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This is accurate
Hi Hello Hey There And Welcome To Lex Luthor's Ascent From Supervillainy To Fatherhood Has Updated, I Am Indeed Late But I Picked Up Some Meh Quality Memes From The Starbucks Down The Street-
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
As Always Link To The Beloved Fic Itself ↓
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Oh god I can see them doing this.
A prompt for y’all
The Justice League begins recruiting people for non combat rolls, technicians, medics, cooks, mechanics, logistics personnel, what have you.
Amongst the sea of applicants are nearly a dozen hailing from a small town in Illinois, called Amity Park, a town that was in none of their records.
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I raise you this!
Team Phantom finds them not long after Danny is taken in by the Question, mostly due to Danny being, well, Danny, Tucker, Sam and Val are still safe with their families but Jazz and Ellie? Nope! They don’t want to risk getting caught by the GIW (dealers choice on if the Fenton Parents were with or against the GIW during this entire fiasco.) so they end up just slotting into the Questions apartment as well, or more accurately, Huntresses apartment once she finds out about them.
Meanwhile Question is just asking The other Heroes for advise on raising a college age teen, a younger half dead teen, and a gender bent clone of that half dead teen, over his comm and Batman is giving some both exposing and good advise.
I see a lot of people going with the idea that if Danny were to be captured and tortured by the GIW, that the main people that would find him are Young Justice, Teen Titans or the Justice League main heroes.
So I raise you this idea.
The one who finds the GIW facility that's keeping Danny prisoner is The Question. The resident faceless conspiracy theorist hero that works for the Justice League. (the one I'm thinking of is the guy from Justice League Unlimited. The one that got together with Huntress. You can imagine this with the Renee Montoya version if you want, but I'm just thinking of the guy Question)
Now hear me out. The Question is known for having crazy conspiracy theories and in the the cartoon, Supergirl asks Green Arrow why they have the Question on the roster for the Justice League since he has such crazy theories, he must be insane. And Green Arrow replies with that some of his theories have actually turned out to be true.
So couple that with how The Question gets crazy theories and he does investigate them on his own time. It wouldn't be a stretch that he finds out that there's an obscure government agency that he instantly starts getting suspicious of as there's very rarely any documentation he can find about it. But what hammers his suspicions in is the obscene amount of money that's being pumped into that agency and a serious of facilities that somehow exist and yet also do not exist but he knows it's real because some of them required a humongous power grid to be able to have the facility function.
The Question starts investigating the facilities. Going undercover finding obscure ways to get into the building. He gets in finds a super secure, heavily fortified area that he could tell where most of the energy is being powered to keep locked. He finds the lab areas where he can see the autopsy tables all with machinery that are definitely raise some eyebrows. He starts downloading information about the facility from their servers and finds that the codes to unlock the area that was blocked to him before.
He goes to investigate that area and low and behold, who does he see but an imprisoned Danny who has clearly been tortured. The Question would then go "well I'm breaking him out" and just does an impromptu jail break and takes the kid which sounds the alarm. They're getting the heck out of there. The Question contacts the Justice League gets him and the kid to the Watchtower.
Later on Danny is staying with the Question, because Danny need a place to stay and he's cool with the faceless dude that saved him from his prison. The dude is like super chill with all of the stuff he talks about and actively listening to everything he talked about. Even adding comments of his own like
"I knew it! Lunch Ladies are connected with creation of the mystery meat! And they're funded by the government so they can use it as a brain control weapon to control the future generation!"
"The politicians of today could possibly be possessed by the ghosts of the past. They're unwilling to relinquish any power they possessed even in the afterlife!"
Plus, Danny's like completely cool with making food and cleaning up after Question. Because one, the food doesn't come to life and try to attack him like it does at home. And two, the man keeps all of his conspiracy stuff pretty organized so there was hardly anything for Danny to clean up. And sure the guy has a weird lifestyle with things such as brushing his teeth with baking soda because he says fluoride is used by the government to be able to see the people better from their satellites. Or that he'll look through everybody's garbage and would sometimes drag Danny with him to help, which he later learns is a great way to gather information about someone. And having conversations with the dude is kind of creepy when he can't see the dude's face, but he gets used to it and then starts practicing his shape shifting to see freak out the other heroes when they see he has no face.
Meanwhile The Question would have moments while working where he's like "Wait! Did I feed the kid this morning?" also Huntress is there because she doesn't trust her boyfriend at keeping a human being alive, even if they are half dead.
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The Amity Parkers, Part 2
So, let’s go over some recent events.
Several New Teachers have arrived at Gotham Academy, those teachers being Doctor Daniel “Danny” Fenton, Dash Baxter, Danielle “Dani” Masters, and the new therapist Paulina Sanchez. These teachers have done, many, things to the curriculum of the school, with some more notable changes being the following.
1: Creating and teaching the formula for toxins and gasses used by Gotham Rogues, naturally creating a new form of defense the students could safely practice.
2:Taught then everything they could possibly need to survive a natural or unnatural disaster, making a School Medic Team from a survivalist club they’d started some time at the end of the first semester of the year.
3: Ruined Lex Luther AND Superman at the same time for custody of Connor Kent Masters (Connor likes the Kents, despite his Originals treatment of him). And now he was a student at the school, catching up in leaps and bounds to his fellow students while also constantly hanging out with Tim during rest periods.
4: Shown the entire County that they were lucky they’re Inspiration for teaching and Fentons parents hadn’t been the ones to take the reigns, because they were worse by at least one league of magnitude.
5: Getting more classes added that were on paper optional but due to Gotham being, well, Gotham, most students took them, from the custom engineering class to basic understandings of magic, because apparently Gotham was littered with super haunted/magical points.
And finally
6: The creation of portals, though you have to pass several tests and qualify for a college degree in engineering at minimum with the approval of Doctor Fenton AND his parents before partaking in the class.
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Alright a little thing.
It’s not the Justice League that comes to help Danny protect Amity Park after Pariah Dark is felled, well not technically the League.
The new Ghosts that walk the streets, that spar with the living and dead, that haunt the Fenton Portal in such numbers that the town approved an expansion for the Fentons’ Lab. These Ghosts are Kryptonian, Martian, Thanagarian, they Gail from every world with a concept of protection and kindness, they wear the colors and uniforms they served in while alive, whether that be with the crests of Kryptonian houses, Thanagarian warriors, or the Martian Military. They all now bear Phantom’s seal, and it’s during one of Phantoms attempts to get away from Superman somewhere above Pennsylvania that Superman meets one such warrior.
The field he follows Phantom into is marred only by the Ghost Boy’s impact crater, he hadn’t meant to hit him that hard but anything less would not have stunned him.
“Surrender Phantom, there’s no where to run.” The boy looks terrified as he scrambled to get up, staggering and falling twice.
“No, no I’m sorry please, just, just leave me alone!” Superman approaches, caution in mind as he closes to get the inhibitor cuffs on Phantom, only for a pair of figures appear between them, the taller one, wearing a HAZMAT suit crouches and collects Phantom while the second stubs Superman.
It’s a soldier of Krypton, with matte white painted armor of a militiaman, and the House of El’s crest displayed on their chest. “What? Who are you?”
The soldier turns, and the helmets sight being focused on him gives him pause. “Will you pursue him?” Superman blinks at the question.
“What? Yes, he needs to come to the Watchtower to- URGH” The soldier was faster, Clark realized, faster and better trained. Before Clark could even argue he’d been thrown hard enough to break the sound barrier, and when he twisted in the air, trying to recover, he was smashed again, and he realized they had flown out over the Atlantic.
Who was this guy?
As Superman turned to face the direction he’d last been hit from he noticed that the Soldier hadn’t followed, he was gone, but in his last place was a fluorescent green balloon with a box tied to it. When Clark opened that box on the ground it had two items in it, a patch, obviously a military one from Krypton, and a note.
[Leave the boy be Kal-El, we dead do not take kindly to him being harassed by a government that wants him vivisected]
Clark knew one thing, he had to bring this to the League, and tell them of the Soldier.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just my humble little contribution to the ides of march celebration.
Sorry for any grammatical error, English is not my first language.
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Making memes is part of my writing process I swear lol Anyway here’s some stuff for the Uncle Oz AU (Penguin Adopts Danny & Jazz AU) for scenes/plot points I haven’t written yet:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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A little text ficlet, inspired by Danny being the Wayne’s driver prompt by @stealingyourbones
Danny: What do you mean your in the ruins of Krypton?
Tim: I don’t know man! We’re just, stuck, it’s weird, Connors not doing so hot and while the ship is dead we still have radiation protection for now.
Danny: Give me five, I know a guy.
-Five Minutes Later-
(Knock knock)
???: Pizza Time!
Tim: who?
???: Howdy! Danny said y’all needed a ride? I’m Johnny, was hangin around here since I’m helping figure out Krypton’s scattered ghost problem.
Tim: (opens door camera to see a scraggly blonde teen leaning on a motorbike floating next to the ship) uuuuh.
Johnny 13: Sup! Want me to hook up to the front or back tow ya? It’ll take a few hours to get back to earth.
Tim: The front please, is there a way for us to talk to you without you having to shout?
Johnny 13: Yup! Danny should have sent you my number, I’ll hook ya into my helmet.
(Johnny 13 would be tasked with teaching inter dimensional and long term travel tactics at League seminars for the next two months, he was allowed to break all of Gotham’s traffic laws once a piece.)
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Making memes is part of my writing process I swear lol Anyway here’s some stuff for the Uncle Oz AU (Penguin Adopts Danny & Jazz AU) for scenes/plot points I haven’t written yet:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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A prompt for y’all
The Justice League begins recruiting people for non combat rolls, technicians, medics, cooks, mechanics, logistics personnel, what have you.
Amongst the sea of applicants are nearly a dozen hailing from a small town in Illinois, called Amity Park, a town that was in none of their records.
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Tumblr media
merry ides of march
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So, the thing
Z0RG Help me I’m back on my Bullshit
I shall be doing four of these, three D100 rolls will decide what The themes will be, I may find more lists for this madness, will add later.
Edit 1:Submit a Fandom, I’ll be checking in tomorrow at Noon (EST) to choose two to work with
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“Wish I was Bruce, but this is bad, if we don’t treat your son’s core corruption, well, Ghost Cores are essentially one’s Immortal Soul Bruce, and the corruption could destroy it if left to long.” Jack took out a blocky, robust looking phone from his pocket, fingers flying across the numbers as Maddie gently grabbed his arm and pulled him over to a chair.
“What’s your son’s name? And don’t try pulling any of that Batman nonsense on us, we already had two people with secret identities we had to figure out and I think this is the time to bulldoze over yours, sorry.” Bruce felt panicked, his heart was thundering in his chest, but then he remembered.
“Twice?” Maddie smiled.
“Our Youngest two, they’re, well, Jack and I made a mistake and then Vlad, you remember him right?” Bruce did remember Vlad Masters, awkward, and falling just as hard and fast as Jack was for Maddie. “He cloned Danny, that’s how we got Ellie, eventually, we were quite wrong on a myriad of things, but long story short we found out Danny and Ellie were two of the ghosts we had hunted after the portal opened, and it took us an embarrassingly long time to figure it out. So no pulling any of that mysterious Bull on me Bruce!” Bruce laughed, a bit hysterically I’d he was honest, and Maddie’s grip on him tightened slightly as he pulled himself together.
“Alright, I should, I should call a family meeting.” Maddie nodded at that, Jack was having a rapid fire conversation on his phone as he hovered near them, checking over Bruce as the facade that separated Bruce Wayne and Batman fell and a far more accurate person filled those shoes, a Father now realizing how badly things could go. “Can you call Alfred?” Maddie nodded to him as Jack hung up his phone and sat back down beside Bruce, one of his massive hands falling onto his shoulder as Maddie went to get Alfred.
Bruce was still stunned how easily they had apparently seen through him, the fact that their two youngest had been heroes at one point made him think of the ways that they would have been tipped off. Then Jack began to speak.
“Alright, so you say one of your boys has been affected by the corrupted ectoplasm, is it Jason? I’d heard that…” Bruce nodded and Jack took a long breath, giving Bruce time as he began speaking again. “I’m now expert, but when do you think he was taken from his grave?” Bruce scratched his scalp, rubbing his fingers through his hair as Alfred and Maddie entered.
“I’ve called everyone Master Bruce, are you alright?” Bruce shook his head slightly, he’d recovered but it was like having one’s greatest fears put on display.
“I’m getting there, Jason was resurrected before he was placed into the pit, he was, absent though, brain dead practically from what I’ve heard.” Jack nodded.
“Sounds like he came back a revenant, a spirit of Vengence, usually they’re able to control themselves but Corrupted Ectoplasm could cut all sanity from them, Joker may be sane and plead the opposite, but this sort of thing may genuinely been a massive emotionally powered berserk state. Have any of your other children been resurrected by these, pits?” Bruce thought of lying, and decided to meet them halfway.
“I’ll tell you when everyone’s here, I don’t want to expose anyone else if a core doctor is unneeded.” Jack nodded. “What’s a Core Doctor?” Alfred, who had been listening asked.
“We have souls,” Jack began, pulling out a note pad and sketching a rough outline of a person. “We all have souls, many animals can’t become ghosts, not enough intelligence or emotional sophistication, I think, the reasons can vary, but in short when you die you’re soul goes to an afterlife to which you belong, or the In Between of the Infinite Realms. I’m on a tangent,” Jack shook his head. “We have souls, when we die those souls coalesce in the Infinite Realms, or Ghost Zone as some call it now a days, and make Ghosts, everyone whose died, especially here or in Amity given the high ectoplasm, has become a Ghost with very low levels of non ghost manifestation possibilities. The Core of your soul is the new housing of, you, essentially, and the ambient ectoplasm around it is used to make a new body, clothes, tools, etc. for the new Ghost. If that Core is damaged or becomes infected well, the soul takes an equal hit, the more it’s damaged the worse the infection gets, Ellie was very sick, her core wasn’t stable due to her being a clone, Frostbite, he’s an inhabitant of the Zone, not dead but VERY ecto contaminated, he’d probably get sick if he came out here, he’s a doctor, has cures for everything from measles to the Kryptonian Core Plagues that destroyed the planet. He can probably explain it better than I can though.” Alfred blinked and sat down in his chair, set slightly off to the side of the door, pinching his chin slightly.
“Jack you forgot to tell them that Frostbite and his tribe are Yetis.” Bruce felt like he was in a room without anything protecting his eyes and ears, getting flash banged a dozen times, each new piece of info hammering him harder than the last.
“Who did you call?” Jack lit up slightly, pride and joy in his eyes as he shook his phone.
“He’s in the Infinite Realms today, working on something, but Danny should be able to get Frostbite ready for an appointment then come over with one of the Autodocs that Frostbite and some folks working at the Hospital made during a particularly bad flu season, Ghost Illness mixed with Living Illness, it sucked. But Danny should be here in about an hour give or take, maybe less if he’s got one of his friends, Wulf? Yeah Wulf, Ghost of a Werewolf one of our ancestors killed a long time ago, he’s a good guy but he’s stuck in his state, though the plus side for us is that he can make temporary rifts between the Infinite Realms and our Dimension, which will cut down on travel time and probably avoid some of the more uppity ghosts.” Bruce decided to run with relevant information from that. Danny was doing something in this Dimension of the Dead, he could grab diagnostic supplies there and without extra assistance be here in an hour, if his assistance, that being Wulf, was available he could be here in a much shorter span of time. Bruce stood.
“We should get ready, is there anything we’ll need if we go into the Infinite Realms?” Wulf may be a variable unknown but having the information on what to do would be good.
“Food,” Maddie began, “Suits able to resist radiation, Hazmat is preferable,” she plucked at her own HAZMAT suit, as high tech as it looked Bruce could still see the upper hood and eye protection hanging onto her back, “and maybe a weapon or two, my Grandfather became a Ghost, Warden Walker is what everyone there calls him, he’s essentially the head of law enforcement and he’s been stuck running with an outdated book he can’t modify due to one of its rules being no new or modified rules, one of them that has been recently modified is “no UNNECESSARY items from the Living Realm” which means everything else should be good, as long as you believe in your soul that every piece is necessary. Hopefully you won’t have to deal with him but if you do let myself or Danny talk to him, he is technically in charge of dealing with Corrupted Ectoplasm until we find out where the ghosts that ran the waste treatment facilities in the realm went, and they’ve been gone since the Trojan war.” Bruce cringed at that last bit slightly but nodded along, the dead still knew the living, still cared as they had, probably best for everyone that Maddie and Danny speak with they’re ancestor.
The sound of running the door to the garage opening was faintly heard, and Bruce could swear he heard one of the Batcave entrances opening and closing as Alfred stood to go collect his grandchildren charges and bring them up to speed.
(I’ll probs not continue this for a while, currently using mobile)
Short DPXDC Prompts #652
Bruce met up with his old college colleagues, Jack and Maddie Fenton. Little did he know that they had changed. They smile a bit too wide and with far too many teeth. their movements are far too fluid, its almost hypnotic how seamlessly they move. The couples eyes gleam with madness and love for each other. They are no longer human, that Bruce is certain of, but they are still the brilliant people he was friends with all those years ago.
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The Amity Parkers
Inspired by This Post, which is long, read the many reblogs and tags and comments, it’s fun!
Tim was Ninety Percent Sure that he was going absolutely insane, granted it was a long time coming. Danny Fenton, his Chemistry teacher and Dash Baxter, his Phys Ed teacher? That was two people from the same practically non-existent town in Illinois, but add onto that the fact that even MORE people kept showing up in Gotham from sleepy little Amity Park and proceeded to either A:Thrive or B:Thrive but with the Energy of a Kryptonian having nonstop contact highs.
After his two teachers, or more accuratly before, there had been Jazz Fenton, a new Psychiatrist working in Gotham and making rather noticeable strides in things. Then arrived her brother and Baxter, who had applied roughly at the same time in the aftermath of a Rogue attack on the cities water treatment plant, and the floodgates seemed to less open more fly off the hinges as though breaching charges had been used. 
Now there were MORE people here, there was Tucker Foley, working at Wayne Enterprises as a coder and a damn terrifying one to boot, Sam Manson, an activist who ended up throwing Tim during one of his Red Robin patrols where he’d come across her “Protest Site” which had been a small park in The Narrows. Wes Weston, a cop, had been giving his coworkers and his Chem teacher NOTHING but grief, insisting that Fenton was doing “Something” wrong but never quite being able to get things to stick, upon further digging this had been a long running one sided rivalry. There was also a SECOND Psychiatrist, Paulina Sanchez, at Gotham Academy who was also from Amity Park, and her files were airtight, as Damian’s most recent hacking attempt and Tim’s own follow up had failed to breach her firewalls.
So, here Tim was, staring at Danielle “Dani/Ellie” Masters, Dr. Fenton’s CLONE and the Academies newest but also most feral teacher as she boxed the Joker hard enough for an audible crack to be heard from their classroom from where she was fighting the demented clown on the field. Baxter was still running his class as normal, though a bit further away, and Dr. Fenton was still teaching their class, while Tim was trying to get Extra Credit and vengeance on the Doctor through today’s extra credit task, making a tracker that could track Doctor Fenton for Twenty Four Hours. 
Why was he seeking vengeance you ask? Well given the fact that Jason brought Doctor Fenton to Family Dinner last week [with Alfred’s blessing] and had come in with the most gremlin-esque energy he’d seen from a Non-Rogue. Now don’t get Tim wrong, he likes Doctor Fenton, he may be demented as all get out but he was regularly making counters to drugs and toxins that seemed to just inhabit Gotham. BUT! Doctor Fenton and Jason had been so sickeningly cutes-y with each other at Dinner, like a couple of Birds of Paradise trying to one up each other.
Then of course was the “Story Time” where the two had teamed up to tell embarrassing stories, though Danny held back, a touch. It didn’t absolve him, especially with how he egged on Jason, which very much didn’t help the whole “I know you’re the Bats” situation. AND THEN! There was the fact that a majority of the Amity Parkers KNEW that they were the Bats, It was as though they had gone through this whole song and dance before, which given prior statements of Doctor Fenton having “Hung up the Cape” seemed to imply he used to be a hero in Amity Park, where your average joe could one on one a rank and file leaguer or at least give them a rough time.
The fact that a semester of training from Baxter and Fenton alone had made Tim’s year group capable of facing off with the JL  was a testament to that.
Speaking of which, some Junior Leaguers were coming to Gotham, if only for a place where they were not as “Strange”. Some of those moves may have been encouraged with the recent custody battle between Luthor against Vlad and Danielle Masters regarding Connor, who was a Copyrighted clone as it turns out, which had resulted  in Connor being made a ward of Danielle Masters, who had chewed Superman out HARD along with her Original, Doctor Danny Fenton himself.
Suffice to say, Clark did NOT get majority of Custody, and only got every third weekend, which was terrifying in Tim’s opinion that this small town mayor who was as wealthy as Luthor, had turned up, legally thrashed Luthor, and then given custody over to his daughter, thrashed SUPERMAN with KRYPTONIAN LAWS, and then gone back to Amity Park Illinois to resume his Mayor-ship there. The fact the town was essentially a self governing and self sufficient region  meant that the League was now VERY AWARE of it, and the fact that the League of Assassins had tried and FAILED multiple times to infiltrate the town, with more people going rogue than staying loyal, with only one out of nearly two hundred assassins returning to Nanda Parabat, critically wounded and very much insane.
In Tim’s opinion? Amity Park raised people similar too but far more prepared than Gothamites, for while Gothamites may have the Fight in their bones, Amity Parkers seem ready to back it up with experience, training, and life experience. 
But then again, Mr. Lancer had been an immigrant to Amity Park, and he was the blueprint of sorts for all of his students who had gone into teaching, much the same for how Batman was the Blueprint for all the other Bats.
Tagging some Folks included in the Masterpost
@plotwholls @welcometosasakiworld @bonebrokebuddy @transsunmoonwizzard @omnicrafts @vala-dreams @fox-sama97 @tired-mom @kyrianclawraith @americano-psycho @mikami1992 @thecatchat @stealingyourbones @mutable-manifestation @britcision @dxrksong @kawaiikenna @mrowsters @the-gay-florist @thatgaydemigodnerd @0satellite0 @afanofmanyships @pencil-for-a-dog @any-mouse
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Short DPXDC Prompts #468
Danny is a Chemistry teacher at Gotham Academy. His favorite student is Tim. He shocks the students by teaching and creating a Fear Antitoxin for the kids to learn as part of their curriculum.
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I'm losing my shit imagining full grown Local Feral Raccoon Man Fenton moving into the shitter of Gotham. He just took a look at Batman's 'no metals allowed' rule and thought there wouldn't be many issues to it. He's accidentally moved in right across from Red Hood's most common apartment.
Now Jason Todd has just gotten notified that someone suspicious moved in right across from the hall from one of his more frequent apartments. Oracle did some digging, and he immediately set off a bunch of red flags. The man is late twenties with, like, eight doctorates but no significant job. Came from some hick town that started as some government experiment some years back. An older sister who was a child physiatrist. A disconnect from birth parents, taken in as a ward by some local legend/myth barely mentioned globally. Former godfather is filthy fucking rich. Not in a good way, either.
So when Jason catches his first glance at the man, it immediately pings him that something is just overall wrong with him. He's average height, around five seven or eight. He looks taller, given the fact that he's thin. Skin and bones, hasn't eaten in a week kind of thin. His hair is fluffy, shaven on the sides but not the back. His hair poofs up, giving him odd horns. His skin is tan, coated in freckles, something that definitely wasn't something you saw in Gotham. He always had a brown rat somewhere on him too, which made Jason really confused the first time he'd seen it.
The way he dressed? Screamed for Jason to punch him in the face. He wore baggy black cargo pants, with a loose band shirt with cut out sleeves. His boots had inch-tall platforms but he walked with hardly any sound. He always wore long fingerless gloves, always black. What really got Jason? Was the fucking cartoon lab-coat the man always wore. The slightly off-kilter safety goggles that were always on his forehead. The man had to have different lab coats, too, because some had different stains, or tears.
It had to be a fucking joke, Jason thought. That or he was cooking meth. But the man was good. His door had eight different locks, his windows were practically bolted shut and had a one-way tint on them. His walls were sound proofed, and Jason only ever got minimal glances inside of it.
Jason's suspicion for the man jumped when he got hired as the new Chemistry teacher at Gotham Academy. The school Timothy and Damian both currently went to.
So Jason leaned against the hall, right beside his door. He waited, patiently, until Daniel emerged from the stairwell. He was looking down at his severely out-dated phone, carrying a backpack over his shoulder. Jason figured he didn't see him as the man walked closer.
"Any reason you're waiting for me?" Daniel snapped his flip phone closed, looking up at Jason with tired eyes.
"Just waitin' for you, babe." Jason grinned, winking. It was just recon, he told himself. Another part of himself called him a big, fat, fucking liar.
"Oh?" Daniel shifted, raising an eyebrow. A little smirk came to his face and Jason grinned a little wider, leaning towards him. Jason tried not to laugh seeing his rat in his hair, glaring daggers at him.
"I figured I'd do the neighborly thing and welcome you to the building." Jason says.
"Really?" Danny steps closer and Jason feels absolutely feral.
"Well, yeah. There's so much to tell you about this place. Like how the elevator has been out for thirty years. Or the rat on the third floor does a little dance if you give him mozzarella cheese, but won't take pepperoni."
"Why don't you tell me more?" Daniel moves in closer, teasing Jason before ducking under his arm to unlock his door. "I'm Danny Nightingale, by the way."
"You can call me Jay. Or anything you want, really." Jason turns around to him. "Going to invite me in?" He asks.
"What are you? A vampire? I left the door open for a reason." Danny drops his bag by the door, and Jason is filled with a sense of victory. Danny takes off his shoes and Jason is a little caught off guard with how much the shoes are lifted. He does a hand symbol over his chest, and brings his hand to his forehead. He holds his arm out and his rat clambers down and onto the side table he has by the door, scrambling down and further into the apartment.
The apartment is... Surprisingly normal. The loveseat has a hand-crocheted blanket on it with a floral pattern on it. Plants hang from the ceiling, like. A lot of plants. The TV is outdated, with a curved screen and a VCR. A laundry basket sits overflowing next to the couch, and the kitchen is clean and pristine.
Danny steps into the kitchen, starting a kettle with hot water. "Anything I need to know about you Jay?" He asks. Jason gives a little grin watching him half-climb the counter to get to his tea collection. Jason takes note of the collection- a very well stocked kitchen. Several different teas, mostly centered in helping sleeping, relaxation, to fight anxiety.
"Well, I've got a wild family."
Danny scoffs, setting two mugs on the counter. "Don't we all."
"Anything I should know about you, Danny?" Jason asks.
"Nothing that comes to mind." Danny hums. He takes off his lab coat and peels the gloves off his arms. Jason finds himself watching Danny watch him analyze his electrical scarring. Jason takes off his jacket, setting it besides Danny's as he joins Danny in the kitchen. "Nothing to say?"
"I have plenty of my own, trust me." Jason watches Danny pour the water. "This one? My younger brother got a new sword." Jason lifts the bottom edge of his shirt, pointing to the stab wound Damian had given him. "This one, my first time taking off a tire." Jason lifted the shirt to his chest, pointing at the one he got when he was four.
It's a night that Jason finds himself enjoying. Danny fixes breakfast in the morning, and Jason thinks he'd be okay with Danny being around forever. Then thinks about what Roy would say, that he always fell hard and fast.
Then Danny comes back into the bedroom, wearing Jason's shirt, and Jason thinks he's absolutely screwed if this man turns out to be a villain.
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Time to redo some tags when I have more than five minutes to my name (edit: I’ve decided not to, it’ll just be another tag I have)
Tagging Guide for DPxDC
Hey guys, there has been a lot of confusion recently about tagging the crossover on Tumblr. We want to encourage people to enjoy DPxDC content without annoying people who aren’t keen on the crossover. This does NOT apply to tagging on AO3, since the AO3 tagging system is extremely robust and easy to filter.
Sailor Toni from the main DP fanfic server made this graphic on best tagging practices.
Tumblr media
[Image description: Image shows Nightwing and Robin talking to Bruce. Robin says “We have company.” Nightwing says “We need to talk. All of us.” Red Robin, Red Hood, and Batwoman are behind them, as well as a photoshopped Danny Phantom. At the bottom of the graphic, there is an image of Danny in a martial arts pose wielding a sword. The rest of the text follows.] 
Tagging Guide for DPxDC 
As the crossover grows more and more popular, we need to make sure the Danny Phantom, DC, and Batman tags on Tumblr is not taken over. 
- For crossover items please tag it as “DPxDC” with no spaces. 
- DO NOT tag the main fandoms   
(Ex. DP, Danny Phantom, DC, Batman, Batfam, etc.) 
- For ships like Tim X Danny, please use ship names like “Dead Tired ship” or remove all spaces (ex. TimXDanny)  
(The list of ship names can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/35f4s4sc)
We suggest you follow the guide in order to avoid both the Danny Phantom and DC fandom’s anger at them being unable to find non-crossover content. 
Huge thanks to everyone on Tumblr who has been working with us to keep things tagged and orderly. This is a big crossover fandom and we want to ensure that everyone can engage with it as much or as little as they want.
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