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Why do I let shit like this find me?
So I’m living in the deep south and everything has been great for the last two years. I had just gotten off work and I am sitting at home after dinner when I received a phone call from a friend of mine named Desi. She just being kicked out by her ex-husband after moving in with him and trying to make it work (real smart I know), and needed a place to stay. Since I was friends with both of these people, I gave him a call and he said it was cool with him. She crashed over at my place because I had a spare bedroom. We started talking and catch up a little bit, and then the subject of cocaine and crystal came up. She needed to get some weed and her friend had some really good coke so me, not being able to say no, drove her to her contact and damn this coke was awesome! We got back to my place and it turns out she had forgot her weed back there so while she showered, I headed back to get her shit. When I got back to my place about half an hour to 45 minutes later, I walked in and she was in the kitchen with some dude I never met. I was pretty fucking pissed off until she gave me an introduction and said my friend here knows how to make crystal…… Upon hearing that my attitude really changed and I decided to listen to what he had to say (to be continued)….,
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After the locks got changed….
I ended up moving back in with my dad and stepmom, and I’m very glad they took me in. I got clean, was starting to feel normal again and look for work so I could get my own place again. This lasted for about a week and a half as I heard the familiar voice of crystal start to call my name. I called one of those chat lines again this see if anybody was partying and lo and behold. I found the same people that I had just partied with few weeks before. I ended up spending the week with them, getting high and fucking the same chick I fucked for a week the last time. But wouldn’t you know, as the week went on I started running out of money, but also had a realization that if I kept getting spun, I was going to go nowhere and end up in jail, homeless or maybe even dead. I get my mom a call and told her what was going on, and she had recommended that I move to the deep south as I have family there, and the economy wasn’t as crappy as it was in Denver. So my mom flew out and we drove for three days down to the deep south, and it was exactly what I needed. I got clean, made some incredible friends, got my own place on a golf course, and had a really nice job. It’s awesome what happens to one when there’s no drugs involved. All the shit you’ve lost in the past suddenly reappears….. since I have liked to self sabotage myself, my two years of not “meth’n” around was about to come to an end.
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500+ Followers!
Just wanted to say thank you to everyone US follow my blog so far… Looking forward to keeping this going, and to the next 500!
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Sticking with it!
As I mentioned before in one of my first posts, I had two previous blogs before this one, which in my opinion, were really good blogs. However, each time I got clean, I deleted the blog because my thought process was that I keep looking at the blog I’m just going to relapse and do more crystal. So a few weeks ago I did go out and party for a few days immediately, I thought to delete this blog. However, if I’m gonna go out and party and get spun, then I’m going to do it regardless of a blog or not. I have a story to share, plus there is a lot of good information out there that is helpful to those of us who get spun and there is a lot of humorous shit too in regards to getting spracked. It’s always my hope not to relapse, but it is what it is. Hopefully the more I go on with my story people will find it helpful that if you want to quit, you can quit. If you don’t then hopefully some of the should I share, can keep you in better health and in a better frame of mind. So that said, I’m just gonna keep on pressing on and moving forward!
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Tracked out, sayings that I’ve come up with over the years when I’ve really been tracked out….lmao!
I’m high
I’m really high
I’m so fuck’n high
I’m really fuck’n high
Fuck I’m high
Holy fuck I’m high
Holy fuck I’m fucking high
I’m twacked
I’m twacked out of my skull
I’m spracked
I’m spracked out of my skull
I’m Count Sprackula
I’m a Sprackasaurus
I’m a Sprackasaurus Rex
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More info on the fucking moron known as Jeff the lovable loser!
So as I mentioned in my previous post about this piece of shit… I carried his ass for about 12 years and then my life started to spiral out of control. I was living with him and his fiancé at the time and of this day, I’m grateful they gave me a roof over my head. However, I was still doing way too much cocaine and smoking too much crack. So during my stay…
I remember calling one of those chat lines to find a lady who liked to party and ended up finding one. However, this turned out to be a couple, but as I mentioned in a previous post, I am hanging out with the chicks mom for about a week had a lot of fun. I had spent all of my money and it was time to go home. When I got back to the house, the locks were changed, my so-called best friend would not answer the door nor would he answer his phone. It wasn’t until three days later, when my so-called best friend finally called, said that since my stuff was in their house, it was now their stuff. In any event in another three or four days, I was able to get my shit out of the house and my best friend 12 years turned his back on me. The chick he was marrying, came from serious money, and heaven forbid, helping me out through my shit was nowhere on his radar. Even though they had kicked me out of the house, and it was the first part of the month, I ended up paying them back the rent that I owed for that month even though I did not live there. Fast forward about 12 years later, he still hold his grudge that that one event put such a strain on his relationship. I guess the golden parachute is little more important to people than friendship. In any event for some reason, he still thinks I own that rent money even though it was paid back but I know what happened back in 2009 when I paid him back that money… He put it right back up his fucking nose. And today he thinks he’s better than anybody and everybody but you know what Jeff? I’m not here to judge you because you will be judged. You’re just part of the story that I’m sharing and hopefully people will take note of these parts that I shared and be able to not associate themselves with toxic people who are really wolves in sheep’s clothing.
Even though he is the way he is, to this yeah I wish and had enough went down that way that I could’ve kept control and not let my inner addict fuck everything up. It is what it is though, and even though I have apologize and am remorseful, there are some people out there who just can’t forgive, and it’s really fucking sad.
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Gives You Wings by battybatzgirl “What did you take? Speed? LSD? You better not say coke because I swear to god I’ll—” “What? No, no!” Peter says, scandalized. His pupils keep dilating and undialating rapidly and the whites of his eyes are red around the edges. Tony pinches the bridge of his nose and heaves a breath, briefly wondering if this was his karma for prank-calling Clint last week. “Heroin?” he presses again. “Meth? I’ve OD'd on them all so there’s no point in trying to put any of it past me.” “Je-Jesus, Mister Stark, I’m not on drugs!” “Then what was it?” Letting out a huff that’s more of a wheeze, Peter gives in. “The only thing I did was have a couple energy drinks this afternoon because the coffee wasn’t helping me stay awake. It’s–it’s midterms ‘n I got stuff to do.” Or, Peter overdoses on caffeine and has a sensory overload Whumptober Prompt Day 22: Toxin Words: 2290, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English Series: Part 6 of whumps your 'tober Fandoms: Spider-Man - All Media Types, Spider-Man (Tom Holland Movies) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Categories: Gen Characters: Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Stephen Strange Relationships: Peter Parker & Tony Stark Additional Tags: Whumptober 2022, Caffeine Overdose, Sensory Overload, Hurt Peter Parker, Sickfic, kind of, Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure, Humor
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dumb things my friends and I have said: 2023!
part one: january - march apologies ahead of time for length! feel free to change pronouns if need be. warning for foul and dirty language, and capslock-implied yelling :)
“Am I okay? Maybe. Probably not though.”
“Well she deserves to look old.”
“Got spotted throwing it back…”
“I have never wanted to be someone else as badly as I want to be that bitch.”
“Should I be the most vampiric person in the Petsmart today?”
“Accidentally became a femboy again.”
“Femboys are a dime a dozen and simultaneously so rare.”
“Ooh, look at me, I answered a fucking question.”
“This is only proving that I either have a hyperfixation or a problem.”
“Ugh, it smells like a bathroom in here.”
“He scarred those poor people for life, and he’s my idol.”
“That man has never shotgunned anything in his life.”
“Okay, so I didn’t realize how midnight it was.”
“My teeth feel like there’s an Apple airpod in my mouth.”
“We can only commit crimes Tuesday to Thursday, after hours.”
“Ahh, Cheez-Its. My one true love.”
“Grease Lightning thought automatic cars were cool.”
“I was having loud reactions in my home. That were not voluntary.”
“I feel like a Waffle House that closed due to weather.”
“My humor is that of a roach.”
“I would Toot Canal him so hard.”
“Eat shit, lint-licker.”
“We all know ‘draw background’ killed your grandma.”
“Lo and behold, guess what you did boy. You died.”
“That man read Fifty Shades of Gray and thought it was based on a true story.”
“The way my arm just bent is NOT fictitious.”
“The things I’d do to be in a microwave right now.”
“Actually, YOU should shoot MY ass― That was bad, I’m sorry.”
“It’s not ACTUALLY meth because what the fuck, but it’s like meth’s goody two shoes cousin.”
“I have no defense but I also have no shame.”
“Wait a minute, I want free money just for being gay.”
“I was less depressed, but significantly higher.”
“No no, you have my permission to call me a slur.”
“You have the reaction time of a sandal.”
“Sorry, you’re saying I can’t think catboys are hot?”
“I used to have a last name, but she took that in the divorce too.”
“Oh, HA, the AI called the wrong person a Jew!”
“I don’t even lose an hour of sleep, I lose an hour of being awake.”
“Those are my brain cells. They are dying.”
“Deadass built like a Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 NPC.”
“I need to go home. I’m about to be so mean to an optician.”
“I need to eat my fucking keyboard, I’m so sick of these people.”
“The written language is a light switch and my ADHD is the Spongebob Nosferatu flickering the lights.”
“Violence isn’t an emotion, but it is now.”
“The worst part about dying is that I lost the spaghetti.”
“If it’s gay to be time-efficient, then I don’t wanna be straight.”
“I shat in it for flavor and then pissed to fill it up.”
“He got bitchified.”
“I’m ready to finally be a bitch.”
“Oh, so we’re seeing Star Wars characters now?”
“I wasn’t bullying you. You were just suffering in my regime.”
“Who needs art when I have infinite rizz?”
“He can’t tell you he likes you all the time? Lame.”
“Reason has left the chat.”
“Fuckin’ dump a gallon of bleach and ammonia into a toilet and just lock the doors.”
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1. Thou shalt only smoke the dopest dope. 2. Seek ye only shards that are fire. 3. Gather your lighters like I have gathered my sheep. The more the merrier. Furthermore, never let your fire runneth out. 4. Twist and twirl your pizzo so you do not burneth your shit. 5. Love thy neighbor but DO NOT loveth the evil souls known as knocks. 6. For the knocks are the sneakiest of snakes and will only try to deceive you and lead you astray. 7. Do not forget to nourish your body with fruits and grains that I have lovingly provided. 8. Thou shalt stay hydrated. 9. Thou shalt rest on the seventh day. 10. My children, I have saved the most important commandment for last, thou shalt always keep a secret personal stash to feast upon.
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Crash course of self care and health while partying with Tina
Some things are learned the hard way just some tips tricks and pointers for good old fashioned harm prevention. This is what SWIM has learned over about 7 years of occasional use.
Number 1 is self care for your health.
*NOTHING is more important than water. Drink almost nothing else except for Gatorade. Force yourself if you must. Ice dries you out to the point where it can become dangerous. Your kidneys will thank you. Avoid drinking soda or coffee sugar and caffeine are your enemy. Dehydration is one of the things that make you feel like shit coming down. If you do nothing else for yourself make sure you have water always. *Eat some food! New users will skip eating and not even notice. Eating is hard when your mouth is dry and your mind is racing. If you honestly can’t eat at least drink some milk or better yet Ensure (for old people). *SWIM takes a multivitamin everyday and I swear come downs are easier. *Sleep when you feel the crash coming. Don’t force another night even if you have some stash left. Plus waking up with some left is a good feeling. Sleep deprivation is the the #1 thing that makes you lose your grasp of reality. Duh. If you do start to lose you mind remember: you’re on drugs and no shadow people aren’t really there. * If you need help sleeping SWIM likes a Xanax lots of weed and maybe a couple beers, not too many. Its ok if you’ve been drinking water. Sleep before you hurt yourself please. As a personal rule I don’t do more than one night. What goes up must come down.
-Keep up appearances! You don’t want people knowing about your little secret and looking strung out is obvious if you don’t do something about it. *Two showers a day. SWIM is always aware of her hygiene when she occasionally speeds things up. Crystal makes you hot sweaty and greasy. Your BO will be stinkier. SWIM can always spot it in other people. *Put some of that energy you put in your tweeker projects into your personal hygiene. Really take time to look nice. Cops are trained to look for that nastiness ( along with mouth playing with your tongue). *Brush your teeth!!! * Wash your face avoid breaking out. *DONT PICK FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON’T PICK! Keep hands busy doing something else. * Keep your place nice too. Don’t go crazy with it if that’s out of character, just don’t start hoarding junk. Plenty of people will clean up A lot when they are new to it. Keep that habit up instead of writing on Tumblr for 48 hours. *Get the shitty stuff you need done first then go start with your little art project or whatever. *Getting high at work can be fun. If you do, swallow some stash. Its more discreet because its not as intense and you don’t need to keep sneaking away to hit a pilo or do a line. It doesn’t make you as gross feeling as smoking. Plus it lasts longer. Don’t do alot. Pre wrap your doses in toilet paper so you can just take it from your pocket and swallow with no one the wiser. Trust me in this one, it’s really a job saver. *Shut your trap! Try not to talk too much. *Again, control your tongue. Practice not playing with it. Unclench your jaw too. This is an easy one for SWIM to master because she felt like its the most obvious give away.
-Dont get stuck
Everyone has their own style when geeking on things. SWIM likes to draw but don’t get stuck doing it until your eyes bleed. *Participate in your activity but please put down your project now and then. Drawing and art projects can strain your eyes and give you a headache. *Put your phone down every once in a while and dont alienate people around you by getting sucked into Pinterest or something. *When hanging with someone close to you, try to engage in interesting conversation. Get to know them better, you’ll probably be up all night with them so take advantage.
**Tweeker life hack: If you smoke out of any glass do yourself a favor and get a Mr.Clean Magic Eraser. Gets rid of nasty black stains like…..magic! Cut a little bit off and clean inside the pipe with. *Also keep a little bit more a little damp to cool down the bowl instantly and freeze up the dope again like magic! Without cracking the glass. Saves so much from burning up while cooling. Its a puffers best friend. Apply to hot bowl as soon as your done with the hit.
I hope I could help someone. My first post on Tumblr. I would like to hear more tricks and tips. Stay safe and drink water.
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Tumblr media
We all come from different places in the world using, and have different names / lingo we have. Lets share them?
Reblog with your best ones you know for everyone to see!!
Dope/Ice/Speed/Crank/Junk/Shit/Clear/Shards/Glass/Criss/Tina/Christy/Christina – Meth “names”
Bag Whore/Crank Skank/Speed Slut – A girl who fucks for their high
Tweaker Time – When someone says they’ll be their in 10. Not knowing they meant in hours
Tooter– Smoking tool Used to smoke off foil
Teener / Shirt / T – An sixteenth of an OZ
Twacked – Fucking Tweaking HARD
J Kat– Someone who acts like a schitzo when they get high and lost touch ONLY WHILE HIGH.
A “Knock”’– Someone who would sell their own child, rob their mom and sell you out for their fix
If I think of more ill add them later. Reblog to keep the list going!
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69gotime · 1 month
things i’m down for:
• car sex
• couch sex
• bedroom sex
• shower sex
• balcony sex
• changing room sex
• parking lot sex
• movie theater sex
• sex
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Fuck yeah!
Reblog if high sex is the best sex💨🍆💦. Smoke shards and enjoy your fucking life💨🤡
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random shit i’ve heard sentence meme pt. 1
change pronouns as necessary !!
❛ i’m doin alright man, payin’ bills, wanna die. ❜
❛ what a fuckin’ asscrack. ❜
❛ walt disney didn’t die for this. ❜
❛ does a turkey have four legs or two? ❜
❛ i definitely did not tie her to my headboard. and i didn’t tie a shirt around her head, that definitely didn’t happen. ❜
❛ that is not papa johns standards. ❜
❛ nobody gives a fuck about papa john. ❜
❛ he doesn’t actually like anything, he just hates some things less than others. ❜
❛ i told ___ he was being a tittybaby and he didn’t talk to me for an hour. ❜
❛ orgy at 1:30. ___, you bring the toys. ❜
❛ why would you bring jacks to an orgy? ❜
❛ i unironically like xxxtentacion. ❜
❛ we all know oj didn’t do it. ❜
❛ i looked like a sad, ugly raccoon. ❜
❛ peace out, girl scout. ❜
❛ and that’s how the topic of his sex life came up. ❜
❛ i hate your boyfriend. he’s dumb and stupid and i hate him. ❜
❛ don’t eat the lettuce. ❜
❛ we were making out and she was practically licking my tonsils ——— ❜
❛ it’s okay, you’re just a woman. ❜
❛ do you need me to buy you a dick on amazon? ❜
❛ i’m a dick. you can agree with me, it’s okay. ❜
❛ i’m addicted to my own misery. ❜
❛ make sure you tell ___ that ___ said he’s beautiful. ❜
❛ i signed a petition to rename fire ants ‘spicy bois’. ❜
❛ papa john’s makes treats for dogs now … ❜
❛ i’m probably lacking about 50 necessary iq points. ❜
❛ i’ve graduated high school, i’m ready to die. ❜
❛ we could be like evil twins from a horror movie. ❜
❛ you’re a pain in my dick, i hope you know that. ❜
❛ i cut my finger when i was trying to be nice. this is why i’m so mean. ❜
❛ you make nuts, not knots. ❜
❛ i’m concerned as a citizen. ❜
❛ he drank a cup of tobasco for you. ❜
❛ i’m sorry i stabbed you. ❜
❛ i forgot to tell ___ that i love him. ❜
❛ ___ is gonna give you a piece of his mind … but just a little piece. ❜
❛ he’s just a grumpy old man. ❜
❛ i’m such a nice coworker to you. ❜
❛ snoop dogg is my spirit animal. ❜
❛ can we stop breaking the news? ❜
❛ that’s definitely what gay cavemen did. ❜
❛ i’m a butt-catholic. ❜
❛ and then we got to where we are now. ❜
❛ he’s probably got himself a little girlfriend god somewhere. ❜
❛ you dickbag. ❜
❛ google me that, batman. ❜
❛ holy fuck dude, ___ just died. ❜
❛ you’re much sluttier though. ❜
❛ i’m a poké-slut, i’m sorry. ❜
❛ hey asshole, you’re not a motorcycle. ❜
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try her once , she might let you go. try her twice , she will own your soul.
she will be your bestfriend , she will love & hold you tight just like you hold that glass pipe at night .
you’ll abandon your family & your friends just to be with her , until the very end
you don’t eat and haven’t slept in 2 weeks and everyone knows , all you do is tweak
you think you are in control , you’re just having fun but Tina’s in control , and Tina isn’t done
you can see your bones , your eyes are sunken in your teeth are breaking , your hair is thin
you refuse to admit that you’ve lost control you deny everything , all while rolling that bowl
you’re losing your self , and everything you love. all for that evil cranked out bitch Tina , she’s a crazy drug
tina, crystal, crank, clear, ice, dope, meth if you don’t have it , you are such a mess
drop the shards in , one , two , three , four you’re shaking as you do it , you hear knocking at the door
you melted it down , you took your hit you hear the voices whispering, you swear they’re talking shit
everyone’s plotting against you , you can’t figure out why you sound crazy, you fuckin wop, you’re just too fuckin high
you’ve been talking to the bush monkeys and shadow people, galore sometimes they are your friends , sometimes your aren’t so sure
you are so paranoid , you think your phone is tapped the feds arent worried about you , you are so fucking twacked .
you’ve been picking at your face for 3 straight hours , plucked your eyebrows bare you have sores in your mouth, on your tongue, how in the hell did they get there ?
you try to sit still , not move around so much but it’s so hard, what are you to do while everyone else is eating lunch?
you get an idea and get to it quick you lock your self in the bathroom, can’t wait to get your fix
you get a few shards out , along with your lighter oh shit , you left your pipe in your room , it’s okay , snorting gets you higher
you crush it all up under a dollar bill , then gather the dope into one fat line you see a hot rail pipe hidden in the corner ‘fuck , is that mine?’
you hold your lighter to the glass , dont fuck up n burn your fingers you do your hot rail then you blow out , this high is one that lingers
you look at your self in the mirror , God damn your fuckin high how can do this here , then go out & look your family in the eye?
you dont recognize that person in the mirror , who the fuck is she? she looks strung out , like a dopefiend , ‘no , that can’t be me’
your clothes are too big , your waist is so small your bones are very defined, you can almost see them all
your ribs are showing , you’re getting too thin you thought the makeup covered the sight of your eyes so sunken in
your hair is falling out , your body is so weak you’ve eaten maybe twice in the last 3 weeks
you are out of money n out of dope , it’s day 24 youre gonna crash if you dont get more
you can’t manage a job because you’re always high you can’t borrow money from your family because all you do is lie
they ask about your weight, how did you lose so much? ‘I’ve been walking a lot, watching what I eat, and working out a bunch ’
they arent stupid , they know what your really do don’t you remember? they dealt with your mom before they dealt with you .
it also doesn’t help that while youre talking to them , your jaw is moving side to side your eyes look glossy and are open so fucking wide
they know you tweak , you dont hide it very well you don’t eat or sleep like normal people , you really thought they couldn’t tell?
at first, you were crushed, it killed you that they knew what you were about but after a while, you didn’t care, ‘oh well , the secrets out ! ’
you let your self go, worse than before you didn’t care about anything anymore
you destroyed relationships with everyone you knew except for the dopeman n your tweaker friends, they always had you
day after God damn day , it was always the same shit go all day looking for dope & longing for that hit
you craved the bitter taste of crystal methamphetamine, your addicted , you’re a fuckin dopefiend.
but this doesn’t last forever , it will end some day. you will either choose or be forced to put the dope down & step away
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PNP all night!
Any ladies down to hang out, party, and possibly play… Hit me up!
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69gotime · 1 month
It’s “Sunday Spunday” which means this “tweakend” is coming to a close.
What are all Colorado people up to today? HMU!
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