that was horrible to see... But Zombie was also dead as well but I wanted to save him and I did something I couldn't" he said.
"I made him immortal, I brought him back to life!" He said he laughed then tears fell "he doesn't remember what happened to him and..."
He voice breaks feeling his heart tightening in his chest "he doesn't remember his parents so I took him in as my son" he said that you felt tears falling down your face.
You walked to Zombie's room opening it startling Zombie. "HEY! Oh... Y/n I... Why are you crying?" He asked but you hugged him tightly.
He was stunned and concerned about why you was crying "what's the matter?" He asked.
"I'm sorry of what you been through and I'm sorry... I didn't know" you said making him more confused but he slowly hugged you tightly.
He saw Isamu ran over to hug him as well while Dr Genus and Armoured Gorilla was watching near the door.
You broke away from him looking into his red eyes. You both stared at each other for a few seconds but felt your faces were getting closer.
But Zombie pulls away from you knowing he needs more time. You bowed your head "thank you for the food and having us in your house" you said.
You then take Isamu's hand walking out of his room "thank you for the meal Dr Genus and Armoured Gorilla" you said that Dr Genus and Armoured Gorilla blushed happily.
"Aw you flattering us your sweet my dear" he said as you gave the a smile then waved at them with Isamu thanked them then walked out with you.
Dr Genus smiles then wiped his tear but got glared at by Zombie. He slowly saw Zombie was not happy for showing his phones to you.
Zombie was in his room browsing the internet but you up texted him. He tapped on it taking him to his messages.
Hey just wanted to say sorry for not talking I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable.
Hey don't worry I was feeling the same thing. Sorry for Dr Genus doing that he likes to embarrass me.
I hope you and Isamu had fun and I was wondering what made you cry?
He told us about your past and what happened to you. I didn't know, and if you want you to talk to me about things.
He puts his phone on his chest feeling his heart beating again making his body warm. He heard his phone go off to see what you sent.
Oh and by the way one tiny question.
What's that?
Missing something as we got a little friend here that escaped.
Tumblr media
Zombie was shocked to see one on the big tentacle was in your house.
Sorry about that I'll get it.
No it's fine, I think I'll keep it thanks though. And thanks for dinner if was really delicious good night.
No problem I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves and good night to you and Isamu.
He puts his phone down while thinking about you till he drift to sleep.
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zombiefox89 · 19 days
Tumblr media
Final I hoped you enjoyed this one. Things have been busy with the house and stuff and sorry if some stories comes out slowly as not much time I get to write. I hope you enjoy this and have a great day.
Child Emperor was working in his lab to figure out where the witch that turned Zombieman into a cat.
He was up for hours to figure out where they've been and who has seen her. Child Emperor was a mess when he found him a cure it only was last a few hours for him to stay as a human.
He puts his hands on his face groaning in frustration "why can't I find her... I don't want to let him down" he said feeling stressed and saddened.
He then walked out of his lab to head to school as his bag blades started to spin sending him flying to the sky.
He flew past the buildings then saw Pat and the three cats. He thought he could pay a visit.
He lands on the ground then ran over to see Pat playing with Kit and you dancing with Zombieman.
He could see Zombieman was happy as he takes a deep breath then walked over. "Hey" he said waving his hand.
Everyone turned around to see Child Emperor with welcome arms. Zombieman ran over to him rubbing his side around Child Emperor's leg.
Child Emperor laughed as he bent down to hugg him "Mr. Zombieman how is the treatment going?" He asked that Zombieman nods his head then you walked over to him.
He looks at you as he puts his hand out "it's alright, I won't hurt you" he said then your let him pet your head.
You purred as he notices Zombieman looking at him happily that made him feel guilty "Mr. Zombieman... I want to talk to you in private" he said nervously.
Zombieman was curious and worried about him as he follows him from behind. Once they were away from ear shot Zombieman turned into his human form.
Child Emperor gave him his coat "thanks... What did you want to talk to me about?" He asked then noticed Child Emperor in tears.
Zombieman was shocked then bent down "hey, hey what's the matter?" He asked as Child Emperor looks at him with his quivering his lip.
"I tried to find her but I can't and I'm afraid you will never turn back and... I don't want to lose you" he sobbed as he wipes his arm over his eyes.
Zombieman holds his hand making him to look up at him. Zombieman gave him a sweet smile and his tone was soft.
"I can see you are working hard about this and wanting to change me back to normal and that's great. But I want you to take care of yourself" he said that Child Emperor wiped his eye again.
"I don't want to lose you too but... We can help each other" he said that Child Emperor nods his head.
"I... I will" he said then hugged him with tears in his eyes. You was in awe to see the boy how really cared about Zombieman.
You felt like you was keeping him from being a human. You walked back then heard something behind you.
"Oh hello again dear" a voice said that you recognize as your body felt fear. You quickly turned around with your back hair up to see a black hooded old woman with a raggy bag then puts you in it.
Zombieman pulled away from him as he wipes his watery eye "let's go back before the others get worried" he said then walked down the street.
He saw a woman walking with a bag in hand that Zombieman recognise "wait... Is that her?" He said then realised when he saw the bag moving.
"HEY YOU! STOP RIGHT THERE!" He yelled but the woman turned around with a crooked smile. "Oh don't worry you be next" she said then throw something that caused smoke.
The mist was heavy that Zombieman and Child Emperor couldn't see where she went. "Shit she's gone!" He said then noticed Child Emperor was gone.
"No... NO NIT HIM TOO!" He yelled then Pat ran over with Kit in hand. "What happened! Where's Y/n and that boy?" He asked then noticed Zombieman was furious.
Pat was angry as well "we'll find that bitch!" He said covering Kits ears from his language.
Pat grabbed his bass guitar, Kit sharped his tiny claws Zombieman used a phone to call HQ for his clothes and weapons.
They walked down the road to find the woman and rescue you and Child Emperor. Zombieman knew he had to find clues but everytime he gets closer only by the tail.
He needed to find something anything that could help. He heard cats talking about something near a corner.
"Yeah and that damn dog is a real pain he is, Keeping all the good stuff to himself" the black and white cat said as the fat one grunts with his lower fangs were facing forward.
"Well the lady there is a real nutcase, she takes people in but never come out. Theres been rumors she been turns people into cats" he said that the black and white cat laughed.
"That's dumb hahaha like that would happen" he said in disbelief "it has" Zombieman said that the cats turned around to see him in his human form.
"It's all true" he said that the black and white cat was confused then turned to face his friend "is he talking to us?" He asked then turned to see him turning into a black cat.
They're jaws dropped in horror and shock to see it happened while Zombieman walked towards them. "Where is she?" He demanded.
The cats take him and his group to the place they were talking about but this was far from Pat's place. Pat was confused but ready to fight.
Kit was ready as well as Pat holds onto him for safety. Zombieman looked around then saw a big hound sleeping near a trash bin.
Zombieman saw a window open a bit easier for a cat to squeeze through. He told Kit to be careful and Pat noticed the window then down to see a dog.
He puts Kit down then adjust himself then played his bass waking the dog up. "Case me... if you dare" he said that the dog growled at him then ran to scare him away.
Zombieman and Kit ran over with the two cats as they eat from the bin. Zombieman picked up Kit by his scruff then jumped up on the bins.
He then throws Kit to the window for him to climb in while turning around to push the window open to let Zombieman in.
Zombieman jumps in to see cages of different cats as different voices in horror and confusing on what happened to them.
He saw the old lady with a book on the book stand. Kit points at something for Zombieman to see what he was pointing at then his eyes widened.
He saw you in a cage with Child Emperor tided up struggling to break them. The woman then speaks in a language that was difficult to understand.
He saw the room turning different colours as the items started to float up as she raised her hands.
Zombieman jumped to stop her as he leap off the window and on her head. "AHHH GET OFF" She yelled trying to get him off her head.
Zombieman jumped down then kicked the book stand off causing it to crash on the floor. The book slides away hitting the corner.
Zombieman ran to the book but got his leg grabbed by the witch "you! The hero came back to rescue his friends? Well you won't be doing that tonight!" She said then lift him up.
Kit scratch her eye causing her to scream out in pain causing her to stumble on her feet. She lets go of Zombieman's leg but grabbed Kit and thrown him at Zombieman.
Zombieman helped Kit up then dodged out of the way form the woman. Pat tackled her down holding her in place.
Zombieman helped Child Emperor with his ropes while Kit was helping.
When the rope snapped Child Emperor he helped you out of the cage with a smile on his face "I told you I wouldn't hurt you" he said.
He puts you down on the floor then went to work to grab the antidote while reading the book.
Child Emperor climbed on that counter to reach for the bottles then Kit jump up on his back to grab the antidote.
He hands it to Child Emperor giving him a head pat "Thanks little guy" he said then grabbed a bowl to fill it in as he rushed over to Zombieman.
He placed the bowl down on the floor then opened the bottle pouring it into a bowl for Zombieman to drink.
They heard Pat being thrown across the room seeing a very pissed off lady hovering with sparks coming out of her
"ENOUGH OF THIS! I grow tire of you heroes getting in my way!" She said in a demonic voice then points at Zombieman.
"You I knew you were dangerous to me! You and your detective skills are a pain!" She yelled.
She puts her hand out with a shining glow making Child Emperor to fly up. You ran to the woman to get pushed away by a focus push with her other hand.
You hissed at her then a bottle was thrown hitting her in the face. She looked at Pat in anger then protect herself with a focus shied to stop the glass hitting her.
Pat continued to throw empty bottles at her while you and Zombieman helped Child Emperor down.
"AHH you pests! This is why I put you all in cages!" The woman said then slowly losing her skin. Pat was confused so as everyone when her skin peels off her face and hands.
She noticed then glared at everyone with green cat eyes as horns popped out of her head and wings. "Whaaatt thhh fuuuuucckk!" Pat said in a long shocked tone.
"She made a drink made out of... Cat hair and other ingredients..." He found the reverse antidote to turn him back fully.
"I knew it she's a demon witch! One of the monsters that kidnapped people and turned them into cats!" Child Emperor said.
She was casting a spell aiming at you but Kit jumped on her stopping her spell "you little runt! Be gone! She yelled then throws him. He hits the wall hearing a crack from him made everyone shocked.
"KIT! NOOO!" You cried while Zombieman stared at him in horror. He felt rage building making his back fur to stand up, claws out fangs showing.
His red eyes narrowed to see the woman in pure rage as he runs up to her scratching and jumping on her. She tried to defend herself but Zombieman was too fast for her.
Kit?" Pat's voice quivered walking towards him then flopped on the floor.
He picks him up seeing him lifeless sending Pat's eyes to well up in tears then saw the woman. He puts Kit down on a pillow then gets up clutching his fists.
"YOU SON OF A BITCH! YOU KILLED HIM!" He yelled then charged at her. Zombieman jumped off her in a nick of time for Pat to attack her.
Pat tackled her down then turned to face Zombieman with tears in his eyes. "Go! Before she does something to kill us!" He yelled. Zombieman ran up to the book then dragged it to you and Child Emperor.
He saw Kit laying there on the pillow making him feel his heart break. He drinks the liquid then felt strange at the taste then turning back into his human form.
Zombieman looks at his hands then clutch them into a fist, "I'm back to normal and full of rage" he said as Child Emperor found a box sent by the Hero Association then throw his guns at him.
Zombieman grabbed them then fired at her hitting her arms off then her legs. She wailed in pain as Pat kicked her in the stomach making her cough out blood.
"That's for Kit!" He yelled but Zombieman stopped him from killing her. He bent down to her level seeing her eye looking at him while the other was scratched out with tiny claw marks by Kit.
She was frightened by his eyes staring at her with rage. He grabbed her long black hair lifting her up to his eye level.
Before he could say anything a loud bang was heard as the bullet pierced her face killing her. Zombieman turned around to see a naked woman holding his gun with tears in her eyes.
She dropped it then fall on her knees Pat, Child Emperor and Zombieman was shocked to see then noticed you wasn't around.
"Zombie..." The woman whimpered with tears falling. Pat was shocked to see then takes his coat of to give to her.
Then realisation his him "Y/n? Is that you?" Zombieman asked that the woman nods. Pat was shocked "Y/n? You... Your a human" he said then hugged you.
You embrace him while Zombieman was shocked to see you "you drank the potion didn't you" he said low tone. "She needs to die... She killed... Kit" you said with a sob at the end.
You noticed Child Emperor holding Kit with his hand gently on his head. He carefully walked over to you and Pat looking sad on the fallen kitten.
Zombieman bent down puts his arm over the sad boy while putting his chin on his head. You struggle to walk as Pat helped you up then hugged Zombieman and Child Emperor.
The group was mourning the kitten, you kissed his fussy face then nuzzled him. Pat pats him softly on his fur.
"I'm sorry Kit... I wanted us to be..." Zombieman sobbed in his throat then putting his head on the pillow. "A fam...ily?..." A soft voice said that shocked the group.
Kit lift his head up up with a smile on his face. You cried then puts your face on his head giving shower of kisses.
"How did you... We heard a crack" you said that Kit points at his neck "I found a plastic stuff that looks like bubbles and though it would be useful" he said.
You looked to see a bubble wrap was popped where he hit the wall. You was relief to see him alive and grateful he was smart to find something to protect himself.
Kit then noticed you was human "wait? Why are you human?" He asked then saw the liquid then jumped down to drink it but looked up at Pat.
"Go on I'll be alright" he said that Kit drinks it then grow into a human. He hair was short that was long on his face.
He too was naked but Pat gave him his shirt. Kit struggle to move as he tripped over into Zombieman's arms. He lifts him up in the air happily laughing.
He hugged him as Kit laughs happily "are we a family now right?" He asked "we were always a family" you said wiping your tears from your face.
You hugged him with Zombieman in your arms. Child Emperor saw Zombieman happy with you and Kit.
"Come over her you two your family too" you Zombieman said that both of them ran over to hug you.
A few weeks later
Zombieman was hunting monsters down as he comes home only to be pounced on Kit on his back. "Hey Kit, Y/n here?" He asked that Kit points at the kitchen.
You was making food for Zombieman with a smile on your face "hey honey just in time too dinner's ready" you said kissing his lips.
Kit hopped off Zombieman's back he runs over to the table to wait for his food. You put food down you, Kit, Zombieman and another plate for one more.
Pat came in the room more clean and looking nice as his suit was well ironed and clean. He said down with everyone "I got the job and I'll be working tomorrow" he said happily.
Everyone was happy to hear with praises and cheers. When dinner was done Kit and Pat fell asleep in different rooms.
You pulled Zombieman in the bedroom "everyone is asleep and it's just you and me" you purred then pulled him into bed for some alone time.
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