#thank you anon! i'm like half-typing this reply half-reading econs notes so you know this is how life gets
enstaries · 6 years
This blog is definitely my favorite Enstars Scenario blog, and probably the most active one! While I'm super happy that you continue to post because oh boy do I love your posts, remember to put yourself first! Take care of yourself and stay hydrated
oof idk when you sent this message bc tumblr mobile didn’t notify me (can they please send me notifs i keep missing impt things smh) but i’m crying a little,,
‘probably the most active one’ aaah i feel really bad bc sweats i haven’t posted for over a month otl,,, tbh it can be attributed to a lot of reasons mainly that school life is crazy and also that i’ve been drifting away a little from enstars aa so i’m really sorry to everyone who follows me, and also to those who just followed me i see you sometimes in my notifs
but it makes me really happy to receive your message too
really though, i’ll do my best to take care of myself! thank you for following me and supporting me, i really appreciate it ღˇ◡ˇ
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