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>realizing my persona here would go hard as a carl (webtoon) oc
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"The woman Della sees staring back at her looks more like Della than she could have imagined. She doesn't have the short, spunky crop of a young woman who flies away, nor does she have the long, ragged locks grown from ten years of desperation and isolation. This person seems steady. Intelligent. Prepared. Like she's not afraid anymore.
Della thinks that maybe she's going to be okay."
something short, just a little idea I had to get out. donald, della, and the emotional consequences of getting a haircut
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Part 7, and before yall start yelling in the comments
"You're going to tell us what's going on!"
Furnoss sat at the end of the table. Loodvigg had been moved to its room, now blocked off with chairs and whatever furniture Attmoz was able to find. Glaishur was still unconscious, and Syncopite was the only one who Attmoz would allow to hear anything. Scaratar was far too young, and so was everyone else. Galvana had been bandaged up, the bone monsters grasp doing far more damages than expected.
"Why did they hurt Glaishur and Galvana? What was Loodvigg talking about?"
"Attmoz, please-"
"What didn't you stop them?" Syncopite added. Furnoss drew in a long, shaky breath.
"Loodvigg hasn't ever done this. I didn't know how to react. It isn't like them to be.. anything. It usually just came and left, I just didn't know how to react!"
As flimsy as the answer seemed, it was the truth. Furnoss simply froze up in the moment. It definitely wasn't a good thing, but Attmoz wouldn't hold it against him.
"What was Loodvigg talking about? They mentioned Galvana remembering something. What 'something' ?"
Furnoss hesitated to speak on this. Attmoz's stare burned into him the longer he waited.
"I was going to wait until you were older. Until we were all older."
Attmoz and Syncopite took a seat, able to tell that whatever was going to be said would take a while.
"Millions of years ago, when the world had just been created, twelve monsters lived on a floating island - Celestials. This island was called Starhenge. They were formed by the Colossals, a sort of spirit that had the ability to create."
"Is that us?" Syncopite questioned. Furnoss didn't stop speaking, but nodded as an answer.
"Each were gifted their own instruments and abilities. The Colossals taught them music that echoed through every island, each of them unique to their holders. They learned their powers the moment they opened their eyes. They created songs, other monsters, and whole islands."
Furnoss looked to the two monsters in front of him.
"They were created with knowledge of the entire planet. Every dimension."
"Like gods," Attmoz added.
"Like gods," Furnoss echoed, "And they were granted eternal life by one; Galvana. They had the ability to reverse their life's states, holding them within stone until they burst out younger."
"And.. that's what happened with us?"
"Not quite," Furnoss answered Syncopite, "Starhenge was a place of power. It was as strong as the monsters it held. But even islands grow old. After countless centuries, the island began to show its age. It fell from the sky, fallen among many other stars. Our bodies had grown older, and usually we'd have a way to reverse it. We knew there wasn't enough time left to do the process properly. Even the most powerful of monsters wouldn't be able to handle the destruction of a fallen star. Galvana proceeded despite the risk, and we went back too far. Captured within rock for so long, we lost our memories. All but Loodvigg and I."
Attmoz and Syncopite could only stare forward. There was so much to take in. How did they know this was the truth? It couldn't be. They weren't gods. They've never felt like God's in their lives.
"Loodvigg and I woke up first." Furnoss continued, "We were just infants. We don't know who - or what - had raised us. Our memories barely held what remained of the past, even less so of the present. But the second we learned how to care for ourselves, it was gone. Vanished. Then we found you."
Attmoz felt the fire elementalists gaze fall on him. He couldn't look up, still taking in the information. He wanted Furnoss to continue.
"We chipped away at the stone, and there you were. Then we helped Syncopite, Glaishur, soon Scaratar and Torrt. We made the decision to get the rest freed the same day, hence why they're all about the same age. We didn't want you to see where you truly came from, and for so long, you never questioned it. Not to us, at least."
"But what happened to Loodvigg? Why is it so.. awful?"
"Loodvigg grew resentment towards everyone. They were disgusted by what had happened. But most of all, they were disgusted by Galvana. He hated what they had done to them, what they had done to everyone. Loodvigg wouldn't listen to me. They didn't believe Galvana had done it to protect their friends. It claimed that dying would have been more honorable."
Furnoss looked up, beginning to admit his own regrets.
"I never wanted to yell at any of you. I never wanted to push any punishment, and I absolutely never wanted to hurt you. We had been through so much, and we were all so young and unable to comprehend just how far lost we were. Loodvigg was supposed to help me learn how to properly discipline or set rules, but I was too scared of hurting you. You were all hurting enough. And now, you're more tortured than anything I could've ever done."
He turned, tear-eyed, and visibly filled with pain.
"Raising so many at such a young age. Hearing your only parental figures fight so much. Being ignored, having everything you do be criticized because that monster was so damn lost in his own responsibilities that the slightest mistakes made him lash out.. I can't take back anything that I did. Glaishur wants to run, and it's my fault. Galvana is hurt, and it's my fault. I.. I'm so, so sorry.."
Furnoss finally broke. He held his head, crying out years of regret. Only now did he seem like what he was. A kid.
"It's ok," Syncopite spoke. Attmoz looked over, half agreeing, and half not. He was so tied.
The fire monster looked up, wiping his face clean.
"You did what you could. You reacted the way anyone would have. You acknowledged what you did wrong, and you're changing because of it. If anyone deserves a second chance, it's you."
"Yeah," Attmoz agreed, making his final choice. Syncopite was far wiser than they seemed.
The castle fell silent as the two comforted their friend. For once, the quiet was calm.
"Yes, Attmoz?"
"You said there were more islands. Is.. is that true?"
Furnoss nodded.
"Loodvigg and I were torn about the idea of seeking other islands. The trip would be risky. We remember the story of our creation and deaths, but nothing more. We don't know how other monsters would react if they saw us - especially now."
"I mean, I wouldn't really expect negativity."
"No, but expectations can't always be lived up to. There isn't much material around to help us travel, either. If I recall correctly, dimensional travel was possible, but I'd be lying if I said I knew how."
More monsters. More islands. There's so much of the world to see! But they were stuck here. Attmoz didn't want to risk leaving anyone, especially now.
"I need to check on Galvana. And everyone, really. I think they're all still scared shitless 'cause of Lood' ."
Furnoss agreed, excusing him and everyone else from the table. Attmoz stood outside of the bedroom door, taking a minute to grab the thoughts Furnoss had put in and shoving it all aside. Glaishur needs to hear about this, maybe Scaratar too, but no one else. The door opened.
The group of little monsters all seemed to jump at the door opening, but certainly relieved once they recognized who it was. They each hopped up, babbling their nonsensical words. All but Galvana, who stood behind with a bandaged arm and blanket covering them. Scaratar stood with them, as if they had requested a gaurd. Attmoz had to cut through the group, knealing before the youngest celestial.
"Hey, Sparky. You feelin' alright?"
A low whistle responded. Attmoz took a seat, carefully peeling back the blanket.
"Hey.. you know how sometimes at night, you wake up scared? Are you having bad dreams?"
Galvana responded with a much high-pitcched noise. The air monster understood. Galvanas having nightmares of Starhenges fall.
"Do you.. remember anything of it?"
They shook their head no. They don't remember the fall, but they dream of it.
"Must be really scary, huh?"
Again, Galvana agreed. Everything was scary right now.
"I'll tell you what," Attmoz reached forward, "I'll make sure nothing gets to you ever again. Ever."
The electric monster crawled from their blanket, holding onto their friend as tight as they could. Attmoz hiccuped, promising Galvana that he'll always be there.
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Part 6, come get yall juice
It was morning. There was hardly any light. The sun had been stolen by dark, ravenous clouds that only grew larger by the second, soon consuming the whole blue sky. The air felt heavy. The wind was harsh, carrying warmth that only a gentle breeze would allow to be bearable. Thunder roared through the castle, keeping each little monster within a single room together. Attmoz sat among them, keeping their minds off the approaching storm with bits of music and reassurance that it'll pass soon enough. Scaratar and Torrt had begun working on a simple fort composed of chairs, pillows, and a blanket, bringing at least a bit of excitement to the rest.
Glaishur didn't want to leave his room. Syncopite had checked. The door was frozen shut. He just wanted a bit of time alone.
Attmoz worried his friend had heard the conversation last night. There's been so much arguing lately. In the end, all the air monster wanted was to be heard. He wanted his and everyone else's efforts to be seen. He just wanted things to be easier. He wanted to fix things. But maybe that just isn't how it works. Maybe this island was just meant to be broken.
Or maybe they were all just too young.
Scaratar must have noticed her cousin losing himself in thought, as she decided to have him step aside. Syncopite finished the blanket fort without them, allowing the smaller ones to decorate and change it as they pleased.
"Did something happen last night? You've been really quiet."
"Oh, don't worry about it. I was jus' talking to Furnoss. He didn't do anything bad or nothing, he was just.. stubborn."
"Oh. Nothing new, then?"
"Nope. Notta."
"Is he still mad?"
"Dont know, "Attmoz shrugged, "Haven't really seen him, other than breakfast. Couldn't look me in the eye. Guess my point came across."
"So.. are you ok?"
"Yeah. Don't worry 'bout it, Bug."
Scaratars antennae twitched, but otherwise, she seemed alright. Attmoz ruffled the poison monsters hair as they walked back to the room.
"Just keep yourself ok, yeah?"
Re-entering the room, there is nothing but utter chaos. Syncopite was trapped inside of the closet while Vhamp and Blasoom kept sight of the door. Torrt held a stick as they guarded the entrance of the fort, which now was decorated as if it were a castle far greater than the one these monsters resided in. Plixie and Hornacle had made a crude two-monster costume, a villain of some kind, hopping back and forth to enter the castle. Galvana stood at the top of the fort, a cardboard crown placed upon their head. They held their orb up high, now stuck to the end of a pole with a glob of wet clay.
"Get them!" Torrt ordered.
"I'm starting to regret teaching Torrt how to speak."
What started as a simple game to calm the nerves turned into an hour long story. A story of a kingdom run by a brilliant king, guarded by the islands strongest knights. Beasts that exist far beyond monsters' comprehension, lurking in the distant land, only to be captured and banished to a cave forever watched by powerful guards. After a million years, one beast was capable of escaping their resting place!
Attmoz pushed open the closet, his vision hidden by a box worn on his head. He stomped on the ground, chasing the laughing monsters around the room and occasionally stumbling over toys that had been left out. Hornacle and Plixie circled him, swatting as his arms playfully.
"Ah! I've been hit!" Attmoz yelled out, dramatically falling onto his back. Galvana hopped down from their tower, landing beside with their make-shift staff held high in the air. They declared victory!
"Attmoz!" Furnoss called out. The air monster knew immediately what would be said next, as always.
"Alright, Tiny. Lunch time."
Attmoz rolled over, hopping up onto his feet and tossing aside the box. The group of monsters took off their costumes, happily running down the hallway to the kitchen. Scaratar stood behind, offering to help clean up the mess that had been left behind. He accepted, and the two got to work.
The many little monsters sat at the table, eating away at their individual meals. It was messy, unsurprisingly, and table manners weren't exactly common. Galvana was last to arrive, hopping into their chair still holding onto their staff. The sight of it made Furnoss uneasy. But that was the past. Only two could remember. It was practically nothing!
The distance echoed ever so quietly of scittering steps. The floor clicked at every movement of its legs. Loodvigg entered the kitchen, planning only to leave as soon as they could. They stopped at the entrance, eyes fixed on Galvanas staff.
"What is that."
"Uh, Loodvigg-"
The dark monster pushed past the group, being stopped only by Furnoss.
"Loodvigg, not here, not now -"
Furnoss, too, was thrown aside. He did nothing.
"You made this, didn't you?" It's voice grew raspy, as if something that lingered within them for years had begun clawing its way out.
Galvana fell off their chair, moving back. They were frightened. Not only did they know practically nothing about Loodvigg, they also had no defense against it. They were towering over them, a sense of pure, vile hatred oozing from them like an open wound.
"You.. You remember everything, don't you? What you did to me- what you did to all of us!"
"Loodvigg, stop!" Furnoss pleaded. The fire elementalists' cries fell on deaf ears. The remaining children ran. Attmoz lifted his head. Something was wrong.
"You have been here this whole time, hiding.. hiding in this - this shell! Hiding like the coward you are!" Loodvigg grabbed the scared monster by their wrist, holding them up to the wall they had been cornered too. Galvana could only cry out for someone - anyone - to help.
"I know you're still in there! Speak! Speak to me, you bastard!"
Loodvigg was pulled back by its shoulders, spinning around and dropping Galvana in the process. Glaishur kept the two distanced from one another. Attmoz swept in, moving the poor kid from the scene.
"Get away from them!" Glaishur yelled, louder than he ever had in his life. Loodvigg moved quickly, whipping a fist at the cold monster. The hit landed, sending Glaishur back and smashing the left side of his head on the table.
Nothing of him moved other than the shallow rise and fall of his chest. Attmoz left Galvana in Scaratars arms, standing before the freak that he had been forced to live with for eons. Loodvigg began to make their move.
But it couldn't.
Few steps in, they began to wheeze. The fury in its eyes faded to fear as they dropped, unable to draw in another breath. The sound of it gagging on its own lungs made Furnoss feel nauseous. Scaratar hid Galvanas eyes, covering her own as well.
And like that, it was over. Loodvigg fell still. The room went quiet.
"Are they..?"
"Unconscious," Attmoz answered, turning his attention to Furnoss. "It's kind of hard to breathe when there isn't any air."
Scaratars lips quivered as it became apparent of just how far Attmoz was willing to go. He alone took down the biggest threat she had ever seen. And he didn't even lift a finger.
Attmoz dropped to his knees, moving back Glaishurs hair to see his face. It was a bloodied mess from the accident, but he was alive.
"Get Syncopite and stay with the kids. Keep everyone in the room."
Scaratar didn't need to see Attmoz's face to know who he was talking to. She moved along, keeping the shaking Galvanas face hidden in her hair.
The air elementalist used what strength he had to lift Glaishur up, aiming to get him back in bed. Syncopite ran over, too, drawing in the scene like a breath of smoke.
"Keep an eye on that.. thing. And keep Furnoss there, too."
And Syncopite listened.
Furnoss looked at them. They looked back. And they spoke.
"Why didn't you do anything?"
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Hey, uh-
I'm the author of Fallen Stars, and i just wanted to say I appreciate the little messages you leave in tags, means a lot <3
hey, no problem! i always want to make sure authors are taking care of themselves, because pushing themselves for fic means that they're likely to burn out :(
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Blah blah blah, part 5, it isn't that good. I'm sorry it's late, and I just wanna make something
Day had seeped away. The sky painted itself gorgeous shades of orange, yellow, and pink as the sun settled into bed. Its blanket of stars rested above, pale light providing minimal sight to the creatures that still lurked. The waters below rippled in calming waves, lapping at the base of the island. The calm that had fallen over the outside still hadn't made its way inside.
Attmoz, accompanied by Glaishur, was still up trying to settle down the few remaining kids that hadn't made it to bed yet. Their ruckus worried the two monsters, primarily of waking up the others and secondly causing Furnoss or even Loodvigg to get involved. The three remaining kiddos still ran throughout the house, treating the chase as if it were a game.
"Plixie, get off the cupboards!" Attmoz stomped a foot, "Don't make me come up there!"
The plasma monster laughed hysterically - it was hilarious! Still, Attmoz could tell who's influence they were under.
"C'mon, Lil dude, don't make this difficult!"
"Attmoz," Glaishur called out, "Hornacle trailed dirt into the tub again!"
"So?" The air monsters responded, quickly forming a cloud for himself to ride apon, "Just get 'em out!"
Glaishur stared at Hornacle. Hornacle stared at Glaishur.
"Be nice," he requested.
Attmoz, after a bit more chasing, had finally gotten Plixie in his grasp. Despite their fighting, the end was inevitable: bedtime. He dropped the little monster into bed, providing a soft toy and tucking them in. Plixie was a good kid, but God, they needed to spend less time with Galvana. He carefully left the room, yawning a bit himself as he closed the door. Glaishur walked over, completely drenched head to toe in water with large splotches of mud here and there. He held Hornacle out and away from his body, barely able to see past the hair swept over his eyes.
".. ya got Splash under control?"
"Mhm! And I'm still in one piece!"
"I think I'll take that," Attmoz chuckled, taking Hornacle into his arms. "How about you go clean up?"
Glaishur giggled to himself, shaking off droplets of water on his way to find a towel. Hornacle didn't put up much of a fight, having had their fun already.
"Alright, we got Plixie and Hornacle. oh no."
The air elementalist made direct eye contact with his final challenge.
"Galva- aaand they're gone."
Glaishur stumbled out of his room at the perfect time, unintentionally tripping both himself and poor Galvana.
"Oh hey, good catch, Frosty! Uh- you didn't crush em, did you?"
The cold monster stood up, Galvana sitting on his shoulders giggling. Attmoz didn't want to risk them running off, especially now that they were distracted, pulling at Glaishurs hair. Maybe if he acted quickly enough..
"Hey Glaishur?"
"Hold still."
Neither had enough time to respond, Attmoz immediately tackling his pal in an attempt to capture the little energetic monster. The mission? Failed. Galvana hopped off just in time, stumbling over their own feet as they darted off to the stairs. Attmoz shouted a powerful "get 'em!" And hopped to his feet. The chase was on, now with the obstacle of Furnoss or Loodvigg growing larger. Glaishur stumbled behind, almost tripping once more as Galvana made a sharp turn back. Attmoz stepped on his own tail, having to bite his lip to avoid teaching anyone even more profanity.
The three ran in a loop, stumbling and occasionally even falling. Glaishur fell behind, watching Attmoz and Galvana disappear. The pattering of their feet stopped. It fell quiet.
The pink monster walked back into view, holding Galvana. Galvana was, ever so sweetly, biting Attmoz's arm.
"That's it."
"I'm throwing the Galvana away."
"Attmoooz, nooo-"
Glaishur followed behind as the two went into the kitchen. Moz held Galvana by the back of their shirt, holding them over the trash can. The little monster could only laugh up a storm, clearly entertained by their own shenanigans.
"Attmoz, we need thaaat-"
"Gimmie it-"
"It's garbage."
"Hand over the baby!"
Having been swiped from Attmoz, Galvana now rode in the purple monsters arms. Despite their kicking, shocking, and general fighting, Glaishur and Attmoz worked together to finally put an end to the battle.
"Get swaddled, loser."
Galvana rolled uncomfortably, sparks of electricity aimed towards Attmoz's words and annoyed whistles rolling in and out.
"They look like an angry cocoon," Glaishur commented, fiddling a bit with his hands, "This feels kinda mean."
"Well, that's what happens when you bite Mr. Airhead."
The electric monster gave a single, almost scared sounding whistle.
"Free them."
Glaishur did so immediately, still keeping the blanket over the little monster. Already, they were back to laughing. Must be a good actor.
"I'm going t' bed," the cold monster reached down to pat Galvanas head, now that they're actually behaving, "You tired me out, Lil dude."
"I'll chill here with 'em for a bit to make sure they dont pull anything silly.. I've been doing that for a bit, actually. Seems to help a bit with the whole waking-up-at-midnight thing."
The three say their goodnights to one another, finally putting their punishment to rest. Glaishur passed out the second he reached his room, exhausted by the chase and extra shower Hornacle had given him. Attmoz and Galvana had a staring contest, keeping the two of them entertained during Attmoz's last chore. It wasn't long til Vana finally clocked oit, leaving Attmoz alone.
The air monster sat in his room. Waiting. The words Glaishur had spoken hours ago filled his mind. He had to do something. But what was there to do?
The stairs creaked as the monster on them inched down. Attmoz opened his eye. Was he really ready for this? It doesn't matter now. He's worried. Furnoss is all he has.
Attmoz left his room, walking carefully to the kitchen. Furnoss stood there, mumbling and cleaning off the dishes that were left dirty.
"You're killin' him, you know."
Furnoss gave a sharp gasp, spinning around to see who stood there.
"Damn it, Attmoz, I nearly turned you into a pile of ash!"
"You're killing him," Attmoz repeated.
".. who?"
"Glaishur," he crossed his arms, leaning against the wall. As relaxed as he tried to seem, Attmoz already heard a ringing in his ears. Furnoss turned his attention back to cleaning.
"Must be so hard for the two of you to do barely anything."
"It's harder when we do more, and there isn't even the thought of appreciation."
Furnoss didn't respond.
"You hurt him, you know."
"Well it isn't my fault you couldn't follow what I've stated multiple times. More or less his."
"Is it too much for you to be a little.. happier? You didn't have to watch the kids at all today. Even better, they didn't have to hear you fighting with Lood' again. Maybe you should be more considerate?"
Furnoss slammed down a cup, almost shattering it. Attmoz felt every fur on his body stand.
Attmoz couldn't respond.
"I do everything for you. I do everything for everyone. I tell you what you did wrong, and I'm the bad guy?"
"You know, there's more to caring for someone than just food and water. There's more to being nice than just providing the bare minimum!"
Attmoz moved into the kitchen, still keeping a distance, but close enough for his point to come across.
"If you listened, maybe you would know that he was just trying to help. Maybe if you listened, you would know how stressed he is - how all of us are! Why can't you just listen to us?"
The fire elementalists voice shook through the castle. Attmoz moved back, holding his hands in front of him as if he were expecting a hit. Furnoss's eyes glossed over.
"Go to bed, Attmoz."
And he did. Attmoz left for his room, not looking back. Furnoss sat at the table, burying his face in his hands.
Did Attmoz really think he would harm him?
Did they all think the same?
God, what has happened to them?
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Never a better time to type a fanfic while in agonizing pain /hj sorry for the long wait, but a special someone wanted to make art for this part! ^^ can't thank him enough, it's absolutely adorable! He asked to remain anonymous (and also doesnt have tumblr), but provided a watermark! Stinky_Pinky!
The kitchen emptied itself of the many monsters. Apart from two, that is.
Attmoz was wiping down the table of its crumbs and sticky residue, a few visible handprints remaining even after its cleansing. Glaishur was cleaning and organizing the dishes he often forgot to attend to, mumbling to himself about how the water left his fur soggy and uncomfortable.
"Children are the most unhygienic creatures," Attmoz joked, "absolute specimens."
"Yeah, but they're cute, so we gotta' keep 'em," Glaishur shrugged
"Where else would they go, anyway? Other than Hornacle, I don't think they'd get very far."
The land these monsters lived on sat in the middle of a vast, everlasting ocean. The island had a sort of mushroom-like shape, curving in the middle and acting like a slide down to the stretched out base, where bits of grass and soil grew whatever life was able to sprout. Blasoom and Scaratar came to the base of the island often, having grown their own plot of grass and few flowers. They created bits of life, even fruits. Apart from their garden, there was nothing but shifting waters as far as the eye can see.
"Well, they are still young-"
Glaishurs words were cut short by the sudden shaking of the walls. The two fell awkwardly silent, looking to finish the cleaning as it began again. Just as it had every day. Their words were muffled, but were still very audible.
"Don't you think you could put in a bit more effort?"
"For what?"
"Dude, come on, we're the ones in charge, it's our job to keep the rest in one piece. I just. I feel like I'm doing everything."
"This isn't our responsibility, and it shouldn't be either. I'm not watching over monsters that are a year younger than me."
Furnoss grew louder. They always yelled so loudly.
"You know DAMN well I'm not talking about Glaishur or Attmoz. There's five kids here who aren't even verbal yet. If it isn't our responsibility, then Whose is it? It's not like we can just let them fend for themselves. They'll manage to get themselves killed in seconds!"
"They'll figure it out eventually. We didn't have anyone to guide us."
"And so we shouldn't let THEM have anyone?"
Attmoz motioned for Glaishur to follow, taking him out of the kitchen and to the hallway.
"I don' think they should hear this," Glaishur spoke, keeping his eyes on the ground.
"Yeah.. hey, you guys wanna go outside?" Attmoz spoke louder to the rest of the little ones, "Maybe play a bit?"
The excitement of the younger monsters overcame the yelling upstairs. Syncopite led the group outside, Attmoz following behind. Glaishur stood awkwardly, listening in on the argument upstairs.
"Do you understand how fucking difficult this is? Of course you don't! You don't even know which room is which, do you? Galvana takes a whole fucking hour to go to sleep! They're literally the element of energy! You probably didn't even pay attention to that, did you? Oh, or how about the 36 meals I have to make a DAY? How picky each of these little brats can be about what they will and won't touch? Is it so much for you to at least watch over them? Obviously, no one else is capable of that!"
"I do what you can't. I keep them in line. You can't do so much as raise your voice at them."
"Because I feel bad!.. I feel.. awful. They gave up so much.. it wouldn't be right, it wouldn't be fair to."
"And now we live like this," Loodvigg spoke in a chilling voice, "because of it."
Glaishur felt his throat tighten. He couldn't understand the next few words spoken, whether they were muffled due to the distance or the outside cheerful chatter. He was too scared to ask what they meant - what was "it"? Who gave up what? At the same time, he worried about being more of a burden. He knew how stressed out Furnoss was. He knew how little they already thought of him. Furnoss had enough problems. It'd be best to stay out of any more trouble.
"Hey Frosty, you coming?"
"Yeah, sorry!"
The cold monster let the door close behind him, happily walking out to the welcoming sun. The air felt nice, a comfortable warmth from the sun and a gentle breeze provided by Attmoz himself. This actually sparks and idea.
"Hey 'Moz, wanna make it a little more cool?" Glaishur asked, fidgeting his hands already.
"Eh? Oh heck yeah!"
Attmoz crouched down, only to make a quick jump to the air. A thick, fluffy cloud formed, catching the monster who now laid back with his arms crossed behind his head. The clouds surface caved ever to slightly to the monsters weight, hovering above the ground easily. Glaishur rubbed his hands together, flakes of ice falling between his fingers before being shot up into the sky and into the floating surface Attmoz had made. Snowflakes began to fall, covering the ground below in the chilling powder, and soon more snowing clouds covered most of the surface of the island. Even Hornacle had chipped in, adding a thin layer of water to cover the ground, bringing slippery ice to slide on. The stress previously had been mostly forgotten, now pushed from the many monsters' minds as they played in their own little wonderland.
Plixie, Hornacle, and Glaishur piled up enough snow to build a snow-monster, Glaishur using his own frosty friend to act as the head. The icy ground was being used to slide across the land, Vhamp and Blasoom putting on their own performance while Torrt used Glaishurs drums to add a little more energy with music. Syncopite watched uneasily, worried of any injuries that might come with the little monsters carelessness.
"Ah, they can take a few hits," Scaratar reassured, "It's part of the fun!"
Attmoz had a good look of the area, keeping each kid in check to be sure none strayed too far. A count of heads told him that someone was missing..
A sudden *bzzt!* caused the air monster to jump, turning swiftly on his tail. Galvana giggled, standing on top of their own little fort built specifically just to get Attmoz's attention.
"Oh, you think that's funny? You wanna be silly? Is this silly?"
Attmoz lifted the little monster up from the snowy steps, holding them up in the air and over the cloud. Galvana laughed up a storm, kicking their legs and sending small electric sparks from their hands. They weren't too high off the ground, and Galvana certainly trusted Attmoz enough to not drop them. Even if they were to fall, the freshly fallen snow would soften the fall. Of course, no one fell. Instead, Attmoz settled Galvana on the snow pile next to him. Unfortunately, only the air monster was able to rest within the clouds fluff without falling through.
"You're a lil goober, you know that?"
Galvana could only respond with a whistle, though they were visibly happy. Attmoz chuckled, resting his head and watching the electric monster run off to play with the rest. Sitting back and being able to see everyone happy was refreshing, especially Syncopite and Glaishur. He wished Furnoss would join them, but the idea of having to do so much as look in the fire monsters direction made him feel nervous.
Now wasn't the time to worry. And it was just that - a gift.
Tumblr media
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hard-technology-rock 2 months
crescent moon, coast is clear
Tumblr media
馃寵 5k~ words, oneshot
馃 5 times eda visits raine, and 1 time they visit her.
馃寵 featuring art by @mistbix鈥!! <3
馃 set within and post-FTF. contains spoilers, read at your own risk!
link 馃敆:聽https://archiveofourown.org/works/44383459
kudos, comments and reblogs are super appreciated!!
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hard-technology-rock 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
They have different methods of intimidation
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hard-technology-rock 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The trifecta
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hard-technology-rock 4 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bad end friends wip project sneak peek
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hard-technology-rock 5 months
When you already bought tickets for 鈥楳arkiplier in North Korea鈥 for momiplier so you accidentally met his only fans requirement
Audio from GTA 5
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hard-technology-rock 5 months
Joe Rogan after getting kicked from the #1 spot by three YouTubers who promised to show Markiplier鈥檚 boobs if they won
Audio: exit music by Radiohead
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hard-technology-rock 5 months
Callie's No Good, Very Bad Day. Week. Month. Year.
For as long as Callie could remember, Marie had been by her side. When Marie left to pursue a solo career, it derailed Callie鈥檚 life, and she spiraled further and further. So in a way, being kidnapped by the Octarians felt like a breath of fresh air. Surely that was why, even once Callie had been rescued, she willingly put the hypnoshades back on?
I recently finished this Callie-centric story, retelling the events of Splatoon 2 and beyond from her perspective! It's particularly heavy in the first chapter, so do note that.
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hard-technology-rock 5 months
umm hi cuttletavio tag i wrote a fic . where i fix a bunch of plotholes and make stuff make sense and have continual narrative cohesiveness and also craig and octavio argue like a married couple lol i hope u guys like it !
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hard-technology-rock 5 months
Tumblr media
u should probably expect me to be drawing more of him
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hard-technology-rock 5 months
Tumblr media
victory at all costs
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