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Into the unknown scott McCall imagine part 1
" scott .... scott ..... Scott .... SCOTT .... SCOTT ...SCOTT " a voice was pulling McCall back to reality when he felt pain in his shoulder it registered to him that his girlfriend (y/n) looked angery and was turning red while looking at him " hello... aren't you listening i said what are we going to do about the party ?" Scott just blinked " fantastic you weren't listening .... im guessing im talking to a wall better yet I'll get a boyfriend who does ... maybe issac or ... or theo " grabbing gour things scott was about to say something " hey guys " it was liam and mason you rolled your eyes getting up and away from scott and the younger ones
" what's up with (y/l/n) ?" Liam asked scott he zoned out again "uh what ?" mason and liam sighed " you've been distracted lately McCall " Jackson sitting opposite sides to him " hey i ran into (y/n) she seems upset about you " stiles sitting next to scott while lydia and malia was behind " that girl loves to rant especially on you Scott "
" literary what have been on your mind recently that kept you completely occupied with that nonsense?" lydia the strawberry blond asked " its peter " stiles cringed while Jackson gagged " noway McCall its a folklore " kira and malia looked at each other " scott ... scott ?" Jackson sighed " the thing is lydia McCall here got bitten by something while doing a job with me and argent in a small town ... and well he got bitten and well " stiles looked shocked " you said the job was intel on new werewolves not trying to get killed " Jackson laughed "yeah well McCall went pale for a couple of days then .... his eyes changed " stiles eyes squinted " scott what colour are your eyes ?"
Scott turned away but malia shoved his face backed " show us McCall " his eyes didn't turn alpha colours " scott what happened on the job ?" scott didn't say a word " McCall they need to know or else i will " before Jackson could finish theo comea running in " we have company and it ain't werewolves " heavy breathing and slowly sitting down
The door flew opened and three men walked in one muscular in a suit one rugged with a leathet jacket with a smirk on his face , the other his eyes are different and have blood stained dripping down both side of his lips "shit ...shit ...shit " stiles keeps saying while malia was ready with her claws and kira out with her sword
McCall didn't move " LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WOULD YOU PLEASE KINDLY LEAVE THESE PROMISES.... BEFORE IT GETS UGLY " the one in the suit kindly smiled as everyone hurried to leave squirming out of the buliding " so little group of supernatural with a well .... a banshee " the one with the blood came closer to lydia " banshee that can pridict death with a werewolf.. or a turning hybrid werewolf " the man looking at scott " let me introduce ourselves I'm klaus mikaelson I'm the first hybrid werewolf vampire " he sit opposite sides of the gang while " im Elijah mikaelson and this is my younger brother kol mikaelson we're not like my other bother klaus " sitting down beside klaus " we came to negotiate a peace treated on the basis of scott McCall "
" so do we have a deal McCall?" Stiles and liam sitting during the negotiations while the ladies leave for other issues " scott you can't take this deal ... your walking in blind... we do not know them ... trust me ... we do not deal with this kind especially when we don't know their strengths " stiles whsipering " human whispering to your boy isnt working we have super hearing our power our amplified " drinking a soda then crushing it stiles gulped while liam was trying to control his anger " hey beta you dont need to draw your crawls you know... we know you have anger issues but .... we know all your strengths and weaknesses but we won't use it against you because we know a void person who's ready to kill us all gerard argent ring bell " Elijah fixing his cufflinks " so McCall the deal is set ... argent crossed our path and well he killed half a dozen of people in our town ... plus a few members of my family " klaus eyes turned a different shade
" you got a deal ... mikaelson on one condition (y/l) (l/n) a girl im dating stay out of the agreement no one hurts or use her .... especially in a different situation understand " scott flashing his eyes but Elijah and kol sit back when klaus moves forward " i see you embracing your new powers then McCall " as the three stood up " see you at your house then McCall " as the three walked away " text lydia get intel on each of them ... especially the klaus guy i want to know everything understand " scott brushing passed Isaac and mason towards his bike
" what's the deal then stiles ?" Isaac whispering " a new kind of supernatural just popped up and the deal that scott have with klaus guy a whole new shit ..... plus we have more issues do you know what happened to scott "
Isaac signed " i do but i can't tell you here ... not with the girls here it will only hurt (y/n) in this situation " stiles didn't understand what isaac saying till " hey guys you seen scott ?" As all three of you hear scott engine roared you didn't say a word but gaped " so is the deal done or what ?" Isaac said ignoring you are there " what deal ?" Frowning " are you going to tell me what's up with my boyfriend orbdo i have tk demand like a whiney bitch " starring at isaac and stiles " she's your problem... see you at McCall " brushing pass going towards alison and lydia whos already in the car
You waiting for an answer " look (y/n) scott ... his ..his ..his going through changes ... and .. and you need to back off a little and let him breath ... soooo that's all i have to say cause other than that I've got nothing " running to his jeep while malia and liam are in the back seat leaving you with a jackson whittmore " don't look at me sugar his your boyfriend... all i know i would dump McCall ass and move on " jackson walking away
You were confused and angry that you didn't get the answers you're looking for especially when everyone is ignoring you and well giving you short answers " fine I'll find out myself if j have to " stomping on the floor
Meanwhile back at beacon hills memorial hospital things are weird bodies being dropped off unexplained death toll " okay ... okay .... okay " frantic sheriff slams his phone down while a deputy parrish " soo what are we going to do now FBI is here especially we got ATF who are they anyways " looking at the people in blue jackets questioning doctors and local people around " this is great I've got ATF and FBI on our backs " slaunting on a chair " sheriff please tell me what's going on ?" Melissa McCall was seeing people all round her question after questions and a swat team outside the hospital
Deputy parrish sighed " we've been getting calls of dead bodies everywhere especially drained of blood considering a sycophant or a maniac with a tendency of draining his or her victims " parrish whispering while melissa went pale " you think this is super...supernatural " even in a lower voice " we aren't sure because its all in shambles and we're figuring it out but for now we have to release a statement to the public immediately "
Right on cue derek hale and chris argent walks through the door with a girl in dereks arms " anyone ...anyone ....anyone ... please help her " melissa hurrided to help " whats her condition?" Checking her eyes and pulse " fetch the bed and get her a room now " as the porter removes the girl from derek the group moves outside the room while the others worked on the girl
" explain hale ?" Sheriff standing ready for questions " we were driving back to beacon hills when a black SUV was smashed by a white Sudan van and multiple officers gun down plus two victims dead on the spot except her ... we found her on a fence wounded and terrified " braeden looked round " she kept mumbling and mumbling we weren't sure what she's saying till argent explained " chris was hiding his gun " she said the word vampire " chris didnt even blink while saying it " ive sedated her before we got here she was frantic and didn't calm down only now she's like this but we didn't see any other wounds "
" anything else you found out there ?" Parrish asked " no ... alot of blood on the pavement and the car looked to be an accidental blow but other than that no suspicion " thats when ATF and FBI agent came popping up " look sheriff we get it ... you're new to this but me and my team are here to stay ... unexplained body count plus a whole lot of missing people so ... expect more from us rather than leaving " the blond woman walked away with her assistant while " ATF agent " are you aware of any gun crimes in beacon hills or illegal selling or gun in the last few months sheriff?" Two men ready to write down anything " not that i know of why ?" The man in the blue jacket sighed " did you know in the last 3 months a couple of your police warehouse were targeted for supply of guns and other units " the man was eyeing argent " im legal to have these especially they are licensed officer " argent wasn't to pleasant with the officer " we will be in touch " handing over a little card
" what the hell was that ?" Chris sighed " i dont see ATF or FBI agents here .... if its the body bag and counting thats okay but illegal drugs and weaponry dealing isnt beacon hills " chris sighing " i need to have a look into what Gerrard is doing maybe he has something to do with it " kissing melissa on the forehead before leaving
Derek looking round " anyone heard from scott ?" melissa shakes her head " thought so "
" so .... aren't we going to talk about the elephant in the room ..." silence is showing more often " look scott i don't care about the issue you have with (y/n) right now but isaac and theo even liam told you had a deal with three grown up men who .... stiles says know us ... i dont care if you're not ready to talk but we had enough of your pathetic waiting games alright " stiles looking anywhere but at the table
" Jackson knows even derek but we your best friend dont know and you're pushing us away ... we need to if its a threat we can deal but if its your issues than thats find but keeping us in the dark is not okay" kira sounding frustrated " they need to know scott especially alison shes digging on the mikaelson as we speak " isaac grabbing a drink in the fridge
" fine I'll tell you but you might all want to sit down especially you stiles "
( event leading up scott pov
Two weeks ago argent got a intel on this supernatural about werewolves turning into something else more ... powerful
I wanted to check it out so i took the opportunity to call Jackson while he was in london about a group he suggested it was wise to go down to London . So me and derek including isaac went without stiles because i told him to wait here to protect you guys if anything happened he will be there like a heads up . I was calm with it so it wouldn't be a problem ... the plan was we go to london check this intel argent talked about and this group of supernatural . Leading up to the day i had to come up with a excuse to go to london because my mom wouldn't let me go so i had derek come up with an idea that he found something that could help me improve my skills as werewolf in london .
At first my mom had her suspicions but she agreed only and only if i take isaac with me and i agreed the only other person who knows what and where is alison because she was the eyes ans ears of the warehouse
The day before we were about to head to London i had the feeling that something sketchy will happen , i didn't trust this intel that argent had i told isaac he said its fine but yet he too was wary of the information argent got
" youre telling me that you guys went to london and something bad happened.... what happened that was so bad that neither one of you can talk other than Jackson " lydia slamming her hands down " I'm getting there "
( continue on
The information of a gang outside of London near Lincolnshire of a warehouse an experiment on supernatural.... werewolves to worked on their strengths and skills . We all thought it was that but it wasnt
So when we landed in London it was the evening isaac and i were already wanting to check the intel but alison told us to wait three days then we check it out . Jackson told us of a small group who being turned into more supernatural and that its beginning to be a threat in england and he was ome of the werewolves helping out .
Jackson told us he doesn't know who runs the place nor where argent got the intel from but when argent and alison went to meet his special firend where he got the intel he was murdered
" hold up ... you're telling us that the person who gave argent intel on this was murdered and you didn't come home after that warning " isaac and scott looked at each other " we wanted to know this information if it will help other werewolves and supernatural " isaac simple said
" fine carry on "
( we were supposed to only be in London for 5 days and my mum was being suspicious and i got tongued tied and told her ... she freaked out but she knew argent was with us so she was calmer . The night before the accident we managed to pull surveillance on the warehouse we saw the same people you saw today the three men
One in a suit the other raging blood addiction the other not so much , we thought their not the threat when one of them klaus i belive said the word I'm immortal invincible because not only I'm i a werewolf im a living breathing vampire
We were shocked at the information but at how old he was 1,000 years old walking and breathing in the daylight especially with fangs and werewolves eyes . Beyond that we didn't know what to do with the information but it lead to me getting something argent didnt tell us of his personal plan .
He busted into the warehouse with armed force guns along with alison we didn't know what to do derek was furious on this and couldn't stay put so he tried to rescue argent and alison but it all break loose
Fighting here there blood was spilling they were invincible we trying staking them sliver bulltes wolfband eveything nothing can penetrate him not a scratch we definitely outnumbered until the guy came from behind and bit me on the left arm his companion laughed " no way to treat unwanted guest klaus " the pain from my arm was excruciating it didnt heal either his eyes were different no glowing nothing
He barely left us alive all he said was i like him lets keep him alive
Nobody said a word after scott recanted the story of the night he got bitten lydia was lost for words " how ... how ... how ... how ?" Lydia expression says alot
" so thats why those men were familiar with you scott because he bite you " liam was shocked stiles didn't know what to say " how can you keep this from me how ?"
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