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mintjeru · 5 months
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hop'n step'n may i have this dance / this is the world's end. shall we do the "one-two"?
open for better quality | no reposts
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coriphallus · 9 months
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hollowtones · 1 year
well CAN YOU post the gay sex image??? It was the funniest joke I ever saw watching a stream but I don’t have it saved
My computer is on the other side of the continent and I do not have it on my phone.
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giovannadeltoro · 9 months
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stills from the tv anime adaptation of from eroica with love, produced by toei, which began airing in 1988, after the end of the emperor waltz arc.
commissions / ig
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nonuel · 1 month
mass effect fandom typically has no problem disregarding or rewriting portions of canon, but one thing i have almost never seen touched is the friendship between garrus and shepard. so here is a poll because i am genuinely curious. i tried to be as expansive as poll limitations allowed, but since we are already throwing out canon i recognize there are a lot of variances that haven't been included. because of that, i would particularly like it if people elaborated about their non-romantic relationship with garrus in the tags, comments, or reblogs - especially if you are someone who has voted for any of the non-friend options. thanks for your time!
this post is not meant to be garrus critical. garrus enjoyers are welcome to participate in the poll, i only ask that you are respectful toward other people who may not have him as their favorite, or who may just simply roleplay a shepard that does not have him as their (best) friend for whatever reason.
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haoeu · 2 months
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Working on a silly little fnaf mv based off a vocaloid song. Some of my favorite assets
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muffin-snakes-art · 1 year
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kosaciec · 11 months
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That one macarena verse was stuck in my head when i was painting this
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slybluehologhost · 4 months
DRAMAtical Murder > Sounds & Videos [JAST USA Release, 2021]
If it wasn't already obvious, I'm a pretty big fan of DMMd's music, as well as video game music in general. This section originally started out as containing strictly music files, but in order to differentiate this post from my -shape.memory.music- one, I decided to include all videos & sound effects from the game along with it. There's also a very small sampling of voice lines in here, since there was no way to feasibly host 47 whole folders worth of character dialogue, haha.
Package details & links are under the cut (along with a brief video description), or you can click here for a static page.
Sounds & Videos — [ L I N K ] > MUSIC — Includes background music [29 MP3s], short & full versions of OP & ED songs [18 MP3s], "feel your noise" 8-bit ending [MP3 file], opening movie [.WMV file], & "AI CATCH" 8-bit ringtone [.M4R file] > SOUND EFFECTS — Includes 542 sound effects [.OGG files] organized by category > VIDEOS — Includes animated backgrounds & CGs [12 .WMV files], effects [16 .WMV files], Silent Oath gameplay [19 .WMV files], Rhyme transition [14 .WMV files], Scrap transition [21 .WMV files], & title screen [.WMV file] > SELECT VOICE LINES — Includes a handful of voice lines that I enjoy [.OGG files]... sorry in advance if your fave isn't represented here, but please don't request more 🙇 > These files contain spoilers for all routes — proceed with caution if you have not yet 100% completed the game
Looking for even more DMMd assets? > [ L I N K ]
[Video Description: An introductory animation of Noiz's Rhyme field being generated following Aoba's initial ganking during the common route. Pixelized bunnies & cubes pop into place as the field is digitally constructed, with various whimsical noises playing as each asset appears.]
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clericofshadows · 11 months
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“He got most of his unit killed on Torfan.”
“He gets the job done, no matter what the cost.”
“Is that the kind of person we want protecting the galaxy?”
“That’s the only kind of person who can protect the galaxy.”
Rendered in Blender Cycles v3.3
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attackoneyebrows · 1 year
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i cannot watch you die.
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bmpmp3 · 1 month
thank god for indie devs making like tiny little maximum 10 megabyte freeware games on itchio keeping the art of filesize optimization alive. ASSET REUSE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#im watching a video about wario land music -> 'the bizarre music and sound design of wario land 4' by geno7#good video so far! i like this guys stuff. he talked a bit about how they did some of the sound effects for warios voice#a very like. chopped and remixed sample style of doing his vocal lines. which is very cool 1) because it saves a bit of#precious space on that gba cartridge BUT ALSO 2) it just sounds cool and interesting stylistically#and man sometimes trying to keep a file size down really does give way for some really interesting stuff#on my own personal interests in games i ADORE rpg makers rtp and how people can find creative uses for it#i love that a bunch of games can draw from the same asset pool as one install on ur computer#no bloating your hardrive with a bunch of copies of the same assets - its just already here!#and from a developers perspective i love when they reuse old assets from other games in new weird ways#some small visual novel companies will reuse backgrounds and other assets#altho i dont mind a bit of bloat with VNs since a big draw can be the big pretty images and big pretty sounds#but its still cool when people find ways to get creative with space saving. and from a players perspective its also nice#space is cheap nowadays. but its not Free. we can swallow terabytes whole with micro sds and everything#but a lot of players dont get the chance or ability to upgrade their internal memory that often. so i think being considerate of filesize i#very important. and thats not even getting into the download bandwidth limits - a lot of people all across north america can only get like#internet from 1 provider and that 1 provider often likes to upcharge and limit shit because they can#we might live in a future where a lot of powerful technology exists. but access to that tech is another story#so remember the filesize. remember the filesize.#dies in your arms
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jitterbugbear · 2 years
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the witch IS the cauldron!! indestructible! 🦇
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hellt00th · 9 months
HEY Here’s something I haven’t seen much about. Shepard, quietly sitting at an unconscious Grunt’s side in the medbay, hot tears of anger and self loathing silently falling down their cheek at picking the fucking rachni queen over her/his son and his company, just so they can win this stupid fucking war.
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loppiopio · 2 months
psychic damage.
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helljunker · 7 months
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but a secret third thing
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