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Junior: *pulls up in a random car*
Jake: Whose car is that?
Junior: I don’t know. It wasn’t locked.
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Reblog if you've found friendship because of your fandoms.
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Reblog if you're grateful for your internet friends
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Junior: I think I'm bi.
Lexy: Which one?
Junior: What do you mean?
Devon: Bisexual? Bilingual? Bipolar?
Jake: I know.
Jake: A bitch.
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CHUCKY 2.08 “Chucky Actually”
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2x01 // 2x08
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CHUCKY | 2.07 “Goin’ to the Chapel”  
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Me: I will not crush on a man with long hair and covered in blood, I will not crush on a man with long hair and covered in blood, I will n—
Alex Vincent: *drops these photos on his Instagram account*
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(first and last image is def also for you Lucy @streets-in-paradise !)
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Two Red Ferns (A Bride of Chucky Alternate Ending)
Warnings: Vomiting, Pregnancy, Childbirth
Genre: Alternate Ending/Fix-It Fic
Words: 2,803
"What would Martha Stewart say"?
"Fuck Martha Stewart! Martha Stewart can kiss my shiny, plastic bu"-!
Chucky and Tiffany were just in the middle of a fight over the dishes when a sudden feeling of nausea overcame Tiffany, making her feel so ill it even clouded her mind as she attempted to make it stop by standing still and holding her hand over her mouth.
This attempt was futile as Tiffany swiftly turned over to Jade's direction as the doll proceeded to vomit all over Jade's rope-bound lap.
Screams from the puke covered teen immediately filled the moving RV as Chucky started speeding over to his wife's aide, not caring to keep the gun he had on Jesse who was still currently driving, his hopes of escape evacuating as Tiffany "lunch" did.
"Tiffany!! Jesus Christ are you okay?! Goddammit, why didn't ya tell me you were gonna be feeling like this"?!
Chucky was currently checking over his ailing wife as she still felt nauseous and light headed, now all Tiffany wanted to do was lay down and just forget about everything.
"I guess you're right, Sweetface… I think I am a shitty baker"...
She chuckled, hoping that at least joking about one of the things her husband started their argument over would make them both feel better. Chucky sighed in response, feeling remorseful about trashing her baking earlier.
"No Tiff… I don't think it's that at all… I've been noticing how different you've been acting since this morning"...
He had been keeping it to himself to not seem too "soft" but had been noticing Tiffany was hiding herself frequently in the bathroom of the hotel and the RV. Hell, they had to pull over the van so many times for Tiffany before they found the RV. The one reason they took the RV was so Tiffany could have a bathroom at any time she wanted.
For the first time in a very long time, Chucky felt sheer terror course through his whole body as she started to help Tiffany up and pointed the gun he still had in his hand at Jesse and started to shout commands at him, partly to mask the fear he felt for his beloved wife.
"Pull over and clean this fuckin' mess"!!
The RV then came to a screeching halt, Jesse rushing over to his distraught wife Jade while the scar-faced doll helped his now fatigued wife walk over to the passenger seat in the front of the vehicle and sat right next to her on the car seat as well since they both were able to fit in there at once. All the while, he kept the gun pointed at the terrified teenagers to keep them under the killer doll's thumb.
After a while of Jesse cleaning up Jade's lap and Chucky continuing to sooth and rubbing Tiffany's side as she groaned in discomfort, Chucky signaled Jesse to get back to the driver's seat and start driving again. Having no other choice, Jesse reluctantly followed the stitch covered doll's commands and started to drive once more.
As a half hour of the group driving down the dark moonlit highway, Chucky still kept the gun pointed right at Jesse while he rubbed gently on Tiffany's arm with the other.
Sweat began to drip down the gothic dressed doll's brow, she had began to feel slightly hot and her nausea started to stir again. All Tiffany could do was moan in great discomfort, this made the red headed killer's scarred up face furrow in deep concern for her well-being.
"Fuck Tiff… I'm sorry for ignoring you for this long"...
Chucky held her close as he whispered his apology.
"No… I should be the one saying sorry, Sweetheart"...
Tiffany reassured her husband with a tired smile, it falling as she continued.
"I was trying to hide… What was going on from you… I was scared"...
"Tiff… You gotta tell be about this kind of shit".
Chucky gently but firmly told Tiffany in response.
"Well, whatever you think is happening, it can't be that bad"!
Tiffany chuckled hesitantly as she started to get anxious over how Chucky would react, however once her scar-faced husband started rubbing his thumb over the back of her hand affectionatly, she calmed down and took a deep breath before saying:
"I think I might be pregnant".
With only six words, it caused the entire RV to fall into complete silence.
It had stunned Chucky into an utter stupor, his eyes as wide as the dinner plates that were in the sink.
He could not believe it, how could this possibly happen?
After a minute of pondering the question, he remembered their "endeavor" they had the night before. Well, that didn't matter to him anymore, all he cared about as his wife.
He then pulled Tiffany into a warm, tight embrace.
"Don't worry, Tiff… We can figure this out once we find out if you're right".
He then quickly turned to Jesse with a rage filled expression as he commanded the makeshift chauffeur in a loud, harsh and demanding tone.
"Take us to a store where we can find pregnancy tests, now"!
Fear now filled the teenage boy's body once again as he sped their vehicle along the dark road.
It took another half hour for them to finally find a small convenience store that was on the side of the highway, it also seemed like it was made of old wood.
"Don't you fucking move"!
Chucky growled at the two hostages as both he and Tiffany stepped out of the RV and headed towards the store.
It was pretty easy for them to break in, all Chucky has to do was shoot the glass off the door to pass through and swiftly kill the owner who was manning the counter with a bullet in the head. After that, they both searched the store for what they came for. It didn't take long for Tiffany to find a pregnancy test, so she grabbed it and proceeded from the aisle to the bathroom that was in the employee's office behind the counter.
Meanwhile Chucky took the time he had to wait to check if Jesse and Jade were still there with their ride, when he came outside and saw no RV where he last saw, he began to panic.
The angered doll roared in a deep rage into the dark empty highway. Jesse and Jade had took the opportunity they had to finally escape. They were long gone by now. Grumbling in frustration, he dragged himself back to the store and started to pace outside the bathroom door, waiting for his wife to tell him whatever news they'll end up having.
It felt like forever to Chucky when Tiffany had finally come out of the bathroom, her eyes wide and her hand covering her mouth as her other hand quickly shoved the test into Chucky's grasp. Puzzled, he looked at the results as his eyes widened in the same manner as Tiffany's. It was positive, Tiffany was pregnant.
Chucky's mouth as agape as sheer surprise and shock overwhelmed his senses. This was replaced with worry over his wife as her eyes started to well with tears, fearing what Chucky would say, he gave her a tight hug.
"I don't care that we're dolls, I don't care about what's happened the past three days, I don't care that our human bodies and ride are gone now, I don't even want to be human anymore! All I care about now is you, Tiff! I married you, so I'll be with you through thick and fuckin' thin no matter what! I love you Tiffany, if we have to figure this all out we will. Plus if we stay dolls, it'll be a helluva lot easier to hide and get away with shit! Plus you don't get sick or old…! Just know that we can do this together"...
The gothic blonde started to cry in sheer emotion as she smiled and hugged her husband back.
"Oh Chucky, I love you so much… I'm so happy I have a tough, but sweet man like you, Sweet face".
She then gave him a passionate kiss they both locked into in an instance. It went on like this for a couple minutes until the part Chucky told her about Jesse and Jade finally started to sink in.
"Wait… What did you say happened to Jesse and Jade"?
Tiffany asked as Chucky nervously chuckled in response.
It had been two days since Chucky and Tiffany had taken shelter in the convenience store until their child's birth. It only took a "closed for maintenance" sign they put in front of the door to keep what little cars that came down the road away from the store. Tiffany was currently in a makeshift bed they made out of random sheets found around the store's inventory, her belly being very swollen and plump. Thanks to voodoo pregnancy, she had been progressing faster than both of them could've ever thought.
Chucky had rarely left his wife's side as he was overwhelmed with the need to watch over her and keep her and his unborn baby safe and provided for, since the store already had food there, it made this task easy for him.
The read headed doll as sitting at the edge of the bed next to his wife, slowly and tenderly running his hand on her side as she laid there.
"How ya feelin' right now, Hun"?
Chucky asked Tiffany in a soft, sweet whisper that he rarely, if ever used with anyone.
"I'm doing okay, Sweet face… I just wish I could get up and walk by myself"...
Tiffany tiredly, but softly answered as she grunted at the discomfort her big baby bump was causing, it also caused her to be stuck in bed unless Chucky was helping her to the bathroom, making her feel restless on top of her other feelings she was having at this time.
In response, Chucky adjusted his position as he was now laying on the bed on his side. He then started to slowly and lovingly rubbing on the baby bump with his left hand, holding Tiffany's hand with his right.
"Could I have a talk with the kid before they pop outta ya"?
Chucky asked in a lighthearted laugh.
As Tiffany quietly nodded "yes", Chucky moved further down to her side, sitting up next to her rotund belly and laying his head and hands on there, careful not to put any weight on the surface. The to-be-father's stitched up face lit up and chuckled as ye felt their child kick and move around in his wife's womb. Tiffany softly smiled and giggled in joy as she watched, happy to witness this bonding moment.
"Hey there kiddo"...
Chucky whispered.
"God… I can hardly believe that you're gonna be here at any minute. I didn't even think I'd have kids, at least not at this point. I thought that I wouldn't want any at first… I guess deep down, that was only because I don't want to have your innocence taken from ya… like mine was… But I promise that your Daddy's here and will always protect you… I love you, kid".
Chucky then gave a kiss to his wife's belly as he rubbed it with both his hands for a few more minutes, the murderous couple both in pure bliss.
That was until a warm, wet sensation started to spread all over every surface it could reach, including the bottom of the stitched up doll's overalls.
As soon as Chucky felt the warm wetness touch him, he jumped up and off the bed as Tiffany started moaning in pain.
The realization soon hit the both of them: Tiffany's water broke and she was now in labor.
Panicked, Chucky started to prep for the impending birth, briefly stopping to give his wife comfort by giving her a kiss on her cheek and saying:
"It's gonna be okay, Tiff. I'm here… I gotcha".
The labor had started in the late afternoon and as the grueling process continued, it had lasted into the night, the moon and a lamp in the office being the only light sources for the couple.
At this point Tiffany was in horrific pain, she felt like every fiber of her being was being torn apart.
Tiffany wailed at the top of her lungs in sheer agony. Chucky held onto her left leg and rubbed it comfortingly as he checked the progress of the labor.
"I know it hurts, but I know that you can do this Tiff! I can almost see their head so we're almost there"!
And after Tiffany gave a few more pushes, a shrill cry rang out as their blood and fluid covered infant managed to plop into Chucky's arms.
Chucky sighed in relief as he cut the umbilical cord with his knife he kept in his overalls and cleaned up the tiny newborn, checking their gender in the process as he swaddled them in a soft cloth that was big enough to be a blanket.
"It's a boy, Tiff! It's a boy"!
The new father exclaimed in excitement, handing the newly wrapped bundle of joy to his tired, but smiling wife. This peace didn't last as Tiffany started to scream in surprise and pain as she felt more, contractions?
"C-Chucky… I think there's another one coming"....
Tiffany gritted through her teeth.
In disbelief, Chucky went back to the end of the bed to check. Sure enough, there was a second head trying to make its way out and into the world.
After a minute or two of even more pushing, a second baby came to existence as they loudly cried.
With a worn out face of relief and happiness, Chucky cut the cord and checked over the second infant.
"This one's a girl… Quite the mayhem she caused for a minute, huh"?
He chuckled tiredly as he wrapped his new daughter in another soft cloth for a blanket and handed her to his exhausted but overjoyed wife. Tears of pure joy streamed across her face as she looked into the eyes of her brand new little ones.
"Hello my sweet precious babies… I'm your Mommy".
She tenderly greeted as she gave both babies a soft kiss on their foreheads.
After cleaning up after everything again, Chucky slowly walked over to the unoccupied side of the bed and laid himself there next to Tiffany. He could believe they just had twins, two babies!
He stared in awe at the family he had managed to create, for the first time in his life, he was utterly amazed by life itself and what it could make.
"Could I hold one of them, Tiff"?
He asked in a shy voice he had never used before, ever.
Smiling, Tiffany sat up in the bed and handed the baby boy to her husband's nervously waiting arms, while holding their baby girl close to her chest.
Holding his baby boy close to his chest as well, Chucky nervously chuckled, looking into his son's deep blue eyes and smiled.
"Hey there kiddo… It's good to finally meet ya… I'm your Daddy and I'll always be here for ya"!
The new father laughed happily as he gave his son a soft kiss on the forehead, also having his finger be held by the infant's tiny hand.
"What do you think we should name them, Sweet face"?
Tiffany asked her husband with a soft smile.
"Well, since there's two, we won't have to fight much about names"...
Chucky joked back as he thought for a minute to come up with a name for his son.
"I'm thinking of the name Glen for him! What do you think"?
"If you're thinking of that, it reminded me of this movie we saw when we were teenagers! Maybe I could name our daughter Glenda if he's going to be Glen".
Tiffany's mention of that movie they saw so long ago made Chucky chuckle about the nostalgia of that memory, they both thought about it for a moment as Chucky broke the silence.
"I think that's perfect, Tiff".
"I think so too, Hun".
Tiffany then leaned towards Chucky and gave him one of their trademark passionate kisses on his lips, him kissing back in response. They pulled away as they both looked lovingly at their son and daughter, admiring every single part of their being, as if they were two beautiful red ferns.
To them now, being dolls, the fights they had, the bullshit they went through, none of it mattered anymore. They both had each other and their new little ones, that was all they needed.
The End!
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CHUCKY 2.07 - Goin’ To The Chapel
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I have theory for episode 8 of Chucky tv series about what Tiffany said
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Junior revealing he’s alive in season 2 of Chucky~
Junior: *grinning* Hi! It’s me! I’m not dead! 
Junior: Which is an awful surprise considering how many people wrote my obituary yesterday, preemptively in case I did die! 
Junior: But I didn’t, so suck on that! *holding up his middle fingers* 
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CHUCKY | S02E04: Death On Denial
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