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[ENG Translation] Wisdom Thinks District Story #2: Assessing the New Menu
Tumblr media
this sent me into a deep dive of culinary terms, i hope my culinary jargon is okay WJHDFJH
anyways, Them
(translations under cut)
Soun: You're still here? I thought you were finished with preparations.
Koki: …
Soun: What are you making? It looks like stew.
Koki: …I found a place where there's plenty of good game. This sample was made with the meat I caught there.
Koki: Eat up.
Soun: Oh, thank you.
Soun: …This is …What kind of meat is this?
Koki: Badger.
Soun: …There's a particular scent that may be unique to badger meat. Though it seems there's more to it than that, no?
Koki: I simmered it in sake.
Koki: I tend to put wine stew on the menu 'cause most of the customers drink wine, but…
Koki: Depending on the kind of meat, I think it's better to use local brews based on where the meat's from.
Soun: …Interesting. It would also be a good way to appeal to customers who prefer sake. Not only does it have a palatable enough flavor, it has an understandable selling point as well.
Koki: The problem with wild game is that you can't catch 'em all year round. But that's how hunting season's like.
Soun: I see. If that's the case, why don't we adjust our plans¹ and offer seasonal dishes based on the game that's available?
Soun: It would be good if we could procure a steady supply of local liquors, too…
Koki: …
Soun: Speaking of which, this sake stew… It feels as though the richness is different than usual.
Koki: …
Soun: There's a slightly cured taste to it. Did you do anything different to prepare it?
Koki: …Heh.
Koki: I usually use fresh game, but this time I aged it a little. Guess that freshly killed isn't the only way to bring out the flavor.
Soun: Indeed so.
Koki: …Your tongue isn't broken.
Soun: Ah, so it seems you were testing me.
Koki: …
Soun: Well, no matter. It's good to hear that my taste buds haven't grown dull. I look forward to serving this dish in the lounge.
Soun: I'm sure our customers will also be pleased. Keep up the good work.
Koki: …Right.
¹ the phrasing here is 日程をずらしながら which is like "while shifting the schedule," which i'm interpreting as "centering the menu around hunting season" or something along those lines. i hope the translation makes sense whghg
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Hello! May ask if you can translate Hayate and Koki conversations, please??? Thank you for your translations!!
hi anon, thank you for enjoying my translations!!
sure, i'd love to! i was actually planning on translating some of their stories after i get through my backlog, but i've just been busy TwT hopefully i'll get to them soon though, so stay tuned! o/
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[ENG Translation] Wisdom Thinks District Story #1: The Excitable Youngest¹
Tumblr media
i care them 🥺
(translations under cut)
Soun: Tomorrow's appointments… are fully booked, hm? There's quite a bit of overlap in assignments, so I'll adjust the schedule --
Hayate: Soun~! I'm all done cleaning the floor~!
Soun: Very good, thank you.
Hayate: What'cha doing? Oh, checking tomorrow's appointments? So tomorrow~ Those three regulars are gonna be here~!
Soun: Is that so?
Hayate: They contacted me earlier. They said something good happened at work, so they'd be happy to celebrate with us~
Hayate: We were talking 'bout having a nice bottle of wine. Tomorrow's gonna be lots of fun~!
Soun: …
Soun: …It looks like you've had one too many drinks tonight.
Hayate: Heehee, you think so?
Soun: Yes. You're more troublesome when you've drunk too much.
Hayate: Aw, isn't "troublesome" mean?!
Soun: The undeniable truth is what it is.
Hayate: Okay, but like, I can't refuse if they're all like "Hayate-kun, let's make a toast!", now can I?
Soun: Indeed not, but… You tend to misjudge your limits from time to time.
Soun: You wouldn't conduct yourself in this manner in front of our clientele, would you?
Hayate: Don't worry 'bout a thing! I'm a total professional through and through.
Soun: So you say, though… You'll be drinking more wine tomorrow with your customers, no?
Hayate: Ahahaha! Soun, you gotta stop worrying so much, it'll be A-OK!
Hayate: I barely get hangovers, y'know?
Soun: …It's not the hangovers I'm worried about. All I'm saying is don't overdo it.
Soun: Let's think back on tonight. Were these customers likely to drink in excess? If I remember correctly, I believe they were not.
Hayate: It's just that as the talking goes on, so does the drinking. For sure, that might've been why I ended up drinking too much…
Soun: …I see. I suppose that goes to show how much our customers enjoy talking to you.
Hayate: Talking with them's a lot of fun, and them having fun makes me happy~
Hayate: If it means helping out Wisdom, then I'm even happier -- and you are too! Everyone wins!²
Soun: …You really are drunk, after all. You're running your mouth more than usual.
Soun: However, it's good to know that you care enough to keep the lounge in mind.³
Hayate: I'm care-care-caring~!
Soun: Yes, yes… Moreover, Hayate.
Hayate: Yeah?
Soun: I'm sure you'll be fine, but if you find yourself feeling unwell tomorrow, go get one of those lattes you enjoy before coming to work.
Soun: Caffeine is effective against hangovers.
Hayate: Ahaha, aren't you sweet! Well, I'll see you tomorrow, Soun!
Soun: Mhm.
¹ the original title is お調子者の最年少, with お調子者 meaning "person who gets carried away easily." i won't lie, the title was the hardest thing for me to translate here and i'm still a little iffy on it wgKJKJGH 😭 but i did my best to make it work
² the original line is [...] つまり最高ってことだね, which is literally like "that's why it's the best" but i feel like that sounds awkward in english, so i tried to phrase it in a way that conveys a similar meaning
³ the particular word used here is 想ってる (想う) which can mean "to think," though it has a more heartfelt connotation, so i tried to corporate that nuance as best as i could
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trying to get into ema with a translation doc, some public video links, and a flowchart, and giving yourself a headache in the process??
fear not...... i've coded something that should preserve the intended story order. it's all in web browser so you need to be online but it SHOULD(*) work on your phone too
(*) unless i've messed up, which i may have
note: there may be bugs, particularly on safari where i've been unable to test. please use a different and updated browser if you can
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[ENG Translation] Soun Character Story #20: Bartering
Tumblr media
(translations under cut)
Jo: Yessir, it's here: the kaisendon¹.
Soun: The lounge will be opening soon so let's make this quick.
Jo: Whoa, hey! It's loaded with tuna, shrimp, octopus, tai², and even ikura³.
Jo: …What's wrong? Aren't you going to eat?
Soun: No, I will. It's just that…
Jo: …Ah. Come to think of it, didn't you say you don't like ikura?
Jo: Who would've thought that "Soun-sama" of all people has weak points? The ladies would be surprised to hear that about you.
Soun: Stop joking around. I should've double checked the ingredients before ordering…
Jo: Don't worry about it. I'll eat it, so give it here.
Jo: In return, you can take whatever you like. Let's trade, yeah?
Soun: Are you sure? …In that case, I'll take the octopus.
Jo: It'd be a waste to leave the ikura uneaten. Right then, here you go.
Jo: And I'll be taking this, thank you.
Jo: …Oh, now that's good!
Jo: It doesn't beat the fish Koki prepares, but it's not bad to have delivery every once in a while, eh?
Soun: Very true. The fact that they can deliver fresh food in such a short amount of time is much appreciated, too.
Jo: Mhm. After a great meal like that, today's sure to be another day of serving only the best to the ladies.
Soun: All right. Let's prepare for opening at once.
¹ kaisen donburi, or seafood rice bowl
² sea bream
³ salted salmon roe
i'm allergic to seafood 😔 so i'm not familiar with the vernacular KJFSDJK, but i kept "tai" and "ikura" as is since people seem to use those often enough
⁴ in general, i embellished a lot of jo's lines to better convey his playful (impish, i might even say) demeanor in english. fwiw i keep evolt in mind when i'm writing him LMAO
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[ENG Translation] Soun Character Story #8: Uneasy Relations
Tumblr media
i was trying to get a sense of slam days' character voices with this, so my apologies if they feel ooc ;w; anyhow, i feel like this introduces an interesting dynamic haha, enjoy! ^-^
(translations under cut)
Soun: (It's getting late. I left the clean up to the others, so I should get back soon.)
Lance: Hey, Soun, it's not often you're around here. Finishing up work?
Soun: Yes, I just saw a customer off. And you…?
Lance: I just had dinner.
Lance: A new restaurant opened up, so we went to check it out. It was great, you should try it out some time.
Lance: They even had some traditional dishes you don't typically see. Just looking at the menu was fascinating.
Rui: …You say that, but all you did was order pizza.
Lance: That's because I didn't think there was much variety. Besides, weren't you going on about how good it was while eating?
Soun: You two are getting along as usual, I see.
Rui: …
Soun: I don't seem to see the other one with you?
Lance: Oh, Shizuru said he had something to do… Isn't that right?
Rui: …
Rui: …I guess so.
Rui: Let's go, Lance.
Lance: Ah, hold on, Leader!
Lance: Sorry, Soun, excuse us.
Soun: Good grief… I suppose he doesn't like me much either.¹
¹ EDIT (6/13/24) i believe this refers to rui. someone was kind enough to point out that rui isn't good with socializing, so soun's most likely commenting on that fact. though i wonder if they do have some history together :thonking:
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[ENG Translation] Soun Character Story #1: Favorite Food
Tumblr media
a nice look at Fruit Connoisseur™ soun and how much he cares about his work 🥺
(translations under cut)
Koki: …This’s no good.
Soun: Koki, I’m leaving. If you’re going to be staying, make sure to lock up.
Koki: …Dammit, it's not like me to waste time being picky. I even stocked up on a bunch of fresh ones.
Soun: All of this fruit… Are you using them as test pieces for the fruit fair?
Koki: That’s right. C’mere, pick the main ingredient. You’re always yapping about fruit, anyways.
Soun: Certainly, it’s hard to pair them when you have so many delicious looking ones lined up.
Soun: Apples, peaches, melons, grapes, oranges…
Soun: Each of these are in season at different times of the year, I’m amazed you were able to get such a fresh assortment.
Soun: Of course, for the fruit fair, they need to taste good -- but color and volume matter as well.
Soun: Yes, that’s right…
Soun: …
Koki: …
Soun: Hm… Picking only one is difficult.
Soun: I’ve got it. Use all of them.
Koki: Huh?
Soun: The centerpiece of this fruit fair will be Wisdom’s Special Fruit Parfait, made with an abundance of fresh fruit.
[Fast forward]
Soun: …Very good.
Soun: None of the fruits overpower the others, their sourness and sweetness well balanced.
Soun: I'm sure this will be a hit with our customers.
Soun: This may even be Wisdom’s finest dessert menu yet. I can’t wait to see how our customers will react.
¹ the original line is クソ、チマチマやるのは性に合わねえ, where means "little by little" or "time consuming." this actually gave me the most trouble to figure out, but i tried my best to make sense of it, i hope it's okay 😭
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one of the things i'd love to do some day is translate every sanhora song, but i feel like to do that i'd need to do them in order because of how much sanhora builds on itself 😭
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[ENG Translation] 辿りつく詩 (Tadoritsuku Uta) / The Song of Arrival
i never posted this here, but i translated tadoritsuku uta some years ago! i might wanna revisit this some day and revise it, but i think it's still pretty solid despite that so i thought i'd share this here too lol
and remember, you can listen to this for free on available streaming services!! ☝
Singer: Aramary Lyrics: Revo Composition: Revo
(translations under cut)
The Song of Arrival
Volume 9, Page 883
Ever so quietly, the blind poet Luna opened her lips...
The song I will sing now chronicles the struggles of a girl searching for what she held dear T'was a harsh journey filled with many arduous roads, but still, she never gave up In this tale, she chooses to sing through the pain instead of cursing fate So even if history were to bury everything away, simply close your eyes and listen
My beloved, where have you gone? I haven't a single trail to lead on On this lonely journey, all I've brought is this song That grows faint and fades into the distant sky oh so long
Rain falls from the heavens, spilling over Much like the droplets [tears] that drip to my palms with no closure
Trekking through many a thick forest and crossing over steep mountains From small towns to large cities, from old friends to kind strangers I traveled near and far with only you on my mind
Memories [dreams] soar throughout the skies filled with stars Much like the kiss [promise] that was ours...
"Oh, Endymio..."
Dusk engulfs the empty world I walk through All alone and no home awaiting, where am I to go to?
The prophecies of the Chronicle unfold as fact throughout the history of conflict War leaves behind scars on those it ravages and flames scorch the earth until it's lifeless Not knowing what happened to their families, their partners, or their loved ones, This was an era where people were torn apart by force
As if tracing the source of the song she'd brought along, The girl's travels led her to a man said to be a prison guard at a castle over yonder
And so, her journey came to an end with her suspicions proven true The one who'd written that heartrending yet nostalgic melody was...
Every time I found myself crumbling, you always came along And even in your final moments, my beloved [you] left me this nameless song
"O fate, you may have taken the light from my eyes — but you cannot take the song from these lips."
The song of arrival lights up the dusk, turning night into day Withered flowers continue to bloom in the cold, braving come what may
Ah, how devastating grief can be...
Though a storm may destroy everything and bring about despair, The things you hold precious will always be there
(The song of arrival, coming from those that you love) If you've found your way to something important, then you'll never be lead astray (The song of arrival, coming from those you hold dear) Even a path full of thorns is no trouble if you hum a tune along the way (The song of arrival, coming from those precious to you) After all, there is no meaning to life without song
Towards those precious to you... Towards the place you've finally arrived at... The white crow sets its eyes towards the horizon beyond the sky
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wait while i'm here
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[ENG Translation] Uryu's Character Episodes featuring Soun
Tumblr media Tumblr media
originally i wasn't planning on translating these (or anything in general lol), but i've been undergoing such brainrot for these two especially since learning what happens in the main story that i had to do Something WHJGDJGH
just as a note, i use the default name (noa) for the agent. i do lean towards a localization style with my translations, but i'm also far from fluent in jpn so please feel free to correct me if you see any mistakes! thank you! the translations are compiled together under the cut, hope y'all enjoy 🫶
Character Episode: Favorite Place
Uryu: (I could have handled today’s business negotiations better… How frustrating….
???: Let’s wait here.
Uryu: (Over there on that bench is…)
Uryu: Soun-san…?
Soun: You’re Takato’s…
Drunk Woman: Hmmm, I can go for more drinks~ Soun, gimme another glass of wine…
Uryu: The woman leaning on you seems to be drunk…
Uryu: Is she a customer from Wisdom?
Soun: …She is, yes. I’ve called a cab for her, so now we’re just waiting.
Uryu: I see… That’s… a lot to deal with for your job, isn’t it?¹
Soun: It may be, but the work is worth it.
Uryu: Oh?
Soun: What about you? What are you doing here?
Uryu: I… wanted to enjoy the night breeze a bit, so I found myself out here.
Soun: Is that so?
Uryu: Yes.
Soun: …
Uryu: …
Uryu: (Maybe it’s because I don’t have anything in particular to say, but I can’t carry this conversation…)
Uryu: …Ah, it looks like the cab is here.
Soun: So it is.
Uryu: Well then, I’ll be taking my leave. If you’ll excuse me.
[Uryu leaves. The scene focuses on Soun.]
Soun: …
¹ he originally says その・・・・・・大変ですね which is just like "that's... tough, isn't it" which i feel like is clunky as it is, so i tried to make it flow a little smoother and feel more in character for uryu
Tumblr media
Character Episode: Matcha Hospitality
Noa: Excuse me! Sorry to drop by while you’re so busy before opening… I’ll just give these to you and go.
Soun: Wait there. It would be discourteous to you as guests if I didn’t serve you.
Noa: Oh, you made tea? Thank you very much.
Uryu: Is this… matcha?
Soun: It is, but I can get you something else if you’d like.
Uryu: No, it’s fine… Thank you.
Uryu: Ah…
Soun: Is something the matter?
Uryu: Not at all, this tea is excellent.
Noa: It’s very delicious, with a hint of sweetness.
Soun: Is that so?
Noa: Here are the documents on the virtual battle system that we discussed over the phone.
Soun: I’ll look them over.
Uryu: Our company has taken great care to collect the data in these documents.¹ Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Soun: Understood.
Uryu: Um, excuse me…
Soun: What is it?
Uryu: Usually, most places would serve their customers green tea.² Why serve us matcha?
Soun: Because I’ve been thinking about holding a Japanese-themed event at the lounge soon.
Noa: That sounds nice. So you and the others will be making tea?
Soun: We intend to, yes.
Noa: Wow, that’ll be a sight to see³. I’m sure the customers will be excited about it.
Uryu: (I might be overthinking, but… this matcha tea tastes just like my favorite.)
Uryu: (Could it be that Soun-san went out of his way to find out what blend I liked?)
Uryu: (I mean I’ve never talked to him before, so how would he know? No, it’s just a coincidence… Right…?)
¹ i did tweak this to sound a little fancier than a literal translation since uryu takes his job seriously, but the gist of it is the same
² the original line is お茶なら普通に煎茶で良かったはずです, which translates to something like "if it's tea, sencha (green tea) would have been fine" but i feel like that sounds clunky in english... i tried to convey something that had a similar meaning and flows better
³ the original line is へえ、絵になりそう which is literally something like "wow, that [sight] would be perfect for a picture" and y'all have no idea how much i wanted to translate that as "wow, Aesthetic" FJKSDJKFDS 😭
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
also if anyone is playing ride kamens, pls feel free to add me 🫶
(template is from here!)
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have u seen my desktop theme. have u hit the day/night mode toggle button --
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christmas (noël) is the heart of winter (hiver), but christmas (noël) also celebrates the birth of the son of god (michèle, meaning "who is like god?")
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Tumblr media
《 》エル
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Tumblr media
is this anything
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Tumblr media
Heathcliff's longing...
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