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Discover Asset Management Framework.
My website's 'Asset Management Framework' page is a comprehensive resource for individuals and businesses looking to optimize their asset management strategies.  This page contains a wealth of information and insights that will help you manage your assets more effectively.
Although I am sure you understand that effective asset management is critical for businesses to thrive in today's competitive landscape, no one is expected to know or remember everything, so seeking assistance online is perfectly acceptable.
That is why I have worked hard to ensure that my Asset Management Framework pages cover all aspects, from planning and acquisition to operation and disposal.
Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, this page will give you the information and tools you need to succeed.
What are the Benefits of a quality Asset Management Framework?
By reading my ‘Asset Management Framework’ page, you will:
Gain a deep understanding of asset management best practices
Learn how to optimize your asset lifecycle
Discover strategies to reduce maintenance costs and increase efficiency
Enhance your decision-making process with data-driven insights
Improve asset reliability and minimize downtime
Streamline your maintenance operations
But that is not all! CMMS Success has a large number of pages and Blog articles that cover various aspects of asset management and asset management software. My website contains a wealth of useful information, including maintenance strategies and software solutions, as well as industry trends and my case studies.
Unlock the Answers You've Been Searching For!
If you've been struggling to find answers to your asset management questions, CMMS Success is the answer. My asset management oriented website is intended to address your concerns and offer practical solutions.
With my user-friendly interface and intuitive features, you can easily navigate our content and find the information you require. I understand that each business is unique, which is why my website serves a diverse range of industries and sectors.
Take a look Today!
Don't let your asset management challenges hold you back any longer. Have a read today and unlock the power of asset management with CMMS Success. 
Remember, knowledge is power, and by investing in your asset management skills, you're investing in the future success of your business.
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Discover the Key to Effective Maintenance Strategies with CMMS Success.
Unlock the Power of a quality Maintenance Strategies today!
Are you struggling to optimize your maintenance operations? Do you find it challenging to manage your assets effectively? Look no further! CMMS Success is here to provide you with the ultimate solution.
Why CMMS Success?
At CMMS Success, I understand the importance of a well-defined maintenance strategy. My website offers a comprehensive range of resources, including informative pages and insightful blog articles, to help you overcome your maintenance hurdles.
What Sets the CMMS Success Website Apart?
My asset management software-oriented website is benefited by my 31 years of experience in this area.  I’ve carefully designed my website to cater to the needs of maintenance and engineering professionals, just like you. Whether you're a maintenance manager, maintenance supervisor, maintenance engineer or asset reliability coordinator, CMMS Success has the tools and knowledge to assist you in achieving the level of success you deserve.
The Top 5 Benefits of Exploring My Maintenance Strategy Page
Uncover Effective Maintenance Techniques: My maintenance strategy page delves into proven techniques that will help you optimize your operations. Discover the latest industry trends and best practices to enhance your maintenance efficiency.
Resolve Lingering Questions: If you've been struggling to find answers to your maintenance-related questions, my website is the perfect resource. We provide expert insights and practical solutions to address your most pressing concerns.
Boost Asset Performance: Learn how to maximize the lifespan and performance of your assets through effective maintenance strategies. My page offers valuable tips and guidance to help you achieve long-term asset reliability.
Streamline Workflows: Simplify your maintenance processes and streamline workflows with the help of my asset management software recommendations. Discover cutting-edge tools that can revolutionize your maintenance operations.
Stay Ahead of the Curve: With my constantly updated website pages and blog articles, you'll always be at the forefront of industry knowledge. Keep up with the latest trends, technologies, and strategies to stay ahead of your competitors.
Take a look Today!
Don't let your maintenance challenges hold you back any longer. Visit my maintenance strategy page at www.cmmssuccess.com/maintenance-strategy and unlock the potential for success. Start implementing effective maintenance strategies and witness the transformation in your operations.
Be the first one on your street to benefit from CMMS Success and take the first step towards optimizing your maintenance department today.
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Asset Management Software: Implementation and Training.
Discover the game-changing benefits of CMMS training and implementation in our comprehensive guide. https://www.cmmssuccess.com/cmms-training-and-implementation/
Whether you're a business owner, facility manager, or maintenance professional, now is the time to transform your operations and optimize asset performance.  You can contact me by phone, email, or through the website; the choice is yours.
So, are you tired of dealing with asset management software training issues and constantly searching for answers to seemingly insurmountable questions? Look no further; my CMMS training and implementation materials will give you the answers you're looking for. 
I have a wealth of knowledge that will benefit you from my 31 years of experience in asset management and CMMS.  The good news for internet users is that I've made it freely available on my website.
Having your users full trained and skilled is a must if your business goals include:
Streamline your maintenance processes
Optimize asset performance
Increase equipment uptime
Reduce maintenance costs
Improve overall productivity
My expertly crafted content explains everything you need to know about successfully implementing your CMMS. I can help you with everything from choosing the right software to implementing it and/or training your team.
I can assist you in unlocking the hidden power of your CMMS.  Imagine having a well-built CMMS that allows you to easily track and manage all of your assets. With a quality CMMS implementation, you can say goodbye to manual spreadsheets, missed maintenance tasks, and the constant fear of equipment failure. 
My website content delves into the step-by-step process of CMMS implementation, providing you with useful insights and practical tips to ensure a smooth transition. From defining your goals to data migration and system integration, I’ll walk you through each step, allowing you to make informed decisions along the way.
You need Quality CMMS Training for Optimal Results.
Installing and Implementing a CMMS is only half the battle. To fully realize its potential, ensure that your team is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge. My training content delves deeply into the world of CMMS training, providing guidance on:
Creating a training plan tailored to your organization
Training your staff on CMMS functionalities
Developing maintenance best practices
Monitoring and evaluating training effectiveness
By investing in comprehensive CMMS training, you empower your team to utilize the software to its fullest potential, driving efficiency and productivity throughout your organization. 
Here is the link – find out for yourself today:
Don't pass up this opportunity to improve your operations, lower costs, and increase your bottom line. Provide your team with the knowledge and tools it needs to succeed in today's competitive environment.
Remember that effective asset management is critical to long-term success. Begin your journey towards increased efficiency and profitability today!
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Discover the Power of Asset Management with CMMS Success.
Isn’t it time you unlocked the full potential of your company?
Are you ready to take control of your assets and maximize your financial success? Look no further than CMMS Success, the ultimate resource for asset management systems solutions.
Whether you're a business owner, a facility manager, or simply someone looking to optimize your personal assets, our website is your one-stop destination for all things asset management and CMMS.
Why Read the CMMS Success Website?
At CMMS Success, I’ve been working in this space for over 30 years and I understand the challenges you face when it comes to managing your assets effectively.
That's why I’ve created a comprehensive collection of Website Pages and Blog Articles that are tailored to provide you with the answers you've been searching for.
By reading my website content, you'll gain access to valuable insights and strategies that should hopefully help you in multiple areas:
Optimize your asset utilization.
Reduce downtime and improve productivity.
Minimize maintenance costs and losses.
Extend the lifespan of your assets.
Streamline your asset tracking and management processes.
Whether you're looking for tips on preventive maintenance, ideas on selecting the right asset management software, or some friendly advice on implementing effective asset tracking systems, CMMS Success has got you covered.
Discover the Power of Effective Asset Management.
The Asset Management Systems content on the CMMS Success Website is designed to solve most of the Asset Management Systems questions that have been keeping you up at night.
I delve into the intricacies of asset management and related systems & processes.  I provide you with practical solutions and expert advice that you may have been struggling to find elsewhere.
With the CMMS Success website, you'll discover very very useful information on:
Effectively track and manage your assets
Implement preventive maintenance strategies
Optimize asset performance and reliability
Reduce equipment downtime and repair costs
Make informed decisions based on real-time data
My content is not just informative; it's high quality and potentially actionable.
I provide plenty of quality asset management information to help you apply best practices in your business.
Take the First Step Towards Financial Success Today.
Are you now ready to unlock the full potential of your assets?
Visit CMMS Success today and explore my wealth of asset management systems resources.
Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, my content is tailored to meet at least most of your needs and help you achieve your asset management goals.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your asset management strategies. So please join me to start your journey towards CMMS Success via this link.
Here’s a taste of what you can expect to find:
The Asset Management Process.
Maintenance Software.
CMMS Training and Implementation.
Fiix Software for Truck Owner/Operators.
Permit To Work Software.
Spreadsheet Solutions.
Maintenance Strategy.
Maintenance Manual.
Planning & Scheduling.
Truck Maintenance Management.
Highway Truck Asset Management Plan.
The Hidden Costs of Tyre Maintenance.
The Blog – Better CMMS Tips and Tricks.
Maintenance Analysis Dashboards.
Quality Master Data Management.
Computers Powering Australia.
Computerized Maintenance Management Systems.
Will AI Make Asset Management Better?
Planning Maintenance Using SAP.
Get the most out of your Assets.
Your boss needs solutions not problems.
Asset Management Training for Planners.
Cyber Security for CMMS development companies.
Insurance for software development companies.
Generic Equipment Servicing Information.
Ensuring CMMS quality Work Orders.
List of SAP r3 Transactions.
Thinking about planning a Shutdown?
Establish Change Management Systems.
Reliability & Maintenance Strategies.
Maintenance Systems Audit part 1.
Maintenance Systems Audit Part 2.
Maintenance Systems Audit Part 3a.
Maintenance Systems Audit Part 3b.
Maintenance Systems Audit Part 4.
Early detection & Correction of asset defects.
Reflect software for shire councils.
30 Years of MDG15 – NSW Mining Industry.
Improving Your CMMS Using the Broken Window Theory.
Analysing Maintenance Performance.
Execute & Complete Maintenance Work.
Remember, your assets are the key to your business success.
Invest in them wisely with your time, resources and money to watch your company’s future flourish!
I first published this article on LinkedIn 12/02/24.
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Can the Broken Windows Theory be applied to your CMMS?
The "Broken Windows Theory" is a well-known approach to preventing criminal behaviour. It implies that our behaviour can and will be influenced by the environment in which we live or work. If we choose to ignore or tolerate a minor issue, it can eventually become something we can live with, and similar situations will hardly bother us.
We'll become aware of a few more minor issues down the road, and whilst we might notice them at first, if we choose to ignore or put up with them, we end up training our brains to become more and more tolerant of increasing amounts of crappy stuff going on around us.
Unfortunately, we frequently find ourselves growing very tolerant of numerous significant issues that exist all around us. We just end up writing it all off mentally, saying, "Well folks, that's just the way it is". Everything may appear to be in order to us, but how might things appear to someone on the outside? When it comes to our workplace, we may not always be aware of how poorly we are actually performing, until we have a visitor (sometimes this might be an auditor) from a very different industry or background than our own.   Our eyes are then wide open and it’s all a bit of a shock.
When someone from outside our company says our workplace is a disaster, we often take it personally. However, we shouldn't feel this way; perhaps this is a good thing and an opportunity for us to reclaim control of our environment and eliminate the things that are dragging us down.
If minor issues are not allowed to fester for any longer than necessary and everything around us is kept neat and orderly, people will begin to feel a strong sense of pride in their surroundings. This encourages people to feel a sense of ownership over their personal domain, whether it is their home or workplace.
What are your thoughts?
To watch my YouTube Video on this subject, https://youtu.be/8IOWBXdnSUc
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It can be challenging to prevent your assets from developing defects due to wear and tear, contamination, vibration, lubrication problems, corrosion, erosion, or age.
However, there are steps you can take to:
1.       Lessen the likelihood that defects will occur
2.       Reduce and even eliminate any possible consequences
3.       Quickly spot instances of out-of-spec operation & then implement the necessary corrective action(s).
Naturally, the aim is to maximise productivity, lessen the negative effects these circumstances will have on your business, and avoid unnecessary costs from affecting your bottom line.
Spend the time and money on training your staff in defect detection to:
1.       Raise awareness & help them understand the importance of early defect detection,
2.       Teach them all the various ways defects can be detected &
3.       Teach them how to properly initiate the correction of any discovered defects.
One of the most crucial things you could ever do is to train all of your employees on what to look out for when they are walking around your company.   Start by explaining to your staff what a defect might feel, sound, look, or smell like.
Knowing when something is defective, out of tolerance, or not performing to specification and what the appropriate response is to detecting such defects is critical to ensuring safety and business success, whether people are operating, monitoring, or simply walking past equipment.
To watch my latest video on this topic, https://youtu.be/Idk9kERGb-8
To read my recent Blog Article on this topic, https://www.cmmssuccess.com/early-detection-of-asset-defects/
Either way, I hope you are able to take something away from this info
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For my mind, Reflect software is like one of those amazing optical illusions in which something appears small from the outside but is actually enormous on the inside.
If you work for a shire council, road construction/maintenance company, small quarry, earth-moving or civil contracting company, or any company that maintains Footpaths, Walking Tracks, Cycle-ways, Golf Courses, Parks, Nature Reserves, Tree Plantations, Graffiti, Vandalism, Noxious Weed control, Storm Water Systems, Water recycling, Sewerage Systems, Rural Airports, Car Park Structures, Rest Areas, Caravan Parks, Boat Ramps, Sporting Facilities, then Reflect software might be for you.
Reflect software is widely regarded in asset inspection and maintenance for roads and highways management and its growing popularity in Australia is certainly impressive.
Reflect can be used to plan, record, and analyse maintenance activities for any type of asset and it is simple to use and loaded with features.
To watch my latest video about Reflect Software, visit: https://youtu.be/ci71x48NmGg
If you would like to read my review article on Reflect Software, here’s the link: https://www.cmmssuccess.com/reflect-software-for-shire-councils/
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The Australian state of NSW has approximately 40 active coal mines, and the central West of NSW has mines that produce molybdenum, tungsten, copper, gold, niobium, and phosphate. You may be surprised to learn that NSW is Australia's second largest gold producing state.
In all mines in New South Wales, mobile and transportable equipment must be designed, manufactured, and used in accordance with Mine Design Guideline 15 (MDG15).
Mine Design Guidelines established an industry standard for engineering requirements and equipment that was suitable for the coal mining sector in NSW.
MDG15 is a great illustration of how business and government can work together to accomplish a common objective.
MDG15 has had some incredibly worthwhile goals since its inception, and we celebrated its 30th anniversary in NSW last year, in 2022. These objectives centre on reducing, and ideally eliminating, previously intolerably high rates of accidents involving individuals using and maintaining mobile equipment, mobile equipment fires, and unplanned movements of mobile equipment.
As part of the process by which regulators are updating and revising MDGs, Mine Design Guidelines (MDG) will gradually be phased out in favour of Technical Reference Guides (TRG).
To learn more, you can watch one of my latest you tube videos: https://youtu.be/1F-aUhzJQQY
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An effective production plan defines all performance targets, process inputs, processing configurations/setups, output/customer requirements, and serves as the foundation for any schedules that your organisation may have.
Material deliveries, maintenance strategies, resource leveling, and overhead inventory holdings should all be tailored to ensure that the prescribed production steps and any process/asset management related dependencies are protected.
A well-designed production plan enables businesses to deliver products on time, in full, to specification, through quality processes, and at a lower cost.
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Be methodical in your CMMS selection, do a lot of research, and steer clear of wasting your time and money on software that isn't exactly what you need. In most cases, it is preferable to spend a little more money on a high-quality product that will fulfill your requirements with little to no customization. Plan the execution of your software implementation project carefully and effectively. Make sure that the right people are doing the right things at the right times. In a nutshell, you must first develop a well-thought-out plan and then stick to it like glue if you want to successfully implement a new or vastly upgraded CMMS; otherwise, your costs will soar, your user engagement will suffer, and you won't achieve your objectives.
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Complete Maintenance Work.
How to Complete Maintenance Work Effectively.
The goal of meticulously planning and scheduling maintenance work orders is for the execution team to successfully complete all scheduled work on time, in full, according to specification, within budget constraints, and without causing harm to anyone or the environment.
The approved work on the schedule will be completed on time due to the use of skilled maintainers working in fully prepared work environments while being fed their work through fully planned and scheduled environments.
The act of doing or carrying out the work is just as important as any achievements or advancements. All work done, observations, inspection results, and any disruptions must be accurately documented.
The schedule must include any established safety and environmental objectives, minimum quality standards, and any other statutory, regulatory, or legal requirements.
If you would like to learn more on this subject and more, then explore: https://www.cmmssuccess.com/maintenance-systems-audit-part-3b/
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Effective execution of scheduled shutdown maintenance work
A significant portion of maintenance budgets are used to work on assets during shutdowns/outages/turnaround events.
Shutdowns are required to complete project or maintenance tasks that cannot be completed while the plant is "on."
If these events are not carefully planned and scheduled, they can be ineffective and have a significant negative impact on your company's production capacity and cash flow.
In the same vein, if these events are not effectively managed by the execution team, the planned value of completing all planned and scheduled work within a specified timeframe is lost.
The cost of maintenance work during these outage events is typically insignificant in comparison to the loss of production from the start to the end of the shutdown events.
If extra help is needed, maintenance departments should hire/engage it ASAP because it almost always pays off.  
There is surely no valid reason for postponing the planned start-up of your plant because the company is unwilling or reluctant to engage external contract companies.
Maintenance budgets should always include funds for the preparation of every shutdown you plant to do as prior preparation is everything and the key to success. (Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pretty Poor Performance).
To learn more, you can read my article on this subject: https://www.cmmssuccess.com/maintenance-systems-audit-part-3a/
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