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holygraund · 3 days
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Were you sent by someone who wanted me dead?
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Not really a fan of Bridgerton, but I am a fan of Nicola Coughlan's response to everyone shitting on her for being "too big" to play a love interest
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a-state-of-bliss · 18 days
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Frida Gustavsson @ Alexander McQueen Spr/Sum 2011
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incorrectbatfam · 12 days
Damian: *carrying Alfred the cat out of the room*
Alfred the cat: *purrs*
Damian: You are being punished. Please do not purr. I love you.
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stilesdefender · 2 days
Stiles: Hey, can I sit here?
Derek: You're pointing at my lap.
Stiles: I know, and?
Derek, turning a little red: Yeah, sure.
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fatty-food · 4 days
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(via Instagram)
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pururin · 14 days
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fatty-food · 22 days
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Grilled cheese (via Instagram)
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20 Low effort meaningful comments to leave on fics when you can’t think of anything to say that most authors love and appreciate (and you will too).
1.) Thank you for writing this!
2.) This really helped distract me from the horrors of reality, thank you for writing it!
3.) I really really really loved this.
4.) <3
5.) Literal keyboard mash q3kjt2uh0erjiurjfnejkrgnkejoiiueirnf!!!!
6.) My favorite part was when they ____.
7.) I laughed at ____.
8.) How dare you! /affectionate.
9.) I am very excited to read this story in its entirety!
10.) I really enjoyed the first __ chapters, I cannot wait for more!
11.) This gave me everything I was hoping for!
12.) 10/10 fic, thanks for writing!
13.) I am going to be thinking about this fic for a long time, thank you for writing!
14.) This made me feel a lot of emotions and I cannot describe them, so thank you for that. I really enjoyed this.
15.) This was the best ride I haven taken in a long time, wow! Thank you for writing this.
16.) If I had the ability to bind this as a real book I would, I loved it so much.
17.) I'm not good with words but I just loved this so much.
18.) This is complete perfection.
19.) I am in awe of how you described ____.
20.) This means so much to me that you wrote this. Thank you.
The more you comment, the better you will get at it and the more enjoyment and fulfillment you will received out of saying thank you.
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