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EXO Masterlist
Symbols: [ smut - ✧]
[ romance - ♡ ]
[ fluff - ✿ ]
[ angst - ø ]
1.) Xiumin / Kim Minseok
2.) Suho / Kim Junmyeon
The Kims (Part 3) — ✧ ownership!Junmyeon
Another Jun — ✿ ♡ dad!Junmyeon
3.) Lay / Zhang Yixing
Dirty Little Secret — ✧ married!Yixing
4.) Baekhyun / Byun Baekhyun
A Dream Too  — ø ♡ exboyfriend!Baekhyun
5.) Chanyeol / Park Chanyeol
Roommates — ✧  ✿ ♡ roommate!Chanyeol
6.) D.O / Do Kyungsoo
Brother — ✧ ✿ onenightstand!Kyungsoo
7.) Kai / Kim Jongin
8.) Sehun / Oh Sehun
Dream Boy — ✧ ø ♡ yandere!Sehun
I’m a Baby Too — ✧ ✿ husband!Sehun
Multiple Members:
The Kims (Part 2) — ✧ Minseok & Jongin
(Note: Chen / Kim Jongdae will not have entries since the writer chooses to respect his relationship with his wife)
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My favorite kind of Adultier Adults™ are those who actively try, like really really try, to understand millennial and GenZ humor but just can’t q u i t e get it, and turn it into something 10x funnier 
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top 5 love languages but not the traditional ones, make up ones <3
cooking for someone
being stupid together
sitting on a couch covered in blankets watching a movie
reading a book solely bc the other person loves it
developing a shorthand w someone that literally no one else understands
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Guilty | Chanyeol
Tumblr media
◇ Link to Masterlist
◇ Genre: Angst
◇ Warnings: Contains themes of adultery and cheating (obviously these things are UNACCEPTABLE; this fic is not meant to promote them)
◇ Summary: Two strangers. Two different marriages on the verge of disrepair. A sudden, illicit romance that never meant to break any hearts; but did.
◇ Word Count: 7.6k
◇ A/N: Based on the Bollywood film ‘Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna’.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Warning- sex, adult talk
You’re sitting in a dimly lit bar on one of the chairs waiting for your boyfriend who you haven’t met since 3 months now because he’s busy being an idol doing concerts and shows all over Asia. You’ve moved to Los Angeles for university and that’s also one of the reasons you’ve not been able to meet him much. You keep looking at the entrance every time there is movement, this is how excited and nervous you are. You order a third margarita while waiting for your man. You were so excited that you came an hour early than the time you decided to meet.
There’s a sound at the entrance and you look back only to see this tall, handsome guy wearing black pants and salmon pink shirt walking towards you. It’s LOEY, your boyfriend from school. you can see he’s got this fresh short hair cut and honestly you love him this way. You can’t believe you still get butterflies even after three years of dating. He comes closer and greets you in his deep baritone voice “Hi babe, you look beautiful” you come back to your senses and reply “thanks baby, you look handsome yourself”. He sits right next to you and orders “one whiskey on the rocks”. You ask him sipping your margarita “So what made you come to Los Angeles? you don’t even have time to face time me at least once a day these days”. He smirks knowing that you’re low-key angry and in no mood to forget that he has been way too busy lately “babe i’m sorry for that but now i’m here. all yours for a week”.
Y/N - “So you telling me that you’ve come this far only to meet me and have no work schedule lined up here”
Loey -“Exactly, all yours”
You jumped in excitement and hugged him tight parting with a kiss on his cheeks only to realise that you’ve spilled the margarita all over your dress.
Y/N - “Fck, what the hell”
Loey - "sorry babe, but i kinda like you a bit wet”
Y/N - “you’re choosing the wrong time to mess with me loey” but you can’t deny that these words coming from his mouth did make you want him more.
Loey- “why don’t you change out of this. let’s go to my room, it’s gonna be really. uncomfortable”
Y/N - “Yeah i think i should”
you and chanyeol leave the bar and take the elevator to his suite. His suite was on the 30th floor and the view was breathtaking. Chanyeol went ahead and asked you to open a package that he got for you.
Loey- “You should try this, i anyway wanted to give you this later at night”
You opened the pretty pink box and find a black lace lingerie set inside it. Loey could sense that you’re blushing so he said “it’s okay if you don’t wanna wear it. I Got other clothes as well for you. you know how i love to get things for you babe”.
Y/N -“No no, i any wanted to wear something comfortable now. I’ll wash up and come back. meanwhile could you please order drinks” Loey chuckles and picks up the phone to order a Chateau Montelena which is your favorite wine and your man knows it.
Meanwhile, you change into the lingerie and could definitely agree that it really made you feel sexy. Now all you wanted was for Chanyeol to see you in this and unwrap all of this.
Loey- “babe are you done, the wine and food is here” he chuckles and says “Do you need help?”
Y/N - “I’m done. coming right up”
You enter the living area of the suite, you could see chanyeol holding two wine glasses and waiting for you. As soon as he places his eyes on you he comes rushing towards you and start kissing you. The margarita might be hitting you at this point as you embrace him and start kissing him back. Your tongues struggling inside each others mouth. You didn’t realize you wanted him this bad. You start unbuttoning his shirt. However, Chanyeol stops your hand and places the wine glass in your hand.
Loey- “Not this soon babe. Let’s enjoy this slowly”
Y/N - “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me loey, i want you bad”
Loey - “i know, i know. I can’t tell you how bad i wanted to rip that black dress of yours when we were drinking in the bar but wait babe.”
You and chanyeol sit on the bed sipping wine while you rest your head on his shoulders, you’ve missed this sense of comfort so bad. Chanyeol plays with your hair and gives you forehead kisses almost every minute. you can sense he was longing for you as much as you did. After 1 bottle down you could feel chanyeol was ready to fuck you so bad. He started unwrapping the robe slowly and started kissing you deeply.
Loey - “you look so sexy tonight y/n. look at you. i want to rip this apart”
Y/N - “ what’s stopping you? I want you inside so bad Yeol. You make me feel so high”
You can see Loey smirk as he keep kissing you and moved his fingers towards your pussy “I can feel you’re wet babe, but let’s make it slow”
Y/N - “no, you need to be inside me right now”
Loey - “Trust me babe, it’ll be worth it”
You and Chanyeol keep kissing each other, you’ve missed him inside your mouth so bad. You unbutton his shirt and could feel his abs. He cups your breasts and start massaging them, he now opens the bra hooks and start sucking in your hard nipples. This sensation makes you feel so dizzy and you roll your eyes. He gives a bite on the right breast and you moan so hard. You quickly unbutton the rest of his shirt and he throws the shirt on the floor. You hold his hair and move his face closer to you. You went in for a deep and rough kiss this time. Meanwhile chanyeol had one of his fingers inside you. You could feel his long and sexy middle finger curling up. He knows how to give you pleasure. You take deep moans and he goes back to sucking your very hard nipples. You can’t believe you’re experiencing so many things at the same time.
Seeing you moan. Loey in his baritone says “Are you read for two?”
Y/N- “yeah i’m so ready, wreck me hard babe. I’m all yours”
Loey - “You’re gonna love this” The moment he places his second finger inside you, you knew you were gonna be a moaning mess. Chanyeol kept making the fingers move inside you and could sense that you were about to come. He slowly takes his fingers out.
Loey- “how does it feel baby”
with your parched lips wanting more, you answer “never felt his good, i want more. why did you stop i was about to come.”
Loey - “I know, don’t worry i’ve a lot in store for you”
Loey takes off your lace underwear and throws it on the floor, you unzip his pants only to find him so damn hard. You chuckle on seeing it. You take the bad boy in your hands and start sucking it hard. up and down, up and down. Chanyeol moans “yes babe, go hard, suck it tighter”. You place him under you and start taking the bad boy on an adventure. As you move your eyes up you could see chanyeol reaching out for you and you come up, He kisses you hard, once again tongues swirling in each others mouth, you two hug each other as if two bodies and one soul. He places you under him and starts placing kisses all over your face, moves towards neck, further down on your belly, your p***y, your inner thighs, you can’t resist the moans as you feel his lips all over your body.
Loey- “Are you ready baby girl ?”
You could only nod. He opens your legs wide and starts placing himself inside you. slowly he was inside. He kept thrusting and you curled your back and closed your eyes to feel him deep inside you. Chanyeol was also at his peak and was a moaning mess himself. Atlast you came first and soon thereafter chanyeol. He was sweating all over and slowly crawled beside you on the bed, kissed you on the forehead and gave a smile.
Yeol - “thank you for loving me, I love you ”
Y/N - “I love you too” “Also now that you’re here for a week can we do this everyday?”
Yeol - “Duh, do you want to go for a round two?”
Guys this is my first fanfic. Please let me know if you like it. I’ll look forward to it.
Tumblr media
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