Food Truck License in Dubai
Dubai is a land where you will witness a mixture of culture, ethnicity, traditions, and most importantly food. The oil market and the construction boom have attracted a large number of ex-pats into this magnificent city. Moreover, the rising number of business opportunities has also led to this cultural mix. Among these industries, the food industry has grown a lot over the past few years. Besides, it offers a variety of restaurants from fast food joints to fine dining to pubs, bars, and food trucks. Food trucks have become a new craze among these people, opening new pathways for investment. Due to its popularity, the demand for Food Truck License in Dubai has also increased. If one is planning to open a Food truck business consider these following points:
Benefits of having a Food Truck License in Dubai
The cost of setting up a food truck is comparatively low than setting up a restaurant.
Buying or leasing a food truck is also an affordable option. As buying or renting a truck is a lot cheaper than a restaurant.
The food truck can also be customized according to our personal preferences. for example, you can set up and include a lot of cuisines of your choice at an affordable price.
A food truck is a mobile restaurant that can be set up at various locations. Moreover, it gives you a chance to explore different markets.
Dubai city also provides you a supportive environment for businesses like these to grow. for instance, a lot of companies organize food truck shows for promoting and celebrating food festivals.
Process of Getting Food Truck License in Dubai
Firstly before setting up a food truck business you need to take approvals from the following departments like
Department of Economic Development
Dubai Municipality
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
Road and Transport Authority
For obtaining a license form DED you need to do the initial steps:
Register and fill the application form
Reserve a trading name for your food truck business
Submit the required documents for verification like residence visa, passport copies of the owner, NOC from the current sponsor, etc.
After getting the initial approval, upload other documents like local service agent contract, lease agreement, etc. Additionally, submit the approval received from the Food Control Section for Restaurant License of Dubai Municipality.
While doing all these initial steps you should also submit a proper business plan. Moreover, it should provide an assurance to the government officials, that it is a carefully laid business plan.
Approval form HACCP
The kitchen and truck is an important aspect in setting up a food truck business. Besides we need to take certifications from Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point(HACCP) considering various safety and hygienic factors.
The design of the food truck-This will include all the specific arrangements like kitchen, the serving counter, the waste management system, the cooking system, etc. should be approved.
Blueprints of the food truck: This includes overall specifications of the food truck like kitchen setup including the provision for electricity, safety measures, entry doors, etc.
Other Processes
Choosing a Location: A business is successful only if we find an appropriate available location approved by the government authority which will solve various problems like accessibility to customers, availability of raw materials, etc. Moreover, we should choose a location based on factors like sales, popularity, locality. cuisine, target customers, etc.
Buying or leasing a truck: Furthermore, we should buy or rent a truck that will form a base to do modifications. We can design our kitchen and counter according to our themes and personalized choices.
Finally acquire the license for staring Food Truck Business in Dubai
The food truck business has proved to be a successful business idea for many entrepreneurs. Therefore one can always try for new business opportunities.
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Commercial License in Dubai
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The UAE’s strategic location attracts businessmen around the world. It forms a link between the East and the West. In addition, the infrastructure and business-friendly policies also lure businessmen. Businessmen willing to set up a business in the UAE, need to get a business trade license. A businessman has to decide the type of activity and region to select the type of business license. The major business licenses issued by the UAE authority are Industrial license, Professional license, Commercial license, or Tourism license. To set up a trading business in Dubai, one has to get a commercial trade license.
What is a Commercial license?
All commercial trade activities need a license. A trading activity refers to any activity involving buying or selling of any commodity or service. It encompasses businesses like general trading and specialized trading. Some of the businesses that need a commercial license are:
Real estate
Transport formations
Import and Export
Travel and Tourism
The commercial license is issued by the DED in Dubai mainland. In Free Zones, the license is issued by the respective Free Zone Authority. It is valid for 1 year and can be renewed later. Commercial license for Free Zone can be used in Free Zone only. A commercial license can be availed for branches and subsidiaries of foreign companies.
It permits the company to trade more than one product.
Can do trading in any region in the UAE.
Auditing is not compulsory for the renewal of the license.
Company in Free Zone enjoy 100% repatriation of profits and exemption from taxes.
Reporting of financial information is much easier than other types of licenses.
The company can carry out up to 10 business activities.
The company gets the opportunity to engage in various international activities.
Steps to get a commercial license
Firstly, the owner has to select the business type.
Secondly, the businessman has to get initial approval from the DED or Free Zone Authority.
Thirdly, the owner has to decide the business structure by drafting the MOA and AOA of the company.
Fourthly, the owner has to select a reliable sponsor. The sponsor may be a local service agent or a UAE national in the case of a company in the mainland.
Fifth, the businessman has to decide on a trading name for the business. The name should be selected according to the laws of the land.
Sixth, the owner has to select an apt office space.
Seventh, a commercial space has to be rented or leased.
Finally, the owner has to submit the required documents. The authority issues the license 3 days after the submission of documents.
Documents required
Application form
Lease contract
Copies of passport of each shareholder
A detailed description of the business plan
Reference certificate of financial statement
NOC from Sponsor
Letter of intent
Notarized copy of Registry
Latest photograph
The license thus issued is valid for 1 year after which it can be renewed. The renewed license is valid for 5 years.
Documents Required for Renewal of Commercial License
Copy or original license
Registered address lease contract
Approval from concerned authority
Details about staff accommodation
For any business concerned with trading activities, a commercial license is required. There are many advantages of acquiring a commercial license. Though issued for 1 year initially, it can be later renewed for 5 years. Beyond View assists you to avail of commercial license easily. For more details about a commercial license, contact Beyond View.
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Software Company Setup in Dubai
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Software Company setup in Dubai have seen growth in as a result to innovation and IT Industries
Dubai's Federal and Local Government interest lies in:
Creating Modern Infrastructure
New Technology
And also as people, are coming, from different countries, to work, for Dubai companies creating the growth of Software Companies.
Software Companies provide in one or more following services to the clients
Developing software products and application for clients
Designing website and mobile app
and Providing Software Consultancy services
Purpose to Start a Software Business
Idle location and time zone for working with various global clients across the globe.
Because of the Low Tax Environment creates Low Setup Cost
And quick and easy companies set up process
Factors to keep in mind to Start a Software Business
Registration of Software Business in Dubai can be done in Mainland or Free zone
Local Sponsor as agent is necessary.
Expat can have 100% of ownership share.
Free Trade Zone
Because there is no need to pay Custom Tax it helps to keep the Startup cost low.
The Capital and Profit Repatriation.
Allows maintaining ownership of their business.
Readily available office space along with another infrastructure facility such as internet and Electricity, it helps to save upfront cost
How to start Software Company in Dubai
Outline your Business Activities
So What is your Product - Service you want to provide app development/ web development / Companies Requirement.
Target Market- Who are your customers and what are their requirements
and Budget- The approx. cost to set up a business
Choose the Right License and Apply
There are two type of Licenses:
Firstly Commercial License - Is required for setting up and registering the company in Dubai.
and Secondly Professional License - Required if you are providing software services with a local sponsor as an agent.
Choose Office Space for business
Business can set up their company in various ways:
Firstly Flexi Desk- Use workspace in any of the common areas.
Secondly Fixed Desk- Use their own equipment in a shared area with a secured storage area.
and Thirdly Private Offices- Use their own furnished or unfurnished office between 12-50 square meters.
Choose the Company Name and Register
Rules for naming a company
Only full names
No offensive words
Must be available to register
Apply for the software license
Finally Basic documentation to be provided
Copy of passport for all partners involved.
Proof of payment of an initial fee.
Business plan
If a partner is there create, we need to prepare a civil agreement.
NOC is required for foreign partners from sponsors.
Cost of setting a Software Business
Cost of setting a software business depends on various factors:
So are you planning to hire or working alone?
So what if you require permanent or Co-working space.
and What is your size and set up of your operation.
Dubai provides many investment opportunities to both large as well as small software or IT Companies as a result we can see rapid growth in these sectors. Free Zone designed by the Dubai government for Software and IT companies in Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City, and International Free zone Authority.
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Most Profitable Businesses in Dubai 2021
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Globalization has helped many countries to grow and flourish their economies and GDP. Even the world trade market has boomed due to effective business connections between countries. In addition to that many countries have welcomed foreign ex-pats to invest and start a business in order to boost their economy and trade relations. One such country is Dubai, which has opened its doors to many investors so that they can establish and run businesses. Moreover, the infrastructural boom has also attracted many ex-pats to trade in Dubai. Let us see the Most Profitable Businesses in Dubai, which can be useful for many investors.
Profitable Businesses in Dubai 
Educational Tutoring Institutes
Education is one of the most promising industries in Dubai as it involves training and educating the future generation. Moreover, the low investment capital is also one reason for the success of tutoring institutes. The low-cost business setup is also a result of the internet savvy population who wants everything at their doorsteps. Even the entrepreneurs are moving their tutoring businesses online to reduce the initial setup costs. Dubai government also supports such institutes as they help increase the literacy rate. Therefore coaching institutes top the list of most profitable business ideas in Dubai.
Transport Business
Dubai has converted itself into a business hub, making it one of the ideal spots for setting up a transport business. Moreover, the transport business garners higher profits due to factors like low taxes, infrastructural development, population growth, etc. Another aspect is the strategic location as Dubai is well connected to the other parts of the world via the means of sea and flights. Moreover, the liberal policies and regulations of the government allow the smooth functioning of these businesses. Some types of transport activities you can start are :
Cargo Transport by heavy and light trucks.
Car and Bus rental services.
Passenger transport services.
Water Transport.
Money as well as valuable transport services.
Courier transport services.
Hence transport service is one of the Most Profitable Businesses in Dubai.
Business Consultancy
The business consultancy businesses gained recognition in Dubai when free economic zones were established and foreign investors came to the country. In order to ease up the business incorporation process, local authorities provided consulting companies with opportunities and different types of permits aided by all types of facilities required. Today there are various foreign investors who hire various business consultants for their services. . The main function of this consultancy is to act as an intermediary between the investor and the local government bodies for hassle-free business setup. Therefore there are various 'Reasons to Hire a Business Consultant' like monitoring changes in legislation, ensuring documents are kept well, etc.
Retail stores
Dubai is the premium shopping destination in the middle east. It is of the most booming and promising businesses in Dubai due to the increased use of e-commerce, increased spending of tourists, annually held shopping festivals, frequent mega sales, etc. Moreover, the growth in population has also resulted in an increase in demand for these retail products. According to a survey of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, the growth in the retail sector is attributed to be 5% in five years. Besides this, the flexibility of government laws also plays an important role in the progress of these sectors. The Retail Business in Dubai has a huge share in the economic development of the country, so investors keen on starting a business can go for this sector.
Technical Services in Dubai
Technical services involve services of technical nature where special skills, knowledge, or education are required to do the work. Dubai is an apt location for setting up technical services as it garners greater profits due to population growth. Moreover, once we start we can provide our services to companies looking for technical service providers. After you receive your license you can also apply for government projects. Technical services in Dubai has various categories like
Painting and Contracting
Plumbing and Sanitary Contracting
Carpentry and Flooring Contracting
Air- Conditioning, Ventilation and Air Filtration System Installation and Maintenance, etc.
On the whole, these are the top five profitable businesses in Dubai which you can start. But before venturing into any business it is always advisable to have a clear idea and concept in your mind. Success and fame will follow once you make sincere efforts.
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Nursery business in Dubai
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Dubai has been growing and adding up new services every year. There has been a constant increase in the number of expats opening new businesses all over Dubai. Moreover the increase in opportunities has led to migration of even families of these expatriates. The hectic life of people of the city has prevented them from giving time to their children. Work consumes up so much time that the people find no time to groom and teach their children. In such cases nursery business in Dubai has proven to be a big relief.
Nursery works as a daycare institute which helps in the proper care and upbringing of young children, while their parents go for work. Indeed it is a place which altogether gives your child an environment where he can play, get nutritious food and also learn the basics before starting a regular school. It is also a great business opportunity for qualified teachers who are keen on to starting their own venture. If you are planning to open a nursery you need to follow different rules and regulations set by Ministry of UAE.
Phases of Aprrovals
There are different stages for getting permission to open a nursery business in Dubai. Let us see them in brief:
Stage 1Getting Approval from Ministry of Education
Fill and submit the application form containing personal information and project details.
An initial meeting is conducted with the representatives from Ministry of Education.
The entrepreneur have to submit an academic plan to the Ministry of Education for analysis.
The Ministry of Education reviews the application, after which one can do any corrections if required.
Additionally a certified fire and safety officer should approve the building plans of the nursery.
Stage 2
Getting approvals from the Civil Defense and Municipality
The entrepreneur should submit all the required documents for verification to the Civil Defense and Municipality.
A representative from Ministry of Education visits the site for final approval.
An application containing details of the proposed manager should be submitted to the Civil Defense and Municipality.
Finally the Ministry of Education gives the consent for the Manager, once he/she is selected in an interview.
Stage 3
Procuring Nursery License from the Department of Economic Development
Submit the application and procure the license from DED.
Submit an application of work permit for the staff. Furthermore save their information in the system for future references.
The entrepreneur should solicit permission from MOE for advertising.
Finally we have to apply for a visit from MOE representatives to get the approval for a smooth operation.
Other important facts which affect Nursery Business in Dubai.
A business plan including details like an executive summary, education curriculum, safety and hygiene, marketing plan, etc. should be submitted.
The nursery must appoint a director who has proven work experience of two years in early childhood education. Besides he/she should also submit documents verifying educational and work qualifications.
We should build nurseries only on the first or second floor of buildings.
The owner or the employed manager should be a UAE or Arab national. However, if the nursery is built in the free zone, the local partner must be a UAE national.
The capacity of the room must match the total number of children.
The documents required for setting up nursery in Dubai.
Owners passport copies, photo and educational documents.
Passport and educational documents of the staffs.
A letter from the municipality approving the appropriate construction of the building.
A nursery license application
A map diagram showing the location of the nursery indicating the neighborhood, the street name etc.
Furthermore the police should provide a clearance certificate.
The nursery business needs special care as it involves proper upbringing of young children .Therefore the government has created three phases to ensure safety of the children. Hence the parents finds these services quite helpful as they can now leave their leave their children under the care of these professionals.
We are team of professionals, we can also assist you with Mainland company setup, FreeZone License and Offshore IBC with bank account opening assistance in more than 60 countries around the globe.
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Fine Arts Training Centers in Dubai
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Dubai has flourished itself into a very big and dynamic city. The huge number of investment opportunities has attracted many expatriates into this magnificent city. Similarly, Fine Arts training centers in Dubai have also witnessed this increasing number of opportunities. Dubai has transformed itself into a center of commercial arts, thus resulting in the opening up of a number of Fine Arts Training Centers in Dubai. Thanks to the growing ex-pat population, Dubai has benefitted a lot from these training centers. The opening of a training center is a good investment as education in itself has a huge market share. Moreover imparting new skills will garner more efficient professionals for the country’s development.
As an investor, if you are keen on trying new investment areas, fine arts training centers in Dubai are an option to go for. Let us see the steps which need to be followed while opening a training center.
Fine Arts
Fine Arts are s creative art which involves learning a special skill set to make exquisite objects, environments, or experiences to share with others. Namely, the Sub Categories in Dubai Fine Arts Activities are:
Performance Arts Training
Performance Arts include skills related to artists body, face, etc. for example theatre performance, music, speech, etc.
Art and Craft Skills Training
These arts include making objects or specializing in art associated with materials. for example ceramics, folk arts, calligraphy, painting, etc.
The departments involved in issuing permits for Fine Arts Training Centers in Dubai Department of Economic Development(DED)
The Department of Economic Development is the authority from where we can procure licenses for starting a fine arts training center in Dubai. Let us see the process
Choose your business activity name and fill application for initial approval. for example, you are going to start a music academy then you have to fill in the business activity name for that.
Reserve a trading name for your institution.
Submit the required documents for verification as demanded by DED.
Submit an application for a professional license.
The DED will provide the initial approval and demand approvals from various government offices depending on the nature of the institute.
Finally, after attaining all requirements DED will issue the fine arts training institute license.
Knowledge and Human Development Authority
The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is an authority that ensures the growth and quality of education in Dubai. Firstly the department helps schools, universities, parents, students, educators, investors, and government partners to provide quality education to students and also a bright future. Secondly, it is also responsible for issuing training institute permits after procuring a license from DED. The requirements for getting a KHDA permit involves two phases
Phase 1
The requirements in Phase one are:
The applications should be filled for the new Educational Service Permit
Trade name reservation should be done by the institute(copy of the license should be submitted)
The training institute’s registration plan is also needed which should include the elements or the structure provided.
The institute should provide all the NOC’s from specified institutions.
Additionally, submit a list inclusive of all the courses.
The manager should have a graduate degree for KHDA approval.
Phase 4
The requirements in Phase two are:
A copy of the trade license and location map.
The institute should provide a tenancy contract.
Environment Health and Safety Certificate from Civil Defense
The training institute can collect the Education Services permit from the KHDA after 15 days required the proper submission of all the documents.
Therefore if you follow all rules and regulations you can easily set up a fine arts training center. Moreover, it is always good to educate students and contribute to a better future for the country.
Also, read our recent articles about company formation in Mainland and Free Zone. There are many free zones in UAE. Consult our experts to get the best advice for your business in UAE.
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Gold Trading License in Dubai
The "City of Gold' as it is called, Dubai is one of the main hubs for Gold trading in the middle east. It has developed a huge market for gold that caters to different nations. Besides the migration of ex-pats, population growth, tourist inflow, infrastructure development, better way of living are some of the factors that have led to the massive growth of this market. A gold trading license can be established inside or outside of Dubai. However, the location will not affect the tax parameters of the business. Let us see the conditions to set up Gold Trading Business in Dubai:
Steps To Get Gold Trading License in Dubai
Dubai has the most business-friendly environment due to its government and its liberal policies. Therefore, establishing a gold business firm is a hassle-free process in Dubai if we follow the rules and regulations correctly.
The foremost step is to choose from the areas entitled for gold trading in Dubai:
Dubai Multi Commodities Center(DMCC) Free Zone.
Dubai Mainland
Gold and Diamond Park. 
It has become one of the largest free zone areas in Dubai. The free zone was established in 2002 in order to provide a well-built financial hub for the global community's trade. Besides the site offers various advantages like 100% foreign business ownership, high-end infrastructure, 50 years tax holiday, ease to own properties, etc. Therefore making it one of the sought-after places to start a gold trading license in Dubai.
Established in 2011, it is the most prominent location for jewelry shopping in Dubai. Millions of people come here to buy high-end jewelry, precious gems, stones, gold, diamond, and other accessories. Besides the location has a combination of retail, manufacturing, and trading units which is beneficial for the success of a gold enterprise. In addition to that this park holds 350 offices and retail shops along with 118 manufacturing units.
Advantages of Gold and Diamond Park License
The site offers various benefits like low corporate tax,100% foreign ownership, leasing opportunities, etc.
We can easily employ foreign ex-pats in our units.
Hallmarking is made available by the municipality.
The premier location allows easy access to all places.
It has also started to lease premium commercial space to entrepreneurs trading in gold.
100% security of share capital and profits.
Gold Trading in Dubai Mainland
Dubai mainland is one of the traditional business environments for a gold trading license in Dubai. Unlike free zones, the mainland provides the freedom to trade anywhere within UAE. Furthermore, it grants advantages like no VAT and profit tax, no minimum capital requirement, more retails space, etc.
The main center for Gold trading on the mainland is the GOLD SOUK MARKET. It is one of the oldest business markets which is located in the commercial business district in Deira. Being one of the oldest markets, it is an ideal spot for gold trading in Dubai. Moreover, the site provides the advantage of selling directly to the local people without the involvement of middlemen.
Gold Trading is a very profitable but risk-taking business. Therefore before starting a gold trading license in Dubai you should procure a proper license sanctioned by the government. Let us see how to procure license in the above-mentioned jurisdictions :
Dubai Gold and Diamond Park
A lease agreement should be taken from the Gold and Diamond park.
After obtaining a lease agreement, apply for license at the Jebel Ali free zone authority along with the necessary documents and fees.
Dubai Mainland
The trading license for gold trading in Dubai is issued by the Department of Economic Development. Moreover, you can also visit the DED website for procuring a license.
Dubai Freezone
Dubai free zones have separate authority for issuing the trading licenses. Therefore you need to contact the concerned authority of the chosen free zone for procuring a license.
Steps to follow while obtaining license
The steps and documentation required for obtaining Gold Trade License at different jurisdictions are the same. Firstly let us see the documentation required:
We must fill the application form and submit the required fees carefully.
Two passport size photographs
A copy of the owner's or shareholder's visa/passport.
A copy of sponsor's passport/ emirates id
Resume of the manager
Proof of trade name reservation
A copy of the Memorandum of Association issued by a notary.
A copy of the initial approval certificate.
Tenancy of Lease Agreement.
Subsequently one must ensure to complete the following steps before applying for license
Reserve a trading name and select the nature of the business activity.
Submit an elaborate business plan.
Furthermore, decide on a legal entity for your company.
A proper Memorandum of Association should be made with the help of a local sponsor.
We must obtain a tenancy contract or lease agreement from the owner of the site.
We also need to get external approval from SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency).
Opening a Bank Account
After procuring the license you need to open a corporate bank account for doing company-related transactions.
Thus if you are planning to open a business in Dubai, the gold trading business is a very good option.
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Food Delivery Service License
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As we all know, Dubai has turned into a business destination. From big business houses to small businesses and start-ups all are eager to capture this market. Dubai has shown balanced development for different industries. One such business is the delivery industry. With the Covid-19 spread all over the world, people show reluctance to go to the local market and buy products. Instead, they place orders online or through apps and get the desired products at their doorsteps. According to a KPMG survey, 60% of UAE customers order food online as compared to just 18% of US customers. Therefore, the importance of the Food delivery service license is very high in Dubai.
What is the Food Delivery service License?
Some companies are formed to offer services to deliver consumer goods and food items from general stores, restaurants, homes, offices, factories, airports, and others. However, it excludes delivering mail, parcels, and postal items. Corporations willing to launch and expand their operations through online platform take help from delivery service companies.
Requirements to get a Food delivery Service license
To start a Food delivery service license, following points have to be noted:
Firstly, decide the business activity according to the DED rules.
Secondly, the Company name has to be selected. The name should be unique and should consider the culture of the land.
Thirdly, the location of the company has to be decided.
Next, a trade license has to be applied from the DED or the concerned authorities. Along with that, the owner should make sure that the employees have a driving license.
The owner has to get approval from the Dubai Food Safety Department.
The company also has to adhere to the Food Code of Dubai.
By fulfilling all these the company gets a delivery license.
Other than that, the company has to select vehicles for the movement of goods. For instance, a van, a truck, or a bike. The vehicles must be in suitable working condition, and fuel-efficient. The company should have proper tools and equipment for the easy functioning of the business.
Importance and Benefits of Food Delivery Service License
In these times, people prefer food and other products delivered at their home or office. Delivery service providers need to ensure that there is no breakage and the item is intact. Therefore, the importance of delivery service is high. One gets the products just on a click. Examples of delivery services are Zomato, Uber, Talabat, Deliveroo, and likes. Delivery service has become the lifeline of a business.
Benefits of Delivery service:
The delivery service provider charges 15 to 20 % of the order value.
The delivery service gets an advertisement on the website of the shop.
They can charge a delivery surcharge in the peak hours or for late or early delivery.
The company can charge 25- 30% is charged as the commission when the orders are less.
The shop enjoys benefits as free delivery business and free delivery weeks.
The delivery system in Dubai
There is a dedicated fleet for delivery service license in Dubai. In addition to that, Dubai has well-trained drivers, a cost-effective delivery platform, a large number of smartphone usage, an instant tracking system for orders, and 24 hours of operational support. Hence, the delivery service in Dubai is the best in class.
Here, the delivery service provides Express delivery for individuals. For instance, the delivery is made on the same day or as soon as you order. They also provide scheduled delivery of orders.
Mobile App for Delivery system
A mobile app is a must for a delivery service provider. It helps the customers to easily connect to the delivery service providers. The building and maintenance of a mobile app is expensive. The cost depends on the size, location, premises, and ingredients. But the end result is much more than that. A mobile app is convenient and easy. The owner has to work with established mobile app builders who specialize in app design.
In conclusion, a delivery service is of utmost importance these days. It is important for the shop to expand its customer- base and continue to be in touch with the market. The shops have to select the best delivery service providers for the same. Therefore, there is high competitiveness in this business. The delivery service companies have to ensure that they provide high class service to be in the market. Customer satisfaction is the key for this business.
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