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NICK BOSA - san francisco 49ers
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𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐭 | brock purdy x fem!reader
𝘀𝘂𝗺𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘆 | after the loss at the Super Bowl, Brock is understandably mad. His wife is there for him.
𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 | smut, pre-established relationship, use of Y/N, piv, unprotected sex, riding, switch!brock, soft!dom!reader, oral m!receiving, fingering, pet names, swearing praise, crying, lots of aftercare, fluff, angsty, sad!brock
My birthday was recently and the first thing I said on it was (no joke) “Brock purdy has a fat ass” WHAT.
Tumblr media
The long game that had been 22-19 (49ers lead) was ruined. The score was now 22-25. The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl. Cameras panned to where the Chiefs celebrated. They showed Taylor Swift celebrating in the crowd.
They didn’t show the way Brock Purdys wife just immediately dropped to her seat. She put her head in her hands. It wasn’t that she was the one who was sad, it was that she was sad for Brock. He had played amazingly and it was all seemingly for nothing.
Everything was painful after that. The interviews, the autographs, everything. Y/N had pushed her way through the crowds to get to her husband. A security guard who hadn’t recognized her tried to stop her, but he failed. Brock was still a little bit in shock from the loss. Three seconds. Three seconds from a win.
The second that Y/N had his arms around him, it took everything not to break down. He clung to his wife, hiding his face in her hair as he tried not to shake so much. His arms were around her as his fingers were curling around her sweater.
She pulled back slightly to look at him, running her hand through his hair. She kissed him, feeling how shaky his breathing was. He was sweaty and a little bit gross smelling, but that was the least of her concerns.
The moment that they had the opportunity, the couple left. They went back to their hotel. Y/N held onto his hand, pushing her way through the crowds of fans or paparazzi. She wasn’t too worried about her reputation. Her elbow went out, jabbing anyone who got in their way as they went to their hotel.
Brock kept his eyes on her to try and ignore whatever else was happening. They went up to their hotel room and then she kissed him again.
“You did amazing today, baby.” She whispered to him. Brock rested his forehead against hers and sighed.
“I didn’t win though. It was just three se-”
“Shh, you did great.” She put her finger to his lips. She gave him a smile. “Think of it like this: you were three seconds away from winning.” She tried to reword it, but it kind of just sounded the same. Brock frowned.
“I need a shower.”
“Yeah, you do.” She laughed lightly and put her hand on his chest to push him towards the washroom. She opened the door for him and ran the water. It was rare for Brock to be getting the princess treatment. It wasn’t like he was going to complain though. Brock sat on the toilet seat while he waited. She stood beside the shower door, occasionally checking the water with her hand. She motioned for him to come.
Brock walked over to his wife. She looked up at him. Her hand touched his chest again as she frowned, feeling horrible for what he was experiencing. She pulled his shirt off of him. It was a bit of a hassle seeing as Brock was a 6’1 quarterback and she was… not. She had to do a bit of a hop to get it off of his arms.
He was unbelievably sore from the game. His whole body ached and he just wanted to lay down. Y/N got her husband under the water once she was also undressed. He looked down at her like she was the only reason why he was alive. Y/N knew how Brock wanted to just sit down and rest for a moment. She stepped out of the shower and snooped around for a moment. She found a little chair thing that seemed to be for old people or something. She grabbed it and got it in the shower.
“What is that?” Brock was confused when his wife walked into the shower, wrestling with some chair. She grunted and set it down, stumbling. Brock grabbed her waist to keep her from slipping.
“Sit.” She muttered, pointing at the chair. He frowned.
“Sit your ass in the chair.”
He sat.
Y/N grabbed the mini shampoo bottles and sat on his lap. She looked at him and touched his cheek softly before sighing. She stood back up for a moment and got the shower head. She held it in one hand, the shampoo bottles in the other.
Brock looked at his wife, his brows knit together. He looked like a sad puppy. She set the shampoo bottles down between their bodies so she could use both hands. She got his hair completely soaked. Her fingers ran through his hair and he let out a groan, head falling forward into her shoulder. She kissed his collarbone and then got the shampoo, rubbing it into his scalp. She massaged his scalp, her manicured nails scraping against his skin, relieving him of some of his tension. His fingers gripped at her hips.
Y/N whispered soft praises to her husband as she felt him begin to calm down in her arms. She kissed his collarbone softly and his cheeks too. His nose was her personal favorite to kiss.
She had washed him completely. His hair, his face, his whole body. Her hands hadn’t missed a single spot of him. They got out of the shower. Brock promised to repay her another time. She knew that he just meant he would repay her with a shower like that. She found that funny, since he did it often.
They laid down together in their hotel bed. Brock’s hair was still wet. Y/N had put her hair into the shower cap, since her hair had been perfectly fine before. They laid there in silence. She had her arms around him. His head was on her chest, nose nestled in the valley between her breasts.
Brocks fingers ran down Y/Ns waist, brushing over the bump of her hip showing where her bone was. Y/N shifted slightly beneath him. He lifted his head slightly.
“Whats wrong?” He asked, concerned.
“Nothing, baby. Aren’t you tired though?”
“Mm… not too tired for you.” He smiled and leaned down to kiss her. The first smile of the night. How could she resist? She kissed him back, fingers pushing into his damp hair. Y/N put her hand on him and managed to push him onto his back. It was easier to push him around in bed than on the field.
Her knees were on both sides of his legs. She arched her back and her chest pressed against his as their kisses grew more desperate. Brock, who was normally the top, was of course trying to get over her again. She tsked softly and kept him under her.
“You did enough work today. Let me take care of you, ok?” She whispered against his lips. Brock groaned and his eyes screwed shut as he felt her press her palm against his crotch. He bucked his hips up towards her hand. Y/N smiled and then pulled away, making her way between his legs. She pulled off his pajama bottoms and threw them aside. Brock watched her with glazed over eyes.
Her hand wrapped around his cock and his eyes screwed shut. It had been a while since they had sex. He had been too busy at practice and she had been working a lot recently. It must’ve been close to two or three months since the last time they had a chance to even touch themselves.
Y/N leaned forward and kissed his tip. He was long, maybe around 7.5 inches, yet on the slightly thinner side. There was a vein that went from the base of his cock and almost to his tip. His tip was a pretty soft pink. There was a beauty mark right on the spot where the tip of her nose ended up when she deep-throated him.
Brock reached down and stroked her hair softly as she took him into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around his cock. She treated him as if she was an artist and he was a sugar cube that she wanted to carve artwork into without turning it into just powder. Brock’s head fell back in complete and utter bliss. She knew exactly how to please him. On many occasions, when Brock was away for a longer time, he would try to mimic what she did. He would try to do the things she did to him. She tried the way she gave him handjobs, but it was harder to cum by his own hand.
Y/N knew his body like the back of her own hand. Brock forced his eyes open as he gazed down at her, his eyes filled with just pure adoration. He loved his wife more than anything. She looked up at him as she sucked on his tip. Then she lowered her head back down. The tip of her nose pushed against that beauty mark.
Her hands gave his balls a soft squeeze, urging him to cum. Brock’s back arched slightly off the bed as he bit his lip. He had his hand on the back of her head as he was about to push her head a bit. She took his hand off of her head and just held if instead. Her eyes met his as she held his hand. The soft and loving act mixed with the way their bodies connected in such an intimate way was enough for Brock to be pushed over the edge.
His climax swept over him in waves, and she could taste it. Not waves as in the soft waves on a lake made by some rain, but the waves in the middle of the North Sea. Brock went to pull his hand away to try to hold back his moans, but she didn’t allow it. His head fell to the side as he panted and groaned. A whine came from his lips the moment she pulled off of him.
“Thank you,” Brock whispered as his wife stuck out her tongue to show that she swallowed. It wasn’t like he would do anything if she didn’t swallow, it was just out of habit. His hands reached for her desperately, in need of her warmth, in need of her love and attention.
Y/N hummed in response to his thanks. She leaned down and kissed him again, making him taste himself on her tongue. Brock grunted at the taste. Her hand was already around his cock again, slowly jerking him off. He jolted at the extra stimulation. His hand instinctively grabbed her wrist as his eyes rolled back.
Slowly but surely, Y/N managed to ease herself onto his cock. About halfway down, she was whimpering and burying her face in the crook of his neck. No matter how much they did this, she couldn’t get used to the sheer length of him. Brock closed his eyes as his hands gripped her hips, urging her to take him further. She slid down the other half with just a quick drop.
“Oh my- fuck!” She moaned and her nails dug into his shoulder. The man who sat under her looked at her, eyes half lidded. His eyes were clouded with love and desire. He leaned forward to kiss her while he tightened his grip on her waist to guide her to slowly roll her hips on his. Y/N trembled but eventually the stinging pain went away. Her eyes rolled back from the way he filled her up completely. His ring was cold on her ass. Her ring was cold on the nape of his neck.
Brock grunted as he thrusted weakly up into her. He was too tired for much of an effort.
He promised to himself and to his wife that he would make it up. He would last longer. Being only three or so minutes in, he was already fighting back his orgasm. His nose was in the crook of her neck as he held his wife as close as possible. Usually, their sex had a bit more energy. Not tonight. Just the soft rolling and grinding of their hips. Y/N had her eyes closed as she let out quiet breathy moans. Just the feeling of him that close could get her to cum.
Brock had let go of her hips. He was basically just hugging her now. His arms were around her waist. His breathing grew more ragged as time went on. She knew his body far too well. She knew what every type of his breathing meant and she knew he was close. His cock twitched inside of her.
“Come on, B.” She whispered to him, kissing his neck softly before leaning back to look at him. His cheeks were red, his lips were puffy. He looked absolutely flawless. His chest was heaving and his eyes screwed shut as he instinctively tried to hide his face from her as he was about to cum. Y/N grabbed his wrists and just held his hands, not allowing him to hide.
Brock’s orgasm hit him like a truck. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as his body twitched. His hips bucked up into her and she nearly fell off of him, but she grabbed the headboard to stay stable.
Y/N continued rolling her hips for a moment longer to help him ride out his orgasm. His eyes shot open as his abs rolled and his muscles flexed. He held her still.
“Did you cum?” He asked once he had calmed.
“Its ok, baby. Tonight was about you.” She reminded him softly. Brock frowned and pulled her off of his cock.
“No, come on. I couldn’t have done it without you.” He muttered as he laid her on the bed. He moved so that he was behind her. Y/N had her back pressed against his chest. His hand slipped down between her thighs.
Her back arched the moment he touched her clit. His hands were aching and his muscles screamed in protest, but he still pushed two fingers into her entrance. She swallowed him up gladly. Brock kissed her jaw as he pumped his fingers deep into her.
“Brock- baby, I cant-” Y/N gasped as her thighs shook and clamped around his hand. He used his other hand to pin her hips to him, taking away her ability to move. It was times like these that she realized that he could really push her around without even blinking.
His thumb toyed with her clit as he added a third finger into her pussy. She gasped and her whole body shook. Brock smirked and sped up.
Her eyes closed as she leaned her head back onto his shoulder. It wasn’t just Y/N who knew his body. Brock knew hers. He knew this was her trying to prepare herself to cum. He also knew he didn’t want her to be all that prepared. His fingers curled and she nearly screamed his name. He immediately clasped his other hand over her mouth to muffle her a bit.
Her hips bucked up into his hand, riding his fingers as she came. Brock hummed in satisfaction and then pulled out his fingers. He kissed her softly, then kicked his fingers clean as he stood up and went to grab a towel.
Even though he had been the one being comforted earlier, he always wanted to be the one to treat her after sex. He cleaned off her body with the wet cloth and then did the same for himself. He dried her off, then himself. Always himself second. Wife first.
Brock climbed into the bed with her and for once, neither minded the overwhelming smell. Her arms were immediately around him as she laid on him for a second. Then she sat up.
“Are you feeling any better?” Y/N asked him softly. Brock cleared his throat nervously. He knew he couldn’t successfully lie to her. May as well try though.
“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” He lied through his teeth. Y/N opened her arms. Brock frowned, then he moved into them. They hugged, but she never let go. The continuing feeling of her love and the warmth of her comfort was too much. He finally broke down, sobbing as he held her.
They both knew it was bound to happen. Her fingers raked through his short hair as she worked to comfort him. Maybe the next Super Bowl would work in his favor.
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Phryne got her game face on. SUPER BOWL HERE WE COME!!!
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Me watching that halftime show like
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Your Fave Is Anti Native: The San Francisco 49ers
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shitty piece i did. genocide is never justified, and if you can sit idly by and grimace at this doodle, you can also click these links / reblog them because if you cannot help, show this to someone who CAN. liking a post doesn’t do jack shit, and reblogging is the least you can do to help relieve the thousands of mothers, sons, aunts, uncles, nephews, husbands, children, wives suffering and dying as you go about your every day life .
every single person Israel has slaughtered was someone else’s everything. Palestinians will NOT be reduced to nothing.
there is no excuse. free Palestine and establish a permanent ceasefire NOW !!!!!!
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justin watching all those other artists being brought on stage at halftime
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Nick Bosa after signing his contract extension
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Hi! Can you write morning sex with Brock Purdy? Just something soft and sweet
𝐅𝐚𝐯𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐞 𝐁𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐤𝐟𝐚𝐬𝐭 | brock purdy x fem!reader
𝘀𝘂𝗺𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘆 | Brock had an amazing game the night before. The 49ers won by a long shot. Brock’s wife was cheering him on, he decides to show her how much he loved her for that.
𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 | smut, pre-established relationship, piv, lazy sex, unprotected sex, creampie, missionary, subtle breeding kink, soft!dom!Brock, sub!reader, swearing, aftercare
I have SEVEN brock purdy requests. I love y’all. Fun fact: it’s very hard to find Brock gifs. Pinterest is failing me.
Tumblr media
Brock had brought his team to yet another win. They won by a long shot, it was insane. Of course, he knew he had his own supporter up in the stadium. She was cheering him on. His wife, the reason he got this far in the first place.
The moment that they were reunited after the game, Y/N had her arms around her husband. She was congratulating him excessively. Brock held her close, his eyes barely able to stay open. He was more tired than usual and as much as he wanted to be able to take her out on a post-game date or something, he simply didn’t have the energy.
The couple headed back to their hotel and the moment Brock hit the bed, he had passed out. Although Y/N was used to their… traditions, she wouldn’t wake him just for that. Instead, she laid next to him and also drifted off to sleep.
The night seemed to go on forever, the hours seeming like days. Brock slept like a baby though. He was holding onto his wife and his head was on her chest. It was usually the opposite. Still, it was nice.
Once morning came, their alarm went off, waking them both. They had forgotten about the alarm clock and it had slipped their minds to turn it off the night before. Brock jolted awake and then nearly punched the alarm clock to turn it off. Y/N wheezed when Brock put his weight onto her.
“Oh- sorry, baby.” Brock mumbled and kissed her cheek. She simply hummed in response. Brock was basically laying on her still, but he had put more weight onto his arms so that he was holding himself up a bit.
“You were tired last night,” she whispered, “are you feeling any better?”
“Yeah, a lot. Sorry I was so tired, I feel guilty.” Brock frowned and leaned down to kiss her. She let him.
“Its ok, I’m just glad you got some rest.”
“Let me make it up to you, Y/N. Please?” He smiled as he kissed along her jaw. She couldn’t turn down her husband. She moaned a response, so he kept going. His hands went to her thighs, tapping them and getting her to spread them. She did.
Brock groaned as he ground his hips against hers. They looked at each other and then Brock continued nibbling on the sensitive skin of her neck. Y/N arched her back towards him. His fingers hooked around her pajama shorts and then tugged them down. He sat up to throw them aside along with his sweatpants. Their shirts went next.
Both Y/N and Brock were still exhausted, but not too exhausted for each other. Brock held onto her thighs for a moment as he was pushing his cock into her. Y/Ns head fell back in a soft moan. He eased himself inside her until his tip nudged her cervix and his balls pressed against her ass.
He could hardly hold himself up though. His muscles ached and everything in his body was sore. Her legs were over his shoulders as he leaned down and put his nose into the crook of her neck. They took a moment to just lay there together and adjust before Brock made slow rolls of his hips. Y/Ns hands ran down his back and then back up to tangle in his hair.
Brock’s grunts and Y/Ns moans were all that could be heard. There wasn’t much energy (or any at all) in their movements, but every small thrust or slow roll was full of love. His mind was completely fogged over and he couldn’t think of anything except for her. Y/N. His wife. The love of his life. That was it.
Neither of them could last too long, it was too early in the morning and neither had the energy to try and fight off their orgasms. Brock had one of his hands touching her waist and the other beside her head to keep himself stable.
Brock’s hand on her waist drifted to her stomach. It ran over the parts of her body which one day could carry his child. He let out a groan at that. She let out a sharp gasp when he thrusted a little bit harder than before. Brock muttered an apology against her skin, but he couldn’t stop himself.
He was greedy. He wanted as much of her as he could take and that she could give. His groans and grunts got louder and she was muffling her moans in his collarbone.
Her legs twitched and Brock realized she was close. His hand moved from her stomach to flick her clit. She whined and instinctively tried to move away, but she couldn’t. Brock made sure of it. He wanted to feel her cum around his cock.
She whimpered and cried his name as her orgasm hit. Brock put his head next to hers and she was basically moaning into his ear. He could only get in a few more thrusts before he realized he was also nearly at his climax.
“Fuck- come on, sweetheart.” He grunted and his thrusts got a bit more irregular. She gasped and her nails dug into his back. He was babbling into her ear at this point, begging for her to give him a baby. To give him a son to raise in his footsteps. His eyes were screwed shut and his thrusts managed to hit deeper and deeper until he came.
It seemed as if he came straight into her womb. He continued with shallow thrusts, still not a single thought in his mind. Y/N pushed lightly at his chest and he leaned back a bit to look at her.
“Hm?” He hummed.
“Are you gonna pull out?”
“Dont think so.” He responded blankly. “I cant let anything drip, can I?” He teased as he pulled her close and had them move a bit. He laid on his back, she laid on top of him. It was easier for them both that way.
They just laid together like that for a while in silence before Brock spoke up.
“Are you hungry?” He asked, murmuring into her hair. As much as he wanted to just lay there with her, he had to make sure that she was ok.
“No, I’m not too hungry right now.”
“I guess you are pretty full.” He gave her waist a squeeze. Y/N snorted at his stupid joke.
“You’re a goof.” Y/N giggled softly as she rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes. Brock wrapped his arms around her and sighed.
“All yours.”
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Tumblr media
San Francisco 49ers game against the Minnesota Vikings on (Oct. 23, 2023)
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Now that the superb owl game is over let’s discuss some things.
Shoving your coach on live tv is a major red flag. Belichick would have bounced him so far out of the game he’d be lucky to get a game of pickup peewee ball.
Temu is either or both a front & or using the worst sweatshop labor. Stop buying crap from them.
Rafah in Gaza was heavily bombed while us in the states were watching the game. Prob not coincidence.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I need Monica Barbaro and Glen Powell to always do interviews together at the Superbowl each time it's 49ers vs Chiefs... cos their rivalry is downright entertaining xD. Its really like Phoenix vs Hangman.
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