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Choose Your Home Office Design to Suit You
Your overall home office design will have an impact on your productivity. From the colours in your room to the style of furniture you choose the environment you create sets the pace. Our environment is more important than most of us realise. It is just not natural for humans to work long hours in room that doesn't reflect our true characteristics and personalities.
For instance, if you love being outside, bring the outside into your office design. Accessorise with plants, flowers, and your favourite nature pictures. All of these items will help bring the outside indoors. If possible the room you have designated for your office should have windows and natural sunlight.
Designing a comfortable, healthy environment involves all aspects of your work area. Take special notice to the Ergonomics of your design. Your computer monitor should be at least 24 inches away from your eyes, with the monitor being positioned at eye level. Your chair should have mechanisms that will help you adjust your posture and provide full back support.
Lighting is especially important when your are looking at the design for your home office. You will need a good lighting source that is not too dim or too bright. People who wear glasses need to be especially conscience of the lighting, reflections from lights can be distracting. Besides long hours working in front of the computer causes eye strain, which in turn can cause long term eye damage and severe headaches.
Take the time to evaluate yourself, and create a home office design that will evoke comfort and productivity. A pleasant environment that you will want to return to happily day after day. You deserve it, and your business will reflect it.
The common perception is that you get what you pay for, the higher the price the higher the quality. Higher quality home office furniture will sustain normal wear and tear longer, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you can not find quality brand name office furniture at bargain prices. You will be surprised what you can find when you shop around.
There are a number of places your find discounted or discontinued office furniture. Keep a lookout for home and office retail stores that are going out of business, as they will usually offer an inventory reduction price that can save you up to 75% or more. Many retailers have end of season, income tax refund, or clearance sales on name brand items. These types of items are usually a discontinued style, colour, or model.
Retailers will stock pile furniture items that have been damaged during shipping, or have been returned by unhappy customers. They usually wait until they have accumulated enough of the office furniture to hold a scratch and dent type of clearance sale. Typically most of the damage is minor and barely noticeable, if it does have significant damage: you will need to evaluate how much time and money that would be involved to refinish the pieces.
Another popular option when you are looking for cheap home office furniture is to purchase items made from lesser grades of oak or pine that are unfinished. This might be a good option if you are crafty or know someone who will do the work for you at a reasonable price. Finding the right furnishings will take a little time and effort, but in the long run you will be proud of yourself. You have just furnished your home office with beautiful furniture at bargain prices.
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