#he’s also confused til Ashley and Gabe tell him what’s up
If Ashley's children traveled back in time and met their future parents, what would their reaction be? Why do I feel like Ashley would be quite "sassy" with Gabriel about this revelation?
So much confusion initially- Gabriel’s doing the math and nothing is adding up
“But- I can’t even- how???”
“Yeah thanks for that by the way mom—“
After- explaining the entire situation, Gabriel would be excitedly asking his kids questions while- also struggling to be a dad as well. Ashley’s vibing- was pretty shocked she ended up having kids, but it’s some reassurance to her that Gabe stuck around long enough for them to even happen. She’d probably ask Lilith if she’s a good mom, or at least a better one than hers.
After the kids head back to their time (I’m thinking the good ol’ reliable demon magic is how), there’s just this quiet awkwardness and then—
“….soooo….three kids?”
“Are we really that surprised?”
“Not really….totally unrelated note, but would it be cool if I summoned the demon super quick?”
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