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In our Entrepreneurial journey we are in the preparation for our final pitching and we learned a lot from our past pitching that give us many lessons to improve our proposal in BMC, some of us are doing adjustment because we are a first timer in BMC, we are willing to learn more and share our knowledge to other junior marketing soon.
The things that I learned from the topic that was shared with us by our resource speakers during our lecture series are the following topics:
- Intellectual property
- How start up funding works
- Start up ecosystem
- entrepreneurial Universities model
Speakers help us to see how business works in reality and they give us idea on how we start our business.
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jersonbelarmino · 2 years
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I discovered my talents and limitations throughout the past week. My strengths are that I work really hard and don't give up easy. Even though I work extremely hard, it takes me a long time to do one task. I stand out for one specific reason: I have a strong commitment to seeing an assignment through to completion and perfection. My team can benefit from my entrepreneurial skills and abilities because I am outgoing and can persuade potential customers to buy our product. I am also work-focused and consistently complete the tasks that our team leader gives me.
My team and I decided to conduct market research last week in order to determine how many people will purchase our future product and to learn what the public's preferences are. We made the decision to create a poll using Google forms and distribute it over social media to a random sample of responders. The majority of the responses indicated that they would be willing to purchase our product since it would help them greatly in reducing their fear of being kidnapped. The team debated whether to conduct our market validation online or in person, and since we will be selling it through online channels, we chose to conduct it online.
The lesson that the team learned:
time management
be teachable
critical thinking
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jersonbelarmino · 2 years
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My team and I interviewed eight persons, we inquired about the difficulties they had when face-to-face classes resumed. The majority of the responses from the people we interviewed said they were afraid of the alarming kidnapping cases here in the Philippines. A few people said they were having trouble with their schedules, another mentioned the issue of not having umbrellas, and a third said they were having trouble saving money. Students are alarmed by the frightening kidnapping cases, especially those who have night classes. In addition to the kids, the disturbing kidnapping cases are also making the parents of the students fearful for their children. If the group will create something that will discourage an assailant and, in the case of kidnappings, boost the victim's chances of survival. My team will be able to assist many parents and students who are concerned for their children's safety if the concept for this product is realized.
My team decided to develop a flight device that will be of tremendous use to kids to address this issue. The team's plan is to use a bracelet and a box as their two devices. The box will have a loud alarm, pepper spray, and a separate wristband that, when the box is activated, sends a GPS signal to the student's trusted accounts, letting the parent or guardian know where their children are.
The team's choice was the responses from the respondents, their schedule issue, the issue of not having umbrellas, and the issue of feeling afraid in light of the worrying kidnapping incidents. The team decided to focus on the issue of being afraid of kidnapping cases out of all the issues raised by our respondents because it is marketable and there is currently no product on the market that has two devices, which is a benefit if a student is ever abducted because if there is only one device, the kidnappers can simply throw it away. This gives our idea an advantage.
The lessons that my team learned is that we need to know our target market so that we will enable to market to those who will pay for our goods or services. This is a lot more efficient and cost-effective way to connect with clients and drive sales, then focus in improving the idea of the product make it unique and affordable.
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