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attention all writers! tumblr is rolling out a new feature that allows our work to be used in ai training processes!
be sure to opt out of this in your visibility settings immediately! and remember, you have to opt out for each blog, not just your main!
go to your blogs’ settings (again, you have to do these steps for each blog, not just your main blog)
scroll until you see “visibility” and choose that
in your visibility settings, choose “prevent third-party sharing for (blog name)”
you may opted out already but we don’t take chances with ai around these parts *insert angry cowboy*
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tagging some mutuals to get the word out — @multifandomsimagine @pegxcarter @moremaybank @gladerscake @goldenroutledge @thatsthewaythechrissycrumbles @drewstarkeyslut @drudyslut @tangledinlove @rafeandonlyrafe @mvybanks
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itjazzbicch · 16 days
Just a quick PSA.
I am done writing for wrestling for the time being but I do know that I have mutuals who like to go to my Wattpad and read my old works so! If you are one of those people!
I need you guys to know that for some reason, Wattpad has been deleting my stories, specifically my wrestling ones, saying that I am “going against community guidelines” meanwhile they have been posted for like 2 years or maybe more. I don’t remember
So if one of the fics you like is suddenly missing on my Wattpad, that’s why. There’s literally nothing I can do unfortunately
On a good note, I do have many wrestling fics on here if you go through my blog and go thru it tags
I am highly considering to just not post on Wattpad whatsoever anymore. That platform has done nothing but stress me out and all of the fandoms I do write for I have master lists on here now so, I may just stop posting there all together
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itjazzbicch · 21 days
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itjazzbicch · 21 days
Just letting everyone know that my dog passed away today.
I’m gonna try to be active and maybe write during my free time to take my mind off things, but I’m not going to make any promises because I can already feel my depression kicking in.
We had my dog since I was a kid and I’m in my twenties now, so it’s been a very long time and i can’t even describe how much I loved my baby doggy.
So, I just wanted to update. I appreciate all the people who’ve checked on me. Know that I appreciate you all and hopefully my heart heals soon.
Rip my Chomp boy boy💕
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itjazzbicch · 24 days
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Steve Fox "Counter-Punching Paragon" | TEKKEN 8
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itjazzbicch · 24 days
can I just say this?
I think Marshall Law spiking a pizza with laxatives and giving it to Paul Phoenix and Steve Fox was a really mean thing to do but that doesn’t mean that I would put him in the same category as Heihachi.
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itjazzbicch · 24 days
I’m just gonna leave this here
Steve Fox’s tekken 8 story is just him getting adopted by Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law.
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itjazzbicch · 25 days
Tumblr media
I colored it!
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itjazzbicch · 25 days
So I’ve been playing through all the Character Episodes in TK8 and when you play Paul’s, you fight Kuma first and have Jun tell you this after😭😭
Tumblr media
I love Jun even more now
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itjazzbicch · 26 days
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Shang Tsung 🐍
mods used: ermaccer • nvidia ansel
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About Time PT. 2
Tumblr media
Pairing:  Hwoarang x Fem Reader 
Summary: About Time PT. 1
After the tournament ends and the reader is fully recovered from her injury, she's back to training, where Hwoarang is keeping an eye on her, wanting a rematch against her, but this fight is very different from their last...
Warnings:  SMUT! (18+ ONLY! MINORS & AGELESS BLOGS DNI! YOU WILL BE BLOCKED!) Swearing, sparring match, teasing dynamic, foreplay, oral F receiving, unprotected sex (wrap it before ya tap it!), creampie
Word Count: 1.7k 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
After losing in the tournament to Jin, things took a turn that we did not expect when Hwoarang and I went to watch in the Colosseum.
Fighting against Kazuya banged me up even more, but thanks to some teamwork, both G Corp and Kazuya were taken down, and we could all live normally again.
As for me? I had to heal up. So, I didn't leave home.
The doctor told me to take it easy, but I seemed to be healing quicker than they anticipated, and after how long I spent resting in bed, I had been dying to do something exciting.
My home gym wasn't much, but I found some fun in throwing some kicks at my punching bag, a smile on my face as I felt no kind of pain anymore, a smirk growing on my face when I felt a set of familiar eyes on me, jumping and spinning in my next kick to be a showoff.
"Didn't the doctor tell you to take it easy?" Hwoarang always walked right in like he lived with me, coming in and cocking his eyebrow at me.
"I'm fine!" I assured, hitting another spinning kick and posing in stance as I landed on my feet, "See?"
"Appears so," He hummed, growing a devilish grin as he started tying up his hair.
I knew that sign; chuckling to myself, I stepped into the middle of the room, retaking my stance and flashing a smirk back at him:
"You want your rematch?"
"Yeah. Now that you're healed, you won't have any excuses when you lose," He always aimed to win, but I made sure to remind him that I did too:
"Yeah, yeah. I'm going to win just like I did last time."
"Shut up and fight," He chuckled, sharing a smirk with me as we both sent out a kick and began our little rematch.
I lost count of how many times we've had little matches like this. We were each other's equals, so as a few minutes passed, neither of us was going down.
Watching his every move delicately, I was able to dodge a kick he sent out, taking his leg to ground him. Locks weren't my thing, but to tease him, I put him in a leg lock and laughed:
"I'd just tap out if I were you!"
Sitting up and trying to break out of the lock, there was this look in his eyes that shifted the entire atmosphere around us, this heavy tension falling on us when he broke free, able to snatch my wrists and pin me to the floor as his forehead came to mine.
"The only one who's going to tap out is you."
We weren't sparring anymore; my chest heaved, felt so heavy when his chest pressed against mine, just staring into each other eyes till I whispered from the crippling anticipation:
"Well, I'm waiting..."
Squeezing my wrists, his lips pressed into mine hard, and as our lips clashed, exchanging tastes of our tongues, I moaned softly at how he bit my lower lip, only letting it pop free when he sat up and threw his shirt off, leaving me panting and burning up at the sight of his bare chest and abs.
"Oh yeah, I win..." He chuckled under his breath at how I couldn't stop admiring his body, his thumb at his waistband and teasing the toned muscle of his v-line, biting at my lip and practically drooling.
"It's not over just yet," I smirked back, taking off my shirt and sports bra in one swoop, giggling at his quick change from confidence to awe, blushing at the way my breasts bounced.
Hwoarang being speechless was always a sight for me, my hands finding my shorts next, and his flustered pink face turned devilish. It was clear that there was nothing to hold back anymore, his lips finding my neck, leaving bites and marks down my collarbone and to my breasts, his hands finding mine on the sides of my shorts.
"You want me?" I whispered in a teasing way, wanting to hear him say it, smiling against his lips as he picked his head back up and kissed me, grinding his hard-on into me:
"Just as bad as you want me."
I groaned into our kiss as I felt his grinding. Want was an understatement. I needed him, not daring to break our kiss, as I picked myself up from the floor, and he knew exactly what I was thinking, wrapping an arm around my waist to pick me up and head to my room.
Before we even made it to the bed, I had wiggled and kicked my way out of my shorts and panties, gasping whenever he dropped me onto the bed so suddenly, sucking in a deep breath with a whine when he pushed my legs up by the back of my thighs, leaving my soaked and dripping pussy wide open for him, his tongue rolling through my slicked fold then swirling around my clit, sucking for a moment to take in my taste, his lips parting with a slight smack as his eyes rolled in satisfaction:
"Oh fuck-"
He instantly lost all control, spreading my legs wide and going back to sucking my clit to the point where my toes were curling, his tongue swift with every lick, his eyes peeking up to see how I was squirming and moaning, whining from how he could keep my thighs pinned to the mattress, quivering in his grip.
"You gonna cum for me?" Letting go of my thighs, a finger slipped into me, pumping fast. At the same time, his tongue swirled around my clit just as quickly, adding another finger, pumping and scissoring me, making my thighs close his head in, taking a handful of his orange hair, grazing his scalp as I couldn't help but grind into him, getting closer to my high as I nodded frantically, moaning out:
"Yeah! Yeah! I'm-"
Pulling his fingers out, he devoured what was left of me right as my orgasm struck, my nerves burning so much that I was nearly rolling in bed, thighs squeezing his head as my back arched, gripping his hair harder, panting and crying out his name.
"Trying to drown me down here?" He teased with a chuckle when he finally picked up his head, licking his lips and wiping his chin, "Fuck, you taste so good."
"Still trying to get me to tap out, I see," I panted, too breathless to laugh, but had a grin on my face, gazing down to him when I felt his weight shift the bed, wiggling out of his pants and briefs, enjoying the teasing and the sight of him completely naked between my legs, stroking his cock and slapping it against my clit, smearing his precum.
"That's if you can handle more than one round. I almost had you just a minute ago. You think you can handle all this?"
He kept teasing me on purpose, his tip running through my wetness, circling my entrance, nearly making my eyes roll just from the little pleasure it gave off, that pleasure making me say:
"Just fuck me already, Hwoarang. Please..."
Right then and there, he had basically won the little game we were playing because no one could make me beg, and since he had the green light, this little game was over. All we wanted was to feel one another and chase the highs that the pleasure of it gave us.
With a pop, his tip eased into me, feeding more inches with each stroke, creating a steady tempo, our hands locking, staying pinned along the sides of my head while his lips returned to leave kisses and marks across my neck and breasts again.
"Hwoarang-" Squeezing his hands hard, his tip hit my sweet spot, my walls clenching around him tight, creating a sweet burn as he kept his cock buried for a moment, rolling his hips against mine as he let out a lingering groan:
"Shit...You trying to milk me already?"
My back arched in response, whining as he started thrusting again, much quicker this time, making sure his tip kept smacking that sweet point that had my pussy clenching him even harder, getting louder moans from me, one of my hands letting go of his to wrap around his neck, soon doing the same with the other as I cried out:
"Hwoarang! I'm gonna cum!"
"Cum then, baby," His tone wasn't cocky or teasing like before, his arms hooking under me as he bottomed me out every other thrust. The way he called me baby made my heart pound so hard, feeling the vein in my neck throb as I let out such a lewd moan, my legs latching around his waist out of instinct as I came, hearing a rather loud squelch. Our wet skin slapping as he fucked me through it.
His eyebrows were furrowed, biting his lip hard and panting during my orgasm, his body tensing up as his sweaty forehead met mine.
I didn't know what was taking over me, but I kept my legs latched around his waist as his pace slowed down, whispering to him:
"It's okay. You don't have to stop..."
"You sure?" He looked at me quickly, and I could see in his eyes that he felt as I did at that moment, surprising myself a little as my actual feelings slipped out of me, still moaning and high of pleasure as I admitted:
"Yeah, I love you! Just cum in me."
It took a moment to process what I just said out loud. I didn't have the time to process it, getting smacked with a kiss and his hips pounding into me more rapidly than ever, sharing a moan with me, hugging each other and tensing up as we felt his hot seed shooting into me, his quick, warm pants flying past my ear, hearing his whisper:
"I love you too, Y/N."
It felt like an enormous weight off my shoulders. I was anxious when I initially said those three words, but I squeezed him harder in our hug once I knew that he felt the same, giving him a soft kiss, exchanging sweet nothings for a moment as we caught our breath, then mentioning to him:
"There's just one more thing..."
"I didn't tap out, haha!"
He rolled his eyes at me initially, dropping to his side with me in his arms, spanking my ass and warning:
"You just wait till next time!" 
2024 © itjazzbicch — do not repost or translate my work. Likes, reblogs, and comments are always welcome
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itjazzbicch · 26 days
Crying real tears LMAOOOO
Tumblr media
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itjazzbicch · 26 days
Just letting everyone know that I'm finally getting over my illness that turned out to be the flu. Just a few more days of recovering, and I should be all back to normal, which means!!! Fics will be coming out soon!
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itjazzbicch · 27 days
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"I'll destroy you."
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itjazzbicch · 1 month
Hey guys, just wanted to make a quick PSA that requests are now CLOSED.
Hopefully it won’t be for long but I suddenly got very sick like my head hurts just looking at my phone.
Not only that, but I’ve posted about my dog who sadly has cancer and my family is having to go through the hard struggle of possibly putting him down because of how rapidly his cancer is advancing
Just that thought alone makes me very depressed and I know that when my doggy is gone, I’m going to be absolutely crushed and not want to do anything maybe.
So, I hope you guys understand and just know that I don’t plan on having them closed for long!
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itjazzbicch · 1 month
*me jumping to my desk, ready to write for Hwoarang again because my obsession is SPIRALING*
Tumblr media
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