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The Soulmate AU [2]
Maribat by @ozmav
I didn't get much into the first part about their relationship (of the couple and with other people), so here's a post about it.
At 8, Damian, influenced by Marinette, manages to escape from the League to Batfam.
Not before stopping by to finally meet the girl in person. Of course.
Marinette's parents are relieved to know her little girl's soulmate, but also in a panic, as he has no shame in talking about his life with the League of Assassins.
"I don't want to be secret between us, since one day Marinette and I are getting married."
They accept. Bad. But they accept and try to be understanding.
He spends a week living with the Dupain-Cheng before deciding it was time to meet his father.
Marinette is sad. One week was too little and she wanted him safe by her side, not in a place where she could do nothing to help.
She attaches a discreet bracelet to the boy's wrist, claiming to be a lucky charm,and shows an equal resting on her pale wrist.
They say goodbye.
When Damian arrives in Gotham and meets Bruce, the man seems not at all surprised to learn that he had a son and that this son was coming to stay.
(The League and Talia had gone looking for Damian in Gotham, but were unable to find him.)
"Typical. She thinks she can predict my movements. I'm much smarter than that.” Damian snorts contemptuously and Mari laughs softly beside him.
She was by his side the whole trip. Only disappearing when she slept.
His relationship with Bruce and his brothers had a rocky beginning.
Damian was very closed and volatile.
Shoot first, ask questions later.
But our strawberry shortcake aka Marinette, with Alfred's help (even though the man didn't know he was helping her) managed to soften him enough to make things work.
Jonathan and Damian meet for the first time on duty.
Batman and Robin on patrol when Superman appears with Superboy and is dislike at first glance.
What changes after they meet again at school and Jonathan remembers Damian through Adrien's memories.
Best Friends Distributing Chaos Through Metropolis ™
He lives in Gotham with his father and siblings until he is 15, when he decides that living away from his soulmate is no longer working and signs up for an exchange in Paris.
Despite having a soulmate trained to be a assassin, she lived a normal, sweet childhood.
She had classmates, but also had her best friends: Kim and Sabrina.
Mari also becomes friends with Adrien at six.
The two know each other thanks to a visit from the Agreste family to the Dupain-Cheng bakery.
It is instant friendship! And families encourage both.
(Gabriel more for not wanting Adrien too close to Chloe).
Because soulmates are rare, she has been harassed by people (other children and adults)
Which didn't last long, because it was no wonder, she was Damian Al-Ghul Wayne's soulmate.
Marinette never depended on Damian for dangerous skills.
Things like steal, act, observe and gymnastics.
She was a very observant child, able to understand things that not even her parents were capable of before she pointed out the evidence.
She still wants to be a designer, this time with Gabriel's support.
But there was also a part (she didn't know if it was because of Damian) that simply wanted to fight off the Paris criminals.
The relationship with her parents is the best. They don't hide anything from each other because trust is a serious thing in this family.
When Damian goes to Paris and they meet in person for the first time, she makes a point of feeding him sweets, since his diet in the League was very strict.
She introduced Damian to Sabrina, Adrien and Kim at a picnic with the families.
(To Adrien's soulmate too and it was a mess)
At 9, she convinces Emilie that Adrien would learn much more from studying at a school like her.
They go to school together and she teaches Adrien some ways to fight that her parents wouldn't approve of, but she knew would be useful in the future.
Mari is fucking smart.
She and Adrien are fucking scary together.
Chloe avoids them even if Sabrina is their friend.
Everyone thinks she and Adrien are soulmates (except Sabrina and Kim, who had already met Damian).
At thirteen, on the first day of school a drunk man broke into the school assaulting one of the teachers who tried to kindly ask him to leave...
That day was marked "Never mess with Marinette Dupain-Cheng."
He lived part of his childhood living on his grandparents' farm.
He always knew who his father and mother were, so being half alien wasn't something he didn't know about.
No one really believed that he had a soulmate (even if his eyes proved otherwise) because of his alien heritage.
He learned Kryptonian as he grew older.
As well as his powers and abilities.
After his parents decide to stop hiding, they move to Metropolis and Jon starts studying at a private school.
The signs of his soulmate only became evident after Jonathan recognized the face and model names on billboards.
And he had never been interested in modeling or the fashion world.
Then came the dreams.
Dreams of photo shoot, a green-eyed blonde woman and a stern-looking skinny man. Both French.
The first thought had been that he was going crazy.
The second, that he was developing a new power.
This continued until the "Swap" and he understood what was going on.
He and Adrien become best friends (first).
His classmates liked to tease him that Jonathan spent so much time “talking to himself”
His parents found the boy's innocent joy so cute.
He “introduces” Adrien to his parents and the boy blushes with Lois's attention.
Clark too, since please, it was Superman there.
Romantic feelings only come at 10 (for both), but they only start dating at 13.
Damian is his best friend, since he understands his situation very well.
He is the one who puts the idea in Damian's mind to take the exchange in Paris.
Convince the parents is a little harder than Bruce Wayne, but he manages.
Imagine the disaster that will be Paris in the hands of these four.
Having met Marinette much earlier than in canon and becoming her best friend, he has a drastic change of character here.
Although his pacifist side remains firm, it is not as strong as in canon.
Jonathan's bonus for being his soul mate as well, as it directly affects his behavior.
Influenced by Marinette, he is not taken in by Chloe's crazy and childish ideas
He even tries to help the girl, knowing that her bad behavior was more to draw attention, since her parents were far from exemplary parents, but she runs away from him as soon as she finds out that he is friends with Mari.
He makes other friends, but none compare to Marinette, Jonathan and Damian.
Learning to fight and growing a backbone was something he enjoyed, but baking was his passion.
Mr. Dupain really wanted to be able to adopt the boy.
He cried when he could see Jonathan for the first time.
When his mother dies in a car accident, he is 12 years old.
Adrien goes into shock.
He didn't eat, didn't talk, didn't sleep.
Jonathan was panicking that they were in distant countries, different continents.
Adrien did not react.
It went on like this until Marinette decided that was enough of it and broke into the Agreste mansion, sparing not even a glance at Gabriel.
Adrien was forced to shower, put on clean clothes, comb the hair, eat, brush the teeth and cry.
Yes, forced to cry.
Marinette knew that in order for him to get out of the nest of dark thoughts (which Jonathan had warned her), he needed to vent all that was trapped.
The day had been long, the night even more so.
It took months, but he managed to return to normal gradually. With the help of his friends, Adrien was able to suffer his grief in the least painful way possible.
When Gabriel decides it's best for Adrien to be home schooled again and fill the boy's schedule with photo essays, Marinette gets angry.
Or maybe it was Damian. Or both together. Anyway,
When Gabriel decides to be a dick, Marinette threatens to report the man to the police for child exploitation.
He tries to dissuade Marinette by threatening her back, but Adrien supports her and confronts his father.
Because of Adrien's “rebellion”, Gabriel decides to do nothing at the moment, but devises plans to change that.
What he doesn't know is that Marinette, with Damian's help, Jonathan, her parents, is two steps ahead of him. Waiting for his first slip.
Damian does not introduce Marinette to Batfam, he avoids, but the girl insists until one day she introduces herself and he just stands by his arms crossed and annoyed.
Jason and Marinette become best friends for Damian's chagrin and Bruce's happiness.
(Jason was having a hard time... and Marinette was being the light at the end of the tunnel for Bruce.)
The first time they make the "Swap" at Wayne Mansion, everyone is horrified to watch Damian spin happily around the kitchen, all smiles, while decorating Batfam-themed cupcakes.
Timothy had recorded and sent it to all family friends.
When Gabriel tries to force Adrien to do a late-night photo shoot on a school day, Jonathan curses the man with all the low vocabulary he has learned living on the farm.
His parents are not proud to find the boy at 3am cursing loudly in the kitchen, but understand his frustration.
Adrien is the one who anchors Jonathan's powers, so he doesn't lose too much control.
Alya and Lila will die a slow and painful death in this au.
And I say that not for Damian but for Tikki.
I will make one for the kwamis and soon I will post the fanfiction!
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