skullrpsources · 1 day
Tumblr media
In my opinion this just makes tumblr more inaccessible and frankly it's baffling to me why they would make this change in the first place when the old way was working just fine. @support HEY!! Roll this update back, this isn't benefitting anyone and it's in fact making things harder for the average user!
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forlornalbatross · 4 months
Double the sorrow -- One: So much anguish in a text & a demoralise behaviour that the heart mutilates & immolates itself just for the despair to end- . Two: My silence is enamoured with its flatlines — that all of the many things I have said , that had left my thorax with affections , with much sincerity have died from a heartache —
D C de Oliveira |Forlornly, Double the sorrow | January 20, 2023 | Friday, 2.44am
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tips · 1 year
Tumblr media
GS-003 Getting Started Share, Replies, Reblogs & Likes — What’s Up?
Tumblr media
You may have noticed a bunch of little icons on the bottom of posts. Here’s what they mean.
Tumblr media
The arrow is post shares. You can share posts externally by embedding them, copying the link, or to another social media site.
Tumblr media
The reply icon is post replies. When you reply to a post, the comment stays in the notes section of the post. Sometimes this isn’t available because replies were turned off.
Tumblr media
The two arrows are reblogs. Reblogging a post reposts it to your blog. This is where the fun happens. You can simply reblog a post. Or you can throw in your own content in a reblog, adding to the conversation.
Tumblr media
And the heart is likes. Liking a post adds it to your liked posts on your blog.
Notes are the number of likes, reblogs, and replies combined. Notes can also refer to the section under a post that displays the history of likes, reblogs, and replies..
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ardate · 4 months
You know, I've been stuck thinking about that poll that asked people how long they've had their blogs on there, with the 10+ years result not only being high, but being the winner of the poll.
Tumblr media
And I'm thinking of the state of the website and the lack of interactions on it.
All this time people have been saying the reason reblogs dwindled was not only due to the results of cringe culture crusades of back then, but because "there are so many new users and they just don't respect our Old Ways, they don't reblog or interact, curse the newcomers"
Well if that post is to be believed, we actually should point at us, the old users, for giving up on what made this website a goldmine of sharing and visibility back in the day.
The new users failing to interact have the excuse of not knowing how this place works and not being used to the site culture (though that's arguable, given they probably copy today's culture, which is to not reblog much at all), but you elders? You've seen what was possible and what used to work. You've seen reblogs taking posts far and wide, you've seen when comments in tags were very common and encouraged further creation. And yet you've stopped doing that?
Yall gave up on a good thing for no reason.
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prinsomnia · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
black friday sales have started on INPRNT 🙆‍♀️✨ get 25% off my prints from today til monday!
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dreamlandcreations · 27 days
I'm curious why people let this site slowly die and polls get more interaction so here we are:
Please reblog, I know, the irony... but I wanna know why is it so hard to understand that we are losing writers and artists and other content creators because of the lack of interaction.
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riftclaw · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I don’t think it’s possible to name a bigger downgrade than what they did to the tomas in stampede. that is literally just an emu. WHERE IS THE ANTEATER TONGUE.
Tumblr media
justice for the tomas
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artemis-dawn8 · 6 months
realistic picrew chain
Tumblr media
Tagging @felipe-kuso​ @triangles-dont-do-art​ @distinguished-coffee-grounds​ @cloudwhisper23​ and anyone else who wants to do it <3 (no pressure tag for the people who are tagged)
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hannahari · 11 months
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wip · 1 year
I remember long ago there used to be this feature in labs that let you see the reblog chains for posts, I don't know what it was called but it looked something like this
Tumblr media
I left Tumblr for a while, and when I returned the feature had been removed. I remember trying to find out why it had been removed and saw a lot of people expressing interest in having it back, as it was a really cool feature that allowed you too see how traction was gained on a post. Would you ever consider bringing this feature or something like it back?
Hello @bluhbluhwarhammer, thanks for submitting this question. Also, thank you to @superwobble, @thoughtkick, and @christinaseas for asking a similar question.
We’ve seen some user feedback about how this feature allowed users to find more content surrounding a specific post/reblog. Well, some good news here—the engineering team is currently working on bringing Reblog Graphs back! @cyle made a post about progress on the project here. Go check it out!
Lastly, welcome back to Tumblr, @bluhbluhwarhammer! We’re glad you’re here.
—Jas (Tumblr Marketing)
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miracledarling · 1 month
whimsicallfairy masterpost🌺
one of my cute anons asked me if i had any of whimsicallfairy posts and i actually had a few reblogs on my reposting acc <3
tried my best to give accurate title for posts.
important reminders
what i wish i knew before my loa journey
LOA guide
live in the end vaunt
self-discipline time
thinking of vs thinking from
why i'm passionate about the law
everything is easy to manifest
master manifestor vaunt
electrasoul inspired affirmations
nobody has free will
manifesting is SO easy
money vaunt
dwelling in 4d
things that are normalized in my reality
the law is real and works
always stay calm
shift your mindset
living in the end is easy
self concept vaunt
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staff · 1 year
New Notes View
Howdy buds,
We’ve redesigned the notes view on all platforms (that’s iOS, Android, and web), and we’re planning to roll it out to all of you by February 7.
Some of you might have already noticed these changes. That’s because, as with any change we make, we’ve been A/B testing it since November 2021, so you may have come into contact with these updates already.
What does this look like?
This is a redesign of the reply, reblog, and like screens on mobile and web. We’ve updated the notes design and created a new tab for each note type. We’ve also added new filters to the reblog tab, which allow you to filter by your basic reblogs or by reblogs with comments. And we’ve introduced an option to sort replies by oldest or newest.
What does this mean for you?
Well, we know how y’all feel about change. But first and foremost, this is something many of you have been asking for, for a very long time. For those of you who remain unconvinced, these changes will give you much easier insight into interactions on your posts—from trusty followers and dusky strangers alike.
Questions? Catch us on @wip or Support, and keep an eye out for more changes on the aptly named @changes.
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fembard · 10 months
Sparkle on! It's Wednesday! Don't forget to be yourself!
Tumblr media
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ardate · 5 months
I've been checking out the OC tags for a little while, and I can say the state of OC sharing on tumblr is in absolute misery.
We've all discussed how bad the ratio of reblogs has become, how the amount of them have been dwindling those last couple of years, but I think an extra important emphasis has to be made on original creation. Though everything is hit by the lack of sharing, fanarts at least have a tag people will look for, improving their visibility - fandom OCs are sadly shared less than fanarts, in general, but they still enjoy that same visibility.
But what of the purely original? People who have OCs belonging solely to their own world, with a tag nobody will look for? I've been seeing awesome OC art that has been sitting for days and weeks with 0 or 1 notes, sometimes 5 or 6 with luck (though most of the time only likes)... And though there are exceptions, overall, it's a frankly saddening sight.
The way for someone to get attention on their OCs is to already be a well established blog or to produce fanart on the side to build a following. Blogs solely creating original content sit at the bottom of the note pool with no escape in sight.
As much as we praise tumblr for its tagging system and the fact it doesn't kill old posts the way other social media does, it still does fail in the way of uplifting creation that isn't fandom-based.
I don't have a solution to this. It is merely a sad observation. It's only natural that people would look for what they already know and love. But in a world where all of our interactions are linked to consumerism, in a world where automation replaces human imagination, I'd love to see a community of people willing to actively search for, and uplift, the creatives that are trying to peek out of the water.
One reblog may lead to another may lead to a follow, may lead to a creator feeling like their work matters.
So I'm doing it, one reblog at a time.
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prinsomnia · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
*pokes u*
INPRNT is doing a 15% off sitewide sale for the rest of the week! 🌷✨ my art could be cute on ur wall or among ur holiday gifts 🤔
my INPRNT shop
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simplykorra · 2 months
golden hour - chapter three
“Three…two…one,” Beatrice blindly reaches out to her nightstand and taps the off button on her alarm just as the clock flips over to four.
Not exactly the ideal situation to wake up at three-thirty and lay around for a half hour. She’s going to be exhausted by sunset, but one bad dream and suddenly her mind was racing.
She hardly even remembers it - just that she was young, which is always a bad sign, and stuck in a room she couldn’t escape from.
In dreams though, being stuck is always literal. In this case, she was in her old house back in London. She couldn’t see her family, or hear them - just felt the presence.
Which was enough to make her stomach crawl and was the reason she wanted desperately to leave.
The only problem was that, in the dream, every door she opened just led her back to another part of the house.
She couldn’t get out, and they were closing in on her.
Beatrice is no psychologist, but she knows well enough to know that dream has a lot of traumatic layering.
So yes, not the ideal start to her morning.
At least Suzanne will be here today.
Plus, Ava’s around - which gives her the weirdest sense of comfort. She’s been alone on the ranch for a while now - at least as far as living here full time - she’s almost gotten used to it.
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