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Hello Kitty rose flavored ice cream parfait 锝ワ緹锞燂渐锝♂。饜
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Contingency plan
Danny: I need you to make a very serious contingency plan against me.
Bruce: I鈥 Danny, what鈥?
Danny: Okay so there is a prophecy where I go insane because one point or another that caused the destruction of worlds as you know it and it happened in one universe already and that me broke into our universe which I already took care of but Kronos said that that outcome is still very reachable and I've had an existential crisis ever since because of what exactly the extent of my capabilities.
Bruce: and that contingency plan requires....?
Danny: An extinct flower that I could only get by going to the past
Bruce: Contingency plan it is.
[Planting said flowers]
Damian: Are there any specific requirements to grow them?
Danny: Oh, yeah. Let me just鈥 *takes the gardening shears, about to slice his hand*
Tim: Danny what the fuck are you doing?!
Danny: I'm pretty sure they grew them with blood soaked soil鈥
Damian: Are you as stupid as the fucking pilgrims these die with? That means they were high with Iron!
Danny: ...o h
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We just got to accept that some people can only be in our hearts, not in our lives.
Kathy B.
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"haha go easy it's just a first draft!" except it's the single most important thing i've ever created in my entire life. if you make even one slightly neutral comment about it i will withdraw into a cave and never return to society. any feedback that does not amount to "omg yes this is incredible, it鈥檚 unlike anything else ever made, where is the sequel, this idea is sure to make you at least fifteen billion dollars" will reduce me to tears. but be honest tho
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Sometimes I'm reminded how dumb Americans are
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馃摲 Pinterest
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Almost sunrise.
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