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The Fin.
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«It was a great performance. Now it’s time to bow and leave the stage quietly.»
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i'd buy a hundred copies ...❤️💚
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happy df climax event
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= EYE =
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“But for me, there’s you…”
Happy Wataei Week!!
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why can't i save you?
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when ur a dockhand assistant and something keeps stealing from ur catch
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some miscellaneous enstars doodles from a while ago
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last two are from i finally read some bkubstars
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me when i double faces or smth
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Been thinking about him (derogatory)
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UNDEAD & MaM (2/2)
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misc enstars stuff :^)
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misc doodles
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Mikejima Madara FS2 4*: On a Wintery Street Corner in Paris
Madara: PLEASE PARDON THE INTRUSIOOON ☆ Shu: GEH—? Mi—Mikejima… …!? What in the world are you doing here!?
Season: Winter Author: Yuumasu Characters: Mikejima Madara, Itsuki Shu
Tumblr media
Shu: Nnngh… … Yawn~...
(Because of the consecutive all-nighters I’ve pulled—or perhaps due to the immense relief I felt at having delivered the final products—I ended up sleeping soundly until well past noon.
Umu. Fortunately, there’s plenty of lead time before the next job is due. I will need to prioritise a proper rest in order to achieve the perfect results. 
Perhaps, I could take a stroll and clear my head—)
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Tumblr media
Shu: GEH—? Mi—Mikejima… …!? What in the world are you doing here!?
Hmph! Cease this tomfoolery of yours, and get yourself gone this instant! The last thing I’d want is for a barbarian like you to be rampaging around my atelier!
Madara: Hahaha! What a nostalgic exchange of words!
I recall having a similar conversation with you back in the day when we were both in Yumenosaki Academy! It was about the Museum (1), if I remember correctly—
Shu: NON! I have no intention of reminiscing about Yumenosaki with you!
You came here for a reason, did you not? State your business quickly, and in as few words as possible. 
Madara: My business, huh~? What if I told you it's “Nothing at all”?
Tumblr media
Shu: (glares) … … … …
Madara: Sorry, sorry! I was just kidding, alright? Please stop with the death glare already!
Actually, I’m here because Leo-san asked me for a favour. 
Shu: Hmm? Because of Tsukinaga… …?
Madara: Yes. Apparently, he’s been treating the pen case that Shu-san gave him like a precious treasure, however—
He was so focused on caring for the case, that he left all his writing stuff behind in this atelier. 
Shu: So that’s the reason he ended up taking just the pen case home with him? He’s quite the amazing fellow for doing that, honestly. 
And what about you? Did you really come all this way to Paris just for Tsukinaga’s forgotten items?
Madara: Nope. It just so happened I had some business in Europe, so I just dropped by. 
Shu: “Just dropped by”—you say? Even though “Europe” can be expressed as a single word, it’s still not a place you can travel about hither and yon on a whim and fancy. 
Anyway, Tsukinaga’s belongings aren’t here anymore. The other day, I happened to send some parcels to Seisoukan, so I slipped his forgotten items in as well. That’s where they are now. 
For heaven’s sake. Anyone and everyone seems to be carelessly leaving their things behind lately. They’re travelling abroad after all; I’d really wish they’d be more careful!
Madara: I agree. The language and culture are different here, so one shouldn’t assume that things will be the same as back home in Japan. It’s better to be more careful in the end.
However, I believe the reason people always leave their stuff behind in Shu’s atelier is because they feel so much at home here, you knowww ♪
Shu: Hmph. I’m not happy to hear that at all. This place isn’t a playground, you know. 
It looks like you've made a wasted trip. Will you be leaving Paris right away?
Madara: Nope. I’ve got some time before my flight, so I’ll relax and enjoy myself till then. 
… … Hmmm? Why are you all dressed up for?
Are you heading out? If so, I’d absolutely love to tag along ☆
Shu: Hmph. Forget it. Being with you, Mikejima, doesn’t exactly spell rest and relaxation for me. 
Madara: Haha! Oh, come on, don’t say that! As the saying goes, “No road is long in good company”, and two people will have more fun together than when they’re on their own, you knowww ♪
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<An hour later.>
Tumblr media
Shu: Umu. It seems there’s a flea market held here during the weekends. 
Madara: Oooh. What a classic Parisian scene~
You may already know this, but the origins of the flea market started right here in Paris. 
It is said that the name came from the fact that ‘antiques could be found in such sheer numbers, it was likened to a gathering of fleas’.
Shu: Urk. Please spare me your detailed description. I already knew about the name’s origins from long ago, and simply imagining it as you have described it makes my back itch. 
Besides, there are other theories about the origin of the name. 
Personally, I much prefer the idea that the name came about because of "the thrill which comes from the time and effort spent hunting for hidden treasures here, which are as elusive as fleas.”
Madara: The thrill of a long hunt, huh? Indeed, the accomplishment you feel when you locate a hidden treasure is reeeally something special!
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Madara: … … Oh, what's this? It seems I have found something good right away!
Yes, yes! This piece of pottery will be perfect to display some plants ☆
Tumblr media
Shu: Humu. Is gardening a hobby of yours? 
Madara: No, I wouldn’t exactlyyy call it a hobby, but—
I’m not sure who started it, but my dorm room is full~ of plants. I myself add in new ones occasionally too.  
Tumblr media
Madara: [Excuse me, Shopkeeper! I’m interested in this piece of pottery here—]
Shu: (... … Hoho. His French seems pretty good, from all that time spent abroad. The best part of the flea market is the haggling over the price. It’s a battle of wits on how skilfully one can negotiate… …) <Ten minutes later.>
Tumblr media
Madara: HEYYYY! I’m baaack, Shu-san!
I’m sooo sorry to have kept you waiting. Things got reeeally lively with the shopkeeper, and our conversation got carried away!
Shu: It’s alright, I don’t mind. I’m glad you got what seems to be a good deal. 
It’s really none of my business what happens to you, but witnessing someone I know get ripped off doesn’t sit right with me.
Tumblr media
Madara: Ufufu. Have you been worried about me, Shu-san? You’re sooo kind… … ♪
Shu: Oh, for heaven’s sake. Stop jumping to weird conclusions. I simply did not wish to have an unpleasant experience. 
Madara: Hahaha! Even so, it made me reeeally happy ♪
And since I managed to score a good deal just now, I’ll give you a treat as a thank you for waiting!
Please recommend a local specialty, Shu-san!
Shu: Hmmm… … In that case, how about “Marron Chaud”—or roasted chestnuts?
It’s a winter specialty that’s sold all over town at this time of the year.
Madara: Hoho! That sounds great. It seems like it’ll warm the body up too!
There’s the scent of something reeeally fragrant coming from over there. Let’s go grab some right now… … ☆
Tumblr media
Translator’s Notes: 1) (!) era story, Steampunk Museum.
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Double Face Trip 🌌🎭
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abang tukang bakso, bawa walkie-talkie
(maafkan aku—harus ada yang menggambar ini
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