Copper Gratin Pan French Vintage Copper New Hand Wiped Tin Roasting Dish Round Oven 24cm 9 1/2 Two Ring Handles New Artisan Tin Good Iron Ring Edge
Smashing useful size, 24cm about 9 1/2 inches
Beautiful gratin dish, great for Pommes de Terre dauphinoise, poireau au gratin or or anything you need an over dish for - roasting vegetables. poultry or meat. This is a smashing oven to table copper oven dish.
This is a super roasting pan or au gratin pan, it has new artisan tin lining, and a brand new shine. There are some tiny indentations, some signs of age and wear. One of the ring handles is slightly bent.  
This is the business, completely restored, as good as the day it was made but with the 'badges' of a true vintage piece - they just don't make them like this anymore.
This is beautiful, fit for purpose, robust fabulous pan - real old-fashioned French Copper quality, made to last.
It weighs 552 grams 1lb 3.5 ozs 24cm or 9 1/2 inches across 3.5cm or 1 3/8 inches high
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