#theory on what Tiffany said
I have theory for episode 8 of Chucky tv series about what Tiffany said
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pratchettquotes · 4 months
"But hold on," said Tiffany. "Won't I be you one day? And then will I talk to me now, as it were?"
"Yes, but the you that you talk to won't exactly be you. I'm very sorry about this, but I am having to talk about time travel in a language that can't really account for it. But in short, Tiffany, according to the elasticated string theory, throughout the rest of time, somewhere an old Tiffany will be talking to a young Tiffany, and the fascinating thing is that every time they do, they will be a little different. When you meet your younger self, you will tell her what you think she needs to know."
Terry Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight
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manscaped · 10 days
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series-thoughts · 3 months
Season 3 Theory
I'm gonna sound completely delusional with this, but i think an Andy and Nica team up is actually happening!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
So, first off. I do not believe for a second that Don will kill off Andy no matter what's implied. Don does many things for shock value but I don't think he is stupid enough to actually kill a legacy character.
Anyway, back to the theory. From what we are shown in the trailer we see Caroline with Chucky when he attacks Andy and she is wearing the same dress from the end of season 2 which means it must be pretty soon after.
This is the same with the one shot of Nica we got in the trailer where she is also wearing the same outfit from the end of Season 2. This is also when Nica spots Caroline from how the trailer was edited (And someone who did a review has said that Nica has flashbacks to Alice so i'm 99% sure the shots are connected and not just edited to fake us out)
In my mind, this gives 2 possible options for an Andy and Nica team up. One being that they were already working together, hence why both of them were in New York at the same time or Andy went to New York after the kids told him about Caroline and Nica was obviously there for Tiffany. The latter leading to my thought of what if the tables have turned and Nica is the one to save Andy from Chucky this time since she knew where Tiffany and Caroline were and probably followed Caroline after she knew Chucky was there?
@streets-in-paradise @losersclubisms @courtneysmovieblog @silvershewolf247
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maskedtruths666 · 1 year
Part 3 of the Tiffany short series!
Tumblr media
As Tiffany resumed her date with her bf, she could not process what happened. She hated KC’s guts and she hated the fact she felt so much pleasure from KC that she actually started feeling guilt.
Nevertheless, she continued on with dinner and her bf sent her home without suspecting anything.
The next day in school, Tiffany had a full day of lectures with KC. A part of her wanted to ditch school because she knew KC would just use her for his own pleasure but she also kinda wanted to be pleasured.
Tumblr media
She knew KC liked satin dresses, so Tiffany decided to wear yet another satin dress. However, she felt guilty towards her new bf, so she went to the toilet to send him OOTDs of herself and sent her bf a couple of naughty pics, promising that she will be more intimate with her bf as a way of making herself feel better about the situation she’s in.
The moment KC saw her, he had a hard on. Tiffany too, knew KC had a hard on. Before KC could say anything, she said, “Not happening. This dress is a dress my bf got for me. I’m wearing it for him, not for you.”
Not wanting to be rejected, KC ignored her words and caressed her throughout the whole lesson. Whilst the prof was explaining the theories, KC would casually slide his hands up her thighs and try and feel what type of underwear she’s wearing. Tiffany kept pushing his hands away but to no avail. In his most daring act yet, he went under the table, spread Tiffany’s legs open, forcefully pulled out her underwear and started eating her out.
Tiffany, in absolute shock, did not know how to react. As the Prof was still teaching and the class paying attention, Tiffany was suppressing her moans because even though KC is a pervert, he had a way with his tongue. He ate her out with such passion and dedication that even though Tiffany hated his guts, she felt pleasure that she’s never felt before. KC spent a good 15 minutes eating Tiffany out and she was helpless. She almost orgasmed from just his tongue action alone and at this point, Tiffany was so wet, it soaked her satin dress.
As the Prof gave a break, KC slowly came out from under the table and sneakily pocketed Tiffany’s underwear. Tiffany at this point, was way too turned on and she suddenly asked, “You’re not leaving me like this right?”
“Well well well, who is a naughty slut right now?” KC said, smiling devilishly at her.
“I hate how much you turn me on and I still hate your guts.” Tiffany said as she rolled her eyes at him.
“Come, I’ll give you what you want.” KC said as he dragged Tiffany out of the lecture hall. He brought her to a secluded staircase and he pushed her against the wall. He went down on her and continue eating her out and fingering her till the point her juices were all over her thighs and his face as she squirted and orgasmed in the span of 10 minutes of oral and finger sex. Tiffany had to cover her own mouth as she was afraid she’d moan way too loudly and that would attract the attention of other students.
Seemingly satisfied, Tiffany said, “Who would have thought that you of all people would be pleasuring me?”
“I knew. I’m crazy over you. And you know how I am. The more I am obsessed over you, the more I aim for perfection.” KC said as he was wiping the juices off his glasses.
Tiffany, seemingly pleased with his answer, said, “My turn.”
She knelt down and unzipped KC’s pants. Out popped his huge throbbing cock. She slowly started sucking his dick to which KC groaned, “Ugh, fuck. For someone who is a total virgin, you sure know how to suck dick. Fuck, you’re good.”
As Tiffany was willingly sucking KC’s dick, she was actually weighing the pros and cons of her relationship with her boyfriend and actually considering the fact that she is okay with letting KC fuck her if it means tons of pleasure. As she sucked on his dick, Tiffany started fingering herself. KC was doing his best to keep it in because he could easily overpower Tiffany and trust rape her there and then.
Suddenly, Tiffany stood up. She slid off both straps of her dress and her dress dropped to the floor.
“How much do you like my body?” Tiffany asked, standing in front of KC, fully naked and looking him dead in the eye.
“I crave your body and have always jerked off to it every day religiously for the past 3 years.” KC replied immediately without hesitation.
Pleased with the answer, Tiffany knelt down and continued sucking his dick until he came so hard all over her face.
As she cleaned off his dick by sucking it after he ejaculated all over her face and cleaned her own face, she stood up and said, “Book a hotel room sometime in the next 2 days and I’m yours to fuck.”
Before KC could respond, she stood up, wore her dress gave him a quick kiss on the cheeks and left the staircase landing.
Part 4, the finale coming! Will Tiffany fuck her boyfriend? Or will Tiffany cave in and fuck KC? Stay tuned!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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akookminsupporter · 7 months
I’m just curious now: was he not invited to the met or was he invited and just decided not to attend because he wouldn’t be comfortable or something? Like he has the deal with Dior and Tiffany, both brands that were part of the Met (with Dua and Pattinson for example), and he also has done some work with vogue recently so I wouldn’t imagine why they (the people in charge of the guest list) wouldn’t want him there. Without mentioning he is part of the most famous musical group/act of the moment. Not mad that he didn’t go just curious I guess.
Anon, have you ever heard or read about Anna Wintour and how she handles everything about the Met Gala? I can't give you a concrete answer because I don't work for BigHit or Jimin and well, you probably don't expect a concrete answer, but I'm going to give you several possibilities.
If you read a little about who Anna Wintour is, you'll know that she won't care about all the things you mentioned, if she doesn't want to. It doesn't matter if Dior or Tiffany bought a table for the event, they have to tell Anna who will sit at that table and if she doesn't want someone there, they won't be there. It doesn't matter who it is. Of course, it's easy to assume that she wouldn't say no to Jimin, even tiktok influencers have been invited! Obviously, she wouldn't say no to Jimin, one of the members of the most important music group in recent times. This brings me to another theory.
Although Jimin is the ambassador for Dior and Tiffany, that doesn't mean he has to be at every fashion-related event where one of those two brands will attend or participate in any way. We don't know what kind of contracts they sign with those brands, but one thing we can be sure of is that it's not one of exclusivity. We have seen Jimin wearing brands other than Dior and Tiffany after it was announced that he would be working with them. Jimin travelled to the USA wearing a T-shirt designed by the vice president of CK, for example. Jimin travelled wearing Tiffany pieces, he travelled mainly for something related to the brand and he did it, we don't know what else he has been doing in New York, but I think we can conclude that the Met Gala was never on his agenda, the reason obviously we don't know.
Another possibility or explanation I can think of is that bts is an exclusive brand and part of its exclusivity is because it is rare. BTS has never been known for attending absolutely everything, that's why when they or some of them go to a public event, it's a novelty. Their exclusivity means that people have to yearn, to dream of seeing them somewhere, not take it for granted that they will be there. It's something that happens with Beyoncé, for example, she doesn't attend all the events that other celebrities do and when she does it's a novelty. Everything stops because Beyoncé came. Everyone was speculating that she was going to the Met and she didn't. Something like that happens with bts. If you remember even in Korea it's not expected of bts or one of their members to attend anything. Whether it's a variety show or a movie premiere and when they do it's big news. That's because bts didn't participate in everything, didn't accept invitations to everything and therefore gained a reputation for exclusivity. A reputation that over time has become more valuable.
Many might say that the Met Gala is an important event, and it is, but that doesn't mean anything when you're on the level of Beyoncé and Jimin.
Something to also keep in mind is that it was never confirmed that Jimin would attend the Met Gala. The rumour started on social media. Many fans longed for him to attend that event and others believed those Twitter accounts that swear they have information on the boys' next moves. Some publications later mentioned his name because that was rumoured on social media. Because he's in New York and it made sense to think he would attend, but those posts also said Beyoncé would be there, Lady Gaga would be there, Blake Lively would be there and all of that turned out to be false.
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thoughtfulchaos773 · 1 month
I noticed in your Muse theory that Carmy remembers where Claire address was. There is some back and forth on that. But she means her parents home right not her apartment with no phone service. Why does he know where that is? Did her Mom recently move ? Carmy also didn’t know where Uncle Jimmy lived until Ritchie corrected him in S1 he was going the wrong way. Lastly there was some scene with Uncle Lee and Donna about buying property in Wilmette ?before Mikey interrupts. Any ideas what the hell is going ? Very little is said without reason in this show.
Hey thanks for the ask!
Yes so he could remember her childhood home since Tiffany used to babysit Claire.
I find it weird he made all these drawings of her but he didn't remember she sat behind him in algebra class. Maybe because it was so long ago but there seems to be this thing about Carmy's character where he's so shy he doesn't even want the girl to know that he recognizes her ... Unless she looked so different since their older.
I think Carmy has a bad memory with things he doesn't find important is what the show is saying? But if you're important to him he's going to know and remember things.
Oh the wilmette connection!? Good one!! Let me Come back to this and tag you. There is something in the show where there are reveals and more to the story.
Hearing sweeps was a baseball player, Sydney has a tattoo...it's like this serendipitous connections. Seeing claires photos and seeing her weeks later.
Very interesting.
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manscaped · 10 days
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sweetface1 · 1 month
Theory Okay so this is actually something I thought of for why the twins didn't remembered anything from seed !!
I head people got mad that they don't know remember anything
So this is actually similar to the head canon/theory you posted on here
So my theory is that in the aftermath of seed where glen is attack by chuckys arm Tiffany maybe having the money at the time got private therapist to help the twins forget or medication to help them forget im not sure if that makes since maybe glens trauma caused them to repressed their memories? Maybe same with Glenda with the tiff brushing them of as like you said nightmares or having active Imaginations maybe even taken away glens photo afterwards sorry if this doesn't make much sense Just wanted to share my thoughts 🙂🙂
It makes perfect sense 😊. I Love hearing other people’s thoughts on the twins. Tiffany definitely had something to do with the twins forgetting. I wouldn’t put it past her to go to extremes (with medications and etc) to “fix” the twins. I mean we all saw what she did to Nica to “fix” her.
I think people were originally mad because the ending of Seed implied that the twins remembered only for the teasers/trailers for season 2 to contradict that (however some people were also just angry about the twins returning to the franchise).
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rhythm-tengoku-gold · 8 months
Well, considering this post got some likes that means a few folks are interested…
Tumblr media
So, first of all, I am a proud epileptic. If I see good rep of folks that have seizures*,there’s a damn good chance that I’m going to really fixate on that character. But I digress. So what is this theory? Well…
Was Tiffany Wright from Hypnospace Outlaw in some way inspired by/a nod to Tim Wright from Marble Hornets?
Honestly, I think I may just be looking too deep into things, but I do have some evidence. Although, they could just be coincidences.
Let’s go over the similarities of the two I’ve noticed, shall we?
• Obviously, there’s the whole name deal. They’re really damn similar. I don’t got much to say here.
• Both of them are epileptic/experience tonic clonic/grand mal (I gotta wonder why the term was changed) seizures, & these play a significant part into their respective narratives. Albeit, Tim’s is less so, but still notable.**
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
• Both are related to internet horror in some way. Tiffany creates ‘Scaries’, AKA the Hypnospace version of creepypastas, & Tim is from an Internet horror series, duh.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I couldn’t find a screenshot online in which she talks about her Scaries & I don’t feel like pulling up the game at the moment to grab some screenshots, I’m sorry.
Now, I’ve got another point to add unrelated to character similarities.
Hypnospace Outlaw is an homage to the ‘net. Admittedly, it is in reference to a significantly earlier internet landscape in comparison to when MH takes place. That said, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say they nodded towards one of the most influential webseries ever, right? Or is that just me?
[Edit: it appears that Jay Tholen & Tim Sutton follow each other on Twitter, but that's just me looking way into things. All of this probably is me looking way too into things. I'm autistic.]
*Keep in mind that you don’t have to have epilepsy to have seizures, & it can be caused by other conditions.
**I couldn’t help but smile at Tim’s seizure in #61- not because he was going through it, god no, but rather that it was actually pretty accurate! While I’m diagnosed with absence seizures, I have had an experience with a tonic clonic seizure (edit: I have had far more tc seizures as of late. lol.) in the past, & it was exactly like what happened to Tim. Blacking out, struggling with coordination, & crying. In my case, however, it was far more intense, but y’know, same deal.
So yeah, that was me being so normal (/sar). Goodnight everyone!
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nightki11er · 3 months
You: Wait, wait, wait, wait... In your AU, dolls can change the color of their eyes!? By yourself!?
Me: Yes.
You ask me: "Are you fucked up?" And I will answer "Yes".
Yes, that's right, today we will talk about the theory of eye color changeability.
I know it sounds strange that some dolls can change the color of their eyes, because... They're dolls! But this is not the case. At least not in my AU. So, let's start with the distant past. Do you remember that scene in the Offspring where Chucky got overextended? So this happened because some of the wires were faulty. So, something took me the wrong way. Ahem... So, let's start with the distant past. Charles Lee Ray was accidentally shot dead in a toy store by his adopted brother Carolus. He didn't want to hurt him... Well, that's how it turned out. So, Chucky managed to transfer his soul into the doll "Nice Couple ny" and walked in this vessel for 3 films. But as John, Chucky's mentor in Voodoo magic, said, "Your body is gradually becoming humanized," but Chucky didn't take it properly. He ignored John's advice. And killed him. And for two more films, I chased Chucky after Andy in order to get his body. Next comes the Bride, Oh! And here are the Offspring. At the end of the film, we see how Glen brutally deals with his father. But, it wasn't there. When Glen chopped off Chucky's hand, he noticed that the axe didn't fully cut in. Then Glen decided to remove the axe from Chucky's hand and see what was there. There was something shining there. Suddenly, Chucky stood up, but before he could remember, his flesh slid off his arm, exposing a metal body with sharp claws. Yes, Chucky looks like comshmar animatronics. "But... how?" - you ask. Everything is very simple. To make dolls, you need a body. The corporation decided to make not just a toy that could talk, but a whole mechanism that could move by itself and move around calmly. How... Foxy, Bonnie... These are my favorite characters. So, Chucky looked at his hand, raised it, clenched his claws, or fingers... And suddenly his whole body is covered by an endoskeleton. In the chest artificial ribs explode into the chest cavity, everything is pinched everywhere, and most importantly, it began to grow. Increase in size. Tiffany saw all this, and was afraid for her husband. By the way, those scenes of violence and killing each other were made simply by robots that replaced them. After the proposal, Chucky and Tiffany did what they did, and then Chucky finds out that Tiffany is pregnant, but it will all be in fan fiction. So Tiffany runs up to her husband... More precisely, to his mess. He was still breathing. His breathing was hoarse, and he barely spoke. And then Tiffany had a dull pain all over her body. It felt like she had been beaten with something metallic. And then she fainted. By the way, her endoskeleton also began to be implanted in her flesh. So, after a long four hours of recovery, they returned to normal. They could think, talk, however, it turned out with great difficulty, because the body has not yet healed. So they look at each other. Then they kiss. They didn't care if they felt a sharp pain or not, the main thing was that they were alive. And yes, during the kiss, Chucky heard a click in his head, by the way, so did Tiffany. After a long and passionate kiss, they pulled away from each other and noticed that their eyes had changed color. The color changed to pink (try to guess what it means.) The fact is that before the transmigration of the soul, the toy had a special mechanism that allows you to change the color of the eyes. And also this mechanism was responsible for the glow of the eyes and the flashlight. That is... Their eyes could illuminate the nearest territory.
Phew, the theory is over. Speaking of Glen... He also turned into a half-animatronic half-human. But do not be afraid, he did not get such pain. He fainted even before Chucky and Tiffany started kissing.
Bye everyone!
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shepnicolo · 3 months
this is a completely self-indulgent ask 🙊 but i wanna hear all of your theories about tbaw PLEASE go crazy i love it 💗💗💗
I've been waiting for this one. BIG ASS TEXT BELOW I DID INFACT GO CRAZY
Tumblr media
OKAY SO these are general thoughts and analysis' but I'll get to the theories later on:
(also I am so sorry)
someone said Jean doesn't want to cum inside reader, and yeah it has something to do with Eren, but I think it's because it's a metaphor for his commitment issues. it's just so obvious.
let's talk about jeans misogyny. he's possession over reader from the very VERY beginning ("good girls like you", his pissy attitude in the car in chapter two, just everything about reader from before they fucked) his possessiveness is, I think, because reader is seen as weak in his eyes. he does not think she's strong, not because of the mental breakdowns in titan, but pretaining to sexual strength.
her hooking up with Eren made him think she was simultaneously being taken advantage of and also being left "helpless" and he needed to "save" her
Jean infantilizes her just a little, particularly when they talk about they're relationship. he shuts it down because he genuinely does not think that she is capable of making decisions on her own. he thinks she's broken because of Eren, he doesn't think the stress in her life is due to any role he plays
basically: Jean thinks reader was left with cum inside her and thrown away like a slut and he needed to save her, while also doing nothing but slightly passive aggressive comments that ending up hurting her feelings, rather than doing what he intended—getting Eren out of her life.
Jean is a misogynist because his mother is weak. he tries to save her from his dad. he can't bear the thought of ending up like his father, so he hurts reader in different ways
and truly? I think Jean doesnt deserve her. at all. never will there be a moment in hell where I think the man who treats her simultaneously like a dog and a whore who needs saving DESERVES a woman who loves him unconditionally
I saw a comment that simply just said:
I hate you, Jean Kirstein
and I never related to anything more BECAUSE WHAT THE FUCK.
he's a villain ☹️
NOW LET'S TALK ABOUT EREN. (but really it all just leads back to Jean)
I love him, he's my baby princess, but let me tell you why.
he treats reader like a sexy, complex, wonderful woman. that's simply something Jean can't possess. Jean can't fit an entire woman in his head. he either views them as his mother, his friend, or a sex object. guess which one reader is to him.
Eren is real. (im so delusional) I take him more seriously, and I know I sound bias I KNOW TIFFANY IM SORRY, I take his feelings seriously because he isnt blaming reader for her actions. he could, he really could, much like Jean, but he knows the damage hes done. meanwhile Jean, he keeps that information to himself. hes thinks "I don't wanna hurt you" but ends up saying "I dont think you could handle it if I hurt you"
jeans love is a threat
and he doesn't even know it.
I can't feel bad for a man who did what he did to Eren in chapter 24, I can't feel bad for a man who drowns reader in his life, who refuses to acknowledge the better option of not sleeping together
now you're waiting for me to criticize reader and truthfully? I just think she needs to accept that Jean can't love her and she can't properly love Jean without searching for Eren, the man who put blankets over her barbed wire
you already know this but Jean is going to that fucking job offer alone. I will kill myself if reader goes with him. im not even joking i will grab a gun and blow my head off if reader goes with him.
jeans going to rehabilitate himself, the best a misogynist can do. reader is going to end up patching her broken wings ALONE, which is what she needs to do. Eren will be waiting, eyes still blurry from the hits, and finally see reader clearly.
after all this, I think Eren and reader will have a healthy relationship, going steady, and truly love one another. reader sees the light
(as much as I want, as much as IVE FANTASIZED and perhaps will write if i don't get the ending i need jdjd, I want reader to end up with a stranger. I want her to pack her bags and leave, absolutely no contact to Sasha, Eren, Jean, Connie, or anyone besides Reiner. j want her to meet a nice guy at a bookshop or something and have a healthy relationship and get married, and then years later she sees Jean shopping for sweatpants in target while she's shopping for baby clothes. they catch up, he tries to make a move, reader flashes her BEAUTIFUL engagement ring and smiles, saying "too late". and then that song silver springs by Fleetwood Mack plays. in the epilogue Eren goes to rehab and moves closer to Armin and becomes friends with Mikasa - in my mind they haven't met yet and are DYING to - Sasha married Niccolo, Connie grows up into a real little boy, and Jean does movie night alone. he isn't his father, he isn't angry, he's better. but alone. like he should be)
Tiffany I love you so much I took absolutely no breaks writing this and did not proofread BC I WANNA KNOW WHAT YOU THINK SO BAD. I love you so so so much I LOVED DOING THIS????? sorry I wanna say more but I wanna post this right now
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manscaped · 10 days
Gifts That Sleigh 🎁
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cogitoergofun · 8 months
In a video that continues to circulate the internet, Tiffany sits at one of three vaccination stations. Her dark brown hair is parted to the left, her hands are folded neatly in her lap. Someone in a white coat gives her the shot in her left arm and Tiffany claps. 
Minutes later, Tiffany was asked to speak in front of the assembled cameras. Tiffany didn’t know that the news stations were livestreaming the footage on Facebook, but she was happy to talk on camera. As Tiffany stood and spoke, however, a familiar wave washed over her. Her arm began to throb, she got sweaty and dizzy, and all she could do was say, “I’m sorry,” before she fainted into the arms of two nearby doctors. 
“I wanted so badly to tell what this vaccine meant to me,” Tiffany says now. “I thought that I could just push through because it was important to me and I thought my body might respect that, but it didn’t care. It did what it does.”
Tiffany came to, and she was almost immediately interviewed by Chattanooga, Tennessee’s NBC affiliate WRCB on video. She told the reporter that she was prone to fainting, usually when she felt pain, but that she was fine. Then she went back to work. 
Back in her unit, she told a co-worker what had happened. 
“Yeah, I know,” he said. “I saw it. It was live on Facebook.” 
Still, he convinced her she needn’t worry. It was just a local news station. How bad could it be? 
Turns out, very. Within 24 hours, Tiffany, or as she was being referred to at the time, “Tennessee nurse,” was trending on every social media platform. That night, she was featured on the conspiracy theory internet show Infowars. New videos about Tiffany were being posted to YouTube every 19 minutes, according to Paola Pascual-Ferrá, an associate professor of communication at Baltimore’s Loyola University Maryland, who was tracking the spread in real time. And Tiffany was going global: Most of the videos and posts about her were coming from outside the U.S., Pascual-Ferrá said. 
The posts weren’t just replays of Tiffany’s fall. The conspiracy theories were evolving quickly with what seemed like the whole world contributing to an investigation where the conclusion had already been determined. For the thousands of people posting about Tiffany, she didn’t just faint. She was dead. And a fake death certificate started making the rounds. 
Meanwhile, the phone in CHI Memorial’s Covid unit rang off the hook. News outlets and conspiracy theorists alike, they all wanted to talk to Tiffany. 
“Imagine being in high-stress situations, emotions are already high, and then the phone never stops ringing?” Tiffany says. “It’s enough to make you crazy.”
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mrs-monaghan · 8 months
Hi! Hello! DING DONG!!!!
* Jk voice doorbell would be cool*
Anyone home?
I want a safe space. You heard me.
The 3 big blogs are rude AF.
OR Batshit Crazy
Serious side eye at the Tiffany Earrings that don't exist and bullshit theories about JM being in the bathroom or bedroom at JKs while Hobi and Tae were there.
Are you crazy? Are you rude?
Good. I am packing up my shit and moving to your blog!!!
You see a couple and say it like it is.
I live here now!!
Tumblr media
The way u sent me 🤣😂😂😂😂 im crying. Omg. 😅😂😂😂
But dear anon i don't think you're gonna stay very long coz I'm about to sound batshit crazy too. Idk anything about the Tiffany earrings. First I'm hearing of this. But I do genuinely think Jimin was sleeping when Vhope were leaving. Or atleast he had already retired to bed. Now, idk if u wanna hear why I think this way but I will explain.
JK said he was bored so he sent a text in their group chat. People have been jumping on this saying if he was with Jimin, he wouldn't have been bored. U know what, thats fair. But then Hobi came live and said JK organised a hang out coz he would be leaving soon. Who is to say Jimin wasn't part of the hang out? 🤔 Going by history these 4 are the ones always together.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So I find it hard to believe Jimin was not there especially since he was already done with promotions and more than readily available. Last hangout before his bestfriend has to enlist and you're telling me Jimin missed it yet he wasn't busy? Idk about that funny anon 🤭
So I, think that they hanged out then once they were done Vhope ordered taxis while a probably tipsy/tired Jimin retired to bed while his husband boyfriend finished up with the laundry. JK told us himself he hadn't planned on coming live. He was gon finish folding his CKs and then go cuddle up to his man who yes, was already in bed. This, is my theory and I'm sticking to it.
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On Tuesday evening, the Berkeley County School District in South Carolina swore in the board members who were elected last week, six of whom were endorsed by the conservative activist group Moms for Liberty.
Within two hours, the school board had voted to fire the district’s first Black superintendent, terminate the district’s lawyer, ban critical race theory and set up a committee to decide whether certain books and materials should be banned from schools.
In addition, the board voted to replace the chair with Mac McQuillin, a local attorney and one of the board members backed by Moms for Liberty.
The rapid moves Tuesday in the Berkeley County district, the fourth largest in the state, showed the impact of Moms for Liberty’s focus on electing conservative school board members, and prompted uproar among some community members in attendance.
Moms for Liberty said it has endorsed more than 500 school board candidates across the country this year, 49% of whom have won. The organization’s candidates were highly successful in Florida, but they had mixed results in Arkansas, California, Michigan and other states.
Moms for Liberty celebrated the six candidates’ wins in Berkeley County as an example of flipping a school board in favor of people who “value parental rights.” Four of the candidates, including McQuillin, were incumbents, while the two others were new to the board; they promised more curriculum transparency and fiscal responsibility and to put a stop to the “woke agenda.”
Moms for Liberty celebrated the board’s first votes on Facebook, posting Wednesday, “6 new board members clean house first night on the job.”
Early in the meeting, according to video posted by the district, the board moved into executive session. Shortly after it returned, Kathy Littleton, one of the Moms for Liberty-backed members, moved to terminate Tiffany Richardson, the district’s in-house counsel, and retain Brandon Gaskins, a lawyer who was deputy chief legal counsel for former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford.
Moments later, McQuillin moved to terminate Deon Jackson, who was appointed superintendent last year, and replace him with Anthony Dixon, who had worked in the district as an administrator. Dixon will be the district’s second Black superintendent, after Jackson.
Audience members gasped at the firing of Jackson and Richardson and shouted in disagreement.
“All right, listen up,” McQuillin chastised the audience. “We’re going to be respectful in this meeting. You may not agree with our votes, but I ask that you please be respectful and calm. What kind of example are you setting for our kids, disrupting a meeting like this?”
None of the board members responded to emails or phone calls seeking comment Wednesday. Jackson and Richardson also did not respond to requests for comment.
David Barrow, who had been school board chair until Tuesday’s meeting, asked McQuillin to explain for the terminations.
“I’m not going to discuss personnel matters,” McQuillin said. He added later that Gaskins, the newly hired counsel, who was not present, would share more information about Jackson’s firing another time.
Barrow called the firings a “travesty” and a “political witch hunt.”
Yvonne Bradley, who was one of the three board members to vote against the firings, said: “Ladies and gentlemen, you are being fooled by these six. Unbelievable — what the chairman would do. It is so unbelievable how this is going.”
She added, looking at the audience, “And we voted for these people, you did. You took the time.”
Bradley and Crystal Wigfall, another board member, then walked out of the meeting, and it appeared in the video that some members of the audience followed them.
Before the board took the votes, several speakers argued in a public comment session against the resolutions banning critical race theory and setting up a committee to evaluate books and other materials.
Two teachers said the district did not teach critical race theory, a pastor argued that critical race theory could help teach students about local history, an NAACP representative said addressing structural racism should be the board’s priority, and a district librarian said an additional committee was redundant because there were already policies dictating how to buy books for libraries. The librarian also noted that there is already a process for parents to challenge specific titles they don’t want their children to read.
“These vaguely worded bans have had an impact on the teaching of the Holocaust and its important lessons,” Brandon Fish, the community relations director at the nonprofit Charleston Jewish Federation, said at the meeting. “Learning about the Holocaust and other dark chapters in our history, including slavery and Jim Crow, are crucial to making sure that these mistakes are never repeated.”
Later in the meeting, the board moved to ban teaching critical race theory “in any form.”
Barrow asked for a definition of critical race theory, which is the study of racism’s effect on societal structures and is usually taught at the graduate level but has become shorthand to describe progressive ideas about race and gender. McQuillin read a different definition that matched language used by the Goldwater Institute, a conservative think tank, saying forms of it that aren’t appropriate for children are being taught in the district’s schools.
Each vote — firing the superintendent, picking his replacement, terminating the district’s lawyer and banning critical race theory — passed with support from only the six Moms for Liberty-backed members.
At the end of the meeting, the board voted 8-0 to set up a committee to evaluate guidelines on removing “inappropriate sexual/pornographic content” from schools after specifying that the committee include teachers, mental health professionals and librarians.
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inkyquince · 7 months
omg i am so with u on the “what if reader was short and adorable and sooo much smaller than (insert character)” like what about reader who is tall and is batshit crazy and is a masochist !!!!! what about us!!!!!!!!
okay, okay, okay. let me explain this theory i have using hit smash dark romantic comedy, NBC's Hannibal, and somewhat, the extended Hannibal books.
Okay so, all fannibals know that Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter are the main romantic pairing. They're in love. Murder Husbands was said IN the show, that's not a thing the fandom made up. Anyway-
A HUGE reason I adore Hannibal and the fandom is that... Bedelia should be Hannibal's love interest or obsession, in the same way the slasher fandom's usual Y/N is small petite and adorable and shit.
She is his perfect equal (kinda). She is put together, she is smart, she is beautiful, she is polite, she is a fellow psychiatrist. Hell, Bedelia was changed from an old woman in the earlier drafts to the mindblowing Gillian Anderson.
By all reason, she should be the one Hannibal is in love with.
She isn't.
Directly opposite of Bedelia, is Will Graham.
He is SO me-core. He is a rude, sweaty, sarcastic, dog dad. He is disturbed and twitchy and bitchy. He is autistic with an empathy disorder.
And Hannibal has many scenes where that man is staring at Will's ass. That man is so in love. The way he looks at that depressed homicidal fucker is beautiful. Just look at Tobias Budge's last episode. Look at how miserable he is in Europe with Bedelia while pining for Will. Yes, pining is a word the show uses, not me. He KILLS another man because he tried to peek behind the curtain like Will did.
And finally, we have Hannibal Lecter's book romantic partner, Clarice. Shout out, Clary. Bad bitch, redhead, and somehow Hannibal is the only man you can even like when you read her books, cuz every other guy is a gross asshole.
So, one one side, Bedelia, on the otherside, Will and in the middle, Clarice.
For a lot of slashers, it feels like... They'd enjoy the Will Graham of love interests. The unhinged. The weird. Like Chucky, Tiffany is the only woman for him (I COULD TREAT HER BETTER).
So, on a range of reader inserts there is the Bedelia's. The ones that SHOULD hold their interest, like Greta in The Boy. Pretty and smol and adorable and oh my god girlies. The one that in practise, would be their lil obsession.
Then we get reader insert Clarice. The understanding, the bad bitch, the one who hears the lambs screaming. In between socially acceptable and unhinged. God I love Clarice. I play remothered and kiss the screen. Takes time to become. Maybe its a bit of stockholm, or Hanni's extra finger is just that good at fingering. (i cannot emphasise enough how much i love Clarice. i legit hate fanfic that try to cast her as a basic bitch. god, she was like my major crush for years.)
Then.... Willy. ehe
The one, you can fully understand and fits too well. These two men SHOW to enjoy each other's company. Hannibal excuses SO much of Will Graham's fucking bullshit because Will Graham is such a BITCH AND I LOVE HIM. Bursting in, throwing his coat, saying he kissed Alana and the only thing Hannibal can focus on? Fucker got kissed. Next episode he sends a serial killer to her house. Get your own bad bitch to kiss, Alana. Hannibal killed people for being rude, or implying rudeness. Will is CONSTANTLY RUDE AND MEAN AND BITCHY and hannibal is kicking his feet.
So, take a slasher.
Let's say.... Ghostface. Shout out Billy and Stu, you guys would have loved... Gay porn? idk man.
Reader 1 is a perfect victim. Stays quiet, all uwu, and they get hard. Neat.
Reader 2 knows who they are. Just shrugs. They're enthused that you don't care and then they get hard. Brilliant. We love a morally grey reader.
Reader 3 is just unhinged. They're strange and weird and they stab back. They get hard. Stu, please, you don't have the blood to spare to get HARD RIGHT NOW-
Anyway, its how I categorise readers. They all somewhat make sense, but my favourite reader insert will be thjrd reader. The antithesis to the slasher. They SHOULDNT be into them, but THEY ARE, and thEY DON'T KNOW WHY.
Like, I love Hannibal because it was the first time we got a Will Graham, instead of a Greta. (also the fact this bitch was called Greta. WHO CALLS THEIR KID GRET0 who cares.)
Im not sure im explaining properly but I love a love interest that is an exception to the slasher. They dont fit in their world, but because of that, its sexy.
Also, the reader being a mess. Its why i love fallen hero rebirth, you can play such a messy villain that everyone still gets hard for. Will Graham was such a breath of fresh air, he's rumpled, he's a bitch, he's tired, his brain is on fire. But Hannibal still wanted to smash, in more than one way.
I fucking love unhinged readers, more than the cute little readers who are 4'11, cant reach shelves and always wear snug weedle jumpers. Like shout out if you are that, you're adorable, but my brain wants to see if i can knock you down like bowling pins. I will read a thing where the male reader jumps on The Collector's back and starts biting and be like omf so me vibes.
Weird bitches needs more weird bitches. And Will Graham once had a weird hallucination he was having a fivesome with hannibal alana margot and a w*ndigo, which is such a weird girl vibe
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marvelmaniac715 · 8 months
Recently I’ve been seeing the crack fan theory that Cat Valentine from Victorious is Tiffany Valentine’s niece, and I love it so I’ve decided to write my own little drabble about it. Disclaimer: I haven’t seen Victorious in years, and I’ve only seen a few episodes (I was more of an iCarly kid) but I still thought this was hilarious. I did have to google the characters while writing, which probably tells you all you need to know about my knowledge of the show…
Cat Valentine was an odd girl. Her friends never knew whether or not she was telling the truth when she came out with her childhood anecdotes, but it had never seemed worth asking about them (plus some of them were morbidly entertaining). This week Cat seemed to be in quite a panic. When Robbie and Tori asked her about it, Cat explained:
“My Aunt Tiffany is coming to our next showcase, and she’s bringing her weird boyfriend who I can’t stand.”
Nobody had known that she even had an Aunt Tiffany, so they were all curious to see what the woman was like considering how upset Cat was by the thought of her and her boyfriend attending.
When the day arrived, they were all taken aback when Cat introduced her aunt and she was a beautiful blonde woman in a stunning dress. But there wasn’t a man with her (she’d brought a small red-headed doll with her, was this another case of the Valentine family’s weirdness?) and Cat seemed very uncomfortable in the toy’s presence. 
Following the performance, Tiffany embraced her niece in a tight hug and kissed her on both cheeks (leaving noticeable red lipstick stains in her wake) and gushed over how fantastic her performance was. It was almost heartwarming, and there seemed to be nothing amiss until the doll that Tiffany was still clutching said in a gruff New Jersey accent:
“Great job, kid.”
Trina, Jade, Robbie and Beck decided to never speak of this again. On the bright side, Hollywood Arts High School students never became murder victims…
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barclaysangel · 1 year
Junior Wheeler survives & where he’s been headcanons
Thanks to all the long talks with some of my online friends about Junior secretly being alive and what his role could be in season 2, it has now led to me writing a headcanons list based on that. If you guys like this, maybe I’ll write an actual one-shot or even full on fic based on these headcanons or as a sequel, so please let me know if you’d like that and what you think of these headcanons!
Tagging people I think might be interested in reading this: @arthurpendragonlove @streets-in-paradise @teoandtommy @reddie-as-ill-ever-be @lostgirluver @tiffany-lee-ray
Warnings: Mentions of eating issues, mentions of suicidal thoughts, some swearing
Word count: 2K words
Summary: Junior survived getting stabbed by Chucky and moves to live in with his mom’s side of the family. He doesn’t tell anyone that he’s alive and just tries to live the rest of his life in peace and forget everything that’s happened. But when rumors of Chucky starting to resurface, Junior realizes that he has to warn his former friends and cousin before it’s too late.
Notes: Takes place after the finale of season 1 until probably somewhere in the beginning of season 2, based on @teoandtommy ‘s theory that it was actually Junior on the phone with Jake and not Chucky and then spiraled after a long conversation with @arthurpendragonlove , Junior’s new name/surname and names of Bree’s side of the family will remain a secret but will be revealed if/when I write a sequel, Junior is my own personal interpretation of how his character arc could evolve after everything that’s happened to him, this took about two days to write and has not been proofread because I don’t have the mental capacity to proofread everything I write until it’s too late, might not be medically accurate but I wanted Junior to be alive cause I said so.
~Junior barely survived getting stabbed in the chest by Chucky. 
~He was airlifted to another hospital a few towns over where he had surgery. The blade of the butcher knife had grazed his heart but it wasn’t deep enough to kill him as Chucky had intended. 
~Junior’s uncle, his mother’s brother, was the one who came to see him in the hospital. Junior hadn’t seen his uncle in years due to his father having problems with him. His uncle would always try to warn Bree about the kind of person Logan was until Logan forbid her from keeping contact with her own brother. Junior barely even remembered his uncle until he showed up. 
~His uncle stayed with him everyday at the hospital during his recovery. Junior got to know his uncle more, being weary and untrusting of him before slowly warming up. 
~He had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks until he mostly recovered. Since the blade of the knife did graze his heart, it resulted in some issues where too much stress or anger or adrenaline could make him go into cardiac arrest. This certainly wasn’t easy since Junior’s nightmares and pent up rage would cause his heart to beat too fast. He has to take medication to ensure that he won’t have a heart attack during one of these episodes. 
~Junior still made jokes about how it looked like his track career was over now when he found out about his heart problems. But it wasn’t fully a joke, he was happy to no longer be forced to do cross-country and actually have to take to easy. 
~Junior never once tried to contact his cousin, best friend, or ex-girlfriend. After everything that happened, Junior wanted to forget. He wanted to forget about Chucky, to forget about his mom dying, to forget about killing his father. He wanted everything to go away. And Junior convinced himself that Jake, Devon, and Lexy were better off believing that he was dead and out of their lives forever. He didn’t want to keep bringing them pain. 
~So Junior started going by his middle name instead and used his mother’s maiden name/his uncle’s surname. He wanted to let Junior Wheeler die and allow a new person to be born. One that would make all the right decisions and never hurt anyway. That was all that he wanted. 
~His uncle seemed to understand that his nephew wanted little to nothing to do with his former life and took him under his care. Junior moved in with him and his aunt across the country to the state of Washington, ready to start something new. 
~Junior struggled for a while to find his footing. He was still uneasy around everyone, feeling like they were going to use or manipulate him just as his father and Chucky had. But the more time he spent with his uncle and aunt and their children, the more he realized that they actually cared about him. And Junior enjoyed his uncle’s stories about his and his mother’s childhood. It was like she was still alive and he felt like he got to know her a little bit more each time. 
~Slowly but surely, he started getting better. Junior began going to therapy and it did a lot to help with his mental state. He began doing things he never thought he’d end up doing because of his father, getting guitar lessons and even started writing songs. Junior never shared them, but they helped get whatever repressed feelings he still had. He even started experimenting with his hair, growing it out and getting blonde highlights. He grew closer with his mom’s side of the family, getting to know them and all of his new cousins. 
~It was strange having new cousins, but he loved all of them. They were all younger than him and became attached to Junior quite quickly. He’d be lying if he said that he didn’t enjoy playing with them, reading them bedtime stories and doing the voices, or helping them with their homework. 
~Of course, he still had days where he struggled a lot. Junior had nightmares of his mother’s death frequently and sometimes tried his hardest not to sleep at all. He also was still learning how to eat in normal portions and not count the calories or sugar content. His father always restricted how much Junior ate and it was something he was working through to unlearn. And sometimes he had a tendency to lash out at his uncle when he started to get too vulnerable rather than open up. Junior apologized each time this happened, which was never an easy thing to do, and his uncle always forgave him. 
~There have also been moments where Junior wished that he had actually been killed by Chucky just so he could be with his mom again. He never told anyone about this darker thoughts, not wanting to be sent to a psych ward, so he kept them to himself or told dark jokes about them. 
~And despite the ups and downs, after a several months, Junior began to grow happy and feel almost at home…
~But he was still held back by the memories of Jake, Devon, and Lexy, memories that refused to leave. 
~Junior remember each time Jake looked at him with hurt eyes when he started bullying him, filled with so much anger because of his father that he had to take it out on his own cousin. 
~He remembered the look of confusion and fear in Devon’s eyes when he was tied up and gagged to a chair, realizing that Junior was working with a serial killer doll and his wife. 
~And Junior remembered Lexy’s eyes filling with tears and pain when he was dying in her arms before fading out, the last thing he remembered feeling was her warm tears hitting his cheeks. Then the world went dark and he woke up in a hospital. 
~Sometimes he tried stalking them on social media, but the others barely posted anymore. Junior didn’t know how they were truly doing and he didn’t have the balls to fully reach out to them to see if they were doing good. He’d type in their numbers but then quickly delete them out of fear. 
~His aunt would sometimes try to convince Junior to contact at least one of them, but he would refuse each time, telling her that they deserved better and everything would be okay if he remained dead in their eyes. 
~“I wasn’t a good person. Especially to Jake. I was…awful. And after everything, they deserve to have their lives go back to normal. They’ll be happier now. They’re gonna move on and be okay, I know it.” 
~And honestly, Junior believed that. He really thought that they would be alright. He lied to himself enough that he was convinced that it was the truth. 
~It took some time before he realized that he might’ve been wrong once he began to hear about strange killings going on in different parts of the country on the news. Killings that resembled too much like Chucky. 
~Junior wanted to ignore it, he truly did. But his stomach was in knots, every part of him screaming to call one of his former friends to see if they were okay, maybe even warn them if they were unaware of what was happening. 
~He almost didn’t until he started having nightmares about Chucky killing Lexy, Jake, and Devon, taunting him for being a pussy and not doing anything to stop them. 
~That’s when Junior finally gathered the courage to pick up his phone, punch in Jake’s number that was still ingrained in his memory despite Junior having a new phone and number, and finally called him. 
~It felt like the phone was ringing for years. It got to the point where Junior was about to hang up before Jake answered the phone. “Hello?” 
~Junior froze and the words he had prepared in his mind multiple times died in his throat. He recognized his cousin’s voice easily but it was a sound he didn’t think he’d hear again. He knew he missed his former friends but he didn’t realize how much until now. 
~“Ummm…hello?” Jake spoke again but Junior forgot how to use his own voice. “That’s it, I’m hanging up—”
~Finally, Junior remembered how to speak. “Hi Jake…” he said quietly, his voice hesitant. 
~It was Jake’s turn to pause. “Wh-who is this?” 
~“It’s me…it’s Junior.” He wasn’t surprised that Jake might not have recognized his voice. It had been almost a year since they last talked-well, rather fought-and Junior was sure that his cousin forgot how he sounded like. 
~There was another pause before Jake spoke again. “Whoever this is, this isn’t fucking funny!” 
~Junior blinked in surprise, feeling confused. “What—?” 
~“Why the hell are you calling?!” Jake demanded, anger laced in his voice. “My cousin is dead and you think pretending to be him is some kind of joke?! What the fuck is wrong with you people?!” 
~Oh dear god, Jake thought this was a prank call. People had been prank calling his cousin, if not his other former friends as well, before?
~Junior quickly stood up from his bed, starting to pace around his room and began speaking faster than before. “Shit, Jake, no, it’s actually me! It’s Junior, your cousin! And I think you’re in danger!” 
~Jake scoffed. “Go fuck yourself, dude—!” 
~“Jake, wait, listen! There’s murders going around, murders like what I think Chucky was doing. I think he’s still out there and if he’s that’s true, then he’s going to go after you, Lexy, and Devon. I need you to warn them, okay? Or better yet, get the fuck out of Hackensack and don’t look back. Chucky will go after all of you so you need to leave! Do you understand?” He paused to finally breathe properly due to his rambling before noticing that the other line was completely silent. 
~“Hello?” Junior quickly checked his phone and realized that Jake had hung up on him, probably before he started his confession. “Shit! No, no, no, no, no!” He quickly called him back, the phone ringing just once before immediately hearing the voicemail. 
~“I’m sorry, but the person you are trying to reach is not available—” 
~“GODDAMNIT! SON OF A BITCH!” Junior screamed when he realized that Jake had blocked him, throwing his phone across the room and it hit the wall. He quickly ran over to his phone, picking it up and inspecting it. There was a single crack on the screen but it still worked, Junior dropping to his knees and rubbing his chest to calm himself down. 
~Junior knew that he could call Devon or Lexy. He still remembered their numbers. But if Jake didn’t believe that it was his own cousin on the phone, why would they believe it was him too? They would think it was just some prank phone call. 
~Who the fuck still did prank phone calls nowadays anyways? 
~Junior sat there in silence, trying to figure out what was next. He didn’t know what to do…except that he did at the same time. 
~He forced himself to stand up and look at his mirror, staring back at his own reflection. Junior wasn’t the same person he was before. He had a whole new identity, new hair, new clothes, new name. He was someone better. 
~But looking back at himself now, he still saw the same Junior. The same Junior that walked with his head down, shoulders scrunched up, permanently expressionless and wearing whatever his father wanted him to wear. He saw the Junior that could be mean but was a pushover and a people pleaser, fearful of his father but embarrassingly desperate for approval from him anyway. That was the Junior that would cry himself to sleep most nights because he thought that he could never be free. 
~That Junior was dead and gone, buried in New Jersey. He wanted to leave that part of him there and never look back. 
~But he now knew that that wasn’t an option. 
~There was only one way Junior could keep Lexy, Devon, and Jake all safe. To make sure that Chucky didn’t hurt them ever again. It was a promise he made as soon as he got to Washington but now, he had to break it. 
~Junior Wheeler had to go back to Hackensack to protect his former friends and kill that asshole doll. 
Who's interested in a sequel? And should it be a one-shot or make it an actual full on fic?
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