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last new sticker for the market 🥰👋
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I am so glad we’re getting to experience the era of justice for the prequels actors, that there were always pockets of people who loved them, but with all the absolute garbage that Hayden and Ahmed both faced (and let’s not forget Jake Lloyd), that even Ewan who was praised as one of the few good parts of the prequels, still felt the tidal wave of hate wash over him for those movies, and seemed kind of genuinely soured on the whole Star Wars experience, has experienced the new wave of fans who love those movies, wholly and completely. Seeing Hayden and Ahmed and Ewan appearing at Celebration, seeing them getting to play their characters (or new characters) again, to be showered with affection for the movies they put their hearts into, that people loved their performances, that they’re welcomed with open arms–knowing how much these actors really struggled with it, that Ahmed has opened up with how low he was at points in his life, how much I suspect it really got to Hayden despite that he has nothing but kindness to say, how much I suspect it soured Ewan’s experience, to see them meet the masses of fans who love their performances, who want to celebrate their contributions to Star Wars–I’m genuinely emotional. I hope that Jake Lloyd knows that there are tons of people who love his performance.  I hope Natalie Portman knows there are tons of people who love her performance and aren’t creepily waiting for her to turn 18.  I hope one day John Boyega gets the same justice.  I hope one day Kelly Marie Tran gets the same justice. It is absolute bullshit that Star Wars actors get put through this shit, but if they can be shown enough love to balance even a little bit of that out, I am so glad, I’m even kind of crying a little bit. That I’ve seen nothing but shrieking joy to see Ahmed Best again has brought me to tears, there’s still goodness in this fandom, goddamit.
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i’m obsessed with this painting called tomato king and i’m even more obsessed with the man who drew it. his name is stuart dunkel and he is a classical oboeist and he also paints tiny little oil paintings of mice living their best lives. he looks like this.
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HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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There’s northern lights outside!!!!
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Everyone: How did the gods come into existence when the universe was created?
Norse Mythology: There was a guy in an ice block.
Everyone: Where did he come from then?
Norse Mythology: Cow licked him out, innit?
Everyone: Sure? But that doesn't say where the other gods...
Norse Mythology: His left leg had sex with his right leg.
Everyone: What?
Norse Mythology: Pretty self-explanatory, I think.
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hate when folk call the Sun “our nearest star” no you dweebs that’s OUR STAR! After everything she's done for you and you want to compare her to some lightyears away ass nobody called some shit like Guncho 785B? We're not spinning eternally around any old ball, we’re three deep in the window on board the Sol Train and she did NOT provide the catering, the itinerary and all the fuel to share credit with some two-bit Proxima Centauri hack. point to these nuts in a constellation while you're at it. i love the sun
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been reading up about julius caesar's horse which was described as having multiple toes or "humanlike feet" on its front legs and i needed to show you all this horrifying engraving of caesar's horse and its human grippers
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Copaganda does three main things.
First, it narrows our understanding of safety. Police get us to focus on crimes committed by the poorest, most vulnerable people in our society and not on bigger threats to our safety caused by people with wealth and power.
For example, wage theft by employers dwarfs all other property crime combined — from burglaries, to retail theft, to robberies — costing some $50 billion every year. Tax evasion steals about $1 trillion each year. There are hundreds of thousands of Clean Water Act violations each year, causing cancer, kidney failure, rotting teeth, and damage to the nervous system. Over 100,000 people in the United States die every year from air pollution, five times the number of all homicides.
But through the stories cops feed reporters, the public is encouraged to measure a city’s safety by whether it saw an annual increase or decrease of three homicides or fourteen robberies — rather than by how many people died from lack of access to health care, how many children suffered lead poisoning, how many families were rendered homeless by illegal eviction or foreclosure, or how many thousands of illegal assaults police committed.
The second function of copaganda is to manufacture crises or “crime surges.” For example, if you watch the news, you’ve probably been bombarded with stories about the rise of retail theft. Yet the actual data shows there has been no significant increase. Instead, corporate retailers, police, and PR firms fabricated talking points and fed them to the media. The same is true of what the FBI categorizes as “violent crime.” All told, major “index crimes” tracked by the FBI are at nearly forty-year lows.
The third and most pernicious function of copaganda is to manipulate our understanding of what solutions actually work to make us safer. A primary goal of copaganda is to convince the public to spend even more money on police and prisons. If safety is defined by street crime, and street crime is dangerously high, then funding the carceral state leaps out to many people as a natural solution.
The evidence shows otherwise.
— Alec Karakatsanis, “Police Departments Spend Vast Sums of Money Creating “Copaganda”” | Jacobin, July 2022
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painted some thoughts re: steve rogers and illness
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What is your Hogwarts house?
Actually I've already processed all five stages of grief in regards to a beloved author from my childhood very publicly making the jump from "milquetoast liberal with unexamined biases" to "actively dangerous bigot who will double down into perpetuity" and will no longer be basing any part of my identity on her intellectual property! Thanks for asking!
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If the batkids had a podcast. Part. V
Signal: I was never Robin.
Robin: Do you want to be Robin?
Signal, immediately: Nothankyou.
Red Robin, laughing: "I'll pass"
Signal: I'll pass.
Signal: I like to- (giggles) I like to wear pants and shit.
Nightwing: BOOOOO
Redhood: Low Blow.
Signal: No but- Sometimes– Sometimes I'll be saving people. Me. You know how I look like, right?
Robin: Obviously.
Signal: So I'll be saving people– And they go "Thanks Robin! :D" and I'll be like "Who??"
*steric laugh in the back*
Red Robin: Metallic
Signal: Metallic suit– "Thanks Robin! :D"
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Please enjoy this updated meme:
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thinking about how the romans regarded extremely muscular men as weak and effeminate because for whatever reason (demands of labor, eroticism of the flesh) they couldn't neglect their bodies enough to study learned tomes in cultivated leisure. We should bring that back
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