89stephi · 8 days
i miss him it's crazy
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He’s so funny wtf!
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89stephi · 10 days
"i can fix him" well i can take him as he is. unhinged and dangerous.
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89stephi · 10 days
everyone and everything is testing me these days sometimes i just wanna
Tumblr media
.. sometimes ... most of the time
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89stephi · 15 days
Tumblr media
good day to be a bisexual !! LOOK AT THEM. blurry but still FIINE as fuck.
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89stephi · 17 days
looking so FINE. i need him. i really need him, it's so unhealthy.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
New of DREW !!
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89stephi · 19 days
woke up to this and now the bed's a mess FUCK this is too good!! where's rafe to claim responsibility and fuck me in the back of his truck???
car sex quickie with rafe !
m.list / nav.
oh my god, sign me tf up.
Tumblr media
“we have to be quick,” you breathed out, tearing your shirt off over your head as you waited for rafe to do the same.
“yeah, no shit,” he groans, quickly undoing his button and zipper, lifting his butt off the seat to hurriedly pull down his pants down, his cock springing free as he shoves the pants to his thighs. immediately, his hands are cupping your face, your lips clashing together as he quickly helps you out of your jeans.
you straddle him again, pushing your panties to the side as ragged breaths escape the both of you, anticipation pooling deep in your abdomen as you slowly sink down onto rafe’s cock.
“fuck,” he groans, his fingers digging into your hips harshly as his face trains on yours. your mouth parts, looking at rafe through glossy eyes.
he doesn’t bother giving you any time to adjust, he starts picking up your hips, slamming you back down onto him. loud moans fill the car as you hold onto the back of the seat behind you, and rafe’s shoulder for support.
“fuck,” you moan out, squeezing your eyes shut as you develop your own rhythm along with the help of rafe’s hands guiding your hips up and down.
the car quickly steams up, fog covering the windows as the car gently shakes from you bouncing on rafe’s lap. the air becomes stuffy but you two are too indulged in each other to care.
“fuck, baby, just like that,” rafe grunts, his eyes falling and training on where the two of you are connected, watching as your walls swallow his cock when you sit back down. mesmerized by the sight, his hands trails up from your hips to grip your breasts, grabbing the flesh roughly with his large hands.
“oh God, rafe,” you whimper, throwing your head back as your orgasm is building up rather quickly. you were too consumed by each other to care about the possibility of people seeing you in the back of his truck.
rafe lets out another groan, gripping your tits even tighter in his hands as he continues to guide you up and down on his cock, his mouth parted as he watches in awe.
you and rafe had car sex plenty of times before. sometimes in your car, but mainly in his truck since the backseat was a bit bigger. but there something about this one time… how quick it had to be. how absolutely hot you two were for each other in the party that you made it a mission to come out to his truck. it made it all more erotic.
“rafe,” you panted, “i’m coming,” you continued to work on his cock, chasing after your own high as your fingers tangled in his hair, pulling and earning deep groans from him.
“come for me, baby. that’s my girl,” he encourages, leaning forward and planting open mouthed kisses along your neck. you sighed into the thick air surrounding the two of you, your orgasm reaching its peak as it rips through you. loud moans and rafe’s name leave your lips as your walls clench around him, riding out your high.
rafe follows right after you, growling deeply into your ear as his fingers grip your hips in a bone crushing hold. his hips sputter up into your as he shoots his cum inside you, coating your walls.
“i love you,” he breathes, looking up at you and brushing a few strands of hair out of your face, smiling as he sees your fucked out expression staring back at him. he always felt a sense of pride knowing only he could bring out this side of you.
“i love you,” you whine, crashing your lips onto his as he holds you tightly against him, the two of you comforting each other as you come down from your highs.
best car sex ever.
Tumblr media
this sucks 😭
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89stephi · 21 days
Tumblr media
Boyfriend reveal (real)
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89stephi · 21 days
i'd still take him (love my good share of toxic bad boys)
Tumblr media
Let’s be honest he wouldn’t be a good bf!
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89stephi · 23 days
RIIIIGHT?!! i was on the floor when i found out it was drake. i haven't watched the series yet to know exactly what the charges were but i do have an idea on how severe they were based on the clips I've seen. 😭 they really did sacrifice their childhood for ours (especially amanda)
btww, been wanting to watch quiet on set since its release but i'm scared bc aside from disney, nickelodeon's my childhood 😭 although i am aware dan schneider's a poor excuse of a human being, it just HURTS knowing what's actually happening behind the scenes !!
NOOO FRR! i was so fucking hesitant to watch it for this exact reason. i grew up with nick and disney and i knew 100% going into this docuseries that i would be ruining my favorite childhood shows. i knew a long time ago about what a POS dan was but this series opened up a whole new can of worms you couldn’t expect. my heart breaks for all those kids involved 🥺😭
it really does hurt especially because i never knew what happened with drake… he kept that burden with him all this time until now 😭😭
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89stephi · 25 days
yes siiiiiiir 😵‍💫 101% a need
Tumblr media
how i imagine dealer!rafe 🤑🤑🤑
he loves to flaunt his wealth, is a total asshole most of the time and gives off major big dick energy. he listens to future, lil durk and g-herbo. he is only about making money and getting a nut and never wanting anything serious. that was until you walked in to that party, the prettiest thing he ever saw wanting some weed and willing to ride his dick for it at that. for the first time he wants to make someone his and that’s exactly what he does. he spoils you rotten, handing you a stack of cash to go spend however you’d like. Definitely treats you like his princess, surprising you with boxes that read Hermès and Chanel. Wine and dining you at fancy restaurants and taking you out of the country on tropical getaways, all while he traps it out.
not to mention the dick he gives you. it’s a monster. he talks you through it. tells you how pretty you look while he drills your shit in. loves it nasty and rough. not afraid to fold you in half or stick it in your ass when he feels like it. he loves dirty talk, his voice never failing to make you cum.
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89stephi · 26 days
something's trickling and it's not tears THIS IS SO GOOD
rafe talking you through it?
m.list / nav.
“shhh, you’re doing so well baby,” his thumb brushes across the apple of your cheek, swiping away a stray tear as he slowly pushes his cock further into your soaked pussy.
a gasp leaves your swollen lips as rafe lets out a quiet groan, his eyes locking on the place where you two connect as he focuses on pushing all the way in.
it wasn’t your first time with rafe, but you were never used to his size and it often hurt, specifically in the beginning. sometimes you thought he might split you open.
“good girl. i’m going to pull out okay? i’ll do it slow, princess,” he warns patiently, looking into your eyes for permission. you nod, your breathing ragged as you grip his shoulders harshly.
“you feel so good, princess,” rafe moans softly, leaning down to kiss your lips just as he begins to pull his length out. you gasp, closing your eyes as the pain slowly dissipates.
“c’mon, baby, you can take it,” rafe assures, kissing your nose softly as he then begins pushing his cock back inside, letting out a long exhale as he fills you back up again.
he pulls out again, pushing back in as you let out a moan, your nails digging into his back as his eyes trail down to watch where your bodies are connected.
“just remember, you’re mine.” rafe whispers before rolling you both over quickly, replacing you on top now. you smile down at him, biting your lip as you begin rolling your hips against his.
“fuck, baby, j-just like that,” rafe groans, hands gripping your hips tightly as he helps you guide your hips and gather a rhythm. “don’t stop,” he whispers breathlessly, watching you in awe as you rock your hips against him.
“rafe,” you moan out, using his chest for support as he begins guiding your hips faster making you both call out each others names. you close your eyes, your mouth parting in pure bliss.
“eyes on me, baby. keep looking at me,” he encourages through a moan of his own, your bright eyes opening and looking right at him again. you looked so beautiful like this. all desperate on his cock, listening to his every command. you were his girl. his fucking girl.
Tumblr media
yes. just… fucking… yes
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89stephi · 28 days
if perfection is in the form of a drabble, this is it.
rafe & spanking?
fuck, i need him to spank me
“hold fucking still,” rafe grumbles, his hands firmly on your hips as he pins you down on his lap.
you were currently bent over rafe’s lap as he had the last straw. all day you had been actin’ like a brat, giving him attitude. he warned you to stop but you wouldn’t. you couldn’t. and now, he had had enough and it was time to brat tame you.
“rafe, please! i said i was sorry!” you pleaded, your head hung upside down as you peered through the space between the couch and rafe’s knees, where you got perfect view of his hand rubbing the back of your thigh.
“sorry doesn’t cut it, princess. you wanna act like a brat? i’ll treat you like one,” rafe says coolly, rubbing your ass cheek with his large hand. seconds later, a loud smack! erupts in the air and you suddenly feel a stinging sensation on your left ass cheek.
“fuck!” you cry out, your body going limp as rafe gently rubs the red hand print, soothing the burning pain.
just when you think you’re in the clear, another smack! fills the living room followed by stinging pain on your right ass cheek this time. you let out a whimper as rafe begins soothing that ass cheek, rubbing the reddened area gently.
“just a couple more, princess. think you can handle that for me?” rafe asks, looking at you. you pick your head up, looking at him.
“rafe,” you whine “it hurts,”
“i know, baby. but this what happens when you act like a little brat. don’t worry, baby, i’ll give you a reward if you can handle a few more. how’s that sound?” rafe smiles, brushing strands of your hair out of your face. with a grumble, you nod and allow him to continue. you couldn’t lie, as much as it hurt, you were so fucking turned on.
“good girl,” rafe praises smugly, landing another slap your left ass cheek, admiring the way it jiggles for him. you let out a squeal and he’s quick to softly shush you, rubbing and soothing the flesh.
let’s just say, by the end of that, there were several layered, red, puffy handprints branded in your ass cheeks and it hurt to sit for a while.
nav. // m.list
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89stephi · 29 days
hi yes
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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89stephi · 30 days
holy shit, something's rolling down my thigh yes please
let me carve my name into your thigh and lick the blood away so i can tell you how good you taste before i fuck you so hard you pass out from the pleasure. want everyone to know you’re mine
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89stephi · 1 month
don't fucking interrupt me when i'm reading my x reader fics it's rude
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89stephi · 1 month
all i can say is yes i do.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
wonwoo ♡ huxley ads shoot (remade)
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89stephi · 1 month
yeees omg she's the loml <33
cockwarming w rafe but he gives in before reader does?
“just sit still, a’ight? don’t wanna get you all needy f’me right away.“ rafe winks at you, holding your hips firmly to prevent you from moving, seeing who can stay still the longest. you feel so fucking tight around him— the way you’re squeezing him could make him cum instantly, but his ego forces him to put on his best poker face while his blue eyes stare at you intensely.
“you talking to yourself, pretty boy?” you taunt, making him chuckle at your confidence, accepting the challenge as he sits relaxed with you on his lap, knowing he’s going to win regardless. his hands move from your hips to behind his head as he leans backwards with the cockiest smile on his face, gazing up at you.
“i can feel you dripping down my legs, princess, making a fucking mess everywhere, shit.” rafe chuckles before slapping your ass, determined to get you to move first.
“yeah? imagine how good it would feel to thrust up into me right now, im so fucking wet for you.” you whisper the last part as you move your head closer to his ear, causing goosebumps to form all over his body as he feels your hot breath on his skin. he groans as you place soft kisses all over his neck, lightly sucking on his skin, knowing exactly where his sensitive spots are.
“i can feel you so fucking deep inside of me, rafe.” you murmur as you slowly lick from his collarbone to his ear while letting out breathy moans. “don’t… don’t say shit like that.”
he’s so close— so close to pounding into you right there and then. he gradually starts to lose control, his hands moving back to your hips, gripping the skin so firmly that it’s going to leave bruises for days. you continue teasing him, leaving love bites all over his neck and collarbone before gripping his jaw and kissing him passionately, tongues fighting for dominance as he moans into your mouth.
“fuck it.” rafe snaps, forcefully pulling you from his lap and bending you over on the couch, your head pushed into the cushions as he slips back inside of you in one quick thrust and sets an unrelenting pace right away. “i… i win.” you manage to say in between thrusts as he pounds into you, the tip of his cock continuously hitting your cervix. “yeah? we’ll see who’s winning when you can’t fucking walk tomorrow.”
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