adamwayne · 9 months
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Low key drives me wild 😛
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jlynch69 · 5 months
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Your girl said she got her first tattoo. She said it’s to celebrate her love for you. You go to see her. But see this instead. What do you do white boi ♠️😈
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scarlettisabrat · 2 months
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Will you be my foot cuck while the Alpha has me all the way?
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cuckcake-goddessregia · 3 months
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I'm making out with your husband in your car with your husband while you kneel outside in the rain like the completely weak, replaceable loser you are. You'll have to beg to be let back in.
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psychicnachointernet · 5 months
can someone take care of my gf. I could even pay you for that
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icuckoldress · 10 days
I've been a kinky girl since I was a teen, I used to skip school to read erotica and it was then that I got primarily interested in the kinks of cuckolding, feminisation and humilation play. I garnered a dominant spirit that has never left me and I learnt how to control men. My cuck and I have been together since we were 18. In that time, I've taught him to be a good boy. If you want to hear more of my story, make sure to repost and follow me!!
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ksalbhte · 2 months
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adamwayne · 8 months
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starstruckdinosaurrr · 8 months
Making your friend mad so she ties you up and fucks your husband in front of you every day for a week, making you edge the whole time
Bonus points if:
She makes you sleep on the floor/in a cage
She makes you watch porn all day too
You have to clean them up with your tongue
She makes you masturbate to her photos and videos so she can slowly brainwash you
She makes you record them
She pees and/or cums all over you and makes you sleep in it
She does all of the above!
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betacuckwhiteboi · 12 days
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scarlettisabrat · 2 months
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I would never be yours, but I'd let you watch when I cuck you with better men.
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manyaccidents · 2 months
Tumblr media
"All done cutie, you can go back to coloring now" said Alyssa as she finished doing the last tape on my fresh diaper.
"But it's no fair!" I whined, all too aware of how childish I sounded. Trying my best to come across more mature, and wanting to be taken seriously, I continued in a slight huff "I don't even need a babysitter. I'm a big girl and I can take care of myself". The situation I found myself in painted the opposite picture, but I was still trying desperately to hold onto the few last crumbs of dignity I had left, and even those were quickly slipping out of my grasp.
"Oh you're a big girl?" Alyssa said with a hint of a smile. "I'm so sorry sweetheart, I didn't realize. Tell you what, why don't you explain to me why you're a big girl who can take care of herself. If you are able to convince me, I'll convince your Daddy for you!"
Excitement bubbled up within me. Finally! A chance to get out of this! But almost as soon as the feeling came, it was replaced by one of unconfident apprehension. "What am I even supposed to say now?" I thought to myself, starting to panic. I had to say something, Alyssa was waiting. I couldn't waste this opportunity.
"um.." I started "well you see, um...".
I was totally blanking. I swear I had good reasons, but now that they were actually being put to the test they sounded substantially more flimsy and not thought through.
"It's alright darling, take a deep breath and begin from the top" Alyssa instructed comfortingly. This was not starting off well.. I took a shaky breath. The stakes were too high, I couldn't mess this up.
"um.. so well.. first I can.." - why was it so hard to think of something?? I stood there desperately trying to think of at least one thing I could say, aware that every second that passed was making my reward less likely. My heart was pounding and my thoughts racing. Without giving it any thought, desperate to at least say something, I blurted out the first thing that popped into my mind.
"I can eat meals by myself!"
A look of slight incredulity could be seen on Alyssa's face but she stayed quiet, waiting for me to continue.
"Um.. and I can... help with laundry! And cleaning up my room! And... I can even use the microwave and toaster by myself! I've been practicing! And... I can take care of my pets!" I finished in a rush.
Alyssa nodded her head slowly. "That's quite a list you've got there cupcake, but I just want to ask you a few questions about it okay? I just want to make sure I understand"
I swallowed hard, feeling a mixture of fear and hope in my stomach. "Okay..." I managed to squeak out.
"Great!" Alyssa smiled warmly. "Now, let's see. First off, can you tell me which meals can you eat by yourself? The ones that are already cut up in bite sized pieces?"
Her question caught me off guard, and I felt a twinge of panic. I knew I had to be careful not to say anything that would give away too much. "Um, well, s-sometimes it's c-cut up..." I stammered, trying to think of an answer that wouldn't make me sound too incompetent. "I mean, I can eat some meals by myself, like macaroni and cheese or chicken nuggets.."
Alyssa smiled at me "Thank you sweetie I think I understand now. Alright, next question; Have you ever done the laundry by yourself?"
I took a deep breath before answering. "Well, I helped Daddy put clothes in the washing machine and dryer a few times, and last time I did it all by myself!" Raising her eyebrows, Alyssa replied
"Your Daddy told me about that.. He said there were soap suds everywhere and that a certain someone used a little too much soap" I looked away, not wanting her to see how pink my face was getting. She chuckled, continuing "Well, I'm sure your Daddy was very proud of you for trying at least. Now, let's talk about cleaning your room. Do you clean it every day or just when you're told?"
I shifted uncomfortably. "Um, well... "I try to keep it clean, bu-" Alyssa nodded, seeming to accept this as my answer. "And what about taking care of your pets?"
Finally confident in one of my answers I proudly state
"I pet them and I play with them all the time!! And they go outside and I watch them to make sure they are ok!"
"It sounds like you love them very much, but do you feed them, clean their litter box, and give them fresh food and water every day?" Alyssa inquired, already knowing the answer.
I felt a pang of guilt. "Well... um... I usually just play with them... but I thought that was taking care of them isn't it..?"
Alyssa smiled sweetly "So those are the reasons you think you're a big girl? You think you'd be okay by yourself for a few hours?"
I nodded shyly, looking at my feet.
"Well, I'm not quite convinced sweetie. Can you use the stove by yourself? Or the oven? Alyssa asked, her tone gentle but firm. "And what about changing your diapers? We wouldn't want someone's wet diapee to give them a rash right?" I felt my face flush even more. "I... um... I don't really know how to d-do those things..." I admitted, my voice barely above a whisper.
Alyssa nodded, her expression sympathetic. "I know, and it's okay honey, I understand. You're still just a little girl, and there's a lot you don't know how to do yet. But that's why you have a babysitter here to help you when Daddy's not around, okay?"
I wanted to argue, but though I didn't want to admit it to myself, her words rang true. I looked down at my lap, the infantile garment stark proof of Alyssa's assessment.
Alyssa, noticing my silence, gently took my hand in hers. "I know it's hard to accept, sweetheart, but you're still just a little girl, and that's okay! Don't be in such a rush to grow up, being an adult is so boring... I know! Why don't I make us some popcorn and put on your favorite movie until your Daddy comes home, how does that sound?" Alyssa suggested animatedly, already knowing how easily my attention is diverted.
"Tangled?!" I squealed excitedly, forgetting everything temporarily. "Yeah, that sounds like fun!" I beamed up at Alyssa and ran to the living room to get ready, forgetting my skirt in my excitement.
Alyssa shook her head, smiling. "A big girl indeed.."
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cuckpluto · 27 days
Thinking about being cucked by my boyfriend and my best friend !!
(Erotica, Cuck, Cuckquean, quean, cheating husband, Cheating kink)
There’s something so hot about being cucked by your best friend!!! Imagine watching your boyfriends cock slide into her tighter, better pussy for the first time and seeing the way his eyes roll back in pleasure. You’d have a perfect view from the chair in the corner, the vibrator between your legs doing nothing to ease the humiliation you were feeling. You’d feel a sharp jealousy in your chest as her legs shook once he’d fully sheathed himself inside of her. your boyfriend would make eye contact with you and moan out a low “fuck.. baby you feel so good” keeping his eyes on yours as he starts moving his hips at a leisurely pace. you cant help but moan at the sight, this was the part that got you off. the sight of your boyfriend, your man demonstrating his power over you by fucking another woman and making you cum to the sight, it was such a beautiful, horrible kind of arousal. The sound of fucking would fill the room, your boyfriend thrusting slow and hard, your best friend gasping and whining, letting out unintelligible mumbles of “oh fuck” and “please” she was bent over infront of him, looking better taking his cock than he’d imagined, he can’t help himself but rub it in. One hand would move from her tiny waist and wrap around her ponytail, yanking her head back so her eyes were on you “look at her, dripping onto that toy while I fuck you raw in front of her, I bet you didn’t know how much of a pathetic little bitch your best friend is huh?” She’d struggle to get her words out as his pace quickened “I wish you’d told me sooner” The words would catch him off guard, his thrusts would falter momentarily as the thought of it hit him, he should’ve told her way sooner, should’ve been inside her countless times by now. It’d been a shot in the dark, texting your best friend like he had and telling her about your little fantasies. She’d laughed as she’d read the paragraphs, not quite believing you, her shy “prudish” (as she’d put it) best friend being into something so naughty but now as she watched you buck and moan at the sight of your boyfriend balls deep inside of her she understood it, you knew that you were an inferior woman. “Yeah I should’ve told you years ago, I’d have taken you on every surface in this house by now”….
anyway that was just a little thought I had >-<
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