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triple threat
Tumblr media
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35MM CHAPTER NINETEEN: rationally and slowly
track number nineteen: high and dry by radiohead
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-> fun facts
akaashi's thoughts are actually moving so quickly the only thing he's capable of doing is sitting in his apartment and staring at the wall, overthinking like mfer
hes being dramatic imo
bokuto texted yn and said "why did iwaizumi break akaashi's nose" and her reply was "idk im not them its not my business"
noya is on yn breakup duty manager; a self-appointed and self-named role that includes a lot of cuddling on the couch while she cries and watching legally blonde on a loop
even though it's not technically a breakup, its their routine for a heartbreak
akaashi is a feminist and i believe that so firmly he wouldn’t ever actually call someone a slut
iwaizumi may or may not have punched him
he definitely did
have i done this before? yes. am i going to do it again? yes. i love a broken nose on a man what can i say!!
thank you to everyone who voted on my unhinged 6am poll asking if iwa should break a nose six people voted and they all voted yes and i think that's beautiful
i only got four hours of sleep last night lmafo
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Biggest Sweethearts. | Haikyuu
inc. atsumu, oikawa + bokuto as an extra <3
written in 2nd pov
song recc: brooklynn baby by lana del ray
word count: 1244 words
summary: defending atsumu and oikawa against playboy allegations or in other words, the kind of partner each boy needs <3
ik i already lowkey went off and defended atsumu in that one post while i went crazy in windowless rooms for 12 hours that one day but i wanted to write the full thing <3 i have not posted written content in so long!! happy 900 followers <3 this has all been written in one night while my brain is giving out so i apologize
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
miya atsumu
atusmu need someone who knows what he’s doing
he definitely wants a part in leading a relationship but he wants someone who he can fall back on and isn't expecting him to be like a full-time hotshot
he needs someone who loves him unconditionally, seeing past all the fronts he puts up and loves him past the douche he can sometimes act as/be
of course it’s fine if you tease him like his friends, he’d expecting nothing less, but falling for you means you’re someone he feels safe with
someone he feels comfortable enough to be soft around, someone he can come to after a long day and let his shoulders drop as he falls on top of you while you’re laying on the couch
he doesn’t feel like he has to maintain a facade of a man whose strong and acts like nothing ever phases him around you
like yes, he’s strong and makes a show of it for you all the time, but everyone needs a rest day <3
when you guys are at home together he’s actually pretty quiet
it’s all loving gestures and soft voices
hands wrapping around your waist while you’re in the kitchen and a murmured “i missed you” while he peppers kisses down your neck
he can be so loud around his friends and it’s part of an autopilot switch that just flips on being around them, and being loud is nothing bad
but if he needs your help with something while you’re both home, he’s never yelling for you
he’ll peek his head in, finding you laying on your shared bed
when you look up, he’s picking at the doorframe, quietly waiting a response
“if you’re not busy can you help me with something? it’s okay if you don’t want to”
you’re already getting up from the bed, softly pulling his hand off the doorway to hold it between both of yours, “of course i’ll help you, ‘tsumu, what do you need?”
biggest baby ever actually
he could never be with someone short term or do casual relationships and he really hates hookups
everything already feels so superficial to him besides volleyball, and he knows he’s eye candy but he wants to be more than that
he wants to be more than the shallow flirt his fans seem to obsess over
(of course he’s a big flirt, but his comments are reserved for you and you only <3)
falling for you means he’s found that in you; he’s found someone who sees him for who he really is and still loves him
oikawa tooru
tooru knows what commitment is
he knows that fruition will only come from time
if he wants something meaningful, he has to put effort into it. he isn't going to get that from messing around with a girl or nothing else
of course he accepted the gifts from his fan club and ate up their attention, but once he met you, it no longer meant anything to him
he wanted you to be wholly is, and him to be wholly yours
he would never do anything to make you think that he wants anyone else but you
he’s committed 100% to you which also means you also receive 100% of his flirting because he enjoys the reactions it gets out of you
and even when he teases you, his words are light and harmless; you can hear how much he loves you behind it all
honestly probably the best communicator ever because he wants to make sure you know how much he loves you
will text you about how he’s been asked to do a photoshoot with a model and then will write you an essay on how he’s not doing it because he’s interested in anyone else other than you and in fact, he’ll only be thinking of you during the shoot
his fan club made it a little hard for him to really accept or even know who he was, he wasn’t sure anyone would value him for anything other than his volleyball skills and looks
but you’ve stayed with him, seeming to find the positives in everything he’s done. even through the games he’s lost, and when he’s acting pessimistic and is isolating himself, you’ve stayed with him
you’ve talked him through the losses. when he’s curled up and turned away from you, mind drowning in thoughts of failure, your voice seems to break through everything
you take small steps towards him, telling him that you’re coming closer, and that if he wants you to leave at any moment then to tell you
but he never tells you to leave
he’ll lean into your touch, and he feels how much it quiets his head
as soon as he’s better he’s always apologetic for how he acted and he tells you how thankful he is for you while rubbing small circles on your skin
you always hush him with a kiss
“tooru, i’m not gonna get mad at you or leave you just because you lost a game and then understandably get upset. you’re always working so hard”
you silence his biggest fear
he needs someone who really sees him
you’ve never once failed to notice an accomplishment or how hard he’s working at something and that’s what he needs, rather than someone whose only with him for what he can give them or for something physical like his appearance/manners <3
extra!! bokuto koutarou
NOT a playboy but i just wanted to sort of hc the kind of person he needs in his life
amongst everyone who always seems to be “growing up” in the world, he needs someone who will still see the beauty and the color in the world
not here for anything that those people who are always posting about “look how successful i am at the age of 18” “here’s how to make an extra 10k a year” “you should be doing this, you shouldn’t be doing this…”
just wants to be happy with u <3
he needs someone who will still get excited with him over getting ice cream, looking at christmas lights, watching new episodes, and more <3
he knows money or whatever concerns of life people have will be solved and follow after happiness so he’s also definitely your biggest cheerleader
always advocatess for you to find things to do that you enjoy. hushes any concerns you have about how much it'll pay
"i've got it, baby. you do whatever you want. whatever makes you happy. and if volleyball somehow doesn't make enough i'll find a way :) maybe akaashi will let me help him with his editing"
will check in and make sure you’re always doing good
will always always always come over immediately to be with you if you’re not
he'll brings over food or distractions to give you company, never pressuring you to feel better immediately
it’s okay to stay and work through any feelings you’re having <3 there’s no rush, but he does want you to be feeling good so he’ll stay with you until you’re doing better and even after <3
life isn’t simple, he knows that, but there’s also no reason to overcomplicate it in his mind so he’ll never fail to get excited over new movies and getting to go out with you <3
paying bills and tax days are fun
(also he's definitely the kind to be like "we should just get married rn so we get those discounts")
you’re both fighting for your lives, the table is a mess, and while some couple next door is argued over taxes, you both have your heads in your hands
then you’re both looking up at each other
“i didn’t even know we got charged for having a phone” he whispers, absolutely horrified
“me neither,” you reply, just as confused
“do you wanna go watch wall e?”
“yes” you’re both already sliding out of your chairs, leaving the bills for another day
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in which: dan heng likes your bed, but he likes you a lot more
warnings: 700 wc, fluff, perhaps ooc!dh but he is our boyfriend so this is for us and not for accuracy <3 unestablished relationship, idiots in love, bed sharing
Tumblr media
routinely, at 2am, a figure sneaks into your room.
routinely, at 2am, said figure cautiously and expertly creeps up to your bed, where you’re sleeping soundly and peacefully.
routinely, at 2am, your mattress sinks a little with the addition of another person’s weight. specifically: a 6’1 archivist who has a nasty habit of putting his head in the books for too long, going until the early hours of the morning, which, as a consequence, then rouses you.
for no other reason than purely because routinely, at 2am, dan heng slips into the darkness of your room just to find sanctuary under the covers.
“not again,” you slur tiredly, coming to your senses at the rustling beside you, ignoring the way your heart rate begins to speed up with an arm wrapping around your waist. you turn in his grasp, putting little fight in pushing him away. “dan heng, you really need to stop sneaking in at ass-o’clock.”
“move over a little,” is all he says and in a tone that leaves little room for rebellion.
with a huff, you do, shuffling over to create some room for your comrade. in an instant, the space is minimised as dan heng pushes himself close to you. his hand goes to the back of your head, gently coercing you into the warmth of his chest. you pull him in even closer, arms circling around his torso. 
here, all that separates you and his heart is a thin layer of fabric.
dan heng’s arms rub along your back, travelling up and down at a pace methodical enough for you to relax, and with enough fondness for you to fall harder in love. this has happened too many times already for either of you to be shameful in the contact shared.
and what better method of team-bonding than sharing a bed with the man you’ve been pining after since you first joined the astral express?
as heavenly as this routine of yours is, it’s equally as bittersweet. because you like him a lot- more than you should, but cracking his armour would cause your heart to break first in the crossfire. 
“why me?” you ask, voice muffled by his shirt. “why do you always come into my room and not someone else’s?”
he’s silent for a moment. “your bed is the most comfortable.”
you stiffen for a second, barely resisting the urge to slap him.
“i’m literally about to kick you out-”
he chuckles at your faux attempts at pushing him away. if you really wanted him out, he’d be floating outside the express. “but it’s warm and your mattress is soft.” 
“oh sure, because my mattress is better than march’s, or- hey, if you really wanted a soft mattress then i bet pom-pom has the best out of all of us-”
“-and you’re here too.”
both your words and heart stutter at the last part, utterly bewildered by dan heng’s blunt vulnerability. he’s always been like that, straightforward and direct, but never in terms of expressing appreciation for someone’s company. 
his actions had always spoke far louder than his words, and given that he literally sleeps beside you for majority of the, otherwise lonely, nights, you knew that he didn’t mind your company.
but where do the boundaries begin? when will you stop this? friends don’t sleep next to each other with barely any space in between, acting too intimate for their own good. but dan heng is someone you love too much to let go. 
“get a better bed then, maybe one with an actual bedframe instead of just a futon on the floor,” you mutter, trying to sound unphased. 
“i don’t deserve a bedframe.”
“plus, you leave your door unlocked.” he ignores your cry of confusion. “you could stop me yourself, yet you don’t.”
a wave of embarrassment washes over you. curse him for being as attentive as he is. 
“we’re not talking about this anymore. goodnight,” you say decisively, turning around in his hold to emphasise that the conversation had come to an end.
dan heng laughs quietly from behind you and adjusts to the change in positions, moving around slightly as you try to quell the humiliation you felt. 
“goodnight,” he mutters, settling into the silence and darkness of the room. 
one day he’ll tell you that the only true incentive that drew him here every night was you. regardless of the bed, whether it be the luxurious or run-down beds of jarilo-vi’s goethe hotel, or the ones right here on the express, so long as he can find you there, dan heng will be content. 
Tumblr media
© EARTHTOOZ 2023, do not steal, translate, repost my fics and do not recommend my fics onto any other site.
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blue spring — kageyama tobio
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
synopsis: in the trenches of her own being, he frees her from self-destruction. unknowingly.
content: university au. artist rdr. classmates/tutor + tutored to lovers. soft angst and fluff. slow burn. may be ooc. discussions of family trauma. yn is an academic overachiever. cursing. kys jokes.
dm to be added to the taglist. 🐰 indicates the chapter contains written content.
Tumblr media
profiles: bestest friends ever + tsukishima | bros !!
i. teach me! 🐰
ii. monkey tie at the exhibit 🐰
iii. something sweet 🐰
iv. coping mechanism 🐰
v. two-headed lamb 🐰
vi. new, scary, unexpected
Tumblr media
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© froyaoya all rights reserved. do not repost, modify, steal, plagiarize, or translate my works on any platform.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
in this au yn canonically loves the gilmore girls (every single version of her on my page is a part of me, i had a phase & i see myself in her and her in me 😪)
rin took those pfps for tsumu & samu from fan accounts
pre timeskip story! ooc & will not be following it outside of it being the context for the scenes
idgaf what the haikyuu accurate fact is in THIS osamu is the older one 😭😭😭
atsumu uses the word ‘even’ every 2 business sentences
anon mentioned in an ask that they missed my factlists, this is for u anon 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼
Tumblr media
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Obsessed with the little shoulder movement,,, like he’s putting his whole soul into it feels like he was breathing into the kiss like an inward sigh of finally…. Also the close up of the mouths—the soft pressing of lips against each other,,, how it kinda lingers after…. I feel crazy it’s sooo tender and full of yearning I’m gonna kill myselffff it’s like that sort of tentative & tasting moment of a first kiss right before they start matching others freakkkk
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Warnings : reader is super oblivious to their romantic feelings, pre-relationship, reader is gender-neutral!
Genre : fluff <3
Additional notes : AAAAAND HERE WE ARE!! Let’s welcome our new man, Sylus, to the gang!! This will be my interpretation of him until we get in-game content of him and I can better understand his character properly. To anyone else reading this, my requests are still closed!! These are just old requests I had in my inbox🫶🏽
Tip jar!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Qin Che ⸺ Sylus Reveal ࣪ ִֶָ☾.
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Tumblr media
It seems like a certain someone wants to text you. Will you have the courage to reply?
(Just a teaser as I prepare more surprises for you guys!! Stay tuned😋)
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Hi!! I really love your work and congrats on getting 500 followers!! i was wondering if you could write #83 with mattsun?? thank you!!
yes yes yes i love this prompt fhjdkjkhlj i hope i do it justice
500 follower special: #83 “It’s always been you.”
mattsun x gn reader, friends to lovers, party setting, language, not proofread
written content masterlist
Tumblr media
They picked a bathroom to hide in, them and Matsukawa. Outside the closed and locked bathroom door, is a crowd of drunk people listening to loud, bad music with the lights off. But inside that small, cramped bathroom, they sit with their back against the edge of the bathtub, legs stretched out towards Matsukawa, who leans against the opposite wall, his legs resting on top of theirs.
They like it better like this. When it's just them.
"Oikawa's gonna be mad at you," they say casually, holding a plastic cup up to their lips as they speak, trying to hide their self-satisfied grin. "This is the third person he's tried to set you up with that you've bailed on."
Matsukawa snickers, arms loosely crossed over his chest. Out there somewhere is his 'date,' probably bored and probably looking for him. They almost feel bad for whoever it is. They would feel worse if Matsukawa hadn't explicitly told Oikawa not to do this again.
And maybe they're just a little too overjoyed that he's here with them, again, instead of Oikawa's matchmaker experiment, to feel bad. Maybe their chest is fluttering at the idea that they're Matsukawa's first choice for company.
"Who cares? He's always up in arms about something," Matsukawa shrugs. "He'll get over it."
There's a knock on the door. Three loud, impatient bangs. "Occupied!" they call out to whoever's on the other side, not looking away from Matsukawa as they do.
From the other side, there's a groan, and retreating footsteps. Neither one of them feel too bad; they've got several other options, in a house like this.
"What about you?" Matsukawa asks, nodding his head in their direction. "Didn't you ditch the guy you came here with?"
That they do feel a bit bad for. The what's-his-name they showed up with seemed nice enough, they figured. And they had resolved before showing up to this stupid party that they would at least make an honest effort to stay by his side for the majority of the night.
But all it took was one look at Matsukawa from across the room, and they abandoned all of their resolve. All he had to do was smirk, and they were trailing behind him, obedient.
It always ends up like this. Just them.
"Eh," they respond with a shrug of their own, placing their cup on the floor beside them. "I don't think he's really my type."
Matsukawa scoffs. "You say that about everyone. I'm starting to think no one's your type."
Heat creeps up their neck. "Yeah, well you reject every-"
There's more knocks on the door, these ones more aggressive. Matsukawa lifts a leg off of theirs and jams the heel of his foot into the door. "Occupied," he says, voice low and not too concerned.
"Oikawa's looking for you two fuckers," the voice from the other side of the door, and they immediately recognize it to be Iwaizumi's. "And if he keeps annoying me about it, I'm gonna tell him where you are."
"Got it," Matsukawa calls back, eyes still heavy on them as he speaks. "Thanks Iwa."
They can hear Iwaizumi scoff as he retreats. Matsukawa gestures for them to continue. "Go on," he instructs.
"I was just saying," they continue, almost wishing they didn't have to; it's a dangerous line of conversation, "you can't really talk, since you've turned down every single person that's ever been interested in you."
And there's this sort of shift in the way Matsukawa looks at them. He lowers his gaze, and he leans forward, just a touch. "Have you ever thought," he starts, his voice shooting right through them, "that maybe there's a reason for that?"
They're not sure if their desperation for him is making them imagine something that's not there, for if there's a new light in his eyes, that he's looking at them differently. They swallow. "You're picky, is what I always thought."
Matsukawa sighs, and leans back against the wall. "Nah, you're way off."
"Well, then tell me," they insist, and now they're the one inching closer. There's a light knock on the door once more. "Fuck off," they spit out unceremoniously. "What's the reason, Issei?"
He raises an eyebrow. "Why do you wanna know so bad?" he questions.
Their face flushes, and they suddenly feel caught. They force themself to relax, shoulders slumping. "I mean, I dunno. I guess it's just...interesting."
Matsukawa removes his legs from theirs and sits cross-legged in front of them, inching closer. "What's so interesting about it, then?"
The small space of the bathroom suddenly feels much hotter than it did before, like the bright, yellow lights are heating up and burning them. Matsukawa does not once look away from them. "Is it so bad to wanna know things about you?" they question, unable to think of anything else reasonable when he's looking at them like that.
He looks over the details of their face, eyes roaming from the bridge of their nose to their shinning eyes to the curve of their lips. They feel like they can't breathe, when he looks at them like that. "I guess not," he answers softly and evenly. "It's you."
Their mouth feels like it's full of sand. "What?"
Matsukawa reaches forward and loops his fingers around the belt loops of their jeans, and he pulls them closer, sliding them against the tiled floor until their nose almost touches his. The sudden proximity makes their breath catch in their throat.
"I don't want them because they're not you," he says, eyes lowered.
Their eyes are wide and fixed on his, heart beating rapidly in the base of their throat. And they've lost all grip on their thoughts, head now full of buzzing static. All they can focus on his Matsukawa, and the way their body reacts to him.
"The reason I reject everyone is you," he tells them. "It's always been you."
For a moment, his words hang in the air. They don't settle in. They won't really settle in for a while. All that matters to them now is the way Matsukawa is looking at them, eyes intense and unwavering, "Issei," they finally breathe out, able to manage it because his name is one of the few comprehensible thoughts spinning in their head. "I want you."
The words come from them without much consideration of their meaning or implication, but it's true. They do want him. They've always wanted him. And it doesn't take much else for Matsukawa to smirk, and reach his hands up to cup their face, gently pulling them in closer.
And then-
"You two!" Oikawa's voice from the other side of the door rings out, accompanied by his fists slamming against the wood. "I am so sick of you two! Get out here and socialize with everyone else for once! God, with the amount of them you guys have been hiding you better've hooked up by now!"
Matsukawa doesn't even react, like he doesn't even hear the words of his friend as his eyes flutter shut, and his lips finally crash against theirs.
Tumblr media
an: another one down....im afraid i'll be writing these forever......(also first time writing mattsun pls let me know what u think im afraid lmafo)
taglist: @wyrcan @thechaosoflonging @publicbathroompanic @bedeater @rottingt1tz @rintarawr @deluluforcarlos55 @ahseyy @localgaytrainwreck @cherrypieyourface @baskin-robinhoods @polish-cereal @iheartamora @ferntv @eclecticeggknightpsychic @httpakkeiji @does-directions @pinkiscool @michivrse (complete form linked in navigation to be added pls, send me a msg if you would like to be removed)
(my first time remembering to tag ppl in written content <3)
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back┊ next
cw: swearing, mentions of sex (no details) miscommunication & misunderstandings
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
author’s note: raise ur hand if pro at writing arguments that are equally wrong and right on multiple bases 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ idk if this is a win for any team tbh just losses
Tumblr media
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details in snowy serenity | zayne ❄️
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
sometimes you can still see the fresh young blueberry
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Tumblr media
- Keiji Akaashi Headcanons!!
✧ ☽ ✧
His Features/Expressions!
⤻ soft frown lines! -Keiji has these frowns more in between his eyebrows than by his mouth! This is because he is always scrunching his eyebrows whenever Bokuto dose something that’s just so Bokuto. Every time you see Keiji making that face though, you’ll rub away the marks while stating, “stop ruining your pretty face with these wrinkles Kei”
⤻ eyelashes! -I just feel like Keiji has these very pretty eyelashes. Like his team compliments them and some times teases him for these, but gosh dang he’s just so pretty. Just something about Keiji with eyelashes does something to me bruh.
⤻ soft resting face -Keiji’s resting face is so calm. Like his eyebrows aren’t knitted together, and his little frown lines seems to disappear. He is completely at calm and it’s just so beautiful.
⤻ secretly a perfectionist! -it is quiet subtle but it’s there. Bokuto picked up on it when he once misplaced an item in his room, and Keiji immediately fixed it back. Keiji isn’t over the top with it, but he does like things to be in order; it helps him when he is thinking or just trying to focus in general.
⤻ soft vanilla scent!! -LISTEN!! I was just doing something thinking and then just made up my mind that Keiji is a vanilla scent person! The scent comes from his lotion that he places on his hands. It’s just such a pleasant calm smell it just suits him. He also always lights a vanilla candle when he gets in his room!
His Gym Locker!
⤻ fresh pair of clothes -these are more like emergency clothes! Keiji loves to have these on hand incase his current pair of clothes get dirty.
⤻ wet wipes + hand towel -after practice if he doesn’t have to time to shower in the locker room, he’ll use a wet wipe. Wiping away the sweat from his face and body, then going in with the small towel to make sure there’s definitely no sweat. As soon as he gets home though, he’s in the shower immediately.
⤻ face wash! -he always washes his face. Just making sure his pretty face doesn’t get littered with pimples!
⤻ energy bars! -always has a stack of these. He eats one before practice just to get him going. Bokuto always tries to eat one, but Keiji immediately swats his hand away. “Like hell you need energy Bo. Go do some laps.”
⤻ pain killers -just on hand! Whenever his teammates are just in pain, he’ll give them some. He likes to make sure his team is in good shape. Always gets teased that he acts like their mothers.
Lover Boy!
⤻ needs reassurance!! -he’s an over thinker, so some days he just needs those little words from you to keep him back on track! “Baby stop thinking like that. I wouldn’t dream of a life where I don’t choose you. I’m always going to be here. Always.” Your fingers tangled with his hair as he laid on your chest. He lets out a sigh, “thank you babe”
⤻ cafe dates>> -loves to take you to dinners and cafes. You guys just sit there and talk. It’s so calming and lovely. He always has one of your hands in his just resting on table. Afterwards you guys go to yours or his house and just hangout.
⤻ gentlemen!!! -he is just so adorable, like he does the most simplest take and has you’re heart beating. He opens the door for you, always. Let’s you enter first, always; no matter what the weather is outside. He puts your needs before his own, no matter the situation. “It’s fine darling, let me help you first” he muttered against your skin as you laid beneath him. Definition of chivalry!!
⤻ listener -Keiji will always listen to you. Whatever it is you need to talk about he’ll lend you an ear. He’ll have his arms wrapped around you, his fingers dancing along your skin. He’ll put his opinion on the matter every couple of minutes letting you know he is, in fact, keeping up with your sudden rant.
⤻ loves to hold hands! -it’s so comforting to him! His hands always find yours. It doesn’t even need to fully holding your hand, just linking your finger with his is enough for him honestly.
⤻ “darling” or “babe” -pet names for you! He regularly switches between the two. “Babe can you go get me my bag from the stands please?” He’ll ask you politely when you go and greet him in the gym. When you come back with the requested bag, he gives you a sweet kiss. “Thanks darling, I’ll be back okay” he mumbled against your lips before walking off towards the lockers room.
⤻ love language = gifting -he’s always thinking of you. Whenever he’s away for games or practice matches, he always brings you back something. “Babe I was at the store the other day and saw this. You said you liked (object). He said sweetly as he passed the cute keychain to you.
⤻ late night calls -this boy is so in love with you that on the days you can’t stay the night he’ll call you. Ever since you stayed the night for the first time, he couldn’t sleep peacefully without you since then. He loves to hold you while he sleeps, and just having you pressed against him lulls him to sleep. But you can’t always be there, so he opts for calls instead. “Darling, when can you stay again?” He ask through the phone, his voice a little groggy from fighting off sleep. “I don’t know baby, I’ll try to see tomorrow okay? Now go to sleep” you muttered back to him, you’re eyes halfway open.
Tumblr media
©moon4nge1 - please do not steal, copy, or repost on any other platforms without my permission!
✧ ☽ ✧ ps. I tried my best doing this! This was honestly a struggle not gonna lie. But I hoped you enjoyed nonetheless!
✧ ☽ ✧ pss. pimples are a natural thing! If you have them don’t feel insecure about them. Keiji will definitely let you use his face wash and pamper you with skin care products when you have flare ups!
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satoruzlove · 4 days
Tumblr media
here are some small semi boyfriend headcanons
hes only does night showers, he does not wake up early enough for morning showers
the most attractive morning voice you will ever hear, waking up next to him is a literal dream every afternoon
he gets hiccups when he’s nervous or scared, its so easy to catch him out when he lies
hes always going on to you about your health but he never drinks water. like ever. he hates the way it tastes so you had to get him one of those air-up bottles so it would disguise the taste
he loves fancy plates for some weird reason - he comes home randomly with a new set with the cutest smile on his face
he used to have acne in his first and second year but it complimented his face so well?? like he looked drop dead gorgeous for no apparent reason
omg he loves candles like so much, everyone he knows buys him those really expensive yankee candles for christmas and his birthday
^^however, he does not light them, just likes to smell them; it calms him down
he has so many of those offline games and they take up so much of his storage, he complains about it all the time but wont delete any cause hes “worked so hard” to get where he is
the shittiest handwriting you will ever see. it is barely legible and he gets soo offended if someone makes fun of him for it
he loves to call you trouble shshajsha omfg he says it with this cocky little grin on his face as he does cause he knows how much you love it and he is so incredibly fine when he does
he loves the taste of those halls throat soothers, yk the blackcurrant and strawberry ones?? hes absolutely obsessed and buys them even when his throat is completely fine
a massive overconsumer :// if he sees something being advertised he will buy it without thinking, you have had to tell him no multiple times
he loves wearing matching pyjamas with you its literally so cute cause he’ll wear any design you suggest to him :((
all my haikyuu boyfriend headcanons!
Tumblr media
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satoruzlove · 4 days
kageyama is the type of person who falls in love and starts practicing casual intimacy with you, but he never establishes the fact that the two of you are in a relationship. he just assumes that you two are, and he figures that if you’re receptive to his actions, then obviously you must also agree that you two are dating. it’s why he’s so confused on your confusion when he’s texting you, and in the middle of casual conversation, he just asks “oh by the way, did you eat today?” it makes you pause because that was not what the conversation was about at all. lately, kageyama doesn’t treat you like a friend with benefits. when you got locked out of your second floor apartment, he’s the one you called to break into it; no situationship who doesn’t care about you would commit breaking and entering in broad daylight, especially since you definitely weren’t any help. and he didn’t even get mad at you when after he did manage to break in, you remembered you left your key in your back pocket. instead, he was more upset over the fact that you don’t lock your windows (he proceeds to lock them for you; every time he comes over, he checks to make sure they stay locked for your safety. if he can scale the building, some desperate creep can too). he blows on your food to cool it down when you get too excited to eat. he keeps your preferred shampoo and conditioner in a value size bottle inside of his shower for when you spend the night. add all of this along with his random question of did you eat today, it’s no wonder why you reply back “kageyama, what are we?”
three dots appear and a second later,
“we’re dating.”
well, you might as well be. the next time you see him in person, you tell him that he should at least ask about these things first. so he does formally ask you to be his girlfriend, and his first request as your official boyfriend is for you to change his contact name to tobio, not kageyama. the heart you add after it makes the cutest blush appear on your boyfriend’s cheeks.
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