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This is tempting me to open Sims for the first time in months!
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Antiquated Brindleton
An 1890s Decades Challenge Save File
This save has been almost a year in the making, but it's finally here! It includes a completely rebuilt Brindleton Bay inspired by historic New England towns and set in the 1890s. This save uses a light amount of historical cc and most of the packs.
Download and details under the cut:
Tumblr media
Eight new residential lots
Seven new community lots
Six new households
Builds and households are all located in Brindleton Bay. The world is intended to be historically accurate to about 1890, though some liberties for functionality have been taken.
Builds in other worlds have been deleted. The necessary buildings, like dorms, active career lots, and the high school, have all been left in place.
Townies have been evicted, but not deleted, as I prefer EA townies to fully randomized townies.
If you’d like more period appropriate townies to add, the lovely @jewishsimming has some great historical ones to download and @cowplant-snacks has an amazing tutorial on how to manage your townies with MCCC.
REQUIREMENTS: I have all the packs except Batuu and some of the kits. I didn’t limit myself when building. I don’t have everything listed out here, but I will be uploading all the lots and households to my gallery, so if you’d like to know specific pack usage you’ll be able to check there. If you load in and things are replaced or missing and you think it looks obvious feel free to message me, I’m always happy to try to help you find something else that fits! This save includes historical CC, some is included in my download in folders and some you will need to download from the creators directly. The CC required is listed and linked below, you need to download these linked pieces in ADDITION to the included cc folders.
CC To Download:
Cottage Kitchen Stuff Pack
1840s Suspenders Outfit
1900s Male Hunting Fashion
1920s Nightgown
Piteous Outfit
Sylas Fashion Set
Wilbur Outfit
Medieval Nightgown Della
Functional Tennis Set
Antique Standing Camera
Creators Whose CC I Included:
@ameyasims (Better Than a Bush Outhouse, Victorian Swimwear)
@buzzardly28 (Multiple women’s hairs)
@chereindolente (Sacco Chore Coat, Edwardian Child Clothes)
@gilded-ghosts (Boudoir Belle, Victorian Visions, New Woman)
@jewishsimming (Off The Grid Objects, CAS items)
@linzlu (Assorted CAS and BB items)
@the-melancholy-maiden (Victorian Hair and Hat)
@nolan-sims (Potbelly Stove Set)
@pandorasimbox (Get To Church Pack, Azariah’s Sack Suit, Antique Slipper Tub, Heirloom Silhouette Portraits)
@peacemaker-ic (Simple Siding Wall Set, Luxurious Single Bedding V2)
@plumbobteasociety (Some BB and CAS items from the Cottage Garden Pack, HSL Happy Birthday Set)
@twentiethcenturysims (Langtree Hair, Historical High Chair, Quilts for Kids)
@waxesnostalgic (Sportswear Separates, Peterpan Bodysuit)
Thank you to all of these wonderful creators, your historical cc creations make this game a million times better to play and I appreciate all of you so very much. Recommended but not required mods:
Timeless by @pandorasimbox
Default Map Replacements by Deshayan (if you’d like your map to look like mine does in the preview) DOWNLOAD: There are five zipped folders to download, four of which contain included cc, and one which includes the save itself.
Download the "AB_SaveFile" folder, unzip it and simply move the file inside to your saves folder inside your Sims 4 folder (where your mods folder is located).
The included cc is in four folders (to allow for easier upload/download) for build, buy, clothing, and hair. Simply download the folders, unzip them, and place them in your mods folder.
After this you should be good to load up your game and get playing, let me know if you run into any issues, I'm happy to try to troubleshoot. SFS | Google Drive THANK YOU: To all my amazing testers: @epistolarysims @aheathen-conceivably @cowplant-snacks and especially @simadelics who edited my household and build descriptions.
If you use this save file, please tag me in any photos you take, I want to see them all!! This save has been my baby for so very long and I cannot wait to see what you all do with it!
@maxismatchccworld @mmoutfitters
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linzlu · 10 months
Hello, could you update Linzlu's Sallie hair (https://linzlu.tumblr.com/post/181373458998/day-24-sallie-hair-the-final-day-of-simsmas) please?
Tumblr media
Here is the updated hair with all 24 swatches: Download Link (SFS) @linzlu let me know when/if you've updated it on your end, and I'll take my version down.
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linzlu · 11 months
Consumer Research
Not my normal type of post, but if you’re 13+ and looking to make some extra money while sharing your perspective with major brands I recommend signing up to be part of a consumer research panel and completing research studies from the comfort of your own home!
Some of my favorite panels are:
Why are you posting this? My day job is a User Experience Researcher - which means I conduct studies to understand how people use software so that development teams can make changes and improvements that benefit REAL people. I’m currently conducting a study which MIGHT be a good fit for some of you :)  Happy to answer questions about my job or consumer/ux research, dms are welcome!
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linzlu · 1 year
Thanks for updating since I haven’t been keeping up with Sims I didn’t even know beds broke!
Tumblr media
Linzlu's Beds - Updated
Since @linzlu's taking a hiatus, I thought I'd go ahead and update these two beds to be compatible with High School Years. On the left is from the 1920 Bedroom set and on the right is from the Samantha Collection. I only changed the mattresses, as they are what have the bed functionality. If Linzlu decides to update these later on, I will be happy to remove them.
**Both items originally came from merged packages so they won't replace files when you add them to your mods folder. Please make sure you are using the mattresses with pancreas in the name and description.**
My apologies if someone else has already done this, but I did not see it posted anywhere.
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linzlu · 1 year
Thanks to @peebsplays for explaining this. I had good intentions of making a “tip&ticks” type post to explain this organization method when I started about a year ago. Only my newest CC is organized this way, but I have an ambitious dream of rerealeasing all of my old CC with update display index and thumbnails.
I hope more historical creators will adopt the “display index by decade” practice!
Hi! Can you please explain what does "Display indexed by decade" means? Thank you!
Hello! This means that the display index number in CAS is set to the decade the clothing would be for. For example, if the outfit is for the 1820's the CAS sort number is 1820. So when you have multiple pieces of cc they show up in order with the earlier decades coming first. @linzlu does this as well and I believe @historicalfictionsims does too. Here's a visual example:
Tumblr media
@linzlu was the first to do this and I thought it was genius and a great way of sorting historical CAS content so I started adding it to my own.
If you want to sort other CAS content this way or if anyone else would like to do this you can change the Display Index number is S4S or with CASTools (preferable if there are a lot of swatches).
Tumblr media
I hope that helps!
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linzlu · 1 year
WCIF a less modern basketball hoop?
Does anyone know of any CC basketball hoops that look less modern than the ones that came with City Living?  I need it to go with the middy top & bloomers I just released!
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linzlu · 1 year
Tumblr media
Middy Top & Bloomers
[Download for FREE on Patreon]
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linzlu · 1 year
Tumblr media
April’s Decade of the Month is 1920!
I’ll be focusing on creating 1920′s custom content this month.
Support me on Patreon to gain access to a secret idea board, see behind the scenes progress, and vote for next month’s decade!
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linzlu · 1 year
I'm in love with your CC! This is exactly what I was looking for and the quality is amazing. Thank you for sharing. :)
You're welcome <3
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linzlu · 1 year
I just wanted to know your my favorite cc creator and I hope you have the great week
You're so sweet, you're making me blush! I hope you have a great week too!
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linzlu · 1 year
I love your latest 1900s dress. It really made my day. Thank you.
You're welcome! ❤
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linzlu · 1 year
Tumblr media
Eloise Dress
[Download for FREE on Patreon]
Tumblr media
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linzlu · 1 year
oohh i love your american girl cc!! are you ever planning to make the actual dolls themselves?
As Dolls for child Sims to play with? Extremely unlikely.
Sims versions of the girls? Sort of? I have Sims of the girls I’ve made CC for in my game, but they’re meh, not share worthy. If you’re looking for AG Sims for your game, @jenplayssims has families uploaded to the gallery.
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linzlu · 2 years
Tumblr media
March Decade of the Month is 1900!
I’ll be focusing on creating 1900′s custom content this month.
Support me on Patreon to gain access to a secret idea board, see behind the scenes progress, and vote for next month’s decade!
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linzlu · 2 years
Get To Know Me - 2022
Tagged by @cosisim
🎨 Favourite Color: Teal or Aqua, I’m also a fan of a good mint or light blue 📖Currently Reading:  The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell Set Phasers on Stun: And Other True Tales of Design, Technology, and Human Error by Stephen Casey Quantifying the User Experience by James R Lewis and Jeff Sauro
Can you tell what my day job is based on my reading list 😂
🎶Last song you listened to:  I don’t listen to a lot of music, I guess the soundtrack to Ragtime?
🍽Sweet/Savory/Spicy:  Savory > Sweet > Spicy
Currently Working On:
✨Sims Wise: March Decade of the Month: 1900! 
🤫Real Life: Work, dogs, work, eat, sleep, repeat.
Tagging:  @gilded-ghosts @peebsplays @simstomaggie @moon-simmers​
Feel free to ignore if you already did this tag or just don’t wanna! 💕
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linzlu · 2 years
Tumblr media
Joan Overalls
[Download for FREE on Patreon]
Tumblr media
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linzlu · 2 years
Have you ever though of doing another 1960s set? Have you ever seen the movie goodfellas? Its a good movie and I really like the costume and clothes specially the ones from karen, maybe if you are interested you can make a goodfellas inspired set?
1960 is on the voting list for decade of the month on Patreon, so I'll do that decade if/when it wins! My mom is really into mob movies so she had me watch Goodfellas when I was in high school, that means it's been a really long time since I've seen that movie.
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