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Damian dancing on Kayden's birthday.
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Tumblr media
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Crossroads Deal - Finn Balor (18+)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Demon!King!Finn Balor x Melanie
Summary: Making a deal with the Demon!Balor but instead of wanting Melanie’s soul he wants to make her his sex slave.
Warnings: 18+, Smut, Public!Sex, Sex in a library, Studying for finals, Blowjob, Minors DNI
Word Count: 3,258 
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Tumblr media
Pushing the gravel back into the hole where I had placed my picture in a tin can, standing up, I looked around to see if anyone was in sight. Nothing. Legend has it if someone put a picture of themself in a small canister along with graveyard dirt and a black cat skull and bury it in the center of the crossroads, they could summon a demon and strike a deal, but of course there was a price, in ten years some sort of creature comes and collects what’s theirs. 
Luckily when I dug up the tin box and opened it up there already had the ingredients inside and a couple of old photos of other people making deals in the past. I heard about the crossroads deals from my Mythology college class last term, of course I didn’t think anything of it, just an old tale but doing my research and finding out people actually have sold their souls for fame, money, looks, whatever they name it and they got it.
College was becoming irritating, ten hour shifts at work on my shoulders didn’t help and I was constantly worrying if I’ll have enough money for rent. I needed something to change.
“You rang.” A Irish accent filled my ears, jumping slightly, I turned around to see a tall, handsome man in a black suit. His dark hair short and slightly styled where his greenish blue eyes burned into me, his stare lasting longer than a few seconds. I couldn’t help but to blush as I noticed his eyes slightly wander over my body.
“Are you really…” Words couldn’t form in my brain let alone finish the sentence I started. Was this actually happening, demons were real? 
“The Demon King? Yeah, I’m also a crossroad dealer.” The male smirked, his memorizing greenish blue eyes turning ruby red. Blinking, they went back to his normal color. “The names Finn.” 
“I already know your name, sweetheart.” He cuts me off before I get the chance to introduce myself.
“You do?” My eyebrows arched in curiosity, wondering how he already knew my name.
“Of course. I know the name of every person who wants to make a deal, Melanie.” The Demon King named Finn licked his lips and stepped closer, the gravel underneath his shiny black business shoes crunched with each step. “So, what can I do for you, dear?” Finn was now only a few feet away, his form nearly towering over me. 
Swallowing thickly, I didn’t think I’d make it this far. I actually didn’t think this would work, just following some myth and the help of some reddit reviews from some possible emo kid sulking in the dark. All of this was a cry for help to get me out of what I was in. “I want to be wealthy with money.” I finally spoke out the truth of why I summoned him.
“Blah.” Finn spat. “You humans and money,” Finn started to circle around me, my eyes never leaving him. I quickly turned my head to the other side as it was starting to crank my neck. “Why, can a boy you like fall in love with you?” Finn laughed at my needs.
“Psh, no.” I scoffed at him for trying to assume and twist my words. 
“Pay off that mortgage?” Finn spat back another reason why I could have possibly summoned him.
“I wish.” I sighed, looking down at the gravel. What was his deal and trying to guess why I needed this money? Why couldn’t he just give me what I wanted and leave?
“Get that dream car you’ve always wanted?” Finn guessed once more, his Irish accent filling my ears.
“Not even close.” I crossed my arms and looked at him. 
Finn stopped guessing and stared back at me, eyes squinting. “Then why is it everytime I make a deal with most of you humans it’s always about money?” Finn hissed, it sounded like he was mostly annoyed than anything. He must get deals with people about money a lot.
“I’m in college, I’m on my own, I nearly work myself to death just to keep up with my rent and college is tiring along with it. I just want to live my life without having to worry about money.” I frowned, finally confessing onto why I summoned him tonight. 
“So, you’re willing to give up your soul in the next ten years just for money?” Finn was baffled, he blinked as he waited for my answer.
“Well, when you put it like that.” I reassured myself, my hand going to my arm and rubbing it in comfort, trying not to back out of this silly deal. Should I ask for more or something for else? I felt so small compared to him as he pointed out the flaw of this deal I wanted to make.
“Listen, I’ll make a deal with you.” Finn shoved his hands into the suit jacket pockets and stood there casually. “I’ll give you what you want, I’ll stuff your bank account with so many zeros and with no questions asked from the bank tellers.” 
“And you want my soul in return?” I followed up after his deal he proposed. 
“No, something better.” Finn pulled his left hand out of his pocket, placing it upon his scruffy chin. Watching his moves made me want to reach out and stroke his facial hair. I watched his large hand stroke his beard, my eyes never leaving his slender fingers. I swallowed, not even realizing I was salivating in my mouth at how much of a good looking man he was, even if he was a demon. Knowing his large hand he could take me with one tight grip around my throat. 
I couldn’t help but to clear my throat and squeeze my thighs together. I needed to stay focused and not have my mind in the gutter right now. “Like what?” My voice cracked slightly, I knew better, I should have just headed to my car and left, forget about this night and never come back to the crossroads again, but the other part of me wanted to stay, see what he had to offer. 
Before Finn spoke, he shoved his left hand back into his blazer pocket. “I get to have my way with you, whenever and wherever I want.” Finn said nonchalantly, his gaze lazily looking over me. As if he wasn’t interested in me but knew it would be fun to offer the deal.
I blinked, trying to think what he meant by that. “You… You mean have sex with me?” I choked. 
“Yeah, basically a sex slave.” Finn shrugged, as if he wasn’t bothered by anything. “If you don’t like the deal I could just make it to where I come and collect your soul in ten years.” Finn suggested. “Well, not me but my Hellhounds.”
“Hellhounds?” I questioned him. “Is that like a dog or something?” I didn’t understand what he meant by that. 
“More or less, basically they come and rip you apart and collect your soul to bring it down to Hell for my collection.” Finn pulled his hand once more and checked out his nails in a bored manner.
Biting my lower lip, I fiddled with my fingers. Now it was my turn to check out his body fitted in the tight suit. Finn huffed out a breath, folding his arms together, his biceps flexing. “I can let you think-”
“I’ve thought about it.” I blurted out, interpreting him.
“Oh yeah,” He purred, the words rolling off of his tongue like silk. “And what’s your choice, sweetheart?” 
“I’ll do it, I’ll take your deal.” I said without a second thought. I now didn’t know if I was doing this for the money still or to be in the sheets with this demon.
“Great!” Finn smirked, coming closer to me. 
“So, how do we seal the deal? Handshake, I sign my name on a contract with?” I started to extend my hand out towards him.
“Something like that.” He murmured, pulling me closer to him by the waist, his free hand caressed my cheek, leaning down he pressed his lips against mine, planting a surprisingly soft kiss.
My eyes widened, placing my hand on top of his chest. I tried to push the Demon King away. My eyes slowly fluttered shut, I stopped trying to push him away and melted into his touch. Finn pulled away from me, gasping softly for air. I looked up at the demon. “You made a great deal, Melanie.” Finn chuckled. “See you soon.”
That was three months ago. At first I thought Finn would come back in a couple of days but soon days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. He was faithful on his end of the deal, I had money in my bank where I could retire today if I wanted to. My fridge was stocked with groceries, my cabinet stuffed with canned goods, my car even had a full tank of gas every week.
Finals were around the corner and I was spending my saturday at the local library, other students from the college were there too, noses in books, staring at computer screens, some students were so tired from studying they fell asleep their elbows propped up on the table while they rested their head in the palm of their hands, drooling. 
Standing up from my table I forgot one more book for my anatomy class. Walking down the aisle of the large bookshelves I stopped in the health section, my fingers dancing along the spines of the books, looking for the one I needed. 
“Looking for this?” A rich Irish accent asked. Jumping slightly, I looked to my right to see the Demon King, holding up some kind of book about romance. 
I couldn’t help but to giggle. “No.” I grinned at him for picking out such a book.
Finn frowned, looking at the book and placing it randomly on the shelf where it didn’t belong, obviously romance didn’t belong in the health aisle. “I thought you females adore romance novels?” 
“I’d love to be reading about that, but sadly I’m studying for my anatomy final. It’s coming up in a few days.” I started to look for the book I needed again, my attention back to the shelf skimming through the books.
“Listen, that’s hot and all,  I’d love to see you study for a final,” Finn teased me about studying in the library. “but I have something else better in mind.” Finn licked his lips and gave a mischievous smile.
“And what could that possibly be?” I asked, looking towards him, my eyes casted downwards, only to grow wide and quickly look back up at him. “You’re joking?” I gasped, Finn was standing there with a pinched tent pressing against his black pants.
“Oh no darling, you see I’ve had quite the chub since I’ve met you.” Finn’s Irish accent thickens with lust. 
“Why now? Why here?” I squeaked, quickly looking around. Luckily nobody was near us until someone needed something from the human resources section. 
“Well, you know how Hell is, soul meetings, soul counts, more meetings, keeping Hell from going, well, you know, Hell.” He chuckled at his word play.
“Okay, I get it. You do a lot of things in Hell to make Hell less Hellish. I have to study for this final so I won’t fail this course, I need to get an ‘A’ on this.” I sighed, trying to find the book I was looking for before Finn appeared.
“May I remind you, Melanie. A deal is a deal.” A growl rumbled from Finn’s chest, his eyes appeared glowing red, they flashed back to his normal colors. “Or you know, I could take away that money and let you struggle again.”
“No!” I said a bit too loudly only to look behind me to see if anyone was there to shush me. Swallowing my pride I turned to face the Demon King. “No, a deal is a deal, I’ll obey.” 
“Now that’s what I like to hear.” He purred lowly, stalking towards me. He towered over me, being a foot and a couple of inches taller than me. “I’ll try not to have you screaming my name, this is a place of silence after all.” Finn snapped his fingers, my clothes disappearing leaving me nude for anyone to see. The cool stale air hitting my bare skin, my nipples becoming slightly hard.
Quickly, I crossed my legs and my hands flew up to my breasts to cover them. Finn tisked, “Don’t play coy now love, you’ve enjoyed this, trust me.” Finn unbuckled his black belt around his black pants. “Just trust me on this, you do trust me, right?” His eyes flashed back to those beautiful bloody red colors. 
“Yes.” I breathed out, it was as if I was under his spell.
The red faded back to his greenish blue eye color. “Great.” Pushing his pants down, Finn rubbed himself through his black boxers. “Now, be a good girl and get on your knees.” 
Obeying his command, I lowered myself onto my knees, the carpet feeling uncomfortable as the rough fabric rubbed up against my skin. “Open.” Finn pushed his boxers down his thick thighs, his cock sprung up, hitting his toned stomach. Gulping, I tore my eyes away from his throbbing erection and looked up at him. “I said, ‘open’.” He demanded again, his words like venom this time, his patients thinning. Slowly opening my mouth, Finn grabbed my jaw, forcing my mouth to open up wider. He shoved his salty mushroom tip into my mouth, down my throat. “Hmm fuck.” Finn let out a deep moan. 
Water built up in the corner of my eyes, I tried to catch a breath before he shoved his cock further down my throat again. Digging my nails into his hips, I tried to get him to slow down. His erection thrusting in and out my throat I quickly tapped on his waist to stop. Finn pushed his cock as far down my throat as he could and slowly pulled out. Siliva connected from the tip of his dick to my lips which broke, making it snap back onto my face. Gasping, I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. “What- What the fuck?” I hissed up at him while wiping my tears away. 
“Sorry, I got out of control.” Finn grumbled, helping me up to my feet. I didn’t want to do this anymore if he was capable of getting out of hand. “I promise it won’t happen again, Melanie. We’ll have a safe word.”
“I think the word ‘stop’ is understandable.” I snapped, giving him a glare.
“Again, my apologies.” He combed his fingers through his dark short hair. “Okay, okay. Stop is our safe word.” 
“It isn’t a safe word, stop means stop.” I nearly barked at him. Finn’s eyes darkened this time, grabbing me by the waist and pinned me against the tall bookshelf. The books slightly rattling behind me.
“I said I’m sorry, now let me claim what’s mine.” Finn grunted, his hard cock nudging against my wet lips. “Oh my.” He smirked in a teasing manner, letting go of my waist with one hand and dipped it in between my thighs, feeling the wet coating. “I think someone got wet from me being too rough.” 
Chewing on the inside of my cheek, I looked away from the demon. Finn dipped his fingers into his mouth, sucking off the juices. His eyes shut for a moment before fluttering them open as he pulled his fingers out from his mouth. “Hmm, so sweet.”  He moaned. Finn grabbed my waist again, making me jump up. He hooked his arms underneath my legs, my back pinned against the rough shelves. “Finally.” Finn whispered, he pushed the tip of his cock past my wet folds. “Holy Hell, I knew you’d be tight.” Finn sighed out, his head tossing back slightly. 
A sharp gasp escaped my lips as Finn pushed his full length inside of me, not giving me time to adjust around his cock. “Fuck, you’re- you’re deep.” Digging my nails deep into his shoulder, I left small nail marks on his skin. I was a bit worried that he was going to split me into two. 
“Such a good girl, taking my whole cock.” Finn whimpered, his thrusts becoming deeper, slamming his cock faster. The bookshelf behind me shook and creaked, a few books from the top fell onto the ground with a loud thud. Quickly looking down each side of the aisle for anyone to come by. 
“Don’t worry about love, we’re fine.” Finn grunted. “Just relax and enjoy my cock.” Finn pressed his lips against mine, shoving his tongue into my mouth, our tongues dancing against each other. 
A coil tightened in my lower stomach as Finn kept pumping his cock in and out of my drenched pussy. “I’m close.” I whined against his lips. Finn pulled away, opening his eyes that were now ruby red.
“I am too, sweetheart.” Finn grunted in my ear. My walls tightened around his pulsing member, my body was shaking with arousal, beads of sweat formed on Finn’s forehead, his muscles flexed underneath his suit. “Fuck, come with me Melanie, come with me.” He nearly roared out.
Crying out Finn’s name we both came at the same time, our juices colliding together. Finn thrust a few more times, pushing his come further inside of me. 
He slowly pulled out, our juices oozed out of my fucked pussy and dripped onto the salmon color carpet. Finn chuckled deeply. “Someone likes to be filled with cream.” Finn teased, helping me onto my own two feet. Finn snapped his fingers, clothes appeared on my body while he adjusted his pants. 
“I should uh, get back to studying.” I murmured, fixing my hair before anyone sees me.
“Here, I think you need this while you study.” Finn grabbed a random book from the shelf and gave it to me. It was the book I was looking for in my anatomy class.
“How did you-”
“I watch you all the time, love, I know.” He chuckled lowly and left on that note.
That was three years ago. College was finally over, I quit my job and moved in with Finn down in Hell. Sure he used me for a sex slave for a couple of months but we both soon caught feelings for each other and moved to the next stage.
“Mommy! Mommy!” My son came running up to me. “Daddy won’t play with me!” I couldn’t help but to laugh, picking up my son and carrying him down the hallway. 
“You know how daddy is, he works a lot, being King isn’t easy.” 
“My queen, would you like me to make lunch for the little one?” One of the demons that helped around asked me.  
“Yes please, thank you.” I nodded, making my way to the throne room. I saw Finn sitting on the throne, murmuring to himself as he rubbed his beard, it looked like he was in train of thought. I let my son down who ran towards my husband. 
“Well, well, well. Isn’t it my queen and little prince.” Finn smirked, putting the paper work away. Finn picked up the Prince of Hell and placed him on his lap. “Let’s raise a little bit of trouble, shall we?” Finn winked towards my direction.
Tumblr media
Finn Balor's Masterlist
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AIGHT NOW- Damian why you smilin' like that
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Update, he doesn't.
God if you love me give Finn/JD the tag belts
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God if you love me give Finn/JD the tag belts
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Ngl i moaned out loud when i saw this for the first time.
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Another week missing Rhea again, this is worse than a break up.
Someone send help
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clicky for the twt
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Why the FUCK did he hold eye contact with the camera for that long.
I mean I liked it but-
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I love these two so much
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ok as much as I don't like the judgement day I would love to see JD and Finn as tag champions.
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thinking about her
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i may be insane from exams but i aint finn balor insane
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dont fuck w lil man
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I'm so conflicted by Dom right now. Like I want to hug him and smack him in the back of the head at the same time.
Tumblr media
(better quality later)
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